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     As a whole 

The Foot Clan
Founded by Koga Takuza 1,500 years ago, the Foot Clan became a powerhouse of a Tendai-philosophical ninja clan, entering a great war with the rival Hamato Clan. When Oroku Saki discovered his true heritage, he resurrected the Foot Clan by converting the Hamato Clan's members, destroying the Hamato Clan until the present day. Now Saki has moved his clan to New York to begin the war anew with the surviving Hamato Yoshi, sparking a long, grueling conflict.
  • Back from the Brink: According to Splinter, the Foot Clan was once wiped out except for Oroku Saki. However, after the issue with Tang Shen, Saki found out his true origin and turned The Foot Clan into a proper clan again and by now, the most powerful group in New York.
  • Badass Crew: There's a reason they're the most powerful criminal organization in New York City, if not the world. Prominently shown in "The Fourfold Trap" when the majority of the inner circle is able to curb stomp Leo, Raph, and April as a unit.
  • Breaking the Fellowship: By the end of "End Times", the Foot Clan has more or less been severed beyond repair. Fishface, Bebop, and Rocksteady all flee when things get way too weird for them to handle, Shredder accepts his permanent death by returning to the Netherworld, Rahzar is MIA, and Tiger Claw calls a truce with the Turtles.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: The effectiveness of the inner circle (besides Shredder, Tiger Claw, and Rocksteady) tends to wane when just one or two of them faces the Turtles. However, as a unit, they're definitely a force to be reckoned with. They not only curb stomp the Turtles in "The Fourfold Trap", but they also manage to hold their own against a horde of Triceratons.
  • Disney Death: The majority of the Foot Clan, implied or otherwise, have been killed off as of "Requiem" and "Owari". However, season five reveals most of them survived, with Rahzar and Shredder being the only ones that were killed off. That being said, Rahzar comes Back from the Dead during the fifth season and Shredder is revived as a zombie during the season. Both fall into Kavaxas's Netherworld.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In "Annihilation: Earth", most of them are rightfully horrified at Shredder when he stabs Splinter In the Back just as he's going to stop the Triceratons' black hole generator from activating, effectively dooming the planet.
  • Evil Counterpart: To the Hamato Clan (The Turtles, Splinter, April, and Casey).
    • Shredder to Splinter: The Big Bad and Big Good behind the scenes that judge the outcome of missions. Dogpound also compares them as being equal in skill but having totally different values in "Showdown". They were formerly best friends. Shredder also is an Evil Counterpart to each of the Turtles and Casey Jones in various ways (determination, armor, anger, Never My Fault, and being in a Love Triangle).
    • Tiger Claw to Leonardo: Initially The Leader on the field and the master's most trusted disciple.
    • Rahzar to Michelangelo: Butt-Monkey to the team. Although, Dogpound is unintentional while Mikey mostly embraces it. They also used to be 'Facebook' friends.
    • Fishface to Raphael: The leader's foil and most aggressive fighter. They even acknowledge it when forced to work together.
    • Stockman to Donatello: Technobabble Gadgeteer variety geniuses. They also both wear purple.
    • Karai to April: They both share a father daughter relationship to the master and deeply mourn the loss of their mother. While April is a Weirdness Magnet, Karai initially just wants to be special, prompting several Designated Girl Fights despite their obvious gap in skill. April was pretty shocked that Karai is actually Splinter's daughter Miwa, who her tessen was supposed to go to and supposed that their feud could turn into a sisterly bond.
    • Karai to Leonardo: They are both the new Leader on the field, have the closest relationship with the master, and are the most skilled. They also both wanted some sort of truce between the two clans at one point, but they develop a personal romantic feud on top of the family one after having to defend their families from each other, which later turned into a complete romance when Leo is told that Karai is actually Splinter's daughter.
    • Chromedome to Metalhead: similar names aside both are as Kraang tech based Made of Iron mechs.
    • Hun to Casey Jones, as both are the Token Human of their teams and feel the need to prove themselves because of it.
  • Enemy Mine: Shredder allies his clan with the Hamato Clan to combat the Triceraton invasion at the end of season three. The two clans prove to be effective when united as one, but Shredder dooms them all when he kills Splinter before he can prevent the Earth's destruction.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Saki brought back the Foot Clan by convincing the Hamato Clan to betray Yoshi and join him.
  • Insistent Terminology: The Foot Clan do not use the mutant names given by Mikey when addressing each other, with the exceptions of Steranko/Rocksteady, who loves his moniker and often calls Zeck "Bebop" and an odd occasion when Stockman called Bradford "Rahzar".
  • Multi National Team: A fairly diverse team of bad guys. Shredder, Karai, and Tiger Claw are all Japanese. Rahzar, Stockman, and Bebop are all Americans (one white, two black). Fishface is Afro-Brazilian. Rocksteady is Russian. Hun is Chinese.
  • Renegade Splinter Faction: Inverted. In season four, after the Triceraton invasion is thwarted, Karai starts her own branch of the Foot Clan for the express purpose of taking Shredder out once and for all. Karai's branch of the Foot Clan is allied with the Turtles and she makes it clear that she wants to bring honor back to the clan as a whole.
  • The Team: A traditional Five Bad Band in season one until about halfway through season two, with Shredder as Big Bad, Bradford as The Dragon, Xever as The Brute, Stockman as the Evil Genius, and Karai as the Dark Chick. After Tiger Claw joins, the lineup keeps adding members and rankings shift around until Karai starts her own splinter faction to destroy Shredder and rectify his evil impact on the state of the clan.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The Foot Clan became an even more powerful organization once they began using Foot-Bots, and they only get worse as their membership swells, many of the generals being powerful mutants.
  • Villain Team-Up: They're currently allied with the Kraang, though Shredder is well aware the alliance will not last.
    • "Casey Jones Vs. The Underworld" also has Shredder mention his control of the various criminal factions of New York, and in the episode he establishes a shaky alliance with Don Vizioso's Italian mob.
  • Was Once a Man: They start the series as an all-human clan, but all of its members began mutating and the clan begins to add long-time mutants as the series progresses, with Shredder himself becoming the final inner-circle Clan member who is or was an antagonist to the Turtles to undergo a mutation.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Hachiko only appeared in one scene of "The Gauntlet" and hasn't been seen since. When asked, Word of God simply states that Shredder is a terrible pet owner.
  • Would Hurt a Child: There's a very long list of examples of this trope, we'll leave it at that.

The Shredder's Inner Circle

    Oroku Saki/The Shredder/Super Shredder
As a healthy human
Super Shredder 
As an Undead 

"There is undoubtedly a fascinating story behind how my old nemesis came to teach ninjitsu to four mutant turtles. Perhaps I will let one of you live long enough to tell it."

Once the adoptive brother of Hamato Yoshi, jealousy over Yoshi's marriage to Tang Shen, who they both loved, prompted him to discover his birthright in the Foot Clan, become evil, and attempt to kill Yoshi. A fire that broke out during the battle disfigured Saki and seemingly killed both Shen and her and Yoshi's daughter. Subsequently becoming the head of the Foot Clan, Saki moved to New York to hunt down and kill his old nemesis after seeing a news broadcast that implied that Yoshi is still alive.

