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    Anime and Manga 
Up there is the crazy bitch who’s been pullin’ the string this whole time, and next to her is your ol' re-revived robo-pal who don’t like your ass neither. On top of all that, we’ve been following some freak of nature YOU think’s your daddy... that’s it, you an idiot, and THIS is as far as I go.
Ninja Ninja, Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Guys, this is way worse than I thought. If there was ever a time to run for the hills, this is it!

Smokey: Y-You probably killed monsters all the time. You know what to do, right, JoJo?
Joseph: Sure, of course I do!
Smokey: Great! I knew you would.
Joseph: Yep, I have a secret weapon for situations such as this.
Smokey: A secret weapon? Really? What kind of weapon?
Joseph: Why, isn't it obvious? Look at his legs, Smokey. I basically blew them into smithereens. And they still haven't fully healed yet. That's our ticket there.
Smokey: What do his legs have to do with your weapon?
Joseph: My legs are in great shape.
Smokey: So what are you gonna do then?
Joseph: RUN AS FAST AS I CAN! MAKE WAY! Out of the way!
Smokey: This guy's insane!

Joseph: I've got a plan.
Speedwagon: Did I hear you right, JoJo?
Joseph: [Hands Lisa Lisa to Speedwagon] Hold her. [To the others] One last all-or-nothing gambit!
Stroheim: All-or-nothing gambit, you say?
Joseph: Yeah, it's my final move.
Stroheim: What does it involve?
Smokey: Uh, JoJo? When you say final move, you're not referring to that final move, are you?
Joseph: Listen up! This is something you're going to have to do for yourself.
Stroheim: Just tell me what to do and I'll follow your lead, JoJo!
Joseph: [Chuckles to himself, and grabs the Stone of Aja] RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Sonic: ...He's naked. And he's definitely no angel. Nor is he human. Nor do I want to watch. I'm out.
Puri-Puri Prisoner: No one has ever seen my Angel Mode and lived to tell about it.
Sonic: All the more reason to leave.

''We just found the former shogun but the current shogun is FLY AWAY. BUTTERFLY AWAY to Sanzu River. At this rate, together with him we'll also BUTTERFLY AWAY. Before that... RUN AWAAAAYYYYY!!
Gintoki Sakata, Gintama

Inuyama: [While he and Jin are alone and naked in a hot bath] Do you know why fireflies glow like that? It's a form of communication. Signals sent by the males and females to attract one another. However, they say that every once in a while, a male will try to attract another male.
Jin: [Standing up to leave] Well, time to go.

    Comic Books 
Welp, I'm out. That's my limit of crazy for today!
Ice King, Adventure Time

Current: No, you listen, dammit. You didn't say it'd be the Canary and the Bat, Calculator!
Calculator: Are you kidding? Aren't you supposed to be badass?
Current: Look, I just got this electric gear. I ain't fighting those two. I'm out.
Birds of Prey, Volume 2, Issue #8

You want to go in alone, Catwoman? You do you. I'm out.
Nightwing, Gotham City Garage

"I'll be leaving now. You feel free to stay."

Just far away. Far from the Jedi, from this war, from Count Dooku. Just fly as far away as you can.
Asajj Ventress tells her pilot droid where to take her, Star Wars: Obsession

Selena: Well. This fight is certainly going in a direction. I think I will, too.
Magog: Selena! You can't just desert me! We're in this, coward!
Selena: Read the fine print, Magog. I didn't sign up for werewolves. Have fun.

"That's it. I'm gone."

First Crook: "I don't care! When the S.C.T.F. hired me to design this trap for your elaborate hoax... There was nothing in the contract that said I had to take the fall, too— if the operation went sour!"
Second Crook: "Desertin' us—?! Why, you dirty—"

    Fan Works 
"Mr. Vladislav," shouted one of the vampires, "I'm gone!" He shifted into bat-form, tried to get away. Vladislav snapped his fingers. Two others, gifted with form-shifting, turned into bats, went after him, grabbed him, dragged him back to the gangboss.
With terrible efficiency, Vladislav tore the offending bat to pieces with his bare hands.

