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Santa Blanca Cartel's logo
Santa Blanca Cartel
A massive cocaine cartel that controls the nation of Bolivia and the main antagonists in Ghost Recon Wild Lands. It has the Security, Propaganda, Production, and Smuggling divisions.
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    In General 
  • Affably Evil: Pretends to be this but are actually Faux Affably Evil.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: A Downplayed Trope example as Santa Blanca doesn't attempt to portray itself as anything BUT a cocaine cartel. In real life, the cartels pretended to be legitimate businesses.
  • The Cartel: A direct and obvious example of the trope, taken to supervillain-esque levels.
  • Cowardly Mooks: Santa Blanca lieutenants will make a run for it once things get loud and will often grab the nearest vehicle to do it. Also, if the Ghosts manage to get close enough, they'll immediately surrender.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: Despite being a Mexican cartel they include several Bolivians and Americans in their hierarchy, and there's also a mix of men and women in the organisation, including several female bouchons and one female underboss. Arguably, a Downplayed Trope example as while they have high-ranking women, El Yayo is the highest ranking Bolivian member and he has Authority in Name Only.
  • Five-Man Band: The five leaders of the Santa Blanca cartel.
    • Big Bad: El Sueño, The Don of the Santa Blanca cartel.
    • The Dragon: Nidia Flores, who is the only female cartel leader, and is in charge of trafficking the cartel's product outside of Bolivia. El Sueño calls her his Queen and considers her to be a surrogate daughter, crediting her with leading them from obscurity to dominance in Mexico's drug wars.
    • The Evil Genius: El Yayo, a Bolivian who joined the Santa Blanca cartel when they arrived in the country from Mexico, and is in charge of producing the drugs the Santa Blanca cartel deals in. Like El Cardenal, he has no interest in the Cartel's more violent operations and only cares about producing the best cocaine possible in keeping with the traditions of his people.
    • The Brute: El Muro, a Mexican soldier turned bodyguard for El Sueño as well as his best friend and right-hand man, who is the de-facto head of all security for the Cartel.
    • The Dark Chick: El Cardenal, a Sinister Minister who was kicked out of the Catholic Church, but is able to run the philanthropy and propaganda campaigns that cultivate the Santa Blanca cartel's public image with the populace. Unlike the other Cartel leaders he's not directly tied to Santa Blanca's criminal operations and is in charge of legitimizing the Cartel in the eyes of the populace.
  • Evil Is One Big, Happy Family: Subverted as El Yayo and La Gringa hate each other, Nidia Flores hates El Pulpo, and everyone hates DJ Perico but El Sueño.
  • From Camouflage to Criminal: It is mentioned that some of Santa Blanca's sicarios are ex-military. Santa Blanca also employs ex-military types to train their sicarios, including ex-special forces from South Africa, Israel, Russia and the United States.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: While El Sueño is the undisputed leader of the Cartel, even he answers to a group of unidentified "investors" in Mexico, who in one scene are shown over the phone expressing their dissatisfaction with Nidia Flores' operations. It's implied that Santa Blanca in Bolivia is just one arm of a much larger organization.
  • Guns Akimbo: Some sicarios are armed with twin Skorpion or MAC-11 machine pistols. While inaccurate, it's the volume of fire they put out that makes them a threat.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Santa Blanca has an entire region where they've kidnapped hundreds of people with even vaguely anti-cartel opinions, murdered them, and had their bodies dissolved. This is also their policy with virtually anyone who opposes them.
  • N.G.O. Superpower: The Santa Blanca cartel controls an entire nation effectively, actively employing its military and exploiting its economy to its own ends. Subverted with the fact it folds like a deck of cards under assault from American military operatives working with the CIA and local rebels.
  • The Remnant: Fallen Ghosts, which takes place after Operation: Kingslayer, has isolated pockets of Santa Blanca still operating inside of Bolivia, though between the decimation of their infrastructure by The Ghosts and Los Extranjeros coming in the resultant power vacuum, they're a shadow of their former selves.
  • Released to Elsewhere: The Cartel doesn't hesitate to murder police or criminals publicly but prefer to "disappear" regular citizens.
  • Ruthless Foreign Gangsters: They're a Mexican rather than Bolivian cartel despite the latter existing and once having been almost as dangerous as the Columbian ones. They also have surprisingly few Bolivians in positions of authority, with only El Yayo and Madre Coca in leadership roles.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: It's the trafficking in children which ultimately turns the citizenry of Bolivia against them.
    • Publicly played straight as "Bostom" Reed believes (correctly) he'd be executed if people knew of his side business.
  • Tattooed Crook: The number of SB-affiliated characters without very prominent gang tats can be counted on one hand. Even Nidia Flores has some, which is highly unusual for a former beauty queen but shows just how deep she's in with the cartel.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: One of Santa Blanca's four divisions is entirely devoted to propaganda and public relations, and it appears to be quite successful. They go to some lengths to win the Bolivian populace's favor, like investing serious money in a refugee camp after a massive wildfire (which they were responsible for in the first place), a move that gained them a lot of favor with the common man. Doing stuff that hurts SB's polished image is a sure-fire way to a date with a hitman sent by the big boss.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Many low-ranking Santa Blanca sicarios are seen shirtless, in order to show off their Santa Blanca tattoos.
  • We Have Reserves: There are thousands of sicarios working for the gang and dozens of outposts, checkpoints, as well as bases for the organization.
  • Villain Ball: The cartel's child slavery can't bring in nearly as much as their cocaine trade yet is what helps bring the company down.
  • You Have Failed Me: The Santa Blanca cartel, and in particular its leader El Sueño, are not tolerant of the lieutenants slipping up in their duties. This is shown in one trailer, where the Ghosts steal a cocaine shipment from a Santa Blanca lieutenant nicknamed "White Hat", but don't kill him, saying he's a "dead man walking". The end of the trailer reveals that White Hat was on the receiving end of a Cold-Blooded Torture session of El Sueño himself, before he leaves two of his mooks to execute White Hat.

