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Please don't hide spoilers in this page. Wham Line is a spoileriffic trope by nature, so it's pointless to spoiler tag every example.

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  • ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. episode 7: Mauve just walks up to Jean in the middle of the city and tells him, "You are royalty. First in the line of succession."
  • In the Ace Attorney manga, Edgeworth argues that Bobby Wolfe might have burned down the Den of Spiders if he intended to turn himself in or commit suicide, leaving no one to care for his spiders. Phoenix then argues that his friend Thomas Spitzer could have cared for them.
    Edgeworth: Well then, why don't we ask him? I would like to call my next witness, Thomas Spitzer. (Cue Oh, Crap! from Phoenix as Spitzer testifies for the prosecution.)
  • The Porn with Plot Hentai manga Alice In Sexland has the Queen of Hearts recount her backstory. After she's done, she has this to say:
    Queen of Hearts: I'm from your world too! I'm a human being! More precisely... a human soul! And Sexland... is the land of the dead!
  • There's an interesting in-universe example in Angel Beats!. Though the audience has the inkling that the disappearance of characters is not a bad thing, the main cast is completely clueless. Of course, after the events of episode 9, Otonashi muses that maybe disappearing from the world would be for the best... only to realize that Kanade agrees with him. Cue the awkward realization that the Big Bad of the series has been on their side the whole time.
    • Also, there's this in the final episode: "My life...was extended by the kind, loving heart you gave me." That's from Kanade, and what the hell were we thinking?
  • Assassination Classroom:
    • For Karasuma during the cops and robbers game, "You're more than a minute away from the pool." Karasuma then realizes he's been tricked and the kids have won.
    • The reveal of the identity of Shiro's ultimate assassin:
      Shiro: All right, number two. Time to begin. As bearers of the same bloodlust, let us kill number one.
    • Extra Chapter 3 ends with this line:
      Azusa: Yes... everyone is so kind... and thanks to that... my carefully laid plans were almost ruined.
  • Asteroid in Love:
    • Episode 6. After the school festival, the leaders of the Earth Sciences club, Mari and Mikage, who used to be the presidents of the Astrology and Geology clubs, respectively, have an announcement to make.
      Mari: As of today...
      Mari and Mikage in unison: We're both stepping down as president and vice-president.
    • In Episode 8, Ao reveals why she's been acting strangely ever since midway through the last episode.
      Ao: The truth is, it's been decided that my dad's going to be transferred... and I'm supposed to move away with him.
    • In Episode 10, Mira and Ao apply to the Shining Star Challenge together, hoping that they can both get in and discover an asteroid together. Mira gets accepted, but as for Ao...
      Ao: Sorry, I... didn't make it.
  • Attack on Titan:
    • Undoubtedly the shortest line, delivered in the most offhand way, that nonetheless managed to have the biggest impact on the plot, was this one:
      Reiner: (gesturing to Bertholdt) I'm the Armored Titan and he's the Colossal Titan.
    • This from chapter 56 delivered by the man who killed Historia's mother, bringing to light what readers have been wondering ever since Levi showed up:
      Captain Ackerman: Do you know of a man named Levi Ackerman?
      • A few lines later:
        "I taught Levi quite a bit. That runt is my pride."
    • In Chapter 73, while Wall Maria looks surprisingly empty.
      Armin: Wait, these coffee stains, are just recent!
    • In Chapter 85, Eren finally makes it into his father's basement, and after some searching, finds a photograph and an even more shocking note from his father about the world beyond the walls that protect the last remnants of humanity.
      "I come from outside the walls, where life is harmonious for humanity. In reality, humans are not extinct at all."
    • In Chapter 86, we finally learn who the Beast Titan is.
      "Soon after that, we were married. We lived happily for quite some time. Meanwhile, a son was born to us. His name was Zeke."
    • In Chapter 89, right before Kruger injects Grisha in order to give him the Attack Titan, his final words to Grisha end up flipping everything upside down.
      "Your wife. Your child. Even someone on the street. It does not matter. Love someone inside the Walls. If you can't, we're doomed to repeat it all again. The same history. The same mistakes, Again and again. If you want to save them all...Mikasa, Armin, and the others...carry out your mission to the end."
    • In Chapter 93, we are introduced to Galliard, who is the Titan Shifter with the power of the Jaw Titan and is also brother of Marcel who was eaten by Ymir as a titan which he blamed Reiner for. What Reiner asked him also confirmed who was Galliard's predecessor and the official name of that certain titan.
      Reiner: Were you... able to see Marcel's memories?
      Galliard: No, I haven't gotten to see you run off and abandon him yet, unfortunately. But... I was able to understand a bit of my predecessor, that woman named Ymir. A pathetic woman given a grand name. She volunteered to give back Marcel's Jaws, didn't she?
    • Chapter 99 features a whole conversation full of wham lines.
    • Chapter 112 might as well be Wham Line: the chapter, and they're all from Eren. Here are some of them:
      "What I'm saying is that the real Mikasa disappeared in that mountain hut, at nine years old."
      (About the Ackermans) "A clan who lost their true selves, created only to follow orders. In other words, slaves."
      "Ever since I was a kid... Mikasa, I've always hated you."
    • Chapter 114, with the revelation of Zeke's real plan.
    • Chapter 121 reveals the true capabilities of the Attack Titan and frames the entire series in a whole new light:
      Grisha: The Attack Titan is even able to peer into the memories of its future successors...In other words, it has the ability to peer into the future.
    • Chapter 123 has the confirmation of Eren's plan, confirming Grisha's fears and solidifying him as a Villain Protagonist:
      Eren: My objective... is to protect the people of Paradis, the place where I was born and raised. However, the world wishes for the annihilation of the people of Paradis. The hatred that has been swelling up for so long will certainly not end until not just the Paradisians, but all of Ymir's subjects have been eliminated. I reject this wish. The Wall Titans shall trample all earth outside of this island underfoot until all existing life there has been exterminated from this world.
  • Bakemonogatari, Episode 5:
    Senjougahara: That child... is invisible to me.
  • Bakuman。:
    • Chapter 76: After months of frustration and dissatisfaction with their new series, Tanto, the final straw is Eiji declaring that the main characters are his most respected rivals. Mashiro immediately grabs his phone, calls his girlfriend Azuki and says the following.
      Mashiro: I WANT TO QUIT TANTO!
    • In Chapter 46, Azuki tells Mashiro that she’ll hate him if he doesn’t take time off work until he’s discharged from the hospital, but Mashiro, not believing her, refuses. She then apologizes and says "I've been in love with you for eight years, so how could I hate you?", which surprises him, as it is the first time he learns that she had always loved him.
    • Chapter 100: The main characters have overcome the challenge the editor in chief has imposed on them, and their new series, PCP has surpassed all expectations. It seems that the only thing left is to get an anime so Mashiro can fulfill his promise, but then...
      Hattori: PCP isn't going to get an anime.
    • A subtle one happens in Chapter 122, when Hiramaru's "super-assistant", describing his skills, does so in the same way Nakai did shortly after his introduction, signaling Nakai's return to the series.
    • Chapter 135:
      Eiji The work I want to end is...Crownote .
    • Chapter 150: The editor in chief casually announces that he's leaving his position.
      Sasaki: Well, you could say it's my last act of selfishness as editor in chief.
    • Chapter 164: The protagonists get the news they've wanted to hear for a decade- that Mashiro's achieved his half of his and Azuki's Series Goal.
      "Congratulations. On Tuesday, September 1st at 4, the anime for REVERSI will start."
  • Berserk:
    • Guts and company rescue Griffith from a year of torture. Unfortunately, Griffith is so broken by the experience that he triggers the Behelit and sends himself and his comrades to the God Hand's dimension. When the God Hand give him a Deal with the Devil, Griffith is more than willing to take it up:
      Griffith: Among thousands of comrades and ten thousand enemies, only you...only you...only you made me forget my dream. I sacrifice."
  • Black Clover
    • Page 142. Golden Dawn's Captain William Vangeance while indebted to the Wizard King, reveals to Julius about his other friend who's not only special to him, but also part of him due to his friend taking over.
      Licht: Thank you William, my one human friend. Good day to you, Wizard King Julius Novachrono. I am Licht, leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun!
    • Page 147. Licht congratulates his followers on helping him complete his plan by what he REALLY thinks of them.
    • Page 148. In the past, the elves were killed at Licht's wedding with the young Elf witnessing it along with a forbidden spell enacted before his death. The young Elf is awakened through reincarnation and looks into the mirror to see a reflection of the very Elf he worshipped which is the start of enacting his revenge.
      Patry: Licht?
    • Page 195. Asta and others discover that the Elf Baval was possessed by another entity that's neither human or elf and things starts to turn for the worse for all sides when a quiet elf among them spoke up after taking Yuno's stone.
      "Ronne": Now... We'll finally make things right.
    • Page 196. The mastermind who is a Devil finally reveals himself.
      Zagred: That day, the one who deceived the humans and had them destroy the elves... was I.
    • Page 197. The Devil breaks Patry in order to take his Four-Leaf Grimoire by revealing to him that he was the perfect Unwitting Pawn to his plans that he betrayed Licht's ideals despite being the Hero-Worshipper.
      Patry: What are you saying? Licht was the one who reincarnated me, all of us! Even if doing so meant staining his hands with forbidden magic, he entrusted his last hope to us!
      Zagred: Wrong again. After all, it was I who reincarnated you elves.
    • Page 201. In the midst of everything happening with the Devil causing mayhem, a certain member of the Black Bulls spoke for the first time to Finral.
      Nero: Take me... to the Demon's Bones.
    • Page 233. The injured Spade Kingdom mage from La Résistance meets Yuno, and comes to this realization:
      Spade Kingdom mage: You are our hope. You belong to the House of Grinberryall. Meaning, you are the prince of the Spade Kingdom!
    • Page 331:
      • After the heroes take Spade Kingdom back from the Dark Triad and Lucifero is defeated, Damnatio, while researching on devils, make this following discovery:
      Damnatio to Julius: Within the Qliphoth, there is no mention of the Supreme Devil, Megicula. The Underworld has 3 rulers, Lucifero of Gravity Magic, Beelzebub of Spatial Magic and finally, Astaroth of Time Magic. Perhaps Megicula took Astaroth's position, as for some reason, it seems that Astaroth disappeared from the Underworld. Perhaps by coincidence, according to my research, there has been only one person who can use Time Magic...
      • After "Julius" undergoes a shift and incapacitates Damnatio, Adrammelech walks in with Lucifero's heart:
        Adrammalech: Everything happened pretty much as you said, Lucius Zogratis.
  • Bleach:
    • When Hinamori finds out Aizen is alive, Aizen reveals his status as the Big Bad with a single sentence.
      Aizen: I'm sorry. You must have been worried. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry for hurting you so much. There was something I had to do. Thank you, Hinamori. Thank you so much. Goodbye.
    • When Vice-Captain Hisagi defeats Fifth Seat Ayasegawa, he tells Yumichika to surrender because it's impossible for fifth seats to defeat vice-captains and a pointless death would be a terrible thing. Yumichika's response is to curb-stomp Hisagi by revealing that it's possible to fake a Shikai.
      Yumichika: What I show you now is completely confidential. Take a peek at the true power of my zanpakutou!
    • Well, looks like Hitsugaya has stabbed Aizen, and it all looks over.
      Ichigo: Guys, guys, what the HELL are you doing?
    • Late in the Fullbringer Arc, Ichigo sees Uryu, who'd supposedly been attacked and injured by Tsukishima at the start of the arc. After a moment of Ichigo worrying whether Uryu had been turned against him like Chad and Orihime had, Uryu reassures Ichigo that he's on Ichigo's side, before saying something that turns the entire story arc on its head.
