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Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
Jun 20th 2019 at 4:41:46 PM

Welcome to the Pantheon, folks. Just as a friendly reminder to you all that once you make a suggestion for a god more than three times, it will be viewed as shoehorning and will no longer be considered eligible for ascension.

Time to explore the world!
CrownlessMimic AAAAAAAAA from In A World Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
SuperWIKI1 Kamen Rider Millennium from The Little Red Dot Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Kamen Rider Millennium
Jun 20th 2019 at 4:48:40 PM

[up][up] So does that mean that my suggestion that got nothing but criticism instead of actual replies is shoehorning now? *breathes*.

Edited by SuperWIKI1 on Jun 20th 2019 at 7:49:13 PM

Pardon that double posting, still a slow learner.
fasoman1996 Sup from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Jun 20th 2019 at 4:52:21 PM

[up] If anything i think the second and third suggestion are ok. At least the building shows potential and we have no Corpse Party presence in the pantheon

[up][up] Go ahead with that

So, is there anything else i should add Det. Pikachu?

Detective Pikachu, Divine Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal (Pikapool)
Game Version
Film Version
  • Potential House: Accessories and Beast Other
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Deerstalker Cap and Magnifying Glass
  • Theme Song: Holding out for a Hero
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Volt Tackle
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Hero, Badass Normal and Badass Adorable, Can speak properly but only towards Tim, Loves Coffee, Uplifted Animal, Cloudcuckoolander, Cannot use any of his attacks because he forgot how to
  • Domains: Detective, Mysteries, Investigation, Animals, Accessories, Coffee, Friendship
  • Herald: Tim Goodman (His partner)
  • Allies: Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Deadpool, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Cole Phelps, Batman, Superman, Godot, Phillip J. Fry, Gamera
  • Enemies: Giovanni, Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Galeem and Dharkon, Ratigan
  • On good terms with: Mewtwo, Godzilla
  • Meet Detective Pikachu. While at first he may look like any other Pikachu with a funny hat, he is actually much more than that. This Pikachu belonged to Harry Goodman, a detective of Ryme City investigating a series of strange events happening around the city but then he mysteriously dissapeared to thin air, with his Pikachu remaining in the location where he was last seen. Once his son Tim came to the city, he discovered he and Pikachu could talk and understand each other and so they teamed up to find out what was going on in Ryme City and where the mysterious R gas comes from.
  • He wound up to the pantheon completely by accident after he got curious and decided to check a shifty looking portal that ended up bringing him here. He was then chosen to represent the title of Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal, given that his hat is what makes him distinct from other Pikachu. He accepted, since he felt the pantheon could use a detective like him.
  • Speaking of the other Pikachu, both are good friends and Detective Pikachu has even met regular Pikachu's trainer, Ash Ketchum, who he is a little jealous that he lets his Pikachu climb to his shoulder, unlike Tim. Sometimes, both Pikachus like to switch positions to pull a prank on unsuspecting deities.
  • Shortly after ascending, he was visited by Mewtwo. The latter thanked him for helping him free himself from Howard Clifford's control in one timeline and is wondering how this Pikachu still remembers all the events that transpired in that timeline considering that Pikachu had the essence of Harry Goodman inside him. Pikachu just responded that some things are better left unanswered and left shortly, leaving Mewtwo confused.
