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Ingested is a British death metal/deathcore act. Characterized by their mix of brutal death riffing and slam breaks with strong deathcore overtones, they codified the slam/deathcore crossover sound and have recently become a fast-rising figure in both genres.

Formed in Manchester, England out of the ashes of Age of Suffering in 2006 by Jason "Jay" Evans (vocals), Sean Hynes and Sam Yates (guitars, backing vocals), Brad Fuller (bass), and Lyn Jeffs (drums), the band quickly got on the North-West Slam Fest split comp with Crepitation and Kastrated, and by 2009, Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering, their full-length debut, was out on Siege of Amida Records. Various shows and tours followed, but Lyn Jeffs' additional duties with Annotations of an Autopsy proved to be a limiting factor when it came to their ability to tour. 2010 came and brought more activity due to Jeffs having quit Annotations after recording their sophomore album in 2009, and 2011 brought further increased activity and The Surreption, their sophomore full-length. Things stayed steady in 2012, and 2013 brought Revered by No-One, Feared by All, an EP. The band was finally starting to attract attention, and 2015's The Architect of Extinction proved to be their breakthrough release, bringing greatly increased touring and their first North American run around the end of the year. 2016 brought a new record deal with Unique Leader Records and a slot on the Summer Slaughter Tour for their second North American run. A forth full-length was tracked in bits and pieces before it was finally completed in January of 2018. The Level Above Human will drop on April 27, 2018.



  • Stinking Cesspool of Liquefied Human Remnants (2006) - EP, was later used for the North-West Slam Fest split
  • North-West Slam Fest (2007) - split with Crepitation and Kastrated
  • Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering (2009) (remastered in 2016 and rereleased as a limited-run digipak with Revered included, rereleased again in 2019 with the "Erotic Depravity" rerecording instead)
  • The Surreption (2011)
  • Revered by No-One, Feared by All (2013) - EP
  • The Architect of Extinction (2015)
  • The Level Above Human (2018)
  • Call of the Void (2019) - EP
  • Erotic Depravity (2019) (single, a rerecorded track from North-West Slam Fest that was previously on Call of the Void as an unlisted CD bonus track and was later included on the 10th anniversary edition of Surpassing)
  • Impending Dominance (2020) - single
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  • Where Only Gods May Tread (2020)
  • The Surreption II (2021, rerecording of The Surreption)
  • Rebirth (2022) (single)
  • Ashes Lie Still (2022) (single)
  • Ashes Lie Still (2022) (LP)


