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Jenna Marbles is a YouTube personality and moniker for Jenna Mourey, an American entertainer.

She has a subscribed viewership of over ten million and over a billion total views on her videos to date. A good majority of her videos are satirical impressions such as celebrity impersonations, tutorials on sociability (sometimes as a joke), general self-mockery, and other comedic representations of real-life living aspects.

She has two dogs, named Mr.(Charles Franklin) Marbles (A Chihuahua) and Kermit (An Italian Greyhound), who are frequently featured throughout her videos and especially at the ends where she talks affectionately to them in addition to encouraging viewers to subscribe to her channel. In 2014, she and her boyfriend, Julien Solomita, got a third dog, a female named Peach (An Italian Greyhound like Kermit).


Currently she has two YouTube channels, one for the funny stuff, the other mainly for video logs.

Was featured in an episode of Teens React and Epic Rap Battles of History.

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Say 'bye' to Spiderman.

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