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  • Power Girl (pictured) is possibly the Most Common Super Power incarnate. She is the most buxom superheroine of all the DCU who wears a white Leotard of Power with her famous Cleavage Window (especially drawn by Amanda Conner). There are a number of issues where Power Girl explains the rationale behind it but the reason seems to change every time. It serves as a distraction, it shows that she's proud of her body, and she can't decide on a Chest Insignia. Double subverted with the New 52 relaunch. Power Girl was given a bodysuit that fully covered her. However, in one issue her costume gets tears after a fight, one of those tears is a hole above her cleavage. She eventually gets her iconic, plays-this-trope-straight, costume back after about a year. It seemed all of creation (even the female fans) wrote in demanding it.
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  • Vikki Vale in All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder spent the first few pages dressed in nothing but a pink bra and undies talking about how Superman is the "Man of Steel" for other reasons and all they had was a flying bat. There was even a panel that focused solely on her butt. When she found out that she had a date with Bruce Wayne, she ended up in a very revealing dress.
  • Aquaman:
  • Black Canary and her famous fishnets costume. As noted in Depending on the Artist, some artists have her outfit showing plenty of cleavage. Occasionally the bottom of her uniform will be drawn as either being a thong at the back, or at the least be shown to be riding up quite a bit to emphasize her behind.
  • Many characters from Batman:
    • Barbara Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl is often described as having a buxom frame, and so she does. She's often designed as a Hot Librarian or with Nerds Are Sexy in mind. Despite that, however, she's still a tame example. In Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl, Barbara shows up almost naked in two scenes, though.
    • Selina Kyle/Catwoman is...well... Catwoman, a woman who goes around in form-fitting costumes and spends a lot of her time flirting with everyone around her. Even before she wore her now trademark catsuit, she was still quite sexualized. As if to spell it out to readers, in Death of the Family she escapes a death trap that ripped up her outfit...and shows off an insane amount of skin!
    • Harley Quinn. Her iconic outfit is a very form-fitting jester suit that switches it out for what can best be described as a bikini designed to resemble her former appearance. In "Mad Love" she wears a see-through red negligee also. And in the New 52 universe her outfits are more incredibly revealing; this is lampshaded by Harley herself (in the Suicide Squad series), at one point referring to her look as a "stripper clown outfit". And in her solo series, she is often subject of Male Gaze out and In-Universe.
    • Poison Ivy is a very beautiful woman who has a very voluptuous yet athletic body, impressive hourglass figure, buxom breasts, toned broad shoulders, and long toned yet shapely legs. She also tends not to wear anything, other than leaves and vines (along with outfits that she wears with green tights). In the New 52, she got a form-fitting outfit, but even that just amounts to plant spores and leaves hugging up on her body. Even when in battle, she usually speaks in a sultry tone, uses sexual innuendos, and takes stock Playboy Playmate poses while her plants fight for her.
    • Cassandra Cain doesn't strike as an example due to her default design being a skinny young girl covered in scars. Still, her suit really clings to her like anybody else, and when she's not drawn as a skinny girl covered in scars, she's usually drawn like this. The Cruise issue of her series was pretty bad for it though, with her wearing a bikini for most of it (a thong bikini from the look of it), and later doing her crazy martial arts skills while wearing a dress she shortened, inducing pretty blatant panty shots.
    • Helena Bertineli/Huntress is a very beautiful woman who tends to wear form-fitting and sexy costumes that highlight her voluptuous yet athletically toned body, toned stomach, buxom breasts, long toned legs, and nice rear end. The artists behind Birds of Prey seem to be pretty fond of her rear end as well though that's true for all the Birds.
    • Subverted with Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/Batgirl III. She's got a modest build, her Spoiler suit is designed with practical use in mind rather than sex appeal, while her Batgirl suit is just as practically designed, and most of her civilian appearances are in tomboyish conservative clothes. However, she briefly had a Thong of Shielding over her suit in place of the typical Underwear of Power, and while her suits are practical, they're usually just as skin tight as any other superhero suit, and just as susceptible to clothing damage as others. She was also heavily sexualized during the torture scene in War Games and her time as Robin, and her Batgirl series seemed quite fond of her in her bedroom wearing short shorts and showing off her butt as much as possible, leading to it being briefly lampshaded, with Oracle noting that people are currently getting a good view of her buttocks, or 'good side' as she put it, while they take pictures.
