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Awesome Music / Disgaea

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  • Disgaea 3:
    • Go, Mao! is a perfect theme to capture his insanity. The instrumental version counts as well.
    • "Last World" and "DEAD END" are also extremely awesome. (If you listen closely, you'll notice that "DEAD END" is actually a more dramatic version of Wanderer's Poem.)
    • "Hot Blooded Teachere Raspberyl", a fitting, catchy tune appropriate to the final battle of the Raspberyl story.
    • "Blue Concerto", especially the arrange version, which manages to be both epic and beautiful.
    • "Nether Institute Evil Academy" and "A Song For You". "Nether Institute Evil Academy" is well-known for the dance number in it's opening, but the song itself is rather infectious and is reminiscent of "This is Halloween", especially toward the end. "A Song For You" differs from most of the Nippon Ichi ending themes by being rather upbeat and Broadway-ish, but that's what makes it one of the most memorable themes.
    • "Makai Fugue". Best evil sounding song in the Disgaea series.
    • The "Maritsu Evil Academy Entrance Applicant Recruiting CM Song", also known as the game over theme. Never has there been a more chipper and bouncy song about the fact that you just got your ass handed to you. The song is very likely making fun of you for losing, given the game it's from.
    • Great Glider, an awesome Arabian-inspired track that's reminiscent of "Great Wilder". It was good enough to be reused in Disgaea 5 as the Item God theme and for a couple of post-game battles.
  • Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance:
    • Lieze Love, wonderful and calming song that plays during most of Liezerota's scenes. This song also has a couple of notable variations. One is called Lieze Lullaby, the game's beautiful ending theme. The second is the rather kickass LieZe Rock, a Dark Reprise accompanying the final boss battle against the Void Dark possessed Liezerota.
    • Bitter Sweets, a haunting tune that plays during the boss fights with Majorita, featuring a sinister choir and some badass guitars.
    • While Moving On is slower and more tranquil than past hub themes, it's no less excellent, sounding very beautiful despite the Gratuitous English.
    • Kill Real continues the series tradition of having awesome opening themes, and is also awesomely used in the final battles against Bloodis and Void Dark. It even comes complete with a few German lyrics!
    • Whether you fight the senators who refused to pass your bill or watch Killia unleash his Superpowered Evil Side, Stepping Hard Beat is there to get you pumped up.
    • On the tear-jerking front, Silent Sadness is a beautiful track that does a great job of accompanying sad moments, even serving as effective Sad Battle Music against Usalia's zombified parents.