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Tear Jerker / Disgaea

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Hour of Darkness

  • Episode 8, the Red Moon episode. With "Sorrowful Angel" as the main battle music in this chapter, a piece mainly used in emotionally tense scenes, this foreshadows Tear Jerker. It revolves around the night of the Red Moon, when the Prinnies who have redeemed themselves are allowed to reincarnate at last. Not only do the Prinnies sing a haunting song called, simply, "Red Moon", but it is revealed that the red "Big Sis Prinny" is Laharl's mother in Prinny form, and now she too is allowed to reincarnate, which leads to some truly touching emotional moments involving Laharl ("But, if we are destined to part again, wouldn't it be better to watch from afar and leave without a single word?"). This chapter pretty much marks Laharl's transition from Jerkass to Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
    • As if all that weren't enough, the version in the anime adaptation ends with Laharl letting out an agonizing scream...
  • Kurtis' Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The anime's version of Kurtis' Start of Darkness. The anime shows the aftermath of the terrorist attack with Kurtis reeling in pain. Then, his eyes widen when he sees that the only thing left of his daughter is her soot-covered shoe and teddy bear.
  • The scene before the final battle. After a Hope Spot that everything has worked out and all is well, it turns out Flonne must be punished for her sins serving Laharl, and Lamington turns her into a flower, but agrees to honor her last request to spare Laharl and the other heroes. Flonne gives Laharl her pendant, which burns those with wicked hearts, and he can hold it safely, proving his Character Development. However, after Flonne's transformation, Laharl angrily rejects love and friendship again if this is Flonne's idea of it, and declares he'll kill Lamington as the pendant begins to burst into light in his hand.
    • The normal ending. After Laharl realizes that by killing Lamington, he ended up killing Flonne as well, he takes his own life in the same way his mother did.
    Laharl: "You mean... you mean it's my fault she died? That she died... because... of me?"
  • The ending to Etna mode from the PSP/DS port is another contender. When Etna's memories finally return, she realizes that her big promise to Krichevskoy was to watch over Laharl, and she breaks down realizing that she failed to keep her promise. Sure, we find out that was Laharl was alive all along, but it's still a heart-wrenching scene.

Cursed Memories

  • How about the worst ending for Disgaea 2? Not only does Adell kill Rozalin, he is then possessed and in the after-credits sequence... he eats his siblings as they beg him to stop.
  • A sort of Fridge Horror Tear Jerker, but when Adell kills his parents. They were under partial mind control at the time, so they couldn't tell him, and nobody knew Zenon had brainwashed them, so he'll never find out. He was literally one step away from finding out the truth about his parents, his heritage, and getting his real family back, all he had to do was keep them paralyzed until Zenon's curse was broken... but he didn't know, and so he killed them. The fact that they were literally asking for it since they didn't have enough freedom to ask for him to break the curse makes it even worse.
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  • In the manga, Adell's explanation to Rozalin of why he wants to defeat Zenon is accompanied by a Flashback to his childhood. Adorable little Adell walks in on his parents right as they're being overwhelmed by demonic urges brought on by the curse. A shot of his teddy bear torn apart and lying in a pool of blood follows. Then it shows his parents with their faces streaked with blood and tears, embracing their injured child...


Absence of Justice

  • Almaz' death in general is a giant Tear Jerker with him trying his best to stop Mao. However, if you go for the Human World ending, Raspberyl, who also tries to stop Mao, ends up dying at the hands of Aurum and apologizes to Mao for not believing in him. Mao doesn't take it very well...
    • "And then, there was no one. No human world, no Netherworld, no Celestia. Everything disappeared and was gone..."
    • Sapphire's reaction to Almaz' death. Sapphire is frustrated that she can't shed a tear for him even though she lost someone who truly cared about her. When she finally does shed tears, however, it's when he comes back to life, and they're Tears of Joy.
  • Mao's Japanese voice actor, Hiromi Hirata, can make him go from crazy Mad Scientist to walking Tear Jerker at a drop of a hat, especially in Episode 4 when you face the Maos who says Dad. It's hard not to tear up when you can hear the pain in Mao's voice. And then you actually have to fight them with all their voices desperately calling out to Mao's dad.

A Promise Unforgotten

  • Nemo's tearful, desperate Motive Rant right before the final battle, especially in the Japanese version. You can literally feel the sheer pain and sorrow in his voice.
  • In the Fuka and Desco DLC, Desco starts flipping out when she finds out that Fuka will lose everything, including her memories, once she reincarnates. It reaches a point where her sadness and desperation splits off and becomes another Desco called Torn Desco, and, after removing Axel from office, does everything in her power to convince Fuka to not reincarnate.

A Brighter Darkness

Alliance of Vengeance

  • In the last level of Chapter 4, you have to defeat all enemies without attacking Usalia, who is in a beast mode due to not eating curry. If you defeat her, she ends up dying, and it breaks Killia's spirit so much that he quits the Rebel Army, which ends up falling apart without him, leaving Void Dark to rule the Netherworlds unopposed forever.
  • Usalia's entire backstory is this; Majorita enslaves her Netherworld and tortures the inhabitants just for kicks. She also curses Usalia so she needs to eat curry, a food she hates, or she'll turn into a rabid monster before dying. She even admits to acting like a brat about it and feels as if she caused her parents and people to hate her because she ran away and told her parents that the sweet curry they made was disgusting (even though she loved it)...and this ends up being the last thing she says to her parents before Majorita murders them for no reason at all.
  • Majorita's death. Yes, the third-in-command big bad that kills people and uses their corpses to continue killing; who outright tortured Usalia and murdered her parents. The evil witch that she is... will elicit tears from you when Void Dark reveals he was just using her and kills her in cold blood after stealing her Overload. During the ending, it's even revealed that the restored Toto Bunny has become the utopia for peaceful demons that Majorita wanted to build all along; just hammering that last tear-jerking nail home.
    • On the positive side in a post-ending story you find out she revived herself and now is forced to do nice things for Usalia; the person who hates her the most.
  • Priere's DLC scenario comes with some rather heart-wrenching implications. Her talking about how she lost what she was trying to protect implies that either the ending in which Noir kills Croix in La Pucelle Ragnarok is the canon ending or that she lost Croix some time after the Golden Ending. Either way, life hasn't been good to Priere ever since she became an Overlord.