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Not even a Zombie Apocalypse will separate Chuck Greene and his daughter.

"But, above all else. I will never forgive you....for MAKING MY DAUGHTER CRY!"
Asura, Asura's Wrath

Sometimes, being in direct control of the Papa Wolf makes things ever so satisfying.

  • Ace Attorney:
    • With Phoenix Wright and Maya, it's a tossup between a father-daughter and brother-sister relationship. Either way, if you try to arrest Maya, he'll defend her with every last Objection! he has. If you kidnap her, he'll stall the trial and call in a favor with the prosecution to keep it going until she's safe.. And if she's in actual physical danger, he'll charge across a burning bridge over a hundred-foot drop into an icy river to save her.
      • To a lesser extent, Phoenix also displays this for his protégés, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes, even boasting a Team Dad role in Duel Destinies when Apollo's confused feelings about Athena's apparent connection to the murder of his childhood friend Clay lead to him distancing himself from her, to her clear distress.
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    • And in Investigations there's Kay and her 'Uncle Badd'. If Lang hadn't gotten in the way, we probably wouldn't have to worry about giving Shih-na a trial.
    • From Trials and Tribulations, we also learn that Bruto Cadaverini is a Papa Wolf to his granddaughter Viola. You don't want to piss this guy off.
    • In Dual Destinies, there's Phoenix and Trucy. When she's taken hostage, he quickly agrees to the demand to hold a re-trial for Simon Blackquill, even having it be held in a bombed courtroom to make sure it happens.
      • Blackquill is one as well. He is willing to accept execution for a crime he didn't commit to protect Athena.
      • Damian Tenma from case 2 is very much one as well. Throughout the entirety of his incarceration, his daughter Jinxie is never far from his mind. For starters, he repeatedly threatens to break out of jail when he thinks she needs him. Even when he was extorted with his daughter's safety to agree to a town merger, he only objects to it with a secret identity, while publicly pushing for it, even if it means everybody in his home town will hate him. And that's not even mentioning pretending to be possessed in order to disrupt the court proceedings and make himself a valid witness when Jinxie is accused of being an accomplice to his alleged crime. It's made overwhelmingly clear that there's nothing he won't do for Jinxie's sake.
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  • The protagonist of Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl is willing to beat up a whole town full of gangsters, potentially take on a hulking Serial Killer psycho with his bare hands, and attack a guard-filled company headquarters all by himself, all to save his daughter. This actually backfires in you in one of the possible endings: your brutality throughout the game ends up making you so blood-covered and creepy that, when you finally find her, your own daughter is afraid of you and shoots you to defend the Corrupt Corporate Executive that kidnapped her.
  • Oswald Mandus from Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is quite the example, what with charging into the bowels of a kilometric, mechanized slaughterhouse, controlled to the last knife and pulley by an insane conductor and patrolled by monstrous hybrids of pig and human that can kill a man barehanded, to rescue his two sons, despite being around 60 years old, and his only real training being engineering. Which then leads into a horrific deconstruction as the truth starts making itself known: his sons are dead. He himself tore out their hearts. However, he did not do this out of hate, but a twisted sense of love when he learned, by way of a fractured orb, that they would die, lungs filled with gas and shrapnel, on the shores of the Somme during WWI. And so, losing his sons to his own corrupted drive to protect them, coupled with the other terrible visions of the future he saw in that same orb, drove him, in a bout of burning, misanthropic rage lasting several decades, to build the Machine that would destroy a world he saw as irreparably broken.
  • Do not threaten the eggs of an Angry Bird if you want to remain standing. This advice applies to pigs, their armies, their fortresses, and their space fleets.
  • Asura's Wrath: Asura was cast down by his fellow gods and sealed away for some 12,000 years. Now that's enough to piss him off, but when he finds out they're using his daughter to amplify their power, it's time to kick some heavenly, planetary-sized ass.
    • And when we mean he goes to kick heavenly ass, we're not talking in hyperbole here. The final battle of the DLC involves fighting God himself. Because that motherfucker made his daughter cry.
  • BioShock:
    • This is the default mentality of the Big Daddies in the series for the Little Sisters. They will ignore you if you don't attack them or the Sisters (at the most, they'll shove you away if you get too close), but anybody who does so much as to slap them will face a very pissed off Big Daddy dashing straight at you with his drill (or shooting at you with his rivet gun), and he will not stop until one of you is dead.
    • Since the playable character of Bioshock 2 is the Super Prototype of the Big Daddies, the sequel's plot revolves around this trope. Subject Delta storms the entire Rapture trying to find the Little Sister on whom he was first imprinted - Eleanor Lamb, the daughter of Big Bad Sofia Lamb. Inverted in the endgame where, upon donning the Big Sister suit, Eleanor tells you that now's her time to fight for you and gives you a plasmid to call her to your side.
    • When you choose to save your adopted Little Sisters, they become very fond of you. When harvesting ADAM they usually don't require much protection, leaving you free to chase after fleeing Splicers to impale them with your drill or give them a blast of the shotgun to the face. But even over the sound of the heaviest fighting, you can easily hear the panicked scream when a Little Sister is in danger. And may God have mercy on whatever Splicer is currently grabbing her arm.
    • In the Alternate Reality Game for BioShock 2, protagonist Mark Meltzer lets his life fall apart in favor of tracking down a Big Sister who took his daughter Cindy to Rapture. He succeeds in finding Rapture, but is captured by a Big Sister and taken to Lamb, who offers a Sadistic Choice - be executed for trespassing, or become a Big Daddy bonded to Cindy.
      Lamb: Ask yourself, Mr. Meltzer... is it better to be summarily executed as an outsider caught within these grounds, or to be united not just with your daughter Cindy, but with the Rapture Family as well? The choice is yours... I urge you to accept the Protector program. You will live by her side, and remember nothing beyond your love for her.
      Meltzer: ...I wasn't the first to find Rapture, you crazy bitch. And I won't be the last. You do...whatever you want to me... as long as I'm with Cindy... I'm ... I'm a happy man.
    • Assuming he hasn't harvested any Little Sisters, Jack from the first game becomes a surrogate one towards them. He even temporary becomes a Big Daddy near the end of the game.
