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These gods represent the key narrative concepts of fiction, along with ascended humans who have influenced fiction for the longest time. Take them away and you will be left with a hodgepodge story.

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Histoire, Goddess of Big Books of Information (Histy)

    Status Quo 
The Status Quo, God of Maintaining the Equilibrium
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A hand making the "stop" gesture
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: None
  • Portfolio: Reset buttons, Masquerades, Like Reality Unless Noted, Conspiracies, Reed Richards Is Useless, Jerking The Chain, Failure Is the Only Option, Perpetual Poverty
  • Allies: The stars of nearly every sitcom and Saturday morning cartoon, Tzeentch
  • Enemies: Many; The Brain, Samurai Jack etc.
  • Controls: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu
  • Many benefit from the machinations of the Status Quo, and many suffer tremendously. None trust it, however, as those who benefit know that it would turn on them in an instant if they ever change their minds about anything or if the Status Quo changes even slightly, as it is known to do. All Gambit Roulette makers ultimately either serve or pay tribute to The Status Quo, as all fear the consequences of defying it openly.
    • Has the support (whether open or otherwise) of Tzeentch and other like-minded gods of the Pantheon in all of its endeavors.
  • The Status Quo is the reason that although there are dozens of reality warpers, The Council of Shadows, and other different factions, nothing actually changes.
  • Is fond of yanking the chains of dogs.
  • The Status Quo, despite having innumerable enemies, is the sole force that prevents Mary Sues from taking over the Pantheon.
  • Really, really hates gods with the Screw Destiny purview, as they are the only ones who can actually defy it without consequence if they work hard enough. However, despite this, even they have been unable to change things in the Pantheon where the Status Quo is at its strongest.
  • Its current mortal incarnation is a British rock band.

