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There's a reason it's Reference Overdosed.

Disgaea: Hour/Afternoon of Darkness

  • Kurtis's design is clearly based on Cyborg 002 from Cyborg 009, as is the item "Accelerator," a set of teeth that makes you move faster (009's ability to shift into Bullet Time was activated by a switch in his mouth).
  • The Chinese comedy Shaolin Soccer with the Shaolin Belt. On the description of the belt it says "No, it will not make you good in soccer."
  • The next episode "spoiler" for Chapter 11 is one huge shoutout to Legend of the Galactic Heroes. "Another page in the Netherworld's history..."
  • The Stinger at the end of Episode 5 teasings Episode six makes reference to "Evolutionary Magical Girl Etna."
  • E.T. gets a nod in things that appear in the Galactic Graveyard.
  • The Prism Rangers are one huge spoof of Super Sentai.
  • Flonnezilla.
  • Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth is essentially Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.
  • The PSP and DS rereleases' Dark Record states that the male Martial Artists use techniques descended from a legendary human street fighter.
  • One of the early areas in the game is called the Blair Forest. One of the maps in there is called, of all things, the Witch's Den.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories/Dark Hero Days

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice/Detention

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten/Revisited

Disgaea Infinite

Disgaea: Dimension 2 (A Brighter Darkness)

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

  • The game as a whole verges on Whole-Plot Reference to Mobile Fighter G Gundam, with Killia as Domon, Bloodis as Master Asia and Void Dark as the Devil Gundam.
  • Once again, Unlimited Blade Works is used as an attack. Even better, it's an Archery skill.
  • The On the Next segments begin with the words "Preview Next Time" rendered in a similar fashion to the 20th Century Fox logo.
  • Usalia and her prinnies make multiple references to Naruto, ranging from exploding kunai carrots to shadow clones to summoning enlargement scrolls. Usalia's Berserk Stream special even references the bijuu-dama.
  • Rena's billhook makes its third appearance in the series as the rank 5 sword "Versatile Billhook".
  • One of the four character combo attacks is a common Monster Hunter assault complete with distracting the enemy, laying a trap, hiding behind the trap, and laying barrel bombs as the finisher.
  • One of the three character combo attack animations is the famous Spirit Bomb from DBZ in all but name. The characters even raise their hands up to the sky and 'donate' their energy to the bomb just like in the source material.
  • At one point, Void Dark destroys what appears to be a Netherworld. The protagonists aren't aware of this, but react to the shockwaves caused by this event. The reference pops up when Usalia says "...I have a bad feeling about this, plip."
  • The main plot has strong Persona references about facing yourself right down to Killia gaining his true power by confronting the weakness in his heart directly and saying "You're me, and I'm you."
  • There's a high-ranking gun called the "Gjallarhorn", which could either be a reference to Norse Mythology or a particularly popular rocket launcher from Destiny.
  • Proto Darkdeath has a unique Evility that makes him immune to status effects and Deathblows. It's name? "Like a Boss".
  • It's possible that Red Magnus was inspired by the Warhammer 40,000 character Magnus the Red, seeing that they're both size-shifting red-skinned people of mass destruction that nobody really likes. That being said, they have completely different personalities; Magnus the Red is a Genius Bruiser and a Warrior Poet, while Red Magnus is a musclehead through and through.
    • Like Gold Knuckle before him, Red Magnus' speech patterns in English is reminiscent of The Rock.
      • Likewise, Wrestler Overlord Logan is a reference to Hulk Hogan, complete with frequently referring to people as "Brother".
  • Almaz's and Sapphire's combo attack has targeted enemy kidnapping Sapphire and Almaz then confronting the kidnapper on a bridge over lava, with an axe standing behind the opponent. Almaz even jumps on the enemy to make the reference clear.
  • Desco and Fuka's combination attack is named "Full Desco Burst" and clearly references Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.
  • The secret Rank 41 spear weapon is called Star Lord. Its' description: Not as cool as a talking raccoon, but it'll do.
    • Speaking of which, one of the random Pirates in the Item World more or less directly homages the guardians, right down to the names.
  • The Rank 14 axe is called "Attaxe on Titan".
  • The Rank 31 Sword is called Lion King's Edge. The description: "I just can't wait to be king. Circle of life. Et cetera."
  • While the name "Lucifer" might be a general allusion, it gets more specific when you notice you only get the Lucifer Dyne weapon from defeating the Overlord of a Netherworld called Ice Hell Cocytus.
  • The Horseman's "13 Knights" skill involves the Horseman summoning other horsemen, who then attack the opponent in a sequence that ends with the screen shattering. A reference to the Knights of the Round.
  • The flavor text for the Pirate's "Nether Buccaneer" states "I will become King of the Pirates!"
  • The skill Azathoth, Void Dark's third skill. The skill summons an Eldritch Abomination to drill into a moon and cause it to explode. The name and animation brings to mind the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • One quest called "Love & Peace" requires a Rocket Punch to complete.
  • One Archer Evility is called "Arrow to the Knee".
  • The Rabbit's Carrot Funnel skill brings to mind the Gundam's Funnel weapons.
  • The Bow of Miracles' description references the the "you get a car" meme from The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • The Sky Piercer's description quotes Wash's "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" line.
  • The Internal Raven's description starts with "Quote the raven".
  • The Sledgehammer's description claims that it is found in cheesy action movies.
  • The Ogre Axe's description mentions a donkey.
  • The Shell Shield's description tells the player to keep jumping on it until they get an extra life.
  • The Titania bow's description comments that "it smells just like her".
  • Nether News:
  • One of the names in the random name pool for generic units is "I Ate The Bones!", referencing a KFC commercial where someone accidentally eats the bones on some chicken.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny

  • Majolene's magical girl outfit references the "Virgin Killer Sweater," a Japanese meme outfit, essentially a cross between an apron and a sweater, with the back being absurdly low cut.
  • King Misedor's "King Cannon" attack parodies Gilgamesh's "Gate of Babylon" from Fate/stay night, replacing the high-speed weapons with clumsily tossed golden trinkets.
  • Misedor's "Let There Be Light" skill recreates the Jericho missle test scene (though with a Kill Sat instead), complete with Misedor doing Tony Stark's T-pose.
  • One of Piyori's alternate colors makes her resemble Rei Ayanami.
  • One of Piyori's lines when sent out is, appropriately enough, "Go Go Prism Rangers!"
  • The Cameo Zombie's quotes are chock full of ProZD references, which was entirely unintentional on the writer's part. They simply got SungWon into the booth and told him that he could basically say whatever he wanted.
  • The Mecha Girl's "Neck Beam" has her fire the the geass sigil as an attack.
  • In the intro to Rozalin's DLC episode, Zed's Super Reincarnation activates when he dies during a trip on the luxury battleship Truepanic, which crashed into a space iceberg.
  • The intro to Valvatorez's DLC has Super Reincarnation activating due to Zed being killed by a [[Film/Sharknado Sardinado]].

Disgaea 7: Vow of the Virtueless

  • From the On the Next segments:
    • After the gambling-themed Episode 5, it starts with Pirilika depicting herself as Kaiji, before she suddenly wins a shogi match by summoning Red Eyes Zesshosai, claiming that the series is now over and will be followed by Gambilika GX.
    • After Episode 6, Pirilika imagines moving up in the business world by selling a toy based on Fuji's head, which she has named Furji.
  • During a flashback in Chapter 8, Demmodore Opener tells then-Shogun Yeyasu "You should open the Netherworld. Stop having it be closed."
  • Complete with Lampshade Hanging, Fight Mistresses can say "Sometimes I'm asked if I turn into a cat if someone throws water onto me. Is this a reference I'm not getting!?"
  • If the bill for skipping to the end is passed at the Dark Assembly, it activates a Non-Standard Game Over in which Ao blows up Pirilika's ship with everyone onboard, with Pii-chan being the only survivor and starring in a movie based on the incident called "Tai-Panic".