"You know what! I'm getting rid of all pretense! Today's a shitty day! And I'm out! I'm just fucking out!"
Priestess, My Heroes Reborn

"Master Zabuza, what should we do?"
Zabuza shivered. That was the unmistakeable feeling of Youkai, on the edge of perception.
"We are leaving, as soon as possible."
Abruptly the feeling got about two hundred times stronger.
"In fact, sooner. I need you to carry me to somewhere outside the country."

    Films — Animated 
You're on your own, sir. This can only end in tears.
Bartok the Bat, Anastasia

Manny: Sid must be down there.
Crash: Well, he's dead.
Eddie: Real shame.
Crash: He will be missed.

Aquaman: The laws of Superman will not be the laws of Atlantis.
Captain Atom: And certainly the Pentagon won’t approve of a rogue Superman.
Plastic Man: Um… Question. How will you punish people when they break whatever rules Superman comes up with? I mean, I was a criminal. I needed second, third and fourth chances before turning my life around. So, what’s the deal there?
Wonder Woman: Obviously, the punishment would fit the crime.
Aquaman: And you and Superman decide these punishments? I believe my time with the Justice League is over.

Mansley: You mean we're all going...?
General: To die, Mansley. For our country.
Mansley: Screw our country! I WANNA LIVE!

Shifu: It is not your destiny to defeat Tai Lung, it is his! (points to where Po used to be) Where did he go?
(scene cuts to Po running away screaming in terror)

A house divided against itself... would be better than this!
Abraham Lincoln just before flying away in his rocket chair, The LEGO Movie

"All right. Here's the plan. In the dead of night, you and I grab some provisions, hijack one of those... one of those longboats... and then, we... row back to Spain like there's no mañana!"

Tulio: All in favor of getting back in the boat, say aye.
Miguel: Aye!

Tulio: Look, change of plans. We have to grab what we can and go.
Miguel: What? Why?
Tulio: Because the High Priest is NUTS!

We are gonna die... I'm outta here!
Woody, Toy Story

Judy Hopps: I'm not leaving. This is a crime scene.
Nick Wilde: Well, it's gonna be an even bigger crime scene if Mr. Big finds me here, so we're leaving right now!

Mr. Everglot: Fetch my musket!
Emil: Fetch your own musket — I'm off!

    Films — Live-Action 
Chick: You didn't even hang up the phone!
Wilbur: Let him hang up the phone!
Chick: Who?
Wilbur: Dracula! Dracula and the monster live here!

"Human get sick. Ape get smart. Then human kill ape. BUT NOT ME! I run!"

I didn't sign up for this shit!
Trudy, Avatar

"Alright, lads. I'm not dying for these bastards! Let's go home."
Unnamed foot soldier in Braveheart

My God. I've heard a rant like this before... You sound like the Morning Star... You sound like Lucifer, man! You've fucking lost it! You are not talking about going home, Bartleby, you are talking fucking war on God! Well fuck that! I've seen what happens to the proud when they try to take on the throne... I'm going back to Wisconsin.
Loki, Dogma

Bitch! There is a GHOST in the house! I'm out!
Malcolm, A Haunted House

Look man, I don't even like this job, these people are weird.
Honestly, I hate working here, they are so weird.
— Ponytail Mook while removing the clip from his gun, Iron Man 3

"I have to get off this planet!"
Loki on seeing Hulk, Thor: Ragnarok

I've had enough! I'm going to bed! (stones crash into his home) Oh, get out of my house!
— A goblin loyal to Jareth, Labyrinth

Butch: Any Last Words?
Alfalfa: Yeah, uh... see ya!

