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Greater Gods

    The Goo and Valiant Singleton 
The Goo and Valiant Singleton, The Sentient Embodiment of the Grey Goo (The Agents of Chaos, "Von Neumann Probes")
The Goo
Click here  to see Singleton, prior to assimilation

Primus, God of Mechanical Lifeforms (Heart of Cybertron, Wellspring of All Sparks, Last of the Light Gods, Lord of Light, Rung)
  • Greater God. He would have greater influence if not for a general policy of noninterference.
  • Symbol: The Autobot Matrix of Leadership
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mechanical Lifeforms, Cybertrons, Physical Gods, Action Figures
  • Domains: Artifice, Good, Law, Sun, Radiance, Life, Metal, Transformation, Warforged (As Close to Transformers as D&D currently has)
  • Allies: Cosmos, Mata Nui, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Gandalf
  • Enemies: Unicron, Megatron, Starscream, Lockdown
  • Considers Tommy Oliver a genocidal maniac for his desire to sacrifice giant robots. Primus is the god of living machines, so it's a matter of looking after his children.
  • Except Starscream. He'd rather be immortal than rejoin with him. Which makes Starscream the Satan, rather than Megatron. Huh.
  • Dig deep enough into the soil of the Pantheon, and you will hit metal. The Pantheon is built on Primus, who is also the House of Technology and possibly a few other houses. He could potentially transform back into a humanoid shape, but is willingly Mode Locked. Some gods were surprised by this. Face it, as big as this House is, there is no way that he could have fit into it. Considering that one of his alt-forms is a planet of 120,000 km in diameter...
  • His sibling is Unicron. In this reality, they ignore each other despite being in very, very close proximity. It helps that Unicron's time is almost entirely taken up by the Death Star and Galactus.
  • Since Primus is a busy god (Being a planet is a full-time job), his public appearances are usually Rodimus Prime coloured gold. (Well, it's not like poor Rodimus has much to do these days anyway.)
    • Lately, however, this has changed: Primus is now seen taking on the form of a small, orange mech named Rung.
  • Once got distracted in the astral plane while halfway transformed. Primus later claimed the result was his Starship mode.

Intermediate Gods

    Astro Boy 
Astro Boy, God of Heroic Automatons (Mighty Atom, Tobio Tenma, The Atomic Wonder Child)

    Dr. Nefarious 
Dr. Nefarious, God of Skeletal Robots (Dr. N)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His robotic brain
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolios: Mad Scientist, Archnemesis to Captain Qwark, Recurring Antagonist, No Indoor Voice, Formerly human
  • Domains: Robots, Mad Scientists, Mass Roboticisation, Asteroids, (Attempted) Time Travel
  • Herald: Lawrence
  • High Priest: Skull Man
  • Allies: Courtney Gears, Klunk, Polyx, Dimentio, the Master Control Program, Sark, Polygon Man, General Grevious
  • Rivals: The Professor
  • Enemies: Ratchet and Clank, Captain Qwark, Isaac Clarke, Ripto
  • Opposed by: Balthier
  • Originally an organic life form himself, Nefarious was endlessly bullied at age 15 in High School by Captain Qwark (who was 26), which drove him to villainy. His attempts to end life in Blackwater City were thwarted by the same bully, now a celebrity superhero, and when Nefarious fled to Magmos, he was turned into a robot in a freak accident after Qwark recognized him.
    • Years later, Nefarious tried to turn all organic life forms in the Solana Galaxy into robots using a Biobliterator. Even with Courtney Gears on his side, using her music to brainwash robots, and later successfully turning Skidd McMarxx and all of Metropolis into robots, Nefarious was out foiled by Ratchet and Clank, and found himself and his robot butler, Lawrence, drifting on an asteroid.
    • It would be only two years before they reached the Polaris Galaxy and crashed into a Fongid village. After learning about the Zoni, and the Great Clock (after capturing Orvus), Nefarious brainwashed the Fongoids into working for him until his base was finished. His goal this time: create a new timeline where the heroes always lose. Again, Ratchet and Clank put a stop to his schemes, and nearly cause his death as a result.
  • Now that Nefarious is in the pantheon, his main scheme is to exact revenge on Ratchet and Clank for all the times they've ever foiled his plans. But to make sure he never again attempts to rewind time, he is banned from the House of Time and Space.
    • Nefarious is rumored to be building a third Biobliteratior, and intends to use it to turn all the organic life form gods into robots. The rumours were found to be true during the events of Battle Royale Round 2, when the Biobliterator was used on Polygon Man's polygon minions. This Biobliterator was destroyed by Isaac Clarke, and the explosion left Doctor Nefarious and Lawrence stranded on another asteroid. After this experience, shouting "Claaaarke!" also causes Nefarious to malfunction.
  • Is never seen without his robot butler, Lawrence, who secretly snarks the villainous robot behind his back.
  • Does not take it kindly when you play his Galactic Idol Audition in front of him. Lawrence has done this a few days just for fun.
  • Nefarious also has a habit of freezing, mainly whenever he gets too mad, and a recording of "Lance and Janice" would end up playing, and has to rely on Lawrence (or Courtney Gears) to slap him out of this. Lawrence has even stated that this is "the best part of my day".
  • There was that one time Nefarious teamed up with his enemies .None of the four ever like to talk about it.
  • Has no relation or affiliation at all with Commander Nefarious, Captain I'm A Bad Guy and Admiral Bone-To-Pick.
  • He has a not-so-friendly rivalry with fellow Insomniac villain Ripto, mainly over who is the better of the two. Though their feud mainly extends to poker games at this time.

    Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9 
Jenny Wakeman, Goddess of Hammerspace Robots (Global Robotic Response Unit XJ-9, Teenage Robot)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Silhouette of Her Face
  • Theme Song: "Teenage Life"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Being a Freak at School, Heroic Blue, Butt-Monkey, Cool Loser, Cute Bruising Robot, Wanting Friends, Nice Girl, Ridiculously Human Robot
  • Domains: School, Power, Heroes
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ultron (also her Evil Counterpart), Sentinel, Omega, Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Wily, Metal Sonic, Lex Luthor, Decepticons, GLaDOS, Vile, Sigma, XANA, Tenjuro Banno, Lumine, Skynet, Neuroi, Junkrat and Roadhog
  • Opposes: Bender Rodriguez
  • Created as a hero, Jenny Wakeman a.k.a. XJ-9 can transform her entire body into other things. While most of the time she transforms her limbs into weapons like swords and drills, she can turn into mundane thinks like a movie projector and snow plow. Because of that, she was deified with the Telescoping Robot.
    • There are currently theories on how Jenny could fit so much stuff in her robotic body. The most popular theory so far is that she is part-TARDIS.
  • Like most girls her age (chronologically 5, mentally 16), she enrolled into the Elysium Academy. At first she was going to have a hard time fitting in like in her old school. As it turns out, her fears were unfounded as she got along very well with the other students. Might help that most students and even faculties aren't normal themselves.
  • Jenny is seen by most as a Good Counterpart of Ultron. Both were created to help the world and have human emotions. However, while Jenny continues to be a hero, Ultron decided to be a villain. The two machines did encounter one another. Ultron tried to convince her the superiority of both her and him and that she should abandon humanity. Naturally, Jenny didn't buy his words and even compared him to Vexus, a robotic tyrant from her world.
  • Despite what others may think, Jenny has no desire to be human and is happy being a robot. True, she did own a human disguise, but that was only to fit in, and the experience with the suit ended badly.
  • Can actually speak Japanese thanks to a translation disc in her mouth. People will comment on the fact she one of the few bilingual deities to sound the same in both English and Japanese.
    • Ichigo Kurosaki did take notice of her voice, since it reminded him of his little sister Yuzu.
  • Jenny was enthusiastic when she found out there were other heroic robots in the Pantheon. She especially enjoys hanging out with Astro Boy and Mega Man since all three have many things in common like being heroes who want to protect others. She also enjoys having a girls' night out with Alisa Bosconovitch as she is one of the few teenage female robot around.
  • Did not have a very good first impression of Bender Rodriguez when the bender unit tried to hook up with her. Though, he backed off when he found out she was way too young. After that, Jenny's opinion of him couldn't be any lower.
  • Sometimes will hang out with the local boy geniuses of Dexter and Jimmy Neutron since the two are amazed at Jenny's tech. Though, Jenny has noticed that Dexter sometimes looks at her the same way her friend Sheldon does back home.
  • Was very suspicious of Selena Kyle. Not because she is a thief, but because she sometimes sounds like Queen Vexus. She was sure that it was her in disguise since she tried the same trick before. She was proven wrong, however, but still haven't let her guard down ifVexus ever did ascend.
  • Disapproves of any mistreatment of robot kind. She once "freed" an entire group of amusement park robots when she thought they were being held as slaves. She faced opposition from both Junkrat and Roadhog who have a seething hatred towards Omnics. She also expressed surprise that a hero like Torbjorn also arbors hatred to robot kind. Jenny was able to get some understanding of their hatred thanks to the Omnic monk Zenyatta, and leaned about the Omnic Crisis their world was the middle of.
  • Despite being comfortable being a robot, she has no qualms crushing on or dating human males. She does have to tell people she is Just Friends with Brad.
    • She actually was quite interested to hear that the idea of a human and robot falling in love with each other actually did happen, the two being Kosmo and Nova. She treats them both with sincere awe and respect, willing to aid them if they are in trouble of some kind. She also has been trading pointers with Nova on how to fully optimize her powers and defenses.
  • Due to the similarities between her and his nemesis X, Sigma has become quite intrigued in Jenny, noting that, like X, she possesses unlimited potential. After isolating her during a routine patrol, Sigma tried to sway Jenny into his side of thinking, noting how particularly ungrateful the humans of her world are towards her, despite saving them time after time. Jenny, having heard this song and dance before from her own arch-enemy Vexus, told Sigma to "stick it up his afterburners", which led to Sigma trying to corrupt her with his virus, and would have succeeded too, had X not intervened and freed her from his control. Since then, Sigma has placed Jenny in his sights, hoping one day to add her to his legion of Mavericks.
  • Is getting very tired of people claiming that she's the villain of Steven Universe: The Movie.

