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Timeline / Dominions

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    Pre Early Age 

[[The Age of Chaos:]]

  • The primordial world is in a chaotic state, with no ruling Pantokrator and hordes of magical races galloping around. Humans have probably just come into existence, and many other races are still to come. Iron is unknown and bronze armaments are extremely rare.
  • The Asgardians are in a golden age, ruling the lesser van from their home of Asgard, with the only way in being a rainbow bridge guarded by the Guardian of the Bridge.
  • The Rimtursar, gigantic enemies of the Asgardians, declare a full-scale war, and Illwinter begins, a period when the winters don't end and wolves roam everywhere.
  • The nation of C'tis is probably formed around this time, a loose collection of primitive lizard-folk coming together to survive and develop a culture.
  • The Fomorians, giant guardians of the land of the watery dead, grow tired of their job and ditch their duties, instead choosing to roam the world and pillage everything in their path.
  • The jungles around Mount Kailasa are inhabited by the Yakshas, semi-divine beings who have taken an interest in the monkeys who call these forests their home.
  • Deep below the ocean lies the city of R'lyeh, inhabited by the Aboleths, a race of psychic whalefish. The Aboleths are alone and probably have no ambitions beyond their weird city.
  • In the other parts of the world a race of fish - people have begun to evolve called the Atlanteans, but they are primitive and divided.

[[The First Pantokrator:]]

  • The war between the Rimtursar and Asgardians reaches its climax, and the entire world is engulfed in a great winter. After an epic battle, the Rimtursar are victorious and presumably establish the first Pantokrator as a symbol of their authority over the world. The surviving Asgardians are slaughtered or flee into the hidden parts of this world.

Endless eons pass...

  • Much has come and gone, and the world changed. The Rimtursar, though victorious, have decayed and degenerated into the smaller giants of Niefelheim, and the survivors moved to another dimension. The Pantokrator no longer answers to the weakened giants and allows the world to go around its business without too much intervention.
  • Human kingdoms begin to form. Somewhere alongside a middle sea, cities are established as the first beacons of Arcosephalean civilization. The cities are not united, however, but rather come along in a loose league to fight off incursions into their lands. On the other shores, a more determined human republic is established, calling itself Ermor, but is little more than a huddled village. Human settlements also form to the East of Arcoscephale, in a land of swamps called Sauromatia. The people who inhabit this land are barbaric and cannibalistic, and a part of their population, calling themselves the Parthonolians, leave across the sea in search of new lands, disgusted by the practices of their kin.
  • Even further East, humans form along river valleys and seas of Tien Chi but are more primitive than their Western counterparts. Some of them are constantly at odds with a race of malicious goblins called the Bakemono.
  • To the North of the middle sea the humans settle in the cold forests of Ulm and Rus, but know little of the outside world and have no major cities. Their neighbors include the human Marverni tribes led by druids and a secluded race of mythic beings from the forests of Pangaea.


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