      Uryu: Don't you get it?!! The guy who cut me... is the guy behind you! (Ichigo's supposed ally Ginjo stabs Ichigo from behind, revealing himself as Evil All Along)
    • When Yamamoto goes all-out to defeat Yhwach for invading Soul Society and decimating the Gotei 13. Emerging from the fight victorious, he is stunned to hear his dying opponent gasp out the following confession:
      "Yhwach": My... power... isn't... enough... forgive me... please... Yhwach-sama.
    • Yhwach explains how Ichigo was able to escape from Quilge in Hueco Mundo. It was not, as it originally seemed, a matter of Ichigo breaking his Jail by brute force.
      Yhwach: Quilge's Jail is only able to confine and kill enemies... It cannot...capture a Quincy.
    • When Kyouraku insists to the Central 46 that Kenpachi Zaraki needs to be properly trained if the Gotei 13 is to survive the Vandenreich's invasion, he calls forth the captain who will train Zaraki... revealing that captain's true, until-now unrevealed, identity in the process.
      Kyoraku: I'll leave Captain Zaraki to you, Captain Unohana. No... First Kenpachi Yachiru Unohana.
    • When Kyoraku strolls into the Soul Prison.
      Kyoraku: Well, this darkness, is not meant for us innocents, if it is you, you do sense me right? Answer me, Aizen Sousuke.
    • When Yhwach manages to fatally impale Ichigo.
      Aizen: How... fascinating. You seem to think I'm Ichigo Kurosaki.
  • Bloom Into You:
    • Ichigaya has a relatively subtle example in Chapter 21. After praising Touko for being so hard-working, he adds, "I always thought being student council president was more about delegating the work to others and taking it easy yourself." The real significance of it comes when you consider that Ichigaya was on the student council with Touko's sister Mio, so he was more or less implying that Mio was that kind of president, something Touko immediately picks up on.
    • The final chapter has one, regarding a character who had never been mentioned until this point.
      Yuu: You didn't invite Haru-chan to come today, Saeki-senpai?
      Sayaka: Ah, um no.
      Touko: Haru-chan? Who's that?
      Yuu: Who? She's Saeki-senpai's girlfriend.
  • Blue Flag Masumi seems to love giving out those.
    • In chapter 5, she calls Touma to the roof, where she reveals that she knows that he is lying about his type of girl, and especially, that he is in love with his best friend Taichi and implies she herself is in love with Futaba.
      Masumi: Black hair is the only thing that fits the bill, right? Because the person you really like is [inaudible, but shocked Mita enough to react harshly against her]....I didn't tell him. But it's true isn't it? You're the same as me.
    • Again chapter 11, she confirms the implications, though she passes it off as a joke.
      Masumi: If I said I like Futaba too... what would you do?
  • Blue Reflection Ray: When Momo confronts Mio in episode 9, Mio reveals just what their shared past was, including that they died in a previous timeline.
    Mio: We've both died once.
  • Bokurano:
    • After the second pilot dies of unknown causes(the first had seemingly fallen to his death and they never saw the tutorial pilot die), they learn that the pilot will die no matter how the battle ends.
      Koyemshi: The robot takes your life force as payment.'''
    • In the manga, shortly before Chizu dies, she asks the survivors to count at the number of lights on Zearth's face.
      Moji: The lights on Zearth's face correspond to our lives. Naturally, the one representing Chizu will be gone. But... after about ten minutes, another one went out. Yes... the light representing the baby in Chizu's womb. Seven lights remain. There are nine of us. Even if we leave out Kana, the numbers don't match up. In other words... there's one more of us who isn't part of the contract?
    • In the anime, like the manga, they notice that two lights went out, leading Kirie to provide the following theory. Since Chizu never told anyone in the anime, everyone gasps in shock.
      Kirie: Maybe Chizu was pregnant.
    • In Episode 12, Zearth gets attacked by a fighter jet that even Maki, the group's Otaku, and Seki and Tanaka, two Self-Defense Force officers, don't recognize. Maki then asks where they are.
      Koyemshi: Earth. But it's not your Earth.
    • In Episode 16, Kirie, about to die, finally has the answer to a mystery that the group has been struggling with for most of the series.
      Kirie: I figured it out. I know who's not contracted. Machi, it's you, right?
    • During Komo's fight in the manga, another Earth's Koyemshi gives some surprising news.
      Alt-Koyemshi: Our pilot has run away.
    • In the manga, this line comes up in the middle of a conversation, from a character who wouldn't have said this in the anime.
      Ushiro: I'm not in the contract.
    • At the end of Kanji's arc, Kanji realizes who the next pilot is, shocked by the answer. Cut to somebody in Zearth stating "It's me. I'm the next one." It's Kana, the youngest member of the group, and someone who they assumed wasn't in the contract.
    • This line, from Tanaka to Kana's father, confirms that Tanaka is Ushiro's mother.
      Tanaka: It's been 13 years. Since I left Jun... Since I abandoned him with you.
  • Near the end of Cardcaptor Sakura:
    Fujitaka Kinomoto: But then everyone around me fell asleep.
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • Volume 17:
      Third Princess Carissa: Begin the invasion. I now have Curtana Original, the sword that decides the king, within my grasp. This makes me, Carissa, the ruler of the United Kingdom. Anyone that does not want to see the country decay under the rule of the previous pacifist queen, stand up of your own will. To bring about the new United Kingdom, leveling some things will be necessary and some destruction will be necessary.
    • New Testament Volume 8:
      Othinus: These small fights are such a pain. I think I’ll just end the world.
      And exactly as she had announced, everything was immediately destroyed.
    • New Testament Volume 11:
      Kihara Noukan: The esper cyborg Rensa was created to crush the seven Level 5s in case they all rebelled against Academy City at once. My role is similar, but unfortunately, my target is not those homemade espers...Ladylee Tangleroad, Fräulein Kreutune, and Codename Dragon.
      Kihara Noukan (to Aleister): Now, how about you use the power I have returned to you. Use it to destroy all those irregularities known as magic.
  • Chainsaw Man:
    • Chapter 73, where Makima reveals why the Gun Devil hasn't appeared yet...
      Makima: As of now, the Gun Devil has already been defeated and confined.
    • Also in Chapter 73, where Future Devil reveals exactly what he told Aki.
      Future Devil (to Aki): You and Power will be slaughtered by Denji. After that, the Devil that Devils fear most shall appear!
    • The US President has a minor role, but drops this line to reveal the true nature of one of the main characters in Chapter 75.
      US President: Gun Devil. I'll give you one year of the life spans of the American people. In exchange, I want you to kill Makima— that is... the Control Devil.
    • In Chapter 81, the line that proves to Denji (and the audience) that Makima is Evil All Along.
      Makima: Denji, you're going to open that door and I'm going to kill Power. (Proceeds to do exactly that)
    • In Chapter 84, Makima monologues to Kishibe regarding her goal to make the world a better place, which he understandably scoffs at. To prove that she's not lying, Makima reveals the status of one of the most infamous events of modern history in this timeline.
      Makima: Do you remember what the Nazis did to the Jews?
      Kishibe: ...Nazis?
    • Chapter 96 has Denji eating dinner.
      Denji: So this is how you taste, Ms. Makima.
    • Chapter 98 reveals that Chainsaw Man's power might not be permanent.
      War Devil: Just you wait, Chainsaw Man! I'll make you vomit nuclear weapons back up!
    • Chapter 105 reveals the true nature of Yuko, Asa's new friend.
      Yuko: Don't worry, I promise I won't tell a soul about your secrets either! About peeing yourself, about how you killed your teacher and class president, and about Yoru.
      Yuko: I'm gonna get rid of your bullying problem. Don't come to school tomorrow.
    • In Chapter 108, a student with very familiar eyerings decides to help Asa...
      Third Horseman: Anything... for my little sister.
  • City Hunter: Mick Angel revealing who had hired him to kill his old friend and ex-partner Ryo.
    Mick: My client is... your father.
  • Code Geass has a lot.
    • Episode 12. After the battle of Narita, Lelouch meets up with a greatly upset Shirley, who reveals the human toll of the battle.
      Shirley: Hey, Lulu... Zero fights for the weak, doesn't he?
      Lelouch: Y-yeah. That's what he says, anyway.
      Shirley: Then... why did he kill my father?
    • Episode 16. Lelouch and Suzaku have seemingly subdued Mao. At that point, though, he uses his mind reading abilities to uncover a memory Suzaku repressed.
      Mao: (to Suzaku) Get your hands off of me, father-killer!
    • R2 Episode 5. Suzaku, now a Knight of the Round, tells Lelouch about his ambition to become Knight of One and take Japan as his protectorate. He then calls up the current viceroy in hopes of getting a reaction out of Lelouch.
      Nunnally: Hello? Big brother? Lelouch, is that you. It's me, Nunnally; Can you hear me? I'm coming over there to Area 11 to be the viceroy. Um, is there something wrong? Lelouch, it's Nunnally, your sister!
    • R2 Episode 18. Suzaku, cornered and forced by the "Live!" command to survive by any means necessary, fires the FLEIJA on his Knightmare Frame. Lelouch then reacts in horror.
      Lelouch: Could that be the weapon Suzaku was talking about? ...Nunnally!
    • R2 Episode 22. Schneizel, having stepped forward to oppose Lelouch, reveals the most unlikely ally possible.
      Nunnally: Listen well, Lelouch and Suzaku. I're my enemies from now on.
    • R2 Episode 24. During the confrontation, Nunnally reveals that she has regained the ability to see.
      Nunnally: That's why...I won't close my eyes any longer! (cue dramatic music change as Nunnally opens her eyes)
    • The Wham Line declared by Emperor Lelouch.
      Lelouch: Listen to me, world! The Damocles is under my control, and Prince Schneizel has accepted his defeat.
    • Re:. In a flashback, Lelouch discusses his final plan with Suzaku.
      Lelouch: Suzaku, you will kill me.

  • In Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, episode 6 of the Future arc begins and ends with one.
    Opening Animation: Remaining Survivors: 010 People *at the end of the last episode, 11 were alive*
    Hajime Hinata: This is so boring.note 
    • The big one at the end of Episode 9.
      Kyouko Kirigiri's Forbidden Action: Passing the Fourth Time Limit With Makoto Naegi Alive.
    • At the end of Episode 10, following the confrontation between Naegi and Munakata.
      Aoi Asahina: The killing is over! I found out who the attacker is!
    • Another with the end of Side:Hope:
      Mikan Tsumiki: So when I found the person that used [Seikos' Cure-W]note , I revived them.
  • Darker than Black Season 2: "My Suou is dead!"
  • DARLING in the FRANXX:
    • Episode 13 explores the backstory for Hiro and Zero Two. This all comes to a head in Episode 14 when Zero Two realizes the Darling she loved and missed was Hiro all along.
      Zero Two: Hey, were you my Darling from back then? Then what have I been doing all this time?
    • Episode 17 shows 001 dropping a bomb after she kills two APE officials.
      001: Damned human wannabes.
    • The closing monologue of Episode 18:
      Hiro: The home we built for ourselves was too brittle to live in, and everything we ever hold dear is always destroyed in the blink of an eye. If that is our destiny, then we can't let it rule us anymore. We are at the end of our rope.
  • Death Note:
    • From episode 15, Light seems to be all but cleared of suspicion of being Kira, then L casually drops this line while looking over some forensics.
      L: Mr. Yagami, if I die within the next few days, your son is Kira.
    • From Episode 24, after Light regains his memories of the Kira murders:
      Light: Exactly as planned.
    • From Episode 30, when Soichiro gets a closer look at Mello.
      Soichiro: Your name, your real name is Mihael Keehl.
    • From the penultimate episode, when Near explains his Gambit Roulette.
      Light: [thinking] Oh, Near, you're so foolish. The one Death Note you're holding, is a fake!
    • The final episode.