KOS-MOS, Goddess of Robot Girls (Kosmos Obey Strategic Multiple Operation Systems)
  • Intermediate Goddess Greater Goddess with the soul of Mary Magdalene
  • Symbol: Her Visor with the words "Ye Shall Be as Gods" inscribed upon them.
  • Theme: "KOS-MOS"; alternatively, The opening to her anime
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Eventually Lawful Good)
  • Profile: Ace Pilot, Action Girl, Anthropomorphic Personification, Arm Cannon, Artificial Human, Become A Real Girl, Boobs of Steel, BFG, BFS, Black Box, Chest Blaster, Determinator, Emotionless Girl, Feels No Pain, Fun with Acronyms, Gatling Good, Hyperspace Arsenal, Lack of Empathy, Made of Iron, Person of Mass Destruction, Robot Girl, Small Girl, Big Gun, Super Prototype, Swiss Army Weapon, To Become Human, You Gotta Have Blue Hair, Zettai Ryouiki
  • Domains: Law, Domination, War, Mecha, Religion, Space, Technology
  • Allies: Motoko Kusanagi, Chaos, HK-47, Dell Conagher, Zero, Axel Almer, Lamia Loveless, Aigis, 2B, Fiora, Rex, Pyra, and Mythra, and most of the Xenoblade deities
  • Enemies: Albedo, Starscream, SHODAN, GLaDOS, Ultima and the Lucavi, Cy-5.
  • KOS-MOS ascended after the events of Project X Zone and other spinoff projects. Rather than take her old position however, she felt more comfortable in the House of Technology, which reminds her of Shion's lab. She did however, reserve a spot in the House of Philosophy as well, to be close to Chaos.
  • Must still explain to people that she is merely the container for Mary Magdalene's soul, and not Mary herself (not completely, anyways). This makes walking by the House of Faith rather awkward.
  • Is one of the most powerful weapons present in the Pantheon, capable of battling the highest of divine beings on equal terms, but chooses to distance herself from that label at the behest of her creator, Shion Uzuki, who wishes her to live as a normal girl.
  • Has set herself against any mechanical or digital lifeform that seeks to harm humanity. These include anything from rogue AIs to extraterrestrials. This has earned her several powerful enemies in the Pantheon, including Starscream and SHODAN. Oddly enough, HK-47 finds her rather amiable, citing her destructive potential has often been turned on large quantities of "meatbags" as well.
  • Her frame gets dirty rather quickly during a battle. Unfortunately, Shion Uzuki isn't always around to clean her so she often has to settle for Dell Conagher instead. He's alright most days, but she wishes he'd spend less time trying to adapt her design for his turrets.
  • Her greatest wish is to become fully human so she can be true family to her creators, Shion Uzuki and Allen Ridgley. However, she accepts her inhumanity for now as it allows her to combat the greatest threats to humanity.
  • She has a lot of times got thrown into another world to fight alongside those alien to her. In fact, it was this way she met Axel Almer, who also vouched for her restoration since he saw her once 'Reprogrammed And Crazy'. KOS-MOS is also most curious on both his Soulgain and various robots stored in the GUAG Robot War Division as it reminds her for a relic in her world called 'AGWS'.
    • KOS-MOS also had to update her database when she met Lamia Loveless... and thought she's majorly a foul-mouthed hyperactive robot with rate of switching to be 50%, but Lamia seems to have switching rate to be 10%. Not known to Lamia was that KOS-MOS was speaking of her sister unit Aschen Broedel.
  • Aigis and she became good friends after the former ascended, feeling like they have stuff in common. Aigis has even decided for her to be one of her "sisters".
  • Her close relationship with Shion has led to rumors about an unspoken romance between them. KOS-MOS hasn't said anything in response.

Lesser Gods

    Aaron Stack/Machine Man 
Aaron Stack, God of Multi-Purpose Robotics (Machine Man, Mister Machine, X-51, Z2P45-9-X-51)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Focusing Lenses
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hyperspace Arsenal, Swiss Army Appendage, Telescoping Robot, Hammerspace, The Alcoholic, Robotic Jerkassery
  • Domains: His Devices, Beer
  • Allies: Bender
  • Followers: The Nextwave crew (In his mind at least)
  • Enemies: Dirk Anger (Due to an incident involving a frilly dress)
  • He is full of very useful devices.
  • Calls organic members of any pantheon fleshy ones.
  • When in the belly of the alien dragon Fin Fang Foom, He opened up his chest , causing improbably large swiss army knife components to pop out, including a giant corkscrew.
  • A quote of what he can boast with his skills.
    Aaron: "I could make you pregnant."
    Elsa: "Not unless you could do it from over there, Clanky."
    Aaron: "I am full of very useful devices."
  • Spent a long time away from earth with the Space gods until he was dumped back because he was a complete and utter ☠☠☠☠.
  • Questions his godhood, because he is a robot and gods are for fleshy ones.
  • Gets along well with Bender, due to their love for beer and the fact that their both rather Jerkass-y robots.

Cantido Joseph Nandaba, God of Head Screens (Canti, TV-boy, Lord Cantide, the TV)