    • In Bioshock Infinite, Booker becomes rather protective over Elizabeth and bonding with her makes him abandon his deal to bring her to his client. Not even a gigantic mechanical man-bird or a Dark Messiah and his army will stop him ensuring Elizabeth is safe. Then it is reveal that Elizabeth is really his daughter, Anna. And yes, this basically means that every protagonist in the series is a Papa Wolf!
      • Booker pretty much cements himself as one with one line: "GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER!"
  • In Bloodborne, Retired Hunter Djura is the protector of beasts in Old Yharnam, not only he wears a Gray Wolf Cap as a literal wolf motif, should anyone harmed his beasts, he responds with his Gatling Gun.
  • Breath of Fire III has Rei, the oldest of a trio of orphans which included Ryu. When the group was devastated by Balio and Sunder, Rei... didn't take it very well, thinking that his adoptive family was killed, and that he failed to protect them. Many years later, he's still in his Unstoppable Rage, targeting the criminal organization to which Balio and Sunder belonged. He only calms down somewhat when he finds out that Ryu is still alive (in fact, it was Ryu who took care of Balio and Sunder for good). But that doesn't mean it's over; not for Rei, anyway.
    I can't stop! Not until I teach those guys not to mess with me... or my family!
  • Christopher Belmont of Castlevania: The Adventure & Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge. Just when he thought he could retire from Vampire Hunting business and leave it to his son Soleiyu... said son suddenly gets possessed by Dracula. "Screw retirement, I want my son back, you son of a bitch."
    • Although it's widely believed that Belmont's Revenge is what happens when Konami learns from their mistake concerning the extreme Nintendo Hard-ness of Adventure, it kinda shows off that when his son is in danger, Christopher DOES NOT lose his whip's power at one measly hit (a problem plaguing Adventure), except by one type of enemy. Papa Wolf to the max indeed.
  • Cave Story:
    • In Curly Story, Quote becomes this as he takes Curly's place in protecting the Mimgas in the Sand Zone and will attack Curly thinking she's a killer robot. Even in the main game, Quote looks after Jenka's dogs and will protect every Mimga, human and robot alike.
    • King the leader of the Mimga only cares about his people and will slice apart anyone who messes with Toroko. This is also a bad thing since King is so protective over the Mimga, that he was willing to hold Sue an "outsider" for ransom to The Doctor to get Toroko back.
  • In Chaos Rings Omega, Dante is fiercely protective of his daughter Vahti, his newborn grandson Ohm, and his son-in-law Vieg (he's effectively a Parental Substitute to him since Vieg never knew his own parents). He wades through lava to save Vahti and Ohm at one point. As he slowly sinks into the lava he passes the Papa Wolf reins onto Vieg.
  • Darkstalkers
    • Donovan Baine is the prime example seen in the games, comics and OVA. Anyone who makes any violent moves towards Anita is in for a world of hurt and he even scares away normal asshole humans who alienate her. Unfortunately, it's subverted by the end of the second game where he is overcome by blood lust and turned to the dark side, though when he meets Anita again he is unable to hurt her.
    • Rikuo the Fish man toward his sons; he even travels the Jedah's dark dimension to get his son Ricky back.
    • Jon Tailbane the Wolf Man is a true Papa Wolf; though humans hunt him ferociously and he scorns them, he does not extend his hatred to human children and is shown protecting them alongside Felicia and even looking after two kids in Darkstalkers 3.
    • Even Lord Raptor, a mass murderer, gets angry when Felicia is attacked by Human Cultists in the OVA, and protects her.
    • Huitzil the ancient robot malfunctions from original orders from Pyron to destroy all life on Earth, and instead his life's goal is to protect a little Mexican boy called Cecil.
  • Cyrus of Dawn of War II is one of the few who refused the power armor of a full space marine to remain a scout and train the initiates. Targeting them is a surefire way to send him on a bloody, an emotionally-charged one, since being on a bloody warpath is basically his job description.
  • The nameless father in the Dead Island trailer sees his daughter being chased down the hallway by a group of zombies. He charges out of the room, grabs a nearby fire axe, and with a bellow of rage starts hacking the nearest ones up before tenderly bringing his bitten daughter into the room. Then he fights like a maniac to defend it. Shame they don't make it...and his daughter wasn't immune to turning into a zombie.
  • Chuck Greene of Dead Rising 2 spends the game attempting to raise money for/find Zombrex (Zombie infection suppressant) for his infected daughter Katey. This means that he'll have to carve his way through a seaload of Zombies to do so. Not only that, but psychopaths with chainsaws? Motorcycles? Guns? Flamethrowers? Dad will not be stopped.
  • Dante in Devil May Cry 5 shows shades of this towards Nero (his nephew). He frequently tries to keep Nero out of danger, even telling him to leave the battlefield, and he is noticeably angry at Vergil for tearing Nero's arm off, being more resolved than usual to kill Vergil. When Urzien overpowers Nero towards the end and chokes him with Combat Tentacles, Dante swoops in with his Next Tier Power-Up and frees his nephew. At the end both Dante and Vergil make sure Nero doesn’t follow them into The Underworld, albeit in rough fashion. In fact, Dante may invoke this towards Nero as early as DMC4, as some Freeze-Frame Bonus in the intro reveals he was keeping an eye on Nero while he fought demons from the start.
  • Corvo from Dishonored could potentially be included in this trope with his protection of Emily. Many characters will muse upon his relationship with the Empress and whether Emily may or may not be his child (which is confirmed in the sequel). This is in addition to the picture she draws you, and the fact that she names you 'Daddy.'
  • In Double Homework, Dennis’s dad becomes this after his son’s death. He vows revenge on anyone responsible, and also on anyone who helps to cover their tracks.
  • Dragon Quest V:
    • The main character. Okay, so he's not The Chosen One; his son is. Traditionally, this means Dad will have to heroically die and the son will grow up tragically an orphan, in order to be strong enough to beat the Big Bad as an adult. It comes close to this, but hell no! The main character and his family band together, and while the Legendary Hero is still only 8 years old, Dad helps him beat the crap out of the forces of darkness and goes To Hell and Back to beat the King of Evil before it does anything like come to their world.
