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Just a list of tropes with titles that, intentionally or unintentionally, sound like super-villain names. Common formats include "{Title} {Word}" and "{Word} Woman/Man/Girl/Boy/Lass/Lad".

For a bit of a challenge for those adding new titles to the list below, try and avoid tropes that are directly named after actual characters (for example, Inspector Javert will not be included in the list as the trope is named verbatim after the antagonistic policeman from Les MisÚrables), or tropes whose names are otherwise the nom de guerres of actual well-recognizable characters (for example, there are actual DC Comics villains who're called The Gambler and The Trickster).

The Evil Counterpart list to the TV Tropes Superhero Team. See also Trope Names for a Band and Trope Title Shows.

Current Team Roster:

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: A user of Black Magic; her hair is the source of her power.
  • Alpha Bitch: The most popular girl in her high school, she went insane when she lost a popularity contest and has now become the leader of an all-woman street gang.
  • Amoral Attorney: A lawyer that decides that no one is free of criminal history, so he must prosecute, find guilty, and kill them all. He's able to get people on his side very easily, and his only weakness is very helpful (to the accused, not him) evidence, which turns up surprisingly rarely.
  • The Antichrist: But one of many sons of Satan who has chosen to be loyal to his unholy father and is co-founder and financial backer of the Legion of Doom. While he does possess powers, they are not the kind that warrants direct confrontation, preferring to appeal to the darker, carnal desires of those he surrounds himself with his supernatural charisma, turning the most devout of saints and the noblest of heroes into the worst that humanity can offer.
  • Asmodeus: A Demon Lord who often manifests as a handsome man, sowing discord wherever he goes. It's implied that he was the one who funded the experiments that turned Beelzebub into a monster, as well as being the one who granted Lust her powers.
  • Bad Boss: The Don to the biggest crime family in The Big Easy. He had gotten his name from his almost Blackbeard-like efficiency in weeding out weakness in his organization, often killing them in ways that encourages other cronies not the make the same mistake.
  • Bad Santa: A former incarnation of Santa Claus who saw the potential of the magic of the holidays and began to use it to learn darker spells, intending on using it to conquer the Earth and other neighboring dimensions. His apprentice, the new Santa Claus, was able to fight him off and banish him form the North Pole, cutting him off from the source of holiday cheer contained there. He eventually took what he learned and became an Evil Sorcerer that has tried and failed to take over the world many times ever since. He now works for The Antichrist as his right-hand man in Legion of Doom and is now the face of his own holiday Antichristmas.
  • Barrier Warrior: A Magic Knight who's speciality is defense magic and shield-based combat.
  • Bash Brothers: Meathead twins enforcers of Bad Boss. Both had the bones in their heads and arms reinforced with Handwavium to make them extra strong and durable. Their Signature Move is that they get on both side of their target and headbutt them so hard that their foreheads touch, their victim's heads reduced to meaty salsa upon impact.
  • Basilisk and Cockatrice: A pair of villains who always work together. One can transform into a snake, the other can transform into a bird, and both can turn people to stone with a single glance. They keep arguing about who gets to be called "basilisk", because neither wants to be the one with 'cock' in their name.
  • The Beastmaster: A poacher with a whip that can control any animal when he cracks it. He has a particularly sadistic personality and will routinely beat his animals, forcing them to do nothing as he hurts them using his whip's power. His favorite animal pet is a lion so badly scarred that half of its mane is missing due to scar-tissue and one of its eyes is blind. He eventually meets his end when his whip is destroyed and his abused animals kill and eat him.
  • Beelzebub: A scientist experimenting with teleportation technology he intends to sell to Evil, Inc. as a weapon, Dr. Louis Cypher accidentally infuses himself with housefly DNA and becomes a giant fly creature capable of puking digestive acids that can melt through solid steel. After he is crushed and killed by the heroes, he is summoned back to Earth from Hell as a Demon of Human Origin, his new form a more monstrous, immortal version of his mutated self.
  • Big Bad: An omnidisciplinary criminal mastermind who has his finger in every pie and has accumulated favors from every other big-name criminal.
  • Big Ball of Violence: A throbbing, pulsating ball of malice that floats through space, inflicting a Hate Plague onto the population of that planet and driving all life to extinction. Its origin is a mystery, though some believe that it was a creation of Chaotic Evil.