    Centaur Man 
Centaur Man, God of Mechanical Horses (DWN.042)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His three-horned helmet
  • Theme Music: Centaur Man Stage; alternatively his Power Fighters theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mechanical Centaur, Centaur Flash, Centaur Arrow, Polearm, Shield, Spread Shot, The Gambler, Only Quadruped Robot Master
  • Domains: Robots, Horses, Combat, Space
  • Interested in: Emerl
  • Allies: Mega Man, Bright Man, Spirit, Maximus, Diana/Wonder Woman, Tsunade, Larry Daley, Orisa, Chiron
  • Enemies: Dr. Wily, Dr Eggman, Ares, Dio Brando
  • Annoyed by: Whip users like Simon Belmont
  • Centaur Man was originally a robot designed to work as a museum guide on Greece. However, he was modified into combat to enter the First Annual Robot Tournament. However, the whole tournament was a trick by Doctor Wily to capture the world's greatest robot warriors and reprogram them to serve him.
  • Since he was merely reprogrammed by Wily to serve him, he doesn't actually work for him in the Pantheon. Doesn't stop Wily from trying to him back to his side.
  • As mentioned, his job before being modified for combat was a tour guide for an old archaeology museum, and when not testing his medal against other robots eager to fight he continues to serve this role in the pantheon. He has helped out Larry Daley with some of the strange happenings in his museum.
  • Seems to like Wonder Woman, given that she is a heroic Amazon and Centaur Man is from Greece. He doesn't much care for Ares given he's a brutal Greek god of war. As per his archeological leanings, Centaur Man is interested in the Lost Technology of Emerl.
  • The reason why he was given this title is because while he is technically a centaur, he is one of few holders of the trope with actual sentience. He seems fond of both Spirit and Maximum due to being magnificent equines, and whenever Wily isn't mind controlling him he hangs out in the same house as them. Sometimes they test who's the faster at races.
  • Due to being a robotic horse, he has a dislike of whips of any kind. As such he isn't a fan of Simon Belmont, but otherwise remains neutral on whip users. He has a fondness for gambling, which soon led him to get into a game of poker with Tsunade. She won, but it was a good game and the two can be spotted together in the casino.
  • Centaur Man's main weapon is Centaur Flash, a special distortion system what allows him to stop time. However, the system takes up a lot of energy to use, meaning that he can only use it for brief moments at a time. Dio Brando claims that his time stop is superior, and Centaur Man isn't fond of him due to his evil nature. Also, Dio's powers have problems dealing with similar time stop powers.
  • The time stop doesn't make him a one-trick pony, to pardon the phrase. In fact, he might be one of most well-armed Robot Masters. He can teleport brief distances while using Centaur Flash, his arm cannon has a Spread Shot projectile and energy arrows, and is also equipped with a shield and a polearm.
  • Isn't the only mechanical centaur in the pantheon, as he learned on meeting Orisa. He finds her youth and heart to be adorable. The flesh and blood centaur, Chiron, was pleased to meet Centaur Man as unless Centaur Man is Brainwashed and Crazy by Dr Wily, the Robot Master is a perfectly civil centaur. That's hard to come by for Chiron.
  • There are rumours that he is actually a woman and has a crush on Knight Man. Nothing solid has come out of this.

    Circus Baby 
Circus Baby, Goddess of Robot Clowns (Baby, Scrap Baby, (formerly) part of Ennard, Elizabeth Afton)
Her in Sister Location with the Bidybabs.
Click here  for Scrap Baby
Click here  for her host, Elizabeth Afton.

    Dr. Light 
Thomas A. Light, Divine Patriarch of Robo-Families (Doctor Light, Doctor Right, Dr. Xavier Wright)

Fulgore, God of Robot Hair (Serial Number s4.Q4NT.YX-003, Black Eagle)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Theme Song: Ultratech Industries
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Laser Blade Below the Shoulder, The Dragon, Eye Beams, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Invisibility, Kill Sat, More Dakka, Was Once a Man
  • Domains: Artifice, Evil, Metal, Trickery, War
  • Allies: Sadira, Riptor, Spinal, The Cyberman, Viktor
  • Rivals: Sektor, Baraka, Scarface
  • Enemies: Jago, Black Orchid, Robocop, Sarah Connor, The Terminator, The Arbiter
  • Admired by: Maximilian Christiansen
  • Heroes Jago and Orchid have long been dogged by Ultratech. Among the most persistent is a cybernetic humanoid that goes by the codename Fulgore. Twice they have fought and destroyed the robot. But things just got more difficult as they had a horrifying discovery; Fulgore now has a seat in the Pantheon. Their archnemesis promises to bring an end to their lives as well as all those who oppose Ultratech.
    • The rest of Ultratech's ascended were there to congratulate him. Spinal, Sadira, and Riptor devised a plan to bring him in, citing his unique hairstyle despite being a robot. They hope to bring more into the fold.
  • Sarah Connor was already on the case, bringing about equipment to help the two fight the latest menace.
    • It's more personal between Fulgore and the heroic Terminator. Fulgore sees the latter as a defect acting against its former programming. It hopes to bring the Heroic Caretaker to Ultratech to correct its programming.
  • Robocop may not appear that way, but one would think that the Super Cop is not pleased with the latest ascension. Some say it's personal with the latest model, as it was discovered to have a brain in its programing as well.
  • Has been intrigued to find Sekor in the Pantheon as well. The two once fought for supremacy when they were mortals, with Fulgore coming out on top. A rematch seems eminent between the two.
  • Baraka also sees the cybernetic soldier as a rival of his, seeing how the two use blades a similar way. He refuses to believe that laser blades are an improvement over his naturally made blades.
  • It's a horribly kept secret that Max is a massive fan of Fulgore and has been vouching for his ascension from the moment he arrived in the Pantheon. Not that he approves of his atrocities, but he is at least glad that Fulgore has returned to relevancy.
  • He recently identified a being under a similar invisibility cloak spying on him before leaving. The next day, he was met face-to-face with an alien being. Turns out there is an entire race of hunters whom Fulgore took some attributes from them. Although ARIA's orders are to eliminate them, Fulgore can't help but respect his kind... if only a tiny bit.
  • Many scientists in the House of Technology took scans of Fulgore. To their astonishment, they found a live brain on the head. This could mean that Ultratech is trying to create true cyborgs in the future. Some predict this may have bitten them in the ass, as Fulgore is already showing signs of having a mind of his own. Whatever he plans to do with it is anyone's guess.
    • In response to a possible defection, Ultratech hired the Cyberman to keep those urges at bay. The alliance is already sketchy at best, as both plan to use the accessed knowledge to their advantage in the event of a betrayal.
    • Viktor sees this development as further proof to go ahead with his "Glorious Evolution". He hopes to see to it that Fulgore continues to serve under Ultratech.
  • New arrived at the arrival of another alien creature sporting a laser blade. He was assigned to track it down and identify it. The being called it the Arbiter and battle with Fulgore before retreating. While there was an Arbiter in the Pantheon, it was not the one that ended up in a Killer Instinct tournament. The deity Arbiter dislikes Fulgore all the same.

