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Because with a series that covers literally every period in history, we're going to need one. Under construction.

Unmarked spoilers ahead.

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    Prehistory (before 5000 B.C.E.) 
Before the creation of the Universe
  • The Devil comes into existence. After a long battle, it gets imprisoned on a planet orbiting a black hole. ("The Satan Pit")
Shortly before creation of the Universe
  • The Time Lords of the previous universe sidestep its imminent destruction. (Expanded Universe)
The creation of the UniverseShortly after creation of the Universe
  • The Eleventh Doctor and Amy discover the earliest message in civilization carved on an ancient cliff. more  ("The Pandorica Opens")
Circa 9.3 billion years after the creation of the Universe
  • A Racnoss ship, fleeing from the species' destruction, becomes the core of the newly-formed Earth. ("The Runaway Bride")
Over 65 million years ago
  • The SS Marie Antoinette, time-travelling spaceship from the 51st century and sister ship to the Madame de Pompadour, is flung into the past, prior to the extinction of the dinosaurs. The clockwork repair droids begin harvesting organic beings for replacement parts. ("Deep Breath")
  • A Cyberman ship, flung into the past with the Doctor's companion Adric onboard, becomes the Chixulub impactor and cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs. ("Earthshock")
c. 100000 B.C.
  • The First Doctor arrives with Susan, Ian and Barbara in this time period, and they are captured by a tribe of cavemen who want them to make fire for them. ("An Unearthly Child")

    Ancient History (5000 B.C.E. - 801 B.C.E.) 
c. 5000 B.C.
  • The Osirians imprison Sutekh on Mars, and inspire Egyptian civilisation. Slightly later, the first Dalek to visit Earth is buried under the Sphinx. ("Pyramids of Mars")
c. 3000 B.C.
  • There is a war in the Solar System involving the Ice Warriors. Grand Marshal Skaldak is frozen in the Arctic ice, Queen-Empress Iraxxa and her loyal troops are placed into suspended animation on Mars, and Iraxxa's seneschal, later to be known as "Friday", is left in suspended animation in the wreckage of his ship, which crashed in Africa. ("Cold War", "Empress of Mars")

    Classical Antiquity (800 B.C.E. - 500 C.E.) 
27 C.E.
  • Captain Jack Harkness is buried alive beneath the future site of Cardiff. (Torchwood)
  • The First Doctor and companions visit ancient Rome; the Doctor accidentally inspires Nero to burn the city down. ("The Romans")
  • The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble visit Pompeii; the Doctor is forced to cause the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in order to prevent the Pyroviles from conquering the Earth. ("The Fires of Pompeii")
  • Answering a message from River Song, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy arrive in Roman Britain and discover the mythical Pandorica buried under Stonehenge. Among the Roman legion that River temporarily takes over is the previously retgoned Rory Williams. It's revealed that the entire situation is a trap for the Doctor and that the Romans are Autons, and the Doctor is sealed inside the Pandorica by all of his archenemies. ("The Pandorica Opens")

    Medieval History (501 - 1500) 
9th Century
  • A Dalek reconnaissance scout lands on Earth. In England, three armies that were formerly enemies work together to defeat it at great cost, before splitting the mutant into three pieces and entrusting each to a custodian, with instructions to take their piece to a remote corner of the world for they and their descendants to guard for all time. Two of the custodians successfully bury their burdens, on a remote Pacific island and in Siberia. However, the third is killed by a bandit in Yorkshire before his journey could really get started, with his burden abandoned in the road with him. ("Resolution")
  • The Twelfth Doctor helps a small village fight an alien who claims to be Odin. In the process, he accidentally makes a girl named Ashildr immortal. ("The Girl Who Died")
  • The First Doctor and companions prevent the Meddling Monk from preventing the Norman conquest of England. ("The Time Meddler")
  • The Twelfth Doctor flees to medieval Essex to avoid having to face a dying Davros. Missy and Clara travel back to find him as Sarff brings them all to a Dalek satellite. The Doctor is given an audience by Davros as Clara and Missy escape and find that the space station is actually a base on Skaro, which has been completely cloaked. ("The Magician's Apprentice")
    • Davros tries to harness the Doctor's regenerative powers to make all Daleks part Time Lord, but the regeneration allows the Dalek corpses in the sewers to ruin the foundations of Skaro. The Doctor and Clara escape with the TARDIS. ("The Witch's Familiar")
  • The Twelfth Doctor and Clara meet Robin Hood and help him fight off a robotic invasion. ("Robot of Sherwood")
  • The First Doctor and his companions are part of the court of King Richard the Lionheart in the middle of the Third Crusade. ("The Crusade")
  • The Eleventh Doctor spends some time at a monastery in this year, trying to use the peace and quiet to help with his search for Clara Oswald, the "woman twice dead". He leaves after he gets a phone call from the woman herself. ("The Bells of Saint John")
  • The First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara meet Marco Polo, who takes the TARDIS to Kublai Khan in Peking in order to win imperial favour. ("Marco Polo")
  • In Aleppo, Tahira, a young woman with a troubled past who's finally found sanctuary in a hospital, is targeted by the sadistic immortal Zellin, who creates monsters called the Chagaskas from her dreams as part of a plot which involves tricking the Doctor. ("Can You Hear Me?")

    The Renaissance (1501 - 1750) 
  • The First Doctor and his companions arrive in the Aztec era, one of Barbara's specialties, and she's mistaken for the reincarnation of the goddess Yetaxa. Despite the Doctor's very stern warnings, Barbara seizes the opportunity to influence history. ("The Aztecs")
  • The 10th, 11th, and War Doctors protect England from Zygons, though the Zygons themselves go into hiding in paintings. The 10th Doctor marries Elizabeth I. ("The Day of the Doctor")
  • The First Doctor and companion Steven Taylor appear in the middle of St. Bartholomew's Day massacre. ("The Massacre")
  • The last surviving Saturnynians, fleeing the ravaging of their planet by the cracks in time, come to Venice. The matriarch, who takes the name Rosanna Calvierri, enacts a plan to save her species by converting human women into her kind (as only her sons survived the journey) and sinking Venice to provide a home. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams (on his first TARDIS trip) arrive and put a halt to her plans, ending with Rosanna committing suicide by letting her sons unknowingly kill her. ("The Vampires of Venice")
  • The Tenth Doctor, on his first adventure with Martha Jones, takes her back to meet William Shakespeare. There, they defeat the Carrionites, who are attempting to free their species using Shakespeare's lost play Love's Labours Won. ("The Shakespeare Code")
Between 1603 and 1625
  • The Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan Sinclair, Graham O'Brien, and Yasmin Khan arrive in the town of Bilehurst Cragg to discover the landowner, widow Becka Savage, has killed dozens of people in witch hunts. Investigating, as the unexpected arrival of King James I only heightens tensions, they discover that Becka chopped down a tree that, unbeknownst to anyone, was actually serving as the lock of an alien prison, and became possessed as a result, holding the trials to save her own skin. The Doctor manages to re-seal the prison, and the village's existence is wiped from the history books on the King's orders. ("The Witchfinders")
  • The Twelfth Doctor reunites with Ashildr, who's assisting an alien named Leandro who, unbeknownst to her, plans to invade Earth. She comes around and stops him, but the Doctor still refuses to make her a companion. ("The Woman Who Lived")
  • The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams help Captain Henry Avery discover that the "Siren" plaguing his ship is the holographic doctor of a stranded spaceship. Because the Siren can help with his son's illness, Avery and his crew take up flying the ship. ("The Curse of the Black Spot")
  • The Tenth Doctor meets young Reinette, AKA the future Madame de Pompadour, for the first time, having a conversation with her through the time window in her fireplace. ("The Girl in the Fireplace")
  • Landing in Scotland in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden, the recently regenerated Second Doctor and his companions Polly and Ben encounter a small group of Highlanders escaping from the battle. ("The Highlanders")

