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Just a list of tropes with titles that, intentionally or unintentionally, can be used for superpowered individuals who are neither superheroes or supervillains. Common formats include "{Title} {Word}" and "{Word} Woman/Man/Girl/Boy/Lass/Lad".

Compare The Index Team.

See also Trope Names for a Band, Trope Title Shows and Trope Title Video Games.

Contrast TV Tropes Superhero Team (for those who use their powers for good) and TV Tropes Supervillain Team (who use them for evil).

Current Team Roster:

  • All-Powerful Bystander: A being the size of a planet who is alleged to know all of the secrets of the universe. Aliens from all over the galaxy have trekked toward him, asking him questions that he may know the answer too, only for him to refuse them in response. He claims that if he told anyone any of the forbidden facts in his head, it could spell disaster for the whole of creation. Considering that very response led to three entire planets being wiped-off the star maps in an intergalactic war, he just might be on to something.
  • Almighty Janitor: A god-like figure that no one ever truly realizes, he doesn't do much unless someone needs help, no matter who it may be.
  • Alliance of Alternates: A group of highly intelligent individuals who are all alternate universe counterparts of each other, having made contact with one another and have since pulled their resources together to use their collective genius and tech savvy to explore the omniverse. Their end goal is to create their own universe where everything is made perfect. Their Character Alignment vary wildly - some of them are superheroes, others supervillains and few who identify as neither - and they have all made a pact not to interfere with each other's personal lives. Mad Scientist is a member of the Alliance, working with his fellow counterparts out of Enlightened Self-Interest.
  • Apathetic Student: When Apathetic Teacher found that one of his students was immune to his powers, he would experiment on him to find out the secret and rid himself of his powers. Instead, he passed The Power of Apathy onto him.
  • Apathetic Teacher: A college professor with The Power of Apathy, an aura that literally bores everyone around him half to death.
  • Chaotic Neutral: The Anthropomorphic Personification of Individuality and Patron/Matron God of Hedonism. Has no set form, but usually manifests as a being of Ambiguous Gender. They only exist when the moral balance of the universe is at stake, in-which case they are tasked with controlling all aspects of Chaos until the balance is realigned. Due to their nature, they routinely go off and shirk their responsibilities, the consequences of their inaction eventually forcing Chaotic Good and Chaotic Evil to work it out themselves.
  • Genie in a Bottle: Originally the Queen of Sheba, she was a sorceress who was imprisoned by King Solomon for attempting to wage war on his kingdom. She was originally a Literal Genie who granted wishes not by their intent but by their language due to a failed universal translator spell and whether the wishes she granted helped or hindered her masters depended on how they phrased it. After a Noodle Incident shattered her bottle and destroyed her, the pieces would later be reassembled into a glass-bead necklace and a glass pipe, both of which becoming the vessels for her Split at Birth good-half Benevolent Genie and evil-half Jackass Genie.
  • Grey Goo: An extraterrestrial species of Blob Monster that grows larger the more it eats and shrinks when it starves and ever since it crash landed on Earth five years ago, it has mainly subsisted on rats, small birds and the occasional frog. While Area 51 has tried to catch all instances of them, some have made it onto the cover of Tabloid Melodrama Magazine.
  • The Greys: A race of exploratory aliens who avoid any and all attempts at interplanetary politics in favor of political non-interventionism and scientific discovery. While they are unwilling to go to war, they have created a plethora of defense technology and scientific marvels that make them the galaxy's most desired territory for both The Federation and The Empire, the only thing protecting them from both being a Binding Ancient Treaty.
  • Heroic Neutral: The love-child of an affair between Lawful Neutral and The Everyman as a prank by the Love Goddess. He is a regular man who, because of his divine heritage, possesses a superpowered heroic-side that takes over whenever he sees any act of genuine malice right in-front of him. Because his existence threatens the moral balance of the universe, his divine parent was forced to curse him with a cynical side that reacts in disgust to any genuine act of goodness in his presence.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: A businessman and benefactor who prefers to make money through legit means. He occasionally helps out the good guys, but prefers to run his business and make people's lives better. he despises Corrupt Corporate Executive for his greedy behavior.
  • Japanese Spirit: The Anthropomorphic Personification of Japan, both as a landmass and as a nation. The Japanese Spirit's behavior and appearance depends on the era and cultural identity of its people, though all of their actions are for the good of the nation, bestowing divine gifts and inflicting curses onto particular individuals for that very reason. While not a kami, the Shinto pantheon are well aware of the Spirit's existence, the Spirit one of the few things the gods and demons of the region fear and respect unconditionally.
  • Lawful Neutral: The Anthropomorphic Personification of Order and Patron God of Laws. Has no set form, but usually manifests as a pastiche of Obstructive Bureaucrat and By-the-Book Cop. He only exists when the moral balance of the universe is at stake, in-which case they are tasked with controlling all aspects of Order until the balance is realigned.
  • Lord of the Ocean: King of Atlantis, wields the Prongs of Poseidon and is Chaotic Good at the best of times, Neutral Evil at worst.
  • Love Goddess: Matron Goddess of Physical, Psychological and Emotional Love and Anthropomorphic Personification of all desire in the universe. As this would imply, she is passionate and mischievous, falling in and out of love at the drop of a hat and holds the universal record for most sexual partners in the infinite of existence. Whether she is helpful or a hinderance to the forces of good or evil depends on her temperament at the time and she can be a terrifying enemy to have when she is angered. Like all gods, she has her own army of angels called the Cupid Cavalry. She has no set form, but her favorite form when conversing with humans is that of Venus from William-Adolphe Bouguereau's The Birth of Venus.
  • Magician Detective: Rabbit Magician's former assistant. After his partner was turned into an anthro rabbit and went off to fight crime with magic, he decided to become a police detective to gain another source of revenue. He refuses to take sides, only going with facts. And true to his name, he plays the weekend warrior card by doing magic on the weekends and his days off from the police force.
  • Putto: The Love Goddess's Hyper-Competent Sidekick and Anthropomorphic Personification of Commitment. He is the embodiment of the Love Goddess's responsible side and thus is usually tasked with reigning her in before her curiosity and insatiable libido leads her into a downward spiral she cannot escape from. He also takes care of duties she herself cannot be bothered to do, including cleaning, cooking and personally sending her letters. He has no set form, but he most commonly takes the form of a nude boy toddler, his most common appearance being the design of Folly from Agnolo Bronzino's Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time. It is rumored that he is the love child of the Love Goddess herself and Lawful Good.
  • Team Switzerland: A group of Swiss mercenaries who refuse to get involved with anything remotely sociopolitical because that was what their mothers told them. With no mercenary work that does not involve that, they all quit mercenary work and wound up starting a roofing business.
  • True Neutral: The Anthropomorphic Personification of Oblivion and Patron God of Balance. He has never been seen, as he would only appear if the moral balance between Neutral Good or Neutral Evil is threatened, something that has not happened in recent memory.
  • Übermensch: A Flying Brick with Charles Atlas Superpowers that has been contested as one of the strongest men on the planet and has been offered positions on both the Super Team and Legion of Doom for this, both of which have been largely ignored. He hates having to work together with anybody out of a stubborn desire for independence and while he never acts with malice, any good he does is largely incidental.

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