  • The Blank: The Legion of Doom's best spy, having the power to leave absolutely no trace whatsoever. In fact, most of the Legion of Doom doesn't even know he exists, despite the fact that he always uses the front door.
  • Blood Knight: An Ax-Crazy mercenary skilled in the use of knives and make-shift swords. He lives to kill and the glory of battle and will even turn on his fellow villains when the blood-lust isn't satiated with all nearby heroes dead.
  • Bloody Horror: A man made entirely of blood. Because he must continuously resupply his body with fresh blood-cells as they coagulate, he became a Serial Killer infamous for exsanguinating his victims and dumping all of their blood on the carpet. It is later discovered by INTERPOL to having been the older blood he discarded.
  • Brain Bleach: One of the Legion of Doom's Torture Technicians who specializes in making his torture so awful, his victims have repressed all memory of what had happened to them and thus keep all of their secrets safe.
  • The Chessmaster: A criminal mastermind with a photographic memory known for his Complexity Addiction used to fuel his Gambit Roulettes, often leaving a chess piece as a Calling Card, itself being clues to a much grander plan.
  • Clock King: Never seen without his signature wall clock. Its hands can be manipulated to travel forward or backward in time, and they're sharp enough that he occasionally takes apart the clock to stab people with them.
  • Confusion Fu: A disgraced Taoist Immortal with a tendency to play dirty who seeks revenge against the kung fu masters who defeated him. He is a master of Drunken Monkey Kung Fu, his magic used to help further disorient his opponents.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: A evil businessman motivated by greed who only cares about making money and not about the people around him. He often bankrolls the supervillains' schemes and antics.
  • The Cracker: An obnoxious redneck with uncanny safe-cracking skills, capable of undoing any lock no matter how good it is.
  • Death Dealer: A seller who makes all of his products himself, but adds venoms, weapons, or magic that kill the buyers.
  • Domain Holder: The evil webmaster behind the TV Tropes Supervillain Team's recruitment site.
  • The Dragon: Big Bad's number two, a highly-skilled ninja known for his Breath Weapon technique. He is often sent to deal with threats to Big Bad's criminal empire, whether they be The Real Heroes, street-level superheroes or witnesses that may jeopardize their operation.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: A drill sergeant who turned to evil after being dismissed from the armed forces for his behavior. Basically an Evil Counterpart of Sgt. Slaughter.
  • Evil Debt Collector: A debt collector who was banished from the industry for taking his line of work to the extreme when he discovered dark magic and began using it to force debtors into paying up. Now, he is the guy the Supervillain Team counts on when they need to speak or communicate with somebody.
  • Eye Scream: A strange monster who may be an eldritch abomination; nobody knows its true form because its causes bleeding in the eyes of those who see it, but it's known to have more extremities than is natural.
  • Fairy Devilmother: An Evil Fairy that had chosen to side with Satan when he tried recruiting The Fair Folk in his war against the rest of the universe. She rules over the rest of the Dark Fairies with an iron fist and is the mortal enemy to the Fairy Godmother.
  • Fallen Cupid: Formerly an angel tasked with spreading love on behalf of the Love Goddess, Fallen Cupid was banished from the Heavens he hailed from in his attempts to assassinate the Goddess and take her throne for himself. Now a Fallen Angel, he has learned how to forge arrows that corrupt the thoughts and emotions of those struck by them.
  • Fallen Hero: A former member of a superhero team who, after realizing that they can't stop Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil, or Lawful Evil, lost various battles against The Dragon, and almost lost his eyes to Eye Scream, decided that it would be easier be a villain and became one.
  • Freak Out: A powerful psychic capable of compelling his victims into fits of Ax-Crazy mania. Unfortunately, he's not immune to his own powers, so he'll go unhinged at complete random.
  • Garbage Wrestler: He was a trashman who worked as a hardcore wrestler on the weekends until he was fired by the waste management company he worked for and the promotion he was wrestling for shut down. Unable to find work, he turned to villainy to pay the bills. He often makes use of improbable weapons (especially his trusted garbage can).
  • Glass Cannon: A man with brittle bone disease who, after experimentation from Mad Scientist, was gifted with a Healing Factor and Super Strength. While it did not cure him of his disease, his super strength allows him to decimate defenses and can even kill multiple people in a single blow, but the act shatters his bones, leaving him incapacitated until his Healing Factor finishes repairing them. He is the secret weapon of the Quirky Miniboss Squad, brought out as a means of breaking through impenetrable obstacles and as a distract for any hero that tries arresting them.
