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I have something to ask of you.

Memes involving Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

Due to the sheer number of memes that Three Houses has generated, this page has been split into multiple sections.


  • After the 2/13/19 Direct, people began comparing the game to Harry Potter due to the Player Character being a teacher training students on how to use weapons and spells, culminating in jokes about your character being "the next Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher." The titular Three Houses being the houses that the students at the Officer's Academy are sorted into helps quite a bit. Comparisons to the dorms at Kaiba's Duel Academy are also common for similar reasons.
    • Edgy Pokémon GO. note 
    • Persona: Three Houses/Persona 3 Houses note 
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  • The game's promotion/class change system takes the form of exams, which was demonstrated by having Edelgard take the "Brigand Exam", spawning many jokes about how various brigands from the previous games were actually highly educated with degrees in Banditry.
  • "Hoes Mad". Explanation 
  • Every single one of the generic NPC lines, because you hear them a lot when exploring the monastery. You'll even hear the "happy" ones when everything about the monastery is somber after Jeralt dies. The more narm-tastic ones in particular caught on even faster for various reasons.
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  • "If the teacher doesn't arrive in five years, we are legally allowed to kill each other."Explanation 
  • No dog petting? Game's trash. Explanation 
  • Lost Items Explanation 
  • Showering students with flowers Explanation 
  • Tea Time. Explanation 
  • Male Dancers Explanation 
  • Lizard People Explanation 
  • Dubstep Emblem Explanation 
    • Those who rave in the dark Explanation 
  • Manservice! Explanation 
  • The [x] house:
    • Black Eagles, the Waifu house Explanation 
      • Black Eagles, the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual House Explanation 
    • Blue Lions, the Otome/Husbando house Explanation 
      • The Boys Love house Explanation 
    • Golden Deer, the Meme house Explanation 
    • Ashen Wolves, the Sewer Kids/Rats/Mole People Explanation 
  • "Ball is life."Explanation 
  • This is definitely NOT the Three Houses OST Explanation 
  • On This Very Wiki, some of the memes on this page have been used as gags for a few voice actor pages.
  • Karen Explanation 
  • A picture in which Edelgard and Dimitri are trying to kill each other while Claude is doing something funny. Explanation 
  • "Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game about war."Explanation 
  • "No beta we die like Glenn" Explanation 
  • "Ah, yes, you want Zapdos!!!" Explanation 
    • "We could ride in a yacht or fall with a frog on slippery floor. Slippery floor. Have a martini. Or be a fly." Explanation 
  • The Three Nobles Explanation 
  • “Honorary X House Member” Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • Sewer Trio Explanation 
  • The Faerghus Four / The Childhood Friend Quartet Explanation 
  • House Leader Impressions Explanation 

Character-Specific Memes

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    Black Eagles 
  • Edelgard:
    • Edelgard's speech on how the crests are ruining the world generated some humorous parodies during pre-release, ranging from parodying one of Anakin's lines as "From my point of view, the crests are all evil!", to Edelgard expressing anger at the popular toothpaste brand Crest.
    • People comparing Edelgard's appearance, house colors, personality traits, and plot or character beats to Daenerys Targaryen. This only intensified after the reveal of her timeskip design, and intensified even further once she was revealed to fit firmly into the Rudolf archetype.
    • Edelgard's portrait of Byleth Explanation 
    • Edelgard of the Rebellion. Explanation 
    • "MUST YOU CONTINUE TO RECONQUER? CONTINUE TO KILL IN RETALIATION?" / "Just stop defending yourself LOL." Explanation (Crimson Flower spoilers!) 
    • Bisexual Disaster Explanation 
    • Emperor Maid-elgard. Explanation 
    • Edelgard's height. Explanation 
    • Feralgard Explanation 
    • Edelgard pads her armor. Explanation 
    • "Teacher, you're alright. Don't come to the monastery tomorrow." Explanation 
    • Edelgard's forehead. Explanation 