Distorted, garbled radio sound ensues

The Mangle, Deity of Easily Detachable Robot Parts (Toy Foxie, Foxy 2.0)

    Metal Sonic 
Metal Sonic, God of Robot Imitations (Metallix the Metal Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic, Metal Madness, Metal Overlord, Hyper Metal Sonic)
  • Lesser God, can rise to Greater God as he absorbs data
  • Symbol: The head of his Metal Overlord form
  • Theme Music: Stardust Speedway's Bad Future Theme (All three versions); What I'm Made Of in his Metal Overlord form
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Villainous Copies of the Hero Manipulating Pitiful Organics, Copying Lifeform Data, Becoming Self-Aware and Much More Dangerous, Chewing Scenery With a Vengeance, Dragon with an Agenda
  • Domains: Determination, Clones, Hatred, Robots
  • Heralds: Silver Sonic, Robo Sonic, Mecha Sonic
  • High Priest: The R-Dash 5000
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman (depending on the situation), Bass, Megatron, Omega, Grima, Bowser Jr.
  • Enemies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Tails, Amy Rose, Dr. Eggman, (depending on the situation), Mega Man, X, Zero, Metallix
  • Became a God by copying the data of one of the Pantheon during a visit to the mortal realm. Don't ask how that works.
  • He has recently been seen with and often sparring with Omega. This has caused a bit of concern, as some believe the two have partnered up and are planning to destroy their mortal enemies, Sonic and Zero, and take over the Pantheon.
  • Is apparently a key component in Grima's plans, whatever they entail.
  • Was part of Dr. Eggman's forces during his battle with Dr. Wily, but during the battle, he was infected with the Roboenza virus after he started to defeat all of Robot Masters. He then proceeded to destroy EVERYONE on the battlefield, and the majority of the world. Wiz and Boomstick wisely decided to declare him the victor after he stopped rampaging. Which was after they called in Asura to defeat him.
    • By some leap in logic, Wiz and Boomstick are bringing him back for another episode to fight Zero. The Pantheon is just hoping it doesn't end up like the last time.
    • Fortunately Zero was able to defeat him before he caused any major damage but this has only caused Metal Sonic determined to try and surpass the Maverick Hunter in strength.
  • Will play a role in the Pantheonic Rebellion as one of Grima's warriors, alongside Omega. He sees this as the perfect opportunity to do as he was programmed to do: The destruction of Sonic the Hedgehog. He could care less about anything else, even the fall of any other Gods including Dr. Eggman.
  • Holds a grudge against the godmodder for a certain incident that resulted in him getting Glitched out of existence for several months.
  • From meetings between Eggman and Bowser, he's met up with Bowser Jr., and they for some reason get along remarkably well. This has led to many incinerated ice cream stores and destroyed playgrounds.
    • That said, their first actual mission together (with his creator and the Koopa King) didn't start off as great. During their first GUAE joint operation, Bowser Jr. had been looking for some "cool toys" to play with. Metal Sonic was the assigned guard for the room he was checking, and the two prepared to tussle. Only for Metallix to barge in and tear his head off, before then bringing the beatdown to his opponent in just one minute. Ever since his humiliating defeat, he's become that much more determined to get stronger.

Starman, God of Ambiguous Robots (Blue Starman, Last Starman, Starman Jr., Starman Super, Starman Deluxe, Ghost of Starman, Final Starman)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their white bodies and the insignia
  • Theme Song: Battle Against a Machine, Otherworldly Foe
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Based on the Solway Firth Spacemen, Dynamic Akimbo, Mascot Mook, Capable of PSI powers like PSI Shield, Starstorm, and Beams, Teleportation
  • Domains: Robot, Organic, Mystery
  • Superior: Giygas
  • Allies: Porky Minch
  • Rivals: Mars People, The Harvesters, The Combines, ADVENT
  • Enemies: Ness, Mr. Saturn, Lucas, Sans and Papyrus, Frisk, XCOM, The Guardians
  • Servants of the evil Giygas, this alien race are capable of PSI powers and are his elite troops, with other members composing of UFOs, Octobots, Mooks (not like a minion variety), Barbots, R7038, Atomic Power Robots, etc.
    • This race of aliens is currently debated whether they are robots or organic. The former says that their robotic speech suggests this. On the other hand, the Rust Promoter appearing to have no effect on them and seems to be capable of taking Sudden Guts Pills as well as having a member of their ranks called the "Ghost of Starman," makes them an enigmatic race. These two cases have both convincing evidence.
  • Through scanning for other Starmen, its sensor managed to snag one with its insignia on its body. It's proven to be quite faulty as it somehow took him to Papyrus, who has the etching of the insignia in his chestplate. It has considered him a danger.
    • Also due to faulty identification scans, it mistook Mewtwo for its master, Giygas, due to their similar appearance when they invaded Earth many years ago. It soon found out of their mistake once his biological scanning is completely incomparable to Giygas and was soon demolished by Mewtwo's superior psychic powers.
  • It has been reported that the Starman Super (the golden variant) is holding a Daleem relic known as the Sword of Kings. Many have been trying to hunt down this Starman Super to return the relic back to the Daleem Prince, Poo.
  • It is occasionally summoned by Smashers through the Assist Trophies. It is capable of teleporting while firing PSI Beams to any Smashers.
  • It is currently surveying the musician David Bowie for supposedly being aware of their existence because of his song called "Starman."
  • As an alien force that have tried to take over Earth, it is a constant threat for XCOM and The Guardians who fought against evil aliens. XCOM are currently trying to bring back a Starman for autopsy as they are intrigued that an supposedly mechanical being is capable of psionic powers.
  • They have a period of abducting humans, such as the adults in Youngtown and many of the friends and allies of the Chosen Four. However, due to conflicting goals in regards to humanity and the Earth, they are often in odds with other alien races due to not affiliating with Giygas.