  • D.Gray-Man: "What if I told you you'd have to kill someone you love when you become the 14th?" Cross to Allen, with a hug thrown in too. And from a Jerkass no less.
    • Later on, a seemingly filler arc becomes suddenly dark with two words that have never been so terrifying: "Good Morning."
  • In Dear Brother, we have one said by Kaoru towards Fukiko, revealing quite the secret to Nanako and the viewer:
    Kaoru: But Rei... She's your younger sister!
  • In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
    • After Tanjiro completes his training under Urokodaki, he asks him to send his regards to Sabito and Makomo, two of Urokodaki's wards who'd helped him. This remark shocks Urokodaki.
    Urokodaki: Tanjiro... how did you know the names of those dead children?
    • When Zenitsu sees Kaigaku again after the latter becomes the new Upper-6, he has this shocking revelation about his own backstory.
    Zenitsu: Grandpa killed himself because you became a demon!
  • DieBuster:
  • Digimon Fusion, episode 52:
    Darkknightmon: Why do you think I discovered the Digi Xros? It was so I could absorb you, brother.
    • From the English Dub, there are a few good ones:
      • Season 1, episode 30:
        Omnimon: Yes, it is time for you to Digivolve, Shoutmon! (This is after a whole season of the hero Digimon leveling-up solely with Digi-Fuses)
      • Season 2, Episode 10:
        Olegmon: Ah, but that is where you're mistaken! Ballistamon is mine, because it was I who made him! (Olegmon is one of the Dark Generals under the leadership of the Big Bad, Lord Bagra.)
      • Season 2, Episode 16:
        Ewan: It's Mikey! How do you have MailBirddramon?!
        (...which is then cleared up by Mikey a few seconds later:)
        Mikey: Christopher tried to tell you, that this was not just a game... ...and then he risked his life to prove that point to you by entrusting his Digimon to me and my Fusion Loader! (This means that the team can now Digi-Fuse using each other's Fusion Loaders.)
      • Season 2, Episode 21:
  • Dr. STONE chapter 41 ends on TWO Wham Line, with the first one hitting the characters before the audience.
    Chief Kokuyou: People of the village! As of today, this man, Senku, is the new chief of Ishigami Village!
    Ruri: This is something that I've known longer than forever... perhaps always... your name... is Ishigami Senku.
  • Durarara!! episode 11:
    Mikado: I have neither the power nor wisdom to oppose a foe who won't listen to reason. You won't even give me time to try. And so...I'll rely on numbers!
    • From episode 10: I have all the pawns I need
      • Also, in the graphic novel when Simon suddenly punches Izaya in the face and says: Have you ever killed people? I have.
  • Ebisu-san and Hotei-san: Toward the end, Hotei talks with Mayo Ebisu's older sister, at which point Mayo's sister asks her a question about Mayo.
    Mayo's sister: Tell me, why do you think she doesn't have a boyfriend?
    Hotei: Huh? Well... Because she's busy with work...
    Mayo's sister: (smiles) It's because I slept with all her boyfriends. Every last one.
    Hotei: WHAT?
  • In Even Though We're Adults, two women, Ayano Ookubo and Akari Hirayama, respectively an elementary school teacher and a worker at a bar-restaurant, spend a romantic evening together. Some time later, Hirayama sees Ookubo coming to her restaurant with a man. As Ookubo walks by, she says the man is "... my husband", turning the entire story thus far on its head.
  • ERASED: Satoru is in a car with his teacher, Gaku Yashiro as he pursues what he thinks is a kidnapper. When he opens the glove box, the driver says "Sorry, there aren't any candies in there... because this isn't my car."
  • Eyeshield 21:
    • No Quarterback is safe from Gaou, not even Hiruma.
      Hiruma: My right arm is dead.
    • Who decides to take his place?
      Sena: SET!
    • Where is the real Eyeshield 21?
      Marco: That guy is in Teikoku High!
    • Patrick "Panther" Spencer new title in the World Cup: Fastest man above ground. Doubled with a Wham Shot showing his 40 yards dash being timed at 4.1 seconds.
  • Fairy Tail
    • In Chapter 323, Arcadios confronts Princess Hisui, revealing the discrepancy between what Future Lucy (a woman) said and what "that person" told her and demanding why the woman would lie. Hisui's response reveals the existence of Future Rogue.
      Hisui: The person that spoke to me... was a man.
    • Chapter 390 has one that turns a Captain Obvious Reveal on its head:
      Silver: My name is DELIORA.
    • Chapter 400 delivers one as well- the location of Igneel, Natsu's adoptive father, ending a search that has lasted eight years.
      Igneel: Natsu, I hope you can forgive me... for everything... The truth is, I've always been... right inside of you.
    • Chapter 415. After the surprise reappearance of the dragons, Rogue and Sting note that their dragon parents are supposed to be dead.
      Weisslogia: Even so, to call us "dead" would only be half incorrect. We are already dead.
    • Chapter 416:
      Makarov: Fairy Tail will disband.
      Zeref: You will have to surpass me Natsu...or should I say E.N.D.: Etherious Natsu Dragneel.
    • Chapter 425, it turns out there was more to Future!Rogue's warning than what we were previously shown:
      Or Frosch will be killed by Gray.
    • Chapter 436. In a flashback, Zeref reveals his true relationship with Natsu.
      Zeref: My name is Zeref Dragneel. I'm your brother, Natsu.
    • Chapter 514. A flashback to Irene's past where the origin of Dragon Slayer magic is revealed.
      Irene: Your power...the power of a dragon...could you not attach it to me?[...]A power with which I could fight against the evil dragons...the power...of a Dragon Slayer!
    • In Zero Chapter 12, Yuriy tells Mavis about Zera.
      Yuriy: I cannot see Zera. Nor can I hear her voice. And it's not just me. Precht and the others as well. No one can see Zera. No one can hear her voice. She is an existence only you can perceive. Zera is an illusion of your own creation.
  • Fate/stay night (manga)
    • After Shirou has lost Saber to Caster, he takes refuge in the church, resulting in Kotomine telling him about his foster father paticipating in the previous war.
      Kotomine: What a disappointment though. I expected more from Kiritsugu Emiya's successor.
    • This dialogue happens after Shinji's defeat.
      Shinji: saved me?
      Rider: Make no mistake. The false contract between us is at an end. I was merely obeying my master's orders.
      Shinji: No way! So that means...
      Sakura: That's right, Nii-san. I asked Rider to save you using my final command mantra.
    • Shirou's narration after being told that Saber will recover her mana by resting.
      "Looking back on it, Tosaka's prediction seems foolish. But at that point in time, how could we have ever imagined... that Saber would not wake up, but would sleep forever?"
  • Fist of the North Star:
    • After Ken lands his killing blow on Jagi, this exchange occurs:
      Kenshiro: In a few seconds, your body will vanish from this earth. It's over.
      Jagi: Over? You Fool! Have you already forgotten about your two older brothers?
    • In a later chapter, this happens (the star next to the north star can only be seen by those about to die):
      Mamiya: I'm no match for Yuria! ... But it doesn't bother me to be like that star: the small star next to the north star, shining in silence.
      Toki: You can see it?
      Mamiya: Yes, very clearly.
    • Then, at the end of the same chapter...
      Rei: The seven stars are shining so clearly tonight, even the small one next to it.
  • In the yuri oneshot, Flare, Sayoko Yonaga, a bullied high school girl, finds solace in her relationship with her girlfriend, Yuka. However, after Sayoko sees hateful graffiti carved onto her desk, this line from one of her bullies about Yuka turns the entire story on its head.
    "Hey, Yonaga. No matter how sad you are about Asaoka-san rejecting you, you really shouldn't go around dreaming up imaginary friends."
  • Fly Me to the Moon
    • In Chapter 70, Nasa meets and ends up helping an old lady. When Tsukasa shows up, she recognizes the woman.
      Tsukasa: Ugh. What the hell are you doing here... Tokiko?note .
    • Chapter 142 ends on a rather surprising note.
      Nasa: (narrating): On that day, the two of us ate normally, and went to bed normally. For me, it was a perfectly normal day. However, when I opened my eyes, Tsukasa-chan wasn't next to me.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Both continuities:
      • In Chapter 5/2003 Episode 7/Brotherhood Episode 4, there's the words Tucker's talking chimera says, the exact same nickname his daughter Nina called Ed, causing Ed to quickly realize just what, or more precisely, whom the chimera was made from.
      • From Chapter 10/2003 Episode 18/Brotherhood Episode 7:
      Ed: The last ingredient to the live human beings!
    • Fullmetal Alchemist (2003):
      • Episode 7 (yes, that episode 7) has one in addition to the above, regarding Shou Tucker's wife who supposedly left:
      Ed: And what happened to Tucker's wife?
      Hughes: What do you mean? She died before he arrived here in Central.
      Ed: (after Rose comes in holding a crying baby) What did [the military] do to Rose?
      Scar: Several soldiers took her back to their base when they captured her. Whatever they did to her, it traumatized her to the point that she could no longer speak.
      (Ed makes an expression that easily mirrors that of the viewers)
      • And later:
      Fuhrer Bradley: (to Marta) Your agile moves won't work against me, snake-chimera. I have the Ultimate Eye.
      • From episode 44, which reveals that Dante has possessed Lyra's body.
        Lyra: Have you come with valiant efforts to save me?
        Hohenheim: Not this time, Dante.
      • From episode 50, after Envy reveals his true form.
        Ed: (to Envy) Y-You're...his son!?
    • Manga/Brotherhood:
      • Chapter 29, Bradley reveals himself as the homunculus Wrath.
        Bradley: Just as you have the Ultimate Shield...I have the Ultimate Eye.
      • Chapter 70, Hawkeye talks with Mrs. Bradley and learns that Selim is adopted from one of their relatives. Hawkeye asks if Selim is related to Mrs. Bradley, who replies: "He's the son of some distant relative of my husband." Hawkeye remembers that as King Bradley is a homonculus, he has no relatives. She immediately confronts Selim about what she's learned.
        Selim: I am the first homunculus. My name is Pride.
      • Chapter 76, after repeatedly calling himself a monster, Hohenheim tells Izumi and Sig just what he truly is, when asked.
        Hohenheim:' 'A monster' is what I normally would tell you, but I will tell you the truth. I am a Philosopher's Stone, given the form of a man, and the name 'Van Hohenheim'.
      • Chapter 97, after it was thought that Wrath was dealt with...
        Bradley: Hello everyone. I see that everything has gotten quite out of hand during my absence. I am coming to personally take back control of my country, and put down this coup.
      • Chapter 102. Pride forces Roy Mustang to do a human transmutation in order to get the last sacrifice required for Father's evil plan, since Father needs five alchemists who have attempted human transmutation. While human transportation results in the victim losing a part of their body, Mustang seems fine, until he says the following:
        Roy Mustang: I...can't see.
      • Chapter 104, what Father says summarizes the WHAM situation the best:
        Father: For me to imprison God within my body required enormous energy. And the citizens of this country provided it for me.
  • Future Diary: Akise's throat has been slit, so not only is he dying, but he can't speak either. He manages to type his final message out on his phone and show it to Yuki (but not the audience, at first). Yuki doesn't seem to grasp the message's meaning, but when he later confronts Yuno about it, she immediately tries to kill him, and the series climax goes off in an entirely new direction. Akise's final message was that Yuno came from an Alternate Universe where she had already won the survival game and become god of space and time.
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula has two of these in the TV series:
    • The first was when Hayato and Asuka are at a lake, when Asuka suddenly asked this to Hayato:
      Asuka: Hayato! Well...
      Hayato: What?
      Asuka: I have that feeling Knight Shoemach is my brother!
    • And in the next episode, Hayato finds out the truth about what really happened to his father while visiting Osamu in the hospital:
      Hayato: Danger...? Mom, what happened?!
