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The Predator

The titular extraterrestrial hunter from the Predator franchise. The Predator's depiction in Wildlands is primarily based on the first film in the series. It appears his spaceship has crash-landed in Bolivia and he's been taking advantage of the regional chaos to hunt combatants from all sides in the conflict.

  • Bonus Boss: He's an optional encounter and a lot tougher than any other opponent in the game.
  • Guest Fighter: A rather unexpected one, though one that somewhat fits with the jungle warfare aesthetic of the game.
  • Kaizo Trap: Caught in his selfdestruct blast? Too bad, you will have to fight him again!
  • Laser Sight: His plasma caster has a prominent one when he's aiming it at you. It lets you know that you need to get into cover immediately.
  • Made of Iron: It takes about 22 shots from the HTI .50 BMG anti-materiel rifle to kill him. Bear in mind the HTI is the most powerful normal (non-Tier 1) weapon in the game and can kill any other infantry unit, including the most durable boss, with one shot to the pinky toe.
  • One-Hit Kill: Both his plasma-caster and smart disc will knock you into the dying state with one hit.
  • Taking You with Me: You're supposed to confirm his death, but upon approaching him, he starts his selfdestruct sequence. Hopefully that you already took a head start when he initiates it! Your AI teammates aren't that lucky though.
  • Teleport Spam: His primary fighting style is this; cloaking, using his superhuman jumping ability to leap around the area, and unclocking to attack.
  • Turns Red: The Predator's attacks become increasingly more frequent as he takes more damage.
  • Visible Invisibility: Fitting, considering he's one of the Trope Codifiers.

     Sam Fisher 

Samuel Leo "Sam" Fisher

Sam Fisher is main protagonist of the Splinter Cell franchise. A Gulf War veteran, Fisher was once a member of Third Echelon, a top secret black operative sub-branch of the NSA, before going rogue. After Third Echelon was disbanded, he went on to become the commander of its successor, Fourth Echelon. Fisher is sent to Bolivia under the callsign "Matchwood" to recover sensitive date from a rogue CIA operative. He once worked with Bowman, whom he knew as Linda in the past.

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