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All Shall Perish was an American deathcore band. One of the first major bands in the genre and most certainly one of its biggest codifiers, they became one of the poster children for the genre and also were one of the few bands to resist trends in the genre until a lengthy hiatus apparently brought them to an end, but in the wake of revelations that it was due to legal wrangling, they are back and poised to reclaim their old spot once more.

Formed in 2002 by Caysen Russo and Beniko "Ben" Orum (guitars), their ranks quickly swelled to include Craig Betit (vocals), Mike Tiner (bass), and Matt Kuykendall (drums). They wasted no time in getting a demo out that following year, and in turn, the fledgling Japanese label Amputated Vein Records took a liking to them and wasted no time in helping them put out Hate . Malice . Revenge that same year. It was also during this stretch that Betit and Russo left; Hernan "Eddie" Hermida and Chris Storey were welcomed into their respective spots, forming the classic lineup. At some point between this stretch and 2005, they were also snatched up by Nuclear Blast Records, who rereleased their debut, while 2006 brought The Price of Existence, their breakthrough album. A great deal of touring followed and the band's status was significantly raised, and a large crop of new bands inspired by them did nothing to hurt their profile either. After the touring cycle for Price had concluded, they wasted no time in following it up with the significantly more melodic and at times even experimental Awaken the Dreamers in 2008, which was hailed as a major sign of growth for the band and helped propel them even closer to the top of the deathcore genre. By the beginning of 2009, however, Storey was out and a highly talented young shredder by the name of Jason Richardson was announced as his replacement. More touring followed and the band maintained their status, though Richardson did not last long and was gone by the end of 2010, along with Kuykendall. Francesco Artusato and Adam Pierce were their respective replacements, and after a prolonged writing process, This Is Where It Ends dropped in the summer of 2011. Another round of touring followed, though Orum left at some point in 2012 to (ostensibly) focus on his screen-printing business. No formal replacement was announced, though Rob Maramonte became a live fill-in. After a late summer tour in 2013 concluded, a bombshell was dropped: in the wake of Eddie Hermida's role as the new frontman of Suicide Silence, the band was forced to fire him due to conflicts with the latter's management. All activity ceased and nary a peep was heard from the band for almost two years. During this period, Artusato formed Devil You Know, while Pierce joined Emmure.

Rumors started kicking around in 2015 that All Shall Perish was not dead, however, and after a hoax regarding their new lineup was shot down, the real truth was revealed: the inactivity was due to the band being locked up in arbitration with Tiner over control of band assets and rights to their name and brand. After the arbitration had concluded, virtually all of the classic lineup (including Hermida) had returned, though Tiner had declined an invitation to join and had his spot filled by a returning Russo, while Betit also joined on a full-time live session basis due to Hermida's commitments to Suicide Silence. A new album is being written and the band will apparently resume touring once it is out. As of 2019, nothing related to the new album has surfaced, and in the wake of Orum resurrecting Antagony, it is quite possible that they simply don't care about the band any more.


  • Demo 2003
  • Hate . Malice . Revenge (2003)
  • The Price of Existence (2006)
  • Awaken the Dreamers (2008)
  • This Is Where It Ends (2011)
  • El Pasado nos Perseguira (2012) (single, Spanish-language version of "The Past Will Haunt Us Both")


  • Audience Participation Song: "Wage Slaves".
  • Deathcore: One of the most famous bands in the genre, and along with Job for a Cowboy, As Blood Runs Black, Suffokate, and Salt the Wound, they helped codify the MySpace deathcore style that became synonymous with the genre between 2006 and the early 2010s.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Hate . Malice . Revenge was slammier and decidedly more raw and stripped-down than their later material.
  • Epic Rocking: "The Last Relapse" (6:41), "The Past Will Haunt Us Both" (6:05), and "In This Life of Pain" (7:33).
  • Instrumentals: "From So Far Away"
  • Insufferable Genius: Apparently why Chris Storey was asked to leave. This was apparently also the case with Jason Richardson, who, while a truly prodigious talent, was also a kid at the time and often acted like it, though he left for Born of Osiris before they hit the breaking point with him (ironically, he was fired from the latter for the opposite reason, namely that he complained incessantly about their complete lack of professionalism, excessive drinking and drug usage, and constant partying).
  • Metal Scream: Eddie is famous for his banshee-like Type 3 highs, though he can also easily pull off Type 1s and 2s as well.
  • Music Is Politics: In any case, this is what created the hiatus. The official reason given was that Suicide Silence's management would not let Eddie do anything with All Shall Perish until he had been active with the former for some time (with unstated but apparently understood dire consequences for running afoul of them) and that Eddie said that he wasn't leaving All Shall Perish of his own volition and would have to be fired, while the revelation that the band was in arbitration with Tiner created the possibility that this may have been a cover story to make Tiner look better. Either way, this trope was in effect: either Suicide Silence's management fucked them over or Tiner tried to fuck all the other rightsholders over.
  • Protest Song: Their main lyrical theme.
  • Revolving Door Band: Got a small case of this in the early 2010s before the hiatus.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: Eddie's extremely distinctive Type 3 highs are exceptionally shrill, and along with Jonny Davy, Mitch Lucker, and Chris Blair (As Blood Runs Black), he helped codify and popularize the "gutturals and shrieks" vocal dynamic that became the norm for the MySpace deathcore style.
  • Soprano and Gravel: Eddie can go from low gutturals all the way up to high shrieks and is quite capable of clean vocals but almost never chooses to use them in All Shall Perish, though he used them exclusively on the Suicide Silence self-titled.
  • Special Guest: On the album front, Cam Pipes guested on "Black Gold Reign", Rusty Cooley did a guest solo on "From So Far Away", and Alex Erian guested on "The Death Plague". On the live front, Bray Almini (ex-Suffokate) served as a live fill-in for Tiner on several occasions, while Luke Jaeger (Sleep Terror) and Rob Maramonte served as live guitar fill-ins, and Craig Betit's new role is apparently as a full-time live fill-in for whenever Eddie can't make a tour (akin to how Kevin Muller functions in Suffocation).
  • Start My Own: Artusato started Light the Torch (originally formed as Devil You Know) with Howard Jones and John Sankey (Devolved, also a longtime associate of Fear Factory) sometime during the hiatus and later quit All Shall Perish to focus on them full-time. Subverted with Oblivion, as that was Nick Vasallo's brainchild, and Ben wound up joining them well after they had formed.
  • Teen Genius: Jason Richardson was no older than eighteen when he joined.
  • Trope Codifier: Along with Job for a Cowboy, Suffokate, Through the Eyes of the Dead, and As Blood Runs Black, they codified the MySpace deathcore sound with The Price of Existence. Prior to them, a lot of the earlier acts (namely The Red Chord, Despised Icon, Animosity, Deadwater Drowning, and Antagony) were largely just grindy death metal with lots of hardcore and mathcore elements, and even Hate . Malice . Revenge, while containing some traces of their later sound, was closer to their friends (and, in the case of Orum and Russo, ex-bandmates) in Antagony than anything else. The Price of Existence, along with Job for a Cowboy's Doom, Suffokate's Oakland, Through the Eyes of the Dead's Bloodlust, and As Blood Runs Black's Allegiance, on the other hand, was an album that created the MySpace deathcore sound that was synonymous with the genre until the early 2010s.