    First Industrial Revolution (1751 - 1850) 
  • The clockwork droids from the SS Madame de Pompadour attack a ball that Reinette is attending in Versailles in the interest of harvesting her brain. The Tenth Doctor rides a horse through the time window, shattering it and cutting them off from their ship, causing them to give up and power down. The Doctor wants Reinette as his companion and promises her to come back for her after "two minutes". ("The Girl in the Fireplace")
  • The Tenth Doctor comes back for Reinette to make her his companion, but he arrives on April 15th, the day she died of illness. King Louis XV gives the Doctor a letter she wrote before she died. ("The Girl in the Fireplace")
  • After discussions between the First Doctor and his companions, the TARDIS leaves them into the middle of Revolutionary France, and they are trapped between enemy lines and almost at the point of being en route to the guillotine. ("The Reign of Terror")
  • While repeatedly celebrating the New Year, the Thirteenth Doctor and companions visit astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi on January 1 as he discovers the asteroid Ceres. ("Resolution")
  • River Song is taken by the Eleventh Doctor to the last of the great frost fairs, where he arranges for Stevie Wonder to perform for her under London Bridge. ("A Good Man Goes to War")
  • Near the end of the frost fair, the Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts arrive to discover that an unscrupulous nobleman is planning to cause the ice to break and drown everyone at the fair to feed a giant serpent chained under the Thames, which excretes a powerful fuel. They turn the tables on him so he drowns instead and the serpent goes free. ("Thin Ice")
  • The Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz arrive at Villa Diodati on Lake Geneva to hang out with literary greats on the night that Mary Shelley comes up with the idea for Frankenstein. What they discover instead is historical tampering, as Percy Bysshe Shelley, who should be present, is missing, and the house begins to twist in on itself. It turns out that the missing Shelley has become the involuntary host of a powerful Cyber-AI sent back from the future, followed by the sinister Lone Cyberman. Unfortunately, the Sadistic Choice she's presented with forces the Doctor to give the Cyberium up in order to save the Earth, before she and her companions follow the cyborg warrior to the far future to try and clean up the mess. ("The Haunting of Villa Diodati")
  • The Thirteenth Doctor, attempting to escape the home dimension of the Kasaavin, exits in this year with the help of the future Ada Lovelace, meeting her and her colleague Charles Babbage. The Master follows her, but he is forced to retreat after Ada wounds him with experimental weaponry on display at an invention fair. The Doctor later returns Ada to this year and wipes her memory of events so her influence on history will be unchanged. ("Spyfall")
  • A young Walter Simeon encounters some talking snow which, unbeknownst to him, is amplifying his subconscious, which will lead to the creation of the Great Intelligence. ("The Snowmen")

    Second Industrial Revolution (1851 - 1913) 
  • The Tenth Doctor arrives in London on Christmas Eve and encounters a man, Jackson Lake, who is fighting the Cybus Cybermen and believes himself to be the Doctor. The Doctor uses Lake's hot-air balloon to defeat the Cyberking the Cybermen built, banishing it to the Time Vortex. ("The Next Doctor")
  • After being abandoned on the Gamestation, Captain Jack Harkness is stranded in this year after overshooting the early 21st century, as his Vortex Manipulator burns out. ("Utopia")
  • The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler accidentally arrive in Cardiff, where aliens known as the Gelth are leaking through the Rift. A woman named Gwyneth closes the rift, but it will remain active for decades to come. Author Charles Dickens, who is less than a year from dying, is also involved, and inspired by the events to rewrite his work-in-progress The Mystery of Edwin Drood to incorporate the Gelth. ("The Unquiet Dead")
  • The Eleventh Doctor and his companions arrive in the Wild West and confront a cyborg and an alien who seems a benefactor for the town. ("A Town Called Mercy")
  • The Tenth Doctor and Rose land in Victorian-Era Scotland, where a werewolf is terrorizing the countryside, and meet Queen Victoria at Torchwood House. After they defeat the werewolf, she knights them both, then banishes them, and founds the Torchwood Institute to deal with future otherworldly threats. ("Tooth and Claw")
  • The First Doctor and his companions appear at the Wild West town of Tombstone, Arizona, where they meet infamous Doc Holliday. ("The Gunfighters")
  • After retrofitting an Ice Warrior spaceship, a group of British soldiers arrive on Mars, intending to discover riches. The Ice Warrior known as "Friday" has a different motive: restoring his monarch, Queen Iraxxa. The Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts arrive in the middle of this, and help the Ice Warriors leave their barren planet. ("Empress of Mars")
  • Silurian detective Madame Vastra kills and eats Jack the Ripper, before she and her maid Jenny Flint are picked up by the Eleventh Doctor to participate in the Battle of Demon's Run. ("A Good Man Goes to War")
  • The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond visit Vincent van Gogh to investigate the presence of a monster in one of his paintings, and the three of them discover the presence of a Krafayis, a vicious alien invisible to most, loose in Arles. ("Vincent and the Doctor")
  • Vastra, Jenny and the third member of their team, Sontaran warrior Strax, along with nanny-cum-barmaid Clara Oswin Oswald, attempt to get the grieving Eleventh Doctor to investigate mysterious snowmen and the Great Intelligence Institute, led by Dr. Walter Simeon. ("The Snowmen")
  • The Eleventh Doctor and the present-day Clara Oswald, along with the Paternoster Gang, prevent deranged chemist Winifred Gillyflower from using red leech venom to wipe out everyone on Earth except for her chosen pilgrims. ("The Crimson Horror")
  • Vastra, Jenny and Strax are abducted by the Great Intelligence and its minions during a psychic conference call to discuss a set of time-space coordinates relating to the Doctor Vastra was given by a serial killer. ("The Name of the Doctor")
  • The Twelfth Doctor crashes in Victorian London, and deals with his regeneration while helping Clara Oswald fight off a new batch of Clockwork Droids. ("Deep Breath")
  • British big game hunter John Riddell is picked up by the Eleventh Doctor to help with a mission to investigate a mysterious spaceship in the 24th century. After the adventure, Riddell returns to this year accompanied by Queen Nefertiti, who decided not to return to Ancient Egypt. ("Dinosaurs on a Spaceship")
  • The Thirteenth Doctor and her companions, sightseeing in New York state, encounter inventor Nikola Tesla and find out he's being targeted by scavenger aliens who want to abduct him and force him to repair their ship and weapons, with the threat of the ravaging of Earth if he refuses. Teaming up with Tesla, his assistant Dorothy Skerrit and his rival Thomas Edison, they manage to use Tesla's Wardenclyffe electrical tower to force the Skithra to retreat from Earth. ("Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror")
  • The Tenth Doctor, on the run from the Family of Blood, uses a Chameleon Arch to temporarily make himself human, becoming a schoolteacher with Martha as his maid. He falls in love with the school nurse, Joan Redfern, before opening the watch and returning to himself to stop the Family from destroying a nearby town. ("Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood")
  • Nemesis, a silver living statue created by Rassilon that confronts the Seventh Doctor, stated that his first time on Earth was in 1913 on the eve of WWI. ("Silver Nemesis")