    • Pankraz, the main character's father. God help you if you touch a hair on his son's head and he knows about it. Nothing less then The Dragon's interference will save you. This makes sense since his son is all he has left of his wife.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Throughout the series, this is a trait of Malacath, the Daedric Prince of the Spurned and Ostracized and patron deity of the Orcs and "Goblin-ken". Malacath is very protective of his followers, and messing with them in any way — especially enslaving them — is a surefire way to get Malacath angry. Also, do not take credit for their accomplishments.
    • Ysgramor, the ancient Atmoran/Nord hero and Founder of the Kingdom of Skyrim, was one. Don't mess with his people. The Falmer (Snow Elves) did, and he drove them to near extinction in an epic Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Another example is seen with Yngol and the Sea Ghosts. Yngol was a son of Ysgramor who had run afoul of evil spirits who ensnared him and his clan. Ysgramor became aware of this and demanded the ghosts set him free; in response, the ghosts summoned a terrible storm. Ysgramor fearlessly strode into it and defeated each of the ghosts, only to find Yngol and his clan dead. Filled with grief, he vented his rage on 24 of the fiercest monsters in Skyrim, slaying them all in honor of his kin. He then ordered a great barrow to be dug for Yngol and his clansmen's resting place.
  • Sebastian Castellanos, from The Evil Within 2, may be a drunken ex-cop, and he may be out of his depth in a Mental World full of monsters and artistic serial killers. But that won't stop Sebastian from saving his only daughter Lily; he's like Harry Mason, Joel, and Barry Burton rolled into one.
  • While not playable, the Courier can ally with one during the course of the Fallout: New Vegas Expansion Pack Honest Hearts. Joshua Graham is acting war-chief for the Dead Horses tribe, watching over the Sorrows, an indigenous tribe to Zion, with the help of a fellow New Canaanite, Daniel. He feels very protective regarding all of these people. He is an unquestionable One-Man Army Made of Iron and in this case, Good Is Not Soft. If the player implies he's going to rough up Daniel to speed up the process of finding a way out of Zion...
    Joshua Graham: If you harm Daniel or any of the Sorrows or Dead Horses, I will find you. Make no mistake. God willing, you will not leave this valley.
    • Boone from the main game is a tragic example. When his beloved wife Carla and the unborn child in her womb get taken by the Legionnaires (who treat women like cattle), he grabs his trusty sniper rifle and goes chasing after them. However, when he gets to the Legion camp, Boone sees he's outnumbered, and understands it's impossible to save Carla; thus he makes the Sadistic Choice and uses his one shot to Mercy Kill his wife and child. Boone tasks you to find the one who sold out Carla so he can blow their head off, and once Boone becomes your companion, he makes it clear that any Legionnaires he encounters with you are gonna die.
  • Fallout4:
    • A male Sole Survivor certainly qualifies, as a pre-war retired soldier who sets out into a post-apocalyptic Boston beyond his wildest nightmares to track down his son and the man who took him.
    • One side quest shows that this is a reason you shouldn't mess with a Deathclaw's nest. A group of Gunners stole an egg, only for the enraged father to track them down over miles of terrain, trap them in an abandoned building, and brutally slaughter them. You can recover the egg and either sell it to the person the Gunners were trying to get it to or return it to the mother Deathclaw.
  • Far Cry 4 has a dark example with Pagan Min, who very much regards you as a son despite the fact that you're not biologically related. He may be the crazy Big Bad, but he takes it very poorly when his soldiers disobey orders and shoot up the bus you're in (read: personally stab to death the guy who gave the orders to do so). We later learn that his hatred of the rebels is due to them murdering his infant daughter.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years: After you defeated Cecil when he was controlled by Mysterious Girl (aka The Maenad), he falls into Heroic BSoD and you have to deal his bad stats. But he immediately snaps out of it when his dark side attacked Ceodore.
    • In Final Fantasy V, Galuf is a grandpapa wolf. When Galuf sees his granddaughter about to be killed by Exdeath, he single-handedly breaks free of Exdeath's paralysis magic, tanks every high-level spell Exdeath throws at him (to the point that even being reduced to 0 hitpoints doesn't stop him), and sends the evil tree-man running. Sadly, he exhausts himself beyond the aid of healing items or magic and dies.
    • One of the most touching examples is Barret Wallace of Final Fantasy VII, towards his adoptive daughter Marlene. Four years before FFVII began, Corel Village had a Mako Reactor installed to the north despite the protests of the local leader, Dyne. A few days later, the reactor had an accident (and was cleaned up enough so that it seemed normal by the time the game rolls around), but it was reason enough for Scarlet to burn the village to the ground. The only survivors are Dyne, his good friend Barrett Wallace, and Dyne's daughter Marlene. With Dyne presumed KIA, Barrett adopted the infant Marlene and raised her as if she was his own daughter. Had Dyne not crossed the Despair Event Horizon and spent those years either in a psychotic state or festering in Corel Prison, he would be the one exhibiting Papa Wolf tendencies instead. In his last words, Dyne asks Barrett to keep taking care of Marlene before he either jumps to his death or lets himself die.
      • Advent Children: Once Cloud decides to earn his forgiveness (and gets over the idea that anything he does to help will be too late, not enough, or both), he shows definite signs of this trope. He uses his sword as a boomerang to take out the shadow creepers attacking Denzel while chopping through buildings to rescue Tifa from being crushed. And all he has to say about it is, "Sorry I'm late." It is immediately followed by the fight against Bahamut SIN and the entire team tossing Cloud through a Mega Flare at Bahamut.
      • In the Final Fantasy VII Remake Barret extends this trope beyond Marlene to his AVALANCHE crew in general. He’s a Father to His Men and any hurt to Biggs, Wedge, Jessie and Tifa will make him go Gatling Good. When Cloud is dangling from a ledge and they’re getting shot at by Shinra mechs, Barret throws Tifa (who is very reluctant to leave Cloud) over his shoulder and carries her away to safety.
      • Cloud himself in Remake gradually develops Papa Wolf tendencies to his True Companions in AVALANCHE, especially Wedge and Jessie while on missions with them. He even wanted to kill Johnny after he ratted Jessie out to Shinra. Cloud also doesn’t tolerate lecherous comments about Tifa, as when Dirty Old Man Sam made some, Cloud growls “Hey” and makes a threatening step toward Sam freaking him out. Additionally Sephiroth threatening Tifa and Aerith in hallucinations, makes Cloud flip his lid.
    • Final Fantasy VIII: Laguna spends much of his life doing anything he can to find Ellone.