     El Sueño 

Rodrigo Carlos "El Sueño" Pérez Morales
The Dream
Voiced By: Saro Solis

The head of the Santa Blanca Cartel. He is a former peasant farmer who worked his way up through the Santa Blanca cartel to become its head before conquering the nation of Bolivia through narco-terrorism.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Nidia Flores calls him "mi rey"note . He calls her "mi reina"note  in return.
  • A God Am I: Despite being deeply religious, El Sueño has no problem comparing himself to Moses when he describes leading Santa Blanca into Bolivia. This while standing in a massive mausoleum he's had built for himself, which he even claims outright to be fit for a god when Sandoval tells him it's fit for a king.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Not only is he The Unfought, his (an therefore the whole game's) final mission is surprisingly easy in itself. It mostly consists of battering your way through countless hostiles to his mausoleum on a ten-minute timer, but there's a conveniently placed Humvee right next to you when said timer starts, so all you have to do is hop in and follow the plotted route without stopping or doing anything else. With a maxed-out Car Shield skill and a bit of luck, you can reach the destination without having to switch cars once and with 4-5 minutes to spare. Once you hit the door to his mausoleum, you're in the clear (at least until after the cutscene and the credits when you're dumped right back into the carnage, but that doesn't matter anymore anyway).
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Is attacked twice during the game and slaughters his opponents personally.
  • Bad Boss: El Sueño does not tolerate failure, and tends to order the executions of those that do. While this is understandable to a degree, he ends up putting hits on some of his most trusted lieutenants who only failed due to him putting them in impossible situations, as well as shown to be willing to kill people over things such as harming the quality of the cartel's cocaine by diluting it. The Ghosts use this to their advantage, since most of the HVT's they capture know what they're in for and aren't happy about it.
  • Bald of Evil: With a Skull for a Head in the back for added intimidation points.
  • Big Bad: El Sueño is Santa Blanca's Boss of Bosses, who also is the guy who personally tortured and killed Ricky Sandoval.
  • Decapitation Presentation: He presents the Ghost the head of Pac Katari dangling on a meat hook.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point: He quotes the Bible, saying "I am not my brother's keeper" when justifying ordering El Muro to execute his own brother, even saying that El Muro is going against the Bible when he refuses the order. Thing is, the quote is from Cain, the villain of the story, and is not meant to be seen as something to be emulated. This showns that El Sueño's understanding of his own faith is... skewed, to say the least.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: Unlike El Muro, who's extremely weary of making non-Mexicans into Bouchons (Bookhart being an exception due to having proved his worth as a badass), El Sueño has no problem elevating Bolivians like El Yayo or Madre Coca or even a white woman like La Gringa to Bouchon status. However, he represents a very dark twist on this trope, as Sueño is able to be so "tolerant" because he rules through fear and kills anyone who displeases him, in contrast to El Muro who seems to rule more through personal loyalty and thus feels the need to be more selective.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He's got a really deep, menacing voice.
  • Expy: He's pretty much an unmasked Bane from Batman combined, maybe, with Tony Montana. He also has some elements of Pablo Escobar in how he runs the country as well as engages in narco terrorism.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He puts considerable effort into presenting himself as "tough but fair" as well as genuinely concerned for the welfare of the people of Bolivia; however, he's involved in some seriously cruel criminal activity including child trafficking and mass murder, and is an incredibly Bad Boss.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: El Sueño means "The Dream". It's the nom-de-guerre for a giant of a man with prominent facial tattoos in charge of the biggest drug cartel in Bolivia.
  • Genius Bruiser: Self-educated and capable of killing heavily armed assassins by himself.
  • Gilded Cage: The good ending has Bowman saying that even for all the immunity he gets and having a nice mansion in Florida, he's under 24-7 house arrest, and that the moment he tries to rebuild his empire, the Ghosts will be there to take him down again.
  • Hidden Depths: Despite his intimidating appearance and incredible brutality, El Sueño is actually a very intelligent man and is even familiar with classical literature, quoting Balzac at one point.
  • Honorary Uncle: He seems to be this to Nidia Flores' daughter, as she refers to him as tio, which is Spanish for uncle, in one video. Doesn't stop him from trying to kill both Nidia and her daughter.
  • Hypocrite: He bitterly calls Nidia Flores a sell-out for choosing to make a deal with the U.S. government instead of facing death with her head held high. He then ends up making the exact same deal for himself at the end of the game.
    • He also claims that he never lies, as it is a "crime to yourself". Despite this, he blatantly lies to El Cardinal's face about the cartel's child trafficking operations, though his Exact Words are to menacingly question El Cardinal as to whether he thinks El Sueño would actually do something so unforgivable, rather than to actually deny it.
    • Talks extensively about how he's El Muro's brother and that he's his only true friend but orders him to kill La Plaga (El Muro's actual brother) for his screw ups.
    • He also promised UNIDAD that the cartel would keep its killings it a minimum (i.e. only other criminals) but it effectively depopulates a region, employs mass slave labor, and kills everyone who criticizes the cartel before dissolving their body.
      • In short, everything out of his mouth is two faced double talk.
  • Karma Houdini: No matter how badly the Ghosts destroy his empire, he's given full immunity by the Department of Justice for turning snitch on other groups he's worked with. The standard ending has this subverted with Bowman shooting him dead. Played straight during the good ending with Bowman knowing once all of his information dries up, he'll be let go in America or be transferred to a Mexican prison where he'll "escape."
  • Large and in Charge: At 7' 2" and 330 pounds, he's basically Bane with a bunch of facial tattoos, and is almost a full head taller than anyone else in the game.
  • Manipulative Bastard: All of the conversations he has with his subordinates are full of him undermining their confidence, pretending to be their friend, and framing the worst possible actions in the best possible life.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed: He bears some similarities with real-life Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar, such as using the same famous quote "plata o plomo" ("Silver or lead" in English, = "Either take the money or we will take your lives"), amassing an insane amount of wealth from his activities and performing charity projects.
  • No Honor Among Thieves: Treats his subordinates who turn on him with disgust but is quick to make the same sort of deal.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: El Sueño does not like killing random civilians as a form of retaliation. Not because he's morally opposed to it, mind, but because it makes Santa Blanca look bad. He orders La Plaga's execution for this reason. (In San Mateo you learn that Sueño has ordered his fair share of mass murder of civilians... the difference is, unlike La Plaga, he did it covertly rather than broadcast it to the world, and did it to remove dissidents rather than to try to intimidate the populace at large.) He also doesn't tolerate any shortcuts that compromise the high quality of Santa Blanca's cocaine, as he's spent years building up Santa Blanca's brand as "a primo product for a primo price."
    • Thoroughly averted when it comes to dealing with his subordinates as his We Have Reserves and You Have Failed Me tendencies quickly cause a serious manpower drain. If he was willing to show an ounce of mercy then he probably could have salvaged most of the operations which the Ghosts wrecked.
  • Religion of Evil: Whatever your opinion of Santa Muerte worship in real life, his version is a murder cult which he believes makes him rich and powerful in exchange for the victims he gives her.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: This hulking mountain of tattooed muscle is almost never seen wearing anything other than a crisp suit, albeit with some concessions to his profession.
  • Skull for a Head: The back of his head is tattooed into a skull face.
  • Smug Snake: His plan for immunity goes terribly wrong in the Bad Ending as he underestimates just how far Karen Bowman will go to remove him from power.
    • Even in the Good Ending, he seems awfully confident for a man who just lost his entire organization.
  • Villainous Demotivator: El Sueño's entire management strategy basically boils down to "beatings will continue until morale improves." If his subordinates don't produce the results he wants, he just threatens to kill them and their families if they continue to fail. This bites him in the ass multiple times, as it pushes his bouchons into taking stupid risks that end up getting them killed, or pushes them into a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal against him.
  • Villains Never Lie: He takes pride in the fact he never lies, describing it as "a crime against yourself" while all his other crimes are merely crimes against humanity. However, he apparently doesn't count having others lie for him as "lying". He also uses Exact Words and leaves out details enough that his claim is more or less just B.S.
  • Visionary Villain: He does not want Santa Blanca to merely be a powerful cartel, he wants Santa Blanca to turn Bolivia into a narco-state with Santa Blanca as its shadow government, a goal he's well on his way to accomplishing when the Ghosts show up. He literally believes Santa Muerte told him to do it, too.
  • The Unfought: When you finally confront him face-to-face at the end of the game, it turns out he's already made a deal for full immunity with the U.S. government, much to the frustration of Agent Bowman and the Ghosts. Depending on how much of the game is completed, Karen either shoots El Sueño in the back of the head (and summarily gets tossed in jail herself for "murder"), or takes El Sueño in alive, who is given a Florida penthouse and "helps" the United States by ratting out countless crime organizations and terrorist cells (i.e. getting the US government to shut down his rivals in the drug trade for him).
    El Sueño: You may want to answer your phone, Officer Bowman.
  • We Have Reserves: Treats everyone in his organization as expendable and easily replaced. It's not that he can't do it but that he can't do it quickly and the cartel collapses due to the fact it is done in a manner that leaves him without his usual resources.
  • Vow of Celibacy: El Sueño has taken one of these, being a deeply religious man. However, comments made from him over the course of the game strongly imply that he loves Nidia Flores in a romantic sense.


Smuggling division

    Nidia Flores 

Nidia Flores
The Beauty Queen
Voiced By: Roxanna Ortega

The Santa Blanca cartel's head of Smuggling and nicknamed "La Reina de Belleza" or "the Beauty Queen", her looks hide both immense intelligence and unadulterated violence.

