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Original characters in fan works are not unknown for having names that describe their place in the story.

  • The Animaniacs fan series Zany to the Max introduces Pakko and Jot. Pakko, like his cousin Wakko, likes to eat a lot, which makes sense since his name is somewhat of a Shout-Out to PacMan. Jot is the fastest of the Warners, and she's known for being somewhere in a jot.
    • There's also Illogica Safe, who's an Illogical Safe.
    • The Siamese Quadruplets, the collective name for Kat the Cat and her three sisters (whose names are Kate, Katie, and Jessica). They're Siamese cats, and their Backstory reveals they used to be conjoined before their first appearance, making them former conjoined quadruplets (in other words, Siamese quadruplets!).


  • In Dæmorphing, Ket names the two Toby clones "Tashir", which means "we will climb", and "Tekat", which means "we will leap."

Batman Beyond

  • Batman Beyond Revisited: Purple and black shape-shifting Inque, sadistic boat enthusiast and swordsman Pirate, sadistic pistol girl Kira, sadistic murderer Chainsaw...


  • Seen frequently in the Contractually Obligated Chaos, especially with the Arc Villains - Erebos is a kind of ghost known as a Shadow Person, and his name is Greek for "darkness." Meanwhile, Vasile is the Romanian form of the name Vasilios, meaning "king," and he's extremely proud of having had Royal Blood in life.


  • Ichigo's Inner Hollow is given the name "Hakuran" meaning White Storm due to his color palette and turbulent nature in Sight.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

  • Zomega, a Major Kusanagi Expy in For Good, is one of the few members of her species left — Z is the last letter of the Roman alphabet, and Omega the last letter of the Greek alphabet.


