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You can see heaven in his... eyes.
Thalia: Wow. Apollo is hot.
Percy: He's the sun god.
Thalia: That's not what I meant.

When the gods are divine in their beauty as well as power.

Invariably, a Love Goddess is always a Hot God. Note also that several goddesses (from a multitude of pantheons) were seen as befitting of the Lady of War/Amazonian Beauty archetypes, so it seems divine power may be telling of how attractive power is.

Of course, gods are supposed to be models that concepts are based on, so whatever concept they represent is one that they have, a thousand times more than any mortal could. So it would be a no-brainer that a goddess of love - or beauty, fertility, marriage, or pretty much any concept related to human interaction - would have unearthly beauty. A Fertility God may also fall under this; after all, there's a reason people want to make babies.

See the related Angelic Beauty for the divinely beautiful on the lower end of the cosmic totem pole. Consequently, see Hot as Hell and Flaming Devil for a Hot God's infernal rivals in looks.

Not to Be Confused with something that you put ketchup or jelly on. Or Sex God, although the two can overlap. Contrast Grandpa God, the one with the long white beard (though even they have their admirers).


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    Anime & Manga 

  • The Planet Venus: Being the goddess of beauty and sexuality, Venus is completely nude without an ounce of physical modesty and the viewer can see everything. In fact, she points right at one of her breasts, a gesture drawing attention to her feminine form and implying her sexual fertility.

    Comic Books 
  • Black Moon Chronicles: The Oracle's true form is a nubile bald woman with shining skin. She also hasn't experienced earthly pleasures for several millennia and wants to make up the time. Cue threesome between the goddess, Wismerhill, and his succubus girlfriend.
  • The Mighty Thor: A solid number of the Asgardians, both male and female.
  • In Shaman's Tears, Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit of the Sioux who grants Joshua his powers, usually takes the form of an incredibly sexy Native American woman when she manifests.
  • Tales of Telguuth: Lazalla Zal, mistress of the moons, is a beautiful goddess who was summoned by the ancient wizards of Zalazille so she could become their mistress. In the thousands of years since then, she's aged quite a bit though.
  • The Wicked + The Divine: All of the Pantheon are young people, and becoming gods is implied to make them more beautiful, though given Jamie McKelvie is the series' artist, none of them are ugly to start with.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Aphrodite's beauty is oft mentioned, and she's an attractive sex god that usually walks around in very little actual clothing.
    • Pre-Flashpoint in Wonder Woman (1987) Ares was a well muscled hunk, besides his eerie eyes, who knew it and when he wasn't hidden beneath his Tin Tyrant look he would wear open shirts to show it off.