    • In Final Fantasy X Auron is a Papa Wolf to his charge Tidus protecting him from fiends and training him in swordplay, it’s revealed later Tidus’s biological dad Ject tasked Auron in looking after his son in Zanarkand. Auron is similarly protective of Yuna.
      • Kimahri adores Yuna and goes above and beyond to protect her as one of her guardians including pulling off a You Shall Not Pass! against Seymour at one point to save Yuna.
    • Sazh Katzroy from Final Fantasy XIII definitely qualifies. His son Dajh gets branded a l'Cie; shortly afterwards, Dajh's new powers uncover the Pulse fal'Cie Anima in Bodhum. Sazh comes to the logical conclusion that Dajh's focus is to kill Anima, and not-so-logically decides to do it himself.
      • If one interprets Caius' feelings towards Yuel as those of a father towards a daughter (he is the one who raises her each time she reincarnates), then he is probably the most extreme example of this trope ever. He's willing to kill Death, kill gods, and break time if it means he doesn't have to watch Yuel die again.
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy: While he Warrior of Light often comes across being authoritative and strict when dealing directly with his allies, he still shows a great deal of concern when any of them is in danger. Sephiroth learned this the hard way after attempting to harm Firion.
  • Final Fight: Mike Haggar piledrove all the goons of the city of which he was the mayor after they kidnapped his daughter Jessica to blackmail him.
    Haggar (MvC3 win quote): Just be lucky you didn't touch my daughter, or else you would've seen me when I'm really angry!
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 has the Axe Knight Hicks, who refuses to join Leif's army if the player doesn't rescue the children that have been kidnapped for the child hunts, including his son Maphy. If they do, however, he will join the group without hesitation.
      "Hey, I was waiting for you guys. I heard you saved Maphy, my son. Thanks to you, I was able to hide him in a safe place, along with the other children. I'm Hicks, an Axe Knight of Manster. I was thinking it was about time to teach that Raydrik a lesson. I'll fight alongside you."
      • The backstory has Finn as both the Team Dad and as one of these for Leif and Nanna. Two of the CGs at the end of the game have him protecting toddler!Leif and running away with him after the murders of Leif's parents, Fin's master/mentor Quan and his wife Ethlyn, and the fall of their homeland of Lester.
    • Hector of Ostia is portrayed as a potential Papa Wolf in his B support with Eliwood in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, where he tells his best friend about a prophetic dream involving his still unborn daughter and, as he mentions a redheaded boy who takes her away in the dream, he isn't very pleased to have his "little girl" courted by the other kid. Too bad Hector didn't get to be a proper Papa Wolf for Lilina, since he's killed off early in The Binding Blade. His last words are pretty much a plea for Roy, Eliwood's son and the "redheaded boy" from the dream, to protect her..
      • However, he does play it straighter in his own route, where woe betide whoever dares harm his friends and crewmates. In fact, when Nino brings Jaffar along after their Heel–Face Turn, Hector openly warns him that he has not forgiven him for killing his spy and friend Leila (also Matthew's girlfriend), and that should the guy ever step out of line, he will kill him with his own hands.
    • All the playable males who get married and have kids become this in Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates, including the male Avatars of both games, Prince Chrom aka The Protagonist of Awakening, and the Royal Princes in Fates, among others.
      • Also on the note of Fates, there's Keaton, who is a literal version of this trope.
  • Jeralt of Fire Emblem: Three Houses faked the death of Byleth and ran away with them to protect his child from Rhea, as he was not happy about the death of his wife and suspected that Rhea had tampered with the baby as well. He frequently tells Byleth not to push themselves too hard during gameplay and taught them how to fight from a young age.
    • Also there's Seteth, who is very overprotective of his daughter and finally begins to trust Byleth after they manage to rescue her from being kidnapped.
  • This trope gets played with in quite the dark way in Full Metal Daemon Muramasa. It is quite hard being a Papa Wolf when your very own daughter happens to be the Big Bad and needs to be stopped at all costs. Both the moral and emotional impact this has on the father, Kageaki, in the final stretches of the story forms the central struggle as he wrestles with the idea of either saving the world or protecting his own flesh and blood.
  • Averted in The Godfather. Optional sidequests allow you to contract kill the sons of the enemy Dons, but this doesn't make the eventual encounter with them any tougher.
  • Kratos's entire motivation to tear Ares asunder in the God of War series is due to having been manipulated into slaughtering his own family on Ares' orders, and he is willing to work with other powers to rid himself of the nightmares said atrocity caused.
    • The final act of God of War: Chains of Olympus has Kratos literally force his daughter Calliope off of him when Persephone reveals her plan to topple the pillars that support the world, killing herself and everyone else to get out of her loveless marriage to Hades. Persephone did not survive.
    • At the end of the first God of War, Ares casts Kratos deep into his own mind to revisit the memory of his wife and daughter dying at his own hands. In perhaps his only moment of actual heroism motivated by a desire to protect his family, Kratos staves off the doppelgangers of himself trying to attack his family.
      • Considering he has to hug his family to transfer his own health to them to stop them from dying, and he is fighting doppelgangers with his full strength and, in a few cases, magic, it's a pretty damn good moment of heroism.
    • In the third game, he develops this sense towards Pandora due to the fact that she reminds him of his own daughter. Hephaestus counts as well, because he tries (and fails) to kill Kratos to protect Pandora, and Kratos later states that he was doing what any father should: protecting his child.
    • Kratos has started a new family and even mellowed out 'just a little bit'' by the fourth game. He does everything he can to raise his son right, but he's still perfectly capable of ripping out the throats of any monsters that would threaten him. When Baldur makes a veiled threat to Kratos's son Atreus during their first boss fight, this leads to Kratos entering a Spartan Rage.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, Michael De Santa has an uneasy relationship with his wife Amanda, son Jimmy, and daughter Tracey; however, if any one of them is in danger, Michael will not hesitate to rescue them.
    • His reaction to Jimmy being overcharged by an Honest John's Dealership is to hide in the back of the car when it's repossessed, threaten the Repo-Man with a gun, and run the car through the front of the building.
    • Then there's what he did to Lazlow when he tried getting Tracey to blow him...
    • Devin Weston learns the hard way what happens when you threaten to kill Michael's family.
