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nightelf37 The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker from Hadithi (it's Swahili for 'story') Relationship Status: Brony
The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker
May 25th 2019 at 7:12:41 AM

There's something I wish to confess.

The reason I had been on a roll with trying to nominate Rivel for Match-Three Game when Lip was ultimately the better choice (after watching an LP of her game), it's because I was following an old pattern, which I had used for ascending Anataeus, Cyrus, and the Dealer; find whoever has the most characterization (when the Trope Codifier or Trope Namer cannot fulfill the role). I had forgotten to actually really consider the Trope Codifier first as I had with Oolong so long ago.

I wish r-lock luck. And to hurry up with Bambi and Chirin.

No-[tup]s Mode

Hmm... can you give me anyone who has run/managed orphanages?

The Nightwingsmembers , Celestial Team of Sports Games (Jodariel: Jodi, Demon Mom | The Stowaway: Moon-Touched Girl, Mae, Kae, Fae, Dae, Xae, Shae, Rhae, Lae, Chae, Nae, Tae, Zhae, Gae, Bae, ?ae, *ae | Pamitha: Pam | Volfred: Sandalwood, Fred | Tariq: The Lone Minstrel)
The Nightwings Sigil
The only available full picture of the Reader 
The Stowaway 
Sir Gilman 

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If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here.
fasoman1996 Sup from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
May 25th 2019 at 7:29:17 AM

[up] Please, i know there may be good intentions behind but don't make others rush a profile.

@Vaermina Kinda late but i wonder how would she react to Kirby? He is somewhat dream related but i bet she wouldn't take him seriously. Cue Vaermina getting her ass kicked by the pink demon

Chillin' rat.
May 25th 2019 at 7:34:23 AM

I started an entry for the Masked Mutant yesterday, but can't seem to go back to it today. Is there a way to find drafts?

May 25th 2019 at 8:06:36 AM

What would he think of Peter Pan? Also, fairies?

Skull Kid, God of Forgotten Friends Turned Evil
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His flute
  • Theme Song: Lost Woods/Saria's Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Old Friend of Link and the Giants, Possessed by the Mask, Creepy Child, The Imp of the Woods, Lonely Person who wants friends, Immortal Immaturity, Trickster, Pawn to Majora
  • Domains: Friend, Evil
  • Allies: Link, Navi
  • Enemies: Majora, SCP-035
  • The Skull Kid, a strange imp-like creature found deep in the Lost Woods, was a lone creature. In the strange alternate world of Termina, Skull Kid was friends with the Four Giants, guardians of the land, until they lay dorment as their duties. The Skull Kid grew sorrowful of them leaving him, pent his frustration to the people of Termina until the Giants intervened and threatened him until he leaves. He found himself in Hyrule where he sang song, learning a song from a boy in green. He soon comes back to Termina where he befriended two fairies, Tatl and Tael, until they ambushed a man holding a strange mask... Majora's Mask.
  • Upon arrival, the Skull Kid is happy to see the fairy boy again (at least, one of the incarnation of him, anyways). The same, however, cannot be said of Majora's Mask, who used his loneliness to make him its pawn and caused suffering in Termina. The Skull Kid made a mistake of putting on the malevolent mask, and pledged never to make the same mistake again.
  • He is shown to be friendly to fairies due to his friendship with Tatl and Tael as well as calling Link "fairy boy." The Skull Kid wanted more fairy friends to play with him.
    • He nearly confuse Navi for one of his fairy friends since they are a ball of light with wings from his eyes.
  • He sneers at SCP-035 when he heard that it is a Murderous Mask much like Majora's Mask. As the mask can deteriorate the wearer, the Skull Kid avoids this mask with extreme prejudice.
  • He dislikes adults as he can be seen shooting darts and playing pranks on them, preferring the company of children due to his impish nature. He made it a special case for Link and only Link, like a some game of "hide-and-seek" for the more adult incarnation of Link.
  • He often seen playing music in the middle of the House of Nature is it reminded him of the Lost Woods.

Fire Emblem Heroes Code: 4547311645
nightelf37 The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker from Hadithi (it's Swahili for 'story') Relationship Status: Brony
The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker
May 25th 2019 at 9:26:50 AM

@faso: Yeah, sorry. It's just that being denied to rework Bambi has been getting to me. None of my feedback are even considered, and so it's left in my Sandbox3 until they decide to post it.