A man possessed of extraordinary combative skills arrived in our tranquil hamlet this past evening and proceeded to decimate a substantial portion of the working criminal population. Myself? I am buying a ticket out of town. This is a courtesy call to provide information and say, "Adios, motherfuckers!" (slams receiver)
Wendell to his boss, Traxx

"Now I don't have to tell you good folks what's been happening in our beloved little town. Sheriff murdered, crops burned, stores looted, people stampeded, and cattle raped. The time has come to act, and act fast. I'm leaving."
Reverend Johnson, Blazing Saddles

Sam: Let's get outta here.
Rick Blaine: No Sam, I'm waiting for a lady.
Sam: Please boss, let's go. Ain't nothing but trouble for you here.

"I say that we abandon this ship! We get the shuttle and just get the hell out of here! We take our chances and... just hope that somebody will pick us up!"
Lambert, Alien

Screwball: I vote we run like hell.
Brown Tom: I second the motion.

"I think I have a plan. Why don't we throw a bomb the way we want to go and then when it goes off, we run like goddamn bastards! Pardon my French."
Rhonda LeBeck, Tremors

Burt: She's out cold. What are going to do now?
Vicky: Send her a get-well card from Seattle. Let's get the hell out of here!

"I think we ought to get out of here. We ought to take my bike and blow this town. It's getting a little thick around here, don't you think?"
Brian Flagg, The Blob (1988)

"Brave Sir Robin ran away, bravely ran away, away
When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled
Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about, and valiantly, he chickened out
Bravely taking to his feet, he beat a very brave retreat
A brave retreat by brave Sir Robin!"
—A minstrel on Sir Robin, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

King Arthur: RUN AWAY!

"If you were sensitive at all, the air would crackle in your ears like wax paper. Things are in flux. The auras are bad. Me, I'm going to Florida."
Hypolite, Cast a Deadly Spell

"I don't care what you all think, my daddy was a preacher, and I know better than to be in here fooling with this stuff. This is a house of the dead, and I"m getting out now before it's too late."

"Hey, I'm not wasting any more time fighting these shit-heads. See you guys in Hell!"
Ripper, Demons

By God the Enlightener of Intelligence, if the Sahibs in India could breed sons who lived so that their houses might be established, I would almost fling my sword at the Viceroy's feet, saying: "Let us here fight for a kingdom together, thine and mine, disregarding the babble across the water. Write a letter to England, saying that we love them, but would depart from their camps and make all clean under a new crown." But the Sahibs die out at the third generation in our land, and it may be that I dream dreams. Yet not altogether.
Shafiz Ullah Khan, One View of the Question by Rudyard Kipling (1890)

"There is no need to give our reasons, though
Gawd knows we all 'ad reasons which were fair;
But other people might not judge 'em so—
And now it doesn't matter what they were."
— Deserters of the Boer War, "Wilful-Missing" by Rudyard Kipling (1903)

I'm too old for this superhero stuff. You're on your own, kid!
The Galloping Gazelle, Goosebumps: Attack of the Mutant

"You must feed us, or we shall die!" they cried, holding and clutching and slipping, while the silent scared earwigs and little spiders twisted between their legs. "Think of the Hive, traitors! The Holy Hive!"
"You should have thought before!" cried the sound bees, "Stay and see the dawn of your New Day."
The Mother Hive by Rudyard Kipling (1908)

Bugger that. Bugger him. Bugger you.
Sandor Clegane, A Storm of Swords

Of the thirty-six schemes, a tactical retreat would be the wisest course of action.

I met the whore's rat dog as we were both heading for the back door. He looked at me, I looked at him. If it'd been a conversation, it probably woulda gone like, "What about your master?" "What about yours?" "Fuck 'em."
T. Sean Collins, World War Z

This plan almost worked, as you saw. But when I saw Anne-Marie with the bang-stick pointed at me, I thought to myself, 'Fuck this, I have a wife and children in Iceland, I don't need to pry any more bang-stick rocks out of my body or even perhaps die just to make everything perfect for Magnus'.

