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Jun 24th 2018 at 12:03:11 PM •••

" Thus far into their long career, The Flaming Lips have only released two songs with any strong language in them: Protest Song "The W.A.N.D." includes the lyric "We got the power now, motherfuckers", while "You Lust" opens with the lines "You got a lot of nerve / a lot of nerve to fuck with me". "

Ha, this isn't even close to true. "Unplugged," "Five Stop Mother Superior Rain", "There You Are", "H Alloween on the Barbary Coast", and that's just off the top of my head

Nov 25th 2012 at 8:59:49 PM •••

There's a mention of The Who's Who Are You and how the radio censors that line. Here in Kansas City, they don't, and I've heard that other stations play it through.

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