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  • The Waterboys' song "Blues for Your Baby". Lead singer Mike Scott is quite religious and not one to swear much, giving extra power to this F-missile, propelled by increasingly intense music.
    "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUCK!!!"
  • Van Halen's 1991 album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.
  • John Grant uses these frequently, examples include "GMF," "Queen of Denmark" and "I Hate This Town.
  • Steven Wilson deploys one in 3 Years Older:
    Shame on you for getting older every day
    This place is not for you so why do you still stay?
    You stand there with the other fuckers in the rain (...)
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  • Britney Spears uses the word "Baby" a lot, yet in "Dramatic" she says a previously unthinkable "Baby, fuck You!"
  • Kate Nash's cute, bubbly pop song, 'Doo-Wah-Doo', ends with this line:
    Well I think she's a bitch.
  • Linkin Park:
    • Linkin Park kept their music clean for their first two albums. So it came as a big surprise when single "Bleed It Out" came in third album "Minutes to Midnight".
      Here we go for the hundredth time, hand grenade pins in every line.
      Throw 'em up and let something shine, going out of my fucking mind!
    • Same with fourth album, "A Thousand Suns". They have been a profanity magnet since.
      Talk a lot of shit and yet you don't know, fire on the way make us all say whoa,
      The people up top and the people down low get down, and I'm running it like that,
      The front of the attack is exactly where I'm at, somewhere between the kick and the hi-hat
      The pen and the contact, the pitch and the contract, so get with the combat
      I'm letting you know, there ain't shit you can say to make me back down, no.
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    • Even prior to that, Chester would often end live versions of “A Place For My Head” with ”MOTHERFUCKER!
  • Faith No More - In the song 'The Gentle Art of Making Enemies': "Happy birthday, FUCKER!" Also, later in the song: "Cause I'm the best FUCK that you ever had". In live performances, they usually add one to "Epic", changing "So you lay down on it and you do it some more" to "So you lay down on it and you fuck it some more". Supposedly this was how Mike Patton originally wrote the lyric, but someone talked him into changing it for the studio version.
  • My Chemical Romance:
    • Though My Chemical Romance are no strangers to generalised, run-of-the-mill rock swearing, they also know how to strike with precision, as in Mama, where they whip out two in quick succession: "But the shit that I've done with this fuck of a gun". The double-whammy just increases the power.
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    • Also I'm Not Okay (I Promise): "I'm not O-fucking-kay! You wear me out!" The radio edit changes it to "I'm really not okay!".
  • Though Motion City Soundtrack lyrics can be pretty foul-mouthed (@!#?@!, for example), there are some examples:
    • "Her Words Destroyed My Planet" replaces the line, "I stall before I start" with "It's all my FUCKING fault" in the penultimate chorus.
    • In "Attractive Today" there's the line "I'm also fed up with the FUCKING common cold".
  • Don Henley's album Inside Job drops a single F-bomb in the entire album - in the title song, right where he wants you to pay the most attention.
  • Reverend Bizarre's song "The Wandering Jew": "But I don't FUCKING care, because the end is near, HA!"
  • "Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band:
    "I told you once, you son of a bitch, I'm the best there's ever been."
    • Averted on the radio version, where the line is bowdlerized to " son of a gun..."
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic:
    • "Don't Download This Song". Don't believe me? Here's the final chorus (which is purposely hard to make out because it occurs right as the song starts fading out):
    Don't download this song
    Or you'll burn in Hell before too long (and you'll deserve it!)
    Go and buy the CD (just buy it!) like you know that you should (you cheap bastard!)
    Oh, don't download this song
    • In "Another Tattoo", he gets in a Curse Cut Short at the end of the song.
    • And another Curse Cut Short in "Phony Calls". The song fades out at the end, and the phrase "pain in the ass" is almost inaudible.
    • From "Jerry Springer", courtesy of frequent collaborator Tress MacNeille: "Woofie, you bitch!"
  • Bob Dylan:
    • "Play it fucking loud!"
    • Also "Hurricane" ("Had no idea what kinda shit was about to go down") and "George Jackson" ("He wouldn't take shit from no one")
  • James Blunt's You're Beautiful has the line (which was naturally censored to "flying" for radio broadcast):
    "She could see from my face that I was
    "Fucking high."
    • On Top Gear, he also belted out a "C'mon you little fucker!" while doing a lap in the reasonably priced car.
  • Graffiti the World by Rehab is about how warped and abusive the world really is. It's kept clean until the very last line:
    "I realized just how tainted our thinking really is while in New York when I saw a teenager being arrested for taggin' a fuckin' wall."
  • Metallica:
    • ...And Justice For All album, known as the band's "angry" album, is seething with hostility and rage at the more hypocritical elements of our society throughout. In spite of this, the album contains only one lyrical F-bomb, in the final track, "Dyers Eve." It is awesome. (The album booklet is a different story; Metallica's usual sophomoric sense of humor, rife with swear words left and right, is in full force on the album's liner notes).
    • The sticker on Master of Puppets warns us that there'd be only one song on the whole album with major swearing: "Damage, Inc.", which has THREE Precision F Strikes.
      • More specifically, "Slamming through, don't FUCK with razorback", and "FUCK it all and FUCKING no regrets"
      • This second line is repeated in "St. Anger"
    • James Hetfield also makes it a habit during live performances to switch more innocuous words with a Precision F Strike. You can hear it the live versions of "The Four Horsemen" ("Time, it's taken a SHIT on you, the lines that crack your face"), "Master of Puppets" ("Dedicated to... HOW I'M FUCKING YOU!"), "One" ("Tied to machines that make me be... CUT THIS SHIT OFF FROM ME!), and" Enter Sandman" ("I'll FUCK you in, warm within, keep you free from sin 'till the Sandman comes").
    • "Hardwired" has one in the chorus, right before the Album Title Drop: "We're so fucked! Shit out of luck! Hardwired to self-destruct!"
  • Fear Factory singer Burton C. Bell utilizes this trope at least twice in the album Demanufacture:
    • in the title track, he just yells "FUCK!" before a brief interlude.
    • "(H-K) Hunter-Killer" has the line "They FUCKING say!" twice.
  • Some versions of "The End" by The Doors don't finish the sentence "Mother, I want to..." Others do.
  • Both Slipknot and Disturbed avoid using any cussing in their third albums, much unlike their previous work. The albums that came after that (All Hope is Gone and Indestructible respectively) used the swearing that was there sparingly.
  • Meat Loaf's song "Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back" on the album "Bat Out of Hell II" features the rare use of a swear word (ass) by him.
  • Jonathan Coulton does this several times, and you can spot someone who hasn't heard the song by the fact they do a double-take. For example, in "First of May", it happens in the chorus:
    "It's the first of May, first of May, outdoor fucking starts today..."
  • Another one on "Sticking it to myself":
    "I'm trying to figure something, makes me feel, like I'd do anything it takes to be a fucking winner now!"
  • The Who:
    • "Oh, Who the fuck are you?" (The radio changes it to "Who the hell are you" or just edits around it.)