  • Green Lantern:
    • The Red Lantern Bleez. It's often been pointed out that she's frequently drawn in ways that emphasize her curvaceous rear end (though it's worth noting that this was most prominent when Ed Benes was drawing her).
    • The Green Lantern Corps itself has Arisia Rrab, an orange-skinned space babe with a very large chest and a flirtatious personality. Curiously, this trope was invoked by Arisia herself, as she wasn't initially depicted this way when introduced, being only a little girl when she received her ring. She then used it to age herself into a exotically beautiful young woman in order to pursue a relationship with Hal Jordan and even managed to become a supermodel very briefly.
    • The Sinestro Corps has Lyssa Drak, who is a scantily-clad blue-skinned babe and also qualifies as a Hot Librarian, since she keeps the Book of Parallax.
    • The Star Sapphires is a whole Corp of them, being all female and wearing uniforms that leave little to imagination. Primarily among them is Carol Ferris and Fatality.
  • Justice League of America:
    • Ice had this problem during The Death of Superman, as a lot of action scenes had her oddly-used tank top portion of her uniform hiked over her chest.
    • Her friend Fire is a more a straight example. She is mostly naked in flame form and when she's not using her flame powers, she is always wearing something that shows off her belly, be it her superhero outfit or a bikini.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes:
    • Dream Girl. By design, from her very first appearance, she look like a pin-up. She is a sexy blonde girl and her white costumes (especially her iconic leotard) are always very skimpy (even prior to the Legion's sexy-costume era of the 70's). Artist often emphasize her sensuality.
    • Shadow Lass. A sexy blue-skinned alien babe that often wears just a black bikini with a cape.
    • Dawnstar. Her costume is a revealing yellow dress of Native American design, with a plunging neckline and long ornamental fringes on the sleeves and boot cuffs.
  • Averted in the DC series Manhunter: Street Justice, with protagonist Kate wearing a full-coverage bodysuit when she fights crime. Granted, she stole it from an evidence locker, but kudos to the author for making her different.
  • New Gods:
  • Superman:
    • Lois Lane can be this Depending on the Artist. Sometimes she will wear form fitting dresses to really short skirts. In Superman: For Tomorrow, there is a famous panel of Lois completely naked only using Superman's cape to cover up.
    • Post Crisis Supergirl was a pretty infamous example, what with her cheerleader like costume, being introduced naked in The Supergirl from Krypton and later dressing in low cut jeans with her thong straps on display, and her constant panty shots when in costume. While most young teenaged girls in comics get treated like this, she did it to such a degree that it made many people uncomfortable and was the source of many criticisms. Editors eventually issued a demand for this to be limited and/or stopped, and it did.
    • Maxima is an exceptionally tall, muscular (yet very voluptuous), buxom, and powerful red-haired woman with the tendency to wear outfits that are very Stripperiffic and bare her midriff. Even when her outfits cover her whole body, they tend to be very skintight and highlight her muscular yet voluptuous build, buxom breasts, ripped broad shoulders, and long muscular yet shapely legs.
    • Cat Grant, a Daily Planet journalist and potential rival for Lois Lane because she was attracted to Clark Kent. She was already a beauty woman, but in the '00 (when she return after a long period of absence) she dresses more provocatively (gaining attention of male employees) and acts more flirtatious than she ever has. During a conversation with Clark, she openly flirts with him and implies that she has had breast implants.
  • Starfire aka Koriand'r from Teen Titans. She is a hot alien babe with orange skin, who learned languages by kissing people. Kory is regarded as extremely physically attractive even by the standards of the superhero community. Her general lack of modesty is often used for copious Fanservice, and even her normal hero outfit leaves little to the imagination. It was taken Up to Eleven in Red Hood and the Outlaws (at the start of New-52) where she wears an outfit again more Stripperiffic than usual, her backstory and personality are changed and she act like an Ethical Slut. Her fans were not amused, resulting in a move far in the other direction: she not only has her personality back, but a less skimpy outfit styled more like her animated self (though of course, she's still very easy on the eyes).
  • Vixen. She is very busty and her most famous outfit is a yellow/orange body suit with a really long cleavage.
  • Wonder Woman. All of the Way. She is a tall, very beautiful raven-haired Amazonian woman (and also the World's Most Beautiful Woman) who wears outfits (such as a revealing strapless leotard or a bustier-hotpants combo) that present her skin and highlight her muscular yet voluptuous body, large breasts, strong toned muscles (especially her large biceps), ripped broad shoulders, nicely toned buttocks, and long muscular legs.