  • Became an unlikely ally of the Houses of Justice and Investigative Work. Few expected him to be of any help but Pikachu turned out to be surprisingly good at solving mysteries. He tends to work a lot with Sherlock Holmes and Watson, usually competing with the former to see who can solve the case better.
    • Pikachu is also a frequent partner for Cole Phelps, ever since the two got involved in a pokemon related case that Phelps happened to be investigating with leads towards Team Rainbow Rocket. While Pikachu thinks his driving skills need improvement, he likes Phelps because at least he takes him somewhat seriously (even if he can't really understand Pikachu). This joint investigation has made the two keep an eye on certain members of Team Rainbow Rocket, with Giovanni, Lysandre and Ghetsis on top of their list.
    • Speaking of actual Partners, Pikachu found out late that all ascended Pokemon had a partner except him so he decided to look into potential candidates. While he was considering asking Sherlock to be his partner, he ended up noticing that he wasn't the only rodent detective and met Basil and Dawson, both being remarkably similar to Holmes and Watson. Both ended up accepting Pikachu's offer and while they are a bit taken aback by having a fellow rodent bigger than them, at least this Pikachu is in the side of good. On the other hand, this ended up putting Pikachu in Ratigan's radar, who scoffed at the idea of another mouse detective in the pantheon.
  • Sounds remarkably similar to Deadpool and the Merc with the Mouth quickly took notice of that. They hit it off immediately and Deadpool started calling him Pikapool, which Pikachu doesn't mind at all. Although he is a bit bothered that Deadpool keeps insisting that Pikachu should wear a custom made Deadpool suit made just for him. He tried it once and he felt it look a bit ridiculous but he secretly liked it anyway.
  • He can speak, but only to a select few. At first he only believed that only Tim was able to understand him and then he found out that there were other deities that can talk to animals. Batman can also understand him (Don't ask him how, you know what Batman will answer) and later invited Pikachu to the Super Cafť, where he met Superman who turned out to be a huge fan of him
  • He claims to always know about spoilers of the newer shows. Those who end up believing him are then surprised by a video of him dancing.
  • Likes coffee and frequently goes to the House of Food in his downtime to drink some. He tends to be joined by Fry and Godot, who also love coffee but unfortunately they also can't understand him and tend to find him mildly amusing.
  • Surprisingly familiar with Kaijus after he witnessed giant, genetically-altered Torterra emerge from the abandoned laboratory. He find Godzilla to be cool albeit a bit too destructive for his taste and surprisingly ended becoming friends with Gamera who was surprisingly friendlier than he looks. Pikachu even managed to convince the latter to aid him whenever Pikachu finds himself in trouble and Gamera was surprisingly ok with that.
  • He was mildly curious about the Super Smash Bros. tournament after hearing about it from the other Pikachu but that unfortunately just made him fall victim to Galeem's devastating attack and become a spirit alongside a hundred other characters. Once freed, he wanted nothing to do with the Smash Universe and decided to stick with detective work and once he heard that Galeem and Dharkon were part of the pantheon, he got a bit scared that they would break free and imprison him again. Thankfully, they have been subdued and locked up which he felt relieved after hearing that.
  • "I can feel it in my jellies!"