    • From "Doctor Jimmy": "Her fella's gonna kill me? OH FUCKING WILL HE?"
      • In concert, "The Punk And The Godfather" ("We're the slaves of the phony fucking leaders") and "5:15" ("Where the fuck have I been?/Out of my brain on the 5:15").
    • And, in a Real Life example, Townshend telling Abbie Hoffman to "fuck off my fucking stage" when the latter interrupted their set at Woodstock to bitch about John Sinclair's imprisonment for marijuana possession.
  • Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream", a very angry and confrontational song, features this in one of the last choruses. Notable because Michael Jackson usually shied away from profanity.
    Stop pressurin me,
    pressurin me,
    >Stop fuckin' with me,
    Makes me wanna scream
    • To be specific, the HIStory album had a lot of angry songs where Mr. Jackson would swear. "This Time Around" said "shit".
      Somebody's out
      Somebody's out to get me
      They really wanna fix me, hit me
      But this time around I'm taking no shit
      Though you really wanna get me
      You really wanna get me
    • "Morphine" from the "Blood on the dancefloor" album contains the words "shit" and "bitch".
  • Nightwish does this in their song "Master Passion Greed". The swearing in other songs is limited to a "bastard" here and there. However, in "Master Passion Greed", it's "I fuck up everything but let me explain" in the second verse. However, Bassist/Vocalist Marco Hietala drops the f-bomb frequently during live performances (in both English and Finnish)
  • New Zealand group Six 60 has a few instances of swearing particularly in their second self-titled album. On the song White Lines, it uttered as:
    It's right, it's wrong, do this every single time Oh fuck it, it's on, I just wanna touch the sky
  • Billie Eilish: Her 2nd studio album Happier Than Ever (2021) has a dozen of swear words in some songs. The title track on the album Happier Than Ever had 3 uses of the f word uttered in a more emotional and intense tone
    • It starts off with (You scared me to death but I'm wasting my breath Cause you only listen to your fucking friends), followed by (Cause that shit's embarrassing, you were my everything And all that you did was make me fucking sad)and it ends with (You ruined everything good Always said you were misunderstood Made all my moments your own Just fucking leave me alone)
  • Lady Gaga:
    • Lady Gaga usually makes her sexual references in songs at least slightly hidden. Her f-strikes are so well done that, for example, the f-bomb in "Poker Face" (in the line "P-p-p-p-poker face, p-p-fuck her face") was undetected for over a year (and Weird Al uses the Mondegreen version, "P-p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face" as censorship when covering it as part of his polka medley "Polka Face"). Also, for example, in "Monster":
    I asked my girlfriend if I'd seen him 'round before
    She mumbled something as we got down on the floor, baby
    We might have fucked, not really sure, don't quite recall
    But something tells me that I've seen him, yeah
    • She also says "shit" in Paparazzi: "snap snap to that shit on the radio".
  • Midtown gives a great example on "As Long As We Keep Our Bodies Numb, We're Safe". After the first verse and chorus, the song goes into a short instrumental bridge. Then the music suddenly stops and we are treated to a loud and enthusiastic "Fuck what you know!" Especially funny considering the name of the album was Forget What You Know.
  • Something Corporate:
    • The song "If You C Jordan" builds up to the final "fuck you Jordan."
    • Same band: My Konstantine. After most of the way through a nine-minute, quiet, introspective song that has used exactly one "damn" and exactly one "hell" in situations when stronger words might have been appropriate... "This is to a girl who got into my head with all those fucked-up things I did." Emphasis is the song's, and the sheer viciousness makes it seem very precise.
  • Lorde broke out by mocking the consumerism of rap music, so she inverts that genre's intense cussing by only having occasional swears, such as "Tennis Court" ("How can I fuck with the fun again, when I'm known"), "Still Sane" ("All work and no play, Keeps me on the new shit, yeah"), "Sober" ("Jack and Jill get fucked up and possessive, When it get dark"), "Homemade Dynamite" ("Blowing shit up with homemade d-d-d-dynamite"), "Sober II (Melodrama)" ("And the fucking melodrama") and "Perfect Places" ("All the nights spent off our faces, trying to find these perfect places").
  • Florence + the Machine: Florence rarely swears, so it came as a shock when her fourth album High as Hope (2018) had in the song Grace. It uttered as
    Grace, and it was such a fucking mess
  • Paloma Faith: Like both Florence + the Machine and Ellie Goulding, Paloma Faith rarely swears in her records, until more recently with her fifth album "Infinite Things" (2020) (particularly in the song If Loving You Was Easy). It uttered the lines:
    I'm self-destructive, you wanna say fuck this and go
  • Ariana Grande usually had only the guest rappers swearing. And then "Bad Decisions" had this:
    Don't you know I ain't fucking with them good boys? Know you love me like ain't nobody here, boy If you want it, boy, you got it Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?
    • And her following album, Thank U Next (2019), is probably the most profane one that Ariana released in her career. Her most recent release was Positions (2020) has the same thing but not so much. 34 + 35 had this, which is the chorus
      Can you stay up all night? Fuck me 'til the daylight 34+35
followed by her leading single Positions
But I get tired of running Fuck it, now I'm running with you (with you)
  • Swedish pop star Zara Larsson does feature some on her debut album So Good (2017). The first one can be found in One Mississippi
    We don't get scared when the sirens come A little fucked up 'cause we think it's fun
    • This was also found in I Can’t Fall in Love Without You
      Don't you think I give a fuck? (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Give a fuck 'bout who you fuck? (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
  • The song This Love by Camila Cabello from her 2019 album Romance has this, despite the fact this is Camila’s first use of the f-word in her songs
    So fuck this love, calling my name Get out of my veins If you need your space then just walk away You know how to fuck me up then make it okay I guess that's just your game And I'm the one who gets played Again and again and again and again
  • Benee has this on her popular song "Supalonely" as well as others on her debut album Hey U X (2020)
    I know i'm fucked up, i'm a just a loser
  • Royal Blood: The only song that contains some strong language is their very first song "Out of the Black":
    And I promised you Like you promised me But those vows we made Fucked it up for free
  • Razorlight in their 2006 album of the same name, particularly in the last song "Los Angeles Waltz"
    It's been such a fucked up year
  • Ellie Goulding, in her song "Army"
    Know that we don't look like much But no one fucks it up like us
    • Her fourth album Brightest Blue (2020), it was uttered only by collaborators (except the first song "Start" which she utters) which can be found in the last verse
    You fuck with me I'll start a war Fighting against what I'm fighting for Another walk to the liquor store Trying to break me down a little more You fuck with me I'll start a war (You fuck with me I'll start a war) (I'm moving on from him) I'm moving on from him
  • Bebe Rexha has this on her debut album Expectations (2018) despite the fact she swears in her EPs and her earlier songs prior to Expectations being released. One of which was Shining Star which features this line:
    But he fell in love with her fucked up ways
  • Taylor Swift, on her sixth album that was supposed to show her "bad side", even had cussing in “I Did Something Bad”
    If a man talks shit, then I owe him nothing
    • This happens in two of her albums in 2020 (Folklore and Evermore). Songs from Folklore includes The 1 with (I'm doing good, I'm on some new shit), Mad Women features the first-ever f-word used by Swift (Does she smile? Or does she mouth fuck you forever?), Betty with (Would you tell me to go fuck myself) and Peace with (I talk shit with my friends). On Evermore, Champagne Problems has (What a shame she's fucked in the head", they said), Goldrush with (I call you out on your contrarian shit), Tolerate It with (Lay the table with the fancy shit), Happiness with (Is just shit we're dividin' up) and Cowboy Like Me with (Plotted hard to fuck this up).