    Fan Works 
  • In The Bridge: A contrast is made between those given powers from certain deities, usually with those granted a boon by benevolent ones being quite pretty as a case of what's on the inside shown on the outside.
    • Alicorns are considered Semi-Divine due to having some of their power derived from a Goddess of Creation. By Equestrian standards and when in human form, they are stunning.
    • The Mothra are already quite beautiful as a kaiju, and this is likewise shown in any Equestrian or human forms they take. Mothra Lea, even as a changeling queen, is remarked as looking far more beautiful than Chrysalis.
    • Benevolent Goddess of Creation, Harmony, is beautiful to behold and it puts even strangers at peace just glimpsing her.
  • Child of the Storm, has several examples:
    • Thor and Loki. It also has Frigga, Fandral, Sif and Athena. In addition, there's Harry, who's getting all grown up and people are noticing, Diana, who's mentioned as being a pretty girl and on course to become absolutely stunning. Considering that she's Wonder Woman, this is hardly surprising.
    • Both Harry and Diana's future good looks are confirmed in a brief Plot-Relevant Age-Up.
    • Considering it's basically been acknowledged that all the pantheons exist, this probably applies to all those it does in mythology, too.
    • And of course, there's Amora the Enchantress.
  • A Crown of Stars: Rayana is Goddess Empress of Avalon. She is a very bustier, long-haired Fiery Redhead. Magic, Love, Beauty and Motherhood are some of her domains. She is so hot even straight women need a cold shower after seeing her.
  • Inverted in The Eternity Effect. Elphaba and Glinda are horrified to find out that Lurline is not only not angelically beautiful and poised, but she's actually a bit frumpy looking. She's not unattractive but she's messy and completely unsophisticated.
  • The Great Alicorn Hunt: At least three of the now-alicorn Mane Six are this trope:
    • Rarity gets a spotlight wearing a backless gown in Chapter 12, and later makes boys swoon just by doing a mane-toss in Chapter 51.
    • Fluttershy:
      • It's given note that she used to be a former supermodel, and a fashion magazine has her in a lingerie shot.
      • A guard being teased for the butterfly logo on his armor (due to being inducted into Fluttershy's Praetorian Guard) only needs a photo of Fluttershy and said fashion magazine to be envied by every guard in the bar.
      • A recruitment criteria for said Praetorian Guard of hers even exploits this trope: they had to get soppy looks on their faces when she walks past them.
    • Rainbow Dash tries to exploit this trope by (clumsily) flirting seductively to Mach One in Chapter 49. Unfortunately for her, her target is not of legal age (although he looks the part). The first lines of the next chapter say it the best:
    Narration: "Mach was a touch bewildered as to what had just occurred. One moment a smoking hot she-alicorn had been purring at him from an inch away, so close he could smell her body wash (Mountain Racer Sport scent, if you must know), the next there had been an earsplitting scream and a flash of light, and now she was on the opposite side of the room, squared off and hyperventilating in panic."
  • Ice Ice Baby: The four gods are all extremely attractive in their own divine ways, but Idris Elba, the god of paternal hotness, is certainly considered to be the most heavenly looking.
  • The Taste of Peaches sees Taylor Hebert become a Deity of Human Origin after eating the titular peach. Thanks to inheriting Inari's Fertility domain, she has an Impossible Hourglass Figure, with fox ears and nine fox tails making her one exotic-looking package.
  • In Thousand Shinji:
    • Played straight with Asuka -whose body is described as spectacular, heavily muscled and incredibly womanly- and with Misato who was a beautiful human woman and becomes even more voluptuous after ascending to godhood.
    • Subverted with Reigle, Goddess of Decay. Shinji thinks that she's beautiful, but everyone else thinks she looks like a half-rotten corpse.
  • The Twilight Child: Princess Cadence is mentioned as having the sort of beauty that would "turn even the most intelligent, witty and urbane being into a smiling, dribbling mess on the floor even on an average day". This statement is proven by a scene several chapters earlier when Shining Armor meets her for a Hearts and Hooves Day date, and is momentarily rendered speechless when he sees her.