  • Abduction Is Love: His view on the kidnapping of Miwa and raising her as Karai. The Shredder genuinely believes she should be his daughter, even if he is not her biological progenitor.
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: He cuts through parts of a building sign like butter.
  • Abusive Parents: Implied towards Karai, but she still loves him though. Later episodes indicate that he's actually not physically abusive, however.
  • Accidental Murder: The death of Tang Shen was this. "Vengeance Is Mine" and later "Tale of the Yokai" revealed that Tang Shen intercepted an attack Shredder had meant for Splinter.
  • Adaptational Badass:
    • The Mirage Shredder was killed in the first issue, the 1987 Shredder varied in how effective he was against the Turtles, and the 2003 Shredder was beaten by Leonardo in a duel near the end of the first season, with future appearances having him use technology to get the upper hand. By contrast, here he's totally out of the Turtles' league until season three - every encounter they have with him end with them either retreating or his being incapacitated by other means. Even backed by the Mutanimals, he still kicks their asses 8-on-1 until they drop a statue on him. Leonardo battling him to a draw in "Casey Jones vs. The Underworld" is treated as a major, major achievement by the Hamato Clan. It takes until the last episode of the "Turtles in Space" arc, which aired halfway through season four, for him to suffer his first one-on-one defeat at the hands of a seriously pissed-off Splinter, which puts him on life-support and results in him undergoing a horrific mutation himself to become the Super Shredder. It would also take until "Owari" for any of the Turtles to defeat him without Splinter.
    • In Secret of the Ooze, Super Shredder, while still feared by the Turtles, was easily defeated by being buried in a pile of wood. Here, he is shown to be more resilient by taking slash and stab wounds by bladed weapons. He also survived being thrown from a cliff.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Downplayed. His love for his daughter Karai is genuine, but this does not stop him from using her as a means to harm the Hamato Clan, from using her as bait for a rather poorly planned trap, from brainwashing her to make her perfectly loyal to him, from putting her life and the life of Earth in danger of extinction to take a cheap shot at killing Splinter in what was supposed to be an Enemy Mine. By the time he declares war on her Rogue Foot after she makes a full Heel–Face Turn when she is able to recover from the brainwashing, he gives up trying to get her back and outright stops loving her after "Requiem".
  • Adaptational Ugliness: He's hideously disfigured, unlike most versions of the character.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: A given for nearly every Shredder in comparison to the original Mirage Comics version (which lasted only the first issue) and the 1987 version (who eventually devolved into a Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain). This Shredder's villainy is so bad that it can be argued that there is only one version that is worse than him in the entire history of the franchise: the Utrom Shredder from the 2003 series, who was willing to destroy The Multiverse and the very fabric of reality out of his hatred for the Turtles.
  • Alien Blood: After his transformation into the Super Shredder, his blood is bright green, depicted by green veins on his skin, him coughing it up when Karai punches him in the heart in "Darkest Plight" and it spurting from his wounds when Splinter cuts off his wrist blades in "Requiem".
  • And Your Little Dog, Too!:
    • In "The Super Shredder", he declares to Splinter that after he kills him, he'll kill his loved ones as well. This provokes Splinter into detonating a bomb in a Taking You with Me attempt.
    • In "Requiem", he attacks Karai and lands her in the hospital, and then impales Splinter right in front of April and Raph before throwing him off a multi-story building. By "Owari", the Turtles go all out, track him down, and kill him.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Splinter and the entire Hamato Clan. Anything he does is aimed at either killing Splinter, or making him suffer, something he finally succeeds at in season three, for a while, until he finally kills him for good in "Requiem".
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: His wearing the Kuro Kabuto is proof that he is a worthy successor to Koga Takuza, the founder of the Foot Clan who made the helmet from the armor of his thousands of slaughtered enemies.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: In "Darkest Plight", Karai does this to the Super Shredder, which is his exposed heart.
  • Ax-Crazy: Shredder is already a sociopath and monster for things he's done up to the end of season three (especially where Karai is concerned), but after backstabbing Splinter in an Enemy Mine (which is reversed) and mutating, he goes fully insane to where he even manhandles Tiger Claw, who is not pleased with this turn of events.
  • Back from the Dead: He's revived by Kavaxas in "End Times", but as a zombie under Kavaxas's control. After Kavaxas is forced to retreat back to the Netherworld, Shredder falls in with him.
  • Backstab Backfire: While he is successful in literally backstabbing Splinter in "Annihilation: Earth!", this leads to the Earth being destroyed and Professor Honeycutt/The Fugitoid saving the Turtles and going back in time to prevent this. The second time in "Earth's Last Stand", a yell from Leo puts Shredder on the wrong side of a counterattack from Splinter, who seriously cripples him and forces his clan to bail out of New York, allowing the Heel–Face Turn Karai to resurface and take over the old lair.
  • Badass Baritone: He's voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. What did you expect?
  • Badass Cape: Though he sheds it when he fights the Turtles. He keeps it on in "Serpent Hunt" and all instances as the Super Shredder except for his final encounter with the Turtles, however (thanks to the animation having improved since the show's beginning).
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: In Fishface's flashback explaining his Start of Darkness, Shredder, in silhouette, appears to be wearing a rather nice suit.
  • Badass Normal: He appears to be a normal human, despite his extreme strength, speed, and ferocity. And he's proven more dangerous than mutants and aliens the size of cars. He's one of the few characters who can effortlessly take on a Triceraton soldier.
  • Bad Boss:
    • He makes it a clear point that he would not hesitate to mutilate his lieutenants if they disappointed him. He threatens to harm Karai in the same way if she doesn't eliminate Leonardo the next time they meet. Keep in mind that Karai's his daughter.
    • In "Pulverizer Returns!", he's gathering mutagen to use on his minions. If you're lucky, mutagen turns you into this or this. If you're unlucky, you turn into this.
    • "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman" has him detonate Baxter Stockman's Mutagen collar when all he probably really needed to do was tell Baxter to make more dangerous or intimidating mutants, and he barely even hesitates when Baxter starts begging Shredder not to do it.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: In season two, his alliance with the Kraang prevails and he seemingly kills Splinter, though it turns out he's done worse as Splinter has lost his humanity. In season three, he literally stabs Splinter in the back, finally killing him. However, it's undone in "Earth's Last Stand" half a season later when the Turtles' time-travel successfully help save their master and instead put Shredder in hospice. But, he finally gets his "revenge" on Splinter when he kills him in "Requiem".
  • Bald of Evil: His hair was burned off when he was struck by a burning piece of the Hamato Clan's dojo the night he formed the Foot Clan.
  • Batman Gambit: Pulled off two at the end of season one, where he had the Kraang lure the Turtles in and stage a breakout in their prison so the Turtles would rescue Kirby O'Neil, who was being controlled by a device planted by the Kraang on him, with the plan being for him to kidnap April once he was taken to the Turtles' lair, since he knew Splinter would come to his building to rescue her. It worked like a charm, the only thing that came close derailing it being the Newtralizer breaking out.
  • Became Their Own Antithesis: He comes to New York when he discovers Yoshi has been training ninjas. He mocks and belittles his rival when he finds out Yoshi himself is now a rat and his ninja clan is a bunch of mutant turtles he considers his adopted sons. Shredder also actively hates and ignores all the Fantasy Kitchen Sink occurrences happening New York. Flash forward a few seasons, he's replaced all his low level Mooks with robots based on Kraang technology and mutated all his high level apprentices, generals, and adopted daughter. He's became the Token Human of the Foot Clan, which has turned into a dark version of Turtle and Kraang weirdness-only to eventually use mutagen on himself to hasten his near death recovery, the consequences of which result in a giant monster of a mutant named Super Shredder. Karai lampshades it, declaring that Shredder has become everything he hates.
  • Believing Their Own Lies: Shredder's Never My Fault personality is due to the fact that he truly believes he has done nothing wrong and everything that happened to him (and Karai/Miwa) is Splinter's fault and not his own, often resorting to Insane Troll Logic to keep his hatred easy. Taken to ludicrous extremes after his mutation in "The Super Shredder" where he rants at Splinter for supposedly turning Karai against him and brainwashing her, which is exactly what Shredder has done her entire life, and in a more literal sense with brain worms a season before. He goes so far as to swear that he saw Splinter kill Tang Shen with his own eyes.
  • Berserk Button: Never question or mock his quest for revenge and never suggest he get a new helmet.
  • Big Bad: As per usual, he was this for seasons one to four, though he shared the spot with the Kraang for much of it. He becomes the sole Big Bad after the Kraang are wiped out by the Triceratons at the end of season three, and the Triceratons themselves are taken down halfway through season four. Shredder finally meets his end in the season four finale "Owari", which concludes the "City at War" arc and the main storyline. However, Tiger Claw then takes control of the clan and retrieves the items needed to summon and control Kavaxas in a bid to revive Shredder.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: He shared this role with Kraang Prime for the majority of the series, with Shredder being a more personal threat to the Hamato clan, whereas the Kraang were the more prominent. Both of them served as the main recurring threats and played a part in the Turtles' origin. Following the demise of the Kraang in "Annihilation: Earth" and the Triceratons in "Earth's Last Stand", Shredder was left as the final antagonist for the rest of season four, until he, too, was killed in "Owari".
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: His trademark tiger-claws, which are bigger in this adaptation and come in a pair as opposed to just one. He can also have a third blade pop out of his gauntlets, and all of them are retractable. He gets literal spikes below the shoulder when he mutates.
  • Bloodless Carnage: His gauntlets never show visible damage, but when he uses them it's often treated as a finishing blow. He's also on the receiving end of this as noted below in Made of Iron.
  • Body Horror: After he is defeated by Splinter, he is put in bandages to help his severe wounds (this is after half his face was burned off). When he undergoes "Chemomutagentherapy", it turns him into a hulking man with spikes all over his body, a mask-like face with visible teeth, green monster eyes, and an exposed heart. It gets even worse in "Heart of Evil"; when he's resurrected by Kavaxas, he's a decaying zombie with a skull for a face, and is even shown at one point with worms wriggling out of his rotting flesh.
  • Break the Haughty: After getting his ass handed to him in "Earth's Last Stand", Shredder is bedridden and in critical condition. He receives words that not only are the ganglords under his criminal empire revolting and jockeying for territory, but his own adopted daughter has regained her sanity and has formed a new Foot Clan in his own lair and has taken the Kabuto for her own, along with disavowing him for Splinter, her biological father. He wearily admits that even after everything he inflicted on his scientist, he's now totally reliant on Stockman, who he considered one of his least favorite henchmen.
  • Brutal Honesty: When Karai asks him if he would punish her even if she's his daughter, he notes that she's especially the case. Later, however, it clearly pains him to admit to her that Splinter is indeed her father.
  • Cain and Abel: "Vengeance Is Mine" reveals that Oroku Saki was adopted by Hamato Yoshi's father, and the two were raised as brothers. Saki kills Yoshi/Splinter in "Requiem".
  • Came Back Wrong: In "End Times", after he's resurrected by Kavaxas, Tiger Claw and the rest of the Foot Clan view him as such, since Shredder is now little more than a shambling corpse; Tiger Claw suspects that Shredder hasn't really been revived, and that Kavaxas is simply using him as a puppet. His suspicions are confirmed immediately when Shredder and Rahzar attack Tiger Claw and Shredder destroys the seal controlling Kavaxas, before admitting that yes, Kavaxas IS Shredder's master now.
  • Character Development: In "End Times", it's implied that he's significantly rethought his life choices after having been killed, possibly indicating that he took Leo's accusations of being a monster to heart in "Owari", and after Kavaxas's control over him is broken, he helps push him back into the Underworld, saying that neither he or Kavaxas belong on Earth.
  • Character Exaggeration: Revenge has always been a major part of Shredder's character in previous incarnations, but this series takes it to much more extreme and obsessive levels than any previous version.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Threatens a captured Kraang with it to get him to talk.
  • Combat Pragmatist: When against opponents of greater number or equal skill, he relies on cheap shots, the opponent having been weakened beforehand, or death traps in his lair. Tellingly, when he can't rely on these, he finally loses a fight against Splinter.
    Shredder: In any conflict, the winner is the one ready to do what the loser is not.
  • The Comically Serious: Rather rare, but two instances stand out in "Panic In The Sewers" and "Karai's Vendetta", respectively:
    (Learning that Dogpound was defeated) "...They defeated you with go karts, and a water balloon?"
    (Upon his first time speaking to one of The Kraang) "Do they all speak like this?"
  • Composite Character:
    • He draws elements from multiple versions of the character; His vocals and basic design take cues from the 1987 Shredder, but the clothes have a red tint similar to the original comics, while having the combat prowess and effectiveness of the films and 2003 versions. He also eventually becomes Super Shredder, much like the ending of Secret of the Ooze.
    • His part in the Love Triangle between him, Hamato Yoshi, and Tang Shen is taken from his own counterpart from the 1990 movie. Him being raised as a surrogate brother to Yoshi and eventually killing Tang Shen due to his rivalry with Yoshi escalating, however, is taken from Yukio Mashimi of the 2003 series.
  • Cool Helmet: The Kuro Kabuto, the symbol of Foot leadership, follows the samurai-like kabuto/helmet style of his previous versions. This is also a major Macguffin in two episodes; one where Zeck steals it and the Foot Clan tries to get it back, and again as one of the two missing items needed to resurrect Shredder.
  • Create Your Own Villain: At the very least, Splinter sees him this way. In "Turtle Temper", Splinter recounts an incident where Shredder insulted him in front of Tang Shen, eventually leading Splinter to snap and attack him. This caused their rivalry to intensify, eventually leading to Shen's death at Shredder's hands. It's all downhill from there.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • As per TMNT tradition, his first fight with the Turtles is one of these in his favor. Pretty much every battle except his duel with Splinter in "Showdown" is one of these in his favor, including a rematch against Splinter in "The Invasion" and against a rampaging Leatherhead. He later is fought to a draw by the combined forces of the Turtles and the Mighty Mutanimals and is finally given his first outright defeat against Splinter during the fourth season.
    • As Super Shredder, he delivers a downright brutal one to Splinter, nearly killing him.
  • Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon: In "The Super Shredder", he dishes out such a threat to Stockman to force him to inject him with the rest of the mutagen.
    Shredder: [grabs Stockman by the throat] Do it! Or I will pluck off your limbs until you are nothing left but a buzzing head.
  • Dark Lord on Life Support: In the second go round with the BHG in "Earth's Last Stand", he fails to kill Splinter and is put in a personal intensive care facility outside of New York by Splinter for betraying the Enemy Mine. When he's finally seen, he's hooked up to an IV machine and a breathing mask while confined in bed, and wrapped in casts and bandages like a mummy. Stockman begins giving him mutagen to eventually turn him into the Super Shredder.
  • The Dark Side Will Make You Forget: His love for Tang Shen, and her choosing Splinter over him, is his primary reason for turning evil. By the time of "Requiem", he's fallen so far that he no longer seems to care about Tang Shen at all, having absolutely zero qualms against mocking Shen's death to Karai's face by declaring that it's fitting that Karai will die in the same manner as her mother.
  • Darth Vader Clone: As per the course, Shredder has some similarities to Darth Vader, having offspring (Karai) that ultimately rebel against him, being a Tin Tyrant, becoming a very personal enemy to the Turtles' Obi-Wan (Splinter), and, after getting a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Splinter the second time he tries to impale him during the Triceratons' attack (which gets the Triceratons destroyed this time), he winds up on life support, and Baxter Stockman begins supplying Mutagen through his IVs when he hears Karai is back.
  • Demoted to Dragon: As a zombie, Shredder is a puppet to Kavaxas, and is responsible for the Seal of the Ancients being destroyed and The End of the World as We Know It beginning. After Mikey repairs the seal and send Kavaxas back to the Netherworld, Shredder immediately turns on Kavaxas and kicks him into the portal, falling in with him.
  • Determinator: Shredder has the negative side of Leo's determined trait. By the end of season three and the second half of season four, where Shredder is directly responsible for the end of the world just for revenge, it's crystal clear that he will do anything to kill Splinter, and is capable of anything no matter how evil, dangerous, dishonorable, or immoral it is.
  • Diabolical Mastermind: He has connections to groups in Japan, runs the Foot Clan on his own, but he really comes into this in season three. He mentions that through his different minions, he has control over the Asian, South American, Russian and Italian mobs of New York, with him at the top.
  • Dirty Coward: Beats on Splinter after he's been weakened by a poisoned-dart. And impales him through the back when he was meant to use his claws to stop the Triceratons' Earth destroying machine.
  • Disproportionate Retribution/Kick the Son of a Bitch: As punishment for stealing his helmet and attempting to hunt a mutant Karai, Shredder mutates Anton Zeck and Ivan Steranko into Bebop and Rocksteady.
  • The Dreaded: Even so far that Splinter had a nightmare of him slaughtering the Turtles. He's also this to his minions, particularly when the Kabuto was stolen and Rahzar was on the verge of tears dreading his punishment.
  • Dramatic Irony: Think about how he took Karai away when she was a baby and lied to her about her parents. Turns out Splinter's own father did the same thing when Shredder himself was an infant...
  • Empowered Badass Normal: After his brutal defeat at Splinter's hands has left him bedridden wrapped in casts and bandaged while hooked up to an IV and breathing apparatus, Baxter Stockman hooks up a special IV that begins to put Mutagen in his veins, which ultimately turns him into a hulking monster with multiple spikes in his body.
  • Enemy Mine: Allies with the Hamato Clan to combat the Triceraton invasion in "Annihilation Earth!". And he immediately kills Splinter the moment he has his back turned, dooming the Earth.
  • Entitled to Have You: Had this mentality concerning Tang Shen. His entire beef with Splinter is because he's pissed that Splinter took Shen away from him, despite the fact that, as Splinter points out, Shen was never his in the first place.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Much of his scenes are usually threatening his men or being uninterested in anything but revenge. "The Gauntlet" finally showcases him in a fight, and the fight scene itself further shows his hunger for revenge as well as how brutal and quick on his feet he is.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones:
    • Possibly his daughter Karai, but it's not clear. Ultimately subverted in "Showdown" where it's shown that he's just using her to get back at Hamato Yoshi. And Double Subverted when Karai finds out, and he shows that he truly cares, and tries to reconcile and get forgiveness. Then when Karai is mutated, which he blames on Splinter despite the fact that Splinter was not implicated in any way, and Shredder starts in the direction of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. In "Annihilation Earth!", he's swayed into an alliance with Splinter to save Karai (and only Karai) from the destruction of the Earth… but kills Splinter before he can stop the Triceratons. His last words are just him joyfully exclaiming that he finally won against Yoshi, proving once and for all that his love for his daughter will always come second to his desire to triumph over Splinter. He eventually abandons his love for Karai altogether, claiming in "Requiem" that it was a weakness.
    • He also deeply loved Tang Shen, to the extent that one of the reasons he turned evil is because Shen chose Splinter over him. Come "Requiem", he's fallen so far that he's abandoned his love for her as well, going so far as to mock Shen's death to Karai's face.
    • Also played straight when he punished Anton Zeck and Ivan Steranko for hunting a mutated Karai. (It is speculated that he believes he cares about her in his own mind, when in fact, it is only part of his obsession to kill Splinter and keep her for himself. Given the way Shredder is, this may be true after all.)
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Played with, he has never followed through with his threats of killing or mutilating his top lieutenants. He usually just beats them up, and the worst he's done is mutate Baxter Stockman. Tiger Claw was unnerved when he believed Shredder was going to mutate his own daughter in "Vengeance is Mine", but Shredder told him she was only bait for Splinter and the Turtles. He still put her in that situation in the first place, so it turns into a perfect non lethal example of Hoist by His Own Petard because The Shredder was upset after she was mutated.
    • On a much lesser note, he is clearly pretty disgusted by the grossly obese glutton Don Vizioso and wastes no time showing him who's boss.
    • His undead self actually decides to finish off Kavaxas and send them both back into the netherworld, proclaiming that neither of them belong on Earth.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good:
    • In "Requiem", Shredder tells Splinter that his weakness is that he cares about others.
    • In "Owari", he remarks that he had anticipated that the Turtles would all be demoralized by Splinter's death and flee the city as they did before, afraid to face him. Instead, the Turtles are righteously pissed that Shredder murdered their father figure and attack his hideout full force with the intent to kill him.
  • Evil Counterpart:
    • He is this to Hamato Yoshi/Splinter. Both are equally skilled combatants and the leaders of their respective clans. Dogpound even remarks on their similarities to Fishface, stating that Splinter is just as skilled as Shredder, but "doesn't have the stomach to finish the fight."
    • He's also one to the Turtles, April, Casey, Karai, and his own minions.
      • Just like Leonardo's determination to defeat Shredder and protect Earth from the Kraang, Shredder will stop at nothing to get his revenge on Splinter.
      • He shares Raphael's violent and aggressive nature and the sparring match between Splinter and Shredder in "Tale of the Yokai" is basically a more violent reflection of Leonardo and Raphael's sibling rivalry with Yoshi/Splinter being the more skilled and lighthearted while being the favorite of their master/father with Shredder as the more cynical one. He's basically what Raph could grow up to be if he didn't control his temper, even if he has to learn this lesson multiple time.
      • Like Donatello obsessing over April and his rivalry with Casey, Shredder is possessive of Tang Shen and doesn't take too kindly to the woman of his dreams interacting with anyone else
      • Like Michelangelo, he never admits that anything is his fault. The difference is that Mikey doesn't always do this and regardless, doesn't get away with it. Other times he's right in that it really wasn't his fault.
      • Like Casey, he thinks highly of himself and lowly of his enemies and wears protective armor while fighting.
      • The similarities with Karai are near invoked. As an infant his father was killed by Splinter's father and taken in by the Hamato clan where he was raised by the enemy in ignorance and effectively did the same thing to Karai by attempting to do this to Karai's father and accidentally murdered her mother in the process and raising her in the Foot clan.
      • His minions are willing to work with their enemies against a bigger threat namely Baxter Stockman in "Baxter's Gambit" and the Triceratons in "Annihilation: Earth!". Xever is willing and has the sense to wait until after the threat is finished before resuming his fight against the turtles. Shredder holds no sense and in the middle of the Triceraton invasion literally backsstabs Splinter, dooming the entire world including himself.
  • Evil Former Friend: To Hamato Yoshi/Splinter.
  • Evil Is Bigger: While not Large and in Charge, he's still much stockier than Splinter is while being the same height as him. Then he mutates, and he's by far the largest member of the Foot Clan at that point.
  • Evil Is Petty:
  • Evil Laugh: Doesn't usually do it, but does it much more frequently in "Showdown", where he states that his revenge is already complete, as he's raised Splinter's own daughter to hate him.
    • He also lets one when he sees that Splinter is a Rat.
  • Evil Makes You Monstrous: When he mutates into the Super Shredder, he turns into a freakish being with spikes, and his sanity continues to go downhill. He also abandons his affection for Karai in "Requiem" and leaves her to die in a burning building; on top of that, he has seemingly abandoned his love for Tang Shen, which was his former driving motivation for going after Splinter, declaring that it's fitting that Karai should die in the same manner as her mother. Both Karai and Splinter even lampshade it:
    Splinter: You must be proud. You are finally a monster both inside and out!
  • Evil Overlord: Of the Foot Clan, as shown by his wearing the Kuro Kabuto, passed down from all leaders of the Foot Clan.
  • Evil Versus Oblivion: In "Annihilation Earth!", he allies with Splinter and the Turtles to stop the Triceratons from destroying the Earth. It's ultimately subverted when Shredder literally stabs Splinter In the Back just as he's about to disable the black hole generator, dooming the world; all the while, Shredder gloats over finally killing Splinter, declaring that now that he's won, he doesn't care if the world is doomed.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: His voice is very deep.
  • Expy: This version of Shredder seems to channel quite a bit of Doctor Doom. He blames his nemesis for everything he's lost, wears a mask to hide heavy scarring (other versions just use it for symbolism and protection) and he's consumed by his thirst for revenge.
  • Family-Unfriendly Violence: The aforementioned Curb-Stomp Battle involves him kicking Raphael into an electrified sign and later dropping pieces of said sign on top of Michelangelo. He's on the receiving end of this when he's mauled by Leatherhead and later dishes it out when he impales Splinter on his blades, twice. Later, his head is sliced off by Leo, who then carries it with him and throws it on the ground contemptuously.
  • The Farmer and the Viper: Hamato Yuta took him in as a baby and raised him as his own son, despite Shredder being of the Foot Clan and the son of his sworn enemy. How does Shredder thank him for doing so once he finds out his true heritage? By destroying/corrupting the Hamato Clan and spending nearly two decades of his life trying to kill Hamato Yoshi, his adoptive brother.
  • Fatal Flaw: His thirst for vengeance. Even in the face of The End of the World as We Know It, he chooses to kill Splinter rather than allow him to stop the Triceratons' black hole machine, declaring that he doesn't care if the world does end; as long as he defeats Splinter, it's Worth It.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Often dips into this, such as his reunion with Splinter in "Showdown, Part 1".
    Shredder: (Evil Laugh) Hamato Yoshi. I am so glad you accepted my invitation.
  • Feeling Oppressed by Their Existence: His hatred of Hamato Yoshi/Splinter runs so deep, he considers him still being alive another day a stain on his honor. In season four, he goes so far as to rant about having nightmares about Splinter's "proud, leering, loathsome face".
  • Freudian Excuse: He first came to power by convincing the Hamato Clan that they were wrong to wipe out his ancestors' clan, the Foot Clan; then comes the tragedy of Tang Shen which he uses to justify pretty much everything.