  • Bad Things Will Happen
    • Soul the Haunter. This is lampshaded by Luigi upon learning his name, who says that he couldn't think of a better name for a ghost.
    • Also, invoked (for the most part) with the baby ghosts. Flame the Gastly got his name because he looks like a purple fireball, while Skull the Duskull's face is a, well, skull. Subverted with Lyly the Shuppet, though.
      Lyly: It has no special reason. I just wanted that name.
  • In The Bridge, although no fan creations make up the main cast, the Fan Nick Name of Xenilla, an amalgam Xeno (alien) and Godzilla, is used in place of the official name Spacegodzilla for an extraterrestrial clone of the scaly goliath.
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  • Captains Crash: The fact that ponies are prone to this, and Gyro Gearloose's own use of this, are both referred to in the fic itself.
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron: The names given to the Lions by their Paladins:
    • Kallen names the Red Lion "Aka," Japanese for red.
    • Rai names the Green Lion "Zerith," which means feeling, adaptable and noble.
    • Milly names the Yellow Lion "Maeraka," Arabic for battle.
    • Rivalz, ironically, had the most trouble, suggesting Calypso, Sheila, Nori, Cassie (short for Cassiopeia), Miranda, even Ariel for the Blue Lion's name before settling on Polaris.
    • Suzaku names the Purple Lion "Yoru," meaning night in Japanese.
    • Shirley struggled when naming the Orange Lion before C.C. suggests "Zinnia" note .
    • Lelouch names the Black Lion "Zenobia," after the third-century queen of Syria.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami:
    • Ami Mizuno: The "Mizu" in "Mizuno" means "water", which connects to her water magic.
    • Umbra: A youma with darkness-based magic, whose name is a noun that refers to a part of a shadow.
  • The present saniwa in The First Saniwa is named (in surname-first order) Shiraha Yadachi, based on a Japanese expression that means The Chosen One.
  • In Fractured, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands crossover and its sequel Origins, the Trans-Galactic Republic tends to give its ships uplifting, heroic-sounding names befitting their repeated role as just-in-time rescuers, such as "Force of Justice," "Veritas," "Star Paladin" or "Warrior's Honor." This becomes inverted later as the United Defense Command takes over—instead we get "Menacing Hatred" or "Sustaining Rage." As the unending war (first vs. Reapers, then a maniac Force-sensitive Siren and finally against an Alien Invasion , the Flood) drags on, naming shifts away to Pretentious Latin Ship Names in some cases.
  • In Harry Potter and the Power of the Dark Side Harry's Sith name is Darth Veneficus, meaning "a sorcerer or a prisoner."
  • Jaune Arc, Lord of Hunger:
    • In "Legends", Darth Nihilus's first worshipper is revealed to be a monk named Petros Krizoz. The name "Petros" is Greek for "Peter" and originates from the Greek translation of the Bible. In the Bible, Peter was the most prominent of Jesus's twelve disciples and became the first pope of the Catholic Church following Christ's death. Like Peter, Petros was Nihilus's first follower on Remnant and later led a religious cult devoted to following the Sith Lord's teachings.
    • There's also Alixandre Arc, the famed general who led Vale's army during the Great War. Alixandre is the French form of "Alexander", a name of Greek origin which roughly means "defender of man". A fitting name for a man who has devoted his service to protecting the people of Vale against those that would seek to do them harm.
    • The King of Vale during the Great War was named Osmund. Osmund is a name of Germanic origin which means "divine protector". King Osmund is the reincarnation of Ozma, a man who was resurrected by the God of Light and has taken it upon himself to protect humanity from Salem and the Grimm.
  • Looming Darkness's only Original Character is named Ciara. As the author points out later, the name was chosen because it meant 'Dark'. Guess who was abused as a child?
  • In My Miraculous Academia, Izuku chose the hero name "Viceroy", both a royal title and a species of butterfly. As a title, Viceroys are aristocrats that delegates the power of a sovereign, Izuku acting in a leadership position using his power's ability to enhance others and provide analytical support. As a butterfly, Viceroys are a Batesian mimic to Monarch butterfly but lack their natural toxicity, showing that while his power is near game-breaking, it relies on others to do all of the heavy-hitting and Izuku otherwise wouldn't harm a fly (a butterfly, even).
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, the etymology for Izuku's name is explicitly described in the first chapter. The "ku" (久) comes from the Kanji that all the guys in Hisashi's family have that is part of the phrase meaning "it's been a while", while the "izu" part comes from an alternate reading of the second Kanji of "taishutsu" (退出), which means to be sent away from home, much like Izuku was from his home planet. Put them together and you get "Izuku" (出久).
  • The Night Unfurls:
    • The Hunter's whole name can be considered this. "Kyril" is a male name derived from "lord" in Greek, while "Sutherland" is derived from Suðrland that means "southern land". Therefore, his whole name pretty much means "lord of the southern land". A meaningful Red Baron aside, Kyril fights for Eostia, also known as "the South", eventually gaining the rank of Lord Executioner through his exploits.
    • The Plain Doll's given name, Evetta, is actually the first name of her English VA in Bloodborne, Evetta Muradasilova.
    • Celestine's first name is based on the latin word "caelestis", meaning "heavenly". This alludes to her status as the Goddess Reborn.
    • Olga Discordia, whose first name is derived from the Old Norse name Helga, which means "blessed", alluding to her arcane prowess as a Lady of Black Magic. Her last name, Discordia, references the Roman goddess of strife and discord.
    • Prim Fiorire is prim and proper, like a typical princess.
    • Maia means "nurturing mother" in Greek, and she is anything but.
  • In Opening Dangerous Gates, Xiphias Gladius means "Sword Fish" in Latin. He's a Fish People-type demon and a swordsman who even wields a sword that looks like a swordfish.
  • In the fic Protectors, a crossover of Megamind and Rise of the Guardians, Megamind's real name is Teal. The name means green and blue; Megamind has blue skin and green eyes.
  • In Say It Thrice, Aunt Melinda's last name is Livingston. She hates ghosts with a deep passion. (Unfortunately for her, she's in a crossover of Danny Phantom and Beetlejuice.)
  • In Slightly Damned: Wind of Redemption and Rebirth, some Rebirths have "Titles" that are usually this. Most notable being Umi Soyokaze's title: Angel of the Sea, considering she's easily the kindest, gentlest, and most caring Rebirth, with powers to control water
  • Ace Swift from Turnabout Storm, a pegasus that has won every single athetic event he's ever competed in. Really fitting too, considering that both series involved in the crossover are crammed with characters with meaningful names.
  • In Thousand Shinji, the names of the new Chaos Gods -Asukhon, the Eightfold Victor, Tzintchi, the Nine-Fingered King, Reigle of the Seven Lives and Mislaato of the Six Wounds-, reveal who they were and who they are replacing.
  • The characters that go to the Palace in With Pearl and Ruby Glowing take on names that connect with things that happen in their stories. For example, Timon calls himself "Saint Silvertongue" because he talked Shenzi into having sex with him to protect Pumbaa and Simba. Characters who didn't have normal-sounding names in canon are also sometimes given human names with meanings; for example, Spinel becomes Enola Spinelli. Enola spelled backwards is "alone".


  • In A Force of Four, Lyta wanted to be a hero but she couldn't take up her mother's "Wonder Woman" mantle until she earned the name. Following Hector Hall's advice to tie her hero name in with mythology she chose the "Fury" name.
  • Hellsister Trilogy: One of the main villains named herself "Satan Girl" to highlight her nature as a Supergirl's doppleganger born from Kara's dark side.


Death Note


  • In the writings of A.A. Pessimal, the once-mentioned canonical character of Miss Smith-Rhodes gets backstory and a truly meaningful name. It turns out an eminent ancestor, Sir Cecil Smith-Rhodes, emigrated from the Sto Plains to Howondaland and lived a life of colonial adventure, conquering a whole country for Ankh-Morpork at the tail-end of its Empire and then naming it - with superb modesty - after himself. Smith-Rhodesia. His Howondalandian-born descendant bears the name with pride. On Roundworld, Cecil Rhodes founded the country called Rhodesia; Ian Smith presided over its end and handover as Zimbabwe. Although Terry Pratchett did not develop the character beyond her name, Pessimal reasoned this was an incredibly good subtle clue as to which way he intended her to go. The Discworld thus got its population of attitudinal White Howondalandians.