“Yes, Aunt Julia?” quavered Ukridge.
“Come here. I wish to speak to you.”
“Yes, Aunt Julia.”
I sidled out into the road. Inside the cottage the yapping of the Pekingese had become quite hysterical. I found myself trotting, and then—though it was a warm day—running quite rapidly. I could have stayed if I had wanted to, but somehow I did not want to. Something seemed to tell me that on this holy domestic scene I should be an intruder.
What it was that gave me that impression I do not know—probably vision, or the big, broad, flexible outlook.
Corky Corcoran, "Ukridge's Dog College"

Cassie: <I'm never doing that again.>
Rachel: <Yeah, it was not a smart fight. But hey, we won.>
Cassie: <No. I mean I am never doing that again. Never. I quit. I quit this stupid war. I quit the Animorphs.>
Animorphs #19: The Departure

FEAR stands for fuck everything and run.

Bob: Oh hell no!
Harry Dresden: Bob. We're going to bind a Titan.
Bob: Fuck that! I'm going to Utah! Stuff like this never happens in Utah!

    Live-Action TV 
Fighting is not the only option! Whatever happened to running away? It's a Berkowitz family tradition. So many of our Heroes were cowards. Aeneas ran away from Troy and founded Rome! The Pilgrims fled England, and all they did was start a little country called America! Shaggy and Scooby always run away from the Bad Guys. But then, they solved the damned crime! The only reason you know about a dead hero is because a live coward was there to tell his story!!!

I'm not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going!
Avon, Blake's 7, "Horizon"

"Black Death?! Millions dead?! You know, I'm fed up with all this dying! I quit!"
—- The Grim Reaper, Horrible Histories

Gina Aloise: Excuse me, chef? I have something to say.
Gordon Ramsay: Please, Gina.
Gina Aloise: Unfortunately, I am not going to be staying here for this challenge. I'm going to be leaving.
Gordon Ramsay: You happy to throw the towel in so quickly?
Gina Aloise: I have some personal issues; unfortunately, I have to.
Gordon Ramsay: I'm not going to stop you. Please go back up to the dorms, pack your stuff, and leave Hell's Kitchen.

Tarrant: Orac, in sixteen minutes this base will be destroyed and you with it. Is there anything logically more important than trying to stop that happening?
Orac: Yes. The most logical course of action is to transport me to safety with all due urgency!
Blake's 7, "Power"

Faith: New Watcher?
Buffy and Giles: New Watcher.
Faith: Screw that! (walks out)
Buffy: Now why didn't I just say that?

I don't have to take this! I'm going home!
Steve Urkel, Family Matters

Fuck the Kingsguard. Fuck the city. Fuck the king.
Sandor Clegane, Game of Thrones

Y'know, the more times she storms out of rehearsal, the less impact it has.
Artie Abrams watching Rachel Berry leave again,Glee

And with that, I quit.

"I'm going home! I don't know about you."
Chuck Woolery, Scrabble

"Exit stage Crowley."
Crowley, Supernatural, "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

Mulder: You call me afraid? Look at you, sitting here alone in the dark like a fossil.
Cigarette-Smoking Man: (smiles, shrugs) It's the final refuge! The last place to hide from those who are insidiously taking power now.
The X-Files, "The Truth"

I can't help people... that can't help themselves and cannot, ever, take one ounce of criticism. And if you're not willing to change, I'm not gonna butt heads, argue, scream, whatever you want to say, but this is not normal. And it's not normal for a restaurant to go through that many staff, it's not normal for a kitchen that small to have 65 items on the menu, and it's not normal for the level of animosity you've built inside this restaurant and outside. You have the right to run the business the way you want to run the business; I have the right to do the right thing, and the right thing for me is to get out of here.
Gordon Ramsay, to Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, Kitchen Nightmares

Y'all Harlem niggas off the hook. I'm going back to Hell's Kitchen where it's safe.
Turk Barrett, Luke Cage (2016).note 