  • Badass Boast: Lots, but "Narcissistic Apathy" probably has their most famous.
    "And if the human race had one fucking neck, I'd have my hands around it!"
  • Big "NO!"/Atomic F-Bomb: "Titanomachy".
    "I'll slice them and dice them with expert precision/your lazy derision has caused this division, now I'm to bend over - assume the position? FUCK! THAT!"
    • "Invidious":
    "Make a fool of us? NO!"
  • Catchphrase: You know a slam or breakdown is coming when Jay says "Oh shit!".
  • Deathcore: They have always had prominent deathcore leanings, but its prominence in their sound vacillated on the first few albums before they dropped all pretenses of not being deathcore on Where Only Gods May Tread.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering was distinctively slammier and had far fewer deathcore elements than their later material.
  • Epic Rocking: "The Alpha and Omega" (10:10) and "Leap of the Faithless" (9:18). The former only qualifies on The Surreption II, as the original recorded version was split up for the album.
  • Grief Song: Sean Hynes states that "Ashes Lie Still" is one for his father, who died while he was on tour with his bandmates
  • Gorn: Their sole early lyrical theme before they started moving towards Misanthrope Supreme / A God Am I on The Surreption (which still had plenty of gore) and fully abandoned it on Revered. It's also apparently a bit of an Old Shame to them, as they have told fans who have asked for a return to their old lyrical themes that they are simply too old to write gore lyrics and not look childish for doing so, and they have steadily trimmed older tracks from their setlists over the course of the late 2010s (even "Skinned and Fucked", which they have barely been playing as of 2019).
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Sam Yates.
  • Instrumentals: "Omega", "Penance", and "Obsolescent".
  • Lead Drummer: Lyn Jeffs is known for his incredible speed, power, stamina, and accuracy.
  • Long Runner Lineup: Type 1 up until 2019, when Brad Fuller left.
  • Metal Band Mascot: The venus flytrap/dinosaur-esque abomination on the covers of Surpassing, Architect, and Level. Word of God is that the monstrous humanoid on the cover of Architect is its evolved/ascended form.
  • Metal Scream: Jay Evans was originally a Type 2, sticking to a lower-mid-ranged gurgle with occasional Type 3 highs. He shifted up to a Type 1 around the late 2010s to account for vocal deterioration.
  • Motor Mouth: Jay does this with reasonable frequency. "A Nightmare Incarnate" is a standout; once it speeds up, you're probably not going to keep up with the lyrics even if you have them handy.
  • New Sound Album: Several:
    • The Surreption was distinctly more stripped-down and deathcore-leaning, a sound that was largely carried over to Revered by No-One, Feared by All.
    • The Architect of Extinction was distinctly riffier and more technical, with a far greater emphasis on brutal death and some melodic explorations as well (namely "Rotted Eden").
    • The Level Above Human toned down the technicality in exchange for a greater focus on atmosphere and also expanded on the melodic elements that were hinted at on Architect, as well as bringing back some of the deathcore elements that they largely abandoned with that album. According to the band, it was intended for live shows, as by Sean's own admission, The Architect of Extinction had some songs that were just too complicated to work live and/or for him to feel confident in his ability to play them night after night for a month.
    • Where Only Gods May Tread largely eschews the slam elements and takes a very unambiguously deathcore-oriented direction, with multiple slower and/or more melodic tracks, the use of eight-string guitars on several tracks, and clean vocal passages on "Another Breath".
  • Nobody Loves the Bassist: Brad Fuller had not been a contributing member for the past several releases (Sean Hynes tracked the bass himself, and Brad never made any writing contributions during his time in the band), and when he left in 2019, the band made no attempt to replace him and told individual fans that they likely would not search for a new bassist any time soon, if ever.
  • Older than They Look: Jay Evans is 35, but still looks like he's in his early twenties.
  • Oop North: From Manchester, though Jeffs currently lives in Spain.
  • Out-of-Genre Experience: While they have had melodic songs before, "Eternal Kingdoms - Part I" is a straight-up Melodic Death Metal song with prominent melodic black metal influences, which they have yet to revisit.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Jay Evans.
  • Prayer Is a Last Resort: In "Leap of the Faithless", the narrator calls on Heaven for help. It doesn't work.
  • Religion Rant Song: "Mouth of the Abyss", along with Villain Song and Motive Rant.
  • The Secret of Long Pork Pies: The music video for "Narcissistic Apathy". The band eventually figures this out and confronts the chef over it at the end of the video, but the chef kills the bandmates and grounds their meat to use it for his recipes.
  • Slam Death Metal: Very far over on the brutal death end of the spectrum, mostly on Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering. They largely shed it by The Surreption for more of a slammy brutal death sound, and while they do use "World Wide Slam Kings" as a tagline, the band themselves deny the slam label.
  • Soprano and Gravel: "Last Rites" features a brief clean gang chant, while "Another Breath" features a cleanly sung hook from Kirk Windstein.
  • Special Guest: Alex Erian and Matt Jones (Martyr Defiled) were guests on The Surreption, while Julian Kersey (Aegaeon), Taylor Wientjes, James Shuster (Delusional Parasitosis), and Alex "Terrible" Shikolai (Slaughter to Prevail) all guested on "The Heirs to Mankind's Atrocities" on The Architect of Extinction, while The Level Above Human has appearances from Frank Mullen, Jason Keyser, and Ricky Roper (Osiah). Where Only Gods May Tread has appearances from Vincent Bennett, Kirk Windstein, and Matt Honeycutt (Kublai Khan), while Dominic Grimard (Ion Dissonance) tracked bass as a session member. On the live front, Jason Keyser currently doubles as an on-call live fill-in for whenever Jay's day job keeps him from being able to make a tour, while Stephen Mashburn (I Am Destruction) handled vocals on their spring 2018 US headlining tour until Keyser was able to take over and Lukas Swiaczny (Stillbirth) also jumped in to do a string of UK dates in 2019.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Age of Suffering. Word of God is that while Jay, Sean, and Sam were in Age of Suffering and Ingested reused several Age of Suffering songs, Ingested was an entirely new project, not Age of Suffering's second go.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Sean Hynes is quite smitten with Chipotle and has half-jokingly told North American fans that his favorite part of touring on the continent and in the US in particular is having largely unfettered access to the chain.
  • Trope Codifier: For the slam/deathcore hybrid sound as played by acts like Vulvodynia, Acrania, and Signs of the Swarm, though they have always been more death metal-leaning than any of those acts.
  • Vocal Evolution: Jay's lows were originally less phlegmy, and his highs were less shrill, and his lows gradually shifted up to mids due to vocal deterioration.