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Please don't hide spoilers in this page. Wham Line is a spoileriffic trope by nature, so it's pointless to spoiler tag every example.

  • Acca: 13 District Inspection Department episode 7: Mauve just walks up to Jean in the middle of the city and tells him, "You are royalty. First in the line of succession."
  • Accel World
    • In the climax of Volume 2, Kuroyukihime finds out Scarlet Rain's connection to Cherry Rook.note 
    Kuroyukihime: Those two... are guardian and child. The Red King... Is Disaster's... no, Cherry Rook's child...
    • At the end of Volume 3, when Silver Crow and Cyan Pile get the upper hand against Dusk Taker, suddenly, their mutual friend Lime Bell uses her time reversal powers on Dusk Taker, revealing herself to be his accomplice.
    • In Volume 7, Haru is currently in the process of trying to cleanse his duel avatar, Silver Crow, of the Armor of Catastrophe before the deadline, at which point he'll be declared a criminal and ruthlessly hunted off Brain Burst. As such, he's not pleased when Blood Leopard, a member of the friendly Red Legion, says that he may not have that long.
    Blood Leopard: Silver Crow. There's a movement to ask a PK group for your immediate purge.
    • Late in Volume 7, Utai describes an incident in which a Burst Linker wiped out four PKers, then identifies the assailant.
    Utai: Fu says it might be... Cyan Pile.
    • In Volume 9, Green Grande explains the motive behind his actions, and gives a hint that Brain Burst is not only more than a video game, but not the only one of its kind.
    Grande: It was all to stop Brain Burst 2039- also known as Trial Number Two- from ending in vain.
    • In Volume 11, Haru asks Utai about her "parent," who apparently mastered the Theoretical Mirror ability he needs to attack the Acceleration Research Society. Utai then gives some startling information about her past.
    Utai: My parent, Mirror Masker, is actually my older brother. But my older brother is no longer in the accelerated world. Nor in the real world.
    • In Volume 12, Nega Nebulus gets their hands on the Incarnate System Study Kits, and gets a surprising clue as to their origins when they see a familiar-looking crest on them.
    Fuko: This that of the previous Red King, Red Rider.
    • Also from Volume 12, Kuroyukihime finally explains why she killed Red Rider. One of the other Kings had tricked her into thinking that Red Rider had used his gifts to the other Legions in order to forcibly uphold his non-aggression pact, by giving him the power to devastate any Legion that tried to break it. Kuroyukihime only realized that it was a lie after she'd done the deed. With the following line, Kuroyukihime reveals why she believed her informant, and why the manipulation wounded her so deeply.
    Kuroyukihime: When I returned to the real world from the nearest portal...I was still in half disbelief. Or rather, I wanted to believe—she would never betray me, trick me like that. Because...the White King, Transient Eternity, White Cosmos—in the Accelerated World she is my parent, and in the real sister, older by a year.
    • In Volume 13, the protagonists are on their guard during the Umesato School Festival, since outsiders coming to the event brings the possibility that someone from a rival Legion or the Acceleration Research Society will attack. Nothing seems to happen at first, at least not in the way the protagonists expected.
    In fact, Magenta Scissor had attacked. And she’d already finished it before the school festival had even started. Haruyuki understood this after Rin Kusakabe, walking behind him, fell forward without a sound as if to lean up against him.
    • In the climax of Volume 14, Metatron has apparently been defeated, the voice that had been advising Haru throughout the battle not only reveals that Haru didn't win, but also its own identity.
    Metatron: What you all destroyed is nothing more than half my body.
    • In Volume 15, when Kuroyukihime and the others approach the ISS Kit's main body, they see the last person Kuroyukihime expected to see- Red Rider.
    Long-boot armor encasing his feet. Notched spurs stretching out from the heel. And the coloring of both was so pure that it could be compared to nothing else. Red. So red.
    • Also from Volume 15. Wolfram Cerberus reveals his third personality, and something about it is uncomfortably familiar to Haru.
    Wolfram Cerberus III/Dusk Taker: We finally meet, hmmm? It's been a while, Arita.
  • In the Ace Attorney manga, Edgeworth argues that Bobby Wolfe might have burned down the Den of Spiders if he intended to turn himself in or commit suicide, leaving no one to care for his spiders. Phoenix then argues that his friend Thomas Spitzer could have cared for them.
    Edgeworth: Well then, why don't we ask him? I would like to call my next witness, Thomas Spitzer. (Cue Oh, Crap! from Phoenix as Spitzer testifies for the prosecution.)
  • Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin, episode 50:
    Karin: I am Super Pig!
  • The Porn with Plot Hentai manga Alice In Sexland has the Queen of Hearts recount her backstory. After she's done, she has this to say:
    Queen of Hearts: I'm from your world too! I'm a human being! More precisely... a human soul! And Sexland... is the land of the dead!
  • There's an interesting in-universe example in Angel Beats!. Though the audience has the inkling that the disappearance of characters is not a bad thing, the main cast is completely clueless. Of course, after the events of episode 9, Otonashi muses that maybe disappearing from the world would be for the best... only to realize that Kanade agrees with him. Cue the awkward realization that the Big Bad of the series has been on their side the whole time.
  • Ao no Flag Masumi seems to love giving out those.
    • In chapter 5, she calls Touma to the roof, where she reveals that she knows that he is lying about his type of girl, and especially, that he is in love with his best friend Taichi and implies she herself is in love with Futaba.
    Masumi: Black hair is the only thing that fits the bill, right? Because the person you really like is [inaudible, but shocked Mita enough to react harshly against her]....I didn't tell him. But it's true isn't it? You're the same as me.
    • Again chapter 11, she confirms the implications, though she passes it off as a joke.
    Masumi: If I said I like Futaba too... what would you do?
  • Assassination Classroom:
    • For Karasuma during the cops and robbers game, "You're more than a minute away from the pool." Karasuma then realizes he's been tricked and the kids have won.
    • The reveal of the identity of Shiro's ultimate assassin:
      Shiro: All right, number two. Time to begin. As bearers of the same bloodlust, let us kill number one.
    • Extra Chapter 3 ends with this line:
      Azusa: Yes... everyone is so kind... and thanks to that... my carefully laid plans were almost ruined.
  • Attack on Titan has had a few, but undoubtedly the shortest line, delivered in the most offhand way, that nonetheless managed to have the hugest impact on the plot, was this one:
    Reiner: (gesturing to Bertholdt) I'm the armoured titan and he's the colossal type titan.
    • This from chapter 56 delivered by the man who killed Historia's mother, bringing to light what readers have been wondering ever since Levi showed up:
      Captain Ackerman: Do you know of a man named Levi Ackerman?
      • A few lines later:
        "I taught Levi quite a bit. That runt is my pride."
    • In Chapter 73, while Wall Maria looks surprisingly empty.
      Armin: Wait, these coffee stains, are just recent!
    • In Chapter 85, Eren finally makes it into his father's basement, and after some searching, finds a photograph and an even more shocking note from his father about the world beyond the walls that protect the last remnants of humanity.
      "I come from outside the walls, where life is harmonious for humanity. In reality, humans are not extinct at all."
    • In Chapter 86, we finally learn who the Beast Titan is.
      "Soon after that, we were married. We lived happily for quite some time. Meanwhile, a son was born to us. His name was Zeke."
    • In Chapter 89, right before Kruger injects Grisha in order to give him the Attack Titan, his final words to Grisha end up flipping everything upside down.
      "Your wife. Your child. Even someone on the street. It does not matter. Love someone inside the Walls. If you can't, we're doomed to repeat it all again. The same history. The same mistakes, Again and again. If you want to save them all...Mikasa, Armin, and the others...carry out your mission to the end."
    • In Chapter 93, we are introduced to Galliard, who is the Titan Shifter with the power of the Jaw Titan and is also brother of Marcel who was eaten by Ymir as a titan which he blamed Reiner for. What Reiner asked him also confirmed who was Galliard's predecessor and the official name of that certain titan.
      Reiner: Were you... able to see Marcel's memories?
      Galliard: No, I haven't gotten to see you run off and abandon him yet, unfortunately. But... I was able to understand a bit of my predecessor, that woman named Ymir. A pathetic woman given a grand name. She volunteered to give back Marcel's Jaws, didn't she?
  • Bakemonogatari, Episode 5:
    Senjougahara: That child... is invisible to me.
  • Bakuman。
    • Chapter 76: After months of frustration and dissatisfaction with their new series, Tanto, the final straw is Eiji declaring that the main characters are his most respected rivals. Mashiro immediately grabs his phone, calls his girlfriend Azuki and says the following.
    Mashiro: "I WANT TO QUIT TANTO!"
    • In Chapter 46, Azuki tells Mashiro that she’ll hate him if he doesn’t take time off work until he’s discharged from the hospital, but Mashiro, not believing her, refuses. She then apologizes and says "I've been in love with you for eight years, so how could I hate you?", which surprises him, as it is the first time he learns that she had always loved him.