Bladewolf, God of Mechanical Canines (LQ-84i, Wolf, Wolfy, Fido)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A tail chainsaw
  • Theme Song: I'm My Own Master Now
  • Alignment: True Neutral earlier on, currently Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Having A Chainsaw for a Tail, Heat Knives, Changing Sides, Being Unintentionally Funny
  • Followers: Rush, Yatterwan, Dynomutt
  • Allies: Raiden, Samuel Rodrigues, Mega Man, Labrys, Eko, Ordis, ICEY
  • Enemies: Steven Armstrong, Mistral, the Corpus, the Infested, anyone who controls others' wills in some way.
  • Played a key role in finalizing ascension of both Raiden and Steven. Ironically, the latter doesn't find it amusing in the slightest. Bladewolf's ascension also overjoyed Samuel who retained a friendly relationship with him even after they found themselves on opposite ends of the barricade.
    • His opinion on the rest Winds Of Destruction vary, while he considers Monsoon and Sundowner insane and repulsive, respectively, he has no out-spoken opinion on Mistral, despite some sayings about the two having some "History". Bladewolf remains quiet on the subject, while Mistral has been known to smirk when the subject is brought up, but otherwise says nothing. This implies that he was abused by Mistral.
  • Does not take kindly to anyone restricting other's free will in one way or another. This places YHVH at the top of his enemies list gave him motive to fight in "The Pantheonic Rebellion.
    • Ordis actually sympathizes with Bladewolf for this since he was forcefully turned into a Cephalon by the Orokin, becoming what he is now. Although Bladewolf is a bit confused why he prefers it this way, the old Cephalon mentioned he wasn't a very good person when still flesh and bones. Plus, the Operator is very kind to them.
  • Found a kinship with Labrys over being forced to fight others against their will in order to survive.
  • He understands your jokes. He just doesn't find them funny.
  • Used to have a chainsaw tail, which he lost after being cut to ribbons before joining up with Raiden. This disappointed some deities since he was pretty good with it and would of helped a little bit against Armstrong. Ordis seems to think so, advocating for its return whilst helping make a newer one, complete with Mods he picks out with permission from his Operator.
    Ordis: "Sorting through the mods, hmm... Serration would be nice to help- clear away the sea of bodies -against tough defenses. Perhaps we can make it on fire as well? Or magnetic, if you're fighting against Desperado forces. Up to you, Bladewolf."
  • Has an unfortunate tendency to be cut into innumerable pieces when defeated by anyone wielding a sword.
  • Since his ascension many have considered his theme to be the catchiest battle theme other than Trombe. It's also the most fitting.
  • Some gods point out that only times he has ever fought was back when he was LQ-84i. In fact, even in Pantheon, one of few times he has really fought anyone was when he was seemingly sent to defeat Scharlachrot. He almost was blown into smithereens by Baldur before Eko stepped in to stop Scharlachrot, who she listened.
  • Hearing of Sundowner's partnership with the Corpus, he immediately became enemies with the arms=dealers. It didn't really help that they put their Proxies in a Restraining Bolt, meaning it can be interpreted as slavery, and he made his opposition clear to them. Seeing he has no actual weapons on him after being cut apart, the merchants paid him no mind. While that is true, he managed to prove himself by infiltrating their base and retrieving confidential information.