Guardian of Forever: Time has resumed its shape. All is as it was before. Many such journeys are possible. Let me be your gateway.
Uhura: Captain, the Enterprise is up there. They're asking if we want to beam up.
Kirk: Let's get the hell out of here.
Star Trek: The Original Series, "The City on the Edge of Forever"

Quark: You don't understand. It's over!
Odo: What are you talking about?
Quark: Everything: Bajor, the Provisional Government, being here; all of it! We gotta leave! Well I do anyway; you can just turn into a couch."
Quark, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "The Circle"

"That's it! This is too much for me! I'm outta here! It's the deep freeze for me until this blows over!"
Gluto before freezing himself, Power Rangers Time Force "The End of Time Part 3"

Control: Don't call me. I'm going to Bermuda.
McCall: You bloody hate Bermuda!
Control: I bloody hate this.
The Equalizer, "Counterfire"

"I must depart."

Today's the day it gets better
This much I know
I'm gone, I'm getting out
And all you suckers can watch me go
And I don't know where I'm going yet
But it's somewhere quite a ways from here, I'll bet.
Jonathan Coulton, "So Far So Good"

Well... Thanks to the lame-ass security, I'm going home!
Axl Rose, after failing to apprehend the camera filming a concert performance

I'm saying now what I said before
I'm leaving
Front door
Rob Swift, "I'm Leaving"

You enter a very dark room
And sitting there in the gloom
Is Dracula - so how do you say "goodbye?"
A gang of Klingons landed, and nobody seemed to care
They stomped into the nearest bar to announce that they were there
Half our crew was busy inside, and invited them to play
But the Klingons only looked at us, and turned and ran away!
Leslie Fish, Banned from Argo

Fuck this shit, I'm out (Mmm-mmm)
Fuck this shit, I'm out (No thanks)
Don't mind me
I'mma just grab my stuff and leave
'Scuse me, please

Fuck this shit, I'm out (Nope)
Fuck this shit, I'm out (Alright then)
I don't know what the fuck just happened
But I don't really care
I'mma get the fuck up outta here
Fuck this shit, I'm out
The Theme Song, "Fuck This Shit I'm Out"

Please tell my commander, I’m not dying for his pride
His vision’s far too narrow and this desert’s far too wide.
Chasca, "So Long, Crassus"

    Newspaper Comics 
Calvin: Let's find some slugs and worms.
Hobbes: Why do we want to find slugs and worms?
Calvin: Because they're gross.
Hobbes: That's why one avoids slugs and worms.
Calvin: If we avoid them, we can't dare each other to eat one.
Hobbes: (turns around) Toodle-oo.
Calvin: What's the matter with you?! Don't you like fun?!

Calvin: This is awful! If we step out of line once tonight, Rosalyn will kill us, and then mom and dad will kill us again when they get home.
Hobbes: I guess that's that.
Calvin: What?! Admit defeat? Never! Things may look grim for us, but nothing is grim for... (Calvin rushes into his closet and puts on his superhero outfit) Stupendous Man! Champion of liberty! Foe of tyranny!
Hobbes: I'm going to get in bed now and avoid the rush.

"Famous Indian Proverb: when in doubt... RUN!!"
Tiger Lily, Peter Pan

"I denounce these proceedings, I quit this court!"
Reverend Hale, The Crucible

Alexandra: It won't make any difference. And there isn't anything to talk about. I am going away from you. Because I want to. Because I know Papa would want me to.
Regina (puzzled, careful, polite): You know your papa wanted you to go away from me?
Alexandra: Yes.
Regina (softly): And if I say no?
Alexandra (looks at her): Say it Mama, say it. And see what happens.

    Video Games 
Future prossspectsss not good with Missstresss Grunty. No chance of promotion... No daysss off... No pay... Klungo go find easssy desssk job, maybe make ssstupid gamesss...
Klungo, Banjo-Tooie

Your odds are poor, and I don't take poor clients.
Khint as he leaves a losing battle, Bravely Default

Breaking off attack. They're just too tough right now. It'll be suicide.
Male pirate pilot, Freelancer

It's not happening, brother. I cant be associated with that travesty. I mean, I got standards for fuck's sake!