  • Affectionate Nickname: El Sueño calls her "mi reina"note . She calls him "mi rey"note  in return.
  • Blatant Lies: The people they send oversees for education are not being used as drug mules. Mind you, DJ Perico kind of dropped that one on her.
  • The Dragon/Co-Dragons: Of the Cartel's four sub-leaders, she and El Muro are the ones closest to El Sueño and the ones with the most authority and respect within the Cartel. El Sueño even credits her leadership with bringing Santa Blanca to prosperity and dominance back when the group was just one of the lesser of Mexico's narco gangs on the losing end of the country's drug wars.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: Has a thing for tight, revealing black leather outfits.
  • Karma Houdini: Is one of the few cartel members to get complete immunity.
  • Mama Bear: She's very protective of her daughter, understandable considering the kind of life they're in. She specifically tells the Ghosts when they rescue her that while they can do whatever they want to her, they better not lay a finger on her daughter. This said to the four guys who just destroyed a small army of sicarios gunning for her.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Ends up turning snitch on the Cartel after El Sueño puts a hit out on her for failing him for the last time. However, her initial plan was to escape on her own and she only very reluctantly ends up helping the Ghosts after they capture her and make it clear El Sueño won't stop hunting her until she and her daughter are both dead.
  • Ms. Fanservice: A very attractive woman with a penchant for revealing, tight black leather outfits, it's no surprise she's basically become the game's Thumbnail.gif. Justified in-game as she's a former beauty queen whose fame and exceptional physical attractiveness is how she got involved with the Cartel in the first place and also aides in her role leading the Cartel's international trafficking.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Strongly resembles Claudia Ochoa Felix, an alleged hit squad leader for the Sinoloas who went viral for her Kim Kardashian-like looks and social media photos, and has kids and a husband allegedly in the business.note  Felix claims she's not really connected with the cartel.
    • Also has some resemblance to Sandra Alvia Beltrane (aka the Queen of the Pacific) and another famous female cartel head who had lost loved ones to the violence.
  • Rich Bitch: How she was called by her own mother ("mandona") and many others because she refused to be disrespected.
  • Self-Made Woman: How she sees herself.
  • Straw Feminist: Her radio broadcasts have an element of this as she basically encourages women to be bossy and rude because, otherwise, men will never take them seriously. A Downplayed Trope as it's not exactly wrong, especially for her line of work, and is mostly how others treat her.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Is the most respected woman in Bolivia....or else.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: A thoroughly justified use of the trope as she's completely aware the only reason she needs rescuing by the Ghosts is because they're the ones who arranged for the destruction of her reputation as well as business.
  • Unholy Matrimony: She isn't married to El Boquita but he is as devoted to her as any husband.

    El Boquita 

Rolando "El Boquita" Villa
The Little Mouth
Voiced By:Jonny Cruz

The Smuggling division's underboss, "The Little Mouth" started trafficking since he was a child. Got smitten by Nidia Flores and, after a night of drunken sex, had a daughter with her.

  • Anticlimax Boss: Despite his status as Nidia's Underboss, El Boquita has neither boss-level health or a unique weapon.
  • Bumbling Dad: Is goofy and sweet to his daughter, which makes the fact you have to kill him all the more unpleasant.
  • The Brute: Is basically Nidia's henchman and loyal hanger-on.
  • Off with His Head!: Nidia finds Boquita alive, but kills him and saws his head off to present to El Sueño as a means of saving face, and herself. It does not work.
  • Not Quite Dead: After you assassinate him (and you can even walk up to and play around with the body), a cutscene at the end of the mission shows he somehow survived, though riddled with bullets and mortally wounded, long enough to return to Nidia where she cuts off his head to give to El Sueño in hopes it would be enough to save herself.
  • Only Sane Man: Is probably right in thinking the best thing to do when things go south is escape with what money they have rather than try to work things out with the cartel.
  • Unrequited Love: Nidia has affection for him, at best, but not enough that she won't kill him herself.
  • Unwanted Spouse: Seems he was initially this. El Boquita is way below Nidia Flores' league, in fact he was previously just one of her more talented minions. She only married him because he ended up getting her pregnant during a one-time, one-night evening of pity sex. However, in the several years the two of them spent living together raising their daughter, it seems Nidia did come to care for the guy, considering she seems genuinely grieving after she's forced to kill him in an unsuccessful attempt to assuage El Sueño's wrath by giving him El Boquita's head instead after the two of them fail El Sueño for the last time.


Other Buchons

    El Cerebro 

El Cerebro
The Brain
Voiced By:Octavio D'León (decoy)

El Cerebro was a reclusive genius in a university in California. Nidia Flores discovered his talents, and hired him as designer and manager of the cartel's fleet of drug-smuggling submarines.

  • Ambiguous Disorder: After he's captured, he begins casually speaking to the Ghosts with extreme detachment regarding his situation without any fear or concern for his safety, and starts going over his future plans out loud. When Bowman gets a hold of him, he goes on a long, rambling diatribe about the immortality of the rocks and whether or not rabbits concern themselves with the name of God. Bowman actually has to ask if he understands the situation he's in. Of course, considering it's not actually El Cerebro, but a decoy meant to keep the Ghosts busy while he fled Bolivia, it's possible the real El Cerebro doesn't have the same mental disorder, although background conversation between his sicarios seems to indicate he actually does.
  • Child Prodigy: Graduated high school at the age of 13, went on to graduate from college and join the Cartel not long after.
  • Decoy Getaway: Turns out, the guy you capture isn't El Cerebro, but the head of his submersible research. The real El Cerebro went into hiding long before you got to his decoy and escaped.
  • Evil Genius: How he's described by his dossier.
  • The Ghost: We never actually encounter him in the game.
  • Karma Houdini: Gets away scott free.
  • Properly Paranoid: Makes a break for it with a decoy left behind as soon as he even gets a whiff of the Ghosts.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: While using his lead designer to act as a decoy, El Cerebro completely fled Bolivia before the Ghosts could shut down his operation.

    Boston Reed 

Boyer "Boston" Reed
The Air Smuggler
Voiced By: Mark Holden

Contrary to his nickname, Boyer Reed actually comes from Lexington, Massachusetts. He started adventuring after college, and soon after met El Boquita. "Boston" Reed since then became head of the pilots who make sure the drugs get flown around the world.

  • Ace Pilot: It's why Santa Blanca hired him. When you finally track him down to assassinate him, he even shows up in an attack helicopter to fight you. You can easily shoot him down without him getting off a single shot in return.
  • Cool Shades: Defeating him unlocks his Aviator Sunglasses for the player character. However, he's never actually seen wearing them since his one personal encounter with the Ghosts happens while he's piloting a helicopter that's promptly shot down.
  • Lovable Rogue: Deconstructed. While he might initially seem like a daring, Byronic antihero like Barry Seal, you quickly learn that Reed is also a large-scale human trafficker. Prostitution, slave labor, organ-trafficking, he and his partners don't care at all. They'll kidnap entire villages of Bolivians and traffic them like cattle without batting an eyelid. He may be a dashing an All-American Boy, but he's still an amoral criminal who has zero appreciation of human life.
  • Properly Paranoid: He only ever shows up for big deals or if an emergency is happening. His use of code names infuriates Nidia. Turns out his paranoia is actually pretty sensible, compared to the rest of Santa Blanca who openly brag about their criminal deeds on public radio.
  • Named After Someone Famous: Shares a nickname with George Jung, a famous cocaine smuggler and subject of the film Blow.
  • Only Sane Man: Seems to be the only cartel member who objects to being publicly outed as one on the radio. Mind you, he publicly threatens to murder DJ Perico for saying so too.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: As if smuggling drugs for Santa Blanca wasn't enough, Reed also runs his own human trafficking ring on the side, something that not even Sueño and Nidia know about. It's this side-operation that helps the Ghosts track him down, since his partners don't even have Sueño's protection. You're also given the chance to kill one of his slaver cohorts (who talks matter-of-factly about selling people into slavery and harvesting them for their organs), and unlike other unarmed surrendering enemies the game doesn't penalize you for executing him.