    The World Wars (1914 - 1945) 
  • Captain Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart is snagged in a temporal dilemma while the Testimony is attempting to return him to the battlefield after recording his memories, due to the First and Twelfth Doctors meeting. He is later returned to the battlefield, but thanks to the Doctor he is returned at the start of the Christmas Truce, saving his life. ("Twice Upon a Time")
  • Sometime between this year and 1918, soldiers from every front are kidnapped by alien forces to keep recreating WWI in neverending war games. ("The War Games")
During the First World War
  • Timothy Latimer and his former school bully Hutchinson are saved from an artillery strike by a vision Tim had years earlier from the Chameleon Arch watch the Doctor gave him. ("Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood")
  • Cathy Nightingale is sent back to this year from 2007 by a Weeping Angel and meets her future husband, Ben Wainwright. ("Blink")
  • The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble arrive at a house party in the English countryside, where they meet Agatha Christie and fight a Vespiform that has, due to a psychic device, become programmed to think that the world operates like her novels. As a result, Agatha's memories of the incident are erased, and the Doctor and Donna drop her off at a hotel in Harrogate ten days later, creating her mysterious disappearance. ("The Unicorn and the Wasp")
  • An English writer has been yanked out of his own time and is being controlled by the Master Brain computer in a uncertain future. The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe fight the Alternate Reality created by the writer (self-called as "The Master of the Land") with characters from fairy tales and books become real. In the end, after the Doctor and his companions escape from this reality, it's implied the writer comes back to his own era. ("The Mind Robber")
  • The Cult of Skaro attempts to rebuild the Dalek race in Depression-era New York by hybridizing with unwilling humans. They also create human-pig hybrids from their less-intelligent captives for slave labor. They are defeated, but the last survivor, Dalek Caan, escapes. ("Daleks in Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks")
  • The Second Doctor goes to Tibet in order to return a sacred bell he was given last time he was there, and meets Travers, an English explorer under the steps of the Yeti. Then he finds the High Lama Padmasambhava, who has miraculously remained alive since the Doctor's last visit hundreds of years earlier. It turns out that the Great Intelligence has possessed Padmasambhava's body in order to create a new body to take over the world. ("The Abominable Snowmen")
  • The Teselecta, a Justice Department vehicle from the future, arrives in Berlin to punish Adolf Hitler, not initially realizing they're too early in his timeline. They have just realized this when the TARDIS crashes into Hitler's office, having been damaged when Mels, a friend of Amy Pond and Rory Williams, shot the console, much to the Eleventh Doctor's ire. During the ensuing events, Hitler hits Mels with a bullet while shooting at the Teselecta, after which Rory punches him out and locks him in a closet. Mels reveals herself to be Melody Pond, Amy and Rory's daughter, before regenerating into River Song. She then poisons the Doctor before escaping. Amy and Rory pursue her, but are captured by the Teselecta, which assumes Amy's form. The Doctor manages to stop the Teselecta from punishing River, and River uses up her remaining regenerations to save him. ("Let's Kill Hitler")
  • River Song, in New York under the alias "Melody Malone", is investigating the Weeping Angel presence in the city when she encounters Rory, who was zapped there from the 21st century by an Angel. The Doctor and Amy arrive in his wake shortly thereafter, although they have some difficulty landing the TARDIS because of localized temporal damage done by the Angels. They discover a "battery farm" run by the Angels to feed themselves, and Amy and Rory create a paradox to destroy it. Amy and Rory are sent back to this year by a surviving Angel, stranding them in the past permanently. ("The Angels Take Manhattan")
  • December 24: The Eleventh Doctor crashlands in the London area in a spacesuit after blowing up an attacking spaceship and is found by Madge Arwell, who helps him find the TARDIS without ever seeing his face as he put his helmet on backwards. ("The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe")
  • Captain Jack Harkness crashes an empty Chula ambulance in wartime London as part of a con. The nanogenes it contains are released and find a dead boy, Jamie, wearing a gas mask. They revive him and begin remaking humanity in his image, until they're reprogrammed by his mother, Nancy's, dominant DNA. Jack Harkness comes aboard the TARDIS. Everybody Lives. ("The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances")
  • A trio of Daleks who survived the destruction of the Crucible enact a successful plot to restart their species by posing as British superweapons and tricking the Eleventh Doctor into giving them a statement allowing them to activate an ancient progenitor device. The new Daleks then threaten to destroy the Earth, forcing the Doctor and Amy Pond to stop their bomb and allowing them to escape. ("Victory of the Daleks")
  • Late December: Madge Arwell's husband is apparently shot down over the English Channel, and, hiding it from her children, she takes them to a country house for the holidays. There, she meets the Eleventh Doctor again, posing as the house's caretaker and seeking to repay her for her assistance before by making sure she and her children have an amazing Christmas. After a trip to the future through a time portal doesn't go as planned, the Doctor, Madge and her children return via the Androzani trees' timeship to discover that Madge rescued her husband's plane. Madge only realizes the Doctor is the "angel" she met three years ago just before he leaves in the TARDIS. ("The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe")
  • The Thirteenth Doctor and Ada Gordon (later Lovelace) are transported to this year when the Doctor attempts to use a device built by the Master to have the extradimensional Kasaavin return her to 2020, landing in Nazi-occupied Paris. The Master follows, but the Doctor and Ada are helped by SOE operative Noor Inayat Khan. The Doctor has Ada and Noor help her in a plot that leaves the Master held at gunpoint by Nazis as she and her new friends steal his TARDIS to escape, forcing the Master to take The Slow Path back to 2020. ("Spyfall")

    The Postwar Era (1946 - 1959) 
  • On a request from Yasmin Khan, the Thirteenth Doctor takes her companions to the Punjab on the day of the Partition of India, where Yaz discovers that her grandmother Umbreen was briefly married to a Hindu man who was killed in the violence, long before she met Yaz's grandfather. ("Demons of the Punjab")
  • The Wire steals people's faces in postwar London, including Rose's, and is planning to eat the entire country while everyone is watching the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Eventually, the Tenth Doctor stops it, returning everyone's faces. ("The Idiot's Lantern")
  • November 30: The Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz find themselves in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, and discover that someone is trying to alter the course of history by stopping Rosa Parks from being ordered to give up her seat on her fateful bus ride. ("Rosa")