Doctor Who

  • In The Monastery of Kepler the Largdens make their first appearance in the fanfic series. Doctor Sumria points out this is Latin for Large Teeth, the Largdens having huge fangs.

Dragon Age


Fairly Oddparents

  • In Never Had a Friend Like Me, while it wasn't intentional, Amanda Adams's name does hold symbolic significance. "Amanda" is a name that means lovable. Adams could be used to refer to Adam, who, in the context of the Bible, was the first human. Going entirely by symbolic meaning, Amanda Adams translates roughly to "first lovable human." And considering how she's the first master Norm has ever really liked...

Final Fantasy

  • Many in The Tainted Grimoire.
    • Cheney's middle name, Difronte, is Italian for opposite, since his two jobs virtually contrast the other in function and purpose. The actual Italian term for opposite is 'di fronte', but the two separate words was combined into one to create the name.
    • Kanin's middle name, Leporidae, comes from the Classification Family for Rabbits. She's a Feol Viera.
      • And "kanin" is Swedish (among others) for "rabbit".
    • Crockett, his name is derived from the crook of a shepherd's cane. His ability to control and herd Baknamy are reminiscent to that of a shepherd controlling a flock of sheep.
    • Cama Leonte. Camaleonte is Italian for chameleon. His success at blending into the Archbishop guard reflects the animal's ability to blend into its surroundings.
    • Luso Clemens. Clemens means peaceful and his dad told him that Luso is soul with the letters switched around, meaning his name means peaceful soul. The soul part is significant as his dad named him such because he knew that Luso would grow up to be a person who could share his soul with everyone (possibly not literally), connecting with them, and giving his mere presence a positive effect on his clanmates.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • In the Elemental Chess Trilogy, the Big Bad is called Acheron, which is the name of a river in Greece. In ancient Greek mythology, the Acheron was one of the five rivers of Hades and was known as "the river of pain." Also, in the third installment, meaningful names are given to Roy and Riza's twins; since in the series' Chess Motif Roy and Riza are the king and queen, their son is called Brendan, which means "prince," and their daughter is Riana, which means "little queen".

Game of Thrones

  • In A Ballad of Dragon and She Wolf there is an OC character named Kulungu Waters who is half Summer Islander and his name provides a clue about his father's identity if you know some Swahili. Kulungu means "stag" or "deer" in Swahili and eventually he reveals that his father was Robert Baratheon.


  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon):
    • It's explicitly noted early on in the story that Vivienne Graham's first name means "alive". Besides the obvious answer of how this is relevant to her being Only Mostly Dead after Ghidorah ate her alive and her getting revived by San in his severed head, it also reflects how she's at risk of becoming dead on the inside from her Trauma Conga Line if she and San can't heal from it and they give in to madness.
    • Monster X's (Viv and San's) name here is a reference to Ghidorah's Monster Zero designation that Monarch gave it before finding out its real name in MonsterVerse canon. Its Protagonist Title name is also a reference to the Gnostic figure and concept due to Viv and San's fusion representing concept of duality such as good/evil, human/Titan, terrestrial/extraterrestrial.
    • The name of the Many born from Ghidorah's DNA references Ghidorah's "the One Who is Many" Red Baron.
    • Meanwhile, one of Dr. Chen's Mothra-worshipping daughters is named Yong, meaning "perpetual"/"eternal" — pretty fitting considering their family's Hereditary Twinhood relationship with Mothra.


  • From The Hamsterball Show:
    • OddBall. She looks odd with her strange hairstyle and mismatched shoes, and she can even walk up walls!
    • Also, OddBall's best friend, Alicia Lily Aska. Her first and middle initials, combined with her last name, reveal where she's from. (A. L. Aska)
    • FunBall, a fun-loving Cloudcuckoolander.
    • Identical twins Lily and Lexi la Meeshwa. Their last name comes from the sound that plays whenever someone teleports due to touching one of them.
    • Spinner the Gear.
    • Bonk the Hammer. He likes bonking the hamsters (unless they're his patients at Hamsterball Hospital).
    • Carla Cakenpresser. Before becoming a Hamsterball obstacle, she apparently had a job at a bakery, flattening cakes (for an unknown reason).
    • Ruby the Rocket, who is colored red.
    • Gary Granite. He's a rock.
    • The town of Rodentia is inhabited by rodents.

Harry Potter

  • In The Ollivander Children, the Ollivander children were deliberately given significant middle names by their father - Clemence, Fortitude, and Blithe - to reflect his gratitude at their safe births. Appropriately, his son Linus Fortitude is The Stoic, while Calliope Blithe has a Sugar-and-Ice Personality through and through.
  • The Big Bad in Sluagh is The Diabhal Dubh, explained In-Story to mean 'The Black Devil' in Gaelic. What isn't explained is that Dubh can also mean several other things, including 'Hidden'. Given his nature, this is very appropriate.