    El Pulpo 

Octavio "El Pulpo" Allende
The Octopus
Voiced By:

The chief accountant for Santa Blanca. He makes sure the cartel's money is clean.

  • Enemy Civil War: There was already plenty of bad blood between him and Nidia, but the Ghosts make sure it explodes into outright conflict.
  • Do Wrong, Right: Aside from suspecting Nidia Flores of outright stealing from El Sueno, he constantly bemoans how simplistic and archaic her accounts are. At one point he suggests they just stop laundering in Bolivia completely, and do it next door in Paraguay.
  • Escort Mission: The final mission in his quest chain involves following him to the airport and protecting him from sicario hit squads sent by Nidia Flores. It's a particularly tough mission because you're supposed to be protecting him incognito, so instead of having any control over his movements you have to rely on his A.I. to dodge the hit squads while you follow him.
  • False Flag Operation: The Ghosts pit him and Nidia against each other by making them look like they're stealing from each other.
  • Karma Houdini: The last we see of him, he's flying off back to Mexico. The Ghosts essentially pass up the chance to capture/kill him so he can damage Nidia's reputation.
  • Nice Hat: Wears one. Defeating him adds it to your character customization options.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Once they've driven a wedge between him and Nidia, the Ghosts have to make sure he survives hit squads so he can get out of Bolivia and back to Mexico.

    El Gato 

Ricardo "El Gato" Godinez del Toro
The Cat
Voiced By:Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

One of the smuggling buchons, Ricardo Godinez del Toro is known for cheating death many times, earning him the nickname "El Gato", alluding to the belief that a cat has nine lives.

  • Body Double: The Ghosts kill one of these on the first assassination attempt. Noticeably, the body double doesn't have boss-level enhanced health, while the real El Gato does.
  • Gag Haircut: Nigh-unkillable SBC buchon or not, that is one seriously gnarly receding hairline, dude.
  • Hand Cannon: His custom weapon is a gold-plated .50 cal Desert Eagle with Incan engravings. His body double even carries an identical copy. It's even named "la Novena" (the Nine), again in reference to the "nine lives" trope.
  • Kill the Ones You Love: His surgeon father had a narco boss who died on the operating room table. Rather than have his father die of a long torture session, he killed him quickly.
  • Made of Iron: He's been shot, stabbed, blown up, garroted, drowned, poisoned and still came back. Not so much when the Ghosts catch up to him.

    Antonio Garcia-Taylor 

Antonio Garcia-Taylor
The Stockpiler
Voiced By:

The buchon in charge of managing Santa Blanca's cocaine stockpiles until they can be transported out of Bolivia. Antonio has become addicted to the coke he's supposed to be guarding, which has made him reactionary and paranoid.

  • Domestic Abuse: He's known for hitting his wife, even right in front of other people.
  • "Get Back Here!" Boss: When the Ghosts finally find a lead on him, he's driving around the province in his super sports car and must be brought to a non-lethal stop before he can be captured. Depending on how well you do in waylaying him, this mission can rapidly devolve into a hectic car chase, and woe betide you if you don't have a very fast car on hand if he spots you too soon.
  • Getting High on Their Own Supply: Antonio has been stealing coke from the stockpiles for a while.
  • Hair of the Dog: Bowman interrogates him by forcing him at gunpoint to do lines of coke until he either overdoses and dies or gives up information on Nidia's operation. Eventually his body can't handle it anymore and he cracks.
  • He-Man Woman Hater: Really has a problem with women. At least currently; his wife says that before he developed a raging coke habit, he wrote her letters and was much more even-tempered. Now he is 'depopulating villages just to sate his demented urge to torture and murder women.
  • Odd Name Out: Most of the Cartel's buchons have colorful and intimidating nicknames, while Antonio is just known as... Antonio.
  • The Paranoiac: His defining character trait thanks to his massive cocaine consumption. Almost the entirety of Bowman's briefing vid on him is dedicated to the ludicrous extremes his paranoia has grown to over the years.
  • Would Hit a Girl: No Santa Blanca goon is averse to this, but he's the one most heavily associated with violence against women in particular. Aside from the Domestic Abuse mentioned above, he's also responsible for the kidnapping, torture, murder and enslavement of whole villages' worth of women from all over Bolivia.

    La Cabra 

Dolores "La Cabra" Serrano de Perez

Voiced By:

One of the smuggling buchons and a close childhood friend of Nidia Flores, "la Cabra" (the Goat) manages Santa Blanca's ties to Peru's druglords. Appears in the DLC mission "The Peruvian Connection".

  • Bonus Boss: She is one of the two in the game, along with El Commandante.
  • Duel Wielding: She waves a pair of pistols in the air when threatening the Peruvian cartel emissary. In actual gameplay she fights with only one pistol, though.
  • Nepotism: She is the close childhood friend of Nidia Flores.

Influence Division

    El Cardenal 

Gustavo "El Cardenal" Serrano
The Cardinal
Voiced By:

The Santa Blanca cartel's head of Influence and the Cardinal was a priest, excommunicated from the Church for blasphemy - spreading the word of Santa Muerte. El Sueño took him in, and he continues his preaching to this day.

  • Affably Evil: While he's the head of Santa Blanca's influence and propaganda, he still has strong moral and religious convictions. He tells La Santera that under no uncertain terms will he tolerate her cult's practice of human sacrifice, for instance, as it warps the worship of Santa Muerte. He also strongly objects to the Cartel kidnapping and selling children, though he still backs down when El Sueño threatens to kill him.
  • Anti-Villain: He's only supporting Santa Blanca because of how they donate a large amount of their money to charities, and he is also the most moral of Santa Blanca's leaders: while every other SB leader had personally engaged in criminal activities and murders, El Cardenal's worst criminal activity was helping to launder Santa Blanca's money and he "confesses his sins" with little provocation from Bowman - in contrast, El Yayo and Nidia Flores both demand conditions from Bowman before they testify, and El Muro refuses to say a word about El Sueño, even if it's because he wanted to kill Sueño himself.
  • Engineered Public Confession: Played with, as the Ghosts don't use El Cardenal's words against him, they use Ramon Feliz's video of El Sueño's child trafficking ring, which El Cardenal was trying to claim was a hoax. This evidence turned the people against El Cardenal, and allowed the Ghosts to arrest him in the ensuing chaos.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: As stated above, he is disgusted by the practice of human sacrifice as well as Santa Blanca's child trafficking.
    • Played for laughs in the fact that he is okay with a massive drug cartel but is DISGUSTED by the Dirty Communists in the country.
  • The Heretic: An actual unambiguous example as he's warped Christian doctrine to worship Santa Muerte as an actual god. Ironically, he believes she's a positive force for good while virtually all of his followers have turned it into a Religion of Evil.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Actually seems to think cocaine trafficking is a legitimate business and El Sueño is a man of the people.
  • Moral Myopia: More like willful blindness to the evils of Santa Blanca.
  • Religion of Evil: Averted. He teaches Santa Muerte as a force for good and self-achievement.
  • Sinister Minister: He dresses in the robes and vestments of a Catholic cardinal, despite the fact that he's been excommunicated and extols the virtues of Santa Muerte, whose worship the Catholic church has historically frowned upon. He also acts as El Sueño's spiritual adviser.
  • Take That!: One Kingslayer audio file is all about one of his priests asking him for advice on how to convince more people to join their congregation. El Cardenal admonishes him for the mere suggestion of going on a proselytization spree because they're not Mormons and don't hand out brochures like The Watchtower. He wants to win new followers by performing miracles and providing actual support to the people.
  • Totalitarian Utilitarian: A Downplayed Trope example as he thinks cocaine trafficking is a good way to end poverty in Bolivia.
  • Villainous Friendship: Is El Sueño's spiritual advisor—ironically, actually trying to get El Sueño to be a good and upstanding man.