    The Sixties (1960 - 1969) 
  • The supposedly fifteen-year-old Coal Hill School student Susan Foreman makes her teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, very worried, so they go to see Susan's house and are trapped in the TARDIS by the First Doctor. ("An Unearthly Child")
  • The TARDIS arrives in contemporary London, and the First Doctor and Dodo visit the Post Office Tower, where they meet Professor Brett and his new super-computer WOTAN, which can think for itself and is about to be plugged into a worldwide computer network. ("The War Machines")
  • On the same day, the Second Doctor, Ben, Jamie and Polly go to an airport where Ben and Polly (and more other youngsters like them) are kidnapped by an alien race called the Chameleons, in order to get new faces and disguised as an airline tour. ("The Faceless Ones")
  • Tne Twelfth Doctor is at St. Luke's University in Bristol as a professor, guarding the Vault, by this point. ("The Pilot")
  • The Tenth Doctor and Martha are trapped in this year for three months, due to an attack by the four Weeping Angels in the Wester Drumlins house. DCI Billy Shipton is sent back to this year by an Angel. ("Blink")
  • The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song, along with FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III, spend several months unravelling the plans of the mysterious Silence, culminating in inserting a subliminal recording into the transmission of the Apollo 11 Moon landing ordering people to kill the Silence on sight. ("The Impossible Astronaut"/"Day of the Moon")
  • The Second Doctor arrives in London and helps Isobel Watkins find her uncle, a computer scientist working for International Electromatics. He discovers that the Cybermen want to conquer Earth, but stops them with the help of the recently-promoted Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and the newly-formed UNIT. ("The Invasion")

    The Seventies, a.k.a. The UNIT Era (1970 - 1979) 
Because of the UNIT dating controversy, some of these dates are rather vague.c.1970-72
  • The Third Doctor is exiled to Earth to work with Britain's UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, at first). ("Spearhead from Space") During this time, he clashes with the Master on several occasions.
  • After saving all of time and space from the wrath of Omega, his exile is lifted and he's allowed to travel the universe again. ("The Three Doctors")
  • The Third Doctor fights giant spiders coming from Metebelis III. After making a Heroic Sacrifice to stop these creatures in their home planet, the Doctor comes back weeks later to die in front of Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier, who see him regenerate into the Fourth Doctor. ("Planet of the Spiders")
    • The newly regenerated Doctor awakes just in time to stop an experimental robot going rogue, the K1, that menaces not just UNIT itself, but the world. ("Robot")
  • The Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald visit a haunted house and discover that the "ghost" is actually a stranded time traveller. ("Hide")

    The Eighties and Nineties (1980 - 1999) 
  • The Fisher King sets a plan in motion to take over Earth which ripples into the twenty-second century. The Twelfth Doctor travels back from that time and stops him, although he loses four or five people along the way. ("Before the Flood")
1981The Fourth Doctor tries to repair the TARDIS with the help of the people of the planet Logopolis. However the Master gets involved and in trying to uncover the secret of Logopolis endangers the Universe, as Logopolis' calculations were preventing the Universe's destruction. He and the Doctor travel to Earth to use the Pharos Project to prevent the Universe's destruction. However the Master tries to blackmail the Universe into submission but the Doctor stops his plan, though in the process falls from the radio telescope and regenerates. ("Logopolis")Doctor Who S18 E7 "Logopolis"1983
  • The Firebird, a Soviet submarine exploring the Arctic Ocean, recovers a frozen Ice Warrior, noted war hero Grand Marshal Skaldak. After one of the crewmembers decides to melt the ice around the frozen "mammoth", Skaldak attacks the crew, sending the sub into distress. The Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald arrive in the middle of this and, after much difficulty, manage to negotiate peace. Skaldak is picked up by an Ice Warrior ship, and the Doctor requests transportation as the TARDIS has bunked off to the South Pole. ("Cold War")
  • The First Doctor has his first encounter with the Cybermen in Antarctica, defeating them by destroying their home planet Mondas. He then realizes he has reached the natural end of his original lifespan and leaves Ben and Polly behind as he returns to the TARDIS to regenerate. Along the way he encounters the Twelfth Doctor, who is facing his own regeneration after being critically wounded in his own battle with the original Cybermen, and helps him accept that he needs to regenerate once again, becoming the female Thirteenth Doctor. Ben and Polly catch up and witness the First Doctor's regeneration into the Second. ("The Tenth Planet", "Twice Upon a Time")
  • Pete Tyler dies in a car crash. Rose Tyler is at his side, comforting him, when he goes. Originally, he died alone, and Rose's desire to stop his death created a paradox that almost consumed the Earth. ("Father's Day")
Early '90s
  • The Twelfth Doctor meets a young Danny Pink and unknowingly influences his career. ("Listen")
  • On Christmas Eve, the Twelfth Doctor meets 8-year-old Grant Gordon while setting up a device on the roof of his apartment building, and due to a misunderstanding, Grant swallows a reality-warping gemstone that gives him superpowers. ("The Return of Doctor Mysterio")
  • The Eleventh Doctor, immediately after regenerating, crashlands in the backyard of young Amelia Pond, and has enough time to check out the mysterious crack in her bedroom wall before having to leave because the TARDIS' engines are phasing, promising to be back in 5 minutes. ("The Eleventh Hour")
  • The Seventh Doctor arrives a couple of days before New Year's Eve, where he dies and regenerates into the Eighth Doctor. The Master escapes and takes an EMT as a host, trying to take the Eye of Harmony and destroying the world in the process. (The TV Movie)