    • Chapter 100: The main characters have overcome the challenge the editor in chief has imposed on them, and their new series, PCP has surpassed all expectations. It seems that the only thing left is to get an anime so Mashiro can fulfill his promise, but then...
    Hattori: PCP isn't going to get an anime.
    Eiji The work I want to end is...Crownote .
    • Chapter 150: The editor in chief casually announces that he's leaving his position.
    Sasaki: Well, you could say it's my last act of selfishness as editor in chief.
    • Chapter 164: The protagonists get the news they've wanted to hear for a decade- that Mashiro's achieved his half of his and Azuki's Series Goal.
    "Congratulations. On Tuesday, September 1st at 4, the anime for REVERSI will start."
  • Bleach
    • When Hinamori finds out Aizen is alive, Aizen reveals his status as the Big Bad with a single sentence.
      Aizen: I'm sorry. You must have been worried. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry for hurting you so much. There was something I had to do. Thank you, Hinamori. Thank you so much. Goodbye.
    • When Vice-Captain Hisagi defeats Fifth Seat Ayasegawa, he tells Yumichika to surrender because it's impossible for fifth seats to defeat vice-captains and a pointless death would be a terrible thing. Yumichika's response is to curb-stomp Hisagi by revealing that it's possible to fake a Shikai.
      Yumichika: What I show you now is completely confidential. Take a peek at the true power of my zanpakutou!
    • Well, looks like Hitsugaya has stabbed Aizen, and it all looks over.
      Ichigo: Guys, guys, what the HELL are you doing?
    • Late in the Fullbringer Arc, Ichigo sees Uryu, who'd supposedly been attacked and injured by Tsukishima at the start of the arc. After a moment of Ichigo worrying whether Uryu had been turned against him like Chad and Orihime had, Uryu reassures Ichigo that he's on Ichigo's side, before saying something that turns the entire story arc on its head.
    Uryu: Don't you get it?!! The guy who cut me... is the guy behind you! (Ichigo's supposed ally Ginjo stabs Ichigo from behind, revealing himself as Evil All Along)
    • When Yamamoto goes all-out to defeat Yhwach for invading Soul Society and decimating the Gotei 13. Emerging from the fight victorious, he is stunned to hear his dying opponent gasp out the following confession:
      "Yhwach" : My... power... isn't... enough... forgive me... please... Yhwach-sama.
    • When Kyouraku insists to the Central 46 that Kenpachi Zaraki needs to be properly trained if the Gotei 13 is to survive the Vandenreich's invasion, he calls forth the captain who will train Zaraki... revealing that captain's true, until-now unrevealed, identity in the process.
      Kyoraku: I'll leave Captain Zaraki to you, Captain Unohana. No... First Kenpachi Yachiru Unohana.
    • When Kyoraku strolls into the Soul Prison.
      Kyoraku: Well, this darkness, is not meant for us innocents, if it is you, you do sense me right? Answer me, Aizen Sousuke.
    • When Yhwach manages to fatally impale Ichigo.
      Aizen: How... fascinating. You seem to think I'm Ichigo Kurosaki.
  • Bloom Into You: Ichigaya has a relatively subtle example in Chapter 21. After praising Touko for being so hard-working, he adds, "I always thought being student council president was more about delegating the work to others and taking it easy yourself." The real significance of it comes when you consider that Ichigaya was on the student council with Touko's sister Mio, so he was more or less implying that Mio was that kind of president, something Touko immediately picks up on.
  • Bokurano:
    • After the second pilot dies of unknown causes(the first had seemingly fallen to his death and they never saw the tutorial pilot die), they learn that the pilot will die no matter how the battle ends.
      Koyemshi: The robot takes your life force as payment.'''
    • In the manga, shortly before Chizu dies, she asks the survivors to count at the number of lights on Zearth's face.
      Moji: The lights on Zearth's face correspond to our lives. Naturally, the one representing Chizu will be gone. But... after about ten minutes, another one went out. Yes... the light representing the baby in Chizu's womb. Seven lights remain. There are nine of us. Even if we leave out Kana, the numbers don't match up. In other words... there's one more of us who isn't part of the contract?
    • In the anime, like the manga, they notice that two lights went out, leading Kirie to provide the following theory. Since Chizu never told anyone in the anime, everyone gasps in shock.
      Kirie: Maybe Chizu was pregnant.
    • In Episode 12, Zearth gets attacked by a fighter jet that even Maki, the group's Otaku, and Seki and Tanaka, two Self-Defense Force officers, don't recognize. Maki then asks where they are.
    Koyemshi: Earth. But it's not your Earth.
    • In Episode 16, Kirie, about to die, finally has the answer to a mystery that the group has been struggling with for most of the series.
      Kirie: I figured it out. I know who's not contracted. Machi, it's you, right?
    • During Komo's fight in the manga, another Earth's Koyemshi gives some surprising news.
      Alt-Koyemshi: Our pilot has run away.
    • In the manga, this line comes up in the middle of a conversation, from a character who wouldn't have said this in the anime.
      Ushiro: I'm not in the contract.
    • At the end of Kanji's arc, Kanji realizes who the next pilot is, shocked by the answer. Cut to somebody in Zearth stating "It's me. I'm the next one." It's Kana, the youngest member of the group, and someone who they assumed wasn't in the contract.
    • This line, from Tanaka to Kana's father, confirms that Tanaka is Ushiro's mother.
      Tanaka: It's been 13 years. Since I left Jun... Since I abandoned him with you.
  • Near the end of Cardcaptor Sakura:0
    Fujitaka Kinomoto: But then everyone around me fell asleep.
  • A Certain Magical Index
    • Volume 17:
      Third Princess Carissa: Begin the invasion. I now have Curtana Original, the sword that decides the king, within my grasp. This makes me, Carissa, the ruler of the United Kingdom. Anyone that does not want to see the country decay under the rule of the previous pacifist queen, stand up of your own will. To bring about the new United Kingdom, leveling some things will be necessary and some destruction will be necessary.
    • New Testament Volume 8:
      Othinus: These small fights are such a pain. I think I’ll just end the world.
    • New Testament Volume 11:
      Kihara Noukan: The esper cyborg Rensa was created to crush the seven Level 5s in case they all rebelled against Academy City at once. My role is similar, but unfortunately, my target is not those homemade espers...Ladylee Tangleroad, Fräulein Kreutune, and Codename Dragon.
      Kihara Noukan (to Aleister): Now, how about you use the power I have returned to you. Use it to destroy all those irregularities known as magic.
  • City Hunter: Mick Angel revealing who had hired him to kill his old friend and ex-partner Ryo.
    Mick: My client is... your father.
  • Code Geass has a lot.
    • Episode 12. After the battle of Narita, Lelouch meets up with a greatly upset Shirley, who reveals the human toll of the battle.
      Shirley: Hey, Lulu... Zero fights for the weak, doesn't he?
      Lelouch: Y-yeah. That's what he says, anyway.
      Shirley: Then... why did he kill my father?
    • Episode 16. Lelouch and Suzaku have seemingly subdued Mao. At that point, though, he uses his mind reading abilities to uncover a memory Suzaku repressed.
      Mao: (to Suzaku) Get your hands off of me, father-killer!
    • R2 Episode 5. Suzaku, now a Knight of the Round, tells Lelouch about his ambition to become Knight of One and take Japan as his protectorate. He then calls up the current viceroy in hopes of getting a reaction out of Lelouch.
      Nunnally: Hello? Big brother? Lelouch, is that you. It's me, Nunnally; Can you hear me? I'm coming over there to Area 11 to be the viceroy. Um, is there something wrong? Lelouch, it's Nunnally, your sister!
    • R2 Episode 18. Suzaku, cornered and forced by the "Live!" command to survive by any means necessary, fires the FLEIJA on his Knightmare Frame. Lelouch then reacts in horror.
      Lelouch: Could that be the weapon Suzaku was talking about? ...Nunnally!
    • R2 Episode 22. Schniezel, having stepped forward to oppose Lelouch, reveals the most unlikely ally possible.
      Nunnally: Listen well, Lelouch and Suzaku. I're my enemies from now on.
    • R2 Episode 24. During the confrontation, Nunnally reveals that she has regained the ability to see.
      Nunnally: That's why...I won't close my eyes any longer! (Cue dramatic music change as Nunnally opens her eyes)
    • The Wham Line declared by Emperor Lelouch.
      Lelouch: Listen to me, world! The Damocles is under my control, and Prince Schneizel has accepted his defeat.
    • Re:. In a flashback, Lelouch discusses his final plan with Suzaku.
      Lelouch: Suzaku, you will kill me.
  • In Danganronpa 3, episode 6 of the Future arc begins and ends with one.
    Opening Animation: Remaining Survivors: 010 People *at the end of the last episode, 11 were alive*
    Hajime Hinata: This is so boring.
    • The big one at the end of Episode 9.
      Kyouko Kirigiri's Forbidden Action: Passing the Fourth Time Limit With Makoto Naegi Alive.
    • At the end of Episode 10, following the confrontation between Naegi and Munakata.
      Aoi Asahina: The killing is over! I found out who the attacker is!