    Ramon Feliz 

Ramon Feliz
The Narco Blogger
Voiced By:

The Influence division's underboss and A former journalist who reported against Santa Blanca. El Sueño "pressured" him into blogging good things about the Cartel. While he seems subservient to his new overlords, Ramon still has a few cards up his sleeve...

  • Anti-Villain: Even moreso than El Cardenal, as he knows the Santa Blanca are evil, and openly railed against them in both the official newspapers, and then an underground blog. However, after El Sueño tracked Ramon down and tortured him, he's basically been forced to tell pro-Santa Blanca stories under pain of death.
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil: Played with - he started to make pro-Santa Blanca stories after El Sueño tortured him, but Ramon still personally hates them, and hates being forced to publish "their truth" even more, to the point he was almost Driven to Suicide until given some last-minute info about SB's child-trafficking ring, and the second he got it, he quickly tried to publish it - unfortunately, the Cartel butchered him before he could publish his findings, leaving it up to the Ghosts to find his work and reveal it for him.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Tortured, murdered and strung up on the wall of his apartment.
  • Driven to Suicide: Very nearly, until he got some last-minute info about SB's child-trafficking ring. Considering what happened after, he probably should have went through with it.
  • Intrepid Reporter: He used to be one, starting out as one of Santa Blanca's most vocal opponents. Then he was forced to write propaganda for the cartel after El Sueño tortured him into working for him.
  • The Unfought: The Ghosts find him dead, strung up on a wall after he attempted to betray Santa Blanca to break the story on their child smuggling ring.

Other Buchons

    DJ Perico 

Marco "DJ Perico" Garcia
The Parrot
Voiced By:Jorge Diaz

Host of Radio Santa Blanca. A Latino-American rapper that wanted to make his own stand in the music scene, Perico eventually joined the Cartel as a Sicario, where his "talents" - rather the lack of it - was noted by El Sueño.

  • Conspiracy Theorist: One of his broadcasts questions if Santa Blanca was really behind the bombing of the US Embassy that set the campaign into motion. Later it turns out he's right. Sandoval bombed the Embassy himself and blamed Santa Blanca for it.
  • Dumbass DJ: The host and DJ of Radio Santa Blanca. He's also very annoying and very stupid.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: When he was a sicario in the early days of the Santa Blanca Cartel, he very quickly managed to piss off just about everyone through his annoying personality and total incompetence. The only reason he didn't end up killed was because El Sueño thought he was funny and took a liking to him.
  • Hypocrite: One of his PSA's to his sicario listeners is on the importance of gun safety, in spite of the below-listed incident involving the assault rifle version of a shotgun bong.
  • I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: He once tried to turn an AR-15 into an improvised bong, which ended up going off and killing his former bodyguard's dog.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: When Perico was originally given a job as a sicario, he was tasked with shooting two men in a truck. Despite shooting in the windows, Perico somehow completely missed BOTH of his targets while killing their dog instead, a fuckup that even left Bowman utterly exasperated with Perico's incompetence.
  • Is This Thing Still On?: As one Op:Kingslayer file reveals, he cussed out several Santa Blanca buchons, including El Sueño himself, while still live on the air when one of his engineers accidentally left his mic on after his show. The file ends with him receiving a very ominous phone call from El Sueño.
  • Karma Houdini: Apart from being threatened and interrogated for his station's encryption key, he suffers no real comeuppance from the Ghosts and is allowed to continue broadcasting.
    • The difference being he now has to broadcast statements made by Pac Katari on behalf of the rebels. Comments made by NPC's indicate that Perico is now a laughingstock because of this.
  • Kicked Upstairs: El Sueño understood Perico didn't know how to shoot a gun, but knew how to shoot his mouth, and so "promoted" him to being the host and DJ of Radio Santa Blanca, so he could spread the word of the cartel on pirate radio.
  • Meaningful Name: "Perico" is Spanish for "Parakeet" or "Parrot", it's also a slang term for cocaine. Appropriate, given the subject matter of his broadcasts and his ceaseless chattering on them.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Let's put it this way: most of the buchon's respond with anger or fear at being captured, and threaten and plead with the Ghosts when confronted. Perico's response? Chide the Ghosts for harming him because he's famous.
  • You Will Be Spared: El Sueño lets him off the hook for his screw-ups a surprising number of times, which is quite notable considering how ruthlessly Sueño enforces You Have Failed Me with his other subordinates.

    La Santera 

Maria "La Santera" del Rocio Mendez
The Saintmaker
Voiced By:

Maria del Rocio Mendez is head of the cartel's Santa Muerte cult, author of Santa Muerte's version of the Bible, as well as the buchon in charge of Santa Blanca's gold mining operations. Nicknamed the "Saintmaker".

  • Bad Habits: She dresses like a nun, with the only standout difference from the standard vestments being a wreath of brightly-colored flowers on her head.
  • Human Sacrifice: Practices it, much to the offense of her boss El Cardenal.
  • Religion of Evil: Her version of Santa Muerte worship, which includes among other things human sacrifice rituals. Her sicarios are also described as being fanatically devoted to her.
  • You Have Failed Me: Thanks to the Ghosts' efforts in sabotaging her gold mining operations, El Sueño has her captured and slated for execution, which the Ghosts rescue her from.


Javier Coronel "Carzita" Vallardo
The Playboy
Voiced By:Michael Robles

An international playboy who makes sure celebrities and politicians not only party with the cartel, but generously donate.

  • Antivillain: Carzita isn't anywhere near the worst of Santa Blanca's lieutenants and mostly is just a party-host and resort manager.
  • BFG: Carzita is a complete and utter Non-Action Guy, yet his personal weapon is Llamativo, a blinged-out, heavily upgraded Mk249 machine gun, which is one of the most powerful guns in the game. While the base model can be made slightly more powerful overall, unlocking it and all its top-tier upgrades is one hell of a lot more difficult than taking Carzita out of the picture, especially since his personal mission isn't even the last and most difficult in his province.
  • Hookers and Blow: Pretty much the way he provides Santa Blanca with an endless number of political friends.
  • Karma Houdini: The Ghosts talk about how even though he's screwed with the cartel, he'll pop back up doing the same thing for another group.
    • You Have Failed Me: Then again, the montage after El Cardenal is brought down shows Carzita face down on the ground as though dead, and given El Sueño's policy on failure it's likely that Sueño had him executed both for his colossal fuck-up in Agua Verde and for no longer being useful to his operation.
  • Upper-Class Twit: Carzita is the high-living socialite son of a Mexican telecom mogul. Bowman even describes him as a "meppie"; a Mexican preppie (or a "prep-sican", if you prefer).

    El Chido 

Marcelo "El Chido" Rios
The Cool Guy
An extremely popular (and supposedly cool, thus "el Chido") Narcocorrido singer on Santa Blanca's payroll.
  • Anti-Villain: El Chido is just a singer and correctly points out that nothing he's done is illegal. He's not even ideologically loyal to Santa Blanca, and just likes to sing and give his audience a good time. Unfortunately for him, the CIA still have full sanction to "disappear" him, so he folds really fast to make a deal with them and save his ass.
  • The Casanova: Even Bowman finds him incredibly sexy.
  • Cool Car: One of the missions in his province consists of stealing his heavily guarded muscle car in order to damage his macho rep. Even the Ghosts think the ride is awesome.
  • Dirty Coward: He tries to make a run for it if he's alerted during his final mission, but given that he's a civilian without any combat training, this reaction is pretty justified.
  • Gangsta Rap: Although his music is guitar based, during the briefing video about him Bowman compares narcocorridos to gangsta rap.
  • "The Hero Sucks" Song: You can find a song that has him singing about the Ghosts.
  • Villain Song: He composes songs that are ballads for the buchons of the cartel.