Haruhi Suzumiya

  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero:
    • The surname Michikyuu is commonly written with two kanji. Among others meanings, the first kanji can be translated as journey or teachings and the second one as gift or grant. Like this, the word "Michikyuu" can be read as "the gift of journey" or "to grant teachings". She's a slider and her arrival enabled Kyon to learn martial arts at a ridiculous pace.
    • Kyon's own name, as "semi-revealed"note  at the beginning of some chapters' epigraphs and through some in-story hints, is equally meaningful. Taira no Tadamichi (aka Usui Sadamitsu) is the real name of a samurai involved in a Japanese legend, who was from one of the four families that held the power behind the Japanese throne from the 9th to 12th centuries. The other three families were Fujiwara (the other time traveler), Tachibana (the other esper), and Minamoto (which was historically based in the same geographic region as Nishinomiya). As for the meanings of the names, Tadamichi can mean straightaway/honest/frank/fix/repair | person/alternative/direction and Kyousuke can mean great | law/rule/ceremony/code. Think how Kyon has affected Haruhi. It has also been discovered that Kyon is likely descended from Usui Sadamitsu and certainly owns what's left of their sword.


  • Hackbent
    • 'Cyrill Omicro' comes from the Cyrillic alphabeth and the Greek letter Omicron.
    • 'Morson Teslaa' is a mix of Samuel Morse, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.
      • Likewise, 'Rodard' is also a mix. (of Rod Serling, the author of The Twilight Zone (1959), and Robert H. Goddard, a pioneer of the first liquid fueled rocket)
    • 'Ellata Rhodos' comes from the Rosa Stellata, and 'Rhodos' is a variety of rose.
      • 'Actaea' is a plant, bugbane to be exact. Her name is probably the one with the most meanings. In mythology, Actaea is one of the daughters of Danaus, who killed their husband because they were forced into marriage. Her breaking up with Lutark is a possible reference to this. That plant was said to be named for Actaeon, who was turned into a deer and eaten by his own hunting dogs upon seeing Artemis bathing. This could be alluding to her and Seleen's relationship. Actaea is also a moon, which also ties into Seleen's crush on her.
    • 'Alleph Lampri' refers to the first Greek letter, Aleph, which represents an ox and could refer to his stubborn personality. Lampri is a shortening of Lamprias, the grandfather of the man who evidenced that that letter would be the first (That man was Plutarch, the source of Lutark's name). 'Lampri' also refers to his lusus, a lampri eel.
      • The name Beitus rivals Actaea in being the most meaningful. The name is an amalgamation of the words 'virus' and 'beta'. He could've chosen this to show that he was “Better” or it can symbolically represent that he is a second copy of Alleph fabricated out of his innermost thoughts and wishes, and that he is not Alpha. And also, because B comes after A in the Alphabeth. In 'Beta' in Urdu and Hindi means 'elder royal son', reflecting the fact that his former self was the elder of the two seadwellers and thus royalty. There is Meaningful Rename going here, for multiple reasons. The first was that he didn't want Nohmyt to call him by his name anymore, and as such simply needed a new one. He also got a new name representing 'Lutark's despair, reflecting how they've stopped being a full troll (at least, one made from data), and are only an embodiment of 'Lutark's despair.
    • 'Ollapa Sulise' and 'Anaiad Quilla''s first names are almost inverted from 'Diana' and 'Apollo', the two gods they refer. 'Sulise' is from 'Dies Solis' the Latin name for sunday, and 'Quilla' is the Latin-American (braid-wearing) goddess of the moon.
      • 'Haeton' is a shortening of 'Phaethon' the son of Helios and foreshadows his brainwashment. 'Seleen' means 'moon' in multiple languages.
    • 'Nohmyt' is extracted from 'Kanamit' from The Twilight Zone (1959), and as such, his full name is in fact Kanohmyt. Word of God confirms that his race was based on the Kanamit.
  • Hexane
    • 'Nina' just means 'girl', reflecting how she was the first introduced.
    • 'Erin' means 'peace'. She definately is a big help archieving it.
    • 'Phobeimos' comes from the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos (the personifications of fear and terror, respectively).
    • 'Cythedite' is a combination of 'Cythera', one of Venus' epithets, and her Greek name, Aphrodithe.

The Hunger Games

  • Some Semblance of Meaning is full of it. Vale's name can refer to a "low place" or a lament. Her district partner Kit Littleby's name refers to his smallness. Lavinia Gilden's last name implies that, while she may be "golden" and Capitol-ized on the outside, she is still a citizen of District Twelve on the inside. Many tributes' names refer to the district from which they hail, as well.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • In Webwork, Jade is surprised that her prospective new minions, who she intends to turn into Jorogumo like herself, already have names that are like spiders — Widow, Jumper, and Taranee (which becomes Tarantula).

Kill la Kill

  • This was discussed in Kill la Kill AU, in an aptly named chapter, when Ragyou explains how each of them got their names. True to her name, Satsuki was born in May and on the night of a full moon and Ryuuko, like her canon counterpart, is described as Ragyou tends to see her, like a stray and that she wanders (metaphorically), yet, at the same time, her name also alludes to fact she was born on the night of meteor shower. Apparently, according to Amoridere, Nui's name is meaningful in that it is supposed allude to her being a Jerkass, as the alternate definition of "needling" means, in simple terms, to "mess with" someone (teasing, bullying, something like that), which is what she does.