  • Gluttony: Envy and Gluttony, founding members of the Seven Deadly Sins, attempted to go out on their own as a supervillain duo after The Cardinal Virtues took them down. This led to the both of them becoming exposed to an experimental, incredibly toxic superpower enhancement drug, turning Envy into the Green-Eyed Monster and Gluttony into the Villainous Glutton. When he was Gluttony, he was a mob boss with plant powers and was infamous for force feeding his victims until they literally ate themselves to death. As the Villainous Glutton, he became a Botanical Abomination with regenerative powers that induced Horror Hunger on anyone who had sampled his biomatter. Before the Seven Deadly Sins reformed, all of his Evil Plans involved contaminating the nation's food supplies with his biomatter, turning everyone into mindless cannibals For the Evulz.
  • Goldfish Poop Gang: A group of Harmless Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains who are the self-proclaimed rivals of the Quirky Miniboss Squad. While the Quirky Miniboss Squads track record is hit or miss, the Goldfish Poop Gang are so incompetent and useless that the comparison between the two groups actually makes the Quirky Miniboss Squads chances of joining the Legion of Doom that much more possible.
  • Grammar Nazi: Serial killer with a Putting on the Reich theme who targets anyone that don't do grammar right.
  • Greed: A founding member of the Seven Deadly Sins and the only member that continued his criminal empire after their fall before they returned. He is a Man of Wealth and Taste whose criminal empire has assets, investments and hidden caches in nearly every economic sector in nearly half of the world, making it impossible to permanently topple it. Ontop of possessing a near-limitless pile of cash and uncashed favors that makes it impossible to keep him in prison, he possesses a psychic intuition on what anyone could possibly want, making his capacity for temptation the Sin's deadliest weapons.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Envy and Gluttony, founding members of the Seven Deadly Sins, attempted to go out on their own as a supervillain duo after The Cardinal Virtues took them down. This led to the both of them becoming exposed to an experimental, incredibly toxic superpower enhancement drug, turning Envy into the Green-Eyed Monster and Gluttony into the Villainous Glutton. When he was Envy, he was a psychic vampire that robbed people of their stamina, their strength and even their skills, both natural and learned. As Green-Eyed Monster, he became a Humanoid Abomination that rob a person of their best qualities, turning ordinary, ethical people into their worst selves consumed by bitterness, selfishness and pettiness.

  • The Gunslinger: Shooting Superman with conventional guns is a bad idea, sure, but who said they're good for nothing?
  • Hammer and Sickle: Twin brothers and archnemesises of Captain Patriotic. Originally heroes to the USSR and having received their powers and iconic weapons through Soviet Superscience, they eventually defected when the Red State fell, becoming members to the Legion of Doom's Easter Division with the intent of forcing the country to return back to the Communist Faux-Utopia they fought so hard to defend. Eventually became archnemesis to the superheroes that adopted their names on the Superhero Team.
  • Hellhound:
    • Hellhound I is a Minion with an F in Evil. Was kicked as a puppy and now just wants love and belly rubs.
    • Hellhound II is a dog-like demon and The Antichrist's own personal pet. To anyone without a magical affinity, he looks like an ordinary doberman and he is loyal to his master. He will often shapeshift into a giant wolf or a humanoid dog-monster when he master sends him to kill someone he deems a threat to his criminal empire.
    • Hellhound III is a street-brawling thug who volunteered to be one of Mad Scientists guinea pigs and is turned into an anthropomorphic dog-monster. After being bitten by Hellhound II in a brawl, his dog-monster form became much stronger and he gained the ability to transform back into his human self at will.
  • Hollywood Satanist: After Hollywood Voodoo failed one too many times, the Petro Loas end up leaving him to Satan's mercy. After sucking out his soul, he replaces it with an evil spirit copy of him who has all the same powers but is completely loyal to him and has a Red and Black and Evil All Over color scheme. After Hollywood Satanist fails enough times, Voodoo's disembodied soul manages to make a plea bargain and Satan gives him his body back under the condition that he works for him.
  • Hollywood Voodoo: Originally a Bokor (Voodoo priest) who was excommunicated from his village in Haiti for forging a pact with the Petro — a clan of evil Loas — for otherworldly power exceeding his peers. He slips into The Big Easy where he builds a voodoo world-domination cult with himself as leader and Dark Messiah. When the Petro Loas make treaty with Satan, Hollywood Voodoo joins the Legion of Doom as one of its Token Wizards. Archnemesis of Hollywood Dreamtime.