    Film — Live-Action 

  • In Belgarath the Sorcerer, Belgarath recalls that Torak was quite beautiful back before the Orb of Aldur burned off half of his face. It overlaps with Beauty Is Bad as Torak was also very vain, and his ego led to a ruinous Divine Conflict.
  • Aphrodite in Fred Saberhagen's Books of Swords trilogy is not merely extremely beautiful, but appears to whoever sees her as whatever that individual viewer's ideal of female beauty is.
  • In The Camp Half-Blood Series members of the Greek pantheon have the power to alter their appearances at will.
    • Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
      • Thalia swoons at Apollo, who is described as (and drawn as, in supplementary material) a young, bronzed hunk.
      • Aphrodite, goddess of love. It's mentioned that her appearance is different to all who look at her, conforming to that particular person's "idea of true beauty."
      • Percy personally believes that Calypso is more beautiful than Aphrodite, because her beauty is more natural, but is also smart enough to never, ever say that out loud.
    • In the second series, Percy, Frank and Hazel meet Thanatos, the god of death. Hazel describes him as the most beautiful man that she has ever seen. Percy himself describes Thanatos as a hot, buff Cupid.
    • The Sequel Series The Trials of Apollo tells the story of Humanity Ensuing for the god Apollo. He's quite distressed at his new human body for how hideous it (supposedly) is ... even though it's average by human standards. He did use to have the body of a Greek god, after all.
  • Elric of Melnibone stories. The Lord of Law Donblas the Justice Maker and Arioch, a Lord of Chaos.
    • Arioch can take many forms, not all of which are appealing.
  • In Everworld pretty much all the gods are described this way, but Aphrodite, Ganymede and half of Hel are particularly notable. The Valkyries are also described as "not so much beautiful as flawless."
    • Dionysus tends to look more "approachable" than most gods, but at one point turns into a handsomer form just to show that he can. He notes that gods generally take whatever form will best fit their jobs, and specifically notes that Artemis looks hot because a vow of eternal chastity is kind of pointless if people don't want to have sex with you.
  • Gods of Jade and Shadow: Hun-Kamé, the supreme god of The Underworld, is tall, black-haired, and beautiful in an ageless, utterly inhuman way. It's a sign that his powers are waning when he starts to look like an exceptionally beautiful young man instead.
  • N. K. Jemisin's Inheritance Trilogy: Nahadoth the God of Chaos usually manifests as an amazingly beautiful man or woman with pale skin and long black hair. When his powers are suppressed, he only looks like a very attractive human, but in his inchoate true form, his beauty is outright unearthly.
  • Jesus gets this from Naomi Tiberias in the Dramatic Audio version of the Left Behind book Glorious Appearing when she comments to Chang Wong on how handsome He is.
  • In Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Freya shines with a light that illuminates her whole realm, and Magnus describes her as the most beautiful woman that he's ever seen, feeling as though he would risk his life just to keep her smiling at him. Which is a little weird, since he eventually learns that she's his aunt.
  • In the novel Psyche Eros doesn't let his wife Psyche look upon him because she is supposed to be married to a monster, and she would know the truth if she saw how hot he was.
  • The Valar in The Silmarillion. In their case they're spiritual beings and when they walk among the Children of Eru they regard their bodies the way the Children of Eru regard fine clothes—as something to put on to impress others. In effect their bodies are a kind of Ermine Cape Effect.
    • Melian, specifically. In his Quenta Noldorinwa Tolkien stated "Melian was a fay. In the gardens of [the Vala] she dwelt, and amongst all [Thingol's] folk, none surpassed her in beauty." Her half-elfin daughter, Luthien Tinuviel, is also the World's Most Beautiful Woman who's not a goddess.
  • One of the historical semidivine sovereigns in Fiona Patton's Tales of the Branion Realm series was named Alexius the Fair.
  • The Returned in Warbreaker (not real gods, but close enough and worshiped as such in-universe) are all very physically attractive. It's ultimately revealed that this is because all Returned actually have Voluntary Shapeshifting powers that they're generally unaware of, but that causes them to subconsciously turn into idealized versions of what they looked like as humans prior to ascending.