    • Another with the end of Side:Hope:
      Mikan Tsumiki: So when I found the person that used [Seikos' Cure-W]note , I revived them.
  • Darker Than Black Season 2: "My Suou is dead!"
    • Episode 13 explores the backstory for Hiro and Zero Two. This all comes to a head in Episode 14 when Zero Two realizes the Darling she loved and missed was Hiro all along.
      Zero Two: Hey, were you my Darling from back then? Then what have I been doing all this time?
    • Episode 17 shows 001 dropping a bomb after she kills two APE officials.
      001: Damned human wannabes.
    • The closing monologue of Episode 18:
      Hiro: The home we built for ourselves was too brittle to live in, and everything we ever hold dear is always destroyed in the blink of an eye. If that is our destiny, then we can't let it rule us anymore. We are at the end of our rope.
  • Death Note from Episode 24, after Light regains his memories of the Kira murders:
    Light: Exactly as planned.
    • From Episode 30, when Soichiro gets a closer look at Mello.
      Soichiro: Your name, your real name is Mihael Keehl.
    • From the penultimate episode, when Near explains his Gambit Roulette.
      Light: [thinking] Oh, Near, you're so foolish. The one Death Note you're holding, is a fake!
    • The final episode.
      Light: Why? Why is nothing happening??
  • D.Gray-Man: "What if I told you you'd have to kill someone you love when you become the 14th?" Cross to Allen, with a hug thrown in too. And from a Jerkass no less.
    • Later on, a seemingly filler arc becomes suddenly dark with two words that have never been so terrifying: "Good Morning."
  • DieBuster
  • Digimon Xros Wars, episode 52:
    Darkknightmon: Why do you think I discovered the Digi Xros? It was so I could absorb you, brother.
    • From the English Dub, Digimon Fusion, there are a few good ones:
      • Season 1, episode 30:
        Omnimon: Yes, it is time for you to Digivolve, Shoutmon! (This is after a whole season of the hero Digimon leveling-up solely with Digi-Fuses)
      • Season 2, Episode 10:
        Olegmon: Ah, but that is where you're mistaken! Ballistamon is mine, because it was I who made him! (Olegmon is one of the Dark Generals under the leadership of the Big Bad, Lord Bagra.)
      • Season 2, Episode 16:
        Ewan: It's Mikey! How do you have MailBirddramon?!
        (...which is then cleared up by Mikey a few seconds later:)
        Mikey: Christopher tried to tell you, that this was not just a game... ...and then he risked his life to prove that point to you by entrusting his Digimon to me and my Fusion Loader! (This means that the team can now Digi-Fuse using each other's Fusion Loaders.)
      • Season 2, Episode 21:
  • From Dragon Ball:
    • A notable one in Dragon Ball's Fortunteller Baba arc:
      Bulma: How come he knew about Goku's weakness being his tail?
      Master Roshi: Because he is Son Goku's dead grandfather... Son Gohan!
    • At the very end of the 22nd World Tournament:
      Goku: He's dead... Krillin is dead!
    • At the beginning of Z:
      Raditz: Kakarot... I'm your brother.
      Raditz: You are a Saiyan... like me... from Planet Vegeta...
      Raditz: Ha! There are 2 more Saiyans still stronger than me... and they will arrive in this dirt within one year...
    • From the next saga, after Vegeta notices something different about Goku after his arrival on Namek:
      Vegeta: Impossible! Could he be... the legendary Super Saiyan?
    • During the Freeza battle:
      King Kai: Knock it off! You're all being foolish! You don't know what you're talking about! Goku has been using the Kaioken attack the entire time.
    • We have several in the next saga, usually from Trunks, such as:
      Trunks: You've miscalculated. Son Goku is not the only Super Saiyan!
      Trunks: You die before then. You contract a terrible heart disease and pass away.
      Trunks: (revealing his mother is Bulma) She's right over there.
      Trunks: What is this thing? I've never seen this android before!
    • Some notable ones given by Goku himself in Cell Saga:
      Goku: I forfeit this match. Cell, you are much stronger than me.
      • When Cell asks Goku about his next opponent:
      Cell: So Goku, now that you've forfeited our fight.. Who is my next opponent after all? Vegeta? Trunks? I must warn you, I'm still stronger than them.
      Goku: No. He has never fought you before, and I must tell you Cell, he is much stronger than you. (points at Gohan).
    • Cell is expanding rapidly...
      Cell: You have lost, Gohan! In a few minutes, I'm going to explode... taking this entire goddamn planet with me!
    • The next scene. Oh dear Lord...
      Goku: Seems like I have no choice... I am going to teleport Cell away from here. Goodbye, Gohan.
    • Even the next scene after that. Really:
      Cell (revealed to have survived his own explosion, that too in his Perfect Form): It's glad to be back! My aim is as good as ever!
    • A relatively minor (and anime specific) example. During the Time Skip between the Cell Saga and the Maijn Buu Saga, it's established that Krillin got married and had a kid named Marron. While the manga just shows his wife on panel, the scene in the anime plays slightly more coy with who it is until her voice is heard off screen:
      Gohan: [Speaking to Marron] How would you like to see your dad compete in the Martial Arts Tournament?
      Android 18: First, she'd want to know if there's any prize money involved.
    • This warning from Fat Buu after his Heel–Face Turn when he heals Mr. Satan from a gunshot wound, signaling something bad is about to happen (and leading to his evil side escaping):
      Buu: RUN AWAY!
    • Elder Kai is taking too long to power Gohan up.
      Goku: Hey, Old Kai! Isn't the powerup taking too long?
      Old Kai: Eh? I have finished five minutes ago.
    • The newly born Super Buu's Establishing Character Moment:
      Super Buu: Time to kill.
      (for context, Buu had previously been killing people for fun without any real malice; this new incarnation does it with cold efficiency)
    • From Adult Gohan:
      Super Buu: So hotshot, you want to fight Majin Buu?
      Gohan: Fight you? No, I wanna kill you.
    • Super Buu has finally depowered from his Gotenks/Piccolo persona to just Piccolo.
      Gohan: So the fusion has ended, hasn't it? Now it's time to defeat you.
      Super Buu: Not so fast, Gohan. I have something as an insurance. (points to his empty antenna) Why do you think I have not regenerated this yet? (cue Super Buu absorbing Gohan as well)
    • When Kid Buu fires a rather big Death Ball.
      Vegeta: That ball is sufficient to destroy this planet ten times over! We can't stop it!!
    • One coming from Mr Satan of all people, which helped Goku:
      Mr Satan: Can't you hear what he says? This is me, Mr Satan, and I am fighting a monster in a distant planet. Give all of your energy to me!
    • From movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods:
      Beerus: You see my attendant, Whis, over there enjoying his lovely petit. While it's true he waits on me hand and foot, he's also my teacher.
      Beerus: I am the Destroyer from this universe, the seventh. But there are other still, twelve universes altogether. And some have spawned warriors even mightier than us.
    • From the film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’:
      Frieza: I've never trained a day in my life.
      (At the time he was the relevant villain, Frieza was one of the strongest in the universe, and forced Goku to awaken the legendary Super Saiyan form to defeat him - and Goku had trained impossibly hard all his life.)
    • Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 following the arrival of the Zen-O, the King of ALL 12 universes who Gods of Destruction Beerus and his twin Champa even fears, after watching the Universe 7 vs Universe 6 tournament till its end gives his thoughts:
      Zen-O: I did come here because I was concerned. But, I ended up enjoying what I saw... very much! [Beerus and Champa sigh in relief] So I thought we should do this one more time, with contestants gathered from every Universe!
    • Goku decides to break out something he hadn't used since the Frieza Saga:
      Goku: Now I'll show you the Kaioken!
    • And then there's when he goes further beyond:
    Hit: His energy keeps shooting higher and higher! It's extraordinary! [...] It's triple... quadruple... no, it's...
    • From the beginning of the Future Trunks Saga that reveals the foe who Trunks is having trouble against in his timeline and his appearance not only looks familiar but he acts much different even though he looks like Goku:
      Black: Finally… it's the day you take your final breath…Saiyan.
    • Episode 56 throws a new dent on fan theories all over.
      Future Zamasu: That's unfair, Black. You promised me to let me finish off Goku.
    • Looks like Trunks stabs Zamasu, and at least one is dead...
      Future Zamasu: I forgot to mention one thing. I have gained an immortal body.
    • Episode 60, while Black tells us who he is.
      Goku Black: This body, this spirit is Son Goku's. But the heart, this is mine, this is Zamasu's.
      Goku: Then, what happened to me?
      Goku Black: I killed you, with my own hands.
    • Episode 67, which reveals what Zen'o actually meant by 'saving' the multiverse.
      Zen'O: A world like this, a world like this, MUST END!!
    • Episode 78, as the Grand Priest explains the tournament details.
      Grand Priest: Well, the winners you say? The winning universe will be awarded a wish from the Super Dragon Balls themselves, but the losing universes are to be completely erased from existence.
    • Episode 92, where our team is unexpectedly one man short.