  • Zatanna is a very beautiful, long dark-haired woman who has a very voluptuous yet toned body with buxom breasts, an impressive hourglass figure, and long toned legs and wears an outfit comprised of a tight fitting tuxedo jacket that has tails, a white busier, black panties, fishnet stockings, and a top hat. Nobody has ever found reason to complain over Paul Dini's appreciation of the character.


  • Black Widow under the pen of certain artists.
  • Carol "Ms. Marvel" Danvers for a long time was practically the poster girl for this before her "promotion" to being the new Captain Marvel, complete with a literally form fitting full-body costume that covers everything but her head (and then an additional retractable cowl that covers everything except part of her face). Her first Bare Your Midriff costume was originally derived from the red-and-blue Kree uniform of Captain Marvel, but after emerging from under his shadow she was given a distinctive new black-and-gold leotard costume with a lightning bolt motif; this costume get many Male Gaze. In fact, the both of Carol's original Ms. Marvel costumes have highlighted her Impossible Hourglass Figure, muscular yet voluptuous body, buxom breasts, strong toned muscles, ripped broad shoulders, sizable backside and long muscular yet shapely legs. Lampshaded by Moonstone/Dark!Ms. Marvel in Avengers: The Initiative when she asks Tigra just how Carol wears these outfits and by Kamala Khan (the new Ms. Marvel (2014)) later, who repeats Moonstone's complaint about the wedgies the suit gives while wearing it, after originally gushing about how much she wanted to wear it.
  • Elektra. She is a red-clad Femme Fatale whose outfits are Stripperiffic in nature, and is famous for Male Gaze scenes during fight scenes. When she dodges, artists usually draw her from behind to emphasize her ass. Flying kicks are drawn from the front, effectively becoming full-page crotch shots.
  • She-Hulk is a buxom Amazonian Beauty clad in a Leotard of Power, gets frequent Clothing Damage and provides the page image for Fanservice. Just a few examples during John Byrne's run: In the first several pages of Sensational She-Hulk #40, She-Hulk is skipping rope, apparently naked due to a simple joke she made in the letters column (she isn't actually naked, but was wearing skimpy undies that were hidden by the blur lines). In Sensational She-Hulk #45, nearly all the story is filled with big and casual pinups of Jen that steal the spotlight from the actual story narrated in the box.
  • The Scarlet Witch has been this since her first appearance in the comics. She's a very beautiful brunette who usually wears Stripperiffic outfits (particularly a red bathing suit) that are more seductive then her contemporaries Jean Grey, Sue Storm, or Janet van Dyne and highlight her very buxom breasts, ripped broad shoulders, voluptuous yet toned body, and long toned yet shapely legs. But she took this trope to the next level whenever George Perez is drawing The Avengers. In 1998 he replaced her original, though sexy, costume with a Stripperiffic Romani-influenced outfit, which was replaced with a more practical superhero costume soon after he left the book and she later returned back to wearing her usual red bathing suit.
  • Spider-Man's love interests are, usually, shown like this.
    • Back when Steve Ditko drew the book, not so much since The Comics Code was in effect and they all wore modest dresses, and most of them were in high school. By college, however, characters like Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson were introduced. Gwen, however, stopped being this par for the course of her Character Development and, y'know, death. Mary Jane, however, kept the revealing clothes and flighty personality even after maturing, though in her case its justified: She's an actress/model, it's literally her job to be hot. Still, while most superheroines have an Impossible Hourglass Figure, MJ is almost always a Buxom Is Better crossed with Male Gaze and She's Got Legs, and doesn't have the superpowers to justify it.
      • Most fans will attest that Mary Jane fit the Trope most during Todd McFarlaine's run on Amazing Spider-Man; he did several "cheesecake" shots of female characters, and as the most visible member of the supporting cast, she had most of them, the art during his run giving her a sudden preference for midriff revealing tops and dangerously daring necklines.
    • Gwen is a very beautiful blonde-haired woman who wears outfits (particularly skirts with thigh-high socks and boots as well as dresses) that highlight her very voluptuous body (that's nearly as sexy as MJ's body), buxom breasts, hourglass figure, and long toned yet shapely legs.
    • Black Cat had a suit designed for Absolute Cleavage, made out of black PVC, and had a build that would require lots of surgery to get in real life, even more so than a lot of other heroes.