      Junko: Hayato, listen to me very well...your father is dead.
      (doves fly out from the pavement)
      Hayato: What did you say?
      Junko: Your father was killed.

  • Ghost in the Shell: In the 95 movie, when answering a criminal ("I won't tell anything to cops"), and giving a good introduction to the reality of ghost hacking
    Batou: Tell? And what could you tell us? You don't even know your own name!
  • Gintama:
    • After Utsuro triggers Gintoki's PTSD due to having the same face as his former teacher, whom Gintoki killed years ago to save Katsura and Takasugi, Nobume gives him a hint as to who Utsuro is:
      Nobume: One thing's for sure. You're not the one who killed Shoyo... It was him!
    • Years after the final battle with Utsuro and the Altana Liberation Army, Takasugi makes clear that the conflict is not quite over by revealing just what it is that the Naraku want from Gintoki that they've continued to pursue him for months on end:
      Takasugi: You've already got it, haven't you? Utsuro's... Yoshida Shoyo's heart.
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: "Makoto...Have you been time-leaping?"
    • And then soon after: "Would you laugh if I told you I'm from the future?
  • Girls und Panzer:
    • In Episode 8, as things look desperate for Oorai during their match against Pravda, Miho says that perhaps, losing may not be such a bad thing, since she made friends and rekindled her love of tanks. She then finds out the stakes are much higher than she thought.
      Momo: What are you saying? Our school's gone if we lose!
    • In the Little Army manga, after having had a serious fight with Emi, Miho goes to her house to try to reconcile with her, and offer to challenge Maho's team to a tank battle, only to get a cold reception from Emi.
      Emi's mother: Such a helpless child... you'll be separated soon, so you should make up.
      Miho: Eh? What did you mean?
      Emi's mother: I'm sorry, you didn't know about it yet, right? Actually, we are returning to Deutschland next month.
    • Also from Little Army, when Maho shifts from a Cool Big Sis to an Ice Queen, and also confirms that she did, as Emi said, take the opportunity to shoot down Emi's sister's team's flag tank when it went to save one of hers.
      Maho: ...Miho. What I did was Nishizumi style Panzer-kraft. I gave the order to shoot. Was that all you wanted to talk about?
    • In Chapter 10 of the main series manga.
      Kikuyo: Lady Miho, your current actions in Ooarai... the madam knows all of it.
      Miho: I thought so...
      Kikuyo: ...That I of all people has to inform you about such matters, I'm hesitant, but... In the semifinals... if Lady Miho happens to lose against Pravda High... Lady Miho... the Nishizumi household will... disinherit you.
  • Goodbye, My Rose Garden
    • Volume 2 ends with Alice making a rather significant confession to Hanako, who has journeyed to England in order to meet her favorite author Victor Franks, and made a deal with Alice so she could introduce her to him.
      Alice: I am Victor.
    • In Volume 3, she and her fiancé Edward are at the altar. Everyone expects she will marry him in order to preserve her family's reputation, but when she's asked for her vows...
      Alice: No, I do not.
  • Grave of the Fireflies: After returning from buying food, Seita comes back to a severely ill Setsuko who is delusional and weak. He gives her something to eat and makes dinner, bringing hope that Setsuko would recover. Then, after Seita leaves the scene, leaving Setsuko to lie there with a hunk of melon you think she'd wolf down, he voices over the line: "She never woke up". After pretty much know what happened.
  • Great Mazinger:
    Kenzo: He’s crying. My son is... My son…! Kouji Kabuto...!
  • GUN×SWORD: "Have you seen a man with a claw? Maybe with a young boy?" "Why, yes. He's right over there."
  • The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All is about Aya, a teenage girl with a crush on a supposedly male record store clerk, whom she refers to as "Onii-san."note  In reality, the clerk is Aya's female classmate Mitsuki, something Aya realizes when she sees Mitsuki's phone left on the desk.
    Aya This is the playlist I sent... to Onii-san...?
  • Haruhi Suzumiya: "...that's why I'm going to kill you and see how Miss Suzumiya reacts!"
    • Vol.7: "Is this what you are looking for?" note 
    • The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: "This is exactly what you wished for."
  • High School D×D
    • The very last line of volume 11.
      Kiba: That day, we lost Ise-kun.
    • Earlier in volume 3:
      Kokabiel: Seeing that even after losing the masters you serve, you devils and followers of God can still fight, huh?
      Rias: ...What do you mean?
      Kokabiel: Fuhaha, fuhahahahahahahahahaha! That’s right! I totally forgot! The truth wasn’t revealed to you lower guys! Then I will tell you. In the war between the three sides, not only the Yondai-Maou but also God died.
  • I Can't Believe I Slept with You: The Landlady reminds Chiyo that she'd said she regretted the one time they'd had sex together. Chiyo's response surprises her.
    Chiyo: I do. I regret that I couldn't do it very well, right at the end.
  • I Won't Sleep With You For Free is about a college student named Miyako who has sex with her schoolmate Nakano and Nakano's associates in "Nakano's Club" for money. As such, this text from Nakano at the end of Chapter 36 shakes things up.
    Nakano: I'm done with Nakano's Club.
  • In Ill Boy, Ill Girl, we're introduced to the Ill Girl, who is a bright and happy girl despite having a disease that'll kill her very soon. It isn't until the second chapter that we find out that there's more to her than her adorable demeanor with two little lines, one where she confesses that her parents were serial criminals ("My parents are terrible criminals! My father is a serial killer and my mother is a serial arsonist."), and the other is when she explains why she wants a nurse to guard her and the boy:
    "Isn’t it obvious? To make sure I don’t kill this cute boy."
  • I"s got one on the last panel of the 45th chapter.
    Takezawa: I like her.
  • Inside Mari is about Isao, a college aged man who ends up in the body of a teenage girl he admires. 42 chapters in we get this line at the end of a chapter after Isao offhandedly mentions a moment Mari and Yori had shared.
    Yori: How do you know what Mari said to me? I never told you that!
  • Inuyasha:
    • Sesshoumaru to a dying Kagura, after saying he had followed Naraku's smell and her asking if he was disappointed it's only her:
      Sesshoumaru: I knew it was you.
    • Kanna's dying moment of betrayal to the main cast as Naraku kills her.
      Kanna: The light. The light will kill Naraku.
  • In It Seems My Lady Is The Villainess, one of these lines prompts Vincent to realize he's not the only reincarnation in the setting:
    Rona: I was a medical personnel [sic] in my previous life, so I could do more things than a normal lady would be able to.
    • A few panels later, Vincent learns something about his own heritage:
    Rona: Nobles and royals are born with memories of their previous lives.
  • Jaco the Galactic Patrolman has his answer to Tights' question about the race that sent the mysterious alien Jaco came to Earth to stop. And if the description alone wasn't enough...
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Battle Tendency:
    • During the final battle of Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro uses his Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs to send DIO flying across Cairo; as DIO is flying, however, he delivers a line that causes Jotaro (and the audience) to realize that he just launched DIO straight to an unconscious Joseph.
      DIO: Doesn't this street look familiar?!
    • Diamond is Unbreakable:
      • One in the beginning revealing why Jotaro was looking for the Higashikata family.
      Jotaro to Josuke: Your father is Joseph Joestar.
      • In the climax, as Rohan probes Hayato with his Stand, Heaven's Door, several consecutive Wham Lines are suddenly dropped, all with the purpose of establishing just how dangerous Kira has become.
      • The first comes when things seem to be going the same way all previous uses of Heaven's Door has gone, only for Rohan to suddenly notice a line that makes it clear there's something very off about this particular occasion:
        Hayato Kawajiri's Heavens Door: Do not read beyond this point.
      • And when Rohan reads further, he finds a nasty surprise:
        Hayato Kawajiri's Heavens Door: Rohan Kishibe also gets killed. Killed by the matured Kira.
      • Finally, right after reading this line, both Rohan and the audience are suddenly introduced to Kira's new ability:
        Killer Queen: Killer Queen's third bomb: Bites The Dust!
    • Near the climax of Golden Wind, Diavolo delivers a line that reveals that he's much more important to the series' overall Myth Arc than the audience was initially led to believe:
      Diavolo: An old woman named Enya who had two right hands told me she'd tell me how the arrow worked in return for shooting some. I figured one will be more than enough, so I sold the other five for a handsome sum.
    • During the flashbacks to Pucci and Wes' youth in Stone Ocean, while in a confessional with Pucci, Mrs. Bluemarine delivers a line that reveals to Pucci that reveals that Wes is actually his long-lost brother, who she switched with her own dead child. While the information itself is something the audience already knew, it also acts as the final piece to revealing how Pucci's Start of Darkness began:
      Mrs. Bluemarine: A couple named Pucci... they live in a large mansion, in the town next to mine...
    • Pucci commits a near-Total Party Kill amongst the protagonists, with only Emporio and Jolyne escaping by latching onto a dolphin. It seems like both of them will manage to get away from Pucci - then Jolyne drops this double whammy:
      Jolyne: I know without a doubt that dolphin is gonna carry you somewhere safe and out of danger.
      Emporio: Huh...?! What are you saying?! Hurry! You can still make it over to me!
      Jolyne: Emporio...I can't go with you.
    • In the final arc of Steel Ball Run, the Alternate Universe Diego summoned by Valentine is right about to attack Johnny... only for him to suddenly deliver a line that reveals that the Stand he's using is most definitely not Scary Monsters:
      Alternate Universe Diego: THE WORLD! This time is only mine!
    • JoJolion: After the battle against Tamaki Damo, Josuke finally learns his true identity.
    Josuke: I... my identity is... I'm Josefumi Kujo.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen:
    • In chapter 199, Yuji and Megumi have met up with the Angel who has agreed to help them free Gojo from his prison. They even have all the points from the Culling Game needed to make it happen. Megumi even notes to himself that things are going shockingly well. But then the Angel makes one condition that must be met before they will free Gojo. An Incarnated sorcerer within the Culling Game that the Angel refers to as "the Fallen" must be killed. Sukuna immediately pulls Yuji into his domain to let him know that he is the Fallen that the Angel wants dead.
    • Chapter 202 has Kenjaku finally explaining his grand plan to horrifically merge the non-Sorcerers in Japan using Master Tengen, the thing he's been building to all this time. The Wham Line here is when Choso asks his motive, and Kenjaku replies that he just thinks it's a good time, revealing that everything he's done so far has just been for his own enjoyment.
      It just sounds fun.
    • Chapter 212 has two of them.
      • Everything seems fine as Yuji ponders on how they'd be now able to free Gojo from the Prison Realm, cure Tsumiki and get rid of him and Sukuna. At this point, Tsumiki has something to say...
        "Tsumiki": Add a rule allowing entry and exit across colony borders.
      • Then as a fallout of the above line, a horrified Megumi and Yuji chase after Yorozu, as Sukuna seizes his opportunity.
        Sukuna: Enchain.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War:
    • Shirogane gives one at the end of Chapter 111.
      The last day of the culture festival. If Shinomiya hasn't confessed by then, I will confess to her.
    • Kaguya gives a pretty big one during Chapter 120.
      Hayasaka: Well, I'm sure you'll just make up some crazy excuse, and go on about how you don't really like—
      Kaguya: I like him.
      Hayasaka: ...What?
      Kaguya: I... like Miyuki Shirogane.
    • Shirogane gives another one at the end of Chapter 131.
      I have been accepted by Stanford University. So I'll be skipping a year and going overseas. I'll be leaving Shuuichuin a step ahead of you guys next year. This is the last festival I'll be doing at this school.
    • Kaguya describing her First Kiss with Shirogane to Hayasaka in chapter 138 has this line, revealing that she went for a full french kiss due to how sheltered she is.
      Kaguya: I mean, it was simple until our lips touched, but after that was when things got...