  • Hubert:
    • I’ve been defeated, but I can’t fall here. I must make my retreat!Explanation 
  • Bernadetta:
    • Bernie Explanation 
    • "I can't think of a clever title for this post, but i put in a lot of effort, so just upvote it" Explanation 
    • Burnadetta. Explanation (Azure Moon/Verdant Wind Spoilers!) 
    • Bernadetta writes fanfics. Explanation 
    • Due to Bernadetta's love for carnivorous plants, plenty of fanart has depicted her alongside a Piranha Plant.
  • Linhardt:
    • Linhardt, the lovechild of Lyn and Reinhardt. Explanation 
    • Linhardt is baby. Explanation 
  • Ferdinand:
    • "I am Ferdinand von Aegir." Explanation 
    • Ferdie Sanders. Explanation 
    • Ferdinand is a bee. Explanation 
      • Ya like jazz? Explanation 
  • Dorothea:
    • Dorothea is secretly a Joestar. Explanation 
    • "Hoes mad, hoes mad, hoes mad..."Explanation 
    • Comrade Dorothea.Explanation 
  • Petra:
    • "YOU WILL BE SLAPPED DOWN!" Explanation 
    • "Hoes are feeling the mad" Explanation 

    Blue Lions 
  • Dimitri:
    • Punished Dimitri Explanation 
    • "Kill every last one of them!" Explanation 
    • Dimitri eats weeds. Explanation 
    • "Is this some kind of twisted joke?" Explanation (Azure Moon Spoilers!) 
    • Rescue romance without the romance! Explanation 
    • "Uno Reverse"/"No u" Explanation 
    • "Dimitri murders woman."Explanation 
    • Dimitri of the Counterattack. Explanation 
    • Cheese Gremlin Dimitri Explanation (Spoilers!) 
    • Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd = DABExplanation 
    • "I hope this month is peaceful." "I cannot allow it."Explanation 
    • Dimitri's strength. Explanation 
  • Dedue:
    • Dedue's seeds.Explanation 
    • Initial Dedue / Helicopter Dedue Explanation 
  • Ingrid:
    • Ingrid, the Otome Game protagonist.Explanation 
    • Ingrid the Racist. Explanation 
  • Felix:
    • Clown Felix Explanation (Spoilers) 
    • "Disgusting"Explanation 
    • Felix and cats Explanation 
    • Vergil Uchiha. Explanation 
    • Thigh-high boots Explanation 
    • Chick Magnet Felix Explanation 
    • Felix is into redheads Explanation 
    • Cat Felix Explanation 

  • Sylvain:
    • Sylvain dancing Explanation 
    • Hoes before BrosExplation 
    • Latino SylvainExplanation 
    • Sylvain reaction images are very popular in the western Fire Emblem fandom, to the point of even spreading outside of the Fire Emblem community.
    • Dog Sylvain Explanation 
    • Sylvorm Explanation 

  • Annette:
    • Annette was in Smash the whole time!Explanation 
    • "I'm your girl." Explanation 

  • Mercedes:
    • "Ara ara."Explanation 
    • Mercedes cuts her hair to save her life.Explanation 
    • Exhibitionist Mercedes Explanation 

    Golden Deer 
  • Claude:
    • Upside-down Claude Explanation 
    • "It's absurd that I'm not allowed to suck Claude's dick"Explanation 
    • Claude, the Shounen HeroExplanation (Verdant Wind Spoilers!) 
    • Claude ends racismExplanation (Verdant Wind Spoilers!) 
    • Claude invented All Day BreakfastExplanation 
    • #Redraw Riegan Explanation 
    • DJ KhalidExplanation (Spoilers!) 
    • Prince Khalid! Fabulous he! Khalid Ababwa! Explanation (Spoilers!) 
  • Hilda:
    • "Hilda, Hilda!"Explanation 
    • "You're making me work!" Explanation 
    • Good Hilda, Evil HildaExplanation 
    • Hilda likes cash, and her hair to her ass.Explanation 
  • Lysithea:
    • "They're fools." Explanation 
    • Death Knight is scared of Lysithea. Explanation 
      • This meme has Ascended. The 8/13 FEH Channel shows CYL 4 Lysithea OHKO'ing the Death Knight to show off her skills (All other heroes showcased on that FEH channel blasted generic Mooks instead).
  • Raphael:
    • Tiddies too big to be contained by the shirt. Explanation 
  • Ignatz:
  • Lorenz:
    • "My name is Lorenz Hellman Gloucester." Explanation 
    • Lorenz Face. Explanation 
  • Marianne:
    • Marianne, the daughter of Berkut and Rinea.Explanation 
    • Fortress Knight Marianne Explanation 
    • Marianne doesn't have UNO, so go fuck off. Explanation 
  • Leonie:
    • Leonie wants to sleep with Jeralt. Explanation 
  • Others:
    • The fact that the Golden Deer house and route (Verdant Wind) name is similar to Golden Wind caused many crossover references. Most likely due to how Golden Deer is the meme house and Vento Aureo is the most memetic JoJo Part.