    • In a very weird way, Marvel has been trying to turn Carlie Cooper into this, most likely to increase her popularity. Low cut jeans, bared midriff, a tattoo that's near her lady bits but still visible in order to increase the midriff, and was probably the only girl in Spider-Island shown during the 'Naked New York' scene. However, because people just can't stand her, its been rather ignored.
  • Tigra is a twofer, being a Cat Girl who walks around wearing naught but a bikini. Later books have tried to justify this with Tigra saying wearing anything else over a full coat of fur would result in heatstroke, and the bikini is pretty much for modesty's sake.
  • X-Men:
    • Jean Grey is a very beautiful redhead who tends to wear very form-fitting costumes that highlight her very buxom breasts, long muscular yet shapely legs, ripped broad shoulders, and muscular yet voluptuous body.
    • Storm usually wears costumes that accentuate her Impossible Hourglass Figure, large breasts, voluptuous yet toned body and gorgeous long toned legs. And her culture didn't have a taboo about nudity, so she liked public nudity a lot, especially in earlier appearances.
    • Rogue is an unique Ms. Fanservice; not only is she a buxom southern belle with an appealing tomboy nature, but the natural inclination/lure to touch her is also the literally the most dangerous thing you can do. It's because of this danger that causes Rogue to isolate herself and cover herself up accordingly, yet despite her best efforts Rogue's costumes never lessen her attractiveness though she usually covers the most flesh as she can, the Sensual Spandex makes it redundant. After joining the X-Men Rogue becomes more brazen with her body discarding her full body suit when she's relaxing with the X-Men (especially with Gambit), this can be seen as defiance for having to cover herself for so long. She is also a brunette with a Skunk Stripe who tends to wear costumes that highlight her very buxom breasts, voluptuous yet athletic body, long toned legs, and toned stomach.
      • In Rogue's Ultimate version, around the end of Ultimate Comics: X-Men run, Rogue is pretty much-wearing nothing but shorts and a loincloth strapless bra.
      • But that's nothing compared to what she wears in the Savage Land where her mutation is gone... Hoo boy.
    • Shadowcat, on the other hand, remains perhaps the only female character in Marvel over the age of twelve to retain her petiteness while having achieved the face of a young woman in her early 20s. Although that's partly due to every writer at Marvel except Joss Whedon and Brian Michael Bendis having forgotten she existed - and Whedon made sure to give Kitty at least two nude scenes during his run on Astonishing X-Men.
    • New Mutants Wolfsbane and (usually) Moonstar are usually given petite frames and tomboyish haircuts, making them more cute than fanservicey. The few exceptions have either been by bad artists (*cough*Rob Liefeld*cough*) and/or just look ridiculous because all the past art has them slender.
    • Emma Frost. She almost always makes it to the top of any list discussing the sexiest women in comics. Since her inception back in the ’80s, she’s pretty much worn variations on white lingerie, sometimes far more revealing than most of the other Marvel women. She gets quite a few scenes where she's wearing even less than usual and seems to be fully shameless about this.
    • Also, Psylocke. Not so much with the Most Common Superpower, but the costume she was stuck in for twenty years was pretty Stripperiffic, giving her what might possibly be the worst wedgie in the entire Marvel Universe. Not forget that she is the poster trope of the Boobs-and-Butt Pose. Or, in some comics fan circles, The Psylocke Pose.
    • Not a heroine, but Madelyne Pryor, when she became the Goblin Queen, achieved the supreme level of accomplishment in this trope. Her tattered costume featured an open middle that left only the tops of her breasts covered. Only the cosmic power of the Phoenix Force stood between her and a Wardrobe Malfunction of such epic proportions that it would have almost certainly led to a revival of The Comics Code.
    • X-23 initially doesn't strike one as this, until you realize that just about every uniform she has (give or take a couple) as well as the majority of her civilian clothes show off her navel. Her civvies also have a tendency to involve short skirts, Painted-On Pants, and corsets. Also, being a female clone of Wolverine, makes the embodiment of a whole category of fanservice.
    • Rachel Summers was this during her Excalibur days. When she was in the X-Men initially, she was a stick thin tomboy wearing very conservative clothes and costumes. Then she got abducted into the Mojoverse, and when she got back her body had become a lot curvier (apparently somebody remembered that she's supposed to look a lot like her mother, Jean Grey - and she'd been sent to Mojo's Body Shoppe). Her costume was now a red, one piece leather catsuit with integrated heels and adorned with spikes. Her off duty clothes were not as risque, but only just. This was lampshaded by a disgruntled Kitty Pryde when the two went on a shopping trip, and a mischievous Rachel promptly used her telekinesis to transform Kitty's clothes into something more like her own. Kitty immediately complained that she looked like a hooker.
