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Mohs Rock Metal / Levels 10 and 11

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WARNING: Here lies by far the heaviest, darkest, grittiest sonic material to have been ever conceived by the human brain. Be very sure you're highly trained before you listen to any these songs, especially those residing at Level 11, otherwise you better grab some Brain Bleach. Really, if you're starting here, to say that you're out of your damn mind would be one hell of an understatement. You Have Been Warned. note 


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    Level 10 

Genres: Death Metal, Deathcore, Mathcore, Aggrotech, Grindcore, Heavier Melodic Death Metal, The Heaviest Thrash Metal, Powerviolence, Black Metal, Crust Punk, Digital Hardcore, Heavy Drum and Bass, Darkstep, Neurofunk, Drill 'n' Bass, Hard / Harsh EBM, Brostep, Glitch, lighter Drone Metal, Death / Doom and Funeral

Matching Mineral: Diamond

    Level 11 

Genres: Any and all harsh and abrasive musical subgenresnote 

Matching mineral: Hyperdiamond (Aggregated diamond nanorods)


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