    Ashen Wolves 
  • Yuri:
    • Fodlan Leon. Explanation 
    • Wrong name. Explanation 
    • Flat Earther Yuri Explanation 
  • Balthus:
    • "Woah...that lady looks real dead pal."Explanation (Spoilers!) 
    • MILF Hunter Explanation 
  • Hapi:
    • "I know, I'm buff as heck. What of it?" Explanation 
  • Constance:
    • Ohohoho! Explanation 

    Non-Student Characters 
  • Byleth:
    • "You Are My Child Now." Explanation 
    • Male Byleth's fetish for older men.Explanation (Spoilers!) 
      • Got flipped on its head with female Byleth's S Support with Seteth, as he's actually Flayn's father, not her brother. Naturally, the same meme formats found new life with this particular romance, complete with Flayn being horrified at Byleth becoming her new mom.
      • Similarly, Male Byleth's fetish for pretty boys.Explanation 
    • Byleth's arm communication.Explanation 
    • 200% Chest. Explanation 
    • In general, the fandom tends to love portraying Byleth as an overly-casual, Uncertified Eccentric Mentor based on the fact that they're not much older than their students and they had absolutely zero teaching experience or education prior to being recruited as a professor at Garreg Mach.
    • "F isn't for respects, it's your grade!" Explanation 
    • Willeth.Explanation 
  • Sothis:
    • Looking cool Byleth!/Go to sleep, Byleth! Explanation 
    • Sothis is Byleth's Stand Explanation 
  • Rhea:
    • Rhea's hips. Explanation 
    • Alabama 101 Explanation (Spoilers!) 
  • Seteth:
    • Takehito Koyasu voices DIO and Seteth. Given that Seteth is a romantic option for female Byleth, memes began to steamroll in:
      Seteth: Oh? You’re approaching me? Instead of running away, you’re coming right to me?
      Byleth: I can’t marry you without getting closer.
      Seteth: Ho ho! Then come as close as you like.
      • It's now common for commenters to imagine Seteth going "WRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" in the background if you S-Supported Flayn. Which is fitting for him since he's really her father.
    • #SetethSays / "I have something to ask of you..." Explanation 
    • Breaking the Bro Code Explanation (Spoilers!) 
  • Flayn:
    • Fish. Explanation 
    • Flayn, queen of social distancing Explanation 
  • Jeritza:
    • Jeritza's CounterattackExplanation 
    • After Jeritza's DLC supports revealed his past involving his father, fans were quick to point out that the game somehow managed to one-up Count Varley for "worst dad ever".
  • Manuela:
    • Soraya Manuela Explanation 
  • Hanneman:
  • Anna:
    • Anna's shopkeeper quotes are often quoted among the Fire Emblem community, usually to mock how annoying they are. The quotes in question are "Welcome!", "Is that the one?", "Thanks a bunch!", and "Come back soon!".
  • The Gatekeeper:
    • "Greetings, Professor! Nothing to report!" Explanation 
    • The Gatekeeper vs. the Abysskeeper Explanation 
    • The Gatekeeper is Alm in disguise! Explanation 
  • The Death Knight:
    • Death Knight's identity. Explanation (Spoilers!) 
  • The Flame Emperor:
  • Rodrigue:
    • Tier-list RodrigueExplanation 
  • Solon:
    • Solon's gigantic head. Explanation 
    • "So the Fell Star consumes even the darkness itself..." Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • Kronya:
    • Dude, you just posted Cronje! You are going to lose subscriber!Explanation 
  • Cornelia:
    • 440% Chest. Explanation 
  • Nemesis:
    • CEO of Racism/Final Boss of Racism Explanation (spoilers) 
    • OK, Boomer. Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Aelfric:
    • Alpharad Explanation 
    • Aelfric is a simp. Explanation (Spoilers!) 

Dimitri: Meme every last one of them!


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