    The Turn of the Millennium (2000 - 2009) 
  • March 4: Rose Tyler meets the Ninth Doctor, and he blows up her place of work to stop an Auton infestation, rendering her unemployed. pedantry  ("Rose")
  • March 5:
    • Death of Ellie Ravenwood Oswald. ("The Rings of Akhaten")
    • Mickey Smith meets the Ninth Doctor. pedantry  Plastic shop window dummies attack central London. Mickey is kidnapped by the Nestene and is replaced by a duplicate. The Nestene Consciousness starts taking control of the mannequins from the London Eye, but Rose stops it. Rose joins the TARDIS. ("Rose")
  • Rose and the Doctor return to London, and the Doctor is slapped by someone's mother for the first time. A decoy spaceship, launched by the Slitheen family of Raxicoricofallapatorius, crashes into Big Ben and alerts the general public to the existence of aliens for the first time. Most of England's government is murdered, clearing the way for the rise of Harriet Jones, Prime Minister. 10 Downing Street is blown up. ("Aliens of London"/"World War Three")
  • Rose, the Doctor, and Captain Jack park the TARDIS over the Cardiff rift to refuel and encounter Margaret (or Blon) the Slitheen, the only survivor of the missile that struck Downing Street. They also meet up with Mickey again, and finally notice the words Bad Wolf following them around. ("Boom Town")
  • December 24-25: The Sycorax aliens arrive above Earth and threaten to enslave half of humanity or kill a third, but are stopped by the Tenth Doctor in his first adventure on Earth. Harriet Jones is deposed for ordering Torchwood to blow up the retreating ship, robbing Britain of its Golden Age. ("The Christmas Invasion")
  • Rose, Mickey, the Doctor, and Sarah Jane Smith all end up investigating a school where Krillitanes are using children as a living computer in an attempt to solve the Skasis Paradigm. The Doctor and Sarah Jane reunite, although at first she doesn't recognize him, and he repairs K-9. Mickey Smith comes aboard the TARDIS. ("School Reunion")
  • The TARDIS accidentally trips into an alternate dimension, later dubbed "Pete's World", where they fight off a global assimilation attempt by the Cybus Cybermen. However, Mickey decides to stay behind to continue the fight after the death of his alternate-universe counterpart. ("Rise of the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel")
  • A man named Elton is the only survivor of a creature called the Absorbaloff attacking his group, a Doctor fan club known as LINDA (aside from his girlfriend, Ursula, who survives as a face in a block on concrete). Maybe. ("Love & Monsters")
  • Cybermen from Pete's World begin to appear in the main dimension, first as ghostly figures before materializing fully due to Torchwood messing with their hole in space. At the same time, the Cult of Skaro opens the Genesis Ark, triggering a Dalek invasion. All the Daleks and Cybermen are eventually sucked back into the rift before it closes, but Rose Tyler is trapped in Pete's World. ("Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday")
  • Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale investigate four Weeping Angels in the Wester Drumlins house, guided by messages from the Tenth Doctor, who is trapped in 1969 with Martha. They eventually manage to send the TARDIS back in time to him, leaving the Weeping Angels trapped staring at each other. ("Blink")
  • December 24th: The Doctor destroys a star to say goodbye to Rose Tyler. He meets Donna Noble for the first time and defeats the Racnoss Empress. ("The Runaway Bride")
  • Martha Jones and the Doctor meet for the first time when her hospital is sent to the Moon by the Judoon, who are hunting a plasmavore. Afterwards, the Doctor agrees to take her on "just one" trip. ("Smith and Jones")
  • The Doctor, intending to drop Martha off at home, happens to overhear Professor Lazarus declare that he will change what it means to be human, and investigates. Lazarus successfully de-ages himself, but also mutates into a monster that sucks life energy. He is defeated by the Doctor working with Tish and Martha Jones. Francine Jones grows suspicious of the Doctor, and is first contacted by Harold Saxon. ("The Lazarus Experiment")
  • The Doctor lands the TARDIS at Cardiff to refuel and Captain Jack Harkness hitches an Outside Ride, causing the TARDIS to be flung to the end of the universe. ("Utopia")
  • Harold Saxon, aka the Master, is elected Prime Minister via mind control. He has Martha's family arrested, sends Torchwood Three on a wild goose chase to the Himalayas, and forces the Doctor, Martha and Jack to become fugitives. He also stages a fake first contact scenario with his Toclafane minions and murders the American president onboard the Valiant. After the Reset Button is pushed, this is all most people remember. ("The Sound of Drums"/"Last of the Time Lords")
  • The Eleventh Doctor arrives back in Amy Pond's backyard twelve years late, and the two of them, along with Amy's boyfriend Rory Williams, stop the alien Prisoner Zero before the Space Police Atraxi hunting it can burn the planet. The Doctor then leaves in the repaired TARDIS. ("The Eleventh Hour")
  • December 24-25: The Tenth Doctor prevents Corrupt Corporate Executive Max Capricorn from crashing the starship Titanic and wiping out all life on Earth. He also meets Wilfred Mott, Donna Noble's grandfather. ("Voyage of the Damned")
Alternate 2008-2009/The Year that Never Was
  • After Harold Saxon becomes Prime Minister, he literally decimates the human population, bringing the mechanical Toclafane back from the end of the universe and turning the TARDIS into a Paradox Machine so that they can kill their ancestors with no repercussions. He ages the Doctor's body to match his true age (in the 900s) and takes over the entire world. He is eventually stopped by Martha Jones, who spreads the story of the Doctor and tells the whole human race to believe in him, thinking of him all at once to give him enough power to stop the Master. The year is rewound after the Master's death, and only those onboard the Valiant remember it ever happened. ("The Sound of Drums"/"Last of the Time Lords")
  • Donna Noble tracks down the Tenth Doctor again while both of them are investigating Adipose Industries. They stop the company's head, Miss Foster, from converting a million people into baby Adipose, and Donna asks to travel on the TARDIS again. She waves goodbye to her grandfather before they leave. ("Partners in Crime")
  • The Doctor and Donna are called back to Earth by Martha Jones, now working for UNIT, to investigate ATMOS, an emission reduction system linked to several mysterious deaths. They discover it's actually a plot by the Sontarans to turn the Earth into a clone world. After the plan is stopped, the TARDIS abruptly takes off while Martha is saying her goodbyes, dragging her along for the next adventure. ("The Sontaran Stratagem"/"The Poison Sky")
  • The Doctor and Donna discover the Earth has vanished. When they track it and the 26 other missing planets down, they discover a plot by the Daleks and their creator, Davros, to destroy the entire multiverse with a superweapon called the Reality Bomb. With the help of several former companions, including Martha, Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith and a universe-hopping Rose Tyler, and a biological metacrisis between Donna and the Doctor's severed hand, the plot is stopped. Rose and her mother return to Pete's World, and the Doctor leaves his half-human clone with her. Donna, who became half-Time Lord as a result, has to have her memory wiped to save her life, and the Doctor returns her to her home. ("The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End")