  • British singer Dua Lipa has 2 songs, the self-explanatory "IDGAF" (short for 'I Don't Give a Fuck', which is the last line in the chorus) and "Blow Your Mind (Mwah)"
    If we don't fuck this whole thing up, Guaranteed, I can blow your mind
    • However in her recent release Future Nostalgia (2020), it was uttered once in the second to last track "Good in Bed"
      We don't know how to talk But damn we know how to fuck
  • The Veronicas has two instances, in "This is How it Feels" ("Why and how you had the heart to fuck up my whole life") and "Take Me On the Floor" ("Time's a bitch and my heart is sinking down").
  • Ava Max has this on her song "On Somebody" (which is the starting point)
    Heartbreak, Heartbreak is a Motherfucker
  • Perhaps the biggest surprise of 2021 was with Olivia Rodrigo. Her debut album SOUR has a barrage of swear words. In Traitor (I'm so sick of seventeen, where's my fucking teenage dream?), Driver's License has (But I still fucking love you babe), 1 step forward, 3 steps back has this (You got me fucked up in the head, boy), Deja Vu only has a milder word being used (Strawberry ice cream in Malibu Don't act like we didn't do that shit, too), Good 4 u has this (Well good for you, I guess you're getting everything you want You bought a new car and your career's really taking off It's like we never even happened, baby What the fuck is up with that?).In Happier (And do you tell her she's the most beautiful girl you've ever seen? An eternal love bullshit you know you'll never mean)
  • Alanis Morissette with her song "You Oughta Know." Although the song has a number of sex references, none are as blatant as the line "Are you thinking of me when you fuck her?"
  • A Perfect Circle holds off on the cursing until near the end of "Passive" (repeating the line "passive-aggressive bullshit" over and over as the song fades out), but they only use the F-word twice in the song. The first time just sounds like an agitated "You fucking disappoint me," but the second time is a much more profound "You FUCKING disappoint me!!" First f-strike comes around 3:05 and the second will follow afterwards.
  • A brilliant tactical F strike from Bloc Party's "Positive Tension":
    Why'd you have to get so hysterical?
    Why'd you have to get so hysterical? (6x)
    Why'd you have to fuckin' useless?
    • works in context.
  • Avenged Sevenfold:
    • Critical Acclaim has no less than THREE, one at the beginning of the first verse and two in M Shadow's rants following the first and second choruses.
    • Nightmare "It's your fucking nightmare."
  • Three Days Grace:
    • Three Days Grace rarely swear in the music, with the exception of "fucked up" in their song "Riot". This bit is often edited to say "messed up" when played on public radio, although the swear word wasn't used in a sexual context.
    • The chorus of Three Days Grace's "Over-rated" has the line "Your shit is overrated," which is repeated many times, and "gone forever" has the line "so I'll stay out all night, get drunk and fuck and fight." Adam Gontier also swears a lot during live performances. Still, Three Days Grace is usually pretty conservative with their profanity in comparison to other bands and recording artists out there.
    • From "Wake Up"
    I must be running out of luck,
    'Cause you're just not drunk enough to fuck
  • Despite their tendency to swear profusely in interviews, the brothers Gallagher have only had two songs featuring the word "fuck" in their discography: "Fuckin' in the Bushes" (where the eponymous phrase is repeated in a sample—there is no actual vocal on the song), and the Liam-written "Pass Me Down the Wine" (a B-side to the single "The Importance of Being Idle").
  • Rise Against:
    • The song "Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" has one particularly strong F-bomb near the end:
      We came in search of answers.
      We left empty-handed again.
      Shots fired into the sky are now returning.
      Where the fuck will you hide?
    • Because Rise Against rarely use any unsavory language, any song that has cursing could be considered this.
    • The entire album could be considered a precision strike, as Siren Song of the Counter Culture avoided the dreaded sticker despite having a couple noticeable fucks (By comparison, the next release The Sufferer and the Witness has the sticker for swearing in a single song).
    • From the Endgame album in the song Survivor Guilt
      The shout out from their pedestals
      with words like courage and resolve
      but what they meant was fuck em all
      cause freedom isn't free
  • An obscure protopunk group from the 70s, the Electric Eels, released a 1991 compilation album titled "God Says Fuck You."
  • Tori Amos's song "The Waitress" has one, in the loud, shrill chorus following the quiet, subdued tones in the verses
    But I believe in peace
    I believe in peace, BITCH
  • Green Day:
    • In the song "Too Much Too Soon", there is one right in the middle, during the bridge ("So god bless your fucking past and to hell with your glory"). Swearing is prevalent with Green Day, but the way it's used in this song (especially the Broadway version) is much heavier than previous swears.
    • When Dookie was first released, swearing in mainstream music was not as common as it became a few years later, so when Billie Joe utters the lyrics "and I'm fucking lazy" in the leadoff single "Longview", it was a shock to a lot of people who weren't used to it.
  • Bruce Springsteen:
    • In the song "Long Time Comin'," on the subject of raising a child:
      "I Reach 'neath your shirt, lay my hands across your belly
      And feel another one kickin' inside
      And I ain't gonna fuck it up this time"
    • Also, in the song "Queen of the Supermarket:"
      "As I lift my groceries into my cart
      I turn back for a moment and catch a smile
      That blows this whole fucking place apart"
    • On live versions of "Lost in the Flood": (it's "messed up" on the album version)
      Hey man, did you see that? Those poor cats are sure fucked up.
  • The Mighty Lemon Drop's All The Way
    I push the door but the key don't fit.
    'Can't take no more of this fucking shit.
  • OTOH, John Lennon's solo "Working Class Hero" has these two doozies:
    They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
    They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool
    Till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules
    Keep you doped up with religion and sex and TV
    And you think you're so clever and classless and free
    But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see
  • Iron Maiden:
    • Their only album song with profanity (a few b-sides recorded just for laughs fit Cluster F-Bomb) is "Holy Smoke", with two ("Flies around shit, bees around honey" and the much more effective "I've lived in filth, I've lived in sin, and I still smell cleaner than the shit you're in!").
    • Related to Maiden, on the forum Maidenfans, the song "Paschendale" is usually known as "Paschenfuckingdale", PFD for short, for being Awesome Music.
  • Foo Fighters:
    • While this band does have a few songs with swearing, "Word Forward" is the one that works best:
    Years that I've wasted
    These I owe you's
    They're just fucking words!