      Goku: Lord Beerus is right! Frieza! There is still Frieza! Let's make him our tenth man!
    • As Goku and Frieza have a run in with assassins from another universe, Goku asks if Frieza's okay maintaining the Golden Frieza form. Frieza has this to say.
    • Episode 98, after Zeno erases Universe 9.
      Beerus: Hey Whis... what happened to Universe 9? I can't sense anything from them...
      Whis: Of course. To be erased is to become 'nothing'.
    • When Goku survives his own Spirit Bomb and arises with a new form...
      Beerus: Hey Whis, is that what.. I think it is?
      Whis: Yes, Beerus Sama. It seems that this form is indeed, Ultra Instinct.
    • A massive Tear Jerker near the end of the series.
    • One revealing the true purpose of the Tournament of Power.
      Grand Priest: If you had made any other wish, then Zeno Sama would have erased everything.
  • Dr. Stone chapter 41 ends on TWO Wham Lines, with the first one hitting the characters before the audience.
    Chief Kokuyou: People of the village! As of today, this man, Senku, is the new chief of Ishigami Village!
    Ruri: This is something that I've known longer than forever... perhaps always... your name... is Ishigami Senku.
  • Arguably Durarara!! episode 11:
    Mikado: I have neither the power nor wisdom to oppose a foe who won't listen to reason. You won't even give me time to try. And so...I'll rely on numbers!
    • From episode 10: I have all the pawns I need
      • Also, in the graphic novel when Simon suddenly punches Izaya in the face and says: Have you ever killed people? I have.
  • ERASED: Satoru is in a car with his teacher, Gaku Yashiro as he pursues what he thinks is a kidnapper. When he opens the glove box, the driver says "Sorry, there aren't any candies in there... because this isn't my car."
  • In Even Though We're Adults, two women, Ayano Ookubo and Akari Hirayama, respectively an elementary school teacher and a worker at a bar-restaurant, spend a romantic evening together. Some time later, Hirayama sees Ookubo coming to her restaurant with a man. As Ookubo walks by, she says the man is " husband", turning the entire story thus far on its head.
  • Eyeshield 21:
    • No Quarterback is safe from Gaou, not even Hiruma.
      Hiruma: My right arm is dead.
    • Who decides to take his place?
      Sena: SET!
    • Where is the real Eyeshield 21?
      Marco: That guy is in Teikoku High!
    • Patrick "Panther" Spencer new title in the World Cup: Fastest man above ground. Doubled with a Wham Shot showing his 40 yards dash being timed at 4.1 seconds.
  • Fairy Tail
    • In Chapter 323, Arcadios confronts Princess Hisui, revealing the discrepancy between what Future Lucy (a woman) said and what "that person" told her and demanding why the woman would lie. Hisui's response reveals the existence of Future Rogue.
    Hisui: The person that spoke to me... was a man.
    • Chapter 390 has one that turns a Captain Obvious Reveal on its head:
      Silver: My name is DELIORA.
    • Chapter 400 delivers one as well- the location of Igneel, Natsu's adoptive father, ending a search that has lasted eight years.
      Igneel: Natsu, I hope you can forgive me... for everything... The truth is, I've always been... right inside of you.
    • Chapter 415. After the surprise reappearance of the dragons, Rogue and Sting note that their dragon parents are supposed to be dead.
    Weisslogia: Even so, to call us "dead" would only be half incorrect. We are already dead.
    • Chapter 416:
      Makarov: Fairy Tail will disband.
      Zeref: You will have to surpass me Natsu...or should I say E.N.D.: Etherious Natsu Dragneel.
    • Chapter 425, it turns out there was more to Future!Rogue's warning than what we were previously shown:
      Or Frosch will be killed by Gray.
    • Chapter 436. In a flashback, Zeref reveals his true relationship with Natsu.
      Zeref: My name is Zeref Dragneel. I'm your brother, Natsu.
    • Chapter 514. A flashback to Irene's past where the origin of Dragon Slayer magic is revealed.
      Irene: Your power...the power of a dragon...could you not attach it to me?[...]A power with which I could fight against the evil dragons...the power...of a Dragon Slayer!
    • In Zero Chapter 12, Yuriy tells Mavis about Zera.
    Yuriy: I cannot see Zera. Nor can I hear her voice. And it's not just me. Precht and the others as well. No one can see Zera. No one can hear her voice. She is an existence only you can perceive. Zera is an illusion of your own creation.
  • Fate/stay night (manga)
    • After Shirou has lost Saber to Caster, he takes refuge in the church, resulting in Kotomine telling him about his foster father paticipating in the previous war.
    Kotomine: What a disappointment though. I expected more from Kiritsugu Emiya's successor.
    • This dialogue happens after Shinji's defeat.
      Shinji: saved me?
      Rider: Make no mistake. The false contract between us is at an end. I was merely obeying my master's orders.
      Shinji: No way! So that means...
      Sakura: That's right, Nii-san. I asked Rider to save you using my final command mantra.
    • Shirou's narration after being told that Saber will recover her mana by resting.
      "Looking back on it, Tosaka's prediction seems foolish. But at that point in time, how could we have ever imagined... that Saber would not wake up, but would sleep forever?"
  • Fist of the North Star:
    • After Ken lands his killing blow on Jagi, this exchange occurs:
      Kenshiro: In a few seconds, your body will vanish from this earth. It's over.
      Jagi: Over? You Fool! Have you already forgotten about your two older brothers?
    • In a later chapter, this happens (the star next to the north star can only be seen by those about to die):
      Mamiya: I'm no match for Yuria! ... But it doesn't bother me to be like that star: the small star next to the north star, shining in silence.
      Toki: You can see it?
      Mamiya: Yes, very clearly.
    • Then, at the end of the same chapter...
      Rei: The seven stars are shining so clearly tonight, even the small one next to it.
  • In the yuri oneshot, Flare, Sayoko Yonaga, a bullied high school girl, finds solace in her relationship with her girlfriend, Yuka. However, after Sayoko sees hateful graffiti carved onto her desk, this line from one of her bullies about Yuka turns the entire story on its head.
    "Hey, Yonaga. No matter how sad you are about Asaoka-san rejecting you, you really shouldn't go around dreaming up imaginary friends."
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • From episode 18:
    Ed: The last ingredient to the live human beings!
    Ed: (after Rose comes in holding a crying baby) What did [the military] do to Rose?
    Scar: Several soldiers took her back to their base when they captured her. Whatever they did to her, it traumatized her to the point that she could no longer speak.
    (Ed makes an expression that easily mirrors that of the viewers)
    • And later:
    Fuhrer Bradley: (to Marta) Your agile moves won't work against me, snake-chimera. I have the Ultimate Eye.
    • From episode 44, which reveals that Dante has possessed Lyra's body.
    Lyra: Have you come with valiant efforts to save me?
    Hohenheim: Not this time, Dante.
    • From episode 50, after Envy reveals his true form.
    Ed: (to Envy) Y-You're...his son!?
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Chapter 104, what Father says summarizes the WHAM situation the best:
      Father: For me to imprison God within my body required enormous energy. And the citizens of this country provided it for me.
    • Also, two chapters previously. Pride forces Roy Mustang to do a human transmutation in order to get the last sacrifice required for Father's evil plan, since Father needs five alchemists who have attempted human transmutation. While human transportation results in the victim losing a part of their body, Mustang seems fine, until he says the following:
      Roy Mustang: I...can't see.
    • Even before that: Hawkeye talks with Mrs. Bradley, and learns that Selim is adopted from one of their relatives, Hawkeye asks if Selim is one of Mrs. Bradley tells her, "He's the son of some distant relative of my husband." Hawkeye remembers that King Bradley has no relatives, then encounters Selim and confronts him about what she's learned.
      Selim: I am the first homunculus. My name is Pride.
    • And before any of these, Bradley reveals himself as the homunculus Wrath.
      Bradley: Just as you have the Ultimate Shield...I have the Ultimate Eye.
    • Chapter 97, after it was thought that Wrath was dealt with...
      Bradley: Hello everyone. I see that everything has gotten quite out of hand during my absence. I am coming to personally take back control of my country, and put down this coup.
    • Long before ANY of those:
      Edward: The raw materials needed for the Philosopher's Stone...are living humans!!
  • Future Diary. Akise's throat has been slit, so not only is he dying, but he can't speak either. He manages to type his final message out on his phone and show it to Yuki (but not the audience, at first). Yuki doesn't seem to grasp the message's meaning, but when he later confronts Yuno about it, she immediately tries to kill him, and the series climax goes off in an entirely new direction. Akise's final message was that Yuno came from an Alternate Universe where she had already won the survival game and become god of space and time.
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula has two of these in the TV series:
    • The first was when Hayato and Asuka are at a lake, when Asuka suddenly asked this to Hayato:
      Asuka: Hayato! Well...
      Hayato: What?
      Asuka: I have that feeling Knight Shoemach is my brother!
    • And in the next episode, Hayato finds out the truth about what really happened to his father while visiting Osamu in the hospital:
      Hayato: Danger...? Mom, what happened?!