Chillin' rat.
RonnieR15 Ronnie from Earth
Jun 20th 2019 at 4:54:15 PM

A simple repost of Adara, please let me know if you see anything amiss.

Potential House(s): Light & Brightness, Body Images

Votes: 3 (Ascends the 6/25)

Adara, Goddess of Spark Sprites (Adara The Sprite, The Sultry Little Sprite)
Adara in Cutscenes. 
  • Rank: Quasideity
  • Symbol: A spark of light with wings.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Absolute Cleavage, Damsel in Distress, Fairy Companion, Fairy Sexy, The Heart, Leotard of Power, Most Common Super Power, Mystical White Hair, Pretend Prejudice, Super Gullible, Unobtainium
  • Domains: Sprites, Zeenium, Freedom, Rebellion, Teamwork
  • Herald: Other Sprites
  • Followers: Fireflies, Pyreflies, many fairies in Hyrule
  • Allies: Cael Cyndar, Thrall, the entire House of Fairies, Head Pixie, Jorgen Von Strangle, Wanda, many in the House of Dragons, Smaug, Optimus Prime, Link, Princess Zelda, Jake Sully, Neytiri
  • Enemies: Miraak, Denzel Crocker, Gul'dan, Garrosh Hellscream, Ganondorf, Miles Quaritch
  • Headbutting Heroes: Timmy Turner, Cosmo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Navi
  • Distrusts: The Dovahkiin, Frankenstein's Monster
  • Possible Alternate Company Equivalent: Sparx
  • Respected by: Paarthurnax
  • Respects: Paarthurnax
  • Opposes: Smaug
  • Originally entered the Pantheon as the Herald of her friend Cael Cyndar, a fact she finds ironic since she saved him and largely orchestrated Dragon Revolution. While in the Pantheon she mostly worked under Cael collecting information and then using it to help them in their goals. In fact it was during one of her information gathering ventures it was discovered by those in the Main House that she was a kind of Spark Fairy, often appearing as little more than a ball of light or sparks with wings from a distance. It was with that fact they she would become the Goddess of Spark Fairies.
  • Presumably; like most of the sprites in her world, she was a slave to the Orc Bureaucracy, however she has neither confirmed or denied this though. It is known though at some point she met the orc monk Galthran Etruk and worked together to free a dragon, in this case a dragon named Cael Cyndar.
    • This was done by Adara giving Zeeniumnote  to a unconscious Cael in Desmurian Ty. Doing this caused Cael to regain his powers and allowed him to escape.
      • Ironically shortly after Cael's escape from Desmurian Ty she was captured and then saved by the dragon. She then managed to recruit him to her cause by revealing how he achieved his own freedom and through this alliance the two became fast friends.
  • While working with Cael against the Orc Bureaucracy Adara's main job was to collect information and provide Cael with missions.
    • She also occasionally help in transporting various items such as dragon eggs and gold.
  • Is actually capable of carrying a dragon egg, despite being about 1/3 the size of one.
  • Though she was Gullible enough to believe that Galthran Etruk was a orc ally she no long believes that this is possible, at least with the orcs from her own universe. Thankfully she knows that not all orcs are bad and actually gets along with some of the good orcs in the Pantheon like Thrall and tries to keep Cael from trying to kill them.
    • Though only sometimes a orc Adara doesn't trust the Dovahkiin due to having multiple different counterparts. Through the Dovahkiin she also learned about Miraak and quickly became he's enemy due to the ancient alliance sprites have with dragons.
  • Is on good terms with the entirety of the House of Fairies, even The Fairy Godmother. This is due to her work in her world with the Sprite Emancipation. She also has a good relationship with various other fairies outside of that House for much of the same reasons.
    • She does find Navi annoying though.
  • Due to her work in the Dragon Revolution and due to the sprites from her world being ancient allies to dragon kind she quickly became friends with the non-evil aligned members of the House of Dragons.
  • Finds herself comparing Spyro and Sparx to Cael and herself for some reason.
  • Is greatly disturbed with Frankenstein's Monster, having seen something similar in the form of one of Galthran Etruk's unfinished experiments and as such finds herself incapable of trusting him.
  • Has a lot of respect for the old dragon Paarthurnax who sided with the ancient Nords instead of his own largely malevolent race. This respect is even returned by Paarthurnax for all the work she's done in the Dragon Revolution and Sprite Emancipation.
  • Though she knows that it is sometimes necessary she hates working with Timmy Turner and Cosmo, the two are normally just to chaotic and even stupid to work with and sometimes even be near. The same can not be said for Wanda though who's at least sane and is someone she can enjoy the company of.
    • Through them she also made enemies with Denzel Crocker, who she sees as a enemy of fairies everywhere.
  • When Optimus Prime heard of the crimes caused by the Orc Bureaucracy he offered Adara his assistance on the grounds that, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings". A statement she agrees with fully.
  • Though Adara is very much against the various thefts Smaug has done against the good and neutral beings in the Pantheon, she is not above using his greed to her own advantage by revealing to him which of her enemies have treasure and where it might be. She is; however, out of fear not bold enough to lie to him though.
  • Finds the actions of Gul'dan and Garrosh Hellscream horrifying, even compared to the actions of the orcs of the Orc Bureaucracy, for not even the Bureaucracy would would cause the same kind of destruction as them.
  • Though Adara doesn't quite understand how the relationship between the fairies of Hyrule, Link and Princess Zelda works, she does; however, acknowledge that is somehow overall very positive. As such she tries to be friendly and helpful towards them, they still better not try to bottle her.
    • Naturally this relationship puts her against Ganondorf. It also doesn't help that not only does he sometimes look like a orc, but that his underlings are also often very orc-like.
  • Thanks to her close ties with Cael Cyndar and also having the domain of Zeenium; which is a type of Unobtainium, she has become a target of the Colonel, Miles Quaritch. She quickly became allies with Jake Sully and Neytiri due to their history with Cael in the pantheon and mutual enemy.