    The New Tens (2010 - 2019) 
  • June 25-26:
    • The Eleventh Doctor comes back for Amy Pond for a second time, unbeknownst to him on the night before her wedding. She tells him when they return for a brief visit, and he discovers it's the day before the date of the explosion that caused the cracks in time. He then decides to grab her fiancé Rory from his bachelor party and take him along so Amy won't try to come on to him anymore. ("The Eleventh Hour", "Flesh and Stone", "The Vampires of Venice")
    • After River Song goes to Amy's house and discovers signs of an alien presence, her attempt to return to 102 is prevented when the mysterious Silence cause the TARDIS to blow up in an attempt to kill the Doctor, which creates the cracks in time. After reality is saved, Amy and Rory get married, and Amy uses a clue dropped by River to bring the Doctor back into the universe. ("The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang")
  • December 22-26: The Master is resurrected by a cult, although sabotage by his wife Lucy leaves him with Horror Hunger and unusual superpowers. When the Tenth Doctor tracks him down, the Master is captured by employees of Joshua Naismith, a billionaire who wants to use an alien device he's dubbed the Immortality Gatenote  to make his daughter Abigail immortal, and thinks the Master can repair it. The Master uses the Gate to turn every human on Earth into copies of himself, with the exception of Wilfred Mott, who was shielded from the wave. Afterwards, the Master and his duplicates track back the signal of the sound of drums he hears, which is revealed to be a plan by Rassilon, Lord President of the Time Lords, to escape the Time War. However, after Rassilon reveals his intent to destroy reality so the Time Lords can Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, he angers the Master by making it clear he won't be allowed to do so. The Master attacks Rassilon, and Gallifrey is sucked back into the Time Lock. The Doctor is forced to regenerate after rescuing Wilf from the Nuclear Bolt cabinet. ("The End of Time")
  • April 21: The Eleventh Doctor meets up with Amy, Rory and River at Lake Silencio in Utah, where he is shot and killed by a mysterious astronaut who emerges from the water. An elderly man, Canton Everett Delaware III, approaches them and gives them a can of fuel for a Viking Funeral. Later that evening, at a diner, Amy, Rory and River meet a younger Doctor, who was invited by his future self but doesn't know it, and is eventually persuaded to take them to 1969. ("The Impossible Astronaut")
    • The astronaut is River Song, who was forced into the suit by the Silence, her old abductors, as part of their second plan to kill the Doctor. ("Closing Time")
    • It's later revealed that the Doctor had a plan to cheat death, impersonating himself with a Teselecta robot. He reveals this to River in an alternate, time-frozen reality in order to get her to go through with shooting him, so as not to deny a fixed point. ("The Wedding of River Song")
  • A Stenza warrior's pod is summoned to the Sheffield area for a hunt, and they claim their trophy, a young woman named Asha. Her brother Rahul, who feels responsible for what happened, devotes the next seven years to tracking down the next appearance of the pod. ("The Woman Who Fell to Earth")
  • The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler appear in Henry van Statten's underground museum in Utah and meet his prized possession — a Dalek, the first known to have survived the Time War. The Dalek gets free thanks to residual time-travel radiation carried by Rose, but is corrupted by her touch and eventually kills itself. Adam Mitchell comes aboard the TARDIS (very, very briefly). ("Dalek")
  • The Tenth Doctor and Rose arrive in London on the first day of the London Olympics, where people have been disappearing. They discover that a girl named Chloe and the lonely alien possessing her are responsible for trapping the missing people in drawings. ("Fear Her")
  • The Eleventh Doctor tracks down the original Clara Oswald in London, where she's working as a nanny, after receiving a phone call from hernote . They discover a plot by, unbeknownst to them, the Great Intelligence, to harvest human minds via WiFi so it can consume them. The Doctor tricks the Intelligence's servant, Ms. Kizlet, into downloading all of the minds they had in their data cloud, putting an end to the plan. However, when UNIT raids the office, the Intelligence has erased the memories of all the staff, including Kizlet, so no one knows who the "client" was. ("The Bells of Saint John")
  • The Twelfth Doctor comes back to New York to stop sentient brains that steal human bodies with the help of "The Ghost", a grown-up Grant Gordon in disguise. ("The Return of Doctor Mysterio")
  • The Doctor, while lecturing at St. Luke's University in Bristol and guarding the Vault, takes a liking to cafeteria worker Billie "Bill" Potts, who attends his lectures despite not having the money to attend classes. He offers to become her personal tutor and arranges for her to be enrolled as a student. ("The Pilot")
  • Bill Potts, after having known the Doctor for most of an academic year, tells him about a mysterious puddle that her crush, Heather, was intrigued by. It turns out that the puddle, alien engine oil, has consumed Heather and turned her into "the Pilot", a powerful reality-warping being who wants Bill as her passenger. After a whirlwind trip through time and space, where Bill finally learns that the Doctor and Nardole are aliens, they return to the university. The Doctor considers wiping Bill's memory, but relents and formally takes her on as a companion.note  ("The Pilot")
  • Bill and five friends attempt to move into an old house together. The Doctor insists on helping Bill, and they discover that the landlord has been feeding people to mysterious insects, which the Doctor dubs "dryads", in order to keep his mother alive, and this has been going on for decades. Once the mother is made aware of what's going on, she takes charge and has the dryads consume her, her son, and the house, leaving Bill and her friends alive but having to start house-hunting all over again. ("Knock Knock")
  • In a Zeerust timeline, the Second Doctor goes to Australia with Jamie and Victoria and finds his Evil Twin in Ramon Salamander, a would-be world dictator. Salamander is a scientist turned politician who has perfected a technique for storing and distributing solar energy, feeding a world ravaged by storms, volcanoes and earthquakes. After a fight between each other, Salamander is absorved by the Time Vortex. ("The Enemy of the World")
  • September: The Thirteenth Doctor crashlands in the Sheffield area, where a Stenza warrior is hunting a randomly-selected human as part of a succession ritual. Teaming up with several locals (Graham O'Brien, his wife Grace, her grandson Ryan Sinclair, and Ryan's old school friend PC Yasmin "Yaz" Khan), she manages to stop the warrior from claiming his trophy, but Grace dies preventing the warrior's data coil from toppling a crane. Afterwards, the Doctor rigs the warrior's transport pod into a teleport intended to send her to the location of the TARDIS, but it instead teleports her, Ryan, Graham and Yaz into deep space. ("The Woman Who Fell to Earth")
    • The Doctor and her friends are rescued by Angstrom and Epzo, the two finalists in the last-ever Galactic Relay, and brought to the planet Desolation, which has recently been knocked out of its former orbit. There, they are told the race's finish line is something called the Ghost Monument, named because it only appears once a millennium: the missing TARDIS, caught in a materialization loop. On a dangerous journey across the hostile Death World, the Doctor and company discover that the planet's current state is due to a long-ago invasion by the Stenza. Angstrom and Epzo are persuaded to claim a tie in the race, and the Doctor persuades the race organizer to accept it. Shortly after they leave, the TARDIS appears, and the Doctor gets it to fully materialize so she and her companions can go. ("The Ghost Monument")
  • The Doctor returns her companions to Sheffield shortly after they left, only to discover that there are giant spiders about. This eventually leads them to a close-to-opening hotel owned by wealthy American businessman Jack Robertson. It turns out that Robertson has been cutting costs with his companies by having waste illegally disposed of in the old mine beneath, including the waste of a university biology lab experimenting on spiders, and one of those spiders was Not Quite Dead. The spiders are dealt with, but Robertson goes unpunished (on-screen, anyway). ("Arachnids in the UK")
  • New Year's Day: Archaeologists Lin and Mitch, come in to work on a holiday because they have nothing else to do and feel like it, dig up the body of the third custodian and the piece of the Dalek mutant he was entrusted with below Sheffield City Hall. When the mutant is re-energized by a UV light, calling the other pieces of its body to it from across the world, the Thirteenth Doctor is alerted by an alarm she set to warn her of things happening on Earth. The Dalek takes control of Lin to steal weapons and build itself a new casing. Due to budgetary issues, UNIT operations have been suspended, so the Doctor and friends get no help from there. Also, Ryan's estranged father Aaron reappears, intending to reconnect with his son. Eventually, the mutant is destroyed by being thrown into a supernova. ("Resolution")
Date uncertain
  • The Twelfth Doctor is trapped by the Time Lords in a personal nightmare. However, thanks to some clever thinking, the Doctor finds a way to clone himself in an infinite loop, with each clone putting slightly bigger dents in an azbantium wall before dying and being cloned. ("Heaven Sent")

