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442oons is a English youtube channel that makes videos parodies about football, adding comedy to make it funny. The creator Dean Stobbart makes characters and events based on real life stories. As of September 14, 2016, 442oons has approximately 874,121 subscribers.

Among its most popular footballer/manager caricatures are:


The series provides example of

  • Abnormal Ammo: Rambo's foot tosser used to score goals.
  • The Ace: Lionel Messigician is often seen as this. Jose Moaninho thinks that he is this.
    • Zlatan has taken this role in recent videos.
  • The Alcoholic: RTAro Vidal, referencing the real-life Arturo Vidal's drunk-driving incident.
    • Hugoalie Lloris gets adapted to this trope after his drinking incident in real life, now his character is pretty much permanently drunk
  • Ambiguously Gay: David Louise and Notaxmar. They shared an Almost Kiss moment once and behave of a somewhat efeminate way. David Louise's name doesn't help.
  • Animals Not to Scale: the chicken and birds mascots are portraid much bigger than the species they represent. This was averted with a hen and a seagull in recent videos.
    • Zig-Zagged with Marco Veryratty. He is usually portraid in the same size as the other characters, but some videos featured him with the size of a real rat.
  • ArchEnemy:
    • Lionel Messigician and Cristiano Arrogantaldo
    • Jose Moaninho and Arsey Whinger
    • Thomasshole Muller and Dante
    • Hwan Mata and Jose Moaninho (This seems to have lessened somewhat after Moaninho's move to Moneychester United)
    • To a lesser extent, Schlong Terry and Tryiton Giggsy.
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    • Alexis "Dirty" Sanchez and Diego Costly-Coffee
    • Hurri-Kane and Arsey Whinger
    • Thomasshole Muller and pretty much every Borussia Dortmund player
    • Jamie Come-Fardy and Hurri-Kane
  • Art Evolution: Dean's character designs have become more realistic and less cartoony in recent 442oons videos. Drastic examples include Brendan Rodgers (formerly Brendan the Elephant Seal), Lionel Messigician, Skeletor Cavani, Raheem Loves Sterling, Dele Alli (Formerly Adele Alli), and David Luiz. Some caricatures (e.g. Mesut Eyezil, Little Pea Chicharito, Wayne The Ogre (during club competitions), Divhead Moyes) have remained relatively cartoony, nevertheless, while some (Adam Lallama, Mario Goat-ze, Santa Cazorla) blend cartoony bodies with realistic faces.
    • Dean also draws English players more realistically during international tournaments.
    • A more subtle change happened to the players' proportions, with Dean drawing the 442oons caricatures with larger torsos and smaller eyes in relation to their heads. This resulted in more realistic player appearances, as seen with Eden Hazardous.
    • The animation quality has certainly improved in recent 442oons videos, particularly after Dean partnered up with another animator.
  • Ascended Extra: Actually played a lot of times
    • Hugoalie Lloris who was just a background character for Tottenham became one of their "protagonists" even appearing in the Tottenham Trio in Footballers vs Zombies 2018
    • Mo Salad after his fantastic season with Liverpool
    • Rolls Reus pretty much became Borussia Dortmund main character after 442oons started to make videos for Bundesliga channel when he rarely appeared in the past
  • Attention Whore: Cristiano Arrogantaldo and Zlatan Egohimovic definitely live up to their names. Jose Moaninho harps himself up as the "Special One".
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Zlatan and Euronaldo show interest in She-Rabiot after she transforms.
    • Wayne Rooney flirts with David Louise when (s)he auditions for Wonder Woman's role.
  • Berserk Button
    • Mentioning "7-1" to Dante is enough to make him EXTREMELY PISSED. Not that it stops Thomasshole Muller.
    • NEVER tell Cristiano Arrogantaldo that Lionel Messigician is better than him.
      • Similarly, saying that Arrogantaldo is better than Messigician will make Messigician more likely to "EXPELLIARMUS" you.
    • Jose Moaninho's very existence (or success) is this to Arsey Whinger.
