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Glitch is an Electronic Music subgenre that focuses on using noises found in errors to make music. This genre often overlaps with others, including certain types of Ambient, IDM, and even more popular genres such as Dubstep. A popular subgenre of Glitch itself, Glitch Hop, has recently become widespread as well.

Not to confuse with video game glitches.

Examples of Glitch Artists/Works:

  • Autechre
  • Biblius
    • Reprieve features Glitch as a primary genre, but also has other genres within it.
  • Fennesz
    • Endless Summer
    • Venice
  • Murcof
    • Martes
  • Nicolas Collins
    • Devil's Music, one of the earliest known albums to fall distinctly into the genre.
  • Nuno Canavarro
    • Plux Quba (1988) is considered another early example of the genre.
  • Oval
    • 94 Diskont, another very early example
  • Silent Cicada
    • Ad Mortum
  • Sweet Trip
    • Velocity : Design : Comfort combined this with Shoegazing and Ambient Techno.


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