    • Chapter 150 has the biggest one of all.
      Kaguya: I just wanted to show you my true self...
      Shirogane: What are you talking about...?
      Kaguya: I mean, who wouldn't want to show their true self to the person they love?
    • The narration for Chapter 179 gives this one while covering Hayasaka's daily routine:
      After returning to her room, she carries out her final duty for the day... reporting in detail on Kaguya Shinomiya's behavior to the main house.
    • Chapter 184 rather casually drops this line during a flashback:
      Kaguya: I overheard some kids from my class talking, saying how sad it was that I'm an illegitimate child.
    • Tsubame gives this one while talking on the phone in Chapter 191:
      Tsubame: There's something I wanted to talk to you about. It won't take long. Can you make some time for me, Ootomo-chan?
    • Kaguya gives this one while talking with Shirogane in Chapter 209:
      Kaguya: And I know that the one who took everything from your father was the Shinomiya Group.
  • Kill la Kill has several.
  • Two in Komi Can't Communicate bookending almost 80 chapters of a Love Triangle with the oblivious Tadano in the middle.
    • Komi finishing chapter 227 with: "Don't lie to me." after Manbagi confesses to Komi that she likes Tadano too, but then backs down by trying to deny her feelings. Komi convinces Manbagi to not give up, and admits that they are now rivals for Tadano's love.
    • Manbagi ending chapter 300 with "Are.. you ok with this?" After spending the previous chapter confessing her love to Tadano and him accepting it. She then spends the next chapter convincing Tadano to stop suppressing his feelings and actually go confess to Komi. By the end of chapter 305 Komi and Tadano are the Official Couple and nearly everyone (even Manbagi) is happy for them.
  • Two, in Kotoura-san's Downer Beginning, as both caused Haruka to cross the Despair Event Horizon:
    Kumiko, Haruka's mother: (Pushes Haruka off on the floor) I should never have given birth to you.
    Nameless lady, to Haruka: Are you the one who has been feeding that cat? What a nuisance. I took it to a shelter, so don't ever come here again.
  • Legendz: When the C.E.O. of Darkwiz Company finally reveals himself, we're given this bombshell:
    Haluca: Papa?!
    Ranshin: Papa?! Did she just say papa?!
  • Little Witch Academia (2017): Croix delivers one at the end of episode 22.
    Croix: (speaking to Ursula): Dream Fuel Spirit. Magic that turns people's dreams into greater magic. What right do you have to stop me? When you use that power yourself?
    • In the same episode and shortly after Croix's wham line. Ursula delivers an even bigger one towards Akko, which ends up changing everything we knew about Akko's struggles with magic.
      Ursula (speaking to Akko): Akko… After you have gone to a Chariot show… I began to worry, I didn't want to believe, but the more time we spent together, the more certain I became. It's true. I most likely absorbed your magic power. The reason you can't fly… it's because of me.
  • A Love Letter For The Marching Puppy is about the relationship between Shinobu Iindou and Fujino Kagami, the latter of whom is the "model student" for the former. As such, this line at the end of Chapter 20 shakes up the status quo.
    Ooba: (to Iindou) I know this is really sudden, and I suppose you'll be told formally later, but Kagami has been removed from her role as your model student.

  • Magic Knight Rayearth:
    • The Magic Knights were led to believe that they were summoned to Cephiro to save Princess Emeraude. When they finally meet her...
    Hikaru: Then tell us why you summoned us to Cephiro?
    Emeraude: I summoned the Magic Knights to Cephiro... so that you could kill me.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:
    • Precia, while cornered, reveals her true purpose for seeking Al Hazard- to revive her daughter Alicia- and that Fate is merely a replica of her daughter.
      Precia: I'll put an end to everything. To all the time this girl was deprived of when I lost her.. and also to the doll I created to play as my daughter.
    • And then, Precia disowns Fate.
      "You want to know something nice? Ever since I made you...every single moment...I've despised you."
    • In StrikerS Sound Stage X Ginga and Cinque are interrogating Jail Scaglietti about the whereabouts of the current Big Bad and he drops this bombshell at the end:
      He died four years ago. He was devoured by the Mariage.
  • Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story:
    • In The Stinger at the end of Episode 10, Iroha asks Sana for information about her younger sister Ui, and mentions the names of the two girls that were in Ui's hospital room. One of the names gets a reaction from Sana.
      Sana: Nemu? Could that be Nemu Hiiragi, one of the Magius?
    • At the end of the first season finale, after the Magius hold a rally explaining their goals to their members, Alina steps outside and excitedly says to herself that she hopes "it" comes soon. The "it" in question? Walpurgisnacht, the extremely powerful witch faced in the finale of the original series.
  • Maken-ki!:
  • Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: At the end of Chapter 4, Nathaniel remarks that Adrien's ring is very similar to Cat Noir's, kickstarting the manga-exclusive plotline where both Marinette/Ladybug and Gabriel/Hawk Moth are questioning Cat Noir's true identity.
  • Miss Sunflower:
    • In Chapter 7, Matsuri sees Miss Sunflower having a tense conversation with a man she addresses as "Kuroizato-sensei." The following line reveals the man's relationship to her.
    Kuroizato: Sensei this, Sensei that. Could you please drop the formalities? You should call me "Brother" like you used to, since you're... my little sister.
    • In Chapter 87, Matsuri reveals that she's skipping the usual New Year's family outing to her grandparents' place, since she won't be able to concentrate on her studies while she's there. Miss Sunflower quietly listens as the cast wonders what Matsuri will do, then casually makes the following suggestion.
    Miss Sunflower: Then, would you like to spend New Year's with me?
    Matsuri: Huh? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!
    • In Chapter 97, Miss Sunflower sees a woman wearing dark glasses, a head scarf and a face mask come into the Sunflower Bookery. Thinking she's a shoplifter, Miss Sunflower and her brother chase the woman down, but then her disguise comes off and...
      Miss Sunflower: Mother...?
  • A Monster Wants To Eat Me
    • At the start of Chapter 7, Shiori, a monster who's taken a liking to Hinako, meets Hinako's friend Miko. Miko then reveals that she's the only one besides Hinako who knows Shiori is a monster.
      Miko: (to Shiori) From the moment I've met you, you've smelled like the sea mixed with mud. The sort of smell from a monster that eats people.
    • At the end of the chapter, Shiori approaches Hinako and Miko.
      Shiori: Hinako, come over here.
      Hinako: ...? What's gotten into you all of a...
      Shiori: (interrupting) Hinako, hurry and get away from that thing. (Hinako doesn't comply) You leave me no choice. (shows Hinako the student register) Hey, Hinako, really search your memories of "Yashiro Miko," and tell me... is that girl really your "friend"?
    • In Chapter 10, Miko, having exposed her true form as a monster fox, reveals her past as a former monster who became a guardian spirit and protected Hinako's family until Hinako's parents died in an accident. Hinako then insists that she and Miko are still friends despite the latter deceiving her.
      Miko: Hinako, if you think that... (transforms into her fox form and puts her jaws around Hinako) Some evil monster is going to take advantage of you.
      Hinako: Miko-chan?
      (The chapter ends with a fade to black and a "CHOMP" sound effect)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury:
    • The series begins with a prologue taking place on the fourth birthday of the main character Ericht Samaya/Suletta Mercury, with the main series proper beginning when Suletta is stated to be seventeen years old, implying a 13-year Time Skip. And then in Episode 6, an old coworker of Suletta's mother drops this line in a conversation with said mother, Lady Prospera, about the events of the prologue, revealing how long it's really been and throwing most about what is known about Suletta into serious doubt...
    Belmeria: It's no use taking revenge for a 21-year-old...
    • Belmera confronts Prospera about Suletta's immunity to the GUND Format's data storms in Episode 14, stating that something, or someone else has to be controlling them instead. Then she finally asks the question that promps Prospera to reveal the answer to one of the series' major mysteries; the location of her first daughter Ericht.
    Belmeria:You had another daughter. Where is Ericht Samaya now?
    Prospera:She's there. Right at Suletta's side.
  • Muhyo and Roji:
    • After Face-Ripper Sophie is defeated, suddenly, Enchu and Rio say "This is what we've been waiting for," together, revealing that Rio has betrayed the MLS.
    • At the end of the match against Goryo's group, it seems as though Muhyo triumphed, until he says...
      Muhyo: Who said we won?
    • In the next chapter, as Roji angrily asks Muhyo why he doesn't teach him anything and expresses his own feelings of inadequacy;
      Muhyo (to Roji): I suppose now's as good a time as any. I'm putting you on leave until further notice.
    • During the final battle with Enchu, who's fused with Teeki, Muhyo points to a skull and asks if Enchu recognizes it, only to hear that he does not. He then suggests that Teeki not only took advantage of Muhyo and Enchu's rivalry, but killed Enchu's mother, resulting in him turning evil.
      Muhyo: He paired us up, let us fight, and waited for his chance to grab one of us. That about right? Hm, Teeki?
      Roji: Muhyo, you don't mean- Enchu's mom?
      Muhyo: I do mean. She was the trigger that set the whole thing off.
    • Toward the end of the manga, when it's revealed that Roji's rank is merely provisional.
      Muhyo: So you're happy with getting fired?
  • Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya: Chapter 110 has Chiharu telling Lorem about a demon named Zeke who was guarding the latter's son, Gospel when she was in S.A.Z., only for Lorem to reveal that she knows about Zeke all along. But that was nothing compared to the bombshell she dropped soon afterwards, one that answers the series longtime question up until that point.
    • To reiterate, chapters 110-119 detail the history between Zeke and Lorem, how the two met, how they conceive Gospel, and why he's not in the picture. While the man has his reasons already for keeping his distance and hiding his connection to Lorem and Gospel, his concerns take on a new light when the fact that the poison his body generates is the basis for the Anti-Demonification weapons that have allowed human-demon relations to improve prompts an important question: "Will the A.D. Weapon work on Gospel?" Being the son of the demon whose poison was used to make the weapon means there's a very good chance he would be highly resistant, if not outright immune, to its effects. Couple that with Gospel's mother being one of the most powerful and infamous demons in the series and Zeke has ample reason to keep away until humanity's more hawkish factions are unable to act.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • In Chapter 117:note 
      Katsuki Bakugo: [to Midoriya] You got your Quirk from All Might.
    • In Chapter 161, the Internship Arc ends on a bittersweet note, with the villains defeated and Eri saved, but many are heroes badly wounded and Mirio has lost his Quirk. Most of the injured are expected to make a full recovery, but...
      Recovery Girl: [regarding Nighteye] Sadly, he won't make it to see tomorrow.
    • Chapter 209, not so much for what is being said but for who's saying it, and the implications it has:
      All For One: I can hear my little brother's voice.
    • Chapter 213 has one that manages to turn the entire story on its head, from one of the former wielders of One For All to Midoriya himself, revealing that Midoriya also got the other wielders' Quirks.note 
      Do you get it, kid? Now you have six Quirks to discover.
    • Chapter 239 manages to shake the status quo for all future conflicts:
    • Chapter 270 gives us two of them from the doctor:
      "You're Kurogiri's friend, aren't you? Back then...I really wanted to get my hands on Erasure instead."Explanation
      "He(All For One) took a duplicate of his Quirk for himself, and gave the original to Tomura Shigaraki."
    • Chapter 290 drops a bombshell that would come back to haunt the top hero and stain hero society as a whole.
      Dabi: [to Shoto and Endeavour] I have a great name. Call me Toya.note 
    • Chapter 322 has Bakugo finally swallow his pride.
  • My Monster Secret:
    • Rin is Asahi's granddaughter from the future. Shortly after she convinces Akemi Mikan of this fact, she accidentally calls the girl "Granny." Whoops.