    • "Monkey Wrench" is also notable:
    • Then there's "Something From Nothing":
      "Fuck it all, I came from nothing!"
    • Rick Astley normally does a downplayed version of the trope when performing "Never Gonna Give You Up" ("And if you ask me how I'm feeling\I'm feelin' bloody marvelous!"), but when playing the song with the Foos, he goes the whole way ("I just wanna tell how I'm feelin\I'm feeling FUCKING marvelous!").
  • Weezer rarely ever uses the F word. One of those was by Lil Wayne, who uses curse words as punctuation, on "Can't Stop Partying" ("And the unusual is the fuckin' usual"). The "Black Album" has two, "Can't Knock the Hustle" ("I'm an ugly motherfucker but I work hella harder.") and "Byzantine" ("And fuck him if he just can't see").
    • There is also one F Strike on the full-band version of "My Brain (Is Workin' Overtime)," but this version was never officially released. Rivers Cuomo's officially-released solo version omits the entire verse.
      I tell the world to fuck itself
      Cause who decides what's sick or healthy?
  • ''The Assumption Song'' narrowly avoids using swear words throughout most of the song, and has a single dirty word at the end.
  • The Clash:
    • "Stay Free":
      When you lot get out
      We're gonna hit the town
      We'll burn it fuckin' down
      To a cinder
    • Also in "Death Or Glory"
      I believe in this, and it's been tested by research
      That he who fucks nuns will later join the church
  • Tesla:
    • "Tommy's Down Home", from Tesla's live Five Man Acoustical Jam album:
      Well, I'm a country boy from Nashville, Tennessee
      Don't. Fuck. With me.
    • Their cover of Five Man Electrical Band's "Signs," the big hit from that album, also had the band changing the lines "blocking out the scenery" and "I got me my own little sign" to "fucking up the scenery" and "I got me my own fuckin' sign" respectively.
    • From "Break of Dawn:"
      "Listen up, now here’s the deal
      I’m fuckin’ crazy and don’t appeal"
  • A strange example with Björk's video for "Alarm Call:"
    I'm no fucking Buddhist, but this is enlightenment
  • The Prodigy's sophomore album, Music for the Jilted Generation, is a Protest Album against the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994 that criminalised rave parties across the UK. While large parts of the album show the band's anger more through their manic brand of breakbeat and techno, "Their Law" features a line that gets the album's point across very well.
  • Paramore's lyricist Hayley Williams has never sworn in a song (unless you count "whore" as a swear word, which in itself could be a Precision F Strike for a band like them) so there was quite a commotion when her solo song "Teenagers' was released containing the line "don't ask me where I'll go, 'cause frankly I don't know and I don't give a shit." And on her solo debut album Petals for Armor, she did finally let one loose on the opening track “Simmer.” Although It Makes Sense in Context (it’s a deeply personal song about her insecurities), her emphasis and delivery still shocked many:
    If my child needed protection from a fucker like that man, I’d sooner gut him, ‘cos nothing hurts like a mother
  • While Amanda Palmer likes to throw the word 'Fuck' around absolutely everywhere it can fit, Jeep Song is completely swear-free except for one, mind-blowingly powerful line;
    I guess it's just my stupid luck/that all of Boston/drives the same black fucking truck
  • Sufjan Stevens never released a song with profanity until 2010's "I Want to Be Well," repeating the line "I'm not fucking around" in the chorus 16 times.
  • Toad The Wet Sprocket's "Hold Her Down" is their only song to include any cursing ("and they don't know her, but what the fuck, they've got nothing else they can do"). It's about outrage on behalf of a rape victim, which is probably why they considered it a justified use.
  • The normally quiet and polite Cowboy Junkies drop one in the feminism-tinged "Floorboard Blues." Cue howls of approval from the audience, and a "Parental Advisory" sticker from the record company.
    Don't accuse me of runnin' scared, listen to what I'm sayin'
    It's a fucked up ol' world, mama, but this ol' girl, well... she ain't givin' in.
  • The only song in Billy Joel's entire recorded output to contain an F-bomb is "Laura", from The Nylon Curtain.
    Here I am, feeling like a fucking fool.
  • Johnny Cash:
    • "A Boy Named Sue":
      'Cause I'm the son of a bitch that named you Sue!
    • And "Cocaine Blues"
      99 years underneath that ground; I can't forget the day I shot that bad bitch down!
    • Curiously, the "son of a bitch" was bleeped out of the original recording of Live at San Quentin ... even though, in the earlier Folsom Prison album, the "bad bitch" line from "Cocaine Blues" and Johnny's line about how "you can't say 'shit' or 'hell'" (cited in the Film examples above) stayed in the recording unaltered.
  • The Kinks:
    • "Apeman":
      I look out the window but I can't see the sky
      The air pollution is a-fuckin' up my eyes
    The lyric sheet claimed it was "the air pollution is a-foggin' up my eyes".
    • At the end of their live performances of "Lola", as seen on the first video album, One for the Road, Ray Davies would often yell, "Lo-fucking-la!" Conveniently, that time they followed that one up with a performance of "Low Budget", which kind of sounds like the F strike, in an attempt to mask it to first-time viewers.
  • While the band Behemoth is no stranger to using the f-word in their music, the song "Slaves Shall Serve" is a perfect invocation of this trope, at the song's climax, screaming the name of the song 8 times, ending it with "SLAVES!!! SHALL!!! FUCKING SERVE!!!"
  • Mumford & Sons:
    • Mumford and Sons' Little Lion Man. Yes, the chorus has the f-strike, but it still must count.
      It was not your fault but mine, and it was your heart on the line, I really FUCKED it up this time, didn't I my dear?
    • The fact that this is the only time that they've used the word (or any cursing, for that matter) in all the songs they've written so far gives it that much more of an impact.
    • "Broken Crown" from their second album also shares the chorus f-strike.
      So crawl on my belly 'til the sun goes down, I'll never wear your broken crown
      I took the road and I fucked it all away. Now, in this twilight how dare you speak of grace?
  • Dream Theater:
    • The album Train of Thought has two f-strikes, one in two different songs. These are the only two times such word has been used in their discography.
    • Also, in "The Test That Stumped Them All" from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence Part 2, we have "The smell of stale sweat and shit streaming through the night".
  • Pretenders began their career with one. "Precious", the opening track from their debut album, lands one conspicuously at the end of the bridge leading into the final chorus:
    "But not me, baby, I'm too precious, fuck off!"
    • The rest of the album explores the common pop-song subjects of sex, relationships, domestic violence, and gang rape in relatively clean language.
  • Hamell On Trial's "John Lennon" is a spoken-word ballad about his attempt as a teenager to meet John Lennon. After a very lengthy setup, he finally does, and...
    John Lennon looked down on me and said
    "FUCK OFF!"
    It sucked to be me. I hit the men's room.
  • K-On!: Houkago Tea Time has this happen every once in a while, if it's a song sung by Mio.