    Wade Wilson/Deadpool 
Wade Winston Wilson, God of the Fourth Wall and Breaking it (Deadpool, The Merc With The Mouth, The Regenerating Degenerate, The Crimson Comedian)
Don't worry tropers, I won't burn down the Pantheon. Well, maybe.
  • Lesser God/Overdeity (depends on how much the writer is willing to let me look past the Fourth Wall)
  • Symbol: My belt buckle icon of myself (which I KNOW you totally want one, buddy) with a yellow text box. Oh, how fun they are! :)
  • Theme Music: "Never Do It Now"; alternatively, Deadpool Rap by TeamHeadKick (Click this one for the Alternate Movie Ver.)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, ever since I became an Avenger.
  • Portfolio: The Fourth Wall (or lack thereof), Breaking Said Fourth Wall, Medium Awareness, Obfuscating Insanity, Whatever the Hell I Feel Like (I'm awesome and kinda fickle that way)
  • Domains: Madness, Chaos, Destruction, Illusion, Comic Books (yes, the medium I'm in is one of my domains), Big Guns, Katanas, and Welsh Corgis. Huh? Shut up, Welsh Corgis is totally a domain! Who's the god here?
  • Followers: Lots…but none of them know of it, and if they did, they'd deny it out of humility.
  • Former Superior: Rob Liefeld, my creator, who introduced me in New Mutants as a copycat of Deathstroke. But that's another story.
  • Allies: Um…no, I don't think so… Except Excalibur maybe? Ooh! Wait! Pinkie Pie, too! And my other fellow members of the Council of Cloudcuckooland! And Lambdadelta, Etna, Yakko, Wakko and Dot, who did it all first. Oh, and Lobo and Neptune, more fourth-wall-breaking buddies! Oh, I can't forget about Painwheel. I feel for this girl. Cable and Domino? Just in time for the new movie! Also Alison Blaire/Dazzler who is such a great singer!
  • Not So Different From: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (after all, I'm modeled after him), Tony Masters/Taskmaster (I have a lot of things in common with him)
  • Headbutting Heroes With: James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine (I hate working with him, he's so inferior to me), Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl and Makoto Nanaya (I admit that Nanaya is hot, but these two squirrel girls kicked my butt)
  • Rival: Naturally, me and Dante are rivals. I also have a bone to pick with Jason Todd for copying my style, and of course the big bad dragon Nefarian.
  • Enemies: Magneto, welcome to die! Also, I freaking hate The Joker and Lester/Bullseye.
  • So, I'm a god now? Awesome! I wonder if this means I can talk in bullet-point format now…
    • We're good.
      • Oh, little bullet point format, I've missed you so! We will have so much fun together!
  • My knowledge of the Fourth Wall allowed me to just slip into the Pantheon easily, since I know I'm popular enough for you (yes, you!) to eventually think of putting me here. Yeah. I'm such a Manipulative Bastard; eat your heart out, Batman!
  • Interestingly, with my expanding popularity, my Medium Awareness has also expanded, since I'm, slowly but surely, being featured in different media beyond comic books, and I have Medium Awareness in every single one of them. Soon, I will be able to overthrow all of the other deities in all the pantheons and create Deadpoolia! COWER BEFORE MY LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • Oh yeah, and I want to be featured on the cover of the next Street Fighter game, Capcom!!
  • I once beat the crap outta that whiny-ass Terumi in terms of using memes and the fourth wall, that upstart. Boy it felt good and showed who's boss! Well, I hope Arc System Works will be impressed and feature me in the next BlazBlue game as well — Ooh! Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma was just announced — Wait, I'm not even there!? TERUMIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!
  • After the battle with those two squirrel girls... Wait a minute. Did someone paint a message on the wall that said I was gay for Asura!? I'll find you and shoot you.
  • Hey, I don't get why people are irritated by that cute little thingy Excalibur. I mean, c'mon, we could talk all day and not get tired of each other! ...Wait, does this mean I'm now in possession of an Infinity +1 Sword because of my incredible mentality? And I can kick anyone's ass with him? AWESOME!
    • Oh hey, so apparently we also share the same seiyuu too. Aw yeah, we are seriously pals for life!
  • Soooo, if I may have your attention, you love this site, yeah? Then fair warning... DON'T. USE. MY. WACKY. VOICES. Wanna know the result? Why don't you ask good ol' Dreadpool, he— *notices Dreadpool beyond the open door behind him, slams the door shut and seals it with nails and every other locking/sealing thing available* ...You get the idea!
  • Yeah, I was made to resemble that Deathstroke fellow. But guess what? I AM WAY BETTER THAN HIM! You don't believe me? Well, it just happened that Wiz and Boomstick decided to put me and him in one of their "Death Battles", and guess what? I WON! Suck iiiittt!
    • Okay, so MAYBE Slade came back for no real reason and tried again, and maybe he did blow me to pieces in a minute's time, but hey, still couldn't kill me!
    • Looks like I'm gonna make a return appearance in this Death Battle! Now let's see who my opponent is… what? Pinkie Pie?! Come on, I get that we are both known for wacky personalities and breaking the fourth wall, but— Well, no offense to the party horse, but I've been in way more fights than her, and she's never really fought solo! Come on, ScrewAttack, you can do better than that!
    • And so because they got me to fight ON MY BIRTHDAY, I decided me and Pinkie were gonna screw them over by NOT fighting to the death and just party! Jokes on you, Ben and Chad!
  • Yo, I auditioned for a role as a Magical Girl. So to get a better idea what a Magical Girl is, I been hanging around little miss Cry Cute Cure Peace. We are totally best friends now. I also borrowed (read: stole) the Moon Princess' moon stick and transformed myself into a champion of love and chimichangas, Sailor Moonpool.
  • Seems like I met Disco MILF and psycho doll before. And utterly owned their asses. Okay, so it only happened in a fan's comic and is not in pantheon canon — so no complaining about shilling, worfing or whatever — but come on, you know they deserve it.
  • I cried a river when I heard about Painwheel's backstory. I just want to scoop her up in my arms and carry her. In fact, I will. Troper, link, now.
  • I'm still mad at Morrigan for giving me that surprise enema. I mean, it felt kind of good, but at least warn a guy first.
  • Some have said when my face isn't Swiss cheese, I look like Hal Jordan. But that's impossible since Lantern boy was never in the movies. Plus, my avatar only played me in my own self titled movie. I was never in that Cankuckle's prequel movie.
    • But hey, Reynolds did an awesome job portraying me for my 2016 movie! Boo-fuckin'-yah, baby! You are now officially my live action avatar! Be seein' you guys again in the sequel! Just no screw-ups, please. And yeah, bring in Cable too. Hey Caaable! When are you going to get a seat here??
  • I'm the Sixth Ranger of the Lol Rangers. You know what that means? That means I'm the most important and strongest member on the team. I also hog all the screen time. But you love me anyway. Well, most of you do.
  • So, hey, when am I going to be featured in a Pantheon Tale? I mean, if I'm in your stories, it'd be ten times better. Come on, expand your horizon and stop using the same characters.
  • For some reason, nobody will let me play with that weird cat-thing named Beerus. Or any other person o' mass destruction. Something about me bringing the end of the world that way....
  • If you can't find me messin' around in the Main House (suck it, Wolverine!) or the mortal world, I'm probably in the House of Knowledge or Narrative, or in the Council of Cloudcuckooland.
  • I also get along well with other fourth-wall breakers, like Neptune, for exemple!