    Live-Action TV 

    Myths and Religion 
  • In Proto-Indo-European Mythology, Hewsos (or Heusos or Hausos) was the goddess of dawn, beauty, dancing and merriment and the Ur-Example. As the embodiment of the "morning star" (Venus), she is considered the antecedent to goddesses like Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, and even Eos and Apollo from Greek myth, as well as Freya from Norse myth. All of whom share some combination of her extreme beauty, association with the sun, and voracious sexual appetite.
  • Mesopotamian Mythology: Inanna/Ishtar, the goddess of beauty, war and sex, is the Trope Maker. She was considered the most sexually-enticing god of the pantheon, to the point that when she was rejected by Gilgamesh (due to her lovers all meeting terrible fates), she became supremely insulted.
  • Classical Mythology:
    • All of them. Aphrodite/Venus got talked about the most, but the general perception was that gods were always good-looking, and even the ones who looked older could always shapeshift. Hephaestus' claim to fame is that he was the only real Aversion among the Olympians, as well as being a Disabled Deity.
    • The ancient Greeks believed that beauty is actually a manifestation of divine favor or divine lineage. Hence why many demigods tend to be rather good looking and have women/goddesses (or in the case of the rare female demigod other gods) falling in love with them at first sight.
  • Aztec Mythology:
    • Xochiquetzal ("Beautiful Flower"), goddess of youth, prostitutes and musicians. As is for the thus inclined Xochipilli (translated both as "Prince of Flowers" or "Noble Flower"), patron god of homosexuals and male prostitutes.
    • Tezcatlipoca was also regarded as one of these, often described as the most youthful-looking and handsome god. One custom of the Aztecs involved selecting a particularly attractive young man to become an ixiptla, "doppleganger" to the god, for an entire year. He would act as Tezcatlipoca's earthly incarnation over its course, be lavished with food and gifts and finery, taught to play music and sing. During the last 20 days of this year, he would be wed to 4 beautiful women (also ixiptlas of the 4 goddesses that were Tezcatlipoca's wives) and be able to lay with them as often as he wanted. On the final day of the year, he would be stripped of his riches, drugged, ascend a temple while breaking a flute on every step of the way, and finally sacrificed. The ceremony would start all over again the following day, as a new ixiptla would be chosen as a replacement.
  • Egyptian Mythology: Isis and Nephthys were usually considered "near-perfect" women in Egyptian mythos, by whatever standard was appropriate at the time. The crowning jewel, however, was Hathor, the goddess of sex and music, who was considered such complete and utter feminine perfection that she inspired (or was) an entire nymph-like race who were exact physical copies because her beauty was unsurpassable. Depending on the telling, Sekhmet and Bastet may also be considered aspects of Hathor.
  • Norse Mythology: Sif, known for her beautiful hair; Freyja, the "most beautiful woman" and a fertility Goddess; Gerd, also the "most beautiful woman"; and Baldr, who isn't a god of beauty but was well known for his radiant beauty. Loki is this as well in some recountings, though presumably less so after his mouth was sewn shut and he tore out the bindings, followed by having a snake drip venom in his face for an unspecified number of centuries.
  • Celtic Mythology: Aengus Og, the love god of the Tuatha De Danaan, was THE Bishōnen amongst a tribe known for pretty men.
  • Zoroastrian mythology has fertility goddess Anahita, who was usually depicted as the epitome of what people of the time considered beautiful on a woman. On the male side was Mithras, the god of promises and pacts (which included Marriage). After the hellenization of Iran they were equated/merged with the Greek Aphrodite and Apollo, respectively.