The Legend of Korra

Lilo & Stitch

  • Wrath of the Damned: Lilo decides to name 625 Arnold. 625 thinks it's for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Lilo really names him after Benedict Arnold. (The fic was published well before Leroy & Stitch's release.)

The Loud House

  • Lincoln's Memories: "A Very Loud Halloween" reveals that Luna was named due to being born at night (when the moon was up).

Lyrical Nanoha

Medaka Box

  • In World as Myth, "Kuudou Hinokage's Successor'', aside from being the title of the first Story Arc, refers to both Medaka Kurokami and the unrevealed thirteenth member of the Thirteen Party.


  • In the fic Knocked Up, Megamind and Roxanne name their daughter Emma, which means 'healer of the universe' - which is what her birth did for them.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Burning Bridges, Building Confidence: Cole goes through quite the process to come up with the name Vexxin for her new Secret Identity:
    • She starts with vexing, aware that her becoming the new, permanent Fox Heroine will upset those who preferred the previous holder, Rena Rouge.
    • This leads into vixen, which, in addition to being a term for a female fox, is also used as a slang term for women... especially those others find to be spiteful, quarrelsome or otherwise troubling.
    • Next is toxin, as she suspects (correctly) that the debate caused by her appearance will expose how poisonous certain relationships are, much like how Rena Rouge used to be considered trustworthy before certain actions she took as a civilian made them reconsider.
    • And finally, she throws two Xs in there to pay homage to Trixx, as she's not the only one who's putting in work as the new Fox. The kwami note that not many holders think to credit them, so they appreciate the gesture.
    • Anyone who's akumatized is granted such a name as well. For instance, Alya becomes Rena Rage when Hawkmoth exploits her being upset about being replaced, which becomes doubly fitting when she outs herself as a result. Another good example is Revengance, who combines two words for the same general concept, underscoring just how focused they are on Revenge Before Reason... fitting, considering that this is Alya getting akumatized again.

My Hero Academia

  • Karma in Retrograde:
    • Ryouta's name can be written "燎" (meaning "burn" or "bonfire") or 凉冫(meaning "cool" as in "cool and pleasant" but with the radical for "ice"). The second kanji, "他", can mean "another". Combined together, they can mean "another fire" or "another ice". These refer to his parents' Quirks and the uncertainty about which one he would inherit from them when he was born.
    • This is later retconned into his canon name of Touya, which contains the kanji for "lamp" and "arrow, the former of which contains the character for "fire". This refers to both his fire Quirk and his disappearance five years ago.
  • In Witness (Good Neighbors), Shouto operates under the name Comet Tail. While he primarily uses his ice, Shouto still possesses a white-hot core, burning brightly despite his father's efforts to stifle him. Comet tails also become visible when caught by the illumination coming off the Sun, reflecting how Shouto feels caught under Endeavor's watchful glare, treated only as an extension of his will.
  • It's Over, Isn't It (it's only just begun): Tenko gives himself the nickname 'Fiver', referencing the Herald from Watership Down. This is implied to be partly because Izuku compared him to Fiver while encouraging him to pursue his dream of becoming a hero:
    Izuku: You could be like the rabbit in your book!
    Tenko: What?
    Izuku: The one who sees when something's wrong, even when nobody else does. That's like you. Right? Mom says you — you saw a lot of bad things. So you know about them, right? So... you know what needs to be fixed. Right?
  • The Sleeper Hit AU has several in the form of the heroic aliases characters choose for themselves:
    • Midoriya Izuku names himself Sleeper Hit. Being Quirkless meant that nobody really believed he was capable of becoming a hero... or much of anything, really. Yet despite the various challenges he's faced along the way, he wound up becoming incredibly popular as the first Quirkless Pro, to the point that he managed to land himself in the Top 50 on the very first Hero Rankings to come out after his official debut.
    • Bakugou Katsuki goes by the moniker King Nitro, illustrating how he hasn't changed one bit and remains just as Prideful and obsessed with the idea that everything revolves around HIM. That the strongest are meant to 'rule' over the weak.
    • Todoroki Shouto became Promise, the Frostbite Hero. Without somebody like Midoriya around, he never worked past his issues regarding the part of his powers he inherited from Endeavor, and remains intent on keeping his vow to succeed without ever using his fire... a promise he considers more important than anything else.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Antipodes: Jigsaw is the mechanic, Tiptoe is the stealth expert, and Incendia is a talented pyromancer.
  • Equestria: A History Revealed:
  • Under the Northern Lights: Many.
    • "Saga" can mean both "seer" and "fairy tale": Saga has flights of fancy and is an actual seer.
    • Lord Eminence is a gray unicorn: an "éminence grise", gray eminence, is someone having political power behind the scenes or informally, which is what Lord Eminence tries to achieve.
    • Luna's name among the Stalu, Daggmule, means "dewmuzzle". The Skoll instead call her Nattmara ("nightmare") and Celestia Dagbränna ("dayfire").
  • The Equestria Chronicles:
    • In Act I of Legends of Equestria, Princess Celestia's birth name, Celeste, obviously shares a root with the name she would eventually choose for herself.
    • This is, however, averted with her sister Claire, whose name has absolutely nothing to do with the moon (unless one counts Clare de Lune).
    • The name of Discord's capital city in Equestria, Eridian, references Eris, the Greek goddess of discord.
    • The names of all the Ancient Masters in Act I are referential to their chosen elements: Terraria = Earth, Altas/Atlas = Air, Seraph = Fire, Aquos/Aqua = Water.
  • In Fluttershy Is Free, the name "Fluttershy" was given to her by her mother because her mother thought she was sired by a flutter-pony. Her mother may even have been right — for certain values of "flutter-pony".
  • Invoked and Lampshaded in Black Queen, Red King: The changelings choose their own names, sometimes in their gibberish native language. When Tarukenote  comments on this, Klikanote  replies, "We all name ourselves; Protector, Slaughterhouse, Daughter, Stalker – of course it’s fitting."
  • My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic:
  • In the Rainbow Factory Sequel "Pegasus Device", an amnesiac pegasus mare with a purple mane, orange fur, and small wingsnote  is given the name Absentia.
  • Fallout: Equestria - Empty Quiver:
    • Pretty much all of Night Strike's arsenal; Thumper, the break-action 40mm grenade rifle based off of the M79; Boomer, a fully-automatic 40mm grenade launcher; and War Crime, a full-auto sniper rifle chambered for .50 MG and originally meant for the anti-personnel role.
    • Crash Dive has no hesitations about jumping into deep water while wearing her heavy power armor. It's been modified for deep-water survival, of course.
    • Maple Creek has a fast-developing maple sugar candy business as it's main export, Clearwater is located on a freshwater reservoir, and Hopeville has a fully-functioning hospital.
  • Parodied with Princess Cadance Notevil Goodpony in Friendship is Witchcraft. As implied by her name she is a very good mare who regularly donates to charity and is a world peace activist. Unfortunately for her, Twilight is not.
  • Rites of Ascension has the Cool Airship Bellerophon, which is captured and ridden by pegasi, when the figure by that name in Greek Mythology captured and rode Pegasus.
  • Marionettes: Gear Shift is able to adjust his strength and speed, similar to changing gears in a car.
  • The Oversaturated World takes the canon nomenculture Up to Eleven, with entire countries, scientific theories, and in fact languages being reinterpreted through a filter of horse puns and Bland-Name Product.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: In the sequel Picking up the Pieces, the Dean of Art at the Academy in Canterlot is named Clean Canvas.
  • Quizzical: Multiple:

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

  • Fortune_Lover_(TGS Beta)(SARU_rip)[T+Eng0.75_Sincere].zip: The title is a filename of a Game Mod. Parasite_Ib mentioned how to read the name of the eponymous file she downloaded: "Fortune Lover, leaked Tokyo Game Show beta release, transferred ("ripped") from physical media into ROM files by SARU, 75%note  translated into English by Sincere." Eventually she realizes "SARU_rip" does not refer to any person who "ripped" the data, but simply, "Saru (i.e. the "Monkey Girl"), rest in peace."


  • A Growing Affection has multiple examples:
    • Bunjiro Akaikazunoko, whose given name and weapon lead the heroes to believe he is someone else. His family name roughly translates to Red Herring.
    • Shozokus are an army of psuedo-ninja who always wear full, traditional stealth garb (a shozoku).
    • Gamazashi is a member of the Toad Ninja clan who fights with Japanese curved short swords.
    • Shin Busata (True Silence) opposes the Hidden Sound (or at least Orochimaru/Kabuto's version of it).
  • Spider Thread has Tomoe, written with the kanji 巴, which means 'a large comma design.' This references her heritage, when it turns out that she has the Sharingan, a visual power that looks like three commas spiraling around the pupil.
  • The High School A.U. story Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox has this come up quite often with several characters, particularly those who are Named by the Adaptation, but it's not unheard of for characters whose names are the same as their canon counterparts. Some examples include:
    • Guren, a minor character in the story's Gaiden chapters, is given the surname Hoseki, which is Japanese for "gem." It's a reference to her canon self's Crystal Release technique, but in this story (where there are no ninja powers), it can also be a reference to her kindhearted and understanding nature—basically, how she's like a gem in personality.
    • Nigai, in canon, is a Kumo shinobi whose name literally means "bitter." In this story, he's a member of the Tiger Dragon gang who's also The Resenter toward the gang's leader Chi, leading to him being The Starscream.
    • Taiseki, who in canon is an Iwa shinobi, has a name that, according to the Naruto Wiki, is an irregular pronunciation of the Japanese term for "big stone," which is usually pronounced as "oishi." For this story, his surname is Oishi, he's got a Lantern Jaw of Justice which is described as looking "like it'd been chiseled off a rock," and he's a cop with a strong sense of justice.
    • Ayame, who in this story is a waitress at Konoha Town's Burger Castle restaurant, has a name that means "iris," as in the plant, according to her canon Naruto Wiki entry. The same entry says her name can also be translated as "to murder," depending on the kanji used. Both meanings are used in her code-name Death Iris, which she uses as an agent of the criminal syndicate LOVE.
    • According to the same Naruto Wiki, Iruka's name means "dolphin," and in the canon series' anime version he has echolocation abilities. In this fic, he's a cop who happens to be a good communicator, being a Reasonable Authority Figure toward Naruto in contrast to his police partner Ibiki's Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist persona, and being an effective Good Cop to Ibiki's Bad Cop. Like Ayame, he's a double-agent for the LOVE syndicate, with the code-name "Dolphin" as his moniker.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • The Child of Love: The writer’s online nickname was “Axel Terizaki”. He chose naming Shinji and Asuka’s children Teri and Axel in his story. Later he thought it was a silly idea and ret-conned their son’s name.
  • In Ghosts of Evangelion the names of original characters are taken from real world ships or marine creatures.
  • HERZ: After the battle of 2015 NERV (German word for "nerve") was renamed "HERZ", which means "heart" in German and reflect the more benign nature of the organization. Secret society “GEIST” is strongly individualistic, and its name means “spirit” in German.
  • Once More with Feeling: Averted. The code names used by the JSSDF are deliberately meaningless; the guy actually responsible for the designations tends to name them after random, everyday things that happen to be nearby. Example: Operation "Wallpaper" is the name for their highly classified ongoing investigation into SEELE and NERV, while their highest ranking source is known as Agent "Balcony".