  • Glowing Eyelights of Undeath: In "End Times", he possesses green ones.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: A significant portion of his face is covered in burn scars, and his right eye is whited out. This is fixed in a way with his mutation, when he gets green monster eyes, but now he's barely human; even then, the sclera of his right eye is noticeably redder than the left.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: His jealousy of Hamato Yoshi for winning Tang Shen's love prompted their feud.
  • Handicapped Badass: Despite being blind in his right eye, he's very formidable and scary.
  • Hate Sink: He's one of the worst versions of the character, barring perhaps Ch'rell, and goes out of his way to be as despicable as possible. From the minute he's introduced, all he cares about is getting revenge on Yoshi/Splinter no matter what, to the extent that literally nothing else matters to him. The night Tang Shen died, he took Splinter's baby daughter Miwa for his own and raised her specifically to hate her true father, and openly gloats about doing so to Splinter's face in "Showdown"; later, when Karai is mutated into a snake as a result of Shredder's own poorly-thought out trap, Shredder refuses any blame and declares it's all Splinter's fault. He voluntarily jumps at any opportunity he can get to pursue his revenge plans, up to and including supporting the Kraang invasion, and in "The Invasion", he gangs up on Leo with his Footbots and beats him into a coma, before beating Splinter up as well and tossing him down a septic tank to his apparent death. During season three, when Splinter turns up alive but feral, Shredder refuses to let Tiger Claw Mercy Kill him and sends him to Stockman's lab to have his sanity restored, all because he wants Splinter to be fully aware of his surroundings and what's going on before he kills him, and when the mutated Karai is captured, Shredder resorts to using brain worms created by Stockman to brainwash her and keep her on his side. In "Annihilation Earth!", he agrees to an Enemy Mine with the Turtles for Karai's sake... but at the last second, he chooses to backstab Splinter before he can stop the Triceratons' machine, gloating that he doesn't care if the world is doomed because of his actions; now that he's finally killed Splinter, it's Worth It. When that is undone and Splinter beats him up, leaving him bedridden and in intensive care, Shredder undergoes mutagen treatment and becomes Super Shredder, and the last remnants of his sanity and humanity slip away. It culminates when he attacks Karai in the penultimate episode of the fourth season with intent to kill; despite the fact that it was his love for Tang Shen that drove him to villainy to begin with, Shredder's fallen so far that he has absolutely no qualms against mocking Shen's death to Karai's face, declaring that it's fitting that Karai should die in the same manner of her mother.
  • Heritage Face Turn: He was born from the Foot Clan but discovered by the father of Hamato Yoshi alone as a baby after a particularly devastating assault by the Hamato Clan on a Foot Clan village. He was raised alongside Yoshi, completely unaware of his heritage. However, after having a falling out with Yoshi after fighting and losing for the love of their mutual love interest, Oroku fled and eventually learned of his true heritage, choosing to rebuild the Foot Clan and donned the moniker 'Shredder' to take revenge against Yoshi and the Hamato Clan.
  • Hero Killer: He succeeds in killing Splinter twice. The first time is in "Annihilation: Earth!", but this is undone by "Earth's Last Stand". He, however, succeeds in killing Splinter for good in "Requiem".
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Surprisingly enough, he pulls one off in "End Times", dragging Kavaxas back to the Netherworld with him.
    Shredder: We do not belong here, demon!
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: He's one of the most evil bastards in the series and one of the Turtles' most dangerous enemies, being perfectly willing to support an Alien Invasion as long as he can get revenge on Splinter... and he's not an alien or a mutant. At least not until the events of "The Super Shredder".
  • Hypocrite:
    • As seen in Never My Fault, he vows to avenge his daughter Karai, who is NOT actually his daughter but the daughter he kidnapped from Hamato Yoshi, for her mutation, even though he used her as bait to lure the Turtles and Splinter out, with the mutagen that changed her having been made by his instructions.
    • He tells Tang Shen Hamato Yoshi will never let go of his clan and tells her to leave him. After finding out his own lineage, he restarts his clan and refuses any attempts at peace, making him just as unwilling to let go as Yoshi is.
    • He mocks the Hamato Clan for a majority of them being mutants, in spite of expressing a desire for an army of them himself and a lot of his most powerful enforcers are mutants. He also eventually becomes a mutant himself, and enjoys the power that comes with it.
    • He frequently derides Splinter for being a dishonorable coward, in spite of the fact that he's perfectly fine with beating up Splinter when he was poisoned and stabs him in the back when Splinter's not looking in two different timelines, one of which was while they were in a truce.
  • Insane Troll Logic: With his tendency to blame Splinter for everything that goes wrong in his life (especially if it was his own fault to begin with), the Shredder will often go to great lengths to maintain this delusion. Tang Shen chose Yoshi over him? Obviously Yoshi wanted to take what was rightfully his! Tang Shen takes the killing blow meant for Yoshi? It was Yoshi that really killed her! Karai turns against him when she finds out that not only is he not her father, but that he killed her mother? Splinter turned Karai against him! He dangles Karai over a vat of mutagen and turns her into a snake-monster when he cuts the chain to get to Leonardo (who came there to her rescue just as planned)? Splinter's fault!
  • Invincible Villain: Compared to his 1987 version (where he constantly suffered defeat) and his 2003 version (where he was tougher, got a few wins in on the Turtles, but wasn't completely unbeatable), this Shredder constantly hands the Turtles their butts or succeeds in whatever he does for the sake of his revenge. The most the Turtles can do is either cause inconvenience for him or at best tie with him in a fight and run away, but until the fourth season, he never suffers a complete defeat. His Invincible Villain status is even lampshaded in "Vengeance is Mine"; Splinter tells Leo outright that any plan that leads to a confrontation with Shredder is doomed to fail.
  • I Have No Daughter!: As of "City at War", Shredder says that if Karai wants a war, she'll get one, suggesting he has given up on trying to get her back on his side. This sticks for good in "Requiem", where he outright tries to kill Karai and leaves her for dead.
  • Jerkass: He's a Bad Boss and quick to berate his underlings if they fail him, even if he doesn't kill them. He has also managed to convince himself that Splinter is the monster rather than him, and ultimately, he's unpleasant and, in keeping with tradition, has a giant ego.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: In "Return to New York", when his men capture a feral Splinter, he orders Stockman to restore Splinter's sanity... because he wants Splinter to be fully aware of what's happening when Shredder finishes him off.
  • The Juggernaut: He was already all but unstoppable as a human. As Super Shredder he's nearly indestructible. The Turtles try to run him over with the Shellraiser? He stops it dead in its tracks and tosses it aside like a toy. Blows from Splinter no longer affect him. Getting by a gas truck, which then exploded, just prompted him to throw it back. Only hitting his exposed heart, combined with the instability of mutations, does anything. And even this is undone when the Mutagen inside him is stabilized.
  • Karma Houdini: Excluding his burnt face, Tang Shen's death, and arguably Karai's mutation, he never has to pay for his actions. Though his decision to kill Splinter instead of saving the Earth cost Shredder the ultimate price: his life. And what does he have to say for it?
    Shredder: "Hamato Yoshi is finished! The Earth can be destroyed for all I care! I have finally won!"
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: His streak starts to come to an end in the fourth season. When Splinter's initial death is undone in "Earth's Last Stand", Splinter is so outraged at Shredder for breaking the Enemy Mine that he beats him senseless; the next time we see Shredder, he's bedridden and in intensive care. Later, when he injures Karai and kills Splinter for good in "Requiem", the Turtles come after him full force in "Owari", culminating in Leo slicing his head off.
  • Kick the Dog: Among many, many examples of this trope in the series, a striking one is that when asked about Hachiko's disappearance from the series, Word of God is that the Shredder is a terrible pet-owner.
  • Kick the Morality Pet: Brainwashing Karai, showing that there is nothing he'd consider too horrible to do to her, as long as it gets her back on his side. By the semi-final episode of the fourth season, "Requiem", he's completely abandoned his love for Karai and outright tries to murder her.
  • Killed Off for Real: In "Owari", his head is sliced off by Leonardo, finally killing him. He returns as a zombie in "End Times", but is sent on a one-way trip to the Netherworld with Kavaxas.
  • The Kindnapper: In "Showdown", he told Splinter that he stole Miwa after their fight, and raised her as his own. His primary motivaton was to punish Splinter for taking Tang Shen, but he views what he did as Abduction Is Love. The Shredder genuinely believes she should he his daughter, even if he is not her biological progenitor. He seems to view himself as a Well-Intentioned Extremist going so far as telling Karai that he could not bear to have her raised by scum like Splinter.
  • Knight of Cerebus:
    • The episodes he appears in usually make it clear that it's not going to be the same as a one-off adventure, and whenever he's in a fight scene, things get really ugly. The fact that he's a much, much more personal enemy to the Turtles and won't settle for anything but attacking them where it hurts (such as stealing Hamato Yoshi's child and raising her as his own to get his ultimate revenge on his former friend) earns him this status.
    • To put another thing in perspective, the point when he finally got up and did something, it brought a darker shift in the show. His Villain Team-Up with the Kraang also allowed them to nearly succeed in their invasion of Earth and, in "The Invasion", they succeed.
  • Lack of Empathy: Nothing matters to him but himself and his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Splinter. Nothing.
  • Large and in Charge: When the Foot Clan is entirely human, the Shredder is by far the tallest and most imposing of the members, being a bit taller than human Chris Bradford. He returns to the trope years later, when he mutates and is considerably larger than Bradford as Dogpound ever was, and now being the largest person involved with the Foot Clan.
  • Leitmotif: A dark and menacing yet somewhat morose theme irregularly shows up whenever he appears or is in a fight scene.
  • Lighter and Softer: While he shares a lot in common with his 2003 version, such as his Ax-Crazy personality, he is far less punishing and cruel, generally letting his minions live without much of a scratch on them. Although season two and certain events, such as his near-complete lack of hesitance in mutating of Baxter Stockman and Karai learning who her father actually is began changing this, and by the end of season three, the end result of his blood feud with Splinter all but took him to the darkness and insanity level of Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder from 2003, only he's human. Tiger Claw was horrified by this revelation.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Donatello described him like this. So far only Splinter has proven as fast, or as strong as him.
  • Love Makes You Evil: His unrequited attraction to Tang Shen was what caused him to go from Hamato Yoshi's friend to Arch-Enemy, and his love for Karai makes this situation much worse as the show progresses.
  • Made of Iron: He gets caught within and mauled by Leatherhead's jaws in one of the most brutal attacks of the series. He simply shrugs it off and beats up the alligator when the latter lets down his guard and continues laying into Splinter. He is, however, seen in a rare moment of genuine fatigue at "The Invasion"'s end.
  • Manipulative Bastard: To Karai for her entire life.
  • Misanthrope Supreme: His only concern regarding the Kraang's plans to conquer the Earth is their inevitable betrayal of him. The human race? Not so much. He happily kills Splinter before he can stop the Triceratons before invading Earth, and before he and the Earth are destroyed, he's still happy that he's finally defeated his long time enemy.
    Tiger Claw: [The Kraang] will betray you. You know this. They care nothing for the human race.
    Shredder: Nor do I.
  • Monstrous Humanoid: He eventually turns into this when he forces Baxter Stockman to complete his mutation. Nightmarish appearance? Check. Deranged face? Check. Bad temper? Check. Unstoppable being of hatred. Checkmate.
  • Moral Myopia: As far as Shredder is concerned, Splinter is an utterly vile monster and is responsible for everything wrong with his life, and everything Shredder does to spitefully ruin his life and murder anyone close to him is completely justified and necessary.
  • Mythology Gag: When he first shows up in "The Gauntlet", Donatello nervously says, "do you think that's The Shredder?" and Raphael replies, "well, it's definitely a shredder", referencing the various versions of The Shredder appearing in each of the TMNT comics and series.
  • Never My Fault: Refuses to take responsibility for his actions, whether it be the death of Tang Shen or Karai/Miwa being transformed into a snake mutant, blaming both on Splinter even though they're both clearly Shredder's own fault. Even when he's pumping multiple mind control worms into Karai's head, he still blames Splinter and the Turtles for "bringing such pain" upon her. Also, more recently, after Splinter's death is averted in "Earth's Last Stand", he states that it is because of Splinter that Karai is gone. Come "The Super Shredder", it's made clear that Shredder genuinely believes that everything that's happened to him is Splinter's fault and not his own.
  • No Sense of Humor: He's very serious, to say the least. This is especially evident in his interactions with Karai.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Though he was already Made of Iron, he's upgraded into this when he becomes the Super Shredder, shrugging off an exploding tanker truck and being crushed in a garbage truck after a multi-story fall into it.
  • Obliviously Evil: Has shades of this; Shredder has legitimately convinced himself that he's done nothing wrong, and that Splinter is a monster who needs to be killed. Of course, this doesn't make him more sympathetic or tragic; if anything, considering the atrocities he's committed and the lengths he's willing to go in order to take Splinter down, all while refusing any blame for anything he does, it makes him even worse.
  • Obviously Evil: Let's see deep voice, evil scars, dangerous looking costume covered in spikes, calls himself "Shredder"... Definitely a bad guy.
    April: Doubts about the evil leader of the evil ninja clan? Really?
    Karai: Yes...
  • Off with His Head!: Twice. In "Owari", Shredder is beheaded and killed by Leo. Leo slices his head off a second time in "End Times", but as he's undead, it doesn't faze him much.
  • One-Winged Angel: Goes through this when he becomes the second Shredder in the franchise outside of video games (and the first one since Secret of the Ooze in 1991) to mutate, and unlike that Shredder, who ended up becoming a Clipped-Wing Angel, this Oroku Saki becomes a giant monstrosity and a Hero Killer.
  • Orc Raised by Elves: Originally raised as a member of the Hamato Clan, he turned on his adopted family as soon as he found out that he was actually the heir of their Evil Counterpart the Foot Clan, taking special care to target the man he called his brother for years over a girl they both liked.
  • Orcus on His Throne: He generally doesn't enter the field unless absolutely necessary, such as in "The Gauntlet" when Bradford and Montes had failed him one time too many, or when he's expanding his organization like in "Casey Jones Vs. The Underworld".
  • Palette Swap: His animation model as Oroku Saki (seen in full in "Tale of the Yokai") is a slightly tweaked version of Hun.
  • Papa Wolf: In "Vengeance is Mine", it's shown that, in his own twisted way, he does care about Karai, swearing vengeance on Splinter and the Turtles for her mutation, which he perceives as their fault.
  • Pet the Dog: With his empire crumbling in the fourth season and he himself being in critical condition, Shredder has the decency to thank Stockman for being his most loyal, dutiful servant... while still calling him a lowly bug, of course.
  • Predecessor Villain: Of the first arc of the fifth season. The Foot Cultists who worship him were mutated into pseudo-clones of him after coming into contact with the Shredder's blood, which was spilled during his battle with Splinter, and Tiger Claw leads said cultists and seeks to resurrect him using Kavaxas' power.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Despite Stockman's Mousers losing them a chance at finding the Turtles' lair, Shredder spares him because he has use for his talents. Probably why he has only beaten up his henchmen when they disappoint him, because he knows good help is hard to find.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Has shades of it. He's the skilled, feared leader of the Foot Clan armed to the teeth with knives and mutant henchmen... who's actions are largely, if not entirely, motivated by the fact that Tang Shen chose Yoshi/Splinter over him. Everything Shredder does is basically just him throwing a temper tantrum over not getting the girl and his angst about being adopted, using his adopted brother as The Scapegoat to vent his general contempt for the world.
  • Put on a Bus: During an episode in early season two, he mentions having to do business in Japan and leaves Karai to fill in for him while he's gone. He does not return until "The Manhattan Project".
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Bitterly lampshaded to Tiger Claw about Karai's mutation. He is pissed at how badly things went.
    • He finally obtains his "revenge" against Splinter, but through a backstab where he had the opportunity to save the world, instead allowing it to be destroyed by the Triceratons. He didn't care at this point.
  • Red Right Hand: His burned face and blind left eye.
  • Redemption Rejection: In "The Super Shredder", Splinter pleads with Shredder to give up his twisted vendetta and offers to help him. Unsurprisingly, Shredder turns him down flat.
  • Removed Achilles' Heel: In "Darkest Plight", Karai is able to incapacitate Shredder and force him to retreat by punching him directly in his exposed heart. Once his mutation is stabilized in "Requiem", that weakness has been removed; Karai tries to stab him directly in the heart... only for her sword to shatter against it.
  • Revenge Before Reason: The Shredder's defining trait; he's so obsessed with getting revenge on Splinter (primarily for things that were Shredder's own fault in the first place) that nothing else matters to him at all. Splinter calls him out on this in "Showdown", pointing out that when Splinter dies, Shredder will have nothing. In "Annihilation Earth!", during an Enemy Mine scenario to stop the entire Earth from being destroyed, Shredder literally stabs Splinter In the Back at a crucial moment, killing him and dooming the planet. He then goes on to say that he doesn't even care if Earth gets destroyed anymore, he can die happy now that he's finally gotten his revenge.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: His entire operation in New York, regardless of how much he invests, is specifically to kill Splinter, blaming him for EVERYTHING including deaths and misfortunes Shredder causes. And he won't let anything, not even the end of the world or getting mutated himself, get in his way.
  • Sadist: Has shades of this, especially towards Splinter. Case in point: when faced with a feral Splinter in "Return to New York", he refuses to allow Tiger Claw to Mercy Kill him, instead taking him to Baxter to have his mind restored solely because he wants Splinter to be fully conscious and aware of what's happening before he kills him.
  • Sanity Slippage: He's already a bit of a sociopath when he first appears in the series, but it gets worse from the middle of season two, eventually reaching a tipping point at the end of season three and then goes Up to 11 once he mutates into Super Shredder during the "City at War" arc that makes this Shredder one of the most insane villains in the entire franchise.
  • Serial Escalation: He's already a borderline Invincible Villain at the series beginning, and he just keeps getting upgrades. The Turtles are only able to fight him to a draw as a human by season three, he becomes a nigh-unstoppable juggernaut as Super Shredder, and then in "End Times", he's brought back as a seemingly unkillable zombie with Psychic Powers.
  • Shadow Archetype: To Raphael. Shredder's relationship with Splinter is a dark reflection of what Raph and Leo's relationship could turn into.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead: In "Requiem", while attacking Karai and setting fire to the Mutanimals' hideout, Shredder mocks Tang Shen's death right to her face, boasting that it's fitting that she should die just as her mother did. It goes to show just how far off the deep end Shredder's gone, especially since his love for Tang Shen, as well as his jealousy that she chose Hamato Yoshi/Splinter after him, was his primary reason for turning evil in the first place.
  • Shoulders of Doom: He has these, just like most versions.
  • Shut Up, Kirk!: In "Showdown", Splinter calls Shredder out on his Revenge Before Reason, declaring outright that if Shredder actually succeeds in killing him, then he'll have nothing left. Shredder responds by revealing that he kidnapped Splinter's daughter Miwa and raised her as Karai, gloating that he'll still have her as a living symbol of his revenge for all her life.
  • The Sociopath: BIG time. Shredder is completely arrogant, remorseless, vengeful, cold and ruthless, and there's virtually nothing he won't do and no low he won't stoop to to destroy his enemies, especially Splinter, up to and including supporting the Kraang's invasion of Earth and allowing the Triceratons to destroy the planet outright. He openly admits he doesn't give a damn about the human race, and in general he completely refuses to accept responsibility for any heinous act he commits, regularly using Splinter as The Scapegoat; come Season 4, it's made clear Shredder has genuinely convinced himself that's the case.
  • Spikes of Villainy: He has plenty, going with his nickname "The Shredder". He gains even more when he mutates into Super Shredder.
  • The Starscream: He plotted to take out the Kraang early in season three and take over New York. The Turtles defeat the Kraang before he has a chance to do this.
  • Stupid Evil: He only cares about getting revenge on Splinter, and will do so at any cost. He truly falls into this in "Annihilation Earth!" when he literally stabs Splinter In the Back just as he's about to shut down the black hole generator, killing him and dooming the planet; all the while, Shredder gloats over finally killing Splinter and makes it clear that now that he's finally won, he doesn't care that the world is going to be destroyed, and him along with it.
  • Tempting Fate: In "Showdown", he boasts to Splinter that he'll have Karai/Miwa as a living example of his revenge for all her life, gloating that after Splinter dies, his own daughter will spend the rest of her days cursing his very name. Over the course of the second season, Karai discovers the truth and turns on him.
  • Tin Tyrant: Like all Shredders.
  • Token Human: Though its hard to consider human on the inside, he's the only human in his own army as his generals have been turned into mutants while the Foot Clan soldiers have been replaced by robots, and ironically, he may be far more monstrous than they ever could be. In the fourth season, this changes as Shredder orders Stockman to heal him with a new batch of mutagen, turning HIM into a mutant just like the rest of the main Foot Clan, Karai, and the Hamatos apart from Casey Jones and Shinigami; he's the final human member of the Clan to mutate, and this is only the second time in non-interactive TMNT media where a human Shredder mutates after 1991's Secret of the Ooze (meaning it's been 25 years in the franchise since a Shredder last mutated), but unlike that Shredder, this one is no Clipped-Wing Angel.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: He's already a dick from the very beginning, revealing that he kidnapped baby Miwa and raised her as Karai purely to hurt Yoshi, but he keeps getting worse as the series goes on. In "Annihilation: Earth!", he kills Splinter and happily allows the Triceratons to destroy the Earth, and he arguably reaches his lowest point by the time of "Requiem", where he openly mocks Tang Shen's death to Karai's face, implying he doesn't even care about Tang Shen anymore despite the fact that her choosing Splinter over him is one of the main reasons he became evil to begin with.
  • Too Powerful to Live: Shredder becomes this when his Super form is stabilized in "Requiem", as the character would be killed off in the following episode "Owari". His zombie form also lasts only one full episode, until he's killed again.
  • Tranquil Fury: His default state of being when he's not visibly enraged.
  • Two-Faced: The fire he inadvertently started while trying to kill Hamato Yoshi has burned roughly half of Shredder's face, as shown when Splinter knocks his helmet off.
  • The Undead: Shredder is brought back to life as a zombie under the control of Kavaxas in "End Times". He walks and limps like a classic zombie and can survive losing his head.
  • The Unfettered: He'll do anything to get his revenge on Splinter, no matter how evil, dishonorable, or immoral. Up to and including assisting the Kraang in conquering New York and allowing the Triceratons to destroy the Earth.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Towards Hamato Yuuta, Master Splinter, and the Hamato Clan as a whole.
  • Unstoppable Rage: His hatred for Hamato Yoshi has led him to destroy Hamato's home, his love, and his sanity as he hunted him and the Turtles down, and said hatred begins to really take its toll on Shredder and everyone he knows on a first-name basis (friendly or no) as the series goes on.
  • Villainous Cheekbones: This is how one can tell Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi apart pre-Shredder/pre-fire. Saki has some prominent cheekbones.
  • Villain Team-Up: After her and the Kraang are foiled by the Turtles one too many times, they team up in a loose but fair alliance. Shredder even notes that the Kraang have been completely on the level, and provide much for little in return. However, the Shredder still does not trust the Kraang entirely, acknowledging the inevitable fact that they will turn on him some day.
  • Virtue Is Weakness: In "Requiem", he tells Splinter as such:
    Shredder: Your weakness is that you care about others. I have torn all weaknesses away and become all powerful.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Hearing Kevin Michael Richardson's mighty, deep voice coming out of Oroku Saki's mouth pre-Shredder (Saki is a palette-swap of both Hun and Yoshi) is a bit jarring, to say the least.
  • Vocal Evolution: His voice is a little higher pitched in "Enemy of My Enemy", sounding slightly more like his 1987 counterpart. It's still plenty deep though. "Karai's Vendetta" also adds a slight echo to his voice. Upon becoming Super Shredder, his voice becomes much deeper, more monstrous, and psychopathic, reflecting both his mutation, and that what little sanity he had left is pretty much gone.
  • Was It Really Worth It?: In "Owari", Leonardo asks Super Shredder if he thinks it was his destiny to become a "demon". This actually causes Super Shredder to hesitate for a moment... which Leonardo capitalizes on by attacking him.
  • Was Once a Man: Becomes this in the "City at War" arc when he undergoes a mutation.
  • We Used to Be Friends: With Splinter before their fight over Tang Shen.
  • Wolverine Claws: Gains these as the Super Shredder, which can be fired off as projectiles and quickly regrown.
  • Worth It: Killing Splinter instead of taking out the Triceratons' black hole generator resulted in the destruction of Earth. Shredder didn't care, as he had finally succeeded in his revenge, and nothing else mattered to him.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He can and will attack/kidnap April the same as any other enemy of his, and actually tries to stomp Shinigami to death before Snake Karai stops him. And then he leaves Karai to die.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Averted at least with Miwa/Karai. He has threatened her more than once with severe physical punishment if she disobeys him, but until "Vengeance Is Mine", he has never been seen laying a hand on her. When she attacks him, he merely dodges and blocks her. He only uses enough force to temporarily incapacitate her, and stops Tiger Claw from killing her when she first attempts to escape. But when he's told she declares war on him in "City at War", it's implied he won't hold back. And after Karai used his twisted love for her against him to strike his heart and restates he's not her father in "Darkest Plight", he has completely given up on her and plans to kill her as well.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: He knew Splinter would come to his tower to rescue April, but he had already handed her to the Kraang by the time he got there what Splinter thought was April was a hologram. He probably did that just to mess with him.
  • You Are What You Hate: In a last resort to rid himself of his enemies once and for all, Shredder resorts into turning into the one thing he hates most of all: a mutant. Karai lampshades this:
    Karai: "You... you've become... everything you've loathed. Everything you hate! A mutant!"
  • You Have Failed Me: Downplayed. When his minions disappoint him enough, he either induces a Curb-Stomp Battle on them (usually played for laughs) or mutates them (usually played seriously).
  • Zombie Gait: In "End Times", he walks with one after being resurrected as The Undead by Kavaxas.