SuperWIKI1 Kamen Rider Millennium from The Little Red Dot Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Kamen Rider Millennium
Jun 20th 2019 at 4:55:41 PM

[up]smile Thank you! Finally I get some proper feedback. Any other responses that aren't criticism? (I'm sorry, I've become cynical enough to expect it at this juncture)

Pardon that double posting, still a slow learner.
WeirdWarrior Gerki, the Lord of Coin from the Sunshine State Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
Gerki, the Lord of Coin
Jun 20th 2019 at 4:57:22 PM

[up][up][up] Eh, why not? [tup]

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We are on the Precipice of Madness my friends!
Jun 20th 2019 at 4:57:24 PM

@Bazzardreturns You mean three times in one page, or three times in general?

[up][up][up]Also, Happy from Fairy Tail already has that trope

Edited by 227someguy on Jun 20th 2019 at 4:57:40 AM

Everyone look at my sandbox
SuperWIKI1 Kamen Rider Millennium from The Little Red Dot Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Kamen Rider Millennium
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:00:45 PM

[up]He could be a replacement, given the support is sufficient.

[up][up][up][up] Green Lantern Hal Jordan could have some relations too, he is voiced by Ryan Reynolds in his movie.

Edited by SuperWIKI1 on Jun 20th 2019 at 8:00:59 PM

Pardon that double posting, still a slow learner.
fasoman1996 Sup from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:00:53 PM

[up][up] We decided to remove Happy and found Pikachu a better candidate for the trope. Just saying because you weren't around when the decission was made.

Edited by fasoman1996 on Jun 20th 2019 at 9:01:02 AM

Chillin' rat.
Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:02:19 PM

[up][up][up] Typically it's in general. You can find it in the rules.

Edited by Bazzardreturns on Jun 20th 2019 at 5:02:53 AM

Time to explore the world!
SuperWIKI1 Kamen Rider Millennium from The Little Red Dot Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Kamen Rider Millennium
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:04:34 PM

[up] Do suggestions need [tup] to make a profile (the rules only mention [tup]s for profiles)? If so, 5 [tup] as well? Also, regarding the rules (in case there are other people like me who need it spelled out) should I add the double posting thing there?

Edited by SuperWIKI1 on Jun 20th 2019 at 8:05:46 PM

Pardon that double posting, still a slow learner.
fasoman1996 Sup from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:06:24 PM

Generally suggestions don't need votes. Wait at least a few several people are ok with it and then you should be good.

Never start a profile with just one troper approving it. Always wait for a second opinion.

As for Hal, other than same actor there isn't much to work between Green Lantern and Pikachu. I mentioned Deadpool because it was a meme but there isn't that much connection to Hal. And Reynold would rather forget that role tongue

Edited by fasoman1996 on Jun 20th 2019 at 9:07:20 AM

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AjWargo Lord Barglebroth, Come For Your Souls! from Westfeild, New Jersey
Lord Barglebroth, Come For Your Souls!
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:21:11 PM

Should Happy get a different trope, then?

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Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:38:46 PM

[up] Seems to be the case, or he can be a High Priest.

Time to explore the world!
yugi195 Lex Luthor from Lexcorp Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Lex Luthor
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:44:22 PM

Now seems like a good enough time to repost this rework for Darkseid.