    • He also shows shades of this to Franklin, the aforementioned repo-man at whom Michael pointed a gun earlier in the game, going as far as to say he's "the son I wished I had."
    • Trevor sees himself as the Honorary Uncle to Michael's kids and is also very protective of them, stating that ever since they were children, he vowed to tear the skin off of anyone who would harm them. It was his idea to torment Lazlow after hearing that Tracey was going to humiliate herself on his show.
  • In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Briggs the pirate goes from a cowardly Badass Normal to trying to storm Belinsk, the most fortified city on Angara, single-handedly, in a run-down ship, when his son is captured and sentenced to death. Twice. Amiti, who hates pirates, is impressed, and the beastfolk of Belinsk themselves compare Briggs's viciousness favorably to their own. The Grave Eclipse happens while you're still getting Eoleo out of Death Row, and Briggs stays in the harbor and fights off the Eclipse-empowered monsters until you get there, sustaining lethal wounds in the process.
  • While Dizzy from Guilty Gear's actual father isn't like this, Necro, one of the shapeshifting beings that makes up her wings, channels this trope to violently extreme levels. At one point in XX Dizzy is knocked unconscious, leading to Necro taking control of her body and going on a rampage to protect her, and her Instant Kill in Xrd is Necro trying to wipe out her opponent with a Kamehame Hadoken with the force of a nuclear bomb before Dizzy shoves him aside to divert the blast.
  • Eli Vance from Half-Life 2. He manages to overcome a Combine Advisor's telekinesis to bash its face in with a pipe to try to save his daughter. Then in the retconned ending of Half-Life: Alyx he realizes that the G-Man has taken Alyx from the timeline and becomes uncharacteristically pissed off, with his new goal being to rescue her from the G-Man with Gordon Freeman.
  • Purposely invoked in Heavy Rain, where The Origami Killer/Scott Shelby's purpose was to find a father who will do anything to save his son.
    • Play properly and he does. You can do it, Ethan Mars!
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Outcast Rost is fiercely protective of his adopted daughter Aloy, even going so far as to sacrifice his life for her when she is about to be murdered by Helis. This is made doubly-poignant by the fact that Rost had been watching her run the Proving, even after stating she would never see him again.
    • Rost is an outcast because he serial killed the hunters who killed his family. The fact that the tribe bows to him, yet he still chooses permanent exile, signifies how he still believes he acted wrongly but wouldn't change a thing.
  • Terra in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, as befitting his Team Dad nature, will do anything to protect his younger brother figure, Ventus, and will not hesitate to attack any who threaten to harm or kill Ven. Even their master, Eraqus.
  • Joel was willing to protect his daughter within her last hours and later displays the same tendencies toward Ellie. He basically becomes a Parental Substitute to Ellie throughout the game. This comes to the point where, in the ending, he refuses to let the Fireflies scoop her brains out for a possible vaccine to the cordyceps and proceeds to rescue her at the possible cost of dooming humanity.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Link in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Even before he was turned into a literal wolf, he was incredibly defensive of Ilia and the kids of Ordon. The Bulblins should be thanking their lucky stars that he wasn't armed at the spring. (He got his revenge anyway when he massacred their entire camp at Arbiter's Grounds about halfway through the game, though.) He also is shown, especially toward the end, to be incredibly protective of Princess Zelda and Midna.
      • To expand on this, when the Bulblin warlord uses Colin as a war flag, Link crashes through the Bulblin cavalry, beats the warlord out of his armor, and then throws him off a bridge.
      • Rusl, from the same game, is like this too - about his own son Colin; about the other children in the village (their abduction gets him into the war as well as Link); and about Link himself, whom Word Of God states he regards as his younger brother. At one point right after the children get kidnapped, he's defending his property (and pregnant wife) despite being wounded.
    • The reason why Mikau risked his life to save Lulu's eggs is because it’s implied that he’s the father of her unborn children.
    • Just try and harm Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
  • The male Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series, is potentially this depending on how he's played. If played straight, threatening his crew is about the biggest mistake you could make.
    • Shepard lays a massive verbal smackdown on the Quarian Admiralty board for accusing Tali of treason in the second game, basically screaming at them until they drop the charges. Afterwards this even appears to have gained their respect, since they honestly didn't think that Shepard would prove to be that good an advocate for Tali.
    • Urdnot Wrex, if he survives the first game, eventually becomes this for his entire species.
    • Liara's father turns out to be one in the third game. Aside from threatening Shepard that s/he wouldn't get a lightyear of her daughter (yes, that's the correct pronoun) if s/he were still with Cerberus, the following exchange can be overheard between her and Liara.
    Aethyta: Hey... uhm, I've called a few friends... commandos. Eclipse girls who, um, owe me some favors. They're all yours. Just... tell 'em where to go.
    Liara: You're giving me... asari commandos...?
    Aethyta: Well, you're too old for me to buy you a damn pony!
    Liara:'re the best father a girl could wish for.
  • In Monster Hunter, the Rathalos is a wyvern that will know when you, the hunter, is trying to steal one of its eggs. While not as well known as the Rathian, its mate in this respect, they're every bit as protective of their young, and heaven help you if they're both on the map at the same time!
  • Mortal Kombat:
    • Later games indicate Raiden cares for his protégés Liu Kang and Kung Lao to this extent, best seen in MK9 when he flips out at Shao Khan snapping Kung Lao’s neck and summons lightning to attack the emperor, but Liu Kang got there first. In MK11, past Raiden is so distraught at what happened to the future versions of Liu Kang and Kung Lao, he swears he’ll never let them die acting like a real Overprotective Dad in the process.
    • Scorpion’s hatred of Sub-Zero and motivation to kill him is due to him believing that Sub-Zero butchered his wife and child (as well as his whole clan). Quan Chi even exploits this, showing a false vision of Sub-Zero personally cutting down his family, which enrages Scorpion enough to break his deal with Raiden and burn Sub-Zero alive. When Scorpion learns it was ironically Quan Chi who did the deed, he wastes no time beheading the necromancer, though he in doing so makes the situation worse.
      • The MKX comic shows Scorpion invokes this towards his entire clan, the Shirai Ryu, and Takeda in particular as his Morality Pet. On two separate occasions, the near death of his student is enough to make Scorpion enter an Unstoppable Rage and unleash Hellfire.