    Chris Bradford/Dogpound/Rahzar 
Voiced by: Clancy Brown.
"I feel the mutagen coursing through me. I'm faster, stronger, more powerful than ever! I feel like a ninja again! To thank you, I'll make your end swift."

"Only way I bust a fang is if I'm chewing on someone's leg."

An alpha dog who is a lieutenant to the Foot Clan. He used to be the heir of one of New York's wealthiest families, until he journeyed to train in many martial arts, with his training in ninjutsu, and became a famous martial artist by owning a chain of dojos across America. Eventually he and his dojo chain joined the services of the Shredder and the Foot Clan after Oroku Saki refounded the clan. Becomes a dog-like mutant Dogpound and and later a bony werewolf-like super mutant Rahzar. He also had a television cartoon prior to meeting the Shredder, which is the cartoon gag for the fourth season.

  • Adaptational Villainy: In regards to becoming Rahzar. The original Rahzar was a stupid infant, and here Rahzar is an unrepentant and pretty malicious loyalist to the Shredder.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Mikey Gets Shellacne" partly revolves around his desire to be human again and his subsequent mutation into Rahzar. Later, he gets some focus in "The Forgotten Swordsman" in which he is brought Back from the Dead and considers leaving Shredder's Foot Clan.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Michelangelo, due to the events of "New Friend, Old Enemy". He barely returns the feeling, though, viewing Michelangelo as just another nuisance. Despite this, Mikey still evidently considers him cool, if the trip into Mikey's mind and the resurfacing of his cartoon show in the fourth season is any indication.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: He has shades of it, especially as Dogpound.
  • Back for the Dead: He's brought back to life in the fifth season after he's anticlimactically killed off near the end of the fourth season. He lasts two episodes, and then dies anticlimactically again.
  • Back from the Dead: Rahzar is drowned by Leatherhead in "Requiem", but he's revived by Kavaxas in "The Forgotten Swordsman" to assist the demodragon and Tiger Claw in applying this trope to Shredder as well.
  • Badass Normal: Bradford was able to hold his own against the Turtles, usually being able to fight two at once.
  • Bad Boss: Consider who he works for, and this is a given; He is at one point seen kicking one of his own men while they're down when he's annoyed, and regularly belittles Baxter Stockman, sometimes alongside Montes. The latter didn't work out for him.
  • Baleful Polymorph: He hates his mutation into Dogpound. Subverted when he mutates into Rahzar. Even then, he still would like to be human again.
  • Barehanded Blade Block: He can do this with just his fingers.
  • Beard of Evil: As a human, though Dogpound still has his mustache. Rahzar has a flap of fur that almost gives the impression of a Reaper's hood due to how thin he is.
  • Broken Pedestal: Mikey looked up to and worshipped him, but the discovery that Bradford is one of Shredder's men and was just using him to try to track down Splinter completely shatters that.
  • The Brute: Big, bad, and brutish. He's far from Dumb Muscle though. He's also physically the tallest member of the Foot Clan, about a head and a half taller than his master until Shredder's mutation.
  • Came Back Wrong: Though it doesn't seem that way at first, it is revealed in "End Times" that Rahzar, like Shredder, was also resurrected to serve as Kavaxas' undead puppet, which is proven when Rahzar assists the zombie Shredder in attacking Tiger Claw and destroying the Seal of the Ancients.
  • Canon Character All Along: In the second season, he became the character Rahzar.
  • Co-Dragons: With Xever Montes to Shredder, at least until Karai enters the scene. And notably this is after Bradford and Montes have fallen out of favor with Shredder.
  • Cool Helmet: He has a Shredder-esque helmet, but he rarely wore it as a human.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Sometimes.
  • Death by Adaptation: In the original live-action films, Rahzar's fate was being reverted back into an ordinary wolf. Here he first gets drowned by Leatherhead, then he gets brought back to life by Kavaxis only to suffer a Disney Villain Death two episodes later.
  • Dem Bones: His transformation into Rahzar.
  • Demoted to Dragon: In the second season, Karai becomes the new second-in-command and is left in charge, lowering his status to become The Brute with Fishface. He later answers to Tiger Claw, but in contrast with his relationship with Karai, he forges a mutual respect with the new Dragon. His competence, loyalty and lengthy history with the Shredder also gives him a high position in the Foot Clan's hierarchy, and he mentions in season three that he's in charge whenever Tiger Claw isn't around.
  • Disney Villain Death: He's kicked off a cliff into a chasm leading straight into the Netherworld, where he's never seen again.
  • The Dragon: He's the Shredder's Dragon in the second half of the first season, being his most trusted servant and the field leader, though he eventually loses this position to first Karai, then Tiger Claw.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Double Subversion. Despite being Made of Iron, he's drowned very easily by Leatherhead towards the end of the fourth season. He's brought back to life in the fifth season...only to get kicked into a chasm two episodes later, where he fell to his death with absolutely no buildup whatsoever.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: As Dogpound and Rahzar.
  • Establishing Character Moment: His Bad Boss tendencies and rivalry with Montes are demonstrated within his introduction.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: He describes Splinter's unwillingness to kill as "not having the stomach to finish the fight".
  • Evil Counterpart:
    • To Michelangelo, as he becomes a major Butt-Monkey of the team (though Mikey embraces it).
    • He was also this to Leonardo in season one, being The Leader on the field.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: As Dogpound and Rahzar.
  • Evil Virtues: Bradford has a few of these traits, like his loyalty to the Shredder, his sense of honor in regards to his losses, and his valor in not giving up.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Whenever he joined the Foot Clan. Before the start of the series, he had his own TV show centered around fighting crime.
  • False Friend: When Michelangelo attempts to befriend him, he goes with it and uses the connection to attempt to learn more about the Turtles.
  • Foil: Prefers a more pragmatic approach and is rather famous, while his partner is a street rat who likes to take a much more violent and sadistic approach. His attacks are also much more brute force-based.
  • Genius Bruiser: Can be quite the Manipulative Bastard when he needs to be. Best shown when he manipulated Mikey.
  • Glass Cannon: Rahzar can hit fast and hard, but he can be easily taken out, likely due to his extremely lean frame. He's helpless when grabbed by the much larger Leatherhead and can only flail helplessly as he's drowned in the river.
  • Guttural Growler: As Dogpound, but as Rahzar, he's taken on a far more growling and gravelly tone of voice compared to his previous two forms.
  • He's Back: A villainous example when he becomes Rahzar in "Mikey Gets Shellacne".
    Rahzar: I feel the mutagen coursing though me. I'm faster, stronger, more powerful than ever. I feel like a ninja again.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Or villainous, in that case. Back when he was human, he used to wear a Shredder-esque helmet in his first appearance. After revealing himself to Mikey, he never wears that helmet again, even while he's in civilian clothes and his ninja outfit.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Wants to turn back into a human in "Mikey Gets Shell Acne", but changes his mind upon his second mutation into Rahzar. "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman" later shows that while he's comfortable as Rahzar, he'd still prefer to be human again.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Implied in "City At War", where he suggests eating Karai and Shinigami after kidnapping them.
  • It's All About Me: Shown in “The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman” when he tells the Foot Bots to retrieve the Retro-Mutagen since it belongs to him, highlighting how self-centered and egotistical he is. Xever's "rich boy" remark during their debut and his status as a martial arts celebrity only help further this portrayal.
  • Jerkass: Oh, so very much. He's a bad boss to the human foot soldier and looks down on anyone not in his social class be it his street thug partner in crime Xever, subordinate Baxter Stockman, or his mutant archenemies the Turtles.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: Does this to a defeated Foot Ninja.
  • Knight of Cerebus: A minor example in that after his mutation into Rahzar, he's not played for laughs nearly as much as Fishface or Stockman.
  • Lean and Mean: His Rahzar transformation causes him to become much skinnier.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He was fairly quick as a human, but lost this aspect when he became Dogpound, becoming more of a Mighty Glacier, a fact he complains about in "Mikey Gets Shellacne". He stops complaining when he mutates into the far more quick and powerful Rahzar, regaining this trait.
  • Made of Iron: As Rahzar, he survives numerous things that would normally get someone killed, including electrocution (to be fair, Fishface and Baxter (while still human, no less) also survives this), getting an explosive hockey puck stuck on his mouth, being drowned and even being ran over by a subway train.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Poor Mikey.
  • Mighty Glacier: As Dogpound. His greater size makes him MUCH stronger, but also too slow to dodge and his fights tended to have him mostly standing still. By the second season he's grown to detest this and welcomes the second mutation into Rahzar.
  • Nice Character, Mean Actor: In-Universe: He played a hero in his movies and cartoon show, but is really a bad guy.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Not only does his attempted Taking You with Me in "The Gauntlet" disarm the Mutagen Bomb, it covers him and Xever Montes in Mutagen, mutating them into a dog man and a fish man. It gets zigzagged though, since his mutant dog form has much more physical strength, along with increased sense of sound and smell at the cost of losing some of his speed and most of his stealth as a human ninja.
    • That said, the sight of him and Montes getting mutated did distract the Shredder long enough for the Turtles to get away from the Shredder as he about to kill them.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Ninja werewolf zombie mutant as Rahzar.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: His look is based on Chuck Norris. The Foreshadowing cartoon in season four shows that his cartoons were send-ups to Norris' old shows. He also shares his name with a martial artist who wrote the Young Samurai books.
  • Number Three: He's third in command of the Foot Clan, mentioning that he's in charge whenever Shredder and Tiger Claw aren't around.
  • Out of Focus: He has a lesser role in the second and third seasons, even after his mutation into Rahzar. On occasion he has a starring role, but he's not nearly as prominent as he was in the first season. This is thanks to a combination of losing his title as The Dragon and the Foot Clan swelling in ranks. Returns to focus in a different manner in the fourth season; Mikey is still a fan of Bradford and manages to dig up an old cartoon of him from the 80's while on board the Fugitoid's ship (this same episode which shows this adaptation's debut also saw a hologram of all three of Bradford's forms (his human form, Dogpound, and Rahzar), be used, and they're serving Mikey). Bradford/Rahzar in the flesh doesn't physically appear in the season until the end of the "Turtles in Space" arc, and he and the rest of the Foot Clan are back in the enemy role for the "City at War" arc.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: While he does want to kill Michelangelo in "New Friend, Old Enemy", he says that he can't because Michelangelo is bait and will lead them right to the Turtles' lair. Later agrees to work together with the Turtles to escape Stockman's maze and ceases hostilities when its clear that both sides are too tired to keep going for the day.
  • Primal Stance: After becoming Rahzar, he's often seen crouching or slouching.
  • Punny Name: Mikey names him "Dogpound" as the first battle after his mutation has the Turtles "pounded by a dog" and Rahzar as a "razor-faced dog".
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: His original costume invoked it. Now his pants and eyes do.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: As Dogpound.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to Montes's blue.
  • The Rival: To Fishface. It's died down since Tiger Claw became Shredder's new lieutenant, but they're still far from fond of each other.
  • Salt and Pepper: The salt to Fishface's pepper.
  • Sleeves Are for Wimps: As Bradford.
  • The Right Hand of Doom: Dogpound's left arm is grossly oversized. His right hand, meanwhile, seems to be completely covered in bone.
    • Averted as Rahzar, which balances him out.
  • Taking You with Me: Says this word-for-word to the Turtles before breaking open the Kraang's mutagen bomb. All it does is end up mutating both himself and Montes.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: When Shredder discovers the Kabuto was stolen right under his nose, Rahzar nearly breaks down in tears apologizing to his master, dreading the inevitable maiming. However, Shredder lets him off easy, having more important things on his mind.
  • Those Two Bad Guys:
    • Subverted with Montes, as they hate each other. In "Annihilation Earth!", when Earth is being sucked into a black hole generator by the Triceratons, they're kicking and jostling with each other trying to save their hides.
    • He seems to have taken a liking to Tiger Claw, come "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto", where when they get the time to talk to each other, they discuss their reluctance to talk to each other before then due to animal traits, compliment each other's sense of smell, and agree that they both want to eat Fishface, Tiger Claw due to general temptations, and Rahzar "just to get him to shut up." Nevertheless, it doesn't stop Tiger Claw from fulfilling his duty of beating the crap out of him if Shredder deems him deserving of it as punishment.
  • Took a Level in Badass:
    • After being mutated, he gains invulnerability to the point where Leo slashes him with his katanas, and he catches them, and strength enough to pick up a car. Not that this stops the Turtles from defeating him.
    • Takes another when he falls into a vat of mutagen, mutating again into Rahzar.
  • Undying Loyalty: He is the only member of Shredder's inner circle who is utterly loyal to his master, as Fishface is in it for the thrills, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Stockman were all pressed into service, Tiger Claw originally never intended to stay with the Foot Clan, and Karai pulls a Heel–Face Turn. It waivers a bit when Tatsu offers him a place in his new Foot Clan, but ultimately Rahzar decides to remain loyal to the Shredder, and Rahzar's the ONLY member of the Foot Clan to remain loyal to Shredder and Kavaxas after Shredder is shown to have Came Back Wrong and Kavaxas starts the apocalypse, with Rahzar/Bradford becoming responsible for Tiger Claw losing the Seal of the Ancients and forcing Tiger Claw to fight and kill him, again.
  • Villain Decay: He gradually became less of a threat over the course of the first season, but it was reverted upon his mutation into Rahzar, whereupon he becomes a competent threat again. It happens again, as he can often be taken down quickly, but he's not as laughable as he was during the final hours of his tenure as Dogpound.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: He's a martial arts superstar with a chain of dojos across the country, but he's secretly Shredder's star pupil.
  • Villainous Friendship:
    • Type 3 with the Shredder, he's loyal and devoted to him, but the Shredder cares not for Bradford. Nevertheless, Shredder usually treats him with more respect than most of his other lieutenants due to his loyalty.
    • He develops one with Tiger Claw in "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto", showing respect for their skills and a mutual dislike of Fishface. Tiger Claw later goes through the trouble of having his corpse recovered from the bottom of the river and has Kavaxas bring him back to life.
    • He's old friends with Tatsu, and is the only character the ninja master treats with respect during "The Forgotten Swordsman".
  • Villains Out Shopping: In "The Super Shredder", he's shown watching an old cartoon he starred in, Chris Bradford's 2 Ruff Krew, and even eating popcorn, an activity he mentions often indulging in. When Stockman informs him that Shredder wants him during the show, he's not happy:
    Rahzar: Awww, right at the good part!
  • Virtue Is Weakness: In "Showdown", he deems Splinter weak, remarking that Splinter may be Shredder's equal, but "doesn't have the stomach to finish the fight." He's proven wrong; just because Splinter prefers not to kill his enemies doesn't mean he won't if there's no other choice.
  • Was Once a Man: After becoming Dogpound.
  • Wolverine Claws: His nails merge with his fingers to create natural claws as Rahzar.
  • Wolves Always Howl at the Moon: In "The Invasion", he first appears howling at the moon to get the attention of the rest of the Foot Clan.
  • Worthy Opponent:
    • Even though he deems him weak for not willing to kill, Bradford holds a lot of respect for Splinter, acknowledging him to be just as strong as his master. He ends up getting proven wrong and stops laughing at this, as the scene has his narration playing over a montage of Splinter entering the Foot Clan's lair and very clearly slaughtering several Foot soldiers, proving he really will kill his enemy.
    • Mikey, for a while, does consider Bradford/Rahzar this to him by virtue of still being a big fan of his, though Rahzar does not return this.
    • Despite being nominally against mutants and Shredder's inner circle, Tatsu respects Rahzar enough to offer him a place in his new Foot Clan. Rahzar refuses.

