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Michael John "Mick" Gordon (born 9 July 1985)) is an Australian composer and sound designer. He first became famous for the soundtrack of Killer Instinct 2013. Since then, he has composed music for video games, most notably for Wolfenstein and Doom. His score for the latter won awards, such as the DICE Award for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition, SXSW Gaming Award for Excellence in Musical Score, and the Game Awards Best Music/Sound Design.

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Topes associated:

  • Bizarre Instrument: Oh does he love this one.
    • Spinal's theme from Killer Instinct 2013 contains a Kangling (a flute made from a Human Femur).
    • DOOM (2016) gives us a main menu theme sampling a chainsaw and a comparatively ancient USSR synth machine.
  • Subliminal Seduction: Up to Eleven. In addition to the mountain of overt references in his work, Mick also likes to insert more subtle ones, most notably in DOOM (2016). Songs played with a visual spectrograph show things such as the severed head of John Carmack and a repeated pattern of "6, 6, 6, Pentagram". More complex, one song played with the channels merged, waveform inverted then played backwards gives us Abby Craden (Oliva Pierce) saying "Jesus loves you." in the most disturbingly motherly voice ever.
    • Killer Instinct also has the main theme present in some way in each of his character songs, most overt in Aria's (.execute).

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