    • Johnny Cage can be very immature and egotistical; but if there’s one thing that makes Johnny completely serious, it’s the safety of his beloved daughter Cassie. Kano, in both the comic and MK11, learned the hard way that making sexual and physical threats towards Johnny’s “little princess” will piss him really badly. To Groin Attack extremes.
    • Similarly, Jackson “Jax” Briggs cherishes his daughter Jacqui and will readily end his retirement when he learns she’s in danger. Jax does veer into Overprotective Dad territory; when Johnny broke the news about Jacqui joining special forces, he broke Johnny’s jaw. But to be fair, Jax himself temporarily died and was zombiefied while defending Earthrealm, so you can’t fault him for not wanting his daughter to walk the same path.
    • Goro’s father Shokan King Gorbak proves to be this in the comic; Kotal Khan, after besting Goro, assumed the king seeing his son literally disarmed and rendered weak would (being Proud Warrior Race Guy) make Gorbak disappointed. Kotal then remembered too late that true fathers love their sons... as a full scale war broke out with a vengeful Gorbak leading the charge.
    • Shockingly, MK11 reveals that Shao Kahn actually cares deeply for his daughter Mileena; upon learning she was killed, he got truly pissed off. He nearly succeeds in avenging her by attacking D’Vorah, Mileena’s killer. When Mileena returns a playable character, Shao Kahn is legitimately pleased to see her alive and well in their interactions.
  • Flint in Mother 3 is a deconstruction of this trope. He starts out as a loving husband and father to his wife Hinawa and his twin sons Lucas and Claus. Then Hinawa is killed and Claus goes off to avenge her and disappears; torn apart by the death of his wife and disappearance of his son, Flint spends most of the time out searching for Claus, neglecting his only surviving child Lucas.
    • The drago is a straight example though. Said humongous T. rex...ish beasts are normally incredibly friendly and docile creatures, but when the Pigmask Army has Kumatora and her friends cornered and Lucas whistles for the baby drago to cry for help, dad shows up to tear the enemy forces apart, scare away the rest, and trash the abandoned tank in one jump just for the hell of it.
  • The protagonist of NieR Gestalt is a man willing to go to any lengths to find a cure for the painful disease afflicting his daughter Yonah. He also displays similar tendencies toward the group who become his True Companions. It becomes a tragic deconstruction as he winds up dooming the human race to extinction due to his lack of perspective beyond "save daughter, kill anything that looks like a monster".
    Nier:You want me to understand your sadness? You think I'm gonna sympathize with you? I swore to protect my daughter and my friends. If someone puts them in danger, they must stand aside or be cut down! Come on, let's go!
  • Pascal in NieR Automata is an Actual Pacifist robot that established a village so that other like-minded robots could live in peace away from the ongoing conflict. When push comes to shove, particularly when the robot children are threatened, he shows that he can throw down with the best of them. He also knows how to pilot a Goliath-class Engels.
  • In Nitro Family, mom and dad go on a killing spree to return their little child.
  • Onmyōji: Messing with Tamamo no Mae's kids is a bad idea, as seen when a mysterious onmyōji slew his twins. Mae has since been on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, burning down whole towns along with hundreds of innocent people in the process.
  • The Orion Conspiracy presents Devlin McCormack. His son Danny died at the beginning of the game, and Devlin attends the funeral expressing his regret for not being a good father. Shortly afterwards, he receives a note revealing that Danny's death is not an accident, but a murder. At that moment, Devlin turns into this trope, vowing to find out who killed Danny and kill the murderer.
  • Ichiro Tamura a.k.a Salary Man in Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. Usually comes off as an ordinary office man who is reviled even by his own family, but... the moment he sees his daughter getting threatened by a giant blue rat, he goes "HENSHIN!", turns gigantic and starts kicking the rat's ass.
  • Persona 4 has been known to elicit this response in the player regarding the Main Character's little cousin, Nanako. In a really cruel subversion, it can easily get you the BAD Ending.
  • The Pokémon Drampa. Its Pokédex entry says it loves children and if someone harms a child it’s protecting, it will burn their house down.
  • Professor Layton is an Actual Pacifist, a Gentleman and a Scholar, and an all-around nice person who would rather settle problems over a cup of Earl Grey and a Stock Puzzle. But as Unwound Future clearly shows us, villains who are stupid enough to kidnap his adopted daughter will find themselves pursued by a relentless Determinator who has no problem violating the laws of physics if that's what it takes to get her back.
    • While it doesn't come up as often, it's a bad idea to threaten protégé Luke in any way as well. Layton may not be the boy's father, but he's quite fond of him and has no qualms about doing everything in his power to ensure Luke's safety. An example of this is in Miracle Mask, where the villain, the Masked Gentleman, kidnaps Luke and leaves him to dangle from a rope from a very high ceiling in order to taunt Layton about something from his past. Once again defying physics, Layton immediately grabs a tall candlestick holder and uses it to zip-line down the complex network of ropes to save Luke; once he ensures Luke's safety, he resumes his standoff with the Masked Gentleman.
  • [PROTOTYPE 2] starts off with a pretty bleak setting: The wife and daughter of ex-Marine James Heller has been killed by the Mercer virus. The prologue shows just how much Heller is willing to go through to, just to get a stab at the source behind it. Give him god-like powers, and there is no end to his destructive rampage.
    • Later on, Heller learns that his daughter may actually be alive, his rage simmers down for a while, then he learns that Blackwatch scientists plan on dissecting her to learn why Heller's gene line is so resistant to the virus. Cue Heller getting so pissed off he decides screw subtlety and goes off to devour Colonel Rooks to learn where she is, the only thing that keeps him from become the same thing Alex is is overhearing a phone call between Rooks and his wife about his own daughter.
  • In the last part of Psychonauts, Raz's father Augustus enters the combined minds of Raz and the Big Bad and helps him defeat the final boss, despite Raz's earlier belief that Augustus hated him.
  • John Marston from Red Dead Redemption will go to the ends of the Earth and even kill his former friends and face unavoidable death against 35 military men in order to keep his wife and son safe.
  • Red Dead Redemption II shows that the Van der Linde Gang in general were deeply protective of four-year-old Jack Marston and were willing to gun their way through a lot of people to rescue him when he gets kidnapped.