    Xever Montes/Fishface 
Voiced by: Christian Lanz

"Mostly I like having a job where I get to crack skulls every day."

An thug who shares a complete knowledge of criminal street routes with the Foot. He used to be a Brazilian street bandit, but got caught one night stealing a briefcase full of money that happened to belong to the Shredder, and luckily for him, the Shredder bailed him out of prison, impressed enough with skills to take him as a subordinate. He becomes a mutant snakehead fish.

  • Afro Asskicker: He was this while being a human.
  • Appropriated Appellation: Averted, "Meet Mondo Gecko" reveals he takes "Fishface" as an insult.
  • Arch-Enemy: He seems to be Raphael's, since when the Turtles and the Foot Clan fight, they usually fight each other.
  • Artificial Limbs: The reason why Stockman was taken by the Foot Clan is because the Shredder needs him to give Fishface both artificial legs and what appears to be a scuba tank that pumps water into Fishface's gills.
  • Attack the Tail: Splinter beats him in "Showdown, Part 2" by tricking him into biting his own tail.
  • Ax-Crazy: The most obvious case out of Shredder's henchmen.
  • Badass Abnormal: As Fishface, once he got his robotic legs, he started to fight all four them, and win.
  • Badass Biker: He drives a fearsome-looking motorcycle in "Pulverizer Returns!" and "Vengeance Is Mine".
  • Badass Normal: Montes was still able to hold his own against the Turtles.
  • Bad Boss: One of the few things he shares in common with his partner is his disregard for his henchmen (to the point when given the role to lead the mission by Shredder, he was willing to let Bradford die, and admitted this to his face) and Stockman. As with Bradford, he never anticipated the possibility that Stockman would go for revenge.
  • BFS: In "The Manhattan Project" onward, Montes is sometimes seen wielding a balisword. (A giant butterfly/balisong knife)
  • Blessed with Suck: As a fish, he needs water to breath and has no legs.
  • Butterfly Knife: He shows off with one in his first appearance. When becoming Fishface, he adds and shows off the Balisword into his arsenal.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He makes no attempts to hide how little he cares for others or how dangerous he is.
  • Canon Foreigner: He was created for the series.
  • The Casanova: Implied by his yearnings for a lover every now and then.
  • Co-Dragons: With Bradford to the Shredder, at least until Karai enters the picture. Notably this is also after Montes and Bradford have fallen out of favor with the Shredder.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Averted. Raph tears off his apparatus and leaves him on land to seemingly suffocate to death, but he turns up in the fifth season.
  • Cursed With Awesome: He can inject venom into his opponents by biting them.
  • Dance Battler: And surprisingly, it sticks after he gets new legs in his mutated form.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Fishface gets to be the main antagonist of "Meet Mondo Gecko", hosting an underground race for the Foot Clan and other villainous mutants on a clan-wide day off.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Sometimes.
  • Decomposite Character: He is Rahzar's partner, a role usually given to Tokka, who is given a completely different role in this continuity unrelated to Shredder or the Foot Clan.
  • Demoted to Extra: He has an incredibly minor role in the second season, not even speaking in some of his five appearances. He gets a slightly larger role in the third season, but he's still nowhere near as prominent as he was in the first season.
  • Dual Wielding: Sometimes with switchblades.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: As Fishface.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In "End Times", he decides that things have gotten way too weird for him to handle and leaves the Foot Clan.
  • Evil Counterpart: He possesses a preference for violence as well as a somewhat bad temper, much like Raphael, the character he usually tends to fight, and thus could be considered the logical extension of his personality if he were raised by someone like the Shredder. These similarities are called upon in "Baxter's Gambit", where a discussion as they're working together leads the two to conclude that they are "of a kind".
  • Expy: Of Hun from the 2003 series via having connections to street gangs, specifically the Purple Dragons. The only difference is Hun is the leader of the Purple Dragons while Montes is merely an associate. There's also the fact that Montes and Bradford were both mutated into animals. The animal mutation would also make Montes and Bradford expies of Bebop and Rocksteady or, since Dogpound became Rahzar, Fishface becomes an expy of Tokka by default.
  • Extremity Extremist: He attacks mostly with his legs.
  • Fish People: He becomes a mutant snakehead fish after getting doused in Mutagen.
  • Foil: Prefers violent behavior and he's just a street rat, rather than his partner, the famous and pragmatic Chris Bradford. His fighting style is also much more fast-paced and quick.
    • He's mainly seen as one to Raphael, due to both loving violence, but Raph knowing restraint and control with it.
  • Forgotten Phlebotinum: Fishface's ability to poison people/inject venom by biting them was only shown in "The Pulverizer" and has never been used since then.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Nobody in the Foot Clan really likes him.
  • Freudian Excuse: Downplayed. In "Baxter's Gambit", he talks about his life as a street rat and how he had to become a thief in order to survive in the world, but he himself makes it abundantly clear that he likes to do terrible things.
  • Hypocrite: Xever tells Stockman-Fly that he looks nasty, despite his appearance as a mutant snakehead fish being slightly hideous as well.
  • I Have Many Names: Downplayed, as he's referred to by his human name by the Foot Clan, and the name Mikey gave him by the Turtles.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Downplayed, with his robotic legs and breathing apparatus, Montes is comfortable with his mutation, at least moreso than Bradford is, but when he thinks Stockman can change them back, he jumps on the chance.
  • Jerkass: Mikey explicitly calls him a jerk when he's in the process of kicking the dog.
  • Knight of Cerebus: A minor one; he doesn't drain all of the comedy from a scene, but his sociopathic tendencies are not Played for Laughs and he makes the Turtles question their sense of ethics in a case of He Who Fights Monsters in the first episode where he takes center stage.
  • Lack of Empathy: It provides a major ethical dilemma for the Turtles.
  • Lightning Bruiser: As Fishface, he gains rocket boots that allow him to move faster than when he wa human.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Sounds like "sever", and he uses knives.
  • The Napoleon/Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Once mutated into Fishface, he is the shortest (even with the robot legs) and smallest member of the Foot Clan, but can still put up a fight.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: His look as a human is based on Jim Kelly, the famous martial artist.
  • Not So Different: See the "Evil Counterpart" entry above. He and Raph admit they're this in "Baxter's Gambit".
  • Obviously Evil: He doesn't hide his nature from anyone and has no problems telling people about how he sent to prison,= before Shredder broke him out.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: He says it to Raphael when he saves Raph from one of Stockman's traps.
  • Opt Out: When asked if he wants to help defeat the zombified Shredder, Kavaxas, and Tiger Claw, he says that things are getting too weird for him, and that he'd just rather go back to basic, street level crime instead.
  • Out of Focus: Was sidelined for several episodes after becoming Fishface, not doing much of anything until being upgraded. Shredder even mentioned that he was barely worth keeping around.
  • Psycho for Hire: He says so to Raph:
    Raphael: "So, you do all this because you owe Shredder?"
    Fishface: "Eh, mostly I like having a job where I get to crack skulls every day."
    Raphael: "Okay, I can relate to that."
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to Bradford's red.
  • The Rival: To Rahzar.
  • Salt and Pepper: He's the pepper to Rahzar's salt.
  • Scary Black Man: Though not as dark as other examples, so he may be Black Hispanic or Brazilian instead.
  • Slasher Smile: He often has one of these as a human. However, since he is unhappy with his transformation, Fishface doesn't smile as much.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: After he sees Shredder Came Back Wrong courtesy of Kavaxas, Xever/Fishface helps the Turtles against the Foot Cultists, tells them a few things, and then beats it.
  • The Sociopath: Has no regard for any form of life whatsoever, is completely morally unfettered, and displays many other sociopathic traits. "Baxter's Gambit", however, does show a slightly softer side of him in his interaction with Raphael.
  • Taking You with Me: Kicks Bradford into the black hole in "Annihilation Earth!" before being sucked in himself.
  • The Team Benefactor: Word of God implies that Fishface's underground mutant entertainment ring is one of several sources of income for the Foot Clan.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Has a mutual hatred of Bradford despite the fact they're usually the ones assigned to work with each other the most. In "The Forgotten Swordsman", he's visibly fuming at having to retrieve Bradford's drowned corpse from the river.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: Subverted with Bradford, as they hate each other.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Once Stockman finishes his new legs and breathing tool, he quickly shows in "The Pulverizer" that his new legs are even more versatile than his original ones, and on top of that, he has venomous teeth.
  • Unexplained Recovery: He somehow survived his apparent death in "Owari" and returns alive in the fifth season.
  • The Unfettered: Described as such by Raph.
  • Villain Decay: He's mostly relegated to a comedic role in season two, where he's slapped around by the Shredder to make a point, demonstrates more submissive behavior in regards to Tiger Claw (though this may be a skill difference and instincts taking prominence), that jar with his general control of the situations he was in season one. His level of competence has also gone down, as in "The Invasion", he was defeated by an exhausted Leo in one hit. He starts to get some of his villainy back in season three, shown when he beats Zeck in a fight using his dark wit and cunning, and even gets to be the main antagonist of an entire episode, running an underground mutant entertainment ring.
  • Villainous Friendship: A Downplayed Type 4 with the Shredder. Like Bradford, the Shredder doesn't really care for him, but finds him useful enough to spring from jail and even commissions robot legs for him to stay in the fight. Unlike Bradford, Montes isn't necessarily loyal to the Shredder, mostly just in it for the thrills.
  • Villainous Rescue: He actually helps the Turtles fight off several of the Foot Cultists by shining a lantern when they were getting ready to overwhelm them. He then gives them info on the Cultists being mutated humans before he bails out of the Foot Clan.
  • Was Once a Man: After turning into Fishface.
  • Weapon of Choice: His Butterfly knives are his weapon of choice before his transformation and he still uses them occasionally.

    Baxter Stockman/Stockman-Pod/Stockman-Fly 
Voiced by: Phil LaMarr

A bug-eyed mad scientist who shares a complete knowledge of inventing and genetic mutations with the Foot Clan. He used to be a TCRI employee, but was fired for a spilled copier toner incident so he decided to take revenge on all those who ever mocked him. However, after 2 solo outings against the Turtles, he and his MOUSERS accidentally interfered with a plan to destroy them that happened to have been masterminded by the Shredder, and luckily for him, the Shredder spared his life, impressed enough with skills to take him as a subordinate. Finding little respect from his new teammates, he turned on them and briefly went solo again, before being brought back to the Foot Clan. He becomes a mutant housefly when botched experiment ideas result in Shredder mutating him; Baxter's the third to last human member of the clan to mutate, with Karai following a few episodes later (partially due to Stockman's help) and Shredder mutating by Stockman's hand in the fourth season.

  • Accidental Misnaming: People will frequently get his name wrong every appearance after "I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman". Even he got his own name wrong at one point.
  • Afro Asskicker: When in the more dangerous version of his Powered Armor.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: His head was left exposed after the Stockman-Pod upgraded into a Humongous Mecha.
  • Anti-Villain: In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman", he only wishes to become human again, either via Donatello's Retro Mutagen, or more horrific means such as dipping a human in Mutagen and then going in himself, the results of which probably wouldn't even work.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Averted, as when Stockman is returned to his human form in "Owari", he complains, saying that while he looked disgusting as a fly mutant, he was smarter, stronger, and faster.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: After his mutation.
  • Black and Nerdy: He is black and is a nerdy scientist.
  • Body Horror: His mutation was one of the most grotesque of the show.
  • Brought Down to Normal: He gets retro-mutated back into a human with one of Donatello's Retro Mutagen grenades in "Owari", and he actually does not take this well due to losing his abilities as a fly.
  • Butt-Monkey: Got this a lot back when he worked at TCRI, and it doesn't get better when he meets the Turtles and is pressed into the Foot Clan.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Doesn't seem to deny that he's this trope, when Michelangelo asks why he's a villain.
  • Composite Character: He appears to be based on the comic book and 2003 versions in name and ethnicity, but his design (hairstyle, clothes, and physique), personality, and threat level borrows aspects of the version seen in the 1987 series. As of "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman", he has become a mutant fly, another trait of his 1987 counterpart. He also appears to have ulterior motives in his services to the Foot Clan, like his 2003 version, if his holographic chart in "The Noxious Avenger" means anything.
  • The Dog Bites Back: After being picked on for almost every episode by the Turtles and threatened by his higher-ups, he decides to take payback in "Baxter's Gambit".
  • Doomy Dooms of Doom: To the point that everyone could see it coming from a mile away.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In "The Super Shredder", he initially refuses to infuse Shredder with the rest of the mutagen, insisting that the mutagen is unstable and could have disastrous side effects. Of course, he quickly gives in when Shredder threatens him with death.
  • Evil Counterpart: He loves technology, can be quite dangerous even though he's mocked and sometimes even underestimated by his coworkers, likes wearing purple and is kind of a dork, much like Donatello.
  • Evil Genius: His role when working for the Shredder or when trying to use it to be a solo villain.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Nowhere near as much as his 2003 counterpart, but he still has his moments.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Played with. While he's a bad guy who wears glasses, he lacks the cold-blooded sociopathic nature that generally comes with this trope.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Deep down, he just wants to have people sincerely like and respect him. This is the primary reason he hates being returned to being a human, as he had gotten smarter with his science and Shredder had begrudgingly complimented him on both his loyalty and his perfection of the Super Shredder mutation while he was a mutant fly.
  • Kick the Dog: When he's got the insane Splinter locked up, he offers him cheese, only to eat it himself at the last second.
  • Laughably Evil: His dorky demeanor and tendency to get angry over the Turtles insulting him made him quite entertaining. He loses this trait briefly after he becomes a fly mutant, however, but even after becoming a source for comic relief, he's not quite as Laughably Evil as he once was.
  • Mad Scientist: Both in the sense of being angry at the world and not being very sane. Stockman starts as a typical deranged scientist, but he becomes an Eggman/Wily/Hojo grade Mad Scientist once he mutates, as this actually helps him mastermind plot-altering experiments such as Karai and Shredder's mutations and gives him some fighting abilities against the Turtles, but he also slips further into insanity.
  • Nerd Glasses: Going with his nerdy portrayal in the series. He loses the glasses when he mutates, no longer needing them.
  • No Respect Guy: Comes with being a huge Butt-Monkey. He does start get some slightly more civil treatment following his mutation and subsequently more or less complete loyalty to Shredder.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain/Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: He treads the line between these two, the latter to the extent that in his first appearance, Mikey actually suggests that they get him some ice cream rather than kick his butt. After he mutates, he goes off the deep end but also becomes more competent with his experiments; Stockman's the one who created the mutagen that ensnares Karai and later created the brainwashing worms used on her, and then he mutates Shredder into Super Shredder later.
  • Powered Armor: He had one in his first appearance. It was initially kind of crappy, but was upgraded by the T-Pod.
  • Robot Master: He uses machines to win his fights often, ranging from his powered suit to the mousers.
  • Sanity Slippage: After his mutation into a fly in "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman", he's become far less trusting and crazy thanks to it.
  • Slasher Smile: When he uses the T-pod to upgrade his armor, he tries this, but it turns out too pleasant and goofy. He improves it in "Baxter's Gambit".
  • Straw Loser: As part of being a villainous nerd, his pathetic nature almost makes him pitiable despite his clearly evil intentions.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: After mutating into a fly, he has started to constantly eat candy bars.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Once he mutates into a fly, he dismantles a Foot Bot and subdues Rahzar long enough to escape temporarily. He also proves to a more difficult opponent for the Turtles without any technological aid, and begins to mastermind much more dangerous and plot-altering experiments, such as the mutagen for a trap that accidentally mutated Karai, the worms that brainwash her, and then the mutation of Shredder.
  • Uncertain Doom: In "Owari", he's demutated by the Turtles, and last seen knocked out by Mikey before the Shredder sets the mansion on fire with a Molotov cocktail. He's not shown amongst the surviving members of the Foot Clan in the next season, but his death remains unconfirmed.
  • Undying Loyalty: He becomes a relatively loyal and active member of the Foot Clan after his mutation and when it's clear that staying with them is his best shot at becoming human again. In "Owari" he even loudly declares that nobody can stand against the Super Shredder, his last creation before being de-mutated back into a human, having become pretty fanatical by that point.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: When he's returned to human form by the Turtles, he complains that he liked the strength, speed, and intelligence he had as a mutant. Mikey punches him for being ungrateful.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: "Baxter's Gambit" has him talk about his backstory, and he states that he used to be a nice kid. It's not easy to guess if he's telling the truth or not.
  • Was Once a Man: He gets turned into a fly mutant in "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman". "Owari" features him getting changed back into a human with retro-Mutagen.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Baxter's final appearance in the series was in the Season 4 finale "Owari", where he is de-mutated by Mikey. While everyone else in the Foot Clan was either killed (Shredder, Rahzar) or parted ways (Fishface, Tiger Claw, Bebop, and Rocksteady), it is never explained what happened to Baxter after that episode.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: His motivation, though he hasn't been very good at his revenge schemes so far.

