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Attila, not to be confused with Billy Joel's Old Shame acid rock band, are a metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia started in 2005 by Chris Fronzak, not wanting to have a traditional death metal band. Thanks for Fronzak's business sense, networking abilities, and larger than life persona, they've become one of the most popular metalcore bands in the later 2010's.

They are quite a controversial band within metal and hardcore circles because of their lyrical style and Chris Fronzak's stage antics, but have a surprisingly loyal fanbase.



  • Bleached Underpants: Inverted. Chris started doing porn well after Attila was established.
  • Crunkcore: One of the few examples that survived the Myspace era.
  • Deathcore: The bands' first two albums were party-oriented deathcore.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Would you believe that Fallacy was pretty much straight up Deathcore?
  • I Am the Band: Chris "Fronzilla" Fronz is the only consistent member.
  • Misogyny Song: One of the biggest criticisms of the band comes from the sheer amount of these they have had over the years.
  • Motor Mouth: Fronzak's vocals can descend into this at times on the raspier vocal parts.
  • New Sound Album: About That Life, the band's most well known album, saw them shifting to a Nu Metal oriented sound and abandoning most of the Deathcore elements.
    • Chaos saw the introduction of clean vocals into the mix and a more melodic sound.
  • Nu Metal: About That Life onward saw the addition of nu metal elements, most prominently rapped vocals interspersed with screaming and breakdowns.
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  • Ode to Intoxication: Quite a few of the bands songs are about being drunk and/or smoking weed.
  • Poe's Law: A cursory glance through any YouTube comments section of one of their songs reveals people thinking their party image is serious. Most of their songs since at least "About That Life" have been massively tongue in cheek.
  • Piss Take Rap: "Public Apology" at among others, Westboro Baptist Church.
  • Revolving Door Band: Not to the extent of For the Fallen Dreams or Woe, Is Me, but they have had a lot of people go through the band, with Chris "Fronzilla" Fronz being the only constant.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Limp Bizkit of all bands. The bands "tough guy" image, polarizing music among the metalcore community, and larger-than-life frontman make them the New Tens' version of Limp Bizkit.
  • Take That!: Quite a few, "Callout 2" is a good example, throwing shade at (among others) Emmure, Danny Worsnop, Dennis Stoff, Martin Shkreli, and pineapple on pizza.
    • "Callout" 1 was a bit more direct, calling out Jonny Craig for scamming fans (but not the only example in the song).
      Hey kids, gimme all your money.
      Got a hundred Macbooks but I swear I'm not a druggie.
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  • The Stoner: You better believe it.

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