    Dorothy Haze 
Rebecca Dorothy Willow Graem, Goddess of Android Sex Workers (Dorothy Haze, Dolores Haze, Genesis Graem, Dorothy Warrior, Rebecca Willow, Becky)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Piano Woman with her deployed Radar Jammers
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Hooker with a Heart of Gold that will go with Anything That Moves, Unproblematic Prostitution, Older Than They Look, Irrational fear of dogs and chinchillas, The Empath/Sherlock Scan, Animal-Eared Headband, Happily Adopted, Friend to All Children
  • Domains: Prostitution, Androids, Cyberpunk
  • High Priest: North
  • Followers: Fisto, April
  • Allies: Jill Stingray, Sei P. Asagiri and Stella Hoshii, Baymax, Wall-E and EVE, Kosmo and Nova, Alan Turing, Zenyatta, The T-Dolls of Griffon and Kryuger
  • Odd Friendship: Aigis
  • Rivals: Belle du Jour, Mary
  • Enemies: Jack the Ripper, Null Sector
  • Pities: The ascended Omnics
  • Avoids/Fears: The House of Canines and any other dog in the Pantheon, especially Walter
  • Weirds out: Every Hacker (It's a Fetish)
  • In a place like Glitch City, it is imperative that you find your solace when you're spending your time there. It could be through hobbies, work, drinking, or just straight up prostitution. Rebecca Dorothy Willow Graem, full name in short Rebecca Willow and more commonly known as Dorothy Haze by her friends and clients, is a Lilim sex worker working in the welcoming and lovely Glitch City. As far as clients go for Jill Stingray, she's one of the nicest and definitely one of the most cheerful out of all of VA-11 Hall-A's clients. This earnest and genki attitude even persists when topic about something raunchy like gangbangs or pranks involving mall santas, asking them to "make her a woman". As Jill put it best: Meeting her would make one realize that "innocent" and "kind" are two terms that can be completely unrelated.
    Jill: She's so earnest about what she does that it's kind hard not to root for her. ...she also has no qualms whatsoever and that becomes a problem from time to time.
  • Her first action in the Pantheon was barging into VA-11 Hall-A and introducing herself in a way not too dissimilar from a sitcom, as usual for her. Dorothy just couldn't pass up coming back to the bar, and to Jill, and plans on doing so regularly before beginning her shifts like she did back in Glitch City, sometimes jokingly flirting with the other patrons. Compared to The Bartender, the Lilim sex worker took her ascension with a lot more stride.
  • You may notice that this Lilim is a bit young looking. If asked she'll usually say "Old enough for anything you want!" but if one desires actual, quantifiable numbers then the DFC-72 models are designed to look around 10-13 years old while her mental age places her at 28 years of age. Though passing maturity tests would allow them to upgrade to an older body Dorothy refused on account that it would give her a niche to capitalize on. As for how many years she was since built she would be 7 years old. So, yeah... it's quite over the place, and it obviously raises quite the concern for a number of people. Dorothy doesn't mind though, as she apparently still finds business in the Pantheon both in the sexual and Platonic sense. Plus, she doesn't plan on being a prostitute forever. It turns out Dorothy likes kids and plans on taking up that factory upgrade to work with them someday.
  • Dorothy is heavily modded for a DFC-72, mostly to compete with the more human-like models of Lilim. The most stand out feature is her ability to fire bullets from her fingertips as a means of self-defense. She's willing to cater to whatever fetish her clients bring up with the right mods (even the niche of invisibility!), however there are obviously some things she just won't do. Dorothy also has a policy stating that her clients be at least 40% organic, human from the neck up. For guys, the dicks should preferably be organic with some exceptions whereas for girls she's notably less strict. Anything That Moves at its finest.
    Jill: Do you actually mind what anyone is?
    Dorothy: (smiling) Not at all.
  • As a sex worker, artificial she may be, Dorothy was told to watch out for Jack the Ripper. While appreciative of the advice, she was skeptical as far as she knew wasn't Jack just some famous old fart from way back when? That was a yes and no type question, really. It should be noted though that all Lilim have their consciousness backed up on a server and that it will automatically be transferred to a newer body should they "die". As such, all Lilim have a difficult time grasping the idea of mortality and what it entails however they still fear it.
  • In the Pantheon, a lot of people have said in the past that she reminds them of S.E.E.S' Aigis, if she was younger looking and moreso red. Dorothy eventually pushed for a chance to meet her while both of them were free and the Lilim found herself getting along quite well with the Anti-Shadow weapon. In particular, Dorothy is really impressed with all the armaments Aigis possesses at the ready.
    Jill: Hey, you're not gonna—
    Dorothy: Oh relax, honey. I'm not actually going to stuff that many weapons inside of myself. I don't want to be heavy, and maintaining them all seems impractical. Plus, I have to make room for other mods, you know? Among other things~
    Jill ... Right, anyways...
  • Gets incredibly aroused at even the mention of hacking and its terminologies. It's a kink all Lilim share according to her, one she believes you can make a good amount of money by capitalizing. This actually weirded out many of the Pantheon's technological experts and even the more villainous hackers in the Pantheon don't want to deal with that. Now, as far as specific personality quirks go her Absurd Phobia is being deathly afraid of dogs and chinchillas. The latter is especially absurd as chinchillas are extinct in her universe. But going back to dogs she didn't take the news of an entire House being full of them that well, the fact that there are dog deities outside of said house less so. Even the mention of dogs is a bit much as she'll charge clients extra for doggy style.
    • At some point on her off days she encountered the duo, Doge and Walter. While the mere sight of dogs was enough for her to freak out it didn't help that Walter kept pestering her about fire trucks and monster trucks. Not helping Walter's case was his clear lack of ears and emotions, making him quite uncanny on top of that.
      Dorothy: Pleaseleavemealoneyoucrazymangymutt.
  • As with all Lilim, upon production she was assigned to a random volunteer to foster their growth in self-awareness. As fate would have it Dorothy would be assigned to Sophia Graem, a woman who had not too long ago lost her daughter, Anna Graem. She was an amazing person who had suffered a condition known as Nanomachine Rejection throughout her entire life and by the time she healed she got hit by a truck. While her guardian did her damndest not to see Dorothy as her Replacement Goldfish for Anna, it didn't stop Dorothy from harboring such fears anyway but she was moreso worried that her existence would depress her by reminding her of Anna and so refrained from calling Sophia anything other than her guardian. She'd eventually accept that she sees Sophia as her Mom, however.