Edited by nightelf37 on May 26th 2019 at 12:27:09 AM

If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here.
TPPR10 What did you just say? from Suomus Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
What did you just say?
May 25th 2019 at 9:33:57 AM

@faso: I mean, it is first time the profile has been posted, surely it isn't in any rush to be ascended, right?

I let you now I graduated at the top of my class in Camelot
May 25th 2019 at 9:35:16 AM

Sorry to ask again, but where do you find your drafts when you need to continue for next day?

fasoman1996 Sup from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
May 25th 2019 at 10:07:12 AM

[up] Depends. Where did you place your profile?

Chillin' rat.
May 25th 2019 at 10:17:43 AM

I saved a draft in the forum yesterday.

May 25th 2019 at 10:28:00 AM

[up]On this forum? Then you should go to the page that you posted the profile on. Also, you should create a sandbox and put your profile there.

[down]I think she'd be on good terms/Friendly Rivals with Mei Hatsume. I also think that Souji Mitsuka/Tail Red would show some kind of interest in her. Add that and she gets my [tup].

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TPPR10 What did you just say? from Suomus Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
What did you just say?
May 25th 2019 at 11:27:42 AM

    The many inventions of Ueno part 3 
Last one, with inventions what only appeared in the manga.
  • Desoda-rant: Drinkable deodorant.
  • BG Blue Light: A sensor what can emit light what can make certain colours visible in the dark.
  • Underwair: Fabric what can basically disassemble water molecules instantly and turn it into air
  • Virtualeyezer: Sort of like reverse VR headset, as it allows the wearer to monitor their surrounding.
  • Prison Skirt: A skirt with a skirt pocket that only opens up to the wearer
  • Naval Lock: A sensor that allows person to use motions around their belly button as a lock combination.
  • N All Cloth: Nanobot woven cloth that can repair itself almost instantly
  • Zerocycle: A wheeless unicycle (it only has saddle, paddles and a spherical device which creates a hyperspace that is used as the wheel.
  • Pretzelin': A spray of nanomachines that can change the refraction of light to make the area any colour. Now you can play Twister wherever you are!
  • Shaftail: A metallic tail which helps with the wearer's balance.
  • Wearizzy Veil: Invisibility Cloak which also misdirects the sense of touch.
  • VF 089: A virtual baseball device where the ball is simulated through vibrations.
  • Transparel: A set of ringlets which create holographic clothing.
  • Project R Glass and Joysticker: A pair of glasses that can project a screen in flat surfaces to the wearer and stickers that act as buttons in a controller.

Ueno, Goddess of Expressive Hair
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol:
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gadgeteer Genius, Mega Twintails That Move With Expressions, Inability to Confess Her Love, Tries Ridiculous Ways to Get Tanaka's Attention And Always Failing, Butt-Monkey (Emphasis on Butt), Very Rarely Utilizes Her Inventions to the Fullest Extend
  • Domains: Inventions, Scientists, Hair, Love
  • Heralds: Tanaka, Yamashita (Fellow Club Members), Tamon (Pet), U-E No. 13 (Robot Me)
  • Allies: Dexter
  • Rivals: Kira Daidouji
  • Ueno is the genius head of her school's Science Club. Almost daily she is inventing new an amazing creations said to improve people's day-to-day lives. However, all of her inventions are fuelled by her desire to get the loving affection of her clubmate Tanaka as she is too shy to outright say anything and Tanaka is ultra-dense, leading her think of various wacky ways to either get him notice him or her to get romantically closer to him. Alas, no matter what she tries to invent, everything seems to end in some kind of failure.
  • Ueno is rather expressive girl, especially when she's either angry or flustered. Which becomes really apparent due of her twintails also reacting to her emotions. This has impressed Souji Mitsuka and wonders how she does it but Ueno wants nothing to do with his fetishes.
  • She is an... interesting Horny Scientist. Almost all of her inventions seem to have some kind of sexual connotation for existing, either by her own perversion or assuming Tanaka would be the pervert in the situation. For example, her first known invention is a filtering device what could turn even the most putrid water into clear, drinkable water. Which she tried to use to make Tanaka to drink her own filtered piss for "testing purposes". Even stuff she creates for others seem to center around counteracting perversion.
  • Even though her inventions are reality-defining (as in, she needs a narrator just to get over the technobabble), she really rarely uses them after her plans with them fail. Really, the few things that really stuck around were U-E No. 13 (a robot version of herself) when she needs more people for her plans and Tamon (a dog-like artificial creature created from her stockings) who only stuck around since Tanaka didn't want her to turn it back to normal.
  • There are some deities who are interested in her previous inventions, and would like to find an use for them. Examples include:
    • I-19 is interested in SQ-Water swimsuit, as it would allow her to swim in air. Of course there is the problem of it really only working in confined spaces.
    • The House of Combat is interested in the E-Q Booster (which is totally not a Rider Belt), as it could allow just about any deity to match the strength of their opponent. If it really did do what she claimed it would do (adjust the wearer's strength to match the opponent) rather than it actually does (add the opponent's strength to the wearer's own power).
    • She once create a handheld device called P-Specter what she claimed would pick up and visualize paranormal activity. However, when the Ghostbusters asked about the device, she admitted that there is no proof that the device works, and only created it to act scared around Tanaka around situations she set up.
  • If something bad would happen to her physically, it seems to center around her butt or crotch area.
  • Seemingly the one thing preventing her for trying to apply magic to her inventions is Kira Daidouji. She is not sure what is her problem, though Catherine speculates that she is concerned that she might even exceed at Celestial science.

