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I think I know what the Jujus do with all the paper!
Originally posted on the Glitch forums.

When the Jujus steal something particularly expensive from a wanderer, they have to "launder" the item, if you will. An object of sufficient value can be traced to a certain degree by the authorities (in this case, the lizardfolk who seem to serve as the general law enforcement around Ur). If a bandit steals something and takes it right back to the hideout, and the Glitch reports the theft, the Juju will be nabbed almost instantly. So in order to solve that potential issue, there exists a special task force of Jujus whose job it is to pass the item between hands enough times to confuse the tracking method the lizards use. However, being that the species is native to the Ancestral Lands, an area under very different environmental forces from the rest of known Ur, they have to take special measures to survive anywhere else. More specifically, they have to cover their entire bodies to protect their unique biological structures.


Here, another problem arises. Most of the map is watched by the "tracker" lizards (for they, too, have a specialized force dedicated to thwarting these particular thieves). The Jujus are essentially confined to the few streets that, for whatever reason, aren't as secure. How do they get around this problem? Simple: by snagging a passing Glitch and entrusting them with the package. Due to the body wrappings, many Glitchen don't recognize the smugglers as the same bandits who steal from them in the ancient grounds. But since some are (naturally) uneasy about doing something they feel might be illegal, the smugglers employ subtle propaganda, giving the keen-eyed lizard police a loaded title: "deimaginators", enemies of imagination, of that which holds everything together. And since Glitchen are far faster and more agile than the Juju race, they stand a chance of transporting the goods safely to the next outpost.


Many of the "flagged" items are fragile in composition; ever had a Juju run after you in hot pursuit of a bowl of chili? Then you know what I mean. To minimize potential damage to the goods, all items are handled with care (after all, after a couple of trades, nobody remembers what exactly is inside this particular package). Dropping the item on the ground is heavily discouraged. Teleportation is a very shaky process, and there are many out there who still do not entirely trust its methods. In addition, the subways are too heavily patrolled for even a Glitch to get through without being apprehended. Therefore, the only way to do it is just to run.

And every single one-currant sheet of paper they steal from you contributes to the copious amounts of wrapping required to package the valuables for transport.