    Takeshi/Tiger Claw
Voiced by: Eric Bauza

"When have I ever failed you, Master Shredder?"

The most feared assassin in all of Asia, the Shredder hired him to help him in his fight against the Hamato Clan.

  • An Arm and a Leg: Gets his right arm cut off by Alopex as a warning that she could've just as easily taken his life.
  • Arch-Enemy: Is this with Alopex.
  • Artificial Limbs / Swiss Army Appendage Used to replace his right arm.
  • Backstab Backfire: When he attempts to shoot Alopex in the back after she spares his life, she darts back and cuts off the arm that he's using his gun in.
  • Barefoot Cartoon Animal: He doesn't wear shoes.
  • Big Eater: Loves to eat, whether it's skim milk, fish, or cheesy junk food.
  • Body Horror: Not quite as bad as other examples, but for starters, his tail was cut off when he was first introduced. When he comes back, he's missing his left eye and part of his right ear. In "Tale of Tiger Claw", he loses another body part to his sister Alopex, his right arm.
  • Breakout Villain: The most popular addition to the mythos introduced in the show, and a character that Word of God would like to see become a recurring character in subsequent adaptations. Tellingly, he's the only member of the Foot Clan outside of the Shredder who doesn't undergo a large amount of Villain Decay, gets the most character development, and becomes the most important Foot character besides Shredder and Karai.
  • Cain and Abel: Alopex and Tiger Claw are brother and sister who have grudges against each other. However Alopex, despite hating him for killing their parents, spares him. Tiger Claw immediately tries to shoot her in the back, but she dodges and slices his arm off.
  • Canon Foreigner: He was created for the series.
  • Cats Are Mean: He's a mutant tiger who associates himself with the villainous Foot Clan.
  • Cats Are Superior: He's a tiger warrior who's very overconfident in his ninja skills.
  • Corporal Punishment: One of his duties as The Dragon is to inflict this upon the lower Foot Clan members should they fail or particularly piss off Shredder. He gets to deal it out on Bebop and Rocksteady at the end of "Attack of the Mega Shredder".
  • Determinator: He manages to cut his way out of the Kraathatrogon, defeat the 1987 Turtles, and jump through dimensions, defeating every enemy in his way, including a whole army of Kraang, all to return and have his revenge.
  • The Dragon: Despite being a bounty hunter, he becomes Shredder's top lieutenant full-time after Karai defects, and serves him faithfully. This is reinforced in "Owari", where he's the last of the Inner Circle to fall to the Turtles before they face Super Shredder.
  • Dragon Ascendant: The fifth season shows that Tiger Claw is now in charge of the Foot Clan since Shredder was killed by Leo. His goal now is to revive Shredder, which is why he releases Kavaxas and presses him into the Clan.
  • The Dreaded: Has this reputation thanks to being far and away the most powerful member of the Foot Clan besides Shredder himself. His appearance on the battlefield is a real cause for alarm and any battle he joins immediately becomes an uphill one for the Turtles.
  • Enemy Mine: Once his usefulness as Kavaxas's master is expired and Undead Shredder destroys the Seal of the Ancients to start The End of the World as We Know It, Tiger Claw wastes no time in trying to blast Shredder and help the Turtles defeat Kavaxas. After Kavaxas and Undead Shredder are defeated and sent back to the Netherworld, Tiger Claw declares a truce with the Foot Clan now in an even deeper hole.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: He states that racism is ridiculous and he would never distrust or dislike a person only because they are a dog mutant, even though he is a feline.
  • Establishing Character Moment: He makes his respect for the Shredder and disdain for the Foot Clan apparent very quickly, and when Karai is about to attack Tiger Claw, he pulls a gun on her without skipping a beat.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Though he did not try to stop it, he was somewhat unnerved when he believed Shredder planned to mutate Karai.
    • He's becoming increasingly resentful of Shredder regarding his apathy towards the fate of humanity at the hands of the Kraang.
    • He's horrified when Shredder kills Splinter before the latter can save the Earth from the Triceratons, his master happy to let the Earth be destroyed if he can triumph over Splinter.
    Tiger Claw: "Shredder, what have you done?!"
    Shredder: "Hamato Yoshi is finished! The Earth can be destroyed for all I care! I have finally won!"
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: In the first episode of the fifth season, he summons Kavaxas to Earth to resurrect the Shredder for him, using the Seal of the Ancients to keep him in line. Three episodes later, Kavaxas does so... but Shredder Came Back Wrong as the demodragon's puppet and destroys the Seal of the Ancients, allowing Kavaxas to begin The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Evil Versus Oblivion: In "End Times", when Kavaxas betrays him and brings about the apocalypse, Tiger Claw has no desire to see the world end and willingly teams up with the Turtles to stop him.
  • Expy:
    • Of Boba Fett from Star Wars, especially with the Shout-Out of the Boba's defeat by jetpack and Sarlacc.
    • He also bears a number of similarities to Major Bludd, since both are powerful international mercenaries who've lost an eye and an arm, have a number of high tech gadgets at their disposal, and combat a ragtag bunch of misfit warriors who've wronged them.
  • Eyepatch of Power: His journey through dimensions, fighting his way home, seems to have cost him an eye.
  • Family-Unfriendly Violence: On the receiving end in "Tale of Tiger Claw" when Alopex slices his arm off, on-screen. We even see the severed arm laying limp on the ground.
  • Freeze Ray: One of his weapons that he employs in combat, presumably to assist in capturing opponents alive.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: He's Shredder's Dragon, and is missing his tail, and later loses an eye and his right arm, and gains an Ear Notch.
  • Groin Attack: April eventually masters an ability called "Dragon's Tail", and uses it to give Tiger Claw one of these, knocking him out. And this is after Casey gave him one.
  • The Heavy: While Shredder is incapacitated, Tiger Claw is the most prominent antagonist in the fourth season.
  • Invincible Villain: While it's not to the same extent of the Shredder, Tiger Claw counts as this since the Turtles are usually incapable of defeating him in fights, let alone landing any blows on him.
  • Jerkass: He doesn't seem to particularly care about Shredder's Foot Clan, and makes that thought known when Karai talks badly of him.
  • Jetpack: He has one that allows him to obtain an aerial advantage.
  • Kick the Dog:
    • In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", he has no qualms against harassing Murakami, a blind old man, for information on the Turtles. Karai is disgusted.
    Karai: There's no honor in this.
    Tiger Claw: I didn't come here for honor.
    • In "Owari", he mocks Splinter's death to Leo's face.
    Tiger Claw: Do you feel it, boy? The weight of the world crushing you, now that your sensei is gone?!
  • Knight of Cerebus: He's not a very funny character and, much like his master, episodes where he's prominent are bound to be more serious. See The Dreaded as well.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: His reaction in "End Times" when he realizes he was Kavaxas' Unwitting Pawn all along.
  • Not So Above It All: While scoffing at the idea that he and Bradford wouldn't get along because he's a cat and Bradford's a dog, he comments that he does want to eat Xever because he's a fish.
    • He has always been the most serious, strict and stoic of the villainous mutants, but "Meet Mondo Gecko" shows him among the crowd of villains watching Xever's underground racing event, which he enjoys with a bag of popcorn and gets pretty pumped up during the race.
  • Only Sane Man: He is this in the Foot Clan when you compare him to its other members. Shredder has been driven insane with his desire for vengeance on Splinter, Bradford is fanatically loyal to Shredder, Xever is an Ax-Crazy immoral killer, Bebop and Rocksteady are bumbling, largely comical forced recruits, and Stockman has lost a great deal of his sanity.
  • Panthera Awesome: He's a mutant tiger.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • Despite his hatred for Karai, he tries to assure Shredder that the Hamato Clan will pay for her mutation, upon seeing how distraught he was about it.
    • In "Annihilation Earth!", he's probably the biggest team player during the Foot Clan's brief alliance with the Hamato Clan against the Triceratons, helpfully providing cover fire and support for April and Casey.
  • The Power of Hate: Claims this allowed him survive being swallowed by the Kraathatrogon and make his way home after being stranded in the 1987 universe.
  • Professional Killer: He's described as "Asia's deadliest assassin" in his introduction. The only one who has ever managed to defeat him was Splinter himself. The closest thing to a victory any of the Turtles have had against him was when Leo knocked him down briefly in "The Invasion".
  • Promotion to Opening Titles: He appears in the opening in his first appearance, "The Manhattan Project".
  • Punch-Clock Villain: While loyal to the Shredder, Word of God is that Tiger Claw did not intend to stay with the Foot Clan for the rest of his life before season five.
  • Put on a Bus: According to Word of God, "End Times" is Tiger Claw's last appearance in the series.
  • Rocket Punch: His mechanical arm can fire its fist at his opponents.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: Has a nice-looking blue scarf, and Tiger Claw has had to fight out of Dimension X more that once, including when he was originally mutated with Alopex.
  • Seeks Another's Resurrection: In the fifth season, his primary goal is to bring the Shredder Back from the Dead. It's the entire reason he summons Kavaxas.
  • Sword and Gun: His primary weapons.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Coinciding with his having Took a Level in Jerkass, in "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", he has absolutely zero qualms against threatening Murakami, a blind man, for information on the Turtles' location.
  • That Poor Cat: In "Casey Jones vs the Underworld", after Casey delivers a Groin Attack to him. Again in "City at War", when April uses the "Dragon's Tail" move to give him another Groin Attack.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: He was villainous but still honorable in his first appearance. Upon his return, his honorable side was no more and he's just now filled with rage and focused solely on revenge, but eventually it began to even out again as he began showing more shades of Even Evil Has Standards again.
  • Unwitting Pawn: In "End Times", it turns out that he was this to Kavaxas all along; Kavaxas needed his help to accomplish three objective in order to bring about The End of the World as We Know It: killing a strong warrior (Tatsu), resurrecting an evil warrior (Shredder), and destroying the Seal of the Ancients that was used to keep Kavaxas in line.
  • Villainous Friendship:
    • Has a mutual sense of respect for Bradford. This doesn't save Bradford from being subjected to a beating for his failures, however. Tiger Claw goes through the trouble of having his corpse retrieved from the bottom of the river and has Kavaxas bring him back to life.
    • He has a more genuine one with the Shredder, as he's the only lieutenant who regularly receives genuine respect from his master. Shredder is much more willing to listen to him on matters, and even when he's become the raging, insane Super Shredder, he still audibly softens when Tiger Claw tries to get him to rest and calls him "old friend". It's to the extent that his main goal in the fifth season is to use Kavaxas' power to resurrect the Shredder.
  • Was Once a Man: He was only a child when he was mutated.
  • We Used to Be Friends: With Alopex. His childhood friend from his time as a young human boy, who was mutated alongside him, fought alongside him, and then betrayed him after she found out he killed their parents.
  • Worthy Opponent: He develops a serious level of respect for Splinter, marveling at him fighting off a deadly poison after nearly killing him.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Has no problems smacking around Karai or April. Or Alopex, who cut his tail off and then cuts his arm off as a warning.

    Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady 
Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore

A Russian rock-head who provides more-advanced weapons and security for the Foot Clan. He used to be a Russian arms industry officer who allied with the Shredder as a business partner in the mafia, but his attempts to steal Shredder's helmet and hunt Karai in exchange for a safe departure from the Kraang-invaded city, which were twarted by the Turtles, got him captured and, luckily for him, Shredder had him work full time in the Foot Clan as punishment for his minor betrayal. He becomes a mutant white rhinoceros.

  • Adaptational Badass: This version of Rocksteady is more dangerous and difficult to take down than the 1987 version.
  • Adaptational Intelligence: He's more capable of formulating a plan and improvising when it goes wrong than the 1987 Rocksteady.
  • Adaptational Nationality: In the previous adaptations that Rocksteady appeared in, he was portrayed as being an American. In this adaptation, he is a Russian.
  • Affably Evil: At least when interacting with Shredder anyway.
  • All There in the Script: His name is only shown in the end credits in his debut episode; it is mentioned in "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto".
  • Ambiguously Gay: He displays some interest in his pal Bebop and has some effeminate qualities in his character. See Ship Tease.
  • Appropriated Appellation: When Mikey is told to distract him and Zeck, he gives them the names "Bebop and Rocksteady". Ivan Steranko loves the moniker of Rocksteady.
  • Arms Dealer: His role in "Enemy of My Enemy".
  • Ascended Extra: He had a minor role in his debut episode before becoming the 2012 version of Rocksteady.
  • BFG: Wields a weapon which is more or less a Gatling gun.
  • Body Horror: His Golden Knuckles and shoulder pads are melted into his flesh after his mutation into Rocksteady.
  • The Brute: Begins sharing the role with Bradford in the Foot Clan after being mutated.
  • Canon Character All Along: For the first two seasons, he appears to be a completely original character who functions independently. In season three, he is hit with mutagen and becomes the 2012 version of Rocksteady.
  • Characterization Marches On: His first two appearances were more stoic and businessman-like, while his later appearances play up his Russian aspect and he seems to have a few Cloud Cuckoolander traits, particularly after becoming Rocksteady.
  • The Collector of the Strange: As of the episode "The Legend of The Kuro Kabuto", he reveals that he has been after The Shredder's Helmet for quite awhile, though none of the thieves he has hired have succeeded in stealing it, indeed, they have failed to even come back alive, He says this is because "The Shredder has eyes in back of head." One has to wonder how he has managed to keep his involvement in the numerous theft attempts a secret. Steranko's collection isnt really that strange, but it does have a collection of rare antique military weaponry, and a large stuffed polar bear, among other things
  • The Comically Serious: Due to his lack of skills with the English language, he's prone to messing up common sayings, but has no idea how goofy he really sounds.
  • Dark Is Evil: He dresses in all black.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: Played with. While this Rocksteady keeps most aspects of the 1987 version's design, he has gold knuckles and shoulder plates.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: He makes a brief appearance in "Enemy of My Enemy" before becoming a supporting then main cast member.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Rocksteady very much loves his mother. It's how Bebop convinces him to pull a Heel–Face Turn and save the world.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: It's Fred Tatasciore behind the mic, voice of Hulk and Nikolai Belinski (the latter of whom shares a dialect and the exact same delivery as Steranko), after all.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Though Shredder trusts him enough to make deals with him, Steranko is actually really only out for himself, to the point of trying to steal the Shredder's helmet.
  • Flanderization: His Husky Russkie and Comically Serious traits become more played up as time goes on. Justified since his first two appearances that the audience had to get acquainted with him were minor appearances.
  • Foil: To Zeck, being a bigger, stronger fighter, though with a slightly skewed grasp on reality, and whom gets used to his mutation fairly quickly and accepts the Rocksteady name wholeheartedly.
  • Genius Bruiser: He's fairly cunning and quite the powerhouse in battle.
  • Hammer and Sickle: To fit his Russian background, Rocksteady's trademark weapons are a matching set of a hammer and sickle.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After expressing horror at Kavaxas' evil and the 1987 Shredder and Krang's attempt to destroy the world, Rocksteady and Bebop decide to give up villainy for good and become superheroes.
  • Honor Before Reason: Rocksteady is a man of honor, being aghast when the Turtles use Exact Words against him and refraining from killing the 1987 Turtles when they're down.
  • Husky Russkie: He comes from Russia and is a pretty big guy.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Rocksteady and Bebop are both this when it comes to working for the 1987 versions of Shredder and Krang, from being able to complete all their missions successfully to being able to totally curbstomp both the 1987 versions of Shredder and the Turtles alike.
  • Implacable Man: After transforming into Rocksteady, it becomes damn near impossible to knock him down and outside of Aliens and Martial Arts Masters he's the only one seen to overpower a Triceraton, easily treating one as a punching bag.
  • Instant Costume Change: A weird example: Steranko's pants switch from all-black to camo print after being mutated.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Turns out Shredder does end up tracing Zeck's attempt to steal his helmet back to Steranko, captures them both, and mutates them. Seems Steranko should've taken that "eyes in the back of his head" notion a little more to heart.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He's a huge guy, but he's just as quick on his feet in battle. Even more so as Rocksteady, being a rhino and all.
  • The Man Behind the Man: To Zeck in "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto" and the Purple Dragons in "A Chinatown Ghost Story".
  • Old Friend: Explicitly says that he and Shredder are this. According to him before being mutated, for at least 10 years. However, he later hires Anton Zeck to steal Shredder's helmet.
  • Power Fist: He appears to be wearing golden brass knuckles, with hammer and sickle insignias on them. After being mutated into Rocksteady, they're melted into his flesh. He puts them to good use in his first fight with the Turtles in "Serpent Hunt", leaving a sickle imprint on Raph's forehead.
  • Promotion to Opening Titles: As Rocksteady.
  • Red Right Hand: His fake eye, which he got because Zeck accidentally shot his eye out. Lampshaded when Zeck tries to make him feel better about it, telling him that before he was just a regular arms dealer, and now people will think of him as "the cool eyeball guy".
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Both he and Bebop bail out of the Foot Clan after Shredder Comes Back Wrong thanks to Kavaxas and helps the demodragon start the end of the world.
  • Ship Tease: He's gotten a few moments with Bebop, including holding each other as they die in "Annihilation Earth!", proclaiming he loves him in "Half-Shell Heroes" (even though it was largely Played for Laughs), and the two of them holding hands to share Bebop's invisibility, then giving each other an odd look as they realize they're still holding hands and slowly separate in "In Darkest Plight". Rocksteady is also holding Bebop in a protective position when Undead Shredder is brought to life by Kavaxas. Their moment of holding hands with hearts in the background during "The Big Blowout" make it very unlikely there isn't anything more than friendship between the two, either.
  • Spell My Name with a "The": Occasionally refers to himself as "The Rocksteady".
  • Spikes of Villainy: He has two shoulder pads with spikes on them.
  • The Starscream: Plotting to overthrow Shredder with Zeck/Bebop. They eventually defect from the Foot Clan and pull a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Theme Naming: With Zeck. Both have the surnames of classic Marvel Comics artists.
  • Third-Person Person: Tends to refer to his full name when referring to himself.
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: Once an intelligent mob boss who had the respect of Shredder himself, Rocksteady soon became the Dumb Muscle upon getting mutated.
  • The Unfought: He gets electrocuted into submission before he can put up any kind of fight. In his first proper starring appearance in "Serpent Hunt", he gives the Turtles a hell of a fight and only gets worse after his mutation.
  • Villain Decay: He was once a powerful mob boss with his own organization, but Shredder turned him into his Dumb Muscle that obeyed his every command.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Zeck/Bebop. When they're being sucked into a black hole to their deaths, they hold each other so they don't have to die alone.
  • Was Once a Man: Is mutated into Rocksteady by Shredder for both being behind the theft of the Kuro Kabuto helmet and for trying to hurt Karai.
  • The Worf Effect: Goes down incredibly quickly at the hands of a brainwashed Karai.