  • Jackass Genie: The Genie of the Pipe. Split at Birth from the Genie in a Bottle's death and sister to her literal better-half the Benevolent Genie. Every wish she grants either intentionally takes the Literal Genie approach to Troll her master or makes it so that the magic comes at a twist that leaves them worse off than they were before. For example, one guy asked her for a million bucks, so he was nearly trampled to death by a herd of reindeer. He would later make the same wish, but asked specifically a million dollars and received a certificate for a million dollars that could only be cashed into a bank that went out of business decades ago. He reworded the wish as carefully as he could and he got that million dollars, only to be arrested the next day for being found with millions of dollars that were stolen from a nearby bank the previous day.
  • Karma Houdini: A villainous escape artist who uses his skills to commit crimes, then get away unpunished. He's notorious for breaking into other prisons and helping other supervillains escape their Tailor Made Prisons.
  • Killer Gorilla: He's a giant ape that will maul you.
  • Killer Rabbit: A former rabbit farmer who developed the ability to control animals and turned to a life of crime. Since his powers work best with lagomorphs and rodents, he specializes in controlling large swarms of rabbits, hares, squirrels, mice, hamsters and the like and turning them into frenzied waves of bloodthirsty fluffballs with which to overwhelm foes.
  • Killer Yoyo: A serial killer and Psychopathic Manchild obsessed with toys in general, but especially yo-yos. He loves to use them as his weapons of murder.
  • Lawful Evil: Anthropomorphic Personification of Tyranny and patron god of organized crime. Has no set form, but usually manifests in a pastiche of Nazi and Dirty Commie stereotypes. He is not allowed to interfere directly with those he influences, so he will sometimes choose an Avatar to act for him directly. The current Avatar is The Don. Because he embodies an aspect of evil, he is intrinsically tied to Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil, but none of them trust each other.
  • Lightning Bruiser: A villain with Shock and Awe powers, who nonetheless likes getting up close and personal in combat. He's feared by the TV Tropes Superhero Team, and respected by their opponents, for being much faster, stronger, and tougher than most of them.
  • The Loonie: Ax-Crazy Implacable Man.
  • Lust: A founding member of the Seven Deadly Sins. An androgynous socialite and an expert at reading others, they have the power to exude an all-purpose pheromone capable of controlling the senses of those exposed to it, knocking them unconscious and even killing people. Their pheromones are so potent, their appearance differs between person to person and no one knows what they look like, what their gender is, or even if they're human. Originally thought dead when the Seven Deadly Sins were defeated the first time, they killed and replaced an agent of Interpol and lived their life until the Sins reformed.
  • Mad Doctor: The Legion of Doom's Omnidisciplinary Scientist and Bunny-Ears Lawyer. He is responsible for most of their advanced tech (everything else they have stolen for him to reverse-engineer) and some of their most dangerous monsters.
  • Monster Clown: Practically Joker, but he also has a taste for children. Do not take his candy or he will completely lose it and conspire to make your life collapse around you.
  • Monster of the Week: A street-level villain who has the power to involuntarily shapeshift into a different monster. Now its a vampire, but next week it'll be a giant bug monster, the next a werewolf, a shogoth after that, etc.
  • Musical Assassin: A career-killer who's M.O. is that he disguises himself as a musician (orchestra cellist, street piccalo player, replacement base-player) with his own collection of custom-made instruments that can transform into weapons. Orchestral string instruments can be readily removed and used as garrote wire, the head of the guitar is the novel for a hidden gun, wind-instruments hide poisonous darts, etc. He can actually play all of those instruments marginally well, too.
  • Neutral Evil: Anthropomorphic Personification of Selfishness and Patron God of lone-wolf career criminals. Has no set form, but usually manifests in a pastiche of mobster stereotypes. He is not allowed to interfere directly with those he influences, so he will sometimes choose an Avatar to act for him directly. The current Avatar is Quick Draw. Because he embodies an aspect of evil, he is intrinsically tied to Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil, but none of them trust each other.
  • Nuclear Mutant: Just a regular schmuck working at his local power-plant before he fell into a vat of toxic sludge, becoming a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength. His very presence poisons the land around him with radiation, and he seeks more and more of the same chemicals that mutated him so that he could become powerful enough to wipe out and mutate all other life on the planet. Has currently been captured and is used as a living nuclear reactor by the Legion of Doom.