      Junko: Hayato, listen to me very well...your father is dead.
      Hayato: What did you say?
      Junko: Your father was killed.
  • Ghost in the Shell : In the 95 movie, when answering a criminal ("I won't tell anything to cops"), and giving a good introduction to the reality of ghost hacking
    Batou: Tell? And what could you tell us? You don't even know your own name!
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: "Makoto...Have you been time-leaping?"
    • And then soon after: "Would you laugh if I told you I'm from the future?
  • Girls und Panzer
    • In Episode 8, as things look desperate for Oorai during their match against Pravda, Miho says that perhaps, losing may not be such a bad thing, since she made friends and rekindled her love of tanks. She then finds out the stakes are much higher than she thought.
      Momo: What are you saying? Our school's gone if we lose!
    • In the Little Army manga, after having had a serious fight with Emi, Miho goes to her house to try to reconcile with her, and offer to challenge Maho's team to a tank battle, only to get a cold reception from Emi.
      Emi's mother: Such a helpless child... you'll be separated soon, so you should make up.
      Miho: Eh? What did you mean?
      Emi's mother: I'm sorry, you didn't know about it yet, right? Actually, we are returning to Deutschland next month.
    • Also from Little Army, when Maho shifts from a Cool Big Sis to an Ice Queen, and also confirms that she did, as Emi said, take the opportunity to shoot down Emi's sister's team's flag tank when it went to save one of hers.
      Maho: ...Miho. What I did was Nishizumi style Panzer-kraft. I gave the order to shoot. Was that all you wanted to talk about?
    • In Chapter 10 of the main series manga.
      Kikuyo: Lady Miho, your current actions in Ooarai... the madam knows all of it.
      Miho: I thought so...
      Kikuyo: ...That I of all people has to inform you about such matters, I'm hesitant, but... In the semifinals... if Lady Miho happens to lose against Pravda High... Lady Miho... the Nishizumi household will... disinherit you.
  • Grave of the Fireflies: After returning from buying food, Seita comes back to a severely ill Setsuko who is delusional and weak. He gives her something to eat and makes dinner, bringing hope that Setsuko would recover. Then, after Seita leaves the scene, leaving Setsuko to lie there with a hunk of melon you think she'd wolf down, he voices over the line: "She never woke up". After pretty much know what happened.
  • Great Mazinger:
    Kenzo: He’s crying. My son is... My son…! Kouji Kabuto...!
  • GUN×SWORD: "Have you seen a man with a claw? Maybe with a young boy?" "Why, yes. He's right over there."
  • Haruhi Suzumiya: "...that's why I'm going to kill you and see how Miss Suzumiya reacts!"
    • Vol.7: "Is this what you are looking for?" note 
    • And from The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: "This is exactly what you wished for."
  • High School DXD
    • The very last line of volume 11.
      Kiba: That day, we lost Ise-kun.
    • Earlier in volume 3:
      Kokabiel: Seeing that even after losing the masters you serve, you devils and followers of God can still fight, huh?
      Rias: ...What do you mean?
      Kokabiel: Fuhaha, fuhahahahahahahahahaha! That’s right! I totally forgot! The truth wasn’t revealed to you lower guys! Then I will tell you. In the war between the three sides, not only the Yondai-Maou but also God died.
  • In Ill Boy, Ill Girl, we're introduced to the Ill Girl, who is a bright and happy girl despite having a disease that'll kill her very soon. It isn't until the second chapter that we find out that there's more to her than her adorable demeanor with two little lines, one where she confesses that her parents were serial criminals ("My parents are terrible criminals! My father is a serial killer and my mother is a serial arsonist."), and the other is when she explains why she wants a nurse to guard her and the boy:
    "Isn’t it obvious? To make sure I don’t kill this cute boy."
  • I"s got one on the last panel of the 45th chapter.
    Takezawa: I like her.
  • Inside Mari is about Isao, a college aged man who ends up in the body of a teenage girl he admires. 42 chapters in we get this line at the end of a chapter after Isao offhandedly mentions a moment Mari and Yori had shared.
    Yori: How do you know what Mari said to me? I never told you that!
  • InuYasha:
    • Sesshoumaru to a dying Kagura, after saying he had followed Naraku's smell and her asking if he was dissapointed it's only her:
      Sesshoumaru: I knew it was you.
    • Kanna's dying moment of betrayal to the main cast as Naraku kills her.
      Kanna: The light. The light will kill Naraku.
  • Jaco the Galactic Patrolman has his answer to Tights' question about the race that sent the mysterious alien Jaco came to Earth to stop. And if the description alone wasn't enough...
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne has two of these:
    • From episode 34:
      Jeanne: It can't be... Chiaki is Sinbad? And you knew I was Jeanne?
    • From episode 41:
      Maron: Fin, lend me your powers. Deliver my wish to...
      Fin: No, I won't!
    • From Miyako in chapter 27 of the manga.
      Miyako: The fact that you were Jeanne was obvious to me from the very beginning!
  • Kill la Kill has several.
  • Two, in Kotoura-san's Downer Beginning, as both caused Haruka to cross the Despair Event Horizon:
    Kumiko, Haruka's mother: (Pushes Haruka off on the floor) I should never have given birth to you.
    Nameless lady, to Haruka: Are you the one who has been feeding that cat? What a nuisance. I took it to a shelter, so don't ever come here again.
  • Legendz: When the C.E.O. of Darkwiz Company finally reveals himself, we're given this bombshell:
    Haluca: Papa?!
    Ranshin: Papa?! Did she just say papa?!
  • Magic Knight Rayearth
    Hikaru: Then tell us why you summoned us to Cephiro?
    Emeraude: I summoned the Magic Knights to Cephiro... so that you could kill me.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
    • Precia, while cornered, reveals her true purpose for seeking Al Hazard- to revive her daughter Alicia- and that Fate is merely a replica of her daughter.
    Precia: I'll put an end to everything. To all the time this girl was deprived of when I lost her.. and also to the doll I created to play as my daughter.
    • "You want to know something nice? Ever since I made you...every single moment...I've despised you."
    • In StrikerS Sound Stage X Ginga and Cinque are interrogating Jail Scaglietti about the whereabouts of the current Big Bad and he drops this bombshell at the end:
    He died four years ago. He was devoured by the Mariage.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!
    • A complicated one during the Mahora Festival Arc. Each mage has an invocation they must speak before casting, Negi's being "Ras tel ma magi scir magistir." While fighting the girl who jokingly claimed to be his Kid from the Future, well...
      Negi: Give it up! Your advantage is gone, and someone who can't use magic has no chance against me!
      Chao: Can't use magic? I wonder about that.
      Negi: (Oh, Crap!)
      Chao: Spellseals, open. Unlock. [Instant Runes] magic scir magistir...
    • "You may call me a puppet, but the reality is you too are a sad and pitiful puppet, and puppets cannot oppose or defy the puppet master."
    • Another one from 324 spoken by Ku-Nel Sanders: "The one who sleeps there, is the Mage of Beginning: The "Lifemaker"
  • In the Mai-HiME manga, Nagi is able to throw his foes into disarray long enough to attempt to escape with the following question.
    Nagi: This may be odd for me to ask right now, but how did it taste...when you kissed Mai-chan?
    • In the anime, Shiho, with the following line, essentially admits to killing Takumi.
      Shiho: Don't run away! Lose, just like that toad!
  • In Mai-Otome, John Smith admits that he can't take on a Materialized Arika, and so calls for help from The Mole.
    John Smith: Miss Erstin!
  • Maken-ki!:
    Ouken: (at Takeru) "I don't understand — Why are you helping the girl? She isn't even a human. She's nothing but a doll. That body is made of what's left of the real Kodama Himegami."
  • Muhyo and Roji:
    • After Face-Ripper Sophie is defeated, suddenly, Enchu and Rio say "This is what we've been waiting for," together, revealing that Rio has betrayed the MLS.
    • At the end of the match against Goryo's group, it seems as though Muhyo triumphed, until he says...
      Muhyo: Who said we won?
    • In the next chapter, as Roji angrily asks Muhyo why he doesn't teach him anything and expresses his own feelings of inadequacy;
      Muhyo (to Roji): I suppose now's as good a time as any. I'm putting you on leave until further notice.
    • Toward the end of the manga, when it's revealed that Roji's rank is merely provisional.
      Muhyo: So you're happy with getting fired?
  • My Monster Secret:
    • Rin is Asahi's granddaughter from the future. Shortly after she convinces Akemi Mikan of this fact, she accidentally calls the girl "Granny." Whoops.
    • Yuka is Asahi's other granddaughter (and Rin's cousin). She mentions that the reason she falls head over heels for every boy she meets is because her great-grandmother told her "love as many people as possible." Overhearing this, Shishido Shiho realizes that Yuka is talking about her own mother, which is confirmed a moment later when Yuka rounds the corner and calls her grandma.
  • Naruto:
    • A minor one, but still pretty funny:
      Haku: Oh, by the way, I'm a boy.