    The New Twenties (2020 - 2029) 
  • The Deep Drill Project in rural Cwmtaff, Wales, is disrupted when the drill unintentionally endangers a Silurian city. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams are involved in trying to broker peace, which ends with the Silurians going into hibernation for a millennium while the humans involved are tasked with ensuring the Earth is ready for them by then. Rory is shot by the dying Silurian military commander, Restac, and is then eaten by a crack in time. ("The Hungry Earth"/"Cold Blood")
  • The Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz are called in by MI6 after attacks on spies around the world, discovering a conspiracy involving tech mogul Daniel Barton, a race of extradimensional aliens and the latest incarnation of the Master. They manage to stop the plot with some time-hopping, but Barton is at large and the companions are left with serious questions about the Doctor. ("Spyfall")
  • On the hunt for a mysterious fugitive, Judoon descend upon Gloucester, prompting the Thirteenth Doctor and her "fam" to intervene in an attempt to save lives. Discovering the rhinos are interested in seemingly ordinary couple Ruth and Lee Clayton, the Doctor escapes with Ruth while Lee sacrifices himself to the pursuers. It turns out that Ruth is the fugitive, with her memories suppressed and her alien biology disguised. But the Doctor is thrown for a loop by the revelation of Ruth's true identity — she's also the Doctor, but neither of them remember ever having been the other. After being dropped off back in Gloucester, the Doctor finds that her companions have a message from old friend Captain Jack Harkness to "Beware the Lone Cyberman". ("Fugitive of the Judoon")
  • Returning to Sheffield for some business, the Thirteenth Doctor's companions find peculiar things going on, which all turn out to be part of a plot by immortals Zellin and Rakaya to release the latter from her prison. ("Can You Hear Me?")
  • Responding to some far-flung distress calls, the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions discover that the Earth has been infected with Praxeus, an alien virus that thrives on widespread plastic pollution, thanks to some alien scientists who were attempting to use the planet as a lab to cure their own infected species. Teaming up with vlogger Gabriela, ex-cop Jake Willis and astronaut in peril Adam Lang, the "fam" is able to create and spread a cure for the disease to prevent any further trouble. ("Praxeus")

    The Rest of the 21st Century (2030 - 2100) 
  • The Twelfth Doctor and Clara discover the Moon is actually an egg for a gigantic alien, and ultimately decide to let it hatch. Thankfully, the alien immediately leaves an egg identical to the old moon. ("Kill the Moon")
  • The Tenth Doctor arrives at Bowie Base One on Mars, the first human presence on the Red Planet. While watching the base crew fend off the Flood, he snaps and nearly breaks a fixed point in time before being shocked back to his senses. ("The Waters of Mars")
  • Earth's weather is controlled from a station on the Moon by means of the Graviton. The crew of the station are coming down with a disease that turns out to be a Cyberman-engineered poison. ("The Moonbase")

    The Rest of the Third Millennium (2101 - 3000) 
22nd Century
  • The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive on the island of St. John's, a monastery-turned-factory that refines dangerous acid. A solar storm causes the "Gangers", artificial bodies used by the staff, to become sentient. Eventually, after one of the Gangers goes insane and tries to kill everyone else after setting the factory to explode, the survivors escape, with two of the workers going on to fight for Ganger rights. The Doctor reveals he went there because he'd deduced that Amy had secretly been kidnapped and replaced by a Ganger, and disintegrates her avatar after promising to find her. ("The Rebel Flesh"/"The Almost People")
  • The bloodbath of the Woolly Rebellion leads to a renegotiation of the relationship between humans and sheep. ("It Takes You Away")
  • The TARDIS arrives at a human colony that seems happy enough but, as it turns out, the colonists are being mind-controlled by a race of giant crabs called the Macra. The Macra are using the humans to mine the toxic gases they need to survive. ("The Macra Terror")
  • The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams, accompanied by Queen Nefertiti, hunter John Riddell, and Rory's dad Brian, land on a mysterious spaceship approaching Earth that the Indian Space Agency intends to shoot down if it gets too close to the planet. They discover that it's a Silurian ark filled with dinosaurs, and the crew was killed by the pirate Solomon and his robots, as Solomon wants to profit off the cargo, but cannot fly the ship as it's designed to be piloted by two blood relatives as a security feature. The Doctor deals with the ISA's missiles and Solomon by launching the pirate on his ship with the ark's transponder, killing Solomon. Rory and Brian fly the ark away from Earth, and Nefertiti chooses to go to 1903 with Riddell instead of returning to her own time. The Doctor resettles the dinosaurs on a planet he calls "Siluria". ("Dinosaurs on a Spaceship")
  • Start of The Earth Empire.
  • The short Human-Draconian War is started by a mutual diplomatic incident, peace treaty is signed.
  • The Master, plotting with the Daleks, begins attacks on both Human and Draconian ships, playing the sides against each other as escalating tensions drive them both to the point of war. ("Frontier in Space")
  • Second Dalek War starts, Bernice Summerfield is born (maybe).
  • Dalek War continues to rage.
  • Ace leaves the Doctor to join Spacefleet.
  • Bernice Summerfield joins the Doctor. ("Love And War").
  • Dalek Wars draw to an end.
  • Ace rejoins the Doctor. ("Deceit")