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • Dante is the frequent victim of Thomasshole Muller's jokes.
    • Arsey Whinger's frequent put-downs by Jose Moaninho also deserve a mention. His tendency to choke in the Premier League does not help matters either.
    • Patrice Whatevra was also the frequent victim of Chewy Suarez's racism.
    • During the 2015/16 Premier League Wacky Races, Astonishingly Bad Villa were the constant recipients of misfortune.
    • Stevie Wellard (Steven Gerrard)'s tendency to slip and choke have also been made fun of frequently.
    • Schweine became this when Jose Moaninho became Moneychester United's manager. The addition of Pogba did not help either.
    • Every footballer (including Lionel Messigician, Cristiano Arrogantaldo, and Thomasshole Muller) will be subjected to some sort of abuse in at least one 442oons video.
  • CatchPhrase:
    • Cristiano Arrogantaldo: "I look good..<takes shirt off>..TOPLESS!!! SUUUUU!!!
    • Lionel Messigician: "EXPELLIARMUS!"
    • Thomasshole Muller: "Ahahahahahaha! I'm such a comedian!"
      • "I can see Jesus!" (When he dives)
    • Jose Moaninho: "Hehe! Good One!"
    • RTAroVidal: <drunkenly> "Get off the Road..<hic> Morons!"
    • Chewy Suarez: "I'M A GENIUS!"
    • Phace Jones: "MUUUUURGH!"
    • Ra-fact Bean-eatesh: "And that's a fact!"
    • Zlatan Egohimovic: "I'm Zlatan! Who the Hell Are You?"
    • Jamie Come-Fardy: "CHAT SHIT, GET BANGED!"
    • Arsey Whinger: "SACRE BLEU!"
      • "DAMN YOU JOSE!" and "Well you're a specialist in being a dick!" (Referring to Jose Moaninho)
    • Lionel Messigician, Chewy Suarez, and Notaxmar: "SACKED IN THE MORNING!~ YOU'RE GETTING SACKED IN THE MORNING!~" (Aimed at struggling Managers)
    • Eden Hazardous: "I did not sign up for this"
    • Mesut Eye-zil: "Eye-zil phone home!"
    • Louie Van Harsh: "Oh, Jesush Chrisht!" <Spoken with a very pronounced Dutch accent>.
    • Zlatan Egohimovic: "I'M ZLATAN!"
    • Skeletor Cavani: "You fool!" "You muscle-bound oaf!" "You boob!"
    • Roy Meane: "I will find you...and I will...ALF-INGE HAALAND YOU!"
    • Hwan Mata: "FUUUUUUCK YOU!"
    • Hurri-Kane: "YASSSSHHHH!!"
  • Creepy Child: Darmian, son of the (Red) Devils. His appearance and manner of speech are reminiscent of Damien Thorn. Pretty fitting for a Manchester United (Red Devils) player.
  • The Ditz: Wayne the Ogre and Dim Tim Sherwood.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Cavani, he has a long hair and always been taunt as a woman by other players such as Suarez, Neymar, Ronaldo, Salah and others.
  • Fan Disservice:
    • Arsey Whinger shirtless. UUUUGGGHHH!!!!
    • Divhead Moyes's privates.
    • Arrogantaldo in a least, according to Messigician.
    • Charlie Adam scores a goal from the halfway line...and takes his shirt off a-la Arrogantaldo. Ugh.
  • The Gadfly/Troll: Thomasshole Muller LOVES to make (extremely corny) jokes, often at the expense of opposing teams (and Dante).
  • Gender Flip: Some footballers are depicted as female due to their nicknames. Examples include Adele Alli (parody of Dele Alli), Helen of Troy Deeney (Troy Deeney), Adrian, Gabrielle (Gabriel), She-Rabiot, Juliet Lescott (Joleon Lescott), Jessica Alba (Jordi Alba), Jessie (Jesse Lingard), Emma Watson (Ben Watson), and Cheeta-Jara.
  • Gonk: Phace Jones. His face even scared away zombies....TWICE!
