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Tear Jerker / Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

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  • Raspberyl's death in the worst ending and Almaz's death (Though in the less depressing endings, he does get better). In the latter case, Mao and Sapphire's reaction to his death.
    • "And then, there was no one. No human world, no Netherworld, no Celestia. Everything disappeared and was gone..."
  • Mao's Japanese voice actor, Hiromi Hirata, is literally a walking Tear Jerker. Just watch this scene without tearing up. And then you actually have to fight them with all their battle voices in the same tear jerking tone calling out to Mao's dad.
  • Stella's Villainous Breakdown in Absence of Detention. Even after everything she did to both the party and Rutile, in the end she was just a scared young girl who was so desperate for her father's approval that she couldn't accept that Aurum had already murdered him.


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