Darkseid, God of Dystopias That Justify the Means (Uxas, God of Tyranny/Evil, Dread Lord of Apokolips, Lord of the Omega Effect, Master of Darkness, Boss Dark Side, Blackheart the Deatheater)
  • House change: Unchanged (Leadership)
  • [tup]: 1 (SuperWIKI1)
  • Overdeity (also rules over the New Gods of Apokolips), though his avatars may vary in Rank (Usually at least Greater God)
  • Symbol: The Omega Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil personified
  • Portfolio: Omega Beams Which Never Miss because they can Lock-on to Targets and Bend Around Obstacles, The Omega Sanction, Anthropomorphic Personification of Tyranny, Abusive Parents, Archenemy of the New Gods of Genesis (Especially his Son,), and the Entire DC Universe, Genius Bruiser, The Dreaded God of Gods, Evil Overlord of the Crapsack World of Apokolips, Ax-Crazy Unstoppable Rage tempered by Enormous Self-Control, The Chessmaster, Loves Sitting In Others' Chairs
  • Domains: Evil, Tyranny, Anti-Life
  • Herald: The non-ascended denizens of Apokolips, including his Female Furies and parademons
  • High Priest: Nicodemus Archleone
  • Allies: Shao Kahn, Big Brother, Evil-aligned rich deities in the House of Commerce
  • Friendly Rival: Molag Bal
  • Rivals: Thanos, YHVH, Melkor
  • Enemies: EVERY Good-aligned deity from DC Comics (Notable examples include the New Gods of Genesis (Orion (His middle son), Mister Miracle and Big Barda, Izaya/Highfather) and the Justice League (Kal-El/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Barry Allen/The Flash, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern)), the Avengers (especially Steve Rogers/Captain America, Thor, Clint Barton/Hawkeye), The Anti-Monitor, High Councilor Kal-El, Bowser, Miraak
  • Odd Friendship: Galactus
  • Opposes: Every Deity with free will in the Pantheon, the House of Music, Time-Related sub-houses in the House of Time and Space, Happiness, the Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Interested in: The Grand United Alliance of Law and the Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Opposed by: Deities associated with mythological pantheons (Most notably those of Greek origin)
  • Pities: the House of Opposing Fate
  • Amused by: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Annoyed By: Santa Claus
  • After becoming aware of the Pantheon, Darkseid met with Miraak (who, of course, arrived at his temple to find him sitting on his couch) to make a deal to get himself into the Pantheon in exchange for the chance to experience unimaginable power. Believing that this power would give him the strength necessary to take over the GUAE, Miraak quickly accepted and got him ascended. When he went to get what he was promised, Darkseid merely grinned, thanked him for his effort, and used his Omega Beams to disintegrate him.
  • Born the youngest son of the God of Evil, Yuga Khan, and his wife, Heggra, Uxas abhorred the Old Gods, who required belief and worship of mortals to sustain themselves and yet cared little, if anything, for their followers. Aspiring to usurp them, Uxas provoked them into fighting amongst themselves by spreading falsehoods and rumors to them and, when they were weakened and dying in the ensuing conflict, stole their powers away, eventually killing his father and stealing his power as well. After a fight with his older brother Izaya ended up destroying their world and splitting it in two, Uxas established himself as the ruler of his half, Apokolips, as the New God of Tyranny... Darkseid!
    • As the God of Tyranny, Darkseid is obsessed with gaining control of everything and everyone, whether by breaking them... or other means. YHVH and Melkor have both expressed interest in recruiting him into the GUAL and GUAE, respectively, but Darkseid would only agree to join if they stepped down and deferred leadership to him. Needless to say, that's not happening. From Apokolips, he plots to eventually depose them and consolidate their Alliances into a part of his empire to take over the other Alliances, starting with the GUAC, which he loathes as the antithesis of his very existence, and, in time, the rest of the Pantheon. Such is the will of Darkseid!
  • As a New God, Darkseid's incorporeal true form lies outside of the multiverse, existing only in Fourth World. He creates weaker physical incarnations of himself to interact with beings beneath him. This means that, unlike the majority of deities, Darkseid's memory is completely unaffected by retcons, both small and large. As such he possesses knowledge of every iteration of the Trope Pantheon since its beginning, and every iteration of TV Tropes. It's unsure what, if anything, he's planning with this information.
    • Darkseid reaffirmed his place as a Multiversal threat in the New 52, with one documented story of his war on Earth-2 revealing he is in possession of the Anti-Life Equation, having retained it from Final Crisis, and another revealing he had been systematically slaying the Supermen of the Multiverse for unknown purpose, even making a clone of one of them to lead his armies on Earth-2 in place of the defiant Steppenwolf. He is now powerful to the extent that the Anti-Monitor had to build up strength for the expressed purpose of fighting him. The possession of the Anti-Life Equation has allowed Darkseid to claim a seat for himself in the Main House, which puts him within striking distance of the Anti-Monitor, who he's been itching to have a rematch with. His move to the Main House was both because he came to earn the position, and in order for the powerful deities there to keep his power in check. This does not make anyone more comfortable.
    • What's even worse, he has allied with Shao Kahn in a certain universe and both have the ability to perform a Fusion Dance which results in... Dark Kahn.