    • As one commenter put it, the Braithwaite line endured through the Civil War and through a hundred years of feuding with the Grays. When they kidnapped Jack, the Van der Linde gang wiped out the entire family and all their hired guns in the span of about half an hour and then razed the entire home to the ground.
  • Resident Evil
    • Barry Burton from Resident Evil: Revelations 2 firmly cements himself as this when he goes to the island alone, knowing it's crawling with monsters, to rescue Moira, and goes on to encounter the helpless orphan Natalia and become so fiercely dedicated to caring for and protecting her that even his absolute cheesiest lines can be taken deadly serious. Moral of the story is it doesn't matter how big or horrific or unstoppable of a monster you are: if you even think of messing with Barry's children, even the ones he began caring for a day ago, he will pump you so full of lead and pyro issue that nothing more than a bubbling black stain will be left on the floor.
    • While not nearly as big a Papa Wolf as Barry, Chris Redfield will still go above and beyond to protect his partners, especially the youngest member of S.T.A.R.S Rebecca Chambers in RE1. There’s also Chris’s care for his younger sister Claire, which is explicitly shown in Resident Evil – Code: Veronica where aside from saving her Chris manages to talk Albert Wesker out of killing Claire by saying he’s the one Wesker wants.
    • Leon Kennedy has shades of this towards Sherry Birkin in RE2, he tries to look after Sherry but she runs away from him. However in the canon Claire A/Leon B scenarios he actually carries Sherry to the escape train when she’s sick from the G-embryo and even shields her from a explosion in one of the ending FMVs. Played straighter in the Resident Evil The Dark Side Chronicles version where Leon stays with Claire and Sherry through the whole ordeal, protecting the latter. Bonus points as RE3 reveals in Leon's epilogue screen that he only joined The Government under the condition that Sherry was safe and taken care of.
      • In RE2make, Leon only has two scenes with Sherry, yet he still invokes this trope, as seen when a mysterious truck approaches him, Claire, and Sherry in the ending.
      Claire: What if it’s not just the city?
      Leon: Get Sherry outta here. (goes to face the truck readying his gun)
      • By time the of RE6, despite Sherry being a grown woman, Leon still cares for her greatly. This is seen when Leon leaps toward Sherry when Ustanak throws something heavy at her, but Jake gets there quicker. Leon also becomes very concerned when he learns that Derek Simmons has been raising Sherry the whole time, and tells her to be more careful.
      • Leon has more moments of Papa Wolf in RE4 where he goes to crazy extremes to protect Ashley, including putting himself at risk with the Plaga removal machine and insisting he go first in case it was fatal to remove the parasite.
      • In Resident Evil: Degeneration, Leon has a moment where he sees Claire and Ranni (the little girl she's babysitting) surrounded by zombies and, despite literally being attacked himself, Leon quickly throws Claire his gun. This turns out to be a good idea, as Claire goes Mama Bear herself and shoots down every single zombie in her vicinity.
    • In a strange way, the mutated William Birkin is kind of a Papa Wolf to his daughter Sherry, as seen in the RE2 remake where he saves Sherry from both Mr X and Chief Irons. It's regrettably subverted, however, in that G-Birkin only wants to protect Sherry so he can implant an embryo in her — and succeeds in doing so.
    • Also subverted with Robert Kendo in the RE2 remake, his daughter Emma is already infected and beyond saving. Still Kendo gets furious at Ada and points his shotgun at her, when she ruthlessly tries to shoot Emma in front of him forcing Leon to stop her. Robert then takes his daughter behind a closed door and it’s implied he mercy kills Emma before committing suicide.
    • Joe Baker from Resident Evil 7 is this. You can beat him, you can claw him, but nothing will stop Joe from saving his beloved niece Zoe. Oh, and unlike the previous examples, Joe tears through The Molded to save Zoe with nothing but a couple spears and his bare hands.
    • Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village may not be a boulder-punching, cultist-suplexing, professional monster-blasting secret agent, but he is the proud father of a six-month-old girl, and when a group of monstrous nobles kidnap her, he decimates the mutant army they hide behind with no care for himself, to the point of sacrificing himself to permanently kill the Big Bad.
  • In Sakura Wars 2: Thou Shalt Not Die, Kazuma Shinguji aka the Demon King is fiercely protective of his daughter Sakura, to the point where he shields her from Kyogoku's blast, which results in his permanent death.
  • Silent Hill:
    • Harry Mason from Silent Hill. Generally, he's a Non-Action Guy (he has to be shown how to use a gun by Action Girl cop Cybil) but when his little girl, short, with black hair, just turned seven last month is in danger, he'll go To Hell and Back, blunder through a Town with a Dark Secret, and kill an Eldritch Abomination/God to save her.
      • Silent Hill 3 further reveals that Harry killed a cultist that came after his beloved daughter. Oh and it gets even better as Harry made Cheryl/Heather keep Aglaophotis in a necklace which makes Heather throw up the evil God fetus at the end of the game, so even from beyond the grave Harry Mason will never let any evil get his daughter.
    • Harry in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is this ...but only in Cheryl's over-elaborate fantasy. The real Harry Mason, who is already dead, was a flawed man who was, depending on your choices, an abusive drunkard, a scummy adulterer, a weakling who was abused by his wife, or in the "best" ending, a man who simply did not love his wife anymore, though he makes it clear he still loved Cheryl. The entire game is a therapy session to help Cheryl come to terms that the fantasy father in her head didn't reflect reality.
    • While he can’t compare to Harry in terms of fatherhood, James from Silent Hill 2 expresses concern for Laura frequently and even adopts her in one ending. Subverted, however, as Laura was in no danger from Silent Hill.
    • Murphy Pendleton of Silent Hill: Downpour is a deconstruction. His son was murdered, and seeking revenge has only made things worse. He's in prison, his wife has left him due to very understandable reasons, and the deal he made with Sewell has him having to kill Coleridge. Even if Murphy doesn't kill him, Coleridge's death will still haunt him.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Shadow the Hedgehog. Just try and devastate the world he promised to protect. You're going to end up a black mark on the floor. Even if you're a Physical God, demigod, or what have you. It also wasn't a good move for those soldiers to shoot Maria either. It sent Shadow on a total "annihilate all humans" kick. At least until he remembered Maria's last words, to protect humanity.
    • Threatening any harm to Tails, the closest thing to a little brother Sonic has, will show you that even something as silly-looking as a blue hedgehog will make you cry.