  • The Fugees: And even after all my logic and my theory/I add a MUTHAFUCKA so you ign'ant niggas hear me
  • Touch & Go's "Tango In Harlem" has one, when the narrator talks about being mugged and refusing to hand over the $50 she has on her, instead telling her attacker "Fuck you!". It's also a Funny Moment.
  • On Devin Townsend's Deconstruction, the singular f-bomb is dropped pretty early on in the first track "Praise the Lowered". "Smoke that FUCKING weed, boy!", the reason this is so effective is that Devin hasn't said "Fuck" on any of his records since the last Strapping Young Lad album, plus the obvious emphasis on that one line makes it even better.
  • Queen's "Death on Two Legs", an absolutely vicious hate letter to the band's former manager, featured the lyrics "But you can kiss my ass goodbye!" Live performances of the song had Freddie Mercury dedicate the song to "a real motherfucker of a gentleman".
  • U2: "And a fucked-up world it is, too" in "Wake Up Dead Man". The one time they've used it in a song, EVER, so it's rather jarring, especially in the last song on the album.
  • Enter Shikari do this excellently in their song Enter Shikari. The first word in the first song on their first album is singer Rou Reynolds shouting 'SHIT!', backed up by people screaming. Now that's a precision strike.
  • CAKE's cover of "I Will Survive" changes the lyric "stupid lock" to "fucking lock". Gloria Gaynor was not pleased.
  • Panic! at the Disco had "Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off". They rarely said anything worse than "whore" and "goddamn".
    I have more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck.
  • fun.:
    • Fun has this in "Some Nights": "Who the FUCK wants to die alone, all dried up in the desert sun?"
    • Their first album "Aim and Ignite" was clean, until this moment in the 7-minute closing song "Take Your Time (Coming Home)":
    If it's true, then what the fuck have I been doing the last six years?
  • Emilie Autumn invokes this on her "Opheliac" record:
    • Misery Loves Company: Pray for me you fuckers if you fucking dare
    • I Know Where You Sleep: I (fucked) you/I can never live it down, never live it down
    • Thank God I'm Pretty: Everybody thinks that I'm a fucking suicide girl
    • God Help Me: Don't make me choose, I've got too much to fucking lose!
    • Marry Me: So I'll fuck who I choose for I've nothing to lose ...
  • Normally fairly mellow country singer Gillian Welch sneaks one into "Revelator", half-slurred enough that most people don't notice:
    Leavin' the valley
    Fuckin' outta sight
  • Elton John:
    • "The Bitch Is Back". Though with that kind of a title, should one really be surprised?
    • "Dirty Little Girl" and "Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock And Roll)" would be better examples.
  • Pearl Jam has a few, specially "Save You", which opens with the line "I'm gonna save you, fucker". "Jeremy" also drops one in the second verse when talking about how his bullying led to breaking him: "Clearly I remember picking on the boy / Seemed a harmless little fuck / Oh, but we unleashed a lion."
  • Aerosmith:
    • Aerosmith has a few ("Feedin' that fuckin' monkey on my back!", "I feel like I've been hit by a fuck", etc.). Like James Hetfield, Steven Tyler even adds some live ("I fuck with my boots on cause you fuck with my head").
    • "Eat the Rich" has its fair share of profanity, but in one of the last line of the third chorus, it's done perfectly:
      I believe in rags to riches,
      Your inheritance won't last
      So take your Grey Poupon, my friend,
  • P!nk certainly isn't afraid to swear, but it tends to be specific. For example, the chorus of "Last to Know":
    You could have called me up to wish me luck
    You could have called me back you stupid fuck
  • Guns N' Roses, known for being Sir Swearsalot in many of their songs (including "It's So Easy", "Out ta Get Me", "One in a Million", "You're (Fucking) Crazy", "Perfect Crime", "Get in the Ring", "Buick Mackane/Big Dumb Sex", and "I Don't Care About You"), is surprisingly restrained on Chinese Democracy, which has only two F-words across 14 songs, only one of which is used by lead singer/resident egotist W. Axl Rose (in "Riad and the Bedouins"), the other F-word being spoken by Gene Hackman in a sample from Mississippi Burning featured in the song "Madagascar".
  • Ian Dury's Plaistow Patricia inverts this and played so extreme with the first line being "ARSEHOLES BASTARDS FUCKING CUNTS AND PRICKS"
  • Australian musician Josh Pyke's "The Lighthouse Song" is a mellow little love song with this line in the chorus:
    I'll just hold you tight/And we'll not let those fuckers in
  • Alex Day swears once in his entire discography. In a song about Mario Kart.
    Fucking Waluigi stole my victory!
  • On the UNKLE album Psyence Fiction, the track "Guns Blazing" the swears are bleeped out until about two-thirds of the way through the song:
    "Bitch nigga with the audacity to blaspheme me / Got yourself caught in a motherfuckin' tragedy"
  • The Kingsmen's cover of "Louie Louie" contains an unintentional example: one of the band members shouts "Fuck!" about 54 seconds into the song after making a mistake.
  • The Beatles:
    • More unintentional profanity: The Beatles had one example, where John Lennon is heard muttering "fuckin' hell" 2:57 into "Hey Jude."
    • There's an f-bomb buried in the mix of Revolution 9.
  • Another 1960s band, The Yardbirds, in their originally-unreleased track "Spanish Blood." The song is narrated by drummer Jim McCarty, who deadpans "that was the wrong fucking verse" toward the end of the song.
  • The Rolling Stones:
    • The Rolling Stones, despite their bad boy image, hardly swore on their earlier albums, until entering a Cluster F-Bomb with 1972's "Star Star", which is a Censored Title, as shown by the chorus "You're a starfucker, starfucker, starfucker, starfucker, star!"
    • The Stones also have a previously unreleased outtake from the mid-1960s called "Andrew's Blues," where they offer an F-bomb-laden tribute to manager Andrew Loog Oldham.
  • Future Perfect - St. Perfect: "You're Saint fucking Perfect in disguise". This is the sole reason for the album's Parental Advisory warning.
  • Shiny Toy Guns' "Le Disko" has the line "gonna fuck up your ego".
  • Gorillaz:
    • "Hong Kong" from D-Sides.
    Pick the shit up and leave it clean
  • Hole's "I Think That I Would Die" with "FUCK! YOU!"
  • Groove Coverage, in "Run Away": "No, I am not your f(bleep)ing second choice".
  • "Girl on the Billboard" by Del Reeves: "Sleepy-headed painter said the girl wasn't real, better get the (bleep) on my way!" Averted, as the offending word, most likely "fuck," is replaced by an electric guitar riff.
  • Ayria does this twice in the title track of Debris: "I never want to end up so fucking jaded like you", and "You still try to fight? Well FUCK YOU!"
  • "Stupidity", by Front Line Assembly featuring Al Jourgensen of Ministry, does this several times, although not to the point of Cluster F-Bomb, e.g. "I just look around at all these dumb motherfuckers..." during the spoken word section, and "Go fuck yourself!" at the end.
  • Pink Floyd:
    • The song "Not Now John": "Fuck all that we gotta get on with these", and "Oi, where's the fucking bar, John".