The Octonauts

  • Junior Officers:
    • Lydia the dogfish shark is named for her species' name, squalidae.
    • Varech the kelp fish has a name meaning "kelp".

Odd Squad

  • Ships Ahoy!: The real name of Old Missie, Oprah's first boss, is Obedience, which showcases her place in Odd Squad hierarchy as the Director of Precinct 13579. The fanfic Patterns of the Past, which ties into it, reveals that her full name is Old-Fashioned Ms. O, a name she got due to her outdated fashion sense.

Once Upon a Time

  • Many more characters have curse names in Freeze on the Stones than in the series itself, but they're equally well-chosen, usually a case of This Is My Name on Foreign combined with an Actor Allusion or other form of Shout-Out. Octavia Carroll, introduced a full chapter before she's revealed to be Ursula, couldn't be anyone but Ursula because her first name means "eight", a reference to her being an octopus and her last name is that of her Disney voice actress.
  • The Golds: Baelfire took up the name “Benjamin Spinner” when he came to live in the Land Without Magic.

One Piece

  • This Bites!:
    • Soundbite the snail. Power from the Noise-Noise Fruit and a tendency to bite.
    • The Sirocco charm-container. A sirocco is a Mediterranean wind from the Sahara that can achieve hurricane speeds. Fitting that such a container contains the aril (pomegranate seed) of the Logia-type Gust-Gust Fruit, the Devil Fruit of one of the Royal Guardians of Alabasta.

Pretty Cure

  • Mayonaka Ayameko from Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy, "Ayameko" / "iris child", because her mother Risako turns out to be a past Pretty Cure, Cure Iris.

Real-Person Fic

  • An example of a Stage Name becoming a Meaningful Name can be found in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World. Ringo Starr in Real Life chose his stage name to reflect the fact that he wore rings and wanted to be a star (and liked cowboys). In the book, when he falls in briefly with the Guardians (who like to hang new names on their recruits), they start calling him “Starr” because he more or less created one on the psychic plane (and completely blinded telepaths and scanners) whenever he used his mindsight.

Rise of the Guardians

  • In the fic Guardian of Light, the main character, who has light powers, is called Helen. The name means 'light of the sun'.
    • Then there's her adoptive parents; Bernadette means 'brave as a bear', while Lowell means 'little wolf'.
    • Her biological sister, who became Mother Nature, is named Eartha (note this was written before the fourth book came out and we found out Mother Nature's name was Emily Jane).

Rosario + Vampire

  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: Dark Kuyumaya took his last name from Arial Kuyumaya, a young snow girl whom he was forced to kill by his original master, in honor of her, while his first name is from something that Arial said to him before he mortally wounded her ("I don't hate you, even if you are dark.").

Rurouni Kenshin

  • Light of the Snow Red Village: Hikari, the daughter of Kenshin and Tomoe. "Hikari" means "light," and Kenshin considers her the light of his life.


  • In Weiss Reacts, we have in addition to the protagonists the whole of team MLDY:
    • Melodia Viridi's name refers to her Semblance and favoured color green, Lukas' name is derived from Loki and Yukari's last name means Wind God, referring to her Semblance.
    • As for their weapons, Twin Heavens is derived from the fighting style Miyamoto Musashi, Yukari's inspiration, used, Nari and Vali were Loki's sons, and Mors Certa means 'certain death'- the spear itself is based of Gae Bulg and Fragarach.
    • Also, Ludwig Amadeus is the Music professor, Andreas' name is based off the root for 'man', Norn's name is meant to recall Elda and Freya and so on.