Production Division

    El Yayo 

Rudolfo "El Yayo" Yana
The Grandfather
Voiced By: Jason Hightower
The Santa Blanca cartel's head of Production and a Bolivian master coca planter, El Yayo knows what types of coca to plant to produce quality cocaine.
  • Antivillain: Is a cocaine producer, true, but really just wanted to produce coca leaves according to his belief system.
  • Create Your Own Villain: According to El Sueño, El Yayo only grew coca as part of Bolivia's ancient native heritage, and never actually processed it into cocaine until the American-backed "Dignity Project" resulted in the destruction of most of the coca fields, forcing El Yayo to turn to cocaine production to preserve his livelihood.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He is fiercely defensive of his family, and he's working for the Santa Blanca to ensure they will be protected. He even has one of his grandsons working as a buchon under his command. However, this quickly turns to haunt El Yayo as his grandson is Driven to Suicide over shaming his grandfather after the Ghosts dismantle his operation, and two other members of El Yayo's family are taken hostage by the Santa Blanca to force him to continue working as the production branch keeps getting dismantled.
  • Evil Old Folks: One of the oldest members of the Santa Blanca cartel, Yayo is an old-school cocalero who is considered a master coca grower and cocaine producer.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Once the Ghosts sufficiently disrupts the cartel's operations, El Sueño will force El Yayo to drastically increase cocaine production to make up for the financial losses caused by the Ghosts. In order to do this, El Yayo is forced to rush production and cut his cocaine with filler; unfortunately, El Sueño considers selling an inferior product to be damaging to Santa Blanca's brand reputation, and puts out a hit on El Yayo, which persuades El Yayo to make a deal with the Ghosts for protection.
  • Pet the Dog: Despite despising each other as outdated/uppity, El Yayo visibly comforts a traumatized El Gringa after El Sueno murders a man in front of them.
  • Puppet King: El Yayo only has nominal authority over his Santa Blanca subordinates; a collectible audio log showing a conversation between him and his own bouchon El Wey shows that El Yayo has no actual control over El Wey or his sicarios.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: The Ghosts consider El Yayo and his family to be this, as they continue to be quite vitriolic towards the Americans even after the Ghosts save them from Santa Blanca. However, if you're familiar with the very shady history of American CIA intervention in Bolivia in the 90's, not to mention that the Ghost's actions directly led to El Yayo's grandson El Emisario's suicide, their anger towards the Yanquis is actually pretty understandable.

    La Gringa 

Katrine "La Gringa" Svensden
The White Woman
Voiced By:Helene Maksoud

The Production division's underboss and a well-known medical prodigy who joined a charity aid in Bolivia, now stuck in a limbo due to the charity organisation being involved in a government funding scandal. El Sueño bribed her into producing cocaine for him, promising higher pay.

  • Anti-Villain: Even more so than El Chido. Everything she did in service to Santa Blanca, she did to survive after she was left stranded in a foreign country with no job, no way home, her reputation in tatters, and finally being given an offer she couldn't refuse by El Sueño. Just about every Kingslayer file about her and every cutscene she appears in makes it clear how little she wants to be part of the cartel and its business. She also secretly patches up wounded civilians and even rebels, and she never displays any jerkass behavior, either.
  • Break the Cutie: She started off as a woman with a bright future in medicine, working for charity and loved by the people of Bolivia. Then her charity organization was exposed as a CIA scam, her colleagues lost all respect for her, and she found herself stuck in Bolivia with nowhere to go and with very few prospects.
  • Broken Pedestal: Once people discovered that the NGO La Gringa was a part of was actually a front for the CIA, it utterly destroyed her reputation, both to the people she used to help and her colleagues.
  • Create Your Own Villain: Svensden's fall from grace and her eventual transformation into La Gringa is solely the CIA's fault. It was their front company that annihilated her reputation when it blew up and left her with no choice but to accept El Sueño's offer to work for him. It also makes Bowman's contemptuous treatment of her all the worse.
  • Damsel in Distress: Her final mission is a fairly complex one and revolves around saving her life in several ways. First she must be extracted from her house while it's under siege by a small army of sicarios. When she's found in the basement, she's already taken a bullet to the shoulder and is slowly bleeding out, forcing the Ghosts to rush her to a nearby rebel doctor within a set time limit. While the doctor is patching her up, more sicarios attack the clinic in an effort to kill her, turning the mission into a Hold the Line scenario. Finally, when she's fit for transportation again, the Ghosts extract her and hand her over to Bowman who performs even more emergency surgery on her, accompanied by an awful amount of gloating (see below) while the poor woman screams and whimpers in agony.
  • Hot Scientist: A smoking-hot blonde with a Mensa-level IQ who fills out a lab coat like nobody's business. Sadly, there's a huge difference between her gorgeous cutscene looks and her actual in-game model.
  • Reformed, but Rejected: Even after her secret involvement with the rebels is revealed, Bowman has no sympathy for her and even gloats to her about how much Prison Rape she has to look forward to.

Other Buchons

    El Emisario 

Gonzalo "El Emisario" Yana
The Emissary
One of Santa Blanca's production buchons, and the grandson of Production head El Yayo. "The Emissary" greatly respects and admires his grandfather and doesn't want to disappoint him.
  • Antivillain: Averted. We see just how far Gonzalo is willing to go when he attacks a hospital to turn it into a drug lab.
  • Driven to Suicide: After the Ghosts continually disrupt the production labs in his charge, he hangs himself out of shame for letting El Yayo down, while taking the blame for the loss of the labs.
  • Kick the Dog: His aforementioned attack on a hospital.
  • Nepotism: Is more or less stated to not know the first thing about cocaine production but is very good at convincing people to buy it. Despite that, he is in charge of the production section under his grandfather.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: El Emisario kills himself and writes a note to El Sueño taking full responsibility for the loss of the production labs, in the hopes that Sueño won't blame El Yayo. Unfortunately, all Sueño cares about is the production numbers for his cocaine, and blames El Yayo regardless for any drop in production.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Gonzalo desperately wants his grandfather's approval, to the point of doing everything for him.

    Madre Coca 

Ruperta "Madre Coca" Faro
The Cocoa Farmer
Head of the coca harvesting operation in Tabacal. An elderly woman with a reputation for violence and ruthlessness.
  • 0% Approval Rating: Nobody likes Madre Coca. When the Ghosts arrive, the cocaleros under her rule are on the verge of open revolt, and even the other cartel members seem to have an intense dislike of her. When the Production part of the cartel is taken down, Madre Coca is shown being dragged through the streets, Mussolini-style.
  • Evil Old Folks: Possibly the worst person in the cartel after El Sueño.
  • Irony: Her son died due to a cocaine overdose after a long-time addiction. Her way of coping was to become a cocaine producer herself, eventually becoming the head of the Santa Blanca cartel's coca harvesting operation.
  • Never Mess with Granny: While she's advanced in age, Madre Coca is anything but a doting old woman, and has a well-earned reputation as a ruthless cartel buchon. This is reflected in her weapon of choice: a personalized PKP Pecheneg medium machine gun. Her response when a U.S Special Forces team abducts her favorite lieutenant? Personally lead an ambush against them under the guise of a deal.
  • Replacement Goldfish: She's come to dote on her favored lieutenant, Salazar, because he reminds her of her deceased son.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: Uses forced labor and horrific working conditions despite the fact the cartel rakes in billions.