Talk about low budget flights, no food or movies... I'm outta here! I like running better.

"I'm Outta Here!"

Ness! Now, I... well... It's going to seem like I'm running away... But perhaps I'll just sneak off to another era to think about my next plan.
Porky Minch, EarthBound

"As they say—sometimes the best running for your life!"
Marie, Splatoon

"I'm escaping to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism...(Beat)...SPACE!"
Anatoly Cherdenko, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Yikes! Man, dealing with two demigod-class Berserkers at once is rough. Especially when they don't even care whether they get injured or not! Hmm. Yeah, I don't like my chances against them. Better get while the getting's good.
Achilles, Fate/Grand Order

"On second thought. I think I'm going to move very far away and become a baker. Yes, now, doesn't that sound splendid? I agree! Yes, I'll be on my way now."
A Pokémon Rejuvenation Mook decides to defy You Have Failed Me after you defeat her in Kugearen City.

Cookie: No! I don't, I don't want to play this game anymore Binjpipe! What did you do?!
Binjpipe: Oh Cookie, we've done so very much, and we plan to do much, much more.
Cookie: Oh my god. I thought you were just collecting a little user data. Kind of shady but not scary.
Binjpipe: Everything is data Cookie. Everyone is content.
Cookie: "Everyone is content"? What? Screw this. That's it. I'm done. I'm done with this game, okay?

Yelling Bird, Questionable Content

Vash: Go on! Rip their limbs off!
Kill Boss: ...This is your problem, you little puke. I ain't being paid enough for this shit. [Walks away] Good fight.
Vash: I, uh... ah— oh.

Laurin: You're wasting everyone's time! I can counter any spell you have left, so why not just save yourself the pain and—
Vaarsuvius: I have in excess of twenty-five spells remaining. Not counting cantrips.
[Beat Panel]
[Laurin teleports away]

    Web Original 
Captain America: What? Really? You're here too?
Deadpool: What, did you think you were the only one with a magical time-travel wrist-band thingy? That is adorable. That is so you. Plus, didn't you hear about the Fox-Disney merger? We're all gonna be one big happy family soon. Like brothers.
Captain America: Ugh, that's it. I'm done. Here's your stupid death stone, I'm going back to my girlfriend!
Deadpool: That's right! You really should. Go to her! Go to her, you sexy man! Go to her and never look back!

I'm feeling myself grow callous here. I didn't even look up when my assistant told me that a kobold raiding force showed up on the outskirts of our settlement. Sadly, I was even less surprised when they immediately left.

Come on guys, we have a nice settlement, why didn't you stick around? Was it the ashen wasteland? The bloodstained gates? Was it the screams of madmen or the stench of death? We've got awful nice engravings of some fucking cheese here, come the fuck on in!

Commando: Well, look who's back! Good job, men! Looks like you're not so useless after all!
Rifleman 1: My men got wounded and need a medic.
Commando: Whatever.
Bazookaman What?! Wait, wait. Wait a second. What do you mean with "my men?" Nobody selected you as leader! Nobody!
Rifleman 1: (shoots Bazookaman)
Commando: Ha! That's my boy! Come, we've got some important things to discuss.
Rifleman 2: What the...?! Screw this! I'm out! (Beat) This job sucks. Fuck you all... I'm going back to McDonald's. (walks off screen)

Crushed and broken beneath an unconscious naked child. Yep, I think I'm done here.
Vegeta after Oozaru Gohan lands on him, Dragon Ball Z Abridged

Ranma: Screw this, I'm getting out of here!
Akane: Good idea, I'll come with you.

Caddy: Alright, then. Let's begin.
Caddy: I'm done.
Caddicarus, from his episode on the PlayStation version of Breakout.

