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Memes involving Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

  • Edelgard's speech on how the crests are ruining the world generated some humorous parodies during pre-release, ranging from parodying one of Anakin's lines as "From my point of view, the crests are all evil!", to Edelgard expressing anger at the popular toothpaste brand Crest.
  • Linhardt, the lovechild of Lyn and Reinhardt. Explanation 
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  • After the 2/13/19 Direct, people began comparing the game to Harry Potter due to the Player Character being a teacher training students on how to use weapons and spells, culminating in jokes about your character being "the next Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher." The titular Three Houses being the houses that the students at the Officer's Academy are sorted into helps quite a bit. Comparisons to the Pokémon GO teams and the dorms at Kaiba's Duel Academy are also common for similar reasons.
  • The game's promotion/class change system takes the form of exams, which was demonstrated by having Edelgard take the "Brigand Exam", spawning many jokes about how various brigands from the previous games were actually highly educated with degrees in Banditry.
  • Pointing out that Dorothea's hat makes her look like Jotaro Kujo and the JoJo memes that followed.
    • Speaking of JoJo, the fact that Takehito Koyasu voices Seteth (and female Byleth's romantic option), DIO memes were bound to happen:
      Seteth: Oh? You’re approaching me? Instead of running away, you’re coming right to me?
      Byleth: I can’t marry you without getting closer.
      Seteth: Ho ho! Then come as close as you like.
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    • People have gone as far as to compare Sothis to being Byleth's Stand and equating her Time Master abilities to the various time-manipulating enemy Stands from the series. Explanation 
  • Upside-down Claude Explanation 
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  • Soraya Manuela Explanation 
  • Punished Dimitri Explanation 
  • Bernie Explanation 
  • Halt. You're having a bit too much fun.Explanation 
  • People comparing Edelgard's appearance and house colors to Daenerys Targaryen. This only intensified after the reveal of her timeskip design.
  • Marianne, the daughter of Berkut and Rinea.Explanation 
  • Ingrid The Otome Game Protagonist.Explanation 
    • Ingrid the Racist. Explanation 
  • "Hoes Mad". Explanation 
    • "They're fools." Explanation 
  • Male Byleth's fetish for older men.Explanation (Spoilers!) 
  • "It's absurd that I'm not allowed to suck Claude's dick"Explanation 
  • "If the teacher doesn't show up for class in five years, we're legally allowed to start a war/kill each other."Explanation 
  • Looking cool Byleth!/Go to sleep, Byleth! Explanation 
  • No dog petting? Game's trash.Explanation 
  • Claude, the Shounen HeroExplanation 
  • Seteth's Quests/#SetethSays Explanation 
  • Alabama 101 Explanation (Spoilers!) 
  • "Kill every last one of them!" Explanation 
  • Lost Items Explanation 
  • Showering students with flowers Explanation 
  • "You Are My Child Now." Explanation 
  • "I am Ferdinand von Aegir." Explanation 

  • Tea Time. Explanation 
  • Death Knight's Identity. Explanation .
  • Death Knight is scared of Lysithea. Explanation 
  • Fish. Explanation 
  • Male Dancers Explanation 
  • Lizard People Explanation 
  • Dimitri eats weeds. Explanation 
  • #Redraw Riegan Explanation 
  • "I can't think of a clever title for this post, but i put in a lot of effort, so just upvote it" Explanation 
  • Edelgard's portrait of Byleth Explanation 
  • Greetings Professor! Nothing to report! Explanation 
    • The Gatekeeper was also turned into a memetic unit similar to the 3-13 Archer.


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