    • Martin Skorcel, Fat Sam the Jabba, Diego Costly-Coffee, Carlos Teveth, Brendan the Elephant Seal, Divhead Moyes, Mesut Eye-zil, and Wayne The Ogre are even uglier.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Jamie Come-Fardy. "Chat shit, get banged", indeed.
  • It's All About Me: Cristiano Arrogantaldo, Zlatan Egohimovic, and Jose Moaninho have this as their default mindset.
  • Jerkass:
    • Jose Moaninho frequently disses and trolls opposing teams and managers, particularly Arsey Whinger. His players and staff are not spared, as shown by his treatment of former Chelski Bus Company physio Eva. Shown full force in his post-championship tour of England.
    • Thomasshole Muller often victimizes the teams and players he beats with his jokes. Examples include Brazil, Arsenal, The Old Lady (Juventus), and his frequent victim Dante. He also berated Little Pea (Chicharito) for making a joke, stating that "He is the one that makes the jokes here!", and he called Leonardo Di Caprio's joke "scheisse".
    • Chewy Suarez and his frequent biting and trolling of opposing teams (his mocking of "God Save The Queen" being one prime example) deserve a mention. Not to mention his racist comments to Patrice What-Evra and Zinedine Zidane. A Q&A Video once compared him to noted jerkass Cartman.
    • Cristiano Arrogantaldo and Lionel Messigician, especially to each other.
    • Zlatan Egohimovic has always been a bit of an arrogant egomaniac, but his recent move to Moneychester United (aka. Zlatanchester United) seems to have made him a bigger jerk than he was in PSZ. Some incidents include calling Jesse Lingard a "retarded octopus" due to his goal celebration, killing an announcer due to his critical analysis of Zlatan's performance in the Community Shield, and stealing the Community Shield from his captain Wayne the Ogre.
    • Almost every footballer featured in 442oons plays the role of a Jerkass in at least one of the videos he/she is involved in.
  • Jerk With a Heart Of Gold:
    • Thomasshole Muller loves to make fun of teams he beats (and Dante), but he has also sung praise to his teammates (such as Lewandowski and Alibaba (Alaba)) when they do well.
    • Lionel Messigician is a complete ass to Cristiano Arrogantaldo, but he is shown to have a good relationship with teammates Chewy Suarez and Notaxmar.
      • Similarly, Chewy Suarez is also relatively nicer to Messigician and Notaxmar than he is to other players.
    • Zlatan is a complete egomaniac, but he does praise a few of his teammates at PSZ and Moneychester United (e.g. She-Rabiot, Lingard, Rashford)
  • Keet: Thomasshole Muller. High-pitched, nasal voice? Yes. Relatively small (in build)? Yes. Extremely noisy and happy-go-lucky? HELL YES.
    • Thomasshole Muller also has his moments.
  • Likes Older Women: Wayne Rooney, in case it wasn't subtle enough.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Tryiton Giggsy and Schlong Terry are depicted as the biggest perverts in the footballing world.
    • Schlong Terry's goal in life is to have sex with every footballer's wife or girlfriend. He even went out with MOANINHO's WIFE during Moaninho's Q&A. And that's not including his deflated balls joke in the Super Bowl parody. Poor, poor, Eva.
    • Tryiton Giggsy is not that better either. Apart from the conquests of his teammates' significant others, he also stared at Jessie when she went topless after scoring the winning goal in the 2016 FA Cup.
      • Giggsy went to see Arrogantaldo: The Movie after hearing that there would be nudity in it. He seemed disappointed when he found out that ARROGANTALDO was the one being nude in that film.
    • The 2 of them got disqualified from the darts tournament since they only aimed to score 69 points.
      "Oh for Fuck's sake, GROW UP, BOYS!"
      Unnamed Woman, Admonishing Terry and Giggsy for their immaturity.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Cristiano Arrogantaldo and Olivier GQ are the most prominent examples.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Former Chelski Bus Company physio Eva is seen by some as this. Helen Of Troy Deeney, She-Rabiot, and Cheeta-Jara are also relatively good looking.