    • The masked man reveals what is apparently his true identity. The truth is a bit more complicatednote .
      Tobi: The true power of the belongs to me! Madara Uchiha!
    • And maybe the biggest one of all in Chapter 397, when Tobi reveals that Itachi's last act was to set up a jutsu that would trigger Amaterasu if Sasuke ever met up with Tobi.
      Sasuke: Why would Itachi do such a thing?
      Tobi: Don't you get it? He did it... to protect you.
      Sasuke: Are you stupid? Didn't you see, didn't you see him trying to kill me?
      Tobi: If that is the case, Sasuke, then why are you alive?
    • And one chapter later.
      Tobi: It is true that he slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan and then fled the Hidden Leaf Village, but it was his mission to do so. He was ordered by members of the Hidden Leaf.
    • In Ch 499. Kushina reveals an important secret about herself.
      Kushina: I...was the Kyuubi's previous host...
    • Chapter 559 reveals something very important.
      Gaara: Look at his eyes! He is a reincarnation.. Are you really sure?
      Onoki: There is no doubt... This one is the real.. Uchiha.. Madara.
    • Chapter 561: The above-mentioned Madara just used a ninjutsu to bring down a meteorite, but the combined titanic efforts of O'onoki (the Tsuchikage) and Gaara managed to stop it from falling on everyone. Everyone is relieved.
      Madara: Now, how will you deal with the second one, O'onoki?
    • In Ch 590:
      Itachi: No matter what you become, I will always love you.
    • Chapter 599 has the biggest one, after Naruto and Kakashi destroy Tobi's mask.
      Kakashi: You're Obito?
    • In Chapter 627, after hearing the origins of the Senju and Uchiha clans, Sasuke, who had been conflicted as to whether to continue his vendetta against the Leaf Village for killing his clans, comes to a decision.
      Sasuke: I'm going to the battlefield. I won't let this village... and my brother... be wasted!
    • Also later on in chapter 631. While Sasuke essentially means this in a somewhat metaphorical sense, it comes as a surprise to everyone present.
      Sasuke: Many things happened... but I decided to protect the village, and I will become Hokage.
    • In chapter 670, Hagoromo, the Sage of Six Paths, talks about his children, Indra and Asura, and how their rivalry led to the Senju and Uchiha feud. After saying this, he then points out that Naruto's resemblance to Asura is more than a coincidence.
      Hagoromo: You, Naruto. Ashura reincarnated into you.
    • Chapter 678. Black Zetsu, who's supposedly one of the Zetsus with Madara's will, betrays Madara and reveals his true allegiance.
      Black Zetsu: Wrong again... The will that is in me is — Kaguya's.
    • Chapter 681:
      Black Zetsu: The story of the ninja is a story that existed in order to revive my mother.
    • Chapter 692. The final battle seems to be over, and it's revealed that the only thing left is for Naruto and Sasuke to release the Infinite Tsukuyomi together. At that point, however, Sasuke reveals his true plan.
      Sasuke: But first... I'm going to execute the Five Kages who are still inside the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
    • Chapter 698, ending the Final Battle:
      Sasuke: [to Naruto] This loss.
  • From Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • In Episode 16, Rei makes a Meaningful Echo of something Shinji remembers from his early childhood, namely something his mother once said to him:
      Rei: Well, that is good for you.
    • In Episode 21, the truth behind the Evangelion's "armor" is revealed:
      Ritsuko: They're binders to suppress Eva's natural power. And now she's shedding them. No one can stop Eva.
  • From Rebuild of Evangelion:
    • Surprising absolutely nobody, Kaworu shows up at the end of an entire movie of Off the Rails Wham Episodes. Then...
      Kaworu: The time has come again, Shinji Ikari. This time, I'll make you happy.
    • The reveal of the Eva's dark side in Rebuild...
      Mari: Invert controls. Backdoor code: THE BEAST!
    • In the first Rebuild movie, there's the moment where Misato reveals Lilith's body to Shinji. A Wham Line because in previous incarnations she didn't know about the body until Kaji revealed it, and only knew it as Adam until Kaworu arrived. Thus raising questions about Misato's possible connection to Seele in this continuity.
    • Hell, the third movie is chock-full of these :
      Sakura: Thank you for being friends with my brother. I'm his younger sister, Sakura.note 
      Asuka: Fourteen years have passed since then. Baka Shinji.
    • Earlier, the line that sets the tone of the movie :
      Misato: Ikari Shinji-kun.(remove glasses and throws him an icy glare) From now on... you'll do nothing.
    • The reveal of why Shinji is hated by everyone :
      Kaworu: Ikari Shinji-kun, once Awakened, Eva-01 opened the Door of Guf and became the trigger for Third Impact. Lilin call it Near Third Impact. It was all initiated by you.
    • Fuyutsuki gives not one, but two consecutive ones to Shinji :
      Fuyutsuki: This is your mother...Yui Ayanami.
      Fuyutsuki: The Ayanami Rei you know is one of Yui-kun's clones. She is preserved within Eva-01, the same as your mother.
    • Near the end of the movie, the one that signified the destruction of Kaworu and Shinji's plans :
      Kaworu: This is odd... Both Spears have morphed into the same shape.
    • Going back to the original series, from episode 24, we learn the truth behind the AT Field:
      Kaworu: That's right. That's what you Lilin call it. The sacred domain where none may trespass. The light of the soul. Lilin, you know, don't you? That the AT Field is the wall that everyone has in their heart?
    • Earlier that episode:
      Misato: The Fifth Child...what is he?
      Ritsuko: He is probably the last Angel.
  • New Game!
    • In Chapter 4, Ko Yagami repeatedly rejects Aoba Suzukaze's characters, sending them back for changes, since she doesn't want Aoba to be satisfied with "good enough." As such, this line from Rin surprises Aoba.
    Rin: Truthfully, what you submitted this morning was actually ok as-is.
    • In Chapter 49, after Ko casually asks Aoba to do the key visual for Peco, the meeting they're in suddenly turns awkward.
    Christina: The key visual won't be done by Suzukaze-san, but by you, Yagami-san.
  • In One Piece
    • In the Syrup Village arc, Usopp does not get along with Kaya's butler Klahadore, but even he isn't expecting to hear him say the following.
    Klahadore/Captain Kuro: Have you prepared everything necessary to carry out the plan?
    Jango: Of course I have. Operation "Murder Miss Kaya" is ready to go any time.
    • Kaku gives some very unpleasant news when the Straw Hats ask about the Going Merry, in hopes that the shipwrights of Water 7 can repair their ship.
    Kaku: I'm going to give it to you straight. Your ship... can't be fixed! Not even with our skills!
    • In Chapter 511, showing exactly how doomed are the Straw Hats...:
    Luffy: EVERYBODY!!! Focus on escaping!!!! We CAN'T beat these guys!!!note 
    • Another one from Chapter 550:
      Sengoku: The truth is...Portgas D. Ace: your father is Gold Roger!
    • Whitebeard's Famous Last Words
      Whitebeard: One real!
    • From the Fishman Island arc, the revelation of Arc Villain Hody Jones' true motives:
    Prince Fukaboshi: What could humans have possibly done to you?
    Hody Jones: Nothing.
    • At the end of Fishman Island arc, it's revealed what one of the Ancient Weapons truly is.
    Nico Robin: Which means, Princess Shirahoshi's other name is the Ancient Weapon, Poseidon.
    • This gem from Chapter 650, on the new Fleet Admiral:
      Jinbe: And the winner was Akainu!! Sakazuki is the Fleet Admiral of the Marines!!
    • In the Dressrosa arc, Sanji gives some unfortunate news that, by revealing that one assumption the alliance had been operating on is no longer true, reveals that the entire plan is falling apart.
      Sanji: Doflamingo never stepped down from the Seven Warlords!
    • In chapter 744, we finally get confirmation of something that a huge chunk of the fandom had been hoping was true for almost three years:
      Sabo: He was the man that will become the Pirate King... Straw Hat Luffy. He's my younger brother.
    • This bit from the end of the Drum Island arc.
      Dr. Kureha: Monkey D. Luffy? Just like Gol D. Roger. So it still lives... the Will of D. Chopper is traveling with a very dangerous man.
    • Chapter 763: Trafalgar Law reveals his full name in a flashback:
      Law: I'm really not supposed to be telling you guys's Trafalgar D. Water Law.
    • From the same chapter:
      Corazon: Law, get away from Doffy as soon as possible!
    • Chapter 764: Some of the portions of the Will of D is revealed.
      Corazon: Those who carry the name of D. are God'snote  mortal enemies!!!
    • A minor but still important one from the Post-Enies Lobby Arc:
      Whitebeard: (to Shanks) I still remember when you were an apprentice on Gol D. Roger's ship.
    • Chapter 783, as Luffy vs. Doflamingo heats up:
      Luffy: Gear...Fourth!