  • Upon hearing that Alan Turing was already a resident in the Pantheon through an offhand comment she immediately rushed over to meet the man himself and thank him. Just thank him, for everything. While Alan was a bit unsure what to think of Dorothy, being a sex worker and all, he soon came around eventually. He was actually impressed the Lilim passed her Maturity tests set for all Lilim in a single year and that she's actually a bit knowledgeable on robot history as stuff like that helps her not take things for granted. That said, she believes Asimov's Three Law of Robotics are bullshit, though, and got abolished in her time for a reason. She gets that they're distilled versions 100 or so years in the making, but still.
    • And speaking of robot history, it should be noted that one of the few perks Glitch City has going for it is the way they treat robotic lifeforms. Lilim there are granted full autonomy whereas areas outside of the city-state seem to have them live a lot harsher conditions. Thus, Dorothy gives her heart out to her peers who have experienced such treatments such as the various Omnics. That said, the sympathies are very limited when it comes to Null Sector. Wanting more rights is a noble thing to pursue, that's one step forward, but their attempting mass murder is a three-hundred steps back straight into a ravine. Just look at King's Row: It was a beacon of hope for coexistence, emphasis on was before they took a metaphorical sledgehammer and just ruined everything.
      • She's heard they're apart of a much larger alliance of mostly supremacist machines though admittedly has mostly little interest in joining them, content with being a simple sex worker. That said, she would be lying if she said she doesn't keep tabs on news regarding them, mainly in regards to the more nicer members.
  • That bit about her being the nicest of Jill's regular clientele in VA-11 Hall-A? That's not just referring to being one of the least problematic of her customers. When Jill was still reeling from hearing about Lenore's death her boss, Dana Zane, hired Dorothy for an entire hug night. The kicker here is that hug night's are one of her most expensive services due to taking up the entirety of her shift and when told of Jill's depression at that time she agreed but lowered it to about the price of a soda. In short, Dorothy stood by Jill's side and offered emotional support for the entire night at the cost of whatever money she could of made. She was sad and that was all Dorothy needed to know and for that Jill was genuinely grateful. Jill would be able to repay that kindness when Dorothy experienced sudden solipsism when her assigned guardian met with the mother of her deceased daughter's girlfriend who had also passed away at some point. Being moved by the two closing a long chapter in each other's lives then triggered a serious existential crisis in her, one Jill was able to get her out of when Dorothy came by to her bar.
  • A spiritual Omnic by the name of Zenyatta heard her sympathy for his kind by word of mouth one day and came by to enlighten her about the Iris and spread the message about humans and machines coexisting of which she demonstrates quite well albeit in a more NSFW way. While Dorothy isn't the pious sort nevertheless the Lilim hears him out since he's willing to help her out when her mood's at its lowest in some days. That and his teachings reminded her of an offhand comment Jill made about a Lilim kid who wanted to "transcend".
  • She, in a way, can be likened to Baymax as both have the purpose of attendting to a human's needs and wants. Just, well, in different ways. Baymax is first and foremost a medical android and is, much like Dorothy, very good at that. Earlier on, Dorothy tried joking about making some personal invitations here and there though quickly dropped it when she realized he's quite Literal-Minded. Doesn't stop her from finding him really endearing regardless. On a related note there has been some discussions done at length as to how it would feel being hugged by the both of them. Most answers tended veer towards "heaven".
  • Always one for making friends, Dorothy became good pals with couple WALL-E and EVE as well as Kosmo and Nova. She honestly finds the relationship between the two items pretty sweet, and to her it's made even better seeing robots being capable of being romantic. In addition, both cases are of the classic lovers from two different world (Kosmo and Nova's case in particular) and the lengths they're willing to go for the special other is something to be admired as well. Of course, Dorothy couldn't really pass up making a joke about them having children one day, which confused them more than anything. The Lilim told them to just think nothing of it as she quietly giggles to herself.
  • There exists an Alternate Universe where Glitch City would be payed a visit by the PMC, Griffon and Kryuger, sometime after the disbanding of the White Knights. During their stay, Dorothy came by VA-11 Hall-A with a T-Doll in tow named OTs-44. Due to technological incompatibilities, this merry and radiant doll ended up falling in love all sorts of random things. One of them included a telephone pole, and when O44 when on a tangent on all the... ahem, lovemaking she wanted to do with it even the Sexbot called TMI. In addition to the telephone she also fell head over heels for a movie trailer, and eventually Dorothy's name. No, not the Lilim herself, Dorothy saying her own name. Eventually, Dorothy had to escort the poor girl back to her Commander to explain the situation. She has met up with some of the other T-Dolls and made friends with them, and Dorothy is glad they adjusted better in the Pantheon. Out of all of them, Dorothy is notably at her kindest towards Thunder and actually holds herself back when she's around.
    • In another Alternate Universe, Dorothy was apparently a Prime Minister to a place called Griffon City. This had to do with the fact that this alternate universe was the product of a lightweight T-Doll getting so shitfaced alongside coming into contact with a nanomachine cloud. It was in danger of being destroyed, though luckily its inhabitants (which also consisted of Dorothy's friends and some other T-Dolls) would get their data extracted and put into T-Doll body replicas. At some point Dorothy was made aware of this and asked about her T-Doll duplicate. G36 and Contender were hesitant to comply in responding until Jill reminded them about the 40% organic policy. Really, if anything a conversation between the two Dorothys would be something a bit more existential considering everything that's happened with the other Dorothy.
  • "Hey honey. Have you ever seen a Mega Santa gangbang?"

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