    The Far Future (3001 - 5999) 
  • The Second Doctor foils a plan to conquer the universe using soldiers from various time periods. However, he is forced to call on the Time Lords for help, and they deliver a harsh punishment for his historical crimes, wiping Jamie and Zoe's memories of their adventures and returning them to their own times, and exiling the Doctor himself to Earth in the 1970s while also forcing him to regenerate into the Third Doctor. ("The War Games")
  • The Twelfth Doctor, Bill, and Nardole pick up a Distress Call from the space station Chasm Forge. The corporation running the station has deemed it unprofitable and ordered the spacesuits worn by the workers to kill them to save oxygen, and thus money. The Doctor and company help the survivors escape, and they start a successful revolution against the predatory system. ("Oxygen")
  • The tribe of Homo reptilia that awakened and went back to sleep in 2020 wakes up again to reattempt negotiations with humanity on the sharing of the Earth. ("Cold Blood")
  • The Eleventh Doctor and Amy enter Starship UK, where a police state seems to be in force and the ship is running without an engine.more  justification  ("The Beast Below")
The 38th CenturyThe 42nd Century
  • The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones arrive on the S.S. Pentallian, which has been illegally siphoning energy from a living sun. The sun is understandably pissed and begins to possess the crew members as the ship hurtles toward it. ("42")
  • The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble arrive on the Oodsphere and find that the Ood are being enslaved by having parts of their brains removed, and the central brain of their Hive Mind being suppressed. They help the Ood regain freedom, and witness the CEO of Ood Operations turned into a member of the species he enslaved as punishment. ("Planet of the Ood")
  • The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler arrive on the Sanctuary Base on the planetoid Krop Tor, which orbits a black hole, as it comes under psychic assault from the Beast confined in the Pit at the centre of the planet, and they are promptly separated from the TARDIS. The Beast possesses the base's Ood slaves, as well as their archaeologist, Toby Zed, but all its hosts, along with its original body, are eventually sucked into the black hole when the Doctor destroys its prison on purpose to stop the gravity field keeping the planet in orbit.note  ("The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit")
  • The Tenth Doctor finally comes to the Oodsphere in response to a message from Ood Sigma, and is told by the Ood elders of danger to the entire universe, and that they have had visions of the Master returning, Lucy Saxon, and Wilfred Mott. This prompts the Doctor to rush back to 21st-century Earth. ("The End of Time")
The 51st Century
  • The Library, an artificial planet and the largest library in the universe, is sealed off by its sentient computer, CAL, after Vashta Nerada begin to hatch from spores in the books. ("Silence in the Library")
  • At the end of the century, a Weeping Angel is recovered from the ruins of Razbahan, and its danger goes unrecognized by its discoverers. ("The Time of Angels")
The 52nd Century
  • The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, responding to a message left by River, rescue her after she ejects herself from the Byzantium. Following the ship, they discover it's crashed on Alfava Metraxis. Along with clerics from the Church of the Papal Mainframe, they enter the ruins the ship crashed onto and discover that the crash was caused by a Weeping Angel trying to restore other Angels that killed off the sentient species native to the planet. The Doctor eventually tricks them into falling into a crack in time and erasing themselves. (""The Time of Angels"/"Flesh and Stone")
  • The Eleventh Doctor, Rory Williams, and various allies storm Demon's Run to rescue Amy Pond and her baby Melody from the Silence. They take the base, but Madame Kovarian escapes with the baby via the use of a Flesh avatar. Afterwards, River Song arrives and reveals that she is Melody, grown up. ("A Good Man Goes to War")
  • River Song, after being left to recuperate from draining the rest of her regenerations at the best hospital in the universe, enrolls at the Lunar University. After gaining her doctorate, she is abducted by Madame Kovarian and the Silence. ("Let's Kill Hitler", "Closing Time")
  • River Song is hired by Strackman Lux to investigate the Library. She sends the Doctor a message via the psychic paper so she can have help. The Tenth Doctor who answers the message, travelling with Donna Noble, has never met River. Eventually, River sacrifices herself so the Library patrons uploaded to the computer can be downloaded again, and the Doctor gets the Vashta Nerada to back off so the people can be evacuated. River and the members of her team who died are uploaded to the Library's computer. ("Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead")
    • Not long after the Doctor and Donna leave, River's assistant Nardole, acting on her orders, retrieves River's diary from the Library to give to the Twelfth Doctor. ("Extremis")
  • River Song, after marrying the tyrant King Hydroflax to steal a diamond embedded in his brain, lands on Mendorax Dellora to meet the surgeon she hired for the procedure. Due to a misunderstanding, her assistant Nardole brings back the Twelfth Doctor instead, whom she doesn't recognize. ("The Husbands of River Song")
  • The harvesting of a forest of Androzani trees for fuel does not go as planned, as the arrival of the Eleventh Doctor, along with Madge Arwell and her children Clive and Lily, through a time portal from 1941 turns out to be part of a plan by the sentient trees to survive in some form. Madge hijacks the vehicle of three soldiers inspecting the process, and eventually takes the trees' souls into herself so she can fly their timeship. ("The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe")
  • The Thirteenth Doctor and her companions respond to nine distress signals coming from the planet Ranskoor Av Kolos to discover that an old enemy, Tzim-Sha of the Stenza, ended up there after the Doctor defeated him back in Sheffield, and was subsequently mistaken for a god by the planet's residents, the two Ux, which he abused in order to take revenge on planets that had wronged the Stenza by capturing them in crystals. The planets are restored to their places in space, the Ux decide to see the universe to learn more about it, and Tzim-Sha is sealed into a stasis chamber for all eternity. ("The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos")

    The Very Far Future (6000 and beyond) 
  • The Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, and Martha Jones arrive on Messaline in the middle of a war between human and Hath colonists. An Opposite-Sex Clone of the Doctor is created, whom Donna names "Jenny". The Doctor and Donna deduce that the war has only been going on for a week, due to the progenation machines the colonists are using to reproduce. Jenny is apparently killed by the human commander, and the Doctor negotiates peace. After the Doctor, Donna, and Martha have left, Jenny revives and steals a spaceship to explore the universe.note  ("The Doctor's Daughter")
67th Century
  • The Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan Sinclair, Graham O'Brien and Yasmin Khan are picked up by a Tsuranga medical ship after falling victim to a sonic mine on a junkyard planet. En route to the hospital station Rhesus 1, the ship is attacked by a Pting, a nearly-indestructible creature which eats energy, and the ship's senior medic is killed when an escape pod is ejected. The Doctor feeds the creature the ship's self-destruct bomb and jettisons it while another patient, war hero General Eve Cicero, sacrifices herself by piloting the ship despite a heart condition. Her brother finishes bringing the ship to safety. ("The Tsuranga Conundrum")
c. 17,200
  • The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, visiting the asteroid housing the Delirium Archive, discover the home box of the Byzantium with a message from River Song requesting a pickup. ("The Time of Angels")
  • The media satellite Satellite Five is built, gradually manipulating media to control the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. ("The Long Game")
  • Era of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. However, the human race is being subtly controlled through the news and media of Satellite Five.more  ("The Long Game")
  • The Daleks collect human tissue to rebuild their race and start their attack on the Earth. Rose, the Ninth Doctor, and Jack Harkness are transmatted to the Gamestation (Satellite Five) to aid in a battle against the Daleks. Rose defeats the Daleks. The Ninth Doctor regenerates. Captain Jack Harkness dies, but is brought back to lifemore . ("Bad Wolf"/"The Parting of the Ways")
c. 23,000,000
  • The Twelfth Doctor and Bill travel here from the present to test whether the Pilot is able to follow them. ("The Pilot")
c. 4,500,000,000
  • The Twelfth Doctor breaks the azbantium wall after cloning himself and dying for 4.5 billion years. It turns out he was trapped within his own Confession Dial on Gallifrey. ("Heaven Sent")
    • The Doctor overthrows Rassilon and steals Clara the moment before she died. He tries to convince her to live on, but ultimately she accepts her fate and wipes the Doctor's memories of her to ensure he doesn't try to resurrect her again. ("Hell Bent")
  • The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler, on their first trip through time and space, visit Platform One to watch the Sun expand and destroy the Earth. While there, they meet Lady Cassandra O'Brien Δ.17, the "last pure human", who compromises the safety of the platform's sun shields in order to arrange a hostage situation. ("The End of the World")
  • Professor Helen Clay of the University of New Earth founds the Testimony Foundation, an organization dedicated to recording the memories of historical humans. ("Twice Upon a Time")
  • The Tenth Doctor and Rose go to New Earth, where they meet the Catkind and discover the continued survival of Lady Cassandra. They save and cure the nuns' imprisoned and diseased research subjects. ("New Earth")
  • The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones arrive on New Earth, which has been decimated by a virus in a drug called "bliss". The only survivors are those trapped in the sealed motorway. The Face of Boe dies to open the gates, and tells the Doctor his final secret: "You are not alone." ("Gridlock")
Just before the end of the universe
  • The Master uses his Chameleon Circuit to become "Professor Yana" and escape the Time War. His memory is restored thanks to the Tenth Doctor, and the Master escapes with TARDIS after regenerating into a younger body. ("Utopia")
    • The Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness, and Martha use Jack's time machine to follow the Master. ("The Sound of Drums")
    • The Master returns to the desolate Universe and turns the remains of the human races into the mechanical Toclafane. ("Last of the Time Lords")
  • Colonel Orson Pink is stranded on the last planet in the universe after a time travel experiment goes wrong. He is eventually retrieved by the Twelfth Doctor and Clara. ("Listen")
  • The Twelfth Doctor meets Ashildr/Me at the ruins of Gallifrey as the universe ends. ("Hell Bent")


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