    • Chapter 795 gives us a narration that bodes ill for the near future, with the wham at the end:
      Narrator: This man just committed suicide. A sort of suicide you don't see every day…suicide by jumping off a sky island... ...This man, alone, challenged and was captured by the Navy and Yonko 18 times. Tortured over one thousand. 40 times he was given the death sentence. They tried to hang him; the chains simply broke. They tried to guillotine him; the blades simply shattered. They tried to skewer him; the spears simply snapped. This man alone sunk 9 mammoth prison ships. His hobbies include attempting suicide. In other words, no one could kill this man. And that included... the man himself. He goes by the name... Hundred-Beast Kaido.
    • Chapter 813: Why exactly is Sanji important to Big Mom?
      Bege: The wedding of Sanji, the third son of the Vinsmoke Family, is scheduled in a week to Charlotte Pudding, 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family.
    • Chapter 816, has a comedic, and heartwarming Wham Line, one that comes after Duke Dogstorm and the Cat Viper repeatedly denied that Raizo was on Zou, even while Jack was torturing and maiming them.
    Kinemon:How is Raizou holding up here?
    Catviper:Sir Raizo... is safe!
    • Chapter 818 reveals a cluster of whams that changes the story of One Piece from this point on. Starting with the Poneglyph that was found in Zou.
      Duke Dogstorm: That red stone is called a Road Ponegliff!! It is meant to serve as a guide to the place the most powerful men on the sea seek!! The end point of the Grand Line!!!
      Robin: You mean... to Raftel, the final island?!!
      Dogstorm: Precisely!!
    • Chapter 850, Sanji is bring up some food for his bride-to-be, Pudding.
      Pudding:Marry him? Me? Not in a thousand years!
    • Chapter 862, Pudding gets ready to shoot Sanji.
    Pudding: Are you horrified seeing my third eye, Sanji-kun? Am I just a freak to you?
    Sanji: No, Pudding, your eye is pretty beautiful!
    • Chapter 908: The Five Elder Stars greet the man who is sitting on top of the Empty Throne which no one should sit on as it means being the ruler of the entire world.
    Five Elder Stars: Oh Im-sama! We the Five Elder Stars are here before you!
    • Chapter 919: Kinemon and the rest are highly secretive about something in Wano.
    Kinemon: The three of us, before you, as well as Kanjuro and Raizo... Altogether five of us... We hail from the past. (Beat) The truth is, we were sent here. Through time, from the Wano Country of 20 years ago!
  • In Oniisama e..., we have one said by Kaoru towards Fukiko, revealing quite the secret to Nanako and the viewer:
    Kaoru: But Rei... She's your younger sister!
  • Pandora Hearts: Retrace LXV is full of them, but this one stands out.
    Jack Vessalius: So Glen...why don't you lower that sword...before I kill your cute little servant?
    • This line is the first reveal of the fact that Jack has been lying to everyone the entire manga. It only gets worse from there.
    • There's also this little tidbit in Retrace LVIII that shows that Leo is not quite spared from the mess of the story as he seems:
      Glen Baskerville/Levi: Relax...that thing won't attack you.
    • There are several in Retrace LXX as well. For the one below, Jack's whole speech applies, but this line especially:
      Jack Vessalius: This body does not Oz Vessalius.
    • And later on in the same chapter, expanding on the Wham Line above, this:
      Jack Vessalius: Shall I introduce you to him? This is the chain I formed a contract with. Oz, the B-Rabbit.
  • In episode 3 of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, where Sorata tells Jin over the phone that he's made up his mind to really leave Sakura Hall instead of just dragging his feet about it. This doesn't sit very well with Mashiro, who overheard the conversation, and plays an important role in episode 4.
  • Panzer World Galient features one when Hilmuka reveals Jordy that his mother hadn't been killed. She was kidnapped by Marder:
    Hilmuka: [Jordy's mother] is alive.
  • In Pokémon's Tag Battle Tournament, Paul decides to give up in the middle of a certain match all because of his Chimchar's performance (even though it was his own fault, not the mon's). Having had enough of this, Paul's tag-team partner proves himself to be the better trainer when he decides to take matters into his own hands.
    Ash: "[Chimchar], Flamethrower!"
  • Poor Poor Lips
    • After several chapters of funny and heartwarming moments between Nako and Ren, chapter 49 decides to end with this line:
      Ren: When this is all settled, I'll be leaving. You've given me one last wonderful memory to take with me.
    • Chapter 56 decides to close Volume 3 with an evil Cliffhanger:
      Ren: What point is there in falling in love, when I'll be marrying a man of my parents' choosing?
  • Pretty Cure has its Wham Lines:
    Minori: "Kaoru-oneesan? Who's that?"
    Dark Precure: How dare you do that to my father!
    Cure Fortune: You cannot trust Cure Princess. Or else a giant disaster will fall upon you.
    • Episode 13 definitely takes the cake to date.
    Blue: I may be the source of all misfortune.
    • A comedic example in episode 31, which combines with Wham Shot.
    Yuko: Those days we spent together became my precious memories. My days with...
    (A dog appears)
    Yuko: Debit.
    • Episode 37:
    Deep Mirror: Mirage-sama, are these three people no longer useful?
    Queen Mirage: That's right. But I still have something in the back. context 
    Twilight: It's strange, it feels like I'm being called by someone. context 
    • Episode 33:
    Miss Shamour: This is the royal emblem of Hope Kingdom!
    • Episode 35:
    Kanata: Who are you? Do you know me?
    • Episode 40:
    Lock: You'll do fine. I'm borrowing that body, m'kay? context 
    • Episode 47:
    Dyspear: Impressive, Precure. All right, Hope Kingdom will return to you. But despair is unstoppable.
    • Episode 48:
    Close: Yare Lock!
    Papple: You damn worthless bucket of bolts! How dare you get in my way! You're in need in some adjustment! context 
    Bakenyan: Whoever obtains the 12 pens will possess the power to transcend all.
    • There are two in episode 19:
    Aiwarn: That's definitely true-ttsuno~ I turned those people into stone-ttsuno~
    Fuwa: Smells nice-fuwa~!! [...] Blue Cat's nioi-fuwa~
    • Ending of Episode 20:
    Tenjo: Awesome.
    Kappard: No, not yet. [Darknest’s] power is nothing like this.
    • End of episode 25:
    AI: Transmission from Planet Saman
    Boy: Lala, where are you~lun Come back immediately-lun~
    Trauma: Just to tell you, the Tears of the Precures are not for reviving your [Solciere's] master.
  • Magical Project S: "Misao, you're Pixy Misa?"
  • In ReLIFE, the very end of chapter 111.
    Hishiro: Isn't Kaizaki-san also a subject in the ReLIFE experiment?
  • In Saki, this exchange is the first indication of how severe the estrangement between Saki and her older sister Teru is.
    Sumire: Don't you have a sister?
    Teru: No, I don't.
    • In Chapter 128, Teru makes a surprising reversal of the above.
      Awai: Saki Miyanaga... is she your little sister?
      Teru: N...Yeah, she's my sister.
    • In Saki Shinohayu -dawn of age-, this comes up after a game of mahjong that Shino plays with her mother and uncle.
      Shino narrating: The next day, my mom disappeared.
    • Also from Dawn of Age, after Mafuka gives Hayari her hair pins.
      Mafuka: I'm getting moved to a hospital in Tokyo, so, you won't be able to see me for a while. Consider it a keepsake.
    • From the end of the next chapter. Granted, she doesn't die, but it still comes as a shock.
      Mafuka Kasugai, (1988-2037), the mahjong idol, died standing at the end of her final live concert.
  • At the end of the eleventh chapter of Satou Kashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai:
    Nagisa: Half an hour passed and then an hour. Umino Mokuzu never showed up.
  • School Days, final episode: Makoto has received a text message on his cellphone which just says "sorry," followed by a whole bunch of empty lines that scroll down, leading up to one word: "Sayonara." Cue serious Oh, Crap!.
    • The manga does this in spectacular fashion in the last chapter. He receives a phone call from Kotonoha's younger sister, frantically telling him that Kotonoha's been stabbed and is bleeding to death. In the next exchange, the culprit reveals herself.
      Makoto: Sekai! Kotonoha's...
      Sekai: Been stabbed?
  • School-Live!:
    • One is spoken by Miki in episode 6 when Yuki is showing her the music room. Made much, much creepier as the lively music playing from the radio suddenly starts slowing down, and the nice and clean music room starts morphing from Yuki's fantasy into reality.
    Miki: "I don't understand what you're saying. Who is Megu-nee?''
    • The manga has an off hand comment by Yuki that really sinks it in that Kurumi is not actually cured.
    Yuki: "Hey Kurumi, your hand is kinda cold."
  • School Rumble. Harima's Anguished Declaration of Love becomes this when he says it to the wrong girl.
  • Technically shared by the narrator and Ryoma in Shin Getter Robo: "GETTER EMPEROR CHANGE!" 'The voice that quakes the Universe itself was, indeed, that of Ryoma Nagare.'' "CHANGE GETTER EMPEROR ONE!"
  • This exchange from Soul Eater, just as Crona is forgiven by Death for furthering the madness that was in Stein. Granted, this series has a lot after the halfway point.