    • Also, Sroasha (who was merged with Hermes) is always described as very pleasant to look at.
  • Most Wiccan depictions of the Goddess tend to represent her as beautiful, also the representation of Aradia in Stregheria. Some depictions of male Pagan deities also follow the same patern. Neo-pagans and Pagan reconstructionist religions including Asatru and Romuve also tend to represent their deities, specially female ones, as beauties.
  • Several Buddhist deities, most notable Tara. Also very common in Tantric traditions.
  • Zig-Zagged with Jesus, as descriptions of his appearance are rather vague and varied. Some Christians try to gleam into his appearance with descriptions from the Messiah in the Hebrew Bible, which range from "fairer than the children of men"Verse to "no beauty that we should desire him"Verse. Artists from The Renaissance onwards tended to go for the handsome young man people see in paintings and church windows.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Pathfinder:
    • Pathfinder has Shelyn, the goddess of beauty, alongside her occasional lover Desna, who's a gorgeous elven woman who is almost always shown completely nude, with only a Scenery Censor covering anything, and Calistria, goddess of lust, who dresses like a dominatrix, complete with a whip. Several other gods, such as Sarenrae, Abadar, Iomedae, and even Pharasma are also quite attractive, but those three are the ones who actively flaunt it. Overlaps with Beauty Equals Goodness, as none of the major evil gods are conventionally attractive, and Urgathoa subverts it. She appears as a very attractive nude woman up to just above the bust. A little further down, you find dangling organs and a blood-covered skeleton.
    • There are exceptions to Beauty Equals Goodness in the lesser gods of the setting, but the most notable exception, Nocticula, had a Heel–Face Turn and went from demon queen of succubi and assassins to goddess of exiles, artists, and midnight.
    • A few of the other Hot Gods:
      • Kurgess, the Strong Man, as long as you equate physical fitness with attractiveness. The god and his followers certainly flaunt their bodies, but it's more about strength and competition.
      • Gruhastha, an expy of the Buddha, is depicted as a very handsome and buff shirtless man with a halo and rainbow wings.
      • Tsukiyo and Shizuru are expies of Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, respectively, with the former very much a Bishonen Pretty Boy and the latter conventionally attractive when not a fiery dragon.
      • Arazni, the minor goddess of the abused and unwilling undeath, is Neutral Evil, but can have good clerics. She is conventionally attractive and sensibly dressed, as a rejection of her former status as The Harlot Queen when she was enslaved. The subtext is almost certainly intentional.
  • Warhammer and Warhammer40000:
    • Slaanesh, the divinely beautiful and seductive Chaos Power of lust, desire and sensual excess. Slaanesh can assume a form of any gender (male, female, hermaphroditic, or androgynous) at will, and whatever Slaanesh chooses, it will always be an androgynously, supernaturally beautiful and alluring form... though since Slaanesh embodies hedonistic lust rather than love, its forms have a perverse Uncanny Valley effect and are almost as horrifying as they are beautiful. Devoted followers of Slaanesh are often rewarded with a fraction of this power. It's been stated that Slaanesh prefers masculine forms, though if it's like his daemons, it might be masculine on the left side and feminine on the right.
    • The Emperor of Mankind (who was effectively a Physical God even if he denied being a true deity) was a golden-armored superhuman with long hair and classic chiseled good looks. Then the Horus Heresy happened.