    • Chaos from Sonic Adventure. You dare hurt any Chao he protects and he will show you why he is called the God of Destruction.
  • In the Soul Series, the best way to bring Nathaniel "Rock" Adams into action is to kidnap or threaten his adoptive son Bangoo.
  • In the Soul Nomad & the World Eaters backstory: Losing his son to Scarlet Iago made Median very pliable to manipulation by Drazil and ended with him slaying Vigilance, the master of death of his world, to get revenge for his son.
  • Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher. When he learns that his daughter, Sara, isn't actually dead and was taken from him to send him undercover into a terrorist organization, he goes batshit insane. He no longer chokes people unconscious, preferring to leave a trail of bodies behind him, and the black humor and psychological mindgames he used to use in his interrogations are now gone; he prefers the Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique.
  • Street Fighter:
    • In Street Fighter X Tekken, Sagat is pissed off when a young boy from a Thai village tells him that his little sister, a girl whom Sagat once rescued, has disappeared again. Then, Dhalsim appears in front of him and tells him that several children from his village have also vanished. The two fighters go into full Papa Wolf mode, so they decide to team up to both rescue the abducted children and go to the Antartica, where the Pandora box is located.
    Sagat: The disregard for the innocent has incurred the wrath of the King! That will NOT be forgiven!
    • Similarly, Ryu has a big Papa Wolf moment towards Sakura in Street Fighter Alpha 3, where Sakura pulling a Go Through Me to protect him from Bison and being injured as a result is one of the triggers that let him shake off Bison's Psycho Power-based brainwashing. When this happens, an absolutely pissed off Ryu goes to Bison and one-shots him.
    • Rashid is an understated one in Street Fighter V. He immediately goes into action when he sees two Shadowloo goons with a little girl, Li-Fen; assuming foul play, Rashid bursts in and wrecks the goons... only for Li-Fen to inform him she was only being escorted and was in no danger. Rashid is even more papa wolf, since in his bio it states he hates fighting children and women too.
  • Super Mario Bros.: Bowser, King of the Koopas, has been shown to get furious when his son is harmed in front of him. In New Super Mario Bros, if you defeat Bowser Jr. first in the final battle, he goes into a rage. It shows up again in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam; after the two Juniors were defeated by the Bros., the Bowsers become angered to the point of turning their castle into Neo Bowser Castle and using its weaponry to devastate Peach's Castle.
    Bowser: What did you DO to my son?!
    Paper Bowser: How could they have done this to my son?!
  • The Engineer from Team Fortress 2 (related to his Sentries). His voice sounds more distressed when a Sentry is destroyed than any other building. If the Engineer is using a Frontier Justice, he gets two Revenge Crits for every time the Sentry got a kill and one for every assist kill. He also says "Start prayin', boy!" when that happens.
  • Marshall Law from Tekken towards his son Forest and his other Dojo students, in the Tekken 3 intro he delivers a flying kick to a thug who was attacking his son from behind. In Tekken 5 Marshall even enters the fifth King of Iron Fist tournament, just for the sake of paying the medical bills after his son got into a motorcycle accident fooling around with Paul Phoenix. This gives Marshall the winning distinction of being the sole good father in the entire franchise and only other caring parent playable besides Mama Bear Jun Kazama.
  • The very plot of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is kicked off by Bad Man ambushing Travis, to avenge his own dead daughter Bad Girl, though both of them get sucked into the Death Drive Mk. II before things degenerate any further. When they learn that collecting enough Death Balls can grant a wish, he begrudgingly forges an alliance simply to bring Bad Girl back to life.
  • Lee Everett and Kenny from The Walking Dead towards Clementine and Kenny Jr./Duck, respectively. Kenny will just barely hesitate to kick your ass if you threaten his son; he actually beat a guy to death when said guy grabbed Duck, before even realizing he was a zombie. While Lee's actions depends on the player, it is safe to assume that on default he would be a nice guy and ready to beat the shit out of anyone for even thinking of hurting Clem.
    • The climax of the final chapter pretty much cements Lee's Papa Wolf status. He's alone, he's been bitten, he's weakened, he may or may not be missing an arm, all he has is a butcher knife, and there is an entire street crammed full of walkers between him and Clementine. So he marches right down the center of that street and buries his butcher knife in the face of every single walker that gets in his way, and gets through unscathed.
    • Larry would also apply. He straight out threatens Lee about not letting anything happen to Clem or Lilly, or else. Lilly is also really the only thing he has left even before the outbreak.
    • In Season 2, Kenny tries to be one for Clementine and later, Rebecca's baby with mixed results. Unfortunately, the loss of his second love Sarita ends up making him increasingly unstable and desperate in protecting the few remaining people he cares about. If he survives the ending and he, Clementine, and AJ end up making it to Wellington, they learn that the community is overpopulated and can only afford to take the children. Kenny will gladly give up his spot as long as Clem and AJ can get in unless he's convinced otherwise.
    • ''A New Frontier" features Javier, who is extremely protective of his niece and nephew Mariana and Gabriel.
  • The alpha male in Wolf is a very literal example of this trope — it could be you, your mate, or simply the leader of your pack, depending on your wolf's position. If you have any neighboring packs living near you, remember that they, too, have a Papa Wolf on hand; stay out of their territory and don't even think about their cubs.
  • King Varian Wrynn of World of Warcraft was even chosen by the wolf demigod Lo'Gosh as his mortal champion. If you do anything, ANYTHING, to even attempt to harm his son Anduin, he will hunt you down and end you. Garrosh Hellscream learned this the hard way when he gravely injured the young prince as Anduin tried to stop him from acquiring a dangerous weapon.
  • In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a heavy soldier (a soldier type very supportive and helpful to his team, quickly destroying threats and suppressing fire to keep his buddies alive), can earn the nickname "Papa Wolf". Female heavies are instead eligible for the nickname "Momma Bear".
    • In the expansion pack Enemy Within, MEC Troopers can pick up the name "Big Daddy". The name is usually well-earned.
  • Kazuma Kiryuu may be a Yakuza, but he's usually a pretty nice and helpful guy. But if you mess with his adoptive daughter Haruka, or the orphans under his care... oh boy, you're in for a world of pain. In fact, he's kinda protective of every kid he meets.