    Marcus Jensen 

Marcus Jensen
The Assistant Chemist
A skilled American chemist headhunted by La Gringa straight out of university, he oversees Santa Blanca's coca production and trains the Cartel's members in the art of making cocaine.
  • Black and Nerdy: He was a dean's list chemistry major and trains Santa Blanca's "students" as if he were a university professor, complete with classroom labs and graded test papers.
  • Bullying a Dragon: After he's captured by the Ghosts, he tries to worm his way out of it with both the letter of the law ("I'm here on a legitimate work visa and you don't even have legal jurisdiction here!") and an arrogant rant about choices and "personal liberty". Bowman turns it back on him by pointing out that, since the Ghosts are operating completely outside the law, they aren't bound by the letter of it and will exercise their "personal liberty" to blow Jensen's brains out and bury his body in a ditch if he doesn't cooperate. Jensen folds quickly.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Wears a pair of Nerd Glasses and is an unrepentantly greedy sociopath.
  • Greed: Just about everything Jensen does is motivated by the promise of financial gain. It's why he went into chemistry and why he joined the cartel. When he refuses to tell the Ghosts the details of his cocaine production methods, it isn't out of loyalty or fear of the cartel, but because it's "proprietary information." As mentioned above, he doesn't hold onto this for long once Bowman informs him he can either reveal the info or be shot and buried in a shallow grave.
  • Jerk Justifications: Tries to rationalize knowingly helping a powerful drug cartel ramp up it's cocaine production by saying that "If it's not me, it's just gonna be someone else. So it might as well be me, right?" and "I didn't force anyone to take the drugs. People make their own choices, so it's their fault the cartel is so powerful." The Ghosts are less than impressed with his flimsy excuses.

    El Wey 

Pedro "El Wey" Gil
The Wey
The Gil family is a lineage of pyrolusite miners. Pedro has greater ambitions - to improve pyrolusite production so that he can create the best quality cocaine ever. As well as make money out of it. Things got explosive in between, and El Wey is stuck with a disfigured face.
  • Affably Evil: Despite his intimidating looks, he's described as an affable guy. Ricky Sandoval, when he met him, even remarked that his can-do attitude and friendly mannerisms might have made his post-accident life good for an inspirational story, were it not for the fact that he's a murderous cartel thug. When the Ghosts capture him, he's rather even-tempered about the whole thing, and even regards the Ghosts as professionals and states his respect.
  • Berserk Button: Don't ever talk about his face. It's heavily implied in a Kingslayer file that he kidnapped and massacred an entire film crew who made a monster movie based on his appearance.
  • Calling Card: He uses shotgun shells with melted-down Mexican pesos in the place of shot. It's later used by the Ghosts to frame him for the murder of a UNIDAD officer.
  • Facial Horror: The left side of his face was burned in a lab accident.
  • Worthy Opponent: He's pleased to learn that the men sent after him are professionals, and seems to hold the Ghosts in high regard.

    White Hat 

White Hat

A production buchon of the Cartel. The Ghosts were tasked with dealing with him in the announcement trailer.

Security Division

    El Muro 

Francisco "El Muro" Munguia
The Wall
The Santa Blanca cartel's head of Security, and a childhood friend of El Sueño.
  • The Dragon/Co-Dragons: El Muro has been best friends with El Sueño since childhood, and as the head of Santa Blanca's Security division a decent portion of the Cartel's sicarios are personally loyal to him instead of El Sueño. This helps create a rift when El Muro turns against El Sueño.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: He thinks he's going to kill El Sueño and the Ghosts both, even after being captured.
  • Defiant to the End: Calls Bowman a whore and says he'll kill them and the Ghosts despite the fact they managed to capture him in the middle of an armed military base.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He's very protective of his little brother, La Plaga. He betrays El Sueño to protect his brother from his wrath, and when La Plaga is killed (unbeknownst to him by the Ghosts), he turns on Sueño to avenge his death.
  • General Failure: Should be the man taking out the Ghosts but he's too caught up in his family issues (which start from the very first mission) to do much work against them. Indeed, he's actively rebelling against El Sueño soon after.
  • From Camouflage to Criminal: He's a former member of the Mexican Army's special forces, and it's heavily implied that he was working for the country's narco-bosses pretty much from the beginning.
  • Honor Before Reason: Despite wanting to kill El Sueño, he refuses to rat on him out of revenge or even for his own sake, as being a snitch would make him less of a man, even against the man who killed his brother.
  • Irony: La Plaga was killed by the Ghosts rather than El Sueño but they, obviously, never tell him and El Sueño doesn't bother to correct him.
  • Misblamed: El Muro blames El Sueño for La Plaga's death.
  • Names to Run Away From: "The Wall" can fire a gun and fuck your day up if you as much as rub him the wrong way.
  • Only One Allowed To Kill You: Holds this attitude towards El Sueño after their falling out.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After La Plaga is killed, he attempts to kill El Sueño, thinking he's the party responsible.
  • Schizo Tech: The guy wears chainmail under his tactical vest when he's captured. While Real Life militaries and police forces really are experimenting with modern takes on this ancient gear, it's still something you don't see everyday.
  • Underestimating Badassery: He basically believes he can handle El Sueño but his rebellion is a complete failure.
    • The UNIDAD team hired to take El Sueño out is slaughtered and the corpse of their leader stabbed multiple times with dollar bills on the knives.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: We don't know what happens to El Muro after his capture. Given his refusal to cooperate, it's probable he simply went to jail.

    La Plaga 

Ignacio "La Plaga" Perez Cervantes
The Plague
El Muro's underboss and half-brother, and Santa Blanca's head sicario. His socially-active facade goes side-by-side with his tendencies to commit violent executions - even kids - and he isn't shy to brag about it. He recruited La Yuri and El Polito after they saved his life by performing surgery to remove the bullets he got from a shootout.
  • Cool Hat: Wears a nifty black cowboy hat. Kill him and it's yours.
  • Did Not Think This Through: Santa Blanca spends billions of dollars of their drug money maintaining a Villain with Good Publicity position in the country and does all of its murders of innocents discreetly with a man who dissolves their bodies. So, what does La Plaga do? Murders innocents at random and puts the video on the internet. No wonder El Sueño wanted to kill him.
  • Hate Sink: There's really nothing to like about this guy. He's a sociopathic braggart who got where he did by winning the sperm lottery, and relishes every chance to torture, abuse, and execute. He has an entire torture chamber slash film studio under his hacienda for just that purpose.
  • The Hedonist: Is described as this, with a social media feed consisting of his partying antics interspersed with videos of executions of the cartel's enemies.
  • Names to Run Away From: You'd avoid La Plaga like the Plague had he not be the charming sociable party boy he's fronting as.
  • Stupid Evil: His posting of retaliatory executions of civilians in response the actions of the Ghosts enrages his boss, because El Sueño knows that taking it out on the populace will just alienate the people and drive them into the arms of their enemies, rather than scare them into silence.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Plays a big role in the fall of Santa Blanca as a cartel because after he screws up by advertising the cartel's murder of innocents, El Sueño orders his death, which turns El Muro against him, and basically ends up destroying their security apparatus when they need it most. The Ghosts may have been able to do their job regardless but it certainly made it a lot easier.
  • Would Hurt a Child: One of the videos he posts on social media features him executing the child of a Santa Blanca lookout who apparently failed his duties. This contributes to El Sueño's decision to have him disposed of.
  • 0% Approval Rating: Averted but just barely. His brother and DJ Perico seemed to like him, at least. Everyone else in Bolivia seems to have despised him.