      • Her Marvel Girl costume, which consisted of a tight top and a skirt that at times only narrowly escaped the description of 'belt', was arguably just as bad for this. Afterwards, she went for a form-fitting red and yellow costume with a trenchcoat on top that both covered and emphasised everything.
    • Husk. C'mon, you know Paige Guthrie's mutant power is really just an obvious ploy to depict a teenage babe ripping all her clothes off and running around nekkid...
    • Jena and Madelyne Pyre in X-Men: Phoenix – Legacy of Fire wear nothing more than gold bikinis with only small jackets covering them. The former in particular gets in a couple of lewd situations such as getting seduced by a succubus and being suggestively grabbed by tentacles at one point. You could make the case that every female character in that comic qualifies as this trope, since they are all scantily-clad nubile young women.
    • Dazzler wore Absolute Cleavage with large breasts and great curves. She almost won the title of World's Most Beautiful Woman twice.
  • Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman of Fantastic Four. Her regular costume(s) are shown to be very form-fitting. She is also shown to have nice breasts that are buxom, an Impossible Hourglass Figure, and a voluptuous body. However, her sex appeal often gets dialed up in alternate universes, especially ones where her invisibility is tweaked to put her in Naked People Are Funny situations (as seen in 1602).
  • Gamora is a Green-Skinned Space Babe whose original outfits sported a massive open cleavage and was prone to tons of Male Gaze, specially during Annihilation.
  • Deadpool tends to run into these types of female characters in his comics and get romantically involved with them:
    • Dr. Betty from the Merc With a Mouth mini-series is particularly blatant. A Hot Scientist who worked for AIM, she spent most of her time showing her sexy body to viewers in many different poses. She seemed to have serious trouble finding clothes that fit, but none at all finding frilly underwear in her size. Even her AIM costume has no pants and shows her cleavage.
    • Outlaw is a gorgeous cowgirl-style merc whose outfit always bares her abdomen and sometimes she wears even less than that. In all fairness, she is able to get away with it due to her body being highly resilient to damage, making the outfit's impracticality a non-issue.
    • Shiklah is a succubus princess considered quite stunning (except in her One-Winged Angel mode). Her outfit was also equally as flattering.
  • The Mighty Thor:


  • 100 Bullets has Megan Dietrich, a young Alpha Bitch Corrupt Corporate Executive with an absolutely enormous chest even for this series. Her favorite outfits include sexy cocktail dresses and bikinis that are much too small for her. She is, interestingly enough, used for Fan Disservice scenes as well; we get to watch her have sex with a man old enough to be her father and her death scene, in which she's wearing a midriff-bearing number, is undercut by the fact that she's so terrified of the crazed hitman staring her down that she wets herself. The female protagonist, Dizzy Cordova, also has a womanly rear end that the panels highlight often.
  • 2000 AD:
    • Anderson: Psi-Division: For the most part, Anderson in Judge Dredd doesn't provide much fanservice other than being hot in general. Her own spinoff, however, is a different story. In the first collected volume alone, she spends half a story naked in a coma (she is mostly covered by a sheet, but still), has another judge walk in on her in a shower, and goes clubbing in a low-cut, tight minidress.
    • Durham Red in Strontium Dog generally wears a low-cut uniform and stands in a manner that emphasises her legs. In her own series she's even more Stripperiffic. Her character also plays up the Vampires Are Sex Gods angle, despite actually being a mutant who happens to feed on blood.
    • Cythea in Necrophim, a beautiful succubus who never wears any clothes.
  • Arawn had Siahm, a gorgeous white-haired Action Girl prone to lots of attention and being depicted semi-nude most of the time. Hell, even when she is fully covered, her curves are in full display. Its particularly impressive that she retains the same youthful and voluptuous figure not only after giving birth to four children, but when they reach adulthood themselves, though there is a supernatural reason for this.
  • Archie Comics:
    • Veronica. It's pretty much a given that she'll be wearing the most-revealing outfit of any given strip, especially the beach-themed ones. Sometimes she's even been arrested for wearing "indecent" bikinis on public beaches- and the artists show it!