  • Since draining the powers of and killing Zeus (and a number of his demigod children), and attempting to do the same to the rest of the Greek Pantheon, to return to his original self after being turned into a baby , gods who are members of various mythological pantheons and those related to those gods (particularly if they're Greek) are not fond of Darkseid. Wonder Woman and Hercules (who was one of the aforementioned demigods killed by Darkseid's daughter, Grail), in particular, have sworn vengeance on him for that act. His ability to drain and absorb the power of other gods makes him a massive threat to every single deity in the Pantheon, possibly even more so than he was outside of the Pantheon. However, when against beings lesser than himself, he prefers to force them into serving him, if possible, rather than kill them.
  • He has a few plans for changing some of the Houses and sub-houses after he takes over the Pantheon. All the time-related sub-houses of Time and Space and the House of Music would have to go, as Darkseid doesn't like how many things can go wrong with Time Travel, and he doesn't like being reminded of that time when he was defeated by Superman singing. Then the Happiness sub-house in Emotion (with special care to kill Joy and Pollyanna) to get rid of all happiness in the Pantheon. Heroes, of course, don't want to forget that one, for obvious reasons. To most people's surprise, he expects to keep the House of Opposing Fate around despite his hatred of it, as he considers free will to be a terrible thing and can't understand why anyone would want to live with it, so he sometimes likes to use it as a form of punishment.
  • His willingness to use any method to gain control of everyone and everything has gotten him supporters in Big Brother and Molag Bal. His goal of Dystopia perfectly aligns with Big Brother's, and as Darkseid's ally, Big Brother uses his propaganda in a similar manner as Darkseid's servant, Glorious Godfrey, convincing deities to turn against their Alliances and spreading distrust and despair throughout the Pantheon. Darkseid considers Molag Bal to be similar to his Master Torturer, Desaad, except more ambitious and competent, which is quite the compliment from someone like Darkseidnote . To wit, Molag Bal finds himself quite at home in Apokolips, and Darkseid in turn finds Molag Bal's realm of Coldharbour to be a very wonderful place. Although they acknowledge that fulfilling their ambitions will eventually lead to them fighting for dominance, and have prepared for the day that comes, they enjoy working together for the time being.
    • Captain America, much like Darkseid's adopted son, Mister Miracle, champions the fight for freedom and liberty that America represents, making him a natural enemy to the evil god whose tyrannous nature makes him the literal antithesis of all that Captain America fights for.
  • Has been known to manifest himself in the House of Commerce as "Boss Dark Side", the owner and operator of his personal club, the Dark Side Club, which appeals to the richest (and most morally corrupt) deities in the Pantheon, offering the opportunity to gamble on fights between different deities, who he pits against each other by temporarily warping their minds them with the Anti-Life Equation. If two deities have battled each other outside Wiz and Boomstick's simulations, odds are good they're matches set up in the Dark Side Club.
  • Despite the reputation Deadpool seems to have with most villains, Darkseid seems to not mind him much and can tolerate much of what the Merc with the Mouth has to say. Perhaps this is because Deadpool reminds Darkseid of Ambush Bug, someone who, like Deadpool, also breaks the fourth wall and is someone Darkseid openly has fun spending time with.
  • Views Galactus as a worthy opponent, as the Devourer of Worlds is one of the few who can tank his Omega Beams (though he insists he was just getting warmed up). Apokolips has no life force for Galactus to feed on, so it holds no value to him. Darkseid has attempted to convince Galactus to aid him in taking over the Pantheon, but so far Galactus isn't terribly interested. His curiosity was piqued when Darkseid told him of New Genesis, which did present a very appetizing prospect. Highfather and the other New Gods on New Genesis did not appreciate the trouble that brought.
  • Finds Santa Claus incredibly annoying, because he somehow manages to break through his defenses on Apokolips for the sole purpose of giving him coal every single year on Christmas. Of course, the reason Santa Claus does this is because Darkseid is at the very top of his naughty list, and still is, even compared to the rest of the Pantheon, so Santa is obviously not too fond of him either.
  • Bowser doesn't get along with Darkseid. While the two are rulers with incredible power and a massive fear factor backing them up, Bowser dearly loves his son and is openly and genuinely respected by his troops and supporters. In stark contrast, Darkseid despises his sons, Orion, Kalibak, and his adopted son, Scott Free AKA Mister Miracle, and has no problem killing them while also subjugating his followers using terror to force them to revere him.
    • As much as he hates his sons, he does have a strange caring for his oldest son, Kalibak, which is more fueled by the memory of his mother, Darkseid's first and only love. For this reason, he hates High Councilor Kal-El for killing Kalibak almost as much as he hates the High Councilor's mainstream counterpart.
  • Also has a spot in the Main House.
See what I have made! Imagine what is yet to come! I take away their confusion and give them obedience. I take away their fear of themselves and give them fear of Darkseid. I have liberated them from the chaos and indecision! I have given one straight path! One clear purpose! One goal: To die for Darkseid!

