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Please don't hide spoilers in this page. Wham Line is a spoileriffic trope by nature, so it's pointless to spoiler tag every example.

Given its nature, Pretty Cure does have its Wham Lines:

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star

  • In episode 24 when Saki gently tries to break the news to Minori that she might not be able to see Kaoru again...
    Minori: Kaoru-oneesan? Who's that?

HeartCatch Pretty Cure!

  • There's this heartwarming number:
    Dark Precure: How dare you do that to my father!context 

HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!

  • Episode 8:
    Cure Fortune: You cannot trust Cure Princess. Or else a giant disaster will fall upon you.
  • Episode 13 definitely takes the cake to date.
    Blue: I may be the source of all misfortune.
  • A comedic example in episode 31, which combines with Wham Shot.
    Yuko: Those days we spent together became my precious memories. My days with...
    (A dog appears)
    Yuko: Debit.
  • Episode 37:
    Deep Mirror: Mirage-sama, are these three people no longer useful?
    Queen Mirage: That's right. But I still have something in the back. context 

Go! Princess Pretty Cure

  • Episode 19:
    Twilight: It's strange, it feels like I'm being called by someone. context 
  • Episode 33:
    Miss Shamour: This is the royal emblem of Hope Kingdom!
  • Episode 35:
    Kanata: Who are you? Do you know me?
  • Episode 40:
    Lock: You'll do fine. I'm borrowing that body, m'kay? context 
  • Episode 47:
    Dyspear: Impressive, Precure. All right, Hope Kingdom will return to you. But despair is unstoppable.
  • Episode 48:
    Close: Yare Lock!

Maho Girls PreCure

  • Episode 49:
    Liko: You should be really careful. Mofurun is your friend. context 

Kirakira Precure A La Mode

  • Ending of ep 6:
    Genichiro: Nice having a big sister like this, huh? context 
  • Beginning of ep 22:
    Kirarin: Julio... that hairpiece... Non... Stop, Pikario!
  • In ep 32, this combines with a Wham Shot of Bibury's tears sizzling off Iru:
    Iru: Noir-sama is very very angry.

Hugtto! Pretty Cure

Star★Twinkle Pretty Cure

  • In episode 11 this question is finally answered:
    Bakenyan: Whoever obtains the 12 pens will possess the power to transcend all.
  • There are two in episode 19:
    Aiwarn: That's definitely true-ttsuno~ I turned those people into stone-ttsuno~ context 
    Fuwa: Ii nioi-fuwa~!! [...] Blue Cat's nioi-fuwa~ context 
  • Ending of Episode 20:
    Tenjo: Awesome.
    Kappard: No, not yet. [Darknest’s] power is nothing like this.
  • End of episode 25:
    AI: Transmission from Planet Saman
    Boy: Lala, where are you~lun Come back immediately-lun~
  • Before the episode 27 eyecatch:
    Aiwarn: Pen signals spotted-ttsuno~ I finally found them-ttsuno~ Kehyahahaha! You won't get away-ttsuno~! context 
  • End of episode 29:
    AI: (camera stops at footage) Camera lost. Unable to analyze the situation.
    Kuku: No, I understand the situation! Mother [AI], call for help! Investigator Lala is trying to steal the Pen!
  • End of episode 30:
    Ambassador Toppa: Engines at full power. The Precure are our target.
  • End of ep 31 leads to Fuwa's true form:
    (music stops abruptly)
    Pisces: Now, feed Fuwa.
    Cure Cosmo: Why now?
    Fuwa: I'm not even hungry-fuwa~
    (Star Princesses shake heads)
  • Episode 32:
    Darknest: So the vessel is complete at last...
    Cure Star: "Vessel"?
    Darknest: But with only a vessel...
    • Later in the same episode.
      Taurus: (about Fuwa) She's still not complete.
  • #37:
    Kappard: (warning the Earth cures about the alien cures' potential betrayal) These days will betray you.
  • #38: How Bakenyan came to be is genuinely revealed :
    Hakkenyan: Instead of playing me, use those eyes of yours to watch over the universe in my place.
    Yuni: In your place?
  • #46:
    Darknest: Darknest, huh? [voice changes] That farce ends here. context 

Pretty Cure All Stars:

  • In STMM:
    Trauma: Just to tell you, the Tears of the Precures are not for reviving your [Solciere's] master.


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