    • Cheryl Blossom defined this in the 1980s (where it got her written out of the books) and '90s. Dan DeCarlo gave her a Pamela Anderson clone body, with even larger breasts and buttocks than was normal for Riverdale girls, and was frequently seen in skimpier clothes than all the others. In one beach storyline, she tried to go topless.
    • Melody was this for Josie and the Pussycats, wearing the skimpiest outfits and drawing all the male attention. She is so beautiful that almost any man who sees her gets Distracted by the Sexy and suffers Amusing Injuries.
  • Ant is a extremely curvaceous Statuesque Stunner wearing a really tight exoskeleton suit resembling an ant.
  • Due to Art Evolution in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog, a significant portion of the comic (Issue 60s-180s) turned the resident heroines Bunnie Rabbot and Sally Acorn much more humanoid. The former wears bunny outfit's top, the latter is next to being literally fur-naked. While it was toned down post-180s, it was pretty much rendered null after the Continuity Reboot.
  • Red Monika from Battlechasers. Huge boobs, ridiculous figure, big red hair and stripperiffic outfits? She's pure Ms. Fanservice.
  • Bazooka Jules somewhat overdeveloped the Most Common Superpower as part of her power set. This was eventually revealed to be a subconscious choice by the protagonist, who thought superheroes should look that way, and she eventually got her assets back down to a manageable level.
  • Hellaynnea in Black Moon Chronicles was a succubus who served as love interest to the main protagonist and was rather... extrovertive.
  • Panda Delgado from Body Bags. She's only 14, but she sports a serious pair of breasts and wears a super-short cheerleader skirt and skintight sweater set. The skirt is so short the reader gets panty shots when she's standing still.
  • Thorn from Bone, not so much in early chapters, though. In later chapters, you get to see her bare legs quite a bit, and almost a little boobage due to Clothing Damage. There's even a gag (that actually is in an early chapter) where Fone Bone is nervous enough to accidentally eat a bar of soap because he's taking a bath with Thorn. (And before that, he watches a bird that seems to be there for the sole purpose of averting Fone's gaze away from Thorn while she's getting nude, before she goes into the water.) Needless to say, Fone Bone takes an instant liking to her.
  • Parodied and subverted in The Boys where all the superheroines working for Vought American are turned into Ms. Fanservice as part of their image for merchandising. Takes a considerably darker turn when VA give Starlight a makeover consisting of high heels and a costume composed of about three grams of fabric due to them wanting her character to have been raped as a child and turn into a sex-crazed slut as a result. It doesn't go down well with her, especially when she reveals she was indeed sexually assaulted.
  • La Mulatona from Clemente. Including when they show Clemente swimming between her breasts (a common scene in macrophile porn) as a running gag.
  • Cavewoman: is a Nubile Savage with a curvaceous and voluptuous figure who's only article of clothing is a loincloth and fur bikini.
  • Crimson: The hero's love interest Scarlet X is a French redheaded Action Girl who wears a rather skimpy combat suit for a member from a holy order. There is a moment when she is visited by two vampires in her apartment she is wearing only a Modesty Towel. During the struggle, she loses the towel and gets completely nude before the two, albeit with one of their bodies covering her from the reader's view and they certainly appreciates what he sees.
  • Danger Girl: has no shortage of them. The fact it's drawn by J.Scot Campbell of Gen13 fame doesn't help.
  • Darkchylde pretty much ran on this trope.
  • The Darkness:
  • In the Den comics, any woman from Earth arriving in Neverwhere becomes this; buck naked, buxom and liking it.
  • From some Disney Italia comics:
    • Lyla Lay from Paperinik New Adventures (reboot and sequel included), a beautiful droid designed to look like an anthropomorphic duck.
    • From the sequel Pk 2 the two villainess, the Ducklair sisters: Korinna and Juniper. Korinna wardrobe mostly consists of skintight jumpsuits, and she spends quite a bit of her time only half clothed, and the few times she wears a full set of clothes, the artist go out of their way to show she's wearing a thong. Juniper has her moments with some Bare Your Midriff look.
    • Birgit Q in the reboot Pikappa. The back-up story of #17 is practically an excuse to see fanservice shots of her.
    • The spy Kay K from Double Duck. She is a really attractive anthropomorphic duck with an Impossible Hourglass Figure. Many of her outfits show off her cleavage. In few issue she also appears in bikini.
