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Necrophagist are a German Technical Death Metal Band.

They are known for their highly technical playing, even for tech death standards, a good majority of which are borrowed from classical music. They hit mainstream popularity (At least the metal mainstream) with the release of Epitaph, no thanks due to being signed on Relapse Records.

Although a new album was announced in the works back in 2009, they're have been no new whatsoever on whether or not they are still active. In fact, the last known show was back in 2010, leading many to believe that they split up.

However, on September 11, 2013, Romain Goulon had posted a statement that they were still around, and that they are most definitely working on the third album, but gave no other information. This, however, appears to not be true; people who know the band members personally have reported that Muhammed has left music altogether and that Necrophagist is truly dead now and probably forever. With Goulon joining Benighted in 2016, these rumors appear to have been more or less confirmed. Muhammed himself has been spotted at shows with some reasonable degree of frequency lately, though his current day job as an engineer at BMW has limited his ability to be active in any real fashion.


  • Muhammed Suiçmez – vocals, lead guitar (1992–?)
  • Stephan Fimmers – bass guitar (2003–?)
  • Sami Raatikainen – rhythm guitar, lead guitar (2006–?)
  • Romain Goulon – drums (2008–?)

Notable Past Members


  • Onset of Putrefaction (1999)
  • Epitaph (2004)

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