As the frustrated Chinese zookeeper said to the last male Panda: "Fuck that!"
Yahtzee, Zero Punctuation review of Halo Wars

Player: I throw the book at the Lunar.
GM: It strikes her.
Player: I yell, "Your problem now, bitch!" and run away.

Jon Bailey: Look, I gotta get out of here, it's just not worth it. You guys don't have to pay me for this one, just call me back next week for Walking Dead!
Man, fuck this shit, you're gonna kick me in the nuts! I'm off this motherfucker! Sheeeeit...fuck you!

Victor Vivisector, Furry Superheroes are Super Gross

Jontron:, I can't do it.
[Smash Cut to him at the door]
Jontron: Alright, listen, I gotta leave, okay?
Cameraman: Jon, we just started, c'mon-
Jontron: Listen, listen, there's a lot to see in this life. I'm not wasting it here.
Jontron, confronted with a particularly horrible Pokémon bootleg

NerdCubed: ...Right, so I'm not actually in San Francisco, I'm in a horror... place... where cups... and presumably, anything... could actually secretly be a spider. (Beat) ...Well, there's only one course of action for this!
(Smash Cut to his character curled up in a ball in the corner, rocking back and forth)
NerdCubed: ...put him on a longboat 'til he's sober, put him on a longboat 'til he's sober, put him on a longboat 'til he's sober...
Nerd³, while playing Prey (2017)

Submitter: So, let's be clear. There was suspicious activity on my card Saturday.
Manager: Right.
Submitter: Rather than reach out to inform me and confirm the charges actually were fraud, you made the decision yourselves, froze my accounts, and cancelled the card while leaving me completely in the dark.
Manager: Right.
Submitter: However, you put the holds on only after confirming payment on the suspicious charges; meaning had they actually not been me, you would have allowed a fraudster to obtain those goods on my dime.
Manager: R-Right.
Submitter: Then, when I wrote a check on Monday, it cleared with no trouble, despite the freeze on my account.
Manager: (unable to respond, presumably realizing he's just lost a customer)
Submitter: I'm going to need you to close my accounts. I no longer believe that my money is safe here.

And that, ladies and gents, is the universal sound of "Time to go somewhere else."
A commentator on Ravenous Demon (Deviljho's theme)

Thomas Muller: For sale, Kingsley Coman! He's asked for double the wages, and the number 10 shirt! And he never laughs at my hilarious jokes, so it's time to shift him! Do I hear 30 million? [beat] 30 million?
Jurgen Klopp: Sold!
Thomas Muller: Yeah!
Jurgen Klopp: ...but can we pay you in weekly installments until 2056?
Thomas Muller: Um...
Kingsley Coman: I saw what they did to Thiago! [runs out of the merchant booth] I SAW WHAT THEY DID TO THIAGO!
Jurgen Klopp: ...damn. Uh, can I interest you in Bobby Firmino?
Thomas Muller: Leave the jokes to me, Jurgen! Ahahahah!

George: I'm at the point where we call it quits, we euthanize the whole project- I'm done.
Diamondbolt: George, we are one video in.
George: I can't fuckin' take it, I'm gonna commit a fuckin' crime-

Screw you! I am gonna go play Minecraft!

Advisor: Your Majesty? It seems the thousands of men we sent to arrest Napoleon have all joined his side.
King Louis XVIII: ...Well, I'm off to Belgium. If you ever need a king again, be sure to let me know. (speeds off in a Porsche)
The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 2)

    Western Animation 
I like the people of Earth as much as the next bloke, but get real! We're out of here!
Stinky Diver, Action League NOW!, "Armageddon Outta Here"

King Koopa: I'd like to save you, Koopalings, but I uh, I uh, I just remembered something! I have an important tail styling appointment in another warp zone! Bye!
Cheatsy: Wait for us!
Kooky: We're Kooping out too!
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, "Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas"

I quit! I can't do this anymore!
I quit! Back to the pizza store!
I quit! This is now and that was then!
I quit! I'll never go inside a pyramid again!
Tasha, The Backyardigans, "Chichen-Itza Pizza"

Baroness Von Bon Bon: My name is Baroness Von Bon Bon and today is your lucky day! You get to eat all the sweet treats you desire!
Cuphead: ...Aaaaaand goodbye.
The Cuphead Show!, "Sweet Temptation"

Dennis: What do we do now, PeeBee?
PeeBee: We do the only rational thing left, we get the heck outta here!

