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Ms. Fanservice
aka: Miss Fanservice

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"I'm not bad... I'm just drawn that way."

"Don't I have a beautiful body?! DON'T I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BODY?!?"
Andrea "Andy" Carmichael during a Heroic BSoD, The Goonies

A female character who provides a significant amount of Fanservice (generally for males), ranging from simple revealing of cleavage, midriff, shoulders or legs, to shots of her curves, hips or derriere (even when covered).

Her clothing is mainly there to accentuate her figure. Her wardrobe mainstays are bikinis/swimsuits, lingerie, fishnets, stockings, garters, Dangerously Short Skirts, equally short shorts, thigh high boots or stiletto pumps, and low-cut dresses and shirts. Alternatively, she might be covered from head to toe, thus showing no skin at all, but her costume will be tight and stretchy enough to show her bust and the outline of her hips. Bonus points if she's The Tease. In general, she will appear more often in merchandise aimed towards males to further attract males to the product, with vice versa being the case for Mr. Fanservice.


There are several types of Ms. Fanservice:

Either way, the camera seems to have the hots for her, and the viewing audience is expected to feel the same way. The real trick is to make it so that being eye candy doesn't make her a Flat Character. Besides, being "flat" usually doesn't fit this type of character.


Please note that there is no requirement to be single to fit into this trope. Many of these characters are married. For the Spear Counterpart, see Mr. Fanservice. If she also sleeps with most of the crew, she either Really Gets Around or is a Good Bad Girl. Subjected to multiple Double Standard tropes, especially if she gets a nice dose of Character Development or Hidden Depths aside from her hot looks, and yet the fandom refuses to see them.

Compare Head-Turning Beauty, and contrast the Token Wholesome.

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    Comic Strips 
  • Ms. Buxley, from Beetle Bailey. She was even more so earlier in the 1970s and '80s.
  • Edda from 9 Chickweed Lane she's often seen in various bikinis, dresses that show off her figure, or in her ballet outfits.


    Web Animation 
  • Virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna has a Cleavage Window as part of her attire, which reveals her to be quite busty. In fact, there was one video which involved her contemplating doing exercises to make her breasts larger.
  • RWBY:
    • Yang Xiao Long, who the song "Red Like Roses" refers to as "Yellow beauty burns gold". Her primary outfit in Volumes 1-3 shows off a bit more of her figure than the rest of the cast, with some exposed cleavage. This gets downplayed from Volume 4 onwards, as while she's still attractive and her outfits tend to show some skin, they're still much more concealing than her original outfit.
    • Pyrrha Nikos. Her combat outfit features a miniskirt, corset, low neckline, and thigh-highs. She's also noticeably taller, curvier, and more athletic than most of the other girls at Beacon.
    • Invoking the trope Evil Is Sexy is The Dragon, Cinder Fall. She is a beautiful, curvaceous woman who waltzes around in a slinky red dress that shows off her legs and her shoulders, not to mention the attention bestowed upon her by the camera in this scene. It doesn't exactly hurt that she has a very sultry voice courtesy of real life Ms Fanservice Jessica Nigri.
    • Jinn is very curvaceous, with a classic hour-glass figure, and the chains draped around her waist are balanced against the curve of her hips. She wears jewelery on her body, such as braces, anklets, earrings and necklaces, but she is otherwise completely naked. When she first manifests, Qrow doesn't know where to put his eyes and tries to avoid staring at her.
    • Carmine Esclados from After the Fall is a fit, beautiful woman with long, red hair wearing a midriff-exposing crop-top, mini shorts, and thigh high boots. Notably, when Coco first sees her, she's unable to stop staring.
  • Parodied with Kurokawa from Senpai Club. She literally always has her panties showing and her breasts are prone to jiggling.
  • The tenth episode of "Sci-Fi Guys" (from the creator of Retarded Animal Babies) had Spandy, who was remarkably beautiful wearing just pasties over her nipples. Literally her first appearance on screen is showing her massive breasts. It's later revealed that having sex with her creates a black hole.
  • Joanna Dark from Perfect Kirby is unbearably sexy with large breasts, hot lips, shiny hair, strong legs, voluptuous arms, firm butt, beautiful eyes, great abs, soft voice, pretty much everything you could love in a woman. Although she doesn't have much screen time in the regular episodes, she does appear in the shorts more often and appears in bikinis and less clothing a lot. Even that's nothing compared to pictures on the (now defunct) website, showing her in a revealing red hot bikini. Creator Pikanjo is very good at drawing beautiful women in general, as pretty much every female in his cartoons could qualify, even the extras. Joanna is breathtakingly hot even among them.

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 

Alternative Title(s): Miss Fanservice, Testosterone Brigade Bait


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