    Video Games 
  • Depending on your interpretation, the Superboss of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Minerva, is strongly related to The Planet's consciousness, either being its physical embodiment or goddess. Here, take a look.
  • Gwynevere, the Princess of Sunlight, in Dark Souls. Her Cleavage Window is bigger than you are. Literally.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Dibella, the Aedric Divine Goddess of Beauty, logically plays it straight. She is typically depicted as a voluptuous and attractive female. In Daggerfall, she is topless.
    • On the other side of the coin, several of the Daedric Princes choose to manifest in female form, often in very Stripperific outfits. Of particular note is Noctural's Navel-Deep Neckline dress in Skyrim, and in Daggerfall Azura is shown topless. The lore is in-universe lore is highly divided on how "good" the Princes are though, so for some this would be more Hot as Hell.
    • Almalexia, the Dunmeri Tribunal deity, is described as one of the most beautiful beings on Nirn in-universe. She also tends to wear Stripperific outfits and Vapor Wear, which do not hurt her case. She appears in-person in both Morrowind's Tribunal expansion and Online.
  • Several of the Summons in the Final Fantasy series could qualify, with Siren, Shiva, and Garuda being the three most people remember. This only works though if you assume that the Summons in the various Final Fantasy games represent actual Gods. Final Fantasy X rejects this notion, though Final Fantasy XIV accepts this as actual Canon inside the game, and as Word of God. Though in the case of the known Hot God from Final Fantasy XIV, she would sooner rip you to ribbons on her talons than look at you with any romantic interests. It is also interesting to note that of the three mentioned above, Siren is the only one whose name is actually derived from a female mythological entity, and she is by and large the least popular of the three.
    • By the above logic, Terra Branford of Final Fantasy VI probably qualifies for this trope under the sub-category of Hot Demi-God as she is the daughter of the Eidolon Maudeen, born to a human woman.
  • Final Fantasy XII has Ultima, one of only two female Espers. Although she's a Cute Monster Girl, before her fall from grace, she radiated a divine light that dazzled everyone.
  • Fire Emblem:
  • Being a game about Greek gods, Hades depicts all of said gods as attractive, though it's Aphrodite and Zagreus's looks that are explicitly noted. Having to converse with both at once leaves Artemis in awkward speechlessness, which Aphrodite wastes no time teasing her about. According to the game's art director, Jen Zee, this was deliberately by design:
    Jen Zee: Greg and I even had very intellectual conversations on why this should be so, which is that the ancient Greeks, like us, were huge fans of the human form and beauty, and they celebrated it a lot. So it was kind of a carte blanche to make everyone really hot.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Lunar:
    • Althena, the goddess of love and beauty is admired (often lecherously) by NPCs. Players too, as evidenced by an winning entry from an old Working Designs haiku contest: "Heavenly bodies / Eyes gaze upwards in rev'rence / Goddess in a thong"
    • The heroine of the sequel, Lucia, is in some ill-defined way a counterpart to Althena and is similarly admired.
  • Goddess Ilias from H-Game Monster Girl Quest may be a deceitful genocidal lunatic, but she is still VERY easy on the eyes. And of course, some of her scenes are NSFW.
    • Not to be outdone, her rival and resident dark goddess Alipheese I fits the bill, and she's a Cute Monster Girl to boot (natch).
  • Mortal Kombat:
  • Muramasa: The Demon Blade gives us the pair of Fujin and Raijin. Fujin is more "Cute" than "Hot", while Raijin plays this trope completely straight. Given their interactions in the story (notably, he being one of the few people who can bring out her softer side), it's a safe bet to assume that they're lovers.
  • Everyone in Namu Amida Butsu! -UTENA-.
  • Any of the goddesses in Neptunia. Especially former goddess Magiquone/Arfoire.
    • Averted with Magiquone in some games where she is merely a mortal instead of a goddess.
    • Note that the goddesses are mostly hot when they are in their goddess forms. Most of them are rather cute than hot in their human forms, but their hotness level increases a lot after their transformation.
    • The CPU Candidates on the other hand are not really hot, but just cute (still plenty of fanservice), even after they transform.
  • Persona 4: Golden. Marie turns out to become this if you get her to rank 10 social link, defeat her bonus dungeon, and get the True Ending. Turns out that all the major Bosses were fragments of the original Izanami: Marie is the Human part of Izanami and inherits all the power once they are all defeated.
  • La Pucelle Tactics has very well-named Goddess Poitreene, whose name derives from a French word for breast. She usually takes the form of a multi-winged blonde angel wearing next to nothing.
  • As a general rule, goddesses depicted in Shin Megami Tensei games are this, as drawn by Kazuma Kaneko. A lesser amount are hags of varying kind with the occasional Token Mini-Moe. As for males, there's a goodly amount of Heroic Build and Bishōnen, though as a rule they are quite a bit uglier than their female counterparts.
  • The Harvest God (a red-haired hunk) and the Harvest Goddess (who looks different in most of her incarnations but is still beautiful all the same) of Story of Seasons.
  • Asura and Inanna (who were based on Hindu and Sumerian gods, respectively) from Tales of Innocence.
  • Grune of Tales of Legendia turns out to be one of these.
  • Touhou: Kanako qualifies. Suwako is more Cute God than Hot God, but there is the fact that Sanae is her great-great-great-...-granddaughter.
    • Yukari may not technically be a goddess, despite being older than the land of Gensokyo itself and every bit as powerful as the actual gods, but she is quite attractive.
    • And side-manga Silent Sinner in Blue mentions that the rabbits find traditional Shinto god Lord Daikokunote  very handsome.
  • Warcraft, World of Warcraft (and Warcraft Expanded Universe):
    • The night elf goddess Elune is depicted (at least in the RPG book Shadows & Light) as an attractive night elf female with very little clothing.
    • The Titans, the Top Gods of the setting, are generally depicted as, basically, really enormous humans in a mix of the Norse and Greek pantheons; as with the source material, beauty, or at least rugged handsomeness, is the rule rather than the exception. (Except, naturally, Sargeras.) Sargeras apparently used to be an example, but his fall to darkness came with an evil makeover (his skin split open and started spewing flame).