  • Druuna, from the Italian graphic novel series of the same name, is an idealized dark-haired mediterranean woman with a curvy body who is either naked or wearing a skimpy tank-top-and-thong combo roughly ninety percent of the time. The highly detailed renderings drawn by her creator have been widely distributed as pin-ups.
  • Empowered herself is arguably a deconstruction of this trope, being a Faux Action Girl whose suit tends to rip up at the worst possible moment and being tied up and gagged, and thus the center of many people's attention left her in a neurotic mess of self-esteem and body-image issues, and yes — she does provide most of the fanservice in the series, and is fully aware of that, making her an even bigger neurotic mess. Ocelotina on the other hand intentionally plays to this trope, pretending to be a superheroine and getting into the same situations Emp does for profit. And of course Ninjette.
  • Princess Aura in Flash Gordon often served this role or at least as much it was allowed in the 30s. Subsequent adaptations such as Dynamite Entertainment's managed to pull it off more freely.
  • Liz, Jon Arbuckle's girlfriend in Garfield. Seen here. Yes, Garfield has fanservice. It's a new day. She's played in the movies by Jennifer Love Hewitt. So, yeah.
  • Gaturranta in the very first strips of Gaturro.
  • The three female leads in Gen¹³. The entire comic is made of Fanservice with the girls in skimpy costumes, sometimes half naked or in lingerie and often subject of Male Gaze, especially Caitlin Fairchild.
  • Cassie Hack.
  • Invincible:
  • Irish Coffee's stripper girlfriend.
  • The British wartime newspaper comic Jane featured a title character who was always willing to help the war effort—which usually involved losing her clothes in some way. In Real Life, it was claimed that this actually helped boost troop morale. This may have been the first newspaper strip ever to include complete nudity, and was seen as unbelievably daring at the time.
    • There were rumours that when she appeared completely starkers it would be D-Day. Sir Winston Churchill personally intervened on the matter to make it so.
  • In King Kong's Don Simpson "Monster Comics" adaptation, unlike her film counterpart who only gets part of her dress ripped off, Kong rips off all of Ann's dress, leaving Ann in her underwear for two issues.
  • Lady Death is extremely voluptuous and wore a Chainmail Bikini with black opera gloves and Combat Stilettos that only enhanced her outstanding figure. She was originally written with a very seductive personality.
  • Cixi in Lanfeust. Besides her name rhyming with "sexy", she always wears Stripperiffic red clothes and isn't shy with nudity.
  • Near every woman in Le Petit Spirou, from Spirou's mother to the teachers. Especially Miss Claudia Chiffre, a buxom meganekko with a tendency to wear miniskirts. All the male students (and some of the teachers), especially Spirou, are in love with her.
  • Older Than Television: Almost any female character in Li'l Abner (which started in 1934) who wasn't an old lady, especially Daisy Mae, Stupifyin' Jones, Moonbeam McSwine and the Wolf Gal.
  • Little Ego. Ego exists solely to lose her clothes and get caught in erotic situations.
  • Lori Lovecraft is an actress who relies primarily on her looks to get parts. Every story involves copious Lingerie Scenes, and usually at least one full frontal nude scene.
  • Tiffany, The Alpha Bitch from Luann, is this for the strip, giving much Snark Bait to online fans, considering the head writer is over 60, and Tiffany's a teenager. One memorable strip featured her in a string bikini, and most of the time she's just in a cheerleader outfit.
  • Modesty Blaise frequently depicted its title character in various states of undress, contrary to her name.
  • Brooke McEldowney's comic strip 9 Chickweed Lane had, and continues to have, a strong fanservice element to it in its depictions of female characters, most notably Edda. The later spin-off Pibgorn appears to be some 80% fanservice: The starting point of this strip is a menage à trois among an unassuming bespectacled pianist and musical arranger, and two devastatingly gorgeous supernatural entities who are devoted to him: a dark succubus called Drusilla and a red-haired faerie called Pibgorn. Neither entity wears very much at the best of times and the casual reader might suspect the script is written to get them naked as often as possible. Reprints of the strip in comic book form tend to add extra bonus material.
  • Phantom Lady has been frequently called this, even in the real world US Congress. Her appearance was always fanservice but her classic stories all tended to de-emphasize it.
  • Toola from Pocket God. Booga and Klak went gaga over her at first sight. In fact, the creators of the comic admitted that she was designed as "the hottie".