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I let you now I graduated at the top of my class in Camelot
M1gamiTensei 2edgy4me from THE SINS NEVER DIE Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
May 25th 2019 at 11:37:00 AM

Zhit, deleted FGO from my ipad, now Iím having a withdrawl

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May 25th 2019 at 2:00:24 PM

@mariovsonic999 Regarding Skull Kid, I think he would quite like Peter Pan, since they're both pranksters who don't particularly like adults. Also, he'd be on good terms with most members of the House of Fairies, with the exception of the Fairy Godmother, whom he would consider an enemy alongside Maleficent. Other fairy allies include King, Yui, and Cosmo and Wanda.

RokuAlhazared The Emperor Of Darkness
The Emperor Of Darkness
May 25th 2019 at 4:07:31 PM

Living a Double Life is open. I'm tempted to see if Vanessa can work the role. She's a secret agent who is Happily Married with a kid (retconned from her being a widow).

Any objections?

Note to self: resume work on the New Faces Team.

The One Who Crosses The Sky In Flames
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
May 25th 2019 at 4:26:51 PM

@ Roku: I like your idea

I haven't got any responses to these two experiments. I want to know; is there something I should add to these two? Or would you vote for them already because you believe they're good enough for the pantheon anyway

Felix, God of One Word Vocabularies (Experiment 010note , Oscar)
  • Votes: 2(louisent31, The Wikia Editor)
  • House: Words and Phrases (House of Quirks)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A broom with "010" as a logo on the handle
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Felix), Chaotic Neutral (Oscar)
  • Portfolio: One-Word Vocabulary ("Dirty!"), Designed For Cleaning Purposes, Gets A Bigger Role In Video Games, Neat Freak or Trash of the Titans Depending On Programming, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Shout-Out to The Odd Couple
  • Domains: Aliens, Genetic Experiments, Utility (in general), Cleanliness or Dirtiness (depends on personality)
  • Interests: The House of Healers (as Felix)
  • Allies: Lilo and Stitch, his cousins, Felonius Gru, E.T, Daniel Lamb, Dr Jekyll, Ryou Bakura
  • Enemies: Dr Hamsterviel, Babidi, Leo Kasper, Mr Hyde, the Spirit of the Millennium Ring, Dark Marik
  • Opposed by: Durant
  • Wary of: The SCP Foundation and The Global Occult Coalition (one-sided)
  • Under watch by: The Men In Black
  • Experiment 010 was one of the earliest illegal genetic experiments by Dr Jumba Jookiba. The 0-series was made primarily for household use, and this experiment was designed to clean things and keep the house nice and tidy. Unfortunately he was a Neat Freak quick to regard living beings as dirty. Along with 623 other experiments, his pod was released upon the island of Kauai and sought after by Lilo and Stitch.
  • Applies to the experiment as a whole
    • Named Felix, and to avoid his neat freak personality was reprogrammed to the dirt-loving Oscar. Sometimes he'll return to his old personality, just less extreme. He only says "Dirty!", with disdain as Felix and joy as Oscar. As he resembles an anteater, Durant doesn't like the experiment. Felix/Oscar don't mean any harm, but given Durant's relationship with Heatmor this is more a one-sided Animal Jingoism than anything.