    • Also in their song "Pigs (Three Different Ones)": "You fucked up old hag, haha, charade you are."
    • "Lost For Words" - "But they tell me to please go fuck myself".
    • "Candy And A Currant Bun" - "Please, just fuck with me". Notable because it's the only example to come from the Syd Barrett-led lineup of the band, and because it was thrown in entirely as Writer Revolt: In the original demo of the song, the lyric was "please, just walk with me", but they slipped in some profanity when they were asked to re-record the song to eliminate drug references (it was originally titled "Let's Roll Another One").
      • It helped that Syd sort of pulled a "Lady Gaga" and said "Fuck" a bit like "Fawk".
    • The closing line of "Vegetable Man": "He's the kind of fucker you just got to see if you can!" Not surprisingly, when they did a rendition of the song for a BBC radio session, "fucker" was changed to "person".
  • James Taylor:
    • He ad-libs the line "I'm a mother-fucking steamroller, baby" in some live performances of Steamroller including the one used on the greatest hit compilations.
    • His live cover of "Summertime Blues" changes one line to "You can't drive the car, and you fucking make me sick!
    • "Enough To Be On Your Way" in the opening verse
      It rolls across the western sky and back into the sea
      and spends the day's last rays upon this fucked-up family, so long old pal.
  • Elliott Smith, in "Pictures of Me":
    "Jailer who sells / Personal hells / Who'd like to see me down on / My fucking knees"
  • Pavement, in "Range Life":
    "Out on tour with The Smashing Pumpkins/ Nature kids, I—they don't have no function / I don't understand what they mean / And I could really give a fuck"
  • And lest we forget quite possibly the best Precision F-Strike in rock history, from the intro to "Kick Out The Jams" by MC5:
    "Right now, right now, right now, it's time to... [*Beat*] ...KICK OUT THE JAMS, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!"
  • Tarby isn't known for particularly clean lyrics, but his song "Petrified" manages to contain one. The song contains no swearing, except during the second verse: "Cower there until the dawn and pray to hell they're FUCKING gone!"
  • Miley Cyrus:
    • "Can't Be Tamed", at least by Disney Channel star standards:
      If there's a question about my intentions, I'll tell you
      I'm not here to sell you
      Or tell you to go to hell ([I'm not a brat like that)
    • From "We Can't Stop" (then again, the album it's on has clean and explicit lyrics versions):
      If you're not ready to go home
      Can I get a "Hell, no!"
      • Her most recent release Plastic Hearts (2020) has a barrage of f words. Particularly in the opening track WTF Do I Know (which is found in the chorus)
        What the fuck do I know? I'm alone Guess I couldn't be somebody's hero You want an apology not from me Had to leave you in your own misery So tell me, baby, am I wrong that I moved on and I And I don't even miss you? Thought that it'd be you until I die But I let go, what the fuck do I know?
    • There are two uses of "damn" in "Hit The Lights" by Selena Gomez; Radio Disney edits out both instances.
    • "I hate the homecoming queen, I'm pretty damn sure she can't stand me!"
  • Chamillionaire made an effort to clean up his language, including complete avoidance of the N-word (according to him, he made the decision after he noticed that a bunch of his white fans started singing/rapping along whenever the N-word came up during his concerts) for his sophomore effort, Ultimate Victory, but still got in a "hell yeah" in "Hip Hop Police"; Radio Disney applies Gosh Dang It to Heck! when broadcasting the song.
  • From John Prine's "Please Don't Bury Me", about a man who wills that his various body parts be donated to various sources after he dies:
    Send my mouth way down south, and kiss my ass goodbye!
  • Maybe one of the most impressive musical examples is by Explosions in the Sky, a band whose music doesn't even have lyrics. They do occasionally incorporate spoken audio recordings into their songs, and the words "We're fucked" can be heard in "Day Three." (Justified in that the whole record is a Concept Album about the band's experience spending eight days in a stranger's attic after their van broke down. The voice recordings in that track were made by the band members as the whole thing was happening.)
  • This Will Destroy You, another instrumental band, also manages to slip some profanity in. The vinyl version of their self-titled album has this quote from Deadwood etched around the center label:
    "I may have fucked my life up flatter than hammered shit, but I stand before you today beholden to no human cocksucker."
  • Halestorm does this to great effect near the ending of Here's To Us where Lzzy manages to shout Go fuck themselves! so enthusiastically, NO ONE can miss it.
  • The Thrash Metal band Toxik combined this with a positively ear-splitting Metal Scream in their anti-war Protest Song "Door to Hell":
    Haitian children consumed by the millions for whom? For YOU!
    Millions of our boys sucked in by the game
  • Thus far into their long career, The Flaming Lips have only released two songs with any strong language in them: Protest Song "The W.A.N.D." includes the lyric "We got the power now, motherfuckers", while "You Lust" opens with the lines "You got a lot of nerve / a lot of nerve to fuck with me".
  • Miracle of Sound has this line in "Halfman's Song'':
    Cut through all their shit with my brazen wit
    Molding puppets from their minds of clay
  • The Sara Bareilles song "Sweet and Whole" reaches almost Cluster F-Bomb levels of this, and other than "Bottle It Up" and "Come 'Round Soon" is the only time she has ever swore in her catalog.
  • Fall Out Boy's music prior to "Folie a Deux" was lacking in the swear word department, so when a clip from their collaboration on Timbaland's Shock Value album, One and Only, was premiered on the radio, the DJs weren't expecting much trouble. Cue Patrick belting out "WIPE THAT SMILE OFF YOUR FUCKING FACE" and the DJs' nervous joking/initial shock. This was immediately followed up by the offending line repeating AGAIN in the same verse with the DJs yelling over Patrick singing "FUCKING" because they couldn't hit the delay in time.
  • 27:
    • From 27:
      If home is where the heart is, then we're all just fucked.
    • And in "Save Rock & Roll":
      So FUCK YOU, YOU CAN GO CRY ME AN OCEAN, and leave me be
  • Maroon Five:
    • "Makes Me Wonder"
      I still don't have a reason. And you don't have the time.
      And it really makes me wonder if I ever gave a fuck about you.
    • "Harder to Breathe" has the line "Not fit to fuckin' tread the ground that I am walkin' on."
    • "Payphone" would have been a relatively clean song, if not for:
      All those fairy tales are full of shit
      One more fucking love song, I'll be sick (Edited to "full of it" and "stupid love song" for radio.)
      • This isn't even getting to Wiz Khalifa's guest verse, in which his opening line is, "Man, fuck that shit!" No surprise that most non-rap stations replace his rap with an alternate bridge.
  • Magazine have a certain precise restraint to their use of language. And "Permafrost" is a stunningly bleak song, especially for a late '70s composition from a band with no apparent interest in punky shock for its own sake:
    As the day stops dead,
    At the place where we're lost,
    I will drug you and fuck you,
    On the permafrost...