  • A Small Crime: The writer said that Kit was named after a beautifully-crafted crossbow that she saw in an antique shop with the same name. Plus, kitsune (foxes) also have naturally golden eyes.


  • In Slayers Trilogy, Chaos introduces Gourry's adoptive aunt Koirry, who proves to be a significant help to the group as the cosmic avatar of Love. "Koi" is Japanese for "love".

The Smurfs

Spyro the Dragon

  • In The Portal, Hope got her name because her father always told her that she gave him hope after the death of his mate.

Star Trek Online

  • The Headhunt:
    • In their own tongue, the name of Dul'krah's species, "Pe'khdar", means "the last Clans", which is what they were reduced to after they nuked themselves into oblivion.
    • The USS Brisbane is first on the scene at Facility 4028. Brisbane, Australia was one of the places convicts Sentenced to Down Under were shipped.

Star Wars

  • In Fialleril's Star Wars fics, the members of the Skywalker family are said to have meaningful names in their native language, Amatakka. "Skywalker" itself is a translation of the Amatakka name "Ekkreth", the name of a folk hero who confounds slaveowners and frees slaves; Heretic Pride says that one of Shmi Skywalker's ancestors bestowed the surname upon herself after her family was split up by slaveowners and their original surname lost. The name Shmi gave her son, "Anakin", has the literal meaning "the one who brings the rains" and a metaphorical meaning suggesting that his destiny is to free the enslaved. Luke is actually "Lukka", and means "free". "Leia" means "The Mighty One", and is the name for the Krayt Dragon in Tatooine mythology. In Double Agent Vader, Leia's name also has an appropriate meaning in the language of Alderaan, "beloved", which leads Vader to conclude that it's just a coincidence that Leia Organa has the name he had intended to give his own daughter had he had one.
  • The Gray Jedi Series: In The Gray Jedi: Merciless Indifference, Zari’s starfighter, the Night Witch, is named after the real life Russian female night bomber crews from WWII.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Blood and Honor: Sanguis of House Laude. In Latin, "sanguis" is a term for blood and "laude" means honor, highlighting the two things most important to the character: her heritage and her personal code of conduct.

Super Smash Bros.

  • In Smash Generation, there is an original character named Shiroi Karasu, who is the only person in the entire Karasu clan with white hair and a white crow. In contrast to her name, she has a twin sister who follows the tradition of having black hair and a black crow... named Kuroi.


  • Alexander Selkirk of Aurora Falls, sharing the name with a castaway in ancient times.


  • Distortions (Symphogear):
    • White Noise refers to a steady background sound that can help mask otherwise distracting noises. The White Noise Squad use a implant known as the Apegear to poach the phonic gain generated by the adaptors songs and ensure they can take on the adaptors on an almost even footing.
    • Sabin is a measurement of sound absorption and the codename for The Horsemen's Project 51E141: an effort to develop a weapon specifically to kill Symphogears.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Total Drama

  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread: This story's title has two layers of meaning. The first, and more obvious, is that it recalls the idea of the Red Thread of Fate from various Asian cultures. But there is also a second, subtler meaning behind it, though it's only possible to pick up on or notice if one figures out the story's shorthand is 'URST' otherwise known as 'Unresolved Sexual Tension'. While it isn't obvious early on, in later chapters it becomes much less subtle.
Warrior Cats
  • Leafpool named her three kits this way in Warriors: The Power of Three (Rewrite/AU). Hollykit was named because her black pelt reminded Leafpool of the branches of the holly bush near the birthing-den. Lionkit was named for his fluffy fur (which he inherited from Mothwing) resembling a lion's mane. Jaykit was named for his grey, almost blue, fur resembling a jaybird.

Whateley Universe

  • Dr. Long Evans, the talking doctor rat from Hard Being Pure. A Long-Evans is a type of lab rat.


  • A Game of Masques has meaningful names that are called out in the story:
    • Ludus the incubus, a.k.a. Yugi, has names meaning "Game", and he likes playing (and never loses) games of seduction. This was present in the canon but played up in the story.
    • "Yami" means "darkness". His father exploits this trope by telling him that darkness is the absence of anything, and that means that Yami is nothing. Yugi turns this around to tell him that darkness is untapped potential and limitless power. (His father also lampshades that this is a stupid name and he doesn't know why anyone would name a human that.) Naturally develops shadow magic.


  • All of Mr.Evil's original characters have meaningful names, usually having some reference to their powers or abilities in a Bilingual Bonus.
  • All the characters from the story 'The New Millennium' have been stated to have been named based on their qualities. Bennu means 'Reborn One' in Arabic, indicating that she was a reincarnation of Yugi, and Celeste means 'Heavenly' possibly referencing her transformation into an alienesque creature.(The exceptions are Tai and Ran, who haven't been given definitions yet.)
  • Billy The Kid in "Sin City Kids", due to his signature goatee.