    • Neither personality has a real opinion on the other, but they don't seem to be in conflict. Despite their differences, neither like it when good people have to suffer from evil personalities. Naturally they don't care for Dr Hamsterviel(though he found little use in Felix/Oscar), nor do they like Babidi since he feels their former past as an "evil experiment" makes them potential Majin mind control agents.
    • Spongebob and Patrick once had a fight over whether being clean or dirty was better. Felix agrees with Spongebob, Oscar agrees with Patrick. When the friends reconciled after getting dirty and clean respectively, both personalities of Experiment 010 still wouldn't tolerate dirtiness/cleanliness, but could understand the other's reasoning a bit more. For starters, they usually don't go after each other's allies anymore.
    • Avoids the SCP Foundation and Global Occult Coalition, as Felix/Oscar is afraid his "anomalous" nature and status as aliens make them targets. This was laughed out as they find the various experiments both non-anomalous and Felix/Oscar not being dangerous. Elsewhere, the alien likes hanging out with Felonius Gru due to reminding him of his creator, and E.T for being a friendly alien. As with his cousins, the Men In Black are watching over them.
  • Applies to Felix only
    • The more responsible of the two sides, Felix is happy to help in the House of Profession, though he has gotten in trouble for using his nostril-based laser beams to eliminate old books because they were gathering dust and spiderwebs. He works the best with Roll.
    • Agrees with Double D on how he meticulously sorts out his house and keeps things clean. Felix hates the House of Diseases, due to how he tries to sterilize any germs and other pathogens with dirt. Initially he considered mostly any living thing germs, but isn't as severe in his judgement. The House of Healers believes that eh can help with their cause.
    • While Reuinclus and the Amoeba Boys are relatively harmless, as enormous microbes they're really dirty to him. Particularly the Amoeba Boys due to the one time they accidentally spread a plague around Townsville. The Great Mighty Poo was the dirtiest of them all. Tellingly, even Oscar felt he was too filthy.
  • Applies to Oscar only
    • The messy Oscar loves dirt, and as Felix eliminates it with nose lasers and vacuums, Oscar spreads dirt by expelling it from his nose. While Felix's one true place is that of a janitor, Oscar spent some time causing mischief for Gantu. Zim hates Oscar due his fear of germs, and he's not welcome with the other neat freaks in this state.
    • Ed likes Oscar because of how dirty he makes things and the fact that he's an alien, given his enjoyment of sci-fic and B-movies. He likes the room habits of Eric Hartmann as well, and how Barroth covers things with mud. He can be found playing in the mud Barroth spreads.
    • While Felix doesn't like Reuinclus and the Amoeba Boys, Oscar feels that his alter-ego is being unfair on them and gets along with them. Still, along with the Great Mighty Poo even Oscar finds Nurgle far too dirty to enjoy, despite his dirt-loving programming.