  • The English rock band Muse has two songs with this:
    • "Panic Station" on the album "The 2nd Law"
      Do what the fuck you want to
      There’s no one to appease
    • "Crying Shame", the B-Side for "Supermassive Black Hole":
      We demolish too much
      And (yeah) we've really fucked it up
    • "Burn it Down" by AWOLNATION manages a Precision MF-Bomb, with the line "Motherfucker, burn it down".
    • "Jump on My Shoulders":
  • Soundgarden is angry and dark, but surprisingly only have two profane songs... which are also Cluster F-Bomb, "Big Dumb Sex" (the chorus is "Hey, I know what to do... I'm gonna fuck-fuck-fuck-FUCK YOU!!!") and "Ty Cobb" ("Another motherfucker goes down the drain" would be already enough, but then comes the chorus spearheaded by three utterances of "Hard headed fuck you all!").
  • Mudhoney:
    • Mudhoney tosses one in for "You Got It." The single version includes "FUCK YOU!" right before the final chorus. The album version replaces it with "You're fucked!"
    • "Into Your Schtick" has another one: "FUCK YOU! YOU MAKE ME SICK!"
  • Mayday Parade has a very mild one, but considering they never swear, it could be counted as one. The song "When I Get Home, You're So Dead" contains the line "I hope he's leaving you empty baby this is just a fix for such a simple little whore."
  • MarianneFaithfull on "Why D'Ya Do It":
    I had my balls and my brains put into a vise
    And twisted around for a whole fucking week.
  • Sara Hickman, the folk-rock-pop performer known for her singles "Simply" and "I Couldn't Help Myself," normally sings very gentle tunes. Nevertheless, she drops the bomb (spoken, not sung) in her selection "Dump Truck" on the Misfits album:
    "Yeah. I ain't no dump truck. You treat me like one, dumpin' all your fuckin' trash on me."
  • The All-American Rejects have used the word "fuck" twice: Once in "Someday's Gone" and once in "Heartbeat Slowing Down".
  • "I'm The One Who's Dead" by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library is the only song by the band (or any of Epstein's many other musical projects) to feature any cursing. To put it in context, the song deals with the media glamorizing murder by focusing the majority of coverage on the murderer rather than the victims or the tragic loss of life itself:
    How were you lead astray?
    In Rolling Stone, an eight page spread
    Let's study all your methods
    Fuck you, I'm the one who's dead
    Fuck you
    Fuck you
    I'm the one who's dead
  • Bruce Cockburn:
    • "Call It Democracy":
      North South East West
      Kill the best and buy the rest
      It's just spend a buck to make a buck
      You don't really give a flying fuck
      About the people in misery
    • Also used to an emphatic effect in "If I Had a Rocket Launcher":
      If I had a rocket launcher,
      Some son of a bitch would die!
  • KISS does this with "100,000 Years" on their self-titled debut album ("It must have been a bitch while I was gone."), "Is That You?" on Unmasked ("Went too far, been a bitch you are"), and "Killer" on Creatures of the Night ("Bitch is insane, she deals in pain").
    • In 1979, the band actually kicked opening act Sammy Hagar off their tour because he was cursing onstage.
  • Ray Scott's "My Kind of Music" is a song about the protagonist dealing with his girlfriend not liking/not knowing about old country songs and singers, often with biased reasons. At the very end of the song, naturally this occurs:
    No, she don't like my kind of music
    So I had to tell that girl to kiss my ass!
  • Mr. Freeman a.k.a. Smooth Ski the Dondada raps in "L'amour toujours", his collaboration with Alex C, that the latter "will make you fucking dance".
  • Ric Ocasek's "Troublizing", one of his darker records, has three instances:
    • "Hang On Tight":
      But somewhere in your dark side
      Everything's fuct
    • Also, from "Troublizing", "Asia Minor":
      Give me the boom box bottle, bitch
      (Give me a secret)
    • And "Society Trance":
      And bloody-nosed bums on puke-stained pavements
      Cough-up chyme, snot and liquid shit
  • Gloriana's "Trouble" has the line "If you're running around, you better run from me / Pack up your bags and get gone, get gone" in the chorus. The third time around, "pack up your bags" becomes "pack up your shit" (which was obviously reverted to "bags" on the radio edit).
  • In live performances of the Genesis song "Invisible Touch" (which normally doesn't contain any profanity), when Phil Collins gets to the line "And though she will mess up your life", he tends to replace the word "mess" with an F-strike. Most notably, he did this at the Live Earth benefit concert, which (since it was being broadcast during pre-watershed hours) required Jonathan Ross, the presenter, to apologize for the swearing.
  • T.I., being a rapper, normally uses Cluster F-Bomb. However, his hit single "Live Your Life", which features Rihanna and was made for pop radio, contains no swearing apart from one use of N-Word Privileges.
    Allergic to the counterfeit, impartial to the politics
    Articulate, but still I'll grab a nigga by the collar quick
  • One that arguably improved the tone of a song; in Harry Chapin's "A Better Place To Be", the original lyric reads, "I wish I weren't so doggone fat..." For the Greatest Stories Live performance and every other concern performance after that, the lyric got changed to "I wish I weren't so goddamn fat..." Given that Chapin's songs had very little profanity, it stands out.
  • The self-titled EP by ARCHIS is completely clean lyrically other than its second track, "Black Eye", wherein the narrator vows revenge on a friend's Domestic Abuser. Particularly surprising because this section is sung in a very quiet, Perishing Alt-Rock Voice fashion:
    Driving 90 'cross the bridge
    Yeah, I know where this fucker lives
  • Ella Eyre's "Comeback", an acerbic Break-Up Song with 2 F-bombs in the chorus (the original version leads to 7 F-bombs overall; live it can border on Cluster F-Bomb given "let the motherfucker burn" is a great Audience Participation request):
    We've all been played, we all get hurt
    Just take that pain and let that motherfucker burn
    And you know that in time you will find
    That they always come back, yeah they always come back
    They're all the same, they never learn
    So dig their grave, and let that motherfucker burn
    And you know that in time you will find
    That they always come back, yeah they always come back
  • "Ministry of Fools" by Saxon, of which Wikipedia delicately says "possibly concerns the media and authority."
    You're talking on the TV, every single day
    Making stupid gestures, nothing much to say
    Deny responsibility, find someone to blame
    When it comes right down to it, you're all the fuckin' same
  • Depeche Mode, On "Fail" Martin sings:
    Our souls are corrupt
    Our minds are messed up
    Our consciences bankrupt
    Oh, we're fucked
  • Fitz & The Tantrums unleash the precision f-strike on "Complicated":
    We do this every night
    Yeah, we fuck and then we fight
  • BIGMAMA, who make a fairly frequent habit of singing in English, have a couple of songs with violent precision strikes; "Tereize no Tameiki" ends with a pointed "Go fuck yourself," and the otherwise calm and contemplative "Ai wa Harinezumi no Youni" drops an incongruous "holy shit" mid-verse.
  • Nickelback used one in one of their songs "It Must be Nice" in which the main line of the chorus is "Your life's a goddamn fairy tale" except for the last line which opts it out for "Your life's a fucking fairy tale"
  • In "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes sneaks in the word "motherfucker" after his verse ends.