  • Le Parkour: French Jerk who fights like a Bare-Fisted Monk and has enough athletic ability to keep up with the other villains.
  • Oni: One of Japan's most prolific and mysterious supervillains. He usually wears all black and obscures his face with an oni mask, though sometimes he will roll up his sleeves that display impressive tattoos. His name comes from the belief that he is Shuten-Doji himself, a demon of immense power that instills order into its criminal underworld with fear. While he looks like a normal human, he has displayed combat prowess and Super Strength that makes him deadly. His only weakness is his love of sake, this, combined with him being a lightweight. No one has ever seen his full face, the closest being when he moves it above him mouth to drink sake. Stories about him are prevalent, one of the more famous ones being that he forced the Yakuza into submission by killing all but one of their oyabun and their entire entourage of assassins and bodyguard with nothing but a baseball bat covered in nails singlehandedly.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: A powerful humanoid alien, who first learned the true nature of Villain Sue. By invoking her power he sought out the end of the universe. He killed quintillions of people and destroyed many worlds, but was sealed away by heroes so long ago.
  • Pride: A founding member of the Seven Deadly Sins. A Faux Affably Evil gentleman with regenerative immortality and a cunning mind that works faster than an any normal human, Pride was imprisoned in a specialized prison when the Seven Deadly Sins were defeated. His breaking out signaled the rest of the Sins to come out of hiding. As his name would imply, his invincibility and intelligence makes him an Insufferable Genius who thinks his invincibility makes him an Invincible Villain. Whenever this is proven wrong, his rational thoughts die out and he becomes sloppy in his rage, something that led to the Sin's original defeat.
  • Pyromaniac: A crazed pyromaniac with a custom flamethrower that's equal parts hitman-for-hire, burglar and homeland terrorist. With a malfunction in his flamethrower caused by a spell gone wrong by the hero Rabbit Magician, he gains fire powers.
  • Quick Draw: An assassin from South Texas known for his black cowboy hat riddled with bullets, Improbable Aiming Skills and trademark gold and silver six-shooters.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: A group of wacky supervillains with wackier powers who plan and pull off heists with their respective skillsets. Their biggest dream is to join the Legion of Doom.
  • The Rustler: A Black Hat outlaw who perished on a Train Job after his compadres all betrayed him. Since he personally killed a tribe of Natives for his own amusement, their Shaman's last words where that he was cursed to walk the desert for all of eternity, his restless spirit now haunting the train-tracks until he can get revenge on the descendants of his backstabbing gang. One of those descendants happens to be Quick Draw.
  • Santabomination: One of the previous incarnations of Santa Claus that refused to retire and allow a successor to replace him, he tried tapping into the holiday magic that grants Santa Claus his jolly powers, only for it to overwhelm him, punishing him for his hubris and mutates him into a grotesque Christmas Tree/Reindeer-like monstrosity. He was then banished to the lifeless wastelands of the South Pole before fellow evil Santa Claus Bad Santa and The Antichrist find and recruit him.
  • Satan: The first of the fallen, the creator of all that is Unholy and self proclaimed "God of Evil". He in one form or another created every member of the Supervillain Team and is the Greater-Scope Villain of the TV Tropes Cinematic Universe. Or rather he thinks he is, with implications of a greater evil having orchestrated his treachery in the first place.
  • Satanic Archetype: The latest in the Legion of Doom's attempts to clone Satan from a chipped-tooth they had stolen in the deepest, darkest of the Vatican's Vaults. He has a goatee, a High Collar of Doom and wears red devil spandex. He has unholy powers much like Satan and The Antichrist (who he has a sibling rivalry with), but they are comparatively weaker and while only Holy Weapons can kill him, he is still vulnerable to physical trauma.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: An old group comprised of seven incredibly deadly super-criminals that ran the criminal underworld back in their day. The Cardinal Virtues were formed specifically to overthrow them, and its only surviving member Temperance would later form the Seven Heavenly Virtues when the Sins resurfaced. It is rumored that the Seven Deadly Sins all received their abilities from an infernal power, either having been given their powers by demons or are demons themselves.
  • Shady Scalper: A scary man dressed in all black who hides in the shadows. When he sees a victim... off with their head! Most often seen lurking in forests at night.

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