    • Yuka is Asahi's other granddaughter (and Rin's cousin). She mentions that the reason she falls head over heels for every boy she meets is because her great-grandmother told her "love as many people as possible." Overhearing this, Shishido Shiho realizes that Yuka is talking about her own mother, which is confirmed a moment later when Yuka rounds the corner and calls her grandma.
  • In the My-HiME manga, Nagi is able to throw his foes into disarray long enough to attempt to escape with the following question.
    Nagi: This may be odd for me to ask right now, but how did it taste...when you kissed Mai-chan?
    • In the anime, Shiho, with the following line, essentially admits to killing Takumi.
      Shiho: Don't run away! Lose, just like that toad!
  • Done without a word in My Little Goat: Natsuki's father begins to pant heavily as he hugs his son, revealing just why he truly went after him...
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!:
    • Early on in the series, shortly after Mary's debut, Keith casually says, "Incidentally, I believe that Lady Mary's engagement to Prince Alan should be settled soon," which is news to both the viewer and Catarina. Cue Oh, Crap! from Catarina, who concludes that by becoming friends with Mary, one of the "rival" characters, she's made her own doom more likely.
    • In Episode 10, Catarina recalls something Acchan told "the monkey girl," about a hidden romanceable character who kills the protagonist and her friends in his bad ending. The description of the character reveals the identity of the dark magic user- Sirius Dieke, the student council president.
      Acchan: By the way, this hidden character has bright red hair and gray eyes...
    • In a manga-exclusive example (due to it not adapting a certain side story), there's Sophia hearing a voice in the back of her head saying "I won't lose you again", revealing that she's actually Atsuko's reincarnation.
  • In My-Otome, John Smith admits that he can't take on a Materialized Arika, and so calls for help from The Mole.
    John Smith: Miss Erstin!
  • The Mysterious Cities of Gold:
    • Li Shuang delivers one to Esteban in "The Oasis".
      Li Shuang: "Esteban, your ancestors were the Atlanteans."
    • "That man is not our High Priest." The real High Priest of the City of Gold died years earlier and the man in the golden mask is Esteban's father, who took the High Priest's place.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • A complicated one during the Mahora Festival Arc. Each mage has an invocation they must speak before casting, Negi's being "Ras tel ma magi scir magistir." While fighting the girl who jokingly claimed to be his Kid from the Future, well...
      Negi: Give it up! Your advantage is gone, and someone who can't use magic has no chance against me!
      Chao: Can't use magic? I wonder about that.
      Negi: (Oh, Crap!)
      Chao: Spellseals, open. Unlock. [Instant Runes] magic scir magistir...
    • "You may call me a puppet, but the reality is you too are a sad and pitiful puppet, and puppets cannot oppose or defy the puppet master."
    • Another one from 324 spoken by Ku-Nel Sanders: "The one who sleeps there, is the Mage of Beginning: The "Lifemaker"
  • From Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • In Episode 16, Rei makes a Meaningful Echo of something Shinji remembers from his early childhood, namely something his mother once said to him:
      Rei: Well, that is good for you.
    • In Episode 21, the truth behind the Evangelion's "armor" is revealed:
      Ritsuko: They're binders to suppress Eva's natural power. And now she's shedding them. No one can stop Eva.
    • From Rebuild of Evangelion:
      • Surprising absolutely nobody, Kaworu shows up at the end of an entire movie of Off the Rails Wham Episodes. Then...
        Kaworu: The time has come again, Shinji Ikari. This time, I'll make you happy.
      • The reveal of the Eva's dark side in Rebuild...
        Mari: Invert controls. Backdoor code: THE BEAST!
      • In the first Rebuild movie, there's the moment where Misato reveals Lilith's body to Shinji. A Wham Line because in previous incarnations she didn't know about the body until Kaji revealed it, and only knew it as Adam until Kaworu arrived. Thus raising questions about Misato's possible connection to Seele in this continuity.
      • Hell, the third movie is chock-full of these:
        Sakura: Thank you for being friends with my brother. I'm his younger sister, Sakura.note 
        Asuka: Fourteen years have passed since then. Baka Shinji.
      • Earlier, the line that sets the tone of the movie:
        Misato: Ikari Shinji-kun.(remove glasses and throws him an icy glare) From now on... you'll do nothing.
      • The reveal of why Shinji is hated by everyone:
        Kaworu: Ikari Shinji-kun, once Awakened, Eva-01 opened the Door of Guf and became the trigger for Third Impact. Lilin call it Near Third Impact. It was all initiated by you.
      • Fuyutsuki gives not one, but two consecutive ones to Shinji:
        Fuyutsuki: This is your mother...Yui Ayanami.
        Fuyutsuki: The Ayanami Rei you know is one of Yui-kun's clones. She is preserved within Eva-01, the same as your mother.
      • Near the end of the movie, the one that signified the destruction of Kaworu and Shinji's plans:
        Kaworu: This is odd... Both Spears have morphed into the same shape.
      • Going back to the original series, from episode 24, we learn the truth behind the AT Field:
        Kaworu: That's right. That's what you Lilin call it. The sacred domain where none may trespass. The light of the soul. Lilin, you know, don't you? That the AT Field is the wall that everyone has in their heart?
      • Earlier that episode:
        Misato: The Fifth Child...what is he?
        Ritsuko: He is probably the last Angel.
  • New Game!:
    • In Chapter 4, Ko Yagami repeatedly rejects Aoba Suzukaze's characters, sending them back for changes, since she doesn't want Aoba to be satisfied with "good enough." As such, this line from Rin surprises Aoba.
      Rin: Truthfully, what you submitted this morning was actually ok as-is.
    • In Chapter 49, after Ko casually asks Aoba to do the key visual for Peco, the meeting they're in suddenly turns awkward.
      Christina: The key visual won't be done by Suzukaze-san, but by you, Yagami-san.
    • In Volume 12, Christina arrives, nearly out of breath, and delivers some shocking news.
      Christina: Management... just called me in... and dropped the bomb. As of this month, they're cutting off funding for FS 4.
  • PandoraHearts: Retrace LXV is full of them, but this one stands out.
    Jack Vessalius: So Glen...why don't you lower that sword...before I kill your cute little servant?
    • This line is the first reveal of the fact that Jack has been lying to everyone the entire manga. It only gets worse from there.
    • There's also this little tidbit in Retrace LVIII that shows that Leo is not quite spared from the mess of the story as he seems:
      Glen Baskerville/Levi: Relax...that thing won't attack you.
    • There are several in Retrace LXX as well. For the one below, Jack's whole speech applies, but this line especially:
      Jack Vessalius: This body does not Oz Vessalius.
    • And later on in the same chapter, expanding on the Wham Line above, this:
      Jack Vessalius: Shall I introduce you to him? This is the chain I formed a contract with. Oz, the B-Rabbit.
  • In episode 3 of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, where Sorata tells Jin over the phone that he's made up his mind to really leave Sakura Hall instead of just dragging his feet about it. This doesn't sit very well with Mashiro, who overheard the conversation, and plays an important role in episode 4.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt:
    • In the The Stinger of the series itself, Stocking casually asks Panty this question:
    Stocking: You know how how our heavenly weapons kill ghosts and shit but don't work on people, like, at all. I wonder what they do to angels?
    • Which leads to Stocking cutting Panty up into 666 pieces.
  • Panzer World Galient features one when Hilmuka reveals Jordy that his mother hadn't been killed. She was kidnapped by Marder:
    Hilmuka: [Jordy's mother] is alive.
  • Phantom Thief Jeanne has two of these:
    • From episode 34:
      Jeanne: It can't be... Chiaki is Sinbad? And you knew I was Jeanne?
    • From episode 41:
      Maron: Fin, lend me your powers. Deliver my wish to...
      Fin: No, I won't!
    • From Miyako in chapter 27 of the manga.
      Miyako: The fact that you were Jeanne was obvious to me from the very beginning!
  • Pokémon: The Series
    Ash: [Chimchar], Flamethrower!
    • For a movie variation, a lot of people watching Pokémon: I Choose You! were shocked when Pikachu actually spoke.
      Pikachu: It's pi-cause... It's because I always want to be with you...
    • One that finally puts the nail in a long-overdue losing streak:
      Kukui: Lycanroc is unable to battle, so the winner... is Ash!
    • Right before her fight with Ash at the Master Tournament, Cynthia tells Diantha this:
      Cynthia: Once this tournament's over I'm retiring from battles.
    • The result of Ash and Leon's battle.
      Referee: Charizard is unable to battle. As such, the winner is Competitor Ash!
    • Meta-Example for long-time anime fans during the trailer for "Aim to be a Pokemon Master"
  • Poor Poor Lips
    • After several chapters of funny and heartwarming moments between Nako and Ren, chapter 49 decides to end with this line:
      Ren: When this is all settled, I'll be leaving. You've given me one last wonderful memory to take with me.
    • Chapter 56 decides to close Volume 3 with an evil Cliffhanger:
      Ren: What point is there in falling in love, when I'll be marrying a man of my parents' choosing?
  • Magical Project S: "Misao, you're Pixy Misa?"
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: This line reveals what happens when a magical girl's soul gem completely darkens- she becomes a witch, the monsters that magical girls fight.
    Kyubey: On this planet, you call females who have yet to become adults "girls." It makes sense then that since you'll eventually become witches you should be called "magical girls".

  • Queen Millennia: Yayoi Yukino is greeted on Leopardo's ship by her real name, Lar Andromeda Promethium II, the eventual Big Bad of Galaxy Express 999.
  • Near the end of chapter 43 of Record of Ragnarok, Buddha delivers a line that completely changes how Ragnarok has worked up to this point, while also finally confirming his allegiance after several chapters of ambiguity:
    Buddha: I'll be fighting for humanity, so, uh... thanks.
  • In ReLIFE, the very end of chapter 111.
    Hishiro: Isn't Kaizaki-san also a subject in the ReLIFE experiment?
  • Rent-A-Girlfriend
    • The series begins with Kazuya happily spending time with his girlfriend Mami, who promptly breaks up with him.
    • Ruka almost immediately guesses that Chizuru is Kazuya's rental girlfriend, even though neither one of them told her. During a conversation with Kazuya, she reveals why she was able to figure it out:
      Ruka: I'm a rental girlfriend, too.
    • At the end of Chapter 60, after Kazuya asks Chizuru to confide in him, she tells him something important:
    • At the end of Chapter 152, Kazuya recalls what Chizuru said to him the previous night when her grandmother died, after telling her that she could go to him for emotional support:
      Chizuru: I'm fine!
  • In Saike Matashitemo after Saike and Kuroda worked together to defeat Arc Villain Sakagami, the two become friendlier with each other and as Kuroda is more understanding of Saike's view, it seemed his group wouldn't be much of a threat anymore. Then later, Kuroda gets a phone call from Johan...
    Johan: Your role here is over, ex-leader.
    • In the one-shot prequel, Negatibrain, Yumeo already had his precognitive dreams and on the day his sister's tutor came, he acts a lot different than usual. Then when he's finally able to talk to the tutor Yukari in private, he reveals the reason as he asks her...
    Yumewo: Why would you want to kill my sister?
  • In Saki, this exchange near the end of the first anime season is the first indication of how severe the estrangement between Saki and her older sister Teru is.
    Sumire: Don't you have a sister?
    Teru: No, I don't.
    • In Chapter 128, Teru makes a surprising reversal of the above.
      Awai: Saki Miyanaga... is she your little sister?
      Teru: N...Yeah, she's my sister.
    • In Saki Shinohayu -dawn of age-, this comes up after a game of mahjong that Shino plays with her mother and uncle.
      Shino narrating: The next day, my mom disappeared.
    • Also from Dawn of Age, after Mafuka gives Hayari her hair pins.
      Mafuka: I'm getting moved to a hospital in Tokyo, so, you won't be able to see me for a while. Consider it a keepsake.