  • Running Gag:
    • Wayne The Ogre misspelling "Pedro" as "PAEDO", and Louie Van Harsh scolding him for it.
    • Cristiano Arrogantaldo taking his shirt off and screaming "SUUUUU!!!"
    • Lionel Messigician victimizing Arrogantaldo and vice-versa.
    • Thomasshole Muller's corny jokes.
      • Muller also loves to remind Dante of "7-1"
    • RTAro Vidal drunkenly mowing over players/cars while shouting "Get off the road..<hic> morons!"
    • Chewy Suarez biting.
    • Notaxmar diving
    • Phace Jones making an ugly face while shouting "MUUURGH!!"
    • Jose Moaninho and Arsey Whinger's feud
    • Notaxmar, Messigician, and Chewy Suarez singing "You're getting Sacked in the Morning~" to struggling Managers.
      • Chewy Suarez attempting to sing the 2nd verse (often a pot-shot at the opposing manager) before stopping (since Messigician and Notaxmar stopped playing) or getting interrupted (e.g. Zinedine Zidane angrily chasing him, Thierry Henry and JC singing the 2nd verse instead).
    • Schlong Terry and Tryiton Giggsy attempting to sleep with other players' wives and girlfriends.
    • Don't forget Chelski's (and Moaninho's) love affair with buses.
    • Dirty Sanchez getting forced by Arsey Whinger to enter a hotel room with him. This is probably the reason behind Sanchez's "Dirty Sanchez".
  • Sadist Show: 442oons will make fun of EVERY FOOTBALLER, EVERY TEAM note , and EVERY MANAGER. Likewise, any footballer or manager featured in this show will be portrayed as a complete Jerkass in at least one video.
    • To Dean's credit, he makes sure to mock every team equally, despite being a Middlesbrough fan note .
  • Small Name, Big Ego: JOSE MOANINHO.
  • The Stoic: Bernie Slaven Ivanich. He showed almost no emotion after getting bitten by Chewy Suarez.
  • The Stoner: Jack Pot Wil-smoke.
    • Raheem Loves Sterling is always high on Nitrous Oxide. One such high even influenced his transfer to Man Shieky FC.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: The premiere night of Arrogantaldo: The Movie showed that NO FOOTBALLER likes Cristiano Arrogantaldo (It didn't help that Lionel Messigician and Thomasshole Muller were at the premiere. Even his top teammates (Mercedes Benzema and Garry Bale) admonish him for his greed and arrogance.
    • Moaninho seems to like Arrogantaldo, though. Then again, it's MOANINHO.
  • ThirdPersonPerson: Zlatan Egohimovic.
    • Sometimes Hurri-Kane plays this trope
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Notaxmar after his move to PSG
  • Token Evil Teammate: It's clear that Chewy Suarez is the biggest Jerkass in MSN. In between the biting, racist jokes, insulting second verses in MSN's "Sacked In The Morning" song, and his EPIC PUT DOWN of Cristiano Arrogantaldo,Suarez makes Lionel Messigician and Notaxmar seem like completely innocent angels.
    • Zlatan's shaping up to be this in Moneychester (Manchester) United, if Jose Mourinho isn't already one.
  • The Unintelligible: Diego Costly Coffee and Hurri-Kane, with the latter often gobbing up saliva.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Cristiano Arrogantaldo. SUUUUUUU!!
  • Women Are Wiser: Eva berated Jose Moaninho and Arsey Whinger for fighting in the middle of a game. She also had a frosty reaction to Schlong Terry's perverted joke during the Super Bowl Parody.
    "Oh, GROW UP!"
    —- Eva, referring to Jose Moaninho, Arsey Whinger, and Schlong Terry
    • Don't forget the nameless woman's reaction to Tryiton Giggsy and Schlong Terry aiming for 69 points in the Darts parody.
  • Yandere: Jürgen Klopp, before and shortly after Coutinho was transferred to Barcelona.

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