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This is a job for Lex Luthor!
SuperWIKI1 Kamen Rider Millennium from The Little Red Dot Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Kamen Rider Millennium
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:47:23 PM

[up][tup] This is good. Rework seconded!

Pardon that double posting, still a slow learner.
Rmpdc AKA Rmpdc.Dcstr 94 from Philippines Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Jun 20th 2019 at 5:56:27 PM

Any more upvotes so I can finally put this one up?

Vincennes Private Girls' Academy, The Holy One-Gender School (Vincennes)
Vincennes Academy Main Hall, with Cathedral in Center
  • [tup]s: 3 (The Wikia Editor, Muundeis, Super Wiki 1)
  • Description: An exclusive, all-girls school located on top of a mountain called Mt. Amuro
  • Symbol: The Cathedral, but especially the old bell tower
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Many students here tend to align toward Lawful Good, while some of the higher-ups turn out to be Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: One-Gender School that some seek to subvert, partly due to sparing no expense on furniture or renovations, Boarding School, Elaborate University High, Town with a Dark Secret
  • Domains: Schools, Change, Settings
  • Sacred to: Tamie Nogi, Konomi Yanase
  • Vincennes Academy is an all-girls school located somewhere in a mountainous part of Central Japan. The school itself is located on top of a mountain called Mt. Amuro. Specifically, it occupies virtually the entire peak of the mountain, to the point that even the mountainside lake is effectively theirs.
  • Founded during the Meiji restoration, the school was established by French Catholic missionaries following the opening-up of the country. Their influence still reigns strong even to this day, with the use of French terms in everyday life there, as well as the old cathedral still standing strong.
  • Of special note is the school's prestigious position. So prestigious, in fact, that its administrators spared no expense on pretty much everything inside the school, ranging from furniture to entire renovations.
    • In fact, this is partly the reason why some seek to make the school co-ed. Due to the decreasing number of incoming students and piling up debt from the aforementioned renovations and unnecessary spending, some within the school's administration and student body have proposed going co-ed as a possible solution. Naturally, a number of the more conservative elements, both administration and student alike, oppose this, seeing it as a change from the status quo they have had for decades.
  • The school overshadows a small city known for having Yakuza activity, especially in the suburban areas and around the train station at night. Because of this, the hooligans and criminals often target Vincennes students in the rare event that some of them venture out.
  • Depending on certain choices made by their first male student, the school can either subvert the status quo and become a co-ed school, or maintain the status quo. It all depends whether the guy in question ends up with someone related to the school's, and by extension, his and his hometown's past, or someone who isn't part of the "core" cast.
    • In the former situations, he manages to win the Grande Vote by gaining support of the majority of the student body. The epilogue scenarios show a positive effect happening to the school not long after.
    • In the latter, he ends up focusing too much on his relationships with his Love Interests, and consequently ends up being forced to move out at the end of the school year, albeit with him leaving on good terms. It's heavily implied that the school will continue to move on, albeit possibly dying a slow and drawn-out death.
  • Unknown to most students, faculty, and even people living in the nearby town, the school is host to a Dark Secret. The secret in question? One of their most prominent alumni was responsible for an infamous incident involving arson and attempted murder during a summer festival. However, the full details of this aren't revealed to The Protagonist except on a certain route, where it's revealed that the arsonist in question was his own Love Interest's mother, and that she was the same person responsible for almost killing him that time as well.
  • Upon the school's ascension, both Tamie Nogi and Konomi Yanase are relieved to finally be back in a familiar place. Immediately, they make their home in their old dorm rooms located in the campus. With no strict faculty or admins, both of them freely invite other interested deities, particularly those from the House of School, over.
  • Among the deities that enjoy Vincennes the most are the students from Yamaku. They immediately note how Vincennes heavily resembles their own school, spacious dormitories, lavish facilities, and all.