    • From the end of the next chapter. Granted, she doesn't die, but it still comes as a shock.
      Mafuka Kasugai, (1988-2037), the mahjong idol, died standing at the end of her final live concert.
  • Sakura Quest
    • The elderly professor says this to Yoshino at the end of Episode 17. With the bus company planning on removing the stop for Warabiya Village and no compromise in sight, he decides to recruit Yoshino for a drastic plan.
      "Ms. Koharu, I'm terribly sorry, but I'm going to have to take you hostage."
    • At the start of Episode 20, Maki Midorikawa auditions for a role, hoping to get her acting career started again. The person in charge then announces the results, which aren't what Maki hoped for.
      "#12, Midorikawa, #13, Yamamoto, #15, Tsurumi. If I just called your name, then you're free to go. Thanks for coming in."
    • At the end of Episode 23, Kadota meets up with the main characters feeling unusually glum. Since he'd spent much of his career and the entirety of the show's runtime trying to help revitalize Manoyama, the news he gives is rather troubling.
      Kadota: I think we may be facing the end of Manoyama.
      Yoshino: What?
      Kadota: I've been hearing rumors for a while, but the plans are apparently moving forward now. We'll be absorbed into Tomikura.
  • At the end of the eleventh chapter of Satou Kashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai:
    Nagisa: Half an hour passed and then an hour. Umino Mokuzu never showed up.
  • School Days, final episode: Makoto has received a text message on his cellphone which just says "sorry," followed by a whole bunch of empty lines that scroll down, leading up to one word: "Sayonara." Cue serious Oh, Crap!.
    • The manga does this in spectacular fashion in the last chapter. He receives a phone call from Kotonoha's younger sister, frantically telling him that Kotonoha's been stabbed and is bleeding to death. In the next exchange, the culprit reveals herself.
      Makoto: Sekai! Kotonoha's...
      Sekai: Been stabbed?
  • School-Live!:
    • One is spoken by Miki in episode 6 when Yuki is showing her the music room. Made much, much creepier as the lively music playing from the radio suddenly starts slowing down, and the nice and clean music room starts morphing from Yuki's fantasy into reality.
      Miki: I don't understand what you're saying. Who is Megu-nee?
    • The manga has an off hand comment by Yuki that really sinks it in that Kurumi is not actually cured.
      Yuki: Hey Kurumi, your hand is kinda cold.
  • School Rumble: Harima's Anguished Declaration of Love (meant for Tenma) becomes this when he says it to the wrong girl (Eri).
  • Scott Pilgrim Takes Off:
    • Scott's conversation with the true mastermind behind his disappearance sheds light on the true nature of this series.
    Old Scott: Fighting those exes was the biggest mistake of our entire life.
    Scott: Because we lost?
    Old Scott: Because we won.
  • Technically shared by the narrator and Ryoma in Shin Getter Robo: "GETTER EMPEROR CHANGE!" 'The voice that quakes the Universe itself was, indeed, that of Ryoma Nagare.'' "CHANGE GETTER EMPEROR ONE!"
  • Shi ni Aruki:
    • In Chapter 18, Aoya tells Tokiko about the Shirokis' murders two years ago, and how their daughter disappeared.
      Aoya: Two years. That's how much time the killer needed. That's how long it takes to replace everything. I really do feel sorry for you, Tokiko-chan...
      Tokiko: Aoya, I don't know if you've mistaken me for someone else, but...
      Aoya: How could I ever mistake you!? I was always going to kill you last.
    • In Chapter 25, Tokiko drops a surprising revelation about herself.
      Tokiko: If you're going to assume anyone capable of murder is a tainted monster and come looking for blood from the pure, then you really never should have tried drinking mine. Why? Because I did, after all, kill one of my own family.
    • In Chapter 28, Ai gives a startling answer when asked how many members of the Kurosu family her brother killed.
      Ai: Just Rina.
    • In the final chapter, Akiyama reaches a startling conclusion about Tokiko and the curse surrounding her.
      Akiyama: Long before we had the chance to meet her, she had died immediately at birth. The desires of those present, for her to live, gave the soul of Tokiko, departed from her body, as compensation, and so, Tokiko's corpse came to life.
  • Being a crossover, Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion isn't supposed to surprise many viewers when other characters from different franchise appears (even though they will be elated at incredible levels). One character though was completely unexpected.
    Hayato: Who are you?
    Miku: Miku Hatsune. Driver of the H5.
  • This exchange from Soul Eater, just as Crona is forgiven by Death for furthering the madness that was in Stein. Granted, this series has a lot after the halfway point.
    Nygas: Medusa. Just what are you doing here?
    Medusa: I'm not looking for a fight. I surrender.
    • The manga has the Great Old One of the Book of Eibon calling Death the Kid; a "fragment of Shinigami."
    • There's also the last line of Chapter 88, where the Spartoi kids find out that they've been ordered to execute Crona. Considering that the rest of Chapter 88 was a total filler chapter...yeah. Wham Line.
    • 108. Dear Lord, 108. Asura reveals that he too is a fragment of Lord Death, effectively making him Kid's OLDER BROTHER.
  • Spy X Family:
    • In the tail end of Mission 25, Damian Desmond, the son of Donovan Desmond, a man protagonist Loid Forger is investigating as part of Operation Strix, drops a line which reveals not only the kid's inner conflict, it puts how Operation Strix will work into question, since Damian was thought to be Loid's best chance at getting to his father.
    Damian: I know Father couldn't care less about me.
    • In Mission 65, Yor manages to join a circle of friends. All's well and good, until the very last panel, which reveals that her best friend in the group has a much bigger role in Operation Strix than it first seemed...
    Melinda: Oh my gosh. How crazy that we'd meet like this! Forgive me, I never properly introduced myself, did I? I'm Melinda... Melinda Desmond!
    • In Mission 96, Anya and Damian are dancing and (sort of) getting along for once when he asks her how she knew the answer to a trivia question about him earlier, sarcastically asking whether she read his mind. Anya then whispers this whopper:
      Anya: Yes. I can read people's minds.
  • At the end of Episode 5 of SSSS.DYNɅZENON, Yume is able to converse with Fuuma, the vice-president of the club her older sister Kano was in, to learn more about her before she passed away due to an accident. He admits that what he's about to say is hard to bring up in front of Kano's little sister, but Yume tells him to spit it out.
    Fuuma: It's just a rumor I heard back then, but...
    Yume: Yeah?
    Fuuma: It wasn't an accident, but suici—(smash cut to the ending theme)
  • In Still Sick, an editor approaches Maekawa at an event and says the following, revealing that she used to be a published manga artist.
    "We hadn't heard from you since you went AWOL, so I didn't expect to find you here... Maekawa-sensei."note 
  • The Summer You Were There:
    • Shizuku is shocked when Kaori takes Shizuku's confession to being a bully in elementary school surprisingly well, but then Kaori explains why.
    • Early on in Chapter 15, as Ruri calls an ambulance for Kaori, she makes the following revelation about Kaori's condition.
      Ruri: She has a chronic respiratory disease.
    • At the end of Chapter 15, after Kaori is hospitalized, she makes a shocking proposal to Shizuku.
      Kaori: Hey... Hoshikawa-san. We should break up. Let's put an end... to this pretend romance.
    • In Chapter 25, Shiori gives Shizuka some disturbing news about Kaori.
      Shiori: She slipped unconscious yesterday and hasn't come back yet.
    • In Chapter 30, Shizuka is looking forward to seeing Kaori tomorrow, but then she gets a call from Seri.
      Seri: Just stay calm and listen, okay? It's Kao-chan, she...
    • Chapter 31, the penultimate chapter, ends with the following line.
      Shizuku narrating: The next morning, I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, and the news of Kaori's passing.
  • Super Pig, episode 50:
    • Not for the audience, but for Karin's friends, as they learn her Secret Identity as Super Pig.
      Karin: I am Super Pig!
  • Sword Art Online:
    • At the very beginning of the series, Klein asks the question that helps Kirito realize that SAO is no ordinary video game:
    • In Volume 1, Kirito is forced to join the Knights of Blood after losing to Heathcliff, then is ordered to go on an expedition with Godfrey to test how well he can work with a group. Kirito's not happy to see one of his partnersnote  .
      Kirito: There, standing next to Godfrey was the last man in Aincrad I wanted to see- Kuradeel.
    • From Episode 23 of the first season, Kirito fights his way past the hordes of enemies to the door to the top of the World Tree. Once there, Yui gives him this news:
    • From Season 2, Episode 18, the group discusses whether Zekken, someone strong enough to defeat Kirito, is a fellow SAO survivor- Kirito had asked whether Zekken was a "full-time resident" of virtual reality, but didn't get an answer:
      Lisbeth: [quoting Kirito] "If Zekken had been in that world, rather than me, the Dual-wielding skill would have been awarded to them."
    • Season 2, Episode 22- Dr. Kurahashi reveals why Yuuki's in the Medicuboid, an experimental device intended to give palliative care to those with terminal illnesses.
    • Chapter 10 of Volume 7 ends with "That was when Dr. Kurahashi sent Asuna a message saying that Yuuki's condition had taken a turn for the worse." In Episode 24 of Season 2, you see the message itself, which says, "Yuuki-san, Konno-san's condition has deteriorated. Can you come immediately?"
    • In Volume 10, Asuna infiltrates Rath with the help of Rinko Kojiro, and listens to Kikuoka and Higa talk about their work researching Artificial Intelligence. She then spells out what the project is for.
      Asuna: Because that’s not what they want, Dr. Koujiro. The ultimate goal of this massive project isn’t to simply create a high-functioning, bottom-up AI...It's to create an AI that can kill enemy soldiers in a war.
    • In Volume 11, Kirito and Eugeo notice that there's something familiar about the Integrity Knight before them, but it's only when she introduces herself that they realize who she is.
      Alice: Axiom Church of Centoria, Integrity Knight—Alice Synthesis Thirty.
    • In Volume 20, two familiar names come up among the list of new church apprentices- Frenica Cesky (Tiese's friend from the Imperial Swordcraft Academy) and Selka Zuberg(Alice's younger sister)- and immediately cause an uproar in the meeting.
  • Sword Art Online Progressive
    • In Volume 4, someone points a knife at Kirito's back, and utters the phrase "It's showtime." This, the Catchphrase of Vassago Cassals, aka PoH, strongly implies that the various players causing trouble will go on to form the infamous PK guild Laughing Coffin.
    • In Volume 5, Kirito and Asuna are abducted while doing a quest. The quest seems to go as Kirito thought it did while in the beta, until their kidnappers are attacked, at which point things go From Bad to Worse.
      Kirito narrating: But the black-hooded bandits fighting Cylon had orange cursors. The color of criminals. They weren't NPCs. They were players.
  • In Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
    • Near the start of Volume 2, Karen notices a man following her around, and becomes concerned when he continues to do so as she returns home. As she turns around, he tells her not to scream and identifies himself as M, her partner from the first Squad Jam.
    • After the second Squad Jam, Goshi/M takes Karen/LLENN and Miyu/Fuka to meet with Pito in real life. After watching a secret show by the famous singer Elsa Kanzaki, Goshi takes the two girls backstage and introduces the owner of the club, Rei Satou, as Pito. Karen, however, walks past Rei and up to Elsa herself, praising her as a "wonderful grim reaper,"note , revealing that Karen knows that Elsa is Pito's real identity.
    • The third Squad Jam is advertised as having a special rule in place, one that will take effect midway through the game. It's finally announced at the end of Volume 4.
      “The chosen players will leave their teams as betrayers. The betrayers will form a new team that will fight together from this point onward.”
    • Immediately thereafter, someone exults, "“Whoo-hoo! Yeah! It’s meeee! Now I get to fight Llenn!” It's Pitohui.