    Web Comics 
  • In the webcomics by A-gnosis, most of the gods are this, but Dionysos more so than others. Yes, he's a guy. He's just that pretty.
  • Several in Brat-Halla:
    • Frigg doesn't look a day past her 30s.
    • The goddesses of beauty competing in the Pantheon Games
    • Hel. But only from the waist up.
    • Sif becomes one in storylines set in the future.
    • Balder is a male example, seeing as he's a god of beauty himself.
  • Though she was mentioned above under Tabletop RPGs she deserves special mention here as well due to her inclusion in the Drowtales comic's creation myth. Here, Sharess did not start off as a Goddess, but through her own actions in the story she becomes a Goddess to her people, even if she doesn't actually control their fates or anything of that sort. She does however sort of Ascend to a higher plane When she transfers her Aura to the Nether Planes to battle the Nether Gods which enables her to close the various portals to the Nether Planes that were plaguing her people at the time. Once in the Nether Plane she shatters herself into shards, the most recent of which, according to a Daydream Story, is essentially a Goddess for the people in that world who can manipulate the very fabric of reality in that world by simply wishing it to be manipulated.
    • Also of note in the same Webcomic is the Vloz'ress Ill'haress Kharla'ggen whose aura is so massive that she is essentially a Goddess herself. Unfortunately she has a High Sorcery that turns people into inanimate objects that are still alive. And she is just insane enough to use it liberally to create her infamous doll collection.
      • Being elves, both ladies are naturally exceedingly hot by human standards. Though in Kharla's case it is questionable since the reader never really gets to see her face, except for when she was really young.
    • Other Drowtales candidates for Hot Gods include Sha'sana (arguably the oldest living entity in that world as of Pre-Timeskip), Ash'Warren (Arguably the second oldest living entity in that world as of Post-Time Skip, and also the single strongest Empath in the entire story, and thus possibly the only power-check on Kharla.), both of whom have absolutely massive auras rivaling Kharla's, Khaless (A Demon of unknown max-power-levels), Kiel'ndia (only person to achieve what is termed the Safe-Taint without Snadhya'rune helping them, and arguably just as powerful as Khaless but for the polar opposite reasons, and the only person who has managed to TAME a Glutton Demon...), and of course Snadhya'rune herself (the Chessmaster and evil mastermind of the entire series, possibly not very powerful in her own right, but she is smarter than everyone else in the series (except possibly Sha'sana), including her mother who was the reigning Empress of the Unified Drow Kingdoms before she was forced to abandon her own body for a slave's in order to escape.)
  • Some of the Demiurges in Kill Six Billion Demons, though not necessarily all the time.
    • Mottom was originally a consort of the God-Emperor she would replace. He picked her for her looks, and it showed. She can still appear in the form of a youthful beauty with a Navel-Deep Neckline... although she also doesn't mind appearing as a monstrously aged crone, either.
    • Incubus, fitting his having a name originally referring to Succubi and Incubi, repeatedly appears in the protagonist's dreams as a bare-chested pretty boy, though most of his real-world appearances as of the middle of "King of Swords" have tended to have him looking much more worn out and less fancy.
    • Solomon David is very tall, very muscular, and generally flawless-looking.
  • Agni from Kubera. Punnily enough, a fire god.

    Web Original 
  • Fire Emblem on Forums has a few examples:
    • Liberation Of Izzarra: The goddess Rhea, who was Taken for Granite after the first murder out of grief, was reputed to be the most beautiful being in existence.
    • Chains of Horai: Asha, the goddess of ice and love who is seen in the intro, is fairly attractive.
    • Wonderful Blessing: The Goddess Dragons are this as a rule, with Freya fitting this as a Love Goddess. Serena is more cute than beautiful, however, as is her sister Discordia.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Artemicia and Hivena, the Goddesses of Healing and Love, are very beautiful.
  • Subverted in Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff: The trope is mentioned by name, but it's actually a misspelled hot dog.
  • All the New Olympians at Whateley Academy in the Whateley Universe. The avatar of Aphrodite, in particular, likes to use her beauty and lust aura to manipulate men. Fey, as one of the Nine Queens of the ancient Sidhe would count too.

    Western Animation 


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