Other Buchons

    El Polito & La Yuri 

Zapatero "El Polito" Gonzales and Gloria "La Yuri" Fernandez
The Chicken and the Yuri
Santa Blanca's chief interrogators. El Polito and La Yuri were a surgeon and nurse team at a local hospital when saved La Plaga's life after he was injured in a shootout, which La Plaga repaid them for by bringing them into the Santa Blanca cartel. The torture and execution of Ricky was their doing.
  • Battle Couple: You face these two together.
  • Cool Car: Polito owns what is essentially a 5th generation Lamborghini supercar.
  • Fat and Skinny: Polito is the skinny to Yuri's fat.
  • Gatling Good: Yuri jumps behind a conveniently placed minigun emplacement at the beginning of the boss fight, which combined with her significantly enhanced health make her quite a decent threat.
  • I Love the Dead: In a rather graphic audio recording, La Yuri takes the pants off of one of her recently-expired victims, and proceeds to fawn over the size of his manhood.
  • It's Personal: For Bowman and Pac Katari, they were involved in both Sandoval's interrogation and Amaru's torture, making them priority one on Kingslayer's hit list.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Killing either one will send the other into a desperate rage, though it doesn't actually give them more resistance, damage, or anything like that.
  • Sickening Sweethearts: These two fawn over each other nonstop, which Amaru claims to have felt more painful than their actual torture of him. You get to witness a truly disturbing example of their amorous gushing while stalking them in their Torture Cellar, if you don't feel like interrupting them.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: A lovey dovey husband and wife who clearly revel in the horrors they inflict and have their own private torture room.
  • Starter Villain: They're your first major targets in the Cartel leadership hierarchy.
  • Stout Strength: Yuri is a very large woman and also happens to be the most durable enemy in the game for some reason. She's able to withstand about twice as much damage as a regular boss enemy; it can take up to 15 shots to the chest or multiple headshots to drop her, or up to two dozen shots if you use a suppressed weapon. Combined with her use of a minigun turret, and she can actually mow down your entire A.I. controlled Ghost Squad by herself if you send them in against her without backing them up.
  • Torture Cellar: A multilevel one beneath a creepy hunting lodge in the Bolivian mountains. To give you a sense of what awaits in that evil place, the whole facility seems directly inspired by Saw and The Human Centipede.
  • Torture Technician: The two are in charge of torturing enemies of the cartel. The Ghosts note that they aren't all that good at it, as fact that they almost immediately go to physical torture shows that they are amateurs, while a professional would start out with various psychological tactics, and probably be able to get as much, if not more, information than the duo without causing lasting physical damage to the person being interrogated, in some cases without even laying a hand on them.

    Carl Bookhart 

Carl Bookhart
The Training Instructor
Chief of training for Santa Blanca's elite sicarios. He's a former Army Ranger who defected after an IED injured his squad and got him kicked out of the military.
  • Beard of Evil: Sports one of the longest in the game.
  • Elites Are More Glamorous: Was a sergeant with the Third Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment, until he had to retire after getting caught in an IED blast in Iraq.
  • Elite Mooks: Bookhart's responsible for training the elite sicarios you encounter in the later parts of the game, and he's personally protected by a large number of them as well as several Heavy troopers.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Nomad. Both are mustachioed former Rangers. The difference being Carl is now joining a cartel as a military instructor, while Nomad is in a black ops taskforce sent to destroy the cartel. To top it off, your A.I. teammates tend to not follow you into Bookhart's inner sanctum due to pathing issues, so in single player Nomad usually ends up facing off against Bookhart solo.
  • Evil Former Friend: Nomad mentions having previously served with Bookhart in the Rangers, and is understandably disturbed when learning that he's a Cartel leader.
  • From Camouflage to Criminal: Lapsed back into criminal activity after his forced retirement from the US Army, ultimately joining the Santa Blanca Cartel.
  • Glass Cannon: Bookhart himself has standard boss health and can be gunned down pretty quickly with any automatic weapon, but he's got amazing aim and incredible DPS with his custom M4A1, and can mow you down surprisingly fast in turn. He's also really fond of throwing grenades.
  • If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten: His first test for new sicarios involves giving them a weapon (a gun, a knife, or a machete) and ordering them to kill a prisoner with it, prisoners who are often children. Any who refuse will be next in line to die.
  • In Harm's Way: It's indicated that his primary motive in joining the Cartel as a combat instructor was so he could still feel useful, the military being the only thing he was ever good at and being unable to continue serving with the US Army after his injuries in Iraq.
  • More Dakka: Bookhart's got a minigun turret covering the hallway leading to him, as well as two minigun turrets backing him up inside his boss room.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Bookhart was given a medical discharge from the Army after he exhibited signs of PTSD and psychotic behavior. Unable to readjust to civilian life, he had frequent run-ins with the law and was unable to hold a job for more than a few weeks. During a chance meeting with El Muro in Mexico, El Muro recognized Bookhart's talent and gave him a job training Santa Blanca's elite sicarios.
  • The Spartan Way: The training program he runs for the Santa Blanca Cartel's elite sicarios, with use of live ammunition and real knives during training. As a result, more candidates are permanently injured or killed in training than graduate, but those who do are forces to be reckoned with.
  • Trading Bars for Stripes: Was given the choice of joining the Army or jail time at the age of 18, and chose the former.
  • What a Senseless Waste of Human Life: After killing him, the Ghosts remark that it's a lousy way for an Army Ranger to die.
  • Would Harm A Child: As part of their training, Bookhart's sicarios are forced to murder an innocent so that they will know what it's like to kill. Sometimes the victim is a man, sometimes it's a woman, and sometimes it's a child. Sicarios who refuse to participate are killed themselves by their fellow recruits.

    El Pozolero 

Raul "El Pozolero" Murillo
The Stewmaker
The man responsible for disposing of the bodies of Santa Blanca's victims in order to hide the evidence of the murders, which he does by dissolving them in sodium hydroxide, which has earned him the nickname "the Stewmaker".
  • Affably Evil: Aside from assisting in the disposing of bodies, doesn't commit any crimes and is pleasant to a fault.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Does not find death or dead things distressing. Also is a grown man who talks to his teddy bear.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Due to his mental disability, he isn't able to fathom that what he is doing is wrong; its just something that the Cartel told him to do, and he does it, since his disability doesn't allow him to truly grasp that he is destroying dead (and sometimes not-so-dead) bodies and erasing evidence of the Cartel's atrocities.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Is a oddball who has disposed of literally hundreds of corpses for the cartel, if not thousands.
    • Also a Cloud Cuckoolander who loves his teddy bear but insists he's not afraid of the dark. He just worries the teddy bear will get lonely without him.
  • The Dreaded: The Cartel's sicarios are terrified of him, and even the Ghosts are concerned about confronting him after seeing how much he's got the sicarios spooked.
    • Mistaken for Badass: El Pozolero turns out to be a mild-mannered man with the innocent mind of a child. The sicarios think he's a terrifying psycho because of how horrifying his work is, but the truth is his mind simply isn't developed enough to grasp how disturbing it all really is.
  • Manchild: Turns out to be one of the non-psychopathic variety. When the Ghosts kidnap him he even tells them he can't be gone for too long or else his teddy bear will wonder what happened to him.
  • No Body Left Behind: His work involves not only dissolving a human body to soup, but then destroying whatever bones or teeth couldn't be melted down into a fine powder.
  • Ripped from the Headlines: "El Pozolero" is based on a real life criminal who was active in the Mexican drug wars, even using the same nickname, though the real life version wasn't developmentally disabled.
  • Sole Survivor: The only security Buchon who isn't killed at the end of their mission.

    El Commandante 

Miguel "El Commandante" De Los Monteros
The Commander
An Unidad Commander in who helps Santa Blanca with security against the rebels.


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