Anything else I need to add to the RMS Titanic's profile?

RMS Titanic (The Ship of Dreams, Official number 131428, Radio callsign "MGY", Code Letters HVMP)
Colorized image of the RMS Titanic in port.
Titanic in her final moments 
Wreck - bow section 
Wreck - stern section 
  • Potential House: Vehicles
  • Appearance: The second of three Olympic-class ocean liners built for the White Star Line, and undoubtedly, the most famous/infamous of them all. The ship herself is a black, four-funnel ocean liner with a displacement of some 52,310 tons.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sinking after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic, Not enough lifeboats to evacuate those on board, The ship and many of its passengers being lost to ice and the freezing North Atlantic
  • Sacred to: Rose DeWitt Bukater, Cal Hockley and Jack Dawson, James Cameron, Castiel
  • Probably the most famous/infamous case of a Sinking Ship Scenario in history, the RMS Titanic was an Olympic-class ocean liner built for the White Star Line. At the time of her launch, she was the largest ship in the world, only beating out her sister-ship the Olympic, the previous record holder by a few thousand tonnes.
  • One person is said to have quoted "God himself cannot sink this ship", while the press during the time were said to have quoted the ship was "virtually unsinkable". Given the other entries here, you can probably guess the worst case scenario happened.
  • As many already know, the ship struck an iceberg, slowly sank after 2 hours and 40 minutes, and broke into two. Some 1,500 passengers would end up losing their lives in the cold, dark, and ice-filled North Atlantic.
  • Following the disaster, many hard lessons were learned. Namely, iceberg warnings were made a bigger priority, and lifeboat regulations were now strictly enforced.
  • Once thought to have been sunk in one piece, since 1985 it's been confirmed that the ship had indeed broken into two, a result of water putting immense strain on the ship's keel as it sank.
  • The Titanic that is brought into the Pantheon is, notably, an exact, intact replica of the real ship, Grand Staircase and all. This is mainly due to what happened to the actual ship as depicted in some of the above images, showcasing that the wreck is nothing more than a number of giant husks of rusting steel resting at the bottom of the North Atlantic. This replica was created from the blueprints carried by Thomas Andrews himself.
    • And, if any worried deity is wondering, no, the ship will not sail out of port despite having functioning engine and boiler rooms. This is to avoid history from repeating itself, as well as to prevent the work on this ship from going to waste. For extra measure, any deity with ice-related powers is barred from even going near the ship.
  • Given that the sinking of the ship had a huge impact on all three of them, Rose, Jack, and Cal are, understandably, astonished that the Titanic is in the Pantheon now. Even when they're all told it's an exact replica, it does little to change this.
    • Cal's astonishment is later replaced by disappointment, given that this replica does not have the Heart of the Ocean diamond on board.
  • James Cameron himself is impressed that the deities who had arranged for the building of this replica had done their research well and to-the-letter. He takes the time to explore the ship in great detail, even managing to find the inspiration to make yet another Titanic documentary.
  • Is, unsurprisingly, the subject of numerous adaptations. Some of these adaptations didn't age well. Others... would be better off forgotten altogether.
  • Thankfully, there's no rapping dogs and Mexican mice on board this one. The Nostalgia Critic and Jontron would have probably had a field day if that were the case here.
    • And, to anyone else out there, no, there's no gang of sharks and weird octopus here either. Don't try to mentally torture The Nostalgia Critic any more than he already has endured by this point.
    • And no, there's no flying eggplants and bats either.
    • The only really positive thing to come out of all these weird adaptations is, arguably, this pretty catchy song.

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