Nosy, God of Multiple Reference Puns (Experiment 199note )
  • Votes: 2(louisent31, The Wikia Editor)
  • House: Naming Theme (House of Naming)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His own giant nose or experiment pod
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Nosy In Multiple Ways, Secret Chaser with a Gag Nose, Aliens Speaking English, Exposes Secrets He Learns, Obnoxious, But Never Malicious, Dirty Coward, The Sneaky Guy
  • Domains: Secrets, Gossips, Alien Experiments, Nosiness
  • Allies: Lilo and Stitch and his fellow cousins, The Amoeba Boys, The Blorg Community, the Lol Rangers, Aya Shameimaru
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: J.Jonah Jaimeson, Kent Brockman
  • Enemies: Dr Hamsterviel, Hades, Lord Djibril, Raditz, Babidi, Mr Plinkett, the GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Opposed by: The House of Theater
  • Avoids: The House of Combat!
  • Under watch by: The Men In Black , and to a lesser extent The SCP Foundation
  • Experiment 199. The last of the 1-series, usually made with civic disturbances in mind, is a wombat-pig like experiment meant to snoop out and uncover people's most embarrassing secrets. However a glitch caused him to convey mostly useless gossip. He was dubbed Nosy, referring to both his nosy personality and his giant nose. Nosy's one true place is as a talk show host.
  • Nosy entered the pantheon in the House of Theater, where he proceeded to spoil many recent movies. Because he's incapable of keeping a secret, said house has banned him from entering and isn't allowed to talk about movies until after they come out on DVD; that way most people won't be spoiled by it. Mr Plinkett grabbed his shotgun in reaction to the movies being spoiled.
  • While obnoxious, Nosy isn't mean and is merely doing what he's programmed to do. He's admitted in Pleakley's therapy sessions that it's a compulsion he somewhat regrets. While most aliens remained annoyed by Nosy, the Blorg Community didn't mind his nosy nature as they want to make friends with everyone, but often get rebuffed because they're kind of hideous and grotesque. They like the little rascal.
  • Felt bad at the Amoeba Boys due to how they were never able to be even remotely intimidating villains, and ended up giving them techniques on how to use gossip to cause evil. Safe to say, his grasp on actual villainy is just as poor as theirs. It made them feel better at least, and the Powerpuff Girls let this go on to give the Amoeba Boys a confidence boost.
  • The Trollkaiger initially wondered if Nosy had any promise, but found his gossip "pathetic" in terms of trolling material. Sure, they can use it ruffle a few feathers, but nothing that can get under the skin of the GUAG's members. Instead, Nosy wandered in to the Lol Rangers, who took a shine to him as a Team Pet. They've trained him to reveal embarrassing secrets on the GUAE instead. He proves better at riling up the arrogant and arrogant yet insecure deities than heroic gods and humble heroes anyway.
  • If someone tries to attack him, he'll run away screaming. This cowardice is somewhat justified due to the fact that he has zero combat skill. While he is a coward, he still cares for his ohna and doesn't like Raditz being both a Big Brother Bully and a coward. He also finds the lengths that Lord Djibril goes to mixed with his lack of backbone to be despicable.
  • Resembles Pain, one of Hades' minions. He even has the same voice actor. And like Pain, he's terrified of Hades who was quick to rage at his gossip. He's also scared of Babidi since he blew up the head of a woman for giving him useless information when he was searching for Goten and Trunks. Due to his complete lack of combat skill, Nosy avoids the House of Combat.
  • Due to his occupation as a talk show host, he often talks with J.Jonah Jameson and Kent Brockman. He can give some juicy gossip, but sometimes Nosy is too annoying and nosy for them that they get sick of it and end the show. Aya Shameimaru, due to being involved with paparazzi, found his gossip to be perfect for her goals.
  • Nosy is under light watch by the SCP Foundation of all groups. True, he's mostly harmless, but Nosy's ability to scoop out secrets and gossip could lead to him becoming a security risk by revealing things the Foundation doesn't want others to know about, and hurting the masquerade. However he's low on the list of those who's information would pose a security risk. And as with his cousins, he's under watch by the Men in Black

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
May 25th 2019 at 5:32:45 PM

Unfortunately my previous draft seems to have been lost, so here's another go at this lesser known Goosebumps character:

The Masked Mutant, God Of Getting Done In by His Shape-Shifting (Libby Zacks, Captain Bob)
  • House:Shapeshifters
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment:Chaotic Evil
  • Symbol:An issue of his comic book
  • Portfolio: Stepped out of a comic to threaten reality, Voluntary Shapeshifting, A Manipulative Bastard with a talent for deception, Blood Knight,Card-Carrying Villain because it's essentially his purpose to be, Views a 12 year old as his nemesis, Will distintegrate henchmen at the drop of a hat, Evil Is Petty and Hammy Trouble shifting liquids because he can only form solids, Goaded into becoming acid due to his own impulsiveness, Evil Redhead (in his Libby form)
  • Allies: Judge Doom, Turbo, Slappy The Dummy, Envy The Jealous, Pride The Arrogant
  • Enemies: Deadpool, Buddy Baker, Adam West, Po the Panda,
  • Rivals: Zim
  • Heralds: Chinchilla, Root-Rot, Pinkie Flamingo
  • Within his own universe, this evil being was the star of a comic book popular among kids like young Skipper Matthews. One day, Skipper stumbled across the Mutant's lair and was soon strung along by a girl named "Libby" actually the villain in the form of a fellow comic fan. Just when it seemed he had his so called "greatest foe" cornered, the boy tricked the maniac into assuming a form he couldn't shift back from-Sulfuric Acid. Having finally reassembled himself, the Masked Mutant is eager for more worthy foes to challenge.
  • Although initially envious of fellow Goosebumps deity Slappy given how much more attention he gets from their creator, the Mutant does have to credit the dummy for his more diabolical feats, especially in spite of his size. Together, the evil duo enjoy spreading chaos and fear with the Mutant's shape-changing and Slappy's knack for framing people.
  • He's excited to have some worthy heroes to challenge, especially compared to the bumbling cowardly buffoons of his home dimension. To Buddy Baker's dismay, he's attracted the Mutant's attention for his similar fourth-wall exploits and mimicry powers.
  • Do not bring up his humiliating defeat by a 12 year old comic fan. Deadpool enjoys riffing him for this, as well as being a dated 90s parody, and much to the Mutant's chagrin, keeps coming back no matter how he kills him.
  • Very few are willing to work with him given his lack of regard for his minions. However, he does get along with Judge Doom, a fellow shape-shifting madman who stepped out of sequential art. The Mutant especially admires his "Dip" which he'd love to use on Skipper/Elastic Boy should they cross paths again...
  • The Homunculi Pride and Envy have complimented the way he uses his shape-shifting to screw with humans, and in turn the Mutant is intriqued by the humanoids. He's also interested in how he can screw over Edward Elric and Colonel Mustang by impersonating their loved ones.
  • Zim was once challenged by the crazed Mutant, who recognized his voice and thought he was Elastic Boy in disguise. The ensuing fight ended in a draw, as both combatants were far too impulsive and caught up in their villain gloating to ensure a clear victory. Despite the situation being cleared up, the Mutant now sees the alien as competition in world domination. Fortunately, both are far too arrogant to really advance their plans efficiently.
  • Slappy introduced him to Po, who the Mutant took an immediate disliking to. It probably doesn't help that the panda reminds him of Skipper in certain ways.
  • Despite being an obvious X-Men homage and possibly a mutant himself, Magneto has no interest in working with or recruiting him. For all his grandiosity, the Masked Mutant is a petty Psychopathic Manchild who wastes all his resources trying to kill a twelve year old, and thus would give his Brotherhood a bad name.

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JRads47 Can't Win With These Cats from my point of view, the Jedi are evil!
Can't Win With These Cats
May 25th 2019 at 5:38:57 PM


We don't allow cursing on this server mate

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im a fun guy
Crossover-Enthusiast That's all, folks! from somewhere doing something Relationship Status: Chocolate!
May 25th 2019 at 5:41:30 PM


Oh, and if you don't get the thing with Zim, Richard Horvitz was Skipper in the Audiobook version of this book.

RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
May 25th 2019 at 5:45:46 PM

@ Snailfish: Why does he look like a Batman parody?

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
May 25th 2019 at 5:46:44 PM

Well, he is an intentional parody of famous comic characters.

RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
May 25th 2019 at 6:21:12 PM

Does anyone have anything to say for the experiments or do you think they should go up already?

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
lawliet-saw-whet Resident Trope Observer from In Dreamland Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Resident Trope Observer
May 25th 2019 at 7:10:29 PM

Tbh, I don't think there's enough Lilo and Stitch nerds in here, which is why they can't really critique or approve it. But personally I think your Leroy profile is interesting but I feel like he need a better title. Too bad the other title was taken.

Also side note, I think the current holder for Evil Doppelgangers is kinda unremarkable compared to the others. But then again, I've not watched the show so.

Edited by lawliet-saw-whet on May 25th 2019 at 10:12:26 PM

Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
May 25th 2019 at 7:55:08 PM

Well at least Brightburn hasn't gotten in... for now anyway.

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