    • Late in Volume 5, there are only five contestants remaining- LLENN, M, Fuka, Pito and Eva, the latter two of whom are apparently part of the betrayers' team. When a three-on-one confrontation seems likely between Pito, who'd been chosen for Team Betrayer, and her former teammates, Pito then drops the following revelation.
      Pito: But this possibility is much more likely: that I was just a huge liar.
      Fuka: I see! And that’s why it’s three on one! Meaning that Pito and M and I are on LPFM, and Llenn is on Team Betrayer!
    • Late in Volume 6, LLENN gets into a fight with the NPC enemies, which ends with her radio connection cutting off. The other members of LPFM notice that LLENN isn't dead yet, though, and come to the same conclusion.
      Fuka: Whoa, LLENN got captured!
    • In Volume 7, Karen meets a man named Fire Nishiyamada when accompanying her father to a party. Not long afterward, Nishiyamada sends Karen's father a message saying, "I would like to formally begin a relationship with Karen, with an eye toward our eventual marriage."
    • A bit later in Volume 7, Nishyamada's character walks up to LLENN in game and addresses her by her full name, which is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what he knows about her.
    • The protagonists hear that Squad Jam 4 will have a special rule, but don't know what it is. Clarence finds out the hard way.
    Clarence took her time getting up. She was about to take a step forward—but couldn’t.
    A hand reaching up out of the ground had a firm grip on her right foot.
    • As Squad Jam 4 begins, the protagonist notice that there are seven teams in an alliance. The last one comes as a shock to LLENN.
    The last of the clustered teams presumably forming an alliance was SHINC.
    • At the end of Volume 9, following the conclusion of Squad Jam 4, Karen goes to meet Fire in person. After the meeting ends, Karen shows her friends this message from Fire.
    "If Karen and LLENN are the same person, then I think I’m afraid of you. I don’t think I can be with you. I’m really sorry. Please, just forget about me. I’m really sorry."

  • In Talentless Nana, Nana Hiiragi blames herself for the death of her parents at the hands of murderous superpowered "Talented" thugs after she accidentally leaves her bedroom window open and the culprits entered through there. Years later, her surrogate father figure and superior Tsuruoka confesses to him ordering the assassination of her parents and lying to Nana all this time. It's summed up with this line:
    That night, your window was locked.
  • Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee:
    • Lag sets out on his journey to become a Letter Bee in order to reunite with his mother, as well as Gauche Suede, who had gotten a promotion to go to the capital. When he finally succeeds, he hears this.
      Zaji: Your delivery is just as good as the record holder. And seeing how Gauche Suede isn't a Bee anymore, you're pretty much at the top.
    • After telling Aria about the true nature of the sun, Hodai Franklin begins talking about Gauche.
      Hodai: Poor girl. That fellow who was precious to you? His now part of the light of the world. Yes...He'll whole again!
    • Much later, Lag figures out what exactly is wrong with Gauche.
      Lag: Ever since you woke up, the whole time, you've been lying to us. Everything you said about me and Sylvette...did you learn it all from the letter bullet I shot into you? I believed...the real Gauche had returned. I believed it. Sylvette believes it. But no. You're not Gauche! You're Noir!
    • In Episode 44 of the anime, Lawrence, leader of Reverse, delivers one when Lag confronts him about stealing people's hearts.
      Lawrence: It is the Amberground government that steals people's hearts. Gauche's heart was also stolen. As well as that of your mother, Anne Seeing...
    • In Episode 49, Noir delivers a short but chilling line showing that Cabernet is not like any other Gaichuu (which, for context, must be defeated by shooting a Shindan into a gap in their armor), and has changed since the last time Lag and the others fought it.
      Noir: It has no gaps.
    • Lag's mother delivers a fairly shocking revelation after Lag exposes the "heart" inside her letter, revealing why she disappeared.
      Anne: My family has a certain duty regarding the artificial sun. It is a great burden, but I must carry it out. It is my fate. Our duty... carries a certain title in Amberground. "The Empress."
    • When Zazie and Connor find an imprint left by a large scorpion-like Gaichuu.
      Connor: Laphroaig?! That's... the Gaichuu... that stole your parents' hearts!
  • Toonami: "Oh hai, [adult swim]! Got the results of the test back — I definitely have April Fool's."
    • "Toonami faithful, we heard you. 05.26.12 #toonamiisbackbitches"
    • For the people who were wondering if a certain show about a certain orange-hued ninja was going to return: "The prodigal son has returned!"
    • "The Titans...are...coming."
  • Tokyo Ghoul:
    Arima: You're good... Kaneki Ken.
  • Toradora!: Episode 21.
    Taiga: I can't stop... loving... Ryuuji...
  • The Two of the Art Club is a story about Aiko and Shino, two aspiring artists who have to overcome various obstacles, from their parents' opposition and their schoolmates deriding them to not having enough money for paint. Shino wins a prize for her latest painting, and while Aiko is happy for her at first, she eventually makes the following outburst..
    Aiko: Who the hell do you think you are? When you won an award with stolen paint!!
  • Undead Unluck: What starts off as another UMA hunt takes a drastic turn when Billy says this:
    Billy: ...Why don't we just drop a few nukes on them?
  • In Vampire-chan and Junior-chan, the main character, Sara Ayafuji, agrees to become Iris Kazari's "bride" and let her suck her blood, but Aoi reveals a shocking secret about the arrangement.
  • The World Ends with You has some Wham Lines that overlap with the game, but a few of the reveals are delivered in a different way.
    • The Reveal that the Players are dead is conveyed differently in the anime, after Shiki explains that she has her best friend Eri's appearanceExplanation.
      Shiki: The game that we're playing... isn't free. And my appearance was the entry fee I paid with. Since I still needed a body to play, they gave me Eri's. So yeah, I don't really look like this.
      Neku: What the heck are you saying?!
      Shiki: The Reaper's Game is an examination to see who is worthy of a second chance at life. I died in an accident.
      Neku: Wait... how?! When did I...? I'm dead?
    • Similarly, Neku's second entry fee is revealed in such a way after Shiki disappears and Neku demands to know whether Kitaniji revived her.
      Kitaniji: Don't act shocked; it only makes sense. A game with such great rewards isn't cheap. To play a second round you must first pay a second price.
      Neku: Oh no!
      Kitaniji: Oh, yes! We take what Players value most, and the thing currently holding that place in your heart... is Shiki Misaki.
    • After Beat tells Neku about the accident that claimed his and Rhyme's lives, he reveals Rhyme's relationship with him.
      Beat: If I'd listened to her and turned back, she never would've died. But 'cause she had to have a stupid loser brother like me...
      Neku: Brother?!
      Beat: Yeah. Rhyme is my— or was— my little sis.
    • In the final episode, Joshua announces his victory, but explains that he doesn't mean The Reaper's Game.
      Joshua: Kitaniji was our opponent. He and I were playing to determine the fate of this ward... along with you. For you see, Shibuya's Composer is yours truly.
  • The World God Only Knows is apparently riddled with this and Wham Episodes:
    • For those who previously thought that Keima's capture targets have forgotten, this line from FLAG 115:
      Kanon: I haven't forgotten about you, Keima-kun. I remember everything...
    • Chihiro's last line to Keima in chapter 155. "I like you."
    • The previous line is overshadowed in WHAM-ness in the very next chapter.
      Ayumi: I heard you.
    • Also in 165...
      Chihiro: Please be gentle. It's my first time.
    • Chihiro just seems to be a machine for these. As seen in Chapter 181.
      Chihiro: Ayumi, did you know? Katsuragi is a lying bastard!
    • Ayumi to Keima after the Goddess recapture arc in chapter 192:
      Ayumi: Who are you?note 
    • The second time that Keima tries and fails to save a suicidal girl (thanks to a "Groundhog Day" Loop), he asks her to tell him her name before time resets again. Her answer?
      Girl: Dokurou.
    • FLAG 266 gives us two.
      • The first one is said early on and with such nonchalance that one may require a double take for it:
        Elsie: Also, it was really hard to stop time.
      • ...But then we get to Wham Line number two, which is easily the biggest one in the entire manga:
        Elsie: You're right! It looks like I was the "last boss"!
    • FLAG 267: The final words of the chapter:
      Keima: Chihiro... I love you.
  • Your Lie in April has few of them.
    Kaori (episode 5): I see.. so I passed out: again.
    Kaori (episode 11): You know, I'm not always going to be around to help you... -Charlie Brown.
    Kaori (episode 16): Want to commit double suicide with me? note  [Kousei is frozen in place the instant he hears that.]
    Kousei: [in episode 22 after realize Kaori is already dead] Goodbye.
    • The finale has one that even shocks Kousei in-universe. See The Ending Changes Everything.
      Kaori: [in her goodbye letter] Kaori Miyazono was in love with Watari Ryota... that was the lie I told.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! gives us this from that duel with Raphael:
    Yami: Now I activate...the Seal of Orichalcos!
    • Followed up by the Wham Shot of Yami with a Death Glare on his face...and the Seal of Orichalcos on his forehead...
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero has several of these starting from Episode 8
  • Yuri is My Job!
    • In Chapter 6, Hime tells her coworker Mitsuki about one former classmate who saw through Hime's façade and ruined her reputation back in elementary school. The fact that Mitsuki knows the classmate's name reveals that she was the person in question.
      Mitsuki: And? Did you forget about that person?
      Hime: I don't think I could ever forget her. Her name was...
      Hime and Mitsuki: Yano Mitsuki.
    • In Chapter 7, while Hime and Mitsuki's friendship falling apart is a Foregone Conclusion, the catalyst for it comes as much of a surprise for the reader as it is for Mitsuki.
      Music Teacher: Yano-san, are you practicing for the recital?
      Mitsuki: Yes. Hime-chan should be coming in later. With a little more work, I think she'll be up to speed, too.
      Music Teacher: You didn't hear? Shiraki-san quit the recital.
    • In Chapter 18, after an argument between Kanoko and Sumika, Sumika meets up with Nene in the kitchen. This line reveals that Nene is actually Saionji, Sumika's former schwester, who left Sumika for her girlfriend Goeido, who proceeded to dump her.
      Sumika: Nene-san! I still don't get it at all! Why did you ignore my advice and go to Goeido back then? Why did you choose romance, at the expense of tearing our schwester-ship apart? In the end... all that came of it was making you cry... and quit being "Saionji."
    • In Chapter 25, Mitsuki notices something is odd with Mai, who'd broken her arm in the first chapter and used the injury to guilt-trip Hime, who was responsible for the accident, into helping out at the salon. Keep in mind that this is a flashback to the end of April, which means that it takes place before the past two and a half volumes.
      Mitsuki: Manager, is... your arm healed by now?
      Mai: All better! I got to take the cast off today!
    • In Chapter 31, Hime makes a surprising announcement after learning that Mai's arm has healed.
      Hime: Now that your arm has healed, it seems like you have enough staff. This seems like a perfect stopping point. I'm going to be taking my leave of Liebe.
    • At the end of Chapter 51, Kanoko makes a phone call, and tells the person she's calling about getting into a relationship with Sumika. The last few lines completely recontextualize what happened in the chapter.
      Kanoko: It all went exactly as you said. Yes. I understand. We'll keep this a secret from Sumika-san.
  • Zombie Land Saga
    • In Episode 8, after Lily finishes the story of her falling out with her father and subsequent death, which has been punctuated with Lily's father repeatedly calling her "Masao" (definitely a masculine name in Japanese):
      Sakura: Who was this Masao guy you started mentioning partway through?
      Lily: That was my old name.
    • In Episode 10, Sakura gets hit by a truck, just like in the accident that killed her at the start of the series. Since she's a zombie, one would think that she'd be unharmed (a bit like Junko was when she got hit by the van in Episode 7), but then the following words reveal that Sakura has forgotten her life as a zombie, and remembered her life as a human.
      Sakura: Where am I?