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Just a list of tropes with titles that, intentionally or unintentionally, sound like super-villain names. Common formats include "{Title} {Word}" and "{Word} Woman/Man/Girl/Boy/Lass/Lad".

For a bit of a challenge for those adding new titles to the list below, try and avoid tropes that are directly named after actual characters (for example, Inspector Javert will not be included in the list as the trope is named verbatim after the antagonistic policeman from Les Misérables), or tropes whose names are otherwise the nom de guerres of actual well-recognizable characters (for example, there are actual DC Comics villains who're called The Gambler and The Trickster).


The Evil Counterpart list to the TV Tropes Superhero Team. See also Trope Names for a Band and Trope Title Shows.

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