I wonder what's on TV?
Eddy, "Is there an Ed in the house?"

THAT'S IT! I've had enough!
Squidward Tentacles, "Krusty Towers"

Peter: What do we do?!
Quagmire: I know what I'm doing; I'm getting outta here! Giggidy, giggidy, giggidy, gone!
Family Guy, "Don't Make Me Over"

Obi Wan: You can't win. But there are alternatives to fighting.
Luke: Like what?
Obi Wan: Like getting the hell outta here! (runs out of the room, then comes back) Nah, just kidding. Can you imagine if I was like that?

Professor Farnsworth: Start the ship, Leela! Let's just steal the dish and get back to our own time.
Fry: But won't that change history?
Professor Farnsworth: Oooh, a lesson in not changing history from Mister I'm-My-Own-Grandpa! Let's get the hell out of here already! Screw history!
Futurama, "Roswell That Ends Well"

McGucket: This machine is dangerous. You'll bring about the end of the world with this. Destroy it before it destroys us all!
Grunkle Ford: I can't destroy this; it's my life's work!
McGucket: I fear we've unleashed a grave danger on the world, one I'd just as soon forget. I quit.

That's it. I'm outta this cartoon! I'm gonna haunt ghosts...
Mandy, reacting to "yet another stinking episode about pets", The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

Look, fellas. You guys enjoy yourselves, I'll be waiting outside.

Jade: Aren't you gonna whomp 'em?
Jackie: Ancient proverb: Do not fight when you can run!
Jackie Chan Adventures, "The Power Within"

Man! You sure kept a good hand. I've done my thing, baby, so I'm cuttin' outta here. (grabs a pair of scissors and literally starts cutting himself out of the cartoon) When I say I'm cuttin' out, I mean I'm cuttin' out! (walks off and then pops back in the cutout) So cool it now, ya hear?
Cool Cat, Looney Tunes, "Injun Trouble"

Spike: Now, if you don't back off, you'll see what us ponies do when confronted by a huge group of jerky dragons.
Teen Dragon: Oh, yeah? What's that?
Spike: RUN AWAY!

'"Run and hide, it looks like trouble /Hey Nah nee Nah nee-oh /Better find cover on the double now /Hey nah nee Nah nee-oh"''
Here Comes the Iceman Chase song lyrics, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Okay, I'm going home now.
Baljeet, Phineas and Ferb

Lisa: What do you think, Bart?
Bart: I think you're on your own, toots!
The Simpsons, "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner"

Chef: Hello there, children!
Stan: Chef, what would a priest want to stick up my butt?
Chef: ...Goodbye!
South Park, "Red Hot Catholic Love"

O-kay, I'm out, can't do this anymore, need to go home!
Steven, Steven Universe

Great party! Can't wait to tell my therapist about it when I'm older. Bye!
Louie, DuckTales (2017), "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!"

SpongeBob, this is the final straw. I am going to move SO far away, that I will be able to BRAG about it! I would rather tear out my brainstem, carry it out into the middle of the nearest 4-way intersection, and skip rope with it, than go on living where I do now!
Squidward Tentacles, Sponge Bob Squarepants, "Squidville"

Patrick and Spongebob see Plankton bring out a Humongous Mecha.
Patrick: Uh... I just remembered, I don't work for Mr. Krabs!
Kyle: ...And I refuse to spend one more moment in this nuthouse!!! LET! ME! OUTTA HERE!!
Fanboy: Okey-dokey! Kyle calls outsies!
Fanboy and Chum Chum, "Cold War"