    Nygas: Medusa. Just what are you doing here?
    Medusa: I'm not looking for a fight. I surrender.
    • The manga has the Great Old One of the Book of Eibon calling Death the Kid; a "fragment of Shinigami."
    • There's also the last line of Chapter 88, where the Spartoi kids find out that they've been ordered to execute Crona. Considering that the rest of Chapter 88 was a total filler chapter...yeah. Wham Line.
    • 108. Dear Lord, 108. Asura reveals that he too is a fragment of Lord Death, effectively making him Kid's OLDER BROTHER.
  • Sword Art Online
    • At the very beginning of the series, Klein asks the question that helps Kirito realize that SAO is no ordinary video game:
    • In Volume 1, Kirito is forced to join the Knights of Blood after losing to Heathcliff, then is ordered to go on an expedition with Godfrey to test how well he can work with a group. Kirito's not happy to see one of his partnersnote  .
    Kirito: There, standing next to Godfrey was the last man in Aincrad I wanted to see- Kuradeel.
    • From Episode 23 of the first season, Kirito fights his way past the hordes of enemies to the door to the top of the World Tree. Once there, Yui gives him this news:
    • From Season 2, Episode 18, the group discusses whether Zekken, someone strong enough to defeat Kirito, is a fellow SAO survivor- Kirito had asked whether Zekken was a "full-time resident" of virtual reality, but didn't get an answer:
    Lisbeth: [quoting Kirito] "If Zekken had been in that world, rather than me, the Dual-wielding skill would have been awarded to them."
    • Season 2, Episode 22- Dr. Kurahashi reveals why Yuuki's in the Medicuboid, an experimental device intended to give palliative care to those with terminal illnesses.
    • Chapter 10 of Volume 7 ends with "That was when Dr. Kurahashi sent Asuna a message saying that Yuuki's condition had taken a turn for the worse." In Episode 24 of Season 2, you see the message itself, which says, "Yuuki-san, Konno-san's condition has deteriorated. Can you come immediately?"
    • In Volume 10, Asuna infiltrates Rath with the help of Rinko Kojiro, and listens to Kikuoka and Higa talk about their work researching Artificial Intelligence. She then spells out what the project is for.
    Asuna: Because that’s not what they want, Dr. Koujiro. The ultimate goal of this massive project isn’t to simply create a high-functioning, bottom-up AI...It's to create an AI that can kill enemy soldiers in a war.
    • In Volume 11, Kirito and Eugeo notice that there's something familiar about the Integrity Knight before them, but it's only when she introduces herself that they realize who she is.
    Alice: “Axiom Church of Centoria, Integrity Knight—Alice Synthesis Thirty.”
  • Sword Art Online Progressive
    Kirito narrating: But the black-hooded bandits fighting Cylon had orange cursors. The color of criminals. They weren't NPCs. They were players.
  • In Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online, after the second Squad Jam, Goshi/M takes Karen/LLENN and Miyu/Fuka to meet with Pito in real life. After watching a secret show by the famous singer Elsa Kanzaki, Goshi takes the two girls backstage and introduces the owner of the club, Rei Satou, as Pito. Karen, however, walks past Rei and up to Elsa herself, praising her as a "wonderful grim reaper,"note , revealing that Karen knows that Elsa is Pito's real identity.
  • Tegami Bachi
    • Lag sets out on his journey to become a Letter Bee in order to reunite with his mother, as well as Gauche Suede, who had gotten a promotion to go to the capital. When he finally succeeds, he hears this.
      Zaji: Your delivery is just as good as the record holder. And seeing how Gauche Suede isn't a Bee anymore, you're pretty much at the top.
    • After telling Aria about the true nature of the sun, Hodai Franklin begins talking about Gauche.
      Hodai: Poor girl. That fellow who was precious to you? His now part of the light of the world. Yes...He'll whole again!
    • Much later, Lag figures out what exactly is wrong with Gauche.
      Lag: Ever since you woke up, the whole time, you've been lying to us. Everything you said about me and Sylvette...did you learn it all from the letter bullet I shot into you? I believed...the real Gauche had returned. I believed it. Sylvette believes it. But no. You're not Gauche! You're Noir!
    • Lag's mother delivers a fairly shocking revelation after Lag exposes the "heart" inside her letter, revealing why she disappeared.
      Anne: My family has a certain duty regarding the artificial sun. It is a great burden, but I must carry it out. It is my fate. Our duty... carries a certain title in Amberground. "The Empress."
    • When Zazie and Connor find an imprint left by a large scorpion-like Gaichuu.
      Connor: Laphroaig?! That's... the Gaichuu... that stole your parents' hearts!
  • "Oh hai, [adult swim]! Got the results of the test back — I definitely have April Fool's."
    • "Toonami faithful, we heard you. 05.26.12 #toonamiisbackbitches"
    • For the people who were wondering if a certain show about a certain orange-hued ninja was going to return: "The prodigal son has returned!"
    • "The Titans...are...coming."
  • Tokyo Ghoul:
    Arima: You're good... Kaneki Ken.
  • Toradora!: Episode 21.
    Taiga: I can't stop... loving... Ryuuji...
  • The World God Only Knows is apparently riddled with this and Wham Episodes:
    • For those who previously thought that Keima's capture targets have forgotten, this line from FLAG 115:
      Kanon: I haven't forgotten about you, Keima-kun. I remember everything...
    • Chihiro's last line to Keima in chapter 155. "I like you."
    • The previous line is overshadowed in WHAM-ness in the very next chapter.
      Ayumi: I heard you.
    • Also in 165...
      Chihiro: Please be gentle. It's my first time.
    • Chihiro just seems to be a machine for these. As seen in Chapter 181.
      Chihiro: Ayumi, did you know? Katsuragi is a lying bastard!
    • Ayumi to Keima after the Goddess recapture arc in chapter 192:
      Ayumi: Who are you?note 
    • The second time that Keima tries and fails to save a suicidal girl (thanks to a "Groundhog Day" Loop), he asks her to tell him her name before time resets again. Her answer?
      Girl: Dokurou.
    • FLAG 266 gives us two.
      • The first one is said early on and with such nonchalance that one may require a double take for it:
        Elsie: Also, it was really hard to stop time.
      • ...But then we get to Wham Line number two, which is easily the biggest one in the entire manga:
        Elsie: You're right! It looks like I was the "last boss"!
    • FLAG 267: The final words of the chapter:
      Keima: Chihiro... I love you.
  • Your Lie in April has few of them.
    Kaori (episode 5): "I see.. so I passed out :again."
    Kaori (episode 11): "'You know, I'm not always going to be around to help you... -Charlie Brown."
    Kaori (episode 16): "Want to commit double suicide with me?" note  Kousei is frozen in place the instant he hears that.
    Kousei in episode 22 after realize Kaori is already dead: "Goodbye."
    Kaori in her goodbye letter: " Kaori Miyazono was in love with Watari Ryota... that was the lie I told".
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! gives us this from that duel with Raphael:
    Yami: Now I activate...the Seal of Orichalcos!
    • Followed up by the Wham Shot of Yami with a Death Glare on his face...and the Seal of Orichalcos on his forehead...
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero has several of these starting from Episode 8
    • Episode 8's first wham line triples in significance if you've read the prequel Light Novel:
    Sonoko: "I've finally found you... Wasshi."
    Sonoko: "What do you think happens to a flower after it blooms?"
    Togo: "I've tried to commit suicide over ten times these past few days."
    "My name is Fujiwara and I'm with Iyono Music... Are you Inubozaki Itsuki's guardian?"
    • And finally in Episode 11:
    Karin: "Sorry, I think they took both my eyes and ears."
  • Yuri Is My Job
    • In Chapter 6, Hime tells her coworker Mitsuki about one former classmate who saw through Hime's façade and ruined her reputation back in elementary school. Mitsuki then asks for the classmate's name, and Hime says that the girl was called Mitsuki Yano. Mitsuki, who hadn't told Hime her real last name, is surprised that Hime never realized who she was.
    Mitsuki: (shows Hime her student ID) It's me. I am "Yano Mitsuki"!
    • In Chapter 7, while Hime and Mitsuki's friendship falling apart is a Foregone Conclusion, the catalyst for it comes as much of a surprise for the reader as it is for Mitsuki.
    Music Teacher: Yano-san, are you practicing for the recital?
    Mitsuki: Yes. Hime-chan should be coming in later. With a little more work, I think she'll be up to speed, too.
    Music Teacher: You didn't hear? Shiraki-san quit the recital.
    • In Chapter 18, after an argument between Kanoko and Sumika, Sumika meets up with Nene in the kitchen. This line reveals that Nene is actually Saionji, Sumika's former schwester, who left Sumika for her girlfriend Goeido, who proceeded to dump her.
    Sumika: Nene-san! I still don't get it at all! Why did you ignore my advice and go to Goeido back then? Why did you choose romance, at the expense of tearing our schwester-ship apart? In the end... all that came of it was making you cry... and quit being "Saionji."


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