    Anton Zeck/Bebop 
Voiced by: J.B. Smoove

A master thief who can turn invisible, along with a host of other gadget powered abilities. Works as Steranko's agent. He becomes a mutant warthog.

  • Adaptational Badass: While he is still incredibly goofy, he is a Bunny-Ears Lawyer and a genuinely good fighter rather than the incompetent idiot his 1987 counterpart was.
  • Adaptational Curves: The previous versions of Bebop have traditionally been fat, while this Bebop is slim and fit, even after becoming a warthog mutant.
  • Ambiguously Bi: He has some Ship Tease moments with Rocksteady, but unlike the Rhino, Bebop has also admitted that he's a ladies man too.
  • Appropriated Appellation: Averted. Unlike his partner Rocksteady, Bebop absolutely hates his new moniker.
  • Battle Boomerang: He can throw mohawk shaped energy bolts that can boomerang back to him from his mohawk.
  • Berserk Button: HATES being called Bebop. Though he at least tolerates it from Rocksteady.
  • Blind Without 'Em: His mutation caused him to lost his sight forcing him to keep his visor on to see.
  • Body Horror: Parts of his costume appear to have merged into his flesh after becoming Bebop.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: He's a very competent thief, but he's extremely eccentric. When Steranko questions his ability to steal Shredder's helmet, Zeck tells him to lick his Spear of Destiny, revealing that he replaced the real spear with one made of marzipan, just to prove he could. The fact that Steranko does this without hesitation seems to imply that Zeck does that kind of thing all the time.
  • Calling Card: Because of his gigantic ego, he actually throws his business card at Rahzar just before making his exit.
  • Canon Character All Along: He is introduced in season two, but gets mutated and becomes Bebop.
  • Dance Battler: He dances literally every single time he gets into a fight. This is most likely how he manages to throw off the Turtles.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: As Bebop, he is much less bulky than the 1987 version, differentiating him more from Rocksteady. He's also more cynical and irritable than his partner, though the latter is more because of his mutation and the nickname that comes with it.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": "I am not gonna be called Bebop! That is the dumbest name ever!"
  • Evil Is Hammy: Pun aside, Bebop is very over-the-top in his personality.
  • Eye Scream: Post-mutation, his visor seems melded to his head. And may even be his eyes now.
  • Foil: To Steranko, being a slimmer, weaker fighter, who is a bit more of a realist, and whom absolutely hates his mutation and the name, Bebop, that ended up coming with it.
  • Fragile Speedster: He's quick on his feet, but is much lankier and more fragile than most of his other versions.
  • Hard Light: His boots can generate beams of this in the air to skate on, usually between two points. His mohawk energy balls also seem solid, as he can use them as boomerangs.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After expressing horror at Kavaxas' evil and the 1987 Shredder and Krang's attempt to destroy the world, Bebop and Rocksteady decide to give up villainy for good and become superheroes.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Bebop and Rocksteady are both this when it comes to working for the 1987 versions of Shredder and Krang, from being able to complete all their missions successfully to being able to totally curbstomp both the 1987 versions of Shredder and the Turtles alike.
  • Invisibility Cloak: When powered up his suit can make him invisible. He can also plug in some type of cord to apply the affect to his backpack.
  • Jive Turkey: Speaks in slang most of the time.
  • Kiai: He makes Michael Jackson-esque sounds whenever he fights. Donnie points out that he uses it to distract his opponents.
  • Leitmotif: He's got a very jazzy theme whenever he starts to do his work.
  • Mythology Gag: His mohawk and visor match Bebop's from the 1987 show. A not-so subtle hint about his mutation.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: He dances and shouts like Michael Jackson.
  • Powered Armor: His suit allows him to become invisible and create walkways with his Tron Lines, aside from shooting laser beams and a Battle Boomerang.
  • Promotion to Opening Titles: As Bebop.
  • Purple Is Powerful: His suit has purple Tron Lines when it's powered on. He can also throw purple boomerangs from his mohawk.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Both he and Rocksteady bail out of the Foot Clan after Shredder Comes Back Wrong thanks to Kavaxas and helps the demodragon start the end of the world.
  • Ship Tease: He's gotten a few moments with Rocksteady, including holding each other as they die in "Annihilation Earth!", Rocksteady proclaiming he loves him in "Half-Shell Heroes" , and the two of them holding hands to share Bebop's invisibility, then giving each other an odd look as they realize they're still holding hands and slowly separate in "In Darkest Plight". Rocksteady is also holding Bebop in a protective position when Undead Shredder is brought to life by Kavaxas.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: "I don't want to be a mutant, I'm too handsome! The ladies love me!"
  • The Starscream: Plotting to overthrow Shredder with Rocksteady.
  • The Nicknamer: He calls Ivan Steranko "Big S" and "Baby Ivan".
  • The Nose Knows: After mutating, he uses his enhanced sense of smell to track down the Turtles, saying that his nose is "better than a bloodhound". A case of Shown Their Work, as warthogs like all pigs have a very acute sense of smell.
  • Theme Naming: With Steranko. Both have the surnames of classic Marvel Comics artists.
  • Tron Lines: His suit is covered in them.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Steranko/Rocksteady. When they're being sucked into a black hole to their deaths, they hold each other so they don't have to die alone.
  • Was Once a Man: Is mutated into a warthog both for stealing the Kuro Kabuto helmet and for hurting Karai.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: He legitimately is almost as deadly as Rocksteady but he just doesn't know when to shut up and fight, especially when he's cloaked.
  • Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?: Has an impressive array of high tech gear capable of laser blasts, invisibility, hard light constructs, and special tracking features built into his suit. Where he got the suit is unknown.



Voiced by: Mark Hamill

A powerful supernatural enemy who is brought to Earth by Tiger Claw to help him resurrect the Shredder, who was killed by Leo in the last episode of the fourth season.

  • Arc Villain: Of the first story arc in the fifth and final season of the show.
  • Beam Spam: Can rapid-fire laser blasts from every fingertip.
  • Big Red Devil: Kavaxas is a humanoid dragon from Hell.
  • Breath Weapon: Can breathe green fire much like Maleficent.
  • Canon Foreigner: He was created for the series.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Proclaims "Now is the season of evil!" when he takes center stage as the Big Bad in "End Times" and brings on an apocalypse.
  • Combo Platter Powers: He has Super Strength, Nigh-Invulnerability, Playing with Fire powers, is immune to April's Psychic Powers, capable of Beam Spam, and can raise the dead.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: His first encounter with the Turtles ends as such in his favor; Kavaxas shrugs off everything they throw at them and forces them to retreat, with Kavaxas only being prevented from pursuing and killing them by Tiger Claw's order to stand down.
  • Demon Lords And Arch Devils: Calls himself the "ruler of the netherworld" when Tiger Claw unleashes him. If he is not Satan, he is this.
  • Draconic Humanoid: His face is rather human-looking, but he has red scales, a tail, wings, and fire breath.
  • Dragged Off to Hell: The end of "End Times" sees him dragged back to the Netherworld by the Shredder.
  • The Dragon (No Pun Intended): Agrees to become this to Tiger Claw, albeit with a bit of scorn in his voice, when Tiger Claw takes control of the Foot Clan following Shredder's death.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: He's not happy with being forced to obey Tiger Claw, and in "Heart of Evil", he clearly has his own ulterior motives to resurrect Shredder. Turns out he not only needed to revive Shredder, an evil warrior, but also destroy another warrior, Tatsu, and have Shredder destroy the Seal of the Ancients that Tiger Claw used to keep him in line, allowing Kavaxas to bring about the apocalypse.
  • Dragons are Demonic: Kavaxas is referred to as a demodragon.
  • The End of the World as We Know It: This mixed with Take Over the World is in fact Kavaxas's primary goal, and resurrecting Shredder, an evil warrior, is one of three steps necessary for Kavaxas to have him conquer Earth, with the destruction of a warrior like Tatsu at Kavaxas's hands and the destruction of the Seal of the Ancients the other two steps to raise spirits such as the now-dead Tatsu and Ho Chan to help him overtake Earth. Kavaxas is the third villain in this TMNT continuity to threaten Earth with this trope after Kraang Prime and Captain Mozar and the Triceratons.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: When Tiger Claw summons him, he nearly kills him for daring to try to control him until Tiger Claw produces the amulet that will keep him in line. Played straight when Shredder is brought back as a zombie under Kavaxas's control and then stomps on the amulet, ending Tiger Claw's control of Kavaxas and allowing him to start the apocalypse. In his debut episode, Donnie's research even states that the ritual to summon Kavaxas has been used for millennia, and every attempt ends in tragedy.
  • Evil Laugh: Kavaxas gives off several of these kinds of laughs, including when the Turtles visit his lair after he has resurrected Shredder.
  • Expy: Seems to have a few things in common with the Tengu Shredder from the 2003 series. Supernatural demons, dragon theme, and the Big Bad of the fifth season.
    • Also, Mark Hamill voicing an evil dragon? Hello, Malefor.
    • Also shares a bit in common with Drako from the 2003 series, being a red dragon-like being with some degree of mystical ability.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Kavaxas has four fingers on his claws.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The amulet that brought him to Earth and the person who needed his power to be resurrected (Shredder) are the very things that send him back to the Netherworld.
  • In-Series Nickname: Mikey dubs him "Hot Head".
  • Invincible Villain: From the minute he's introduced, Kavaxas absolutely dominates every fight he's in, turning battles from martial combat to just trying to survive long enough to escape. In the end, the Turtles only manage to defeat him by reassembling the Seal of the Ancients and ordering Kavaxas to go back to the Netherworld.
  • The Juggernaut: For all practical purposes, Kavaxas cannot be defeated in a direct confrontation. Even after the Turtles managed to defeat Super Shredder, Kavaxas beats them all despite Tiger Claw forcing him to fight hand to hand. Leonardo hitting him in the face with his swords causes them to shatter to pieces, and April's Mind over Matter doesn't effect him. The ONLY thing that can do ANYTHING to him is the Seal of the Ancients.
  • Knight of Cerebus: There is nothing funny or lighthearted going on whenever Kavaxas is onscreen. He's one of the most dangerous villains in the entire TMNT multiverse and is treated as a very serious threat by the Turtles.
  • Large Ham: Kavaxas has a very powerful presence and speaks loudly, courtesy of Mark Hamill.
  • Legion of Doom: He forms one of numerous villains the Turtles have faced.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: He's not happy about having to obey Tiger Claw, but since Tiger Claw possesses the Seal of the Ancients, he has no choice. This also applies to Michelangelo when he reassembles the seal and orders Kavaxas to end the apocalypse and return to the Netherworld, orders Kavaxas are forced to obey (undead Shredder ensures Kavaxas is sent back).
  • Multiversal Conqueror: As he states in "End Times", he intends to conquer all dimensions.
  • The Necromancer: He can revive the dead. Does this with Rahzar, but to revive Shredder he needed his head, heart, and body.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Nothing hurts him. Leo's swords shatter against him when he strikes him in the face.
  • No-Sell: He's immune to April's Psychic Powers, claiming it's because he's not of their reality.
  • Our Demons Are Different: He comes from the underworld and is classified as a demon on the TMNT Wiki.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: He's a Demodragon.
  • Power Parasite: He mentions wanting to devour April and gain her powers.
  • Playing with Fire: As is expected for a demon dragon, he can breathe fire. He can also toss green fireballs.
  • Restraining Bolt: The Seal of the Ancients, a mystical amulet that protects the wielder from Kavaxas's attacks, and also forces him to obey anyone who possesses it without question. The destruction of this amulet is one of the three steps required to start the end of the world with Kavaxas in control, but Mikey reassembles it with bubble-gum, reverses that, and forces Kavaxas and Undead Shredder to abandon Earth.
  • Rule of Three: He has three objectives he must accomplish on Earth to initiate his own End of the World scenario with him as the ruler. They are, destroy a strong warrior (Tatsu, the blind swordsman who attempts to take control of the Foot Clan in "The Forgotten Swordsman"), revive an evil warrior (Shredder himself, who was killed by Leo in "Owari"), and destroy the Seal of the Ancients.
  • Satanic Archetype: He's described as the "ruler of the Netherworld" and the "Lord of the Demodragons", he steals the souls of mortals, and is an expert manipulator
  • Spikes of Villainy: Kavaxas has spikes on his shoulders.
  • Technicolor Fire: His fire breath is green.
  • This Cannot Be!: His reaction in "End Times" when Mikey repairs the Seal of the Ancients with bubble-gum. According to Kavaxas, the Seal was supposed to be unfixable.
  • Who Dares?: His first lines when Tiger Claw summons him:
    Kavaxas: Mortal! You dare call upon Kavaxas, Lord of the Demodragons, Ruler of the Netherworld?! I will burn you and the rest of these abominations to ASH!
  • Winged Humanoid: Kavaxas has the classic demon wings on his back.
  • Your Soul Is Mine: Can steal the souls of others, as Tatsu and the Hammer find out the hard way.


Rogue Foot

    Hamato Miwa/Oroku Karai 
Voiced by: Kelly Hu
Click here for spoilers 

The Shredder's daughter who takes over as The Dragon after Bradford and Montes fall out of favor with Shredder. Leonardo develops feelings for her and desires to see her become good. Little does Karai know that her entire life is a lie, as she finds herself becoming a major pawn in the war between the Hamato and Foot Clans.