  • Deena Pilgrim from Powers. Putting aside her proclivity for wearing what she calls "little belly shirts", it's rare for her to go more than five issues without being shown either topless or completely nude. Also Callista Secor, a.k.a. the new Retro Girl, who wears tight shorts and a halter top as part of her costume. However, when she realizes what she looks like on TV (after her first escapade is taped), she's not happy.
    Callista: God! You can totally see my asscrack! Now they're zooming in on it! Fuckers.
  • Bonnie Black in Reborn wears a white Spy Catsuit that covers her entire figure, but it still hugs it very tightly. She is also subject to tons of Male Gaze in the covers and action sequences.
  • Red Sonja, who wore nothing but a Chainmail Bikini into battle. Justified because her fighting style relied on Distracted by the Sexy.
  • June Morgan, the wife and nurse of Rex Morgan, M.D., drawn with a Patrick Nagel face and... prominent attributes.
  • Most of Dr. Love's appearances in Frank Miller's RoboCop have her wearing various tight, cleavage-revealing outfits while doing provocative positions. Her assistant pulls off the same thing in the background at one point. Lewis also undergoes this.
  • Requiem Vampire Knight:
    • Claudia Demona is a pretty over-the-top example, being dressed like a dominatrix and with a very fitting seductive and domineering attitude. She also dons a Chainmail Bikini to fight in a tournament against Dystopian knights.
    • Rebecca also qualifies, being a Bandage Babe who occasionally gets (reluctantly) stuffed into some fetishized outfit, and almost all of her appearances throughout the series feature her almost or outright nude - and it helps she is very prominent. Her beauty is lampshaded by Claudia above, who comments she is pretty enough to become Dracula's bride and tries to claim her for herself.
    • Elizabeth Bathory may be the biggest example in the comic, since all she wears is a cape and boots and nothing else. It's also notable that she is one of the few vampires that lacks the body markings/tattoos that makes most of their kind fearsome to look at.
  • Wally Wood's Sally Forth, done originally for military papers, used any excuse to get the buxom but naïve titular character out of her clothes. Not to be confused with the present-day strip of this name, which is about a fully clothed housewife.
  • While Scott Pilgrim features many attractive women, Envy Adams is noted in Volume 6 to be "the perfect woman," with the proclamation being accompanied by her measurements: Bust 999, Waist 999, Hips 999.
  • The title character of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle - A Nubile Savage in very skimpy clothing with a very curvaious body.
    • Ramona also gets a lot of this kind of attention, and scenes of her in lingerie.
  • Angela in Spawn was supposedly conceived as eye-candy, wearing a Chainmail Bikini into combat. Her Marvel counterpart downplays this trope considerably in the other hand, as she initially sported a similar design, but has since covered up as time went along.
  • Superlópez: Actress Valerie Astro from La gran superproducción. Apparently she gets typecast in roles that require her to show her body and she's grown used to it, to the point that she actually finds having to act dressed insulting.
  • Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose: Literally any female character qualifies, but the main heroine is the primary one, with her outfit being pretty much described as "two strings and a wish".
  • Laureline in Valérian tends to wear very revealing outfits in some adventures, such as in Land Without Stars where she joins a royal harem and wears a bikini that is attributed to have inspired Princess Leia's slave outfit.
  • Vampirella is almost always scantily clad in her signature red sling suit, complete with Absolute Cleavage, with a white collar and wearing shiny black knee-high boots. Other female characters such as her mother Lilith and the Blood Red Queen of Hearts were no slouches themselves.
  • In Warlord of Mars, most female Martians are hot alien babes of many exotic colors adorned in jewelry and gold ornaments and little else, but Dejah Thoris serves as the most prominent example due to not only receiving most focus of them all, but also being subject to very racy contemptible covers.
  • Witchblade: Sara Pezzini and her predecessors/successors bearing the Witchblade all tend to come off as this, since the eponymous artifact takes the form of an organic Chainmail Bikini most of the time and rips through any clothes the characters might be wearing. Mary from Switch (2015) has averted this so far, with the Witchblade appearing over and around her modest clothes.
  • Jawbreakers: Lost Souls: Xaxi, an extremely buxom and beautiful woman who is never seen wearing more than a few thin strips of cloth and some jewelry. Her sexiness is even a minor plot point and when she was unceremoniously killed off by the Big Bad a lot of the fans were pissed.
  • Aunt Fritzi from Nancy is typically depicted as a very attractive woman. Arguably even more so during the later part of Guy Gilchrist's run of the strip as he began putting her in more revealing clothing... often for no real reason.

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