Greater Gods

    Wikipe-Tan and Trope-Tan 
Wikipe-Tan and Trope-Tan, Co-Goddess of Wikis
Wikipe-tan (by Amitie10g)
  • Greater Goddesses, though their authority can extend to Overdeities
  • Symbol: The Wikipedia and TV Tropes logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral and Chaotic Good respectively
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Neutrality, Encyclopedias (Wikipe-Tan), Tropes, Fandoms (Trope-Tan), Knowledge, the Internet (both)
  • Followers: Tropers and Editors
  • Allies: Alexander the Great, Destiny, The Machine, Houka Inumutu, (Wikipe-tan), The Doctor, Haruhi Suzumiya, Darth Vader, Buffy, Patrick Jane (Trope-tan), Charles Irving Bartowski, Twilight Sparkle (both)
  • Special relationship with: Lain Iwakura (their "mother"), Jimmy Wales (Wikipe-tan's "father"), Historie, The Librarian (godparents)
  • Split on: Deadpool
  • Enemies: Frieza, Yuuki Terumi, Gork and Mork (Wikipe-Tan), The Anti-Monitor, Big Brother, SKYNET, Afoire (both)
  • Opposes: The Men in Black, every single Wiki Vandal out there (both)
  • For thousands of years, mankind has sought to store information for future generations. It gave way to writing, to libraries and to the printing press. With the rise of the Internet, two new websites came into being; Wikipedia and Tv Tropes. One to hold domain over as much of human knowledge as possible, the other to catalog the narrative tropes and techniques out there. Whether by their own or the whim of Dream, they manifested adorable forms as Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan.
    • Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan regard themselves as half-siblings. As the goddess of the internet, they consider Lain their mother, while Wikipe-tan considers Jimmy Wales as her father. Both Historie and the Librarian serves as their godparents.
  • Though both are dedicated to easy-access information, they're very different in personality. Wikipe-tan is blunt, dedicated to being as neutral as she can in information. Trope-tan, however, is far more relaxed and public about what she enjoys. Despite this, they're both incredibly close, with Trope-tan looking up to Wikipe-tan as a big sister.
  • Wikipe-tan has a lot of respect for Alexander the Great because of creating the Library of Alexandria, one of the greatest sources of information in history. Trope-Tan is a big fan of the Doctor, who she often tries to prove that half the gods are secret Time Lords. She also has gotten help from Darth Vader to make her Darth Wiki, and is grateful towards Buffy for being one of her first subjects.
    • Deadpool is a point of contention between the two of them. Trope-tan loves him, but Wikipe-tan is really annoyed when he breaks the fourth wall to edit and glorify his own profile.
  • To help with collecting information, they get along with Charles Irving Bartowski and Twilight Sparkle. As the more serious of the two, Wikipe-tan sides with The Machine and Houka Inumutu, and the more lax Trope-tan sides with Patrick Jane. You can usually see the former in the House of Prophecy with Destiny, currying favors so she may look on his book.
  • As the Anthropomorphic Personification of TV Tropes, Trope-tan could arguably be considered the true head of the Trope Pantheon, above even the Holy Trinity. While she can call favors from them, she isn't recognized as such because she didn't create the gods themselves.
    • Being a huge fan of Haruhi Suzumiya, most believe Trope-tan is the reason why she became part of the Holy Trinity as Goddess of Tropes.
  • Out of a necessity for their job, Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan have few enemies, but they do exist. Big Brother is hated by both for his utter perversion of records and history, and his overall For the Evulz anti-intellectualism is completely antithetical to what they represent. And as they personify websites, SKYNET and Arfoire pose a serious threat to them. As for individual foes:
    • Wikipe-tan detests Yuuki Terumi. One of the main issues she has to face off is trolls, due to the flame wars they incite damaging Wikipedia's reputation. She has also banned Gork and Mork as their Insane Troll Logic incites similar problems, and Frieza both for being a Wiki Vandal and blowing up her home planet.
    • Asides from her Evil Twin, the Anti-Monitor is someone Trope-tan has to look out for. Seeking to eliminate the very tropes that make up stories, Monty sees her as a Cosmic Keystone to the pantheon. Even if she's not, she has the potential to be and thus getting rid of her will help his omnicidal ambitions.

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