  • Within Temptation songs generally contain no profanity. "And We Run" is a collab with Xzibit. In his rap portion he uses the word "motherfucker".
  • Talking Heads' "Sax and Violins", which paraphrases Philip Larkin's poem "This Be The Verse": "Mom and pop, they will fuck you up, for sure". Notably the only song in their entire discography with any cursing (though David Byrne has unexpectedly dropped an occasional f-bomb in his solo material).
  • The Pogues can throw themselves quite often at this trope.
    • Most famously, their Christmas song "Fairytale of New York" uses explicit terms which have been subject to on-air censorship.
    "You're an old slut on junk."
    "You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot, happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it's our last."
    • "Boys of the County Hell" drops the lines "we broke his fucking balls" and "I left without a penny or fuckall".
    • "The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn" slips in "And you decked some fucking blackshirt who was cursing all the Yids" and "lousy drunken bastards singing 'Billy in the Bowl'".
    • In the final verse of "The Old Main Drag", the singer laments in a drunken state how he's "been spat on, and shat on, and raped, and abused".
    • "Sit Down By the Fire" ends with an F-Strike.
    "So lie near the wall
    And cover your head
    Good night and God bless
    Now fuck off to bed!"
  • Type O Negative drops one now and then.
    • From "Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)":
      "Loving you was like loving the dead... was like FUCKING the dead!"
    • Also in "We Hate Everyone".
      "We don't care, WHAT! YOU! THINK! We don't give a FUCK!
  • The Eagles are not known for their swearing, but a couple examples stand out.
    • "Life in the Fastlane" drops the lyric "We've been up and down this highway, haven't seen a goddamn thing".
    • They get a bit aggressive in "Get Over It".
      "You bitch about the present and blame it on the past
      I'd like to find your inner child and kick its little ass!"
  • David Allan Coe has a bit of a controversial background including a couple X-Rated albums in which he holds nothing back, but his normal stuff for the most part avoids the swearing. However in his song "If That Ain't Country", he demonstrates N-Word Privileges.
  • The Slip by Nine Inch Nails uses exactly one F-Bomb in this style on the track "1,000,000".
    Put the gun in my mouth
    Close your eyes, blow my
    fuckin' brains out!
    • And before then, their classic Pretty Hate Machine has a famous and very well-placed one on "Something I Can Never Have".
      Everywhere I look, you’re all I see
      just a fading
      fucking reminder of who I used to be
  • Mystery Skulls has a couple:
    • "Ghost":
      Time for givin' up the ghost
      Fuck, it's you I hate the most
    • "In My Sleep":
      You can't do this like I do it,
      I fuckin' wrote this in my sleep,
  • Swedish duo First Aid Kit contains an instance of swearing
    • The song "Master Pretender" from their first album Stay Gold has the lines
      I always thought that you'd be here But shit gets fucked up and people just disappear
  • At the end of The Verve's "Come On" is the repeated line "This is a big fuck you!"
  • The singer: Canadian folk icon Gordon Lightfoot. The song: Smooth, easy, gentle-paced ballad, "Seven Island Suite." The lyric:
    Fortune will not find you in your mansion or your truck
    Brothers will desert you when you're down and shit out of luck
  • Jonathan Edwards had a 1971 hit with "Sunshine." A recurring line in the chorus goes, "He can't even run his own life. I'll be damned if he'll run mine." The melody places the word "damned" in a very prominent position. This was considered scandalous in 1971. Nonetheless, it was played on many radio stations at all hours.
  • The fact that Tom Lehrer virtually never swears in his songs — even when singing about topics like pornography and sadomasochism — somehow makes the "oh well, what the hell" line in "She's My Girl" much funnier.
  • Of Monsters and Men are not usually known to swear in their songs, as moody and introspective as they can get to be. Yet in "Under A Dome", they manage to sneak in some well-nuanced swears. For example, the chorus goes:
    Under a dome
    Where I met you first
    Fuck the way we were
    Watch the color burst
  • In 1967, Richard Brautigan was among several poets and artists who attended a wild dinner party in San Francisco's Chinatown. Guest of honor was British poet Basil Bunting who was going to give a reading at the San Francisco Museum of Art. He got everyone to sing a rousing little ditty which they remembered later as "Troop Ships Are Leaving Bombay." Most people today are probably familiar with the straight-ahead patriotic version of this George Formby classic — whose proper title is "Fuck 'Em All." There is also a sarcastic Irish version talking about severe rationing.
  • In 1990, Neil Young released a song called "F!#*in Up" (the symbols are his) in hopes of getting a Content Warning sticker. He didn't. (Here's the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame version, and it's also on the Ragged Glory album).
  • The Spin Room: Fairly mild, but "You Got Me"'s chorus has the line "I don't give a damn." Most other songs produced by the musician don't have any profanity.
  • Bad Religion's "Fuck You" is both about the release provided by doing this, and the fact that people with no arguments just end up resorting to it.
    Sometimes it takes no thought at all
    The easiest thing to do...
    Is say "fuck you"
    Pavlovian rude
    A menace too
    Pay homage to
    Your bad attitude
    • The full Title Drop to "Hooray For Me" is "So hooray for me… and fuck you!".
  • It's easy to miss Stevie Wonder's f-bomb in "Living for the City", as it's mixed in with multiple singing voices in the middle of the song.
    This fucking crud is shitty...
  • There's a single F-bomb at the end of Coolio's otherwise profanity-free "Gangster's Paradise"
    I guess they can't, I guess they won't, I guess I'm fucked
    That's how I know my life is out of luck, fool
  • "Beg" by Evans Blue is clean until the final chorus changes from "You better start to love her" to "You better fucking love her".
  • "Goodbye" by industrial rock band Gravity Kills has the line "I'm fucking tired and I'm saying goodbye", which is notably the only swear word on the entire album.
  • While a majority of songs from Jason Donovan in his PWL era were profanity-free, only one of his songs from that era, "Careless Talk and Silly Lies", includes very mild profanity in one of the lyrics, which was repeated again later in the song.
  • Used to great effect in Sentenced's "Excuse Me While I Kill Myself":
    "How do you do? Have yourself a pleasant afternoon!"
    Well, Fuck you too! "Good night" is the one I choose for you!
  • While Falling in Reverse is generally not a band to shy away from using swear words, there is a pretty significant one in their cover of Gangsta's Paradise, a song that originally has no swears whatsoever.
    "Tell me why are we so fucking blind to see to that the ones we hurt and you and me?"
    • Towards the end of "The Drug In Me Is You," Ronne slightly alters the chorus to be more profane.
      "I've lost my fucking mind and there's no fucking time."
  • While accompanying Alice in Chains and Korn, Under Oath lead singer Spencer Chamberlain asked a St. Louis crowd (after mentioning that all of their other gigs in St. Louis had been held in a much smaller venue than the amphitheater they were currently playing in) to raise their hands if this was their first time seeing them. He unleashed a "Holy fuck!" when 90% of the capacity crowd raised their hands.


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