  • Adaptational Context Change: She is the first version of Karai to be mutated.
  • Adaptational Heroism: While more prone to morally questionable actions, she is more capable of disobeying her father than previous versions and, unlike previous versions, defects from the Foot Clan, only to get mutated and eventually brainwashed back in until Splinter uses his healing mantra to free her, and after the space arc, forms her own version of the Foot Clan that is allied with the Turtles.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Played with. While she still displays some shades of Ambiguously Evil and isn't as bad as her 2003 counterpart after Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, Karai doesn't really share the Noble Demon shades of her comic book counterpart or her 2003 counterpart pre-Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, and is much more mischievous than both.
  • Aesop Amnesia: When she learns the truth about what happened between Splinter, Shredder, and Tang Shen, she runs off to pick a fight with Shredder only for Shredder to point out that he taught her everything she knows which results in her getting mutated and later brainwashed. As of season four, Karai has been targeting Shredder's various hideouts and gives it up in favor of going after Shredder.
  • All There in the Script: Production materials for Karai's snake form call it "Kiba".
  • Ambiguously Evil: Subverted in "The Alien Agenda", where the "ambiguous" part disappears. Played straight again in "Enemy of My Enemy" though, and the end of "Karai's Vendetta". Though she eventually pulls a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: Shredder revealed to Splinter that after their fight, Shredder took Miwa away and changed her name to Karai. However, Shredder told her a different story, reversing his and Splinter's positions, so Karai didn't realize she's this until seeing the photo of the Hamatos in the Turtles' Lair, which includes her mother. She becomes this in the fourth season after Shredder is put in critical condition.
  • Anti-Hero: When she appears in the fourth season, she's no longer under Shredder (either on her own will or via brainwashing worms, and leads a small Foot faction that includes Shinigami; their goal is stamping out what's left of Shredder's influence in New York after Karai becomes an ally to her real father, Splinter, who had incapacitated Shredder after his attempted Backstab Backfire in "Earth's Last Stand".
  • Anti-Villain: Subverted, then later played straight: something of a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds example (she's only evil due to circumstances she couldn't control when she was a baby) with shades of Noble Demon (though as noted below, she's kind of erratic on that).
  • Arch-Enemy: To Leonardo as of "Enemy of My Enemy" and April as of "Karai's Vendetta". Until she finds out the truth later on in season two and, starting with "City At War", it's safe to say they've all patched things up. She begins treating Shredder as the hateful Arch-Enemy she wants dead after she finds out the truth, even retaining her desire to attack him while mutated. It takes until the fourth season for her to finally be able to go after Shredder.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: She is especially this trope in "Karai's Vendetta".
  • Artifact Alias: Even after her identity as Miwa is discovered and she finds out, the Turtles and their allies exclusively refer to her as Karai; only Splinter, her true father, calls her Miwa.
  • Badass Biker: In her street clothes and due to having a motorcycle that she drives in "Enemy of My Enemy" and "Karai's Vendetta".
  • Badass Normal: She has no special powers beyond her training and no transformations or robotics to enhance her in any way. Until she is mutated, however.
  • The Baroness: Sexpot variety.
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Finally works together in a Tag Team with April in "The Insecta Trifecta" to fight off swarms of insect mutants, even helping each other preform combo attacks.
  • Beauty Mark: At the corner of her right eye, next to her nose.
  • Berserk Button: While she doesn't have her mind or ability to even communicate after her initial mutation, she still somehow retains utter hatred of Shredder/Oroku Saki. When confined prior to brainwashing, whenever he approaches her cell, she bolts and tries to attack him. Once she's freed of the brainwashing, her entire goal is getting back at Shredder.
    • Also, insulting her mother's death is a bad idea too.
  • Big Red Button: Apparently cannot resist the urge to press them, as seen in "The Alien Agenda".
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: She's a victim of this toward the end of season three thanks to the mind control worms. She is however freed of this by the very end of said season and disappears shortly afterward, returning after the "Turtles in Space" arc with Shinigami.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Lampshaded in "The Alien Agenda".
    Raph: She's bad news!
    Leo: No, she's not!
    Karai: Yeah, I am.
  • Character Development: She goes from being a rather hedonistic and self-serving young lady who relishes in her supposed freedom to being more responsible, serious and composed. It's implied that this was the result of learning the truth on her past meant reevaluating everything she knew along with the horrors associated.
  • Cool Bike: Uses one in both "Enemy of My Enemy", "Karai's Vendetta", and "City at War", the last one with Shinigami as a co-rider.
  • Cool Helmet: A Motorcycle helmet for the aforementioned Cool Bike.
  • Composite Character: Karai shares some similarities with a minor villain from the Mirage comics called the Mistress. Just like the Mistress, Karai is a biological relative of Tang Shen who is manipulated by the Shredder into believing that Hamato Yoshi was the antagonist in their love triangle and the Shredder was the good one.
  • The Corrupter: Tries to be this to Leo. He in turn, tries to get her to become good. In the fourth season, Leo actually joins her Foot Clan for one episode and does stuff like blowing up armories.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Her fight with April is her giving one of these to her... until April gets her to let her guard down by mentioning her Missing Mom.
  • Cute Monster Girl: After her mutation, her human form is this. Small fangs, green slitted eyes, scaly skin...very nice figure.
  • Daddy's Little Villain: Shredder is her father. Except not really.
  • Dark Action Girl: She's been able to hold her own against any of the Turtles and has no trouble at all with the Kraang-droids.
  • Dark Chick: Of the Foot Clan, whenever she's not The Dragon. And when she's Brainwashed and Crazy towards the end of season three, sharing the role with Zeck/Bebop. She's still a dark chick a season later, but she's firmly enemies with Shredder at this point and despises him.
  • Dark Is Evil: She primarily wears dark colors and makes no secret about how dangerous she is to the Turtles.
  • Dating Catwoman: In only one episode, she and Leo connected pretty well. Subverted later in "The Alien Agenda" when she betrays Leo and he gives up on her. Shades of this pop up again in "Enemy of My Enemy"...only to end up coming apart at the seams again. After rescuing her from Shredder and completing her Heel-Face-Turn, the relationship rekindles again... then fails a third time when Karai gets mutated. It remains to be seen if it reignites after she founded the Rogue Foot.
  • Dramatic Irony: Karai at one point was trying to kill the Turtles and April. Now, she's helping them, including saving April, who she once considered an enemy from Tiger Claw.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Compared to her previous versions, this version of Karai is much more snarky and less serious, willing to snark even in front of her father.
  • Decomposite Character: Her usual trait from the comics and previous adaptations of coming from Japan to try to take over the Foot Clan in New York after Shredder's defeat is given to Hattori Tatsu.
  • Delinquent Hair: She wears Boyish Short Hair with tails and two tone dye. It goes well with her bad reputation, which she is very proud of.
  • Disaster Dominoes: Once she discovers the truth about her parentage more than halfway through season two, her life immediately goes downhill, with her being captured twice, then mutated into a near-mindless creature, then brainwashed as Shredder's loyal servant. It takes until the second half of season four for her to get back on her feet in a meaningful way.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: Starting with season two. She's later demoted back to The Dark Chick, much to her chagrin, when Tiger Claw joins the Foot Clan. She was never seen in the episodes between "The Manhattan Project" and "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", so it's unknown if she became The Dragon again.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Gets mutated into a snake creature in "Vengeance is Mine", but the fact that the mutagen was tampered with also allows her to return to human form. Deemphasized, however, as the mental effects, even in her human form, are extreme. She can barely speak. She eventually recovers from the mental effects, though. By the second half of season four, she can shift in and out of the form at will.
  • Enemy Mine: Briefly with the Turtles against the Kraang, but then subverted when she takes a broken droid and abandons the Turtles to fight the mutant monster she created.
    • She does this again in the aptly-titled "Enemy of My Enemy", where she actively seeks out the alliance after learning of the danger of the Kraang. Once again, it doesn't last, but this time, it's the Turtles' fault rather than her own.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Her true father, Splinter. And despite never having met her, her mother.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • When the Turtles betray her trust in "Enemy of My Enemy", she is unsurprisingly disgusted with them for doing so, though she has little room to talk.
    • In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", she refuses to harass Murakami, a blind old man, for the Turtles' location.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Leonardo, both are the best students of their masters.
  • Evil Feels Good: In her debut episode, she thrives on the freedom being a member of the Foot Clan grants her, and tries to convince Leo that Being Good Sucks and to just do whatever he wants. When she tries to steal a priceless katana and goad Leo into doing the same, Leo tells her she doesn't have to do such things, to which Karai retorts "That's what makes it fun!"
    Karai: Don't tell me the goody-three-toes thing doesn't wear thin after a while.
    Leo: Better than the alternative.
    Karai: Which is what? To have fun? To cut loose? To live your own life?
  • Evil vs. Evil: Briefly against the Kraang.
  • Facial Markings: Are they makeup or tattoos? Who knows.
  • The Farmer and the Viper: Leo constantly tries to reason with her early on, insisting she's not as bad as she claims to be. Karai responds by doing such acts as creating a monstrous super-mutant by mistake and ditching the Turtles to clean up her mess and going out of her way to torment and attack both the Turtles and April as Revenge by Proxy against Splinter, all while mocking Leo to his face for thinking any different of her.
  • Faux Affably Evil: She was friendly and sociable to the Turtles, but still very much a bad girl. Following their betraying her trust, she develops a full-blown hatred of them for a while. In "Karai's Vendetta", her normally sociable and easygoing personality here only serve to highlight the sadistic pleasure she takes in hunting April. After discovering the truth about her parents and Shredder, she returns to affable, then Faux Affable comes back when she's brainwashed toward the end of season three.
  • Fighting from the Inside: After being mutated in "Vengeance is Mine", she manages to stop herself from killing Splinter. In "Serpent Hunt", her human side is trying its best to resist the reptilian instincts, but it's made clear that she was fighting a losing battle before Baxter Stockman "cured" her and then brainwashed her. She gets better.
  • Flirty Step Siblings: With Leo.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: With April.
  • For the Evulz:
    Leo: Karai, you don't have to do this.
    Karai: I know. That's what makes it fun!
  • Friendly Enemy: To the Turtles, at least on her end. The "friendly" part was cut for a while, though she seems to be rekindling with them after discover that they're practically her brothers. This gets cut again in season three, but brainwashing worms are to blame this time. Finally becomes a semi-ally in the second half of season four.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Shows signs of it towards April in "Karai's Vendetta", when she angrily demands to know what makes April so special as she's pounding her into the dirt. Her jealousy towards April returns in "Target: April O'Neil", when she's in the middle of trying to kill her to spite Splinter and the Turtles as well as end one of her most hated rivals.
  • A Handful for an Eye: A signature move she uses often, especially on Leonardo.
  • High-Heel–Face Turn: She is the only female villain on the Foot Clan and she finally sides with the Turtles for real after learning that Splinter was her true father all along.
  • Healing Factor: Revealed to have one in "Broken Foot" at least when it comes to skin damage, as she heals the burn to the side of her head by performing a mild transformation and "shedding" the damaged skin.
  • Heel Realization: Feigned believing that Splinter was her true father to get the Turtles to bring her back to their lair. It actually hit when she saw Splinter had a copy of the full picture of Tang Shen and Yoshi, of which she had only ever had the Tang Shen half.
  • Hellbent For Leather: Her street clothes.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: Her actions and expressions during the coda of "The Alien Agenda" indicate she has reasons all her own to make sure the Foot Clan get advanced technology.
  • Hulk Speak: As Kiba. It's a plot point, as she can only give vague clues to where she hides. She can speak normally later.
  • Hypocrite: She's not in the best position to criticize the Turtles for betraying her when she had earlier done the exact same thing and showed absolutely no remorse doing so.
    • In season one, she remarked that Shredder was "obsessed with revenge". In season two, she becomes bent on taking revenge against Splinter, even disobeying Shredder's orders to do so.
    • She stops Shredder from killing a weakened Splinter by claiming it would be dishonorable, except she was the one who fired the tranquilizer dart at him in the first place while he was fighting off Tiger Claw.
  • Hypocrite Has a Point: While she has little room to talk when she calls the Turtles out for betraying her trust in "Enemy of My Enemy", she's not wrong in calling them out; Karai was nothing but honest about being untrustworthy in "The Alien Agenda", agreeing with Raph rather than Leo about being "bad news". She never made Leo any promises not to betray their alliance, while Leo did with her. Also, it should be noted that after all of the discussion about whether or not to trust Karai, the Turtles are the ones who double-crossed her this time, not the other way around.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: While it is true that the Shredder is the Turtles' enemy, in choosing to try and take him out they show that this is more important than their alliance with Karai, which was the source of Karai's disappointment. She thought the Turtles, in particular Leo, was better than that and was willing to work with her against a common enemy and is right to say that Leo was the one who betrayed her this time, not the other way around.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: She seems this way at the end of "The Alien Agenda". Later appearances subvert this and show that she really does have good qualities and that it's just (literally) difficult for her to express them due to her Lack of Empathy.
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She is starting to become a better person now that she knows of her true heritage. Still won't give up her desire for revenge against Shredder though... but has made amends with the Turtles and even April.
  • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: Starting in "Karai's Vendetta", where following her coming to hate the Turtles, she fully goes from an Affably Evil Friendly Enemy to a sadistic and Faux Affably Evil seeker of vengeance. It only got worse when Splinter became involved, leading her to commit such acts as trying to kill the Turtles and/or April just to personally hurt him and make him suffer. It comes to an end in "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", where she discovers the truth about her parentage and completely backpedals.
  • Kick the Dog: She abandons the Turtles to fight an Eldritch Abomination she created, which causes Leo to give up on her...until the next time they met, anyway.
    • While her rage against Splinter is understandable and even pitiable since it's a huge lie Shredder has fed her all her life, she certainly doesn't come off too well trying to kill the Turtles or April just to personally hurt him (or settle her jealousy-induced grudge against April).
  • Lack of Empathy: As stated above, she abandons the Turtles even though the Eldritch Abomination attacking them was her own fault, and when Leo points out that he trusted her, she mocks him. Then again, she was raised by a full-fledged sociopath, so it isn't very surprising. She moves past this fortunately
  • Laser Guided Tyke Bomb: Shredder's more or less made her his pawn in his revenge against Splinter.
  • Love Makes You Evil: A variation. While Karai was always a villain, her hurt at Leonardo's betraying her trust in him prompts her to go from a Friendly Enemy with a Dating Catwoman type relationship with Leo to a hateful Arch-Enemy. Her desire to avenge her mother Tang Shen eventually leads her to conflict with Shredder, which leads to her mutation into a snake creature and eventually her brainwashing.
  • Makeup Is Evil: She has red lipstick and heavy eyeshadow.
  • Male Gaze: She tends to get subjected to camera shots that present her toned firm buttocks.
  • Master Swordsman: She appears to be as good as Leo, if not better.
  • Meaningful Name: Karai means "Weapon". Which is more or less what Shredder is using her as; a means to hurt Splinter, as she's actually his daughter.
    • "Kiba" is Japanese for "fang". Fitting, considering her mutation...
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: After becoming a snake mutant she can't help but see Splinter as prey.
  • Missing Mom: Mentioned in "Karai's Vendetta", which is later revealed to be Tang Shen. Turns out she was told by Shredder that Splinter killed her, when it was in fact the other way around.
  • Morality Pet: A twisted example. She is this to Shredder, but he has no qualms of subtly threatening her life and kidnapped her from real birth father, Splinter, just out of spite. However, when she was mutated into a humanoid snake, he showed great anger and sadness, vowing revenge against Splinter and the Turtles for what they did to her. Even though it was entirely his fault.
  • Moral Myopia: She called the Turtles out for betraying her even though she betrayed them first.
  • Morphic Resonance: After mutating, she retains her snake form's eyes, tongue and teeth when in her humanoid form.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Karai is a very beautiful Japanese female who wears a very form-fitting outfit that highlights her athletic body, long toned yet shapely legs, and firm buttocks.
  • Multicolored Hair: Her hair in the front is black/dark brown while the roots in the back are blonde.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Says this after alerting Tiger Claw to the location of the lair (without the "My God" part) when she realizes that Hamato Yoshi is indeed her real father.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: The pummeling Karai gives to Hattori Tatsu in "The Forgotten Swordsman" leaves him unable to fight Kavaxas, who steals both his soul and the Kuro Kabuto, two steps to reviving Shredder and starting The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: She accidentally creates Justin. Leo even points out it's her fault, but she doesn't care.
  • Nice Girl: Didn't start off this way, but slowly has become one since her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Noble Demon: Zigzags on this like all hell. She may occasionally show signs of honor and compassion, but this is interspersed with trying to kill the guys for Splinter's (alleged) crimes and April just to hurt the guys.
  • Non-Mammal Mammaries: In her snake form.
  • Not So Different: She and Leo get into this, as do she and April.
  • Only Sane Man: Unlike the Shredder, she understands thwarting the Krang's alien invasion of Earth should probably take priority over revenge on the Turtles. Also counts as Pragmatic Villainy.
  • Out of Focus: From "Vengeance Is Mine" to "City at War" (roughly two seasons and two out-of-universe years), even though she's still critical to the plot, it's only by virtue of being a plot device with little development on her own following her mutation.
  • Pet the Dog: She is actually willing to help with no strings attached in "Enemy of My Enemy" and even shares a moment of empathy with April in "Karai's Vendetta" that allows April to escape her.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: In "The Alien Agenda" in contrast to Shredder.
  • Promotion to Opening Titles: Her reflection appears in Shredder's mask in the season two opening.
  • Psychotic Smirk: She makes one at the end of "The Alien Agenda".
  • Raised by Orcs: Karai was born the daughter of Hamato Yoshi (later named Splinter after his mutation), but she was raised by the Shredder as a member of the Foot Clan, being involved in all of the illegal and dishonorable activity that entails.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Save for a part of the former that's dyed blonde.
  • Real Name as an Alias: She goes undercover using the name Harmony. However, "Karai" does not mean "harmony". "Miwa", however, does.
  • Reformed, but Rejected: Raph is skeptical of her Heel–Face Turn until her mutation.
  • Redemption Quest: Starting with season four, she is currently sided with the Turtles and their friends and trying to make up for all the wrongs of the past (even saving April from Tiger Claw in "Darkest Plight").
  • Related in the Adaptation: This version of Karai is actually Miwa, the biological daughter of Hamato Yoshi/Splinter.
  • Relative Button: In "Requiem", Shredder declares to her that it's fitting that she should die just as her mother did: in an inferno. Karai promptly flies into a rage and tries to stab Shredder directly in the heart... only for her blade to shatter against it.
  • Redeeming Replacement: From "City at War" onwards, she and her Foot Clan branch seek to be this to Shredder's own clan. Karai states outright that she seeks to rebuild the Foot Clan under better circumstances and restore its honor after everything Shredder did to pervert it.
    Karai: I want to rebuild the Foot Clan. Bring back honor to a clan that Shredder poisoned for almost two decades.
  • Revenge Before Reason:
    • From "Enemy of My Enemy" onward. While initially pragmatic enough to prioritize trying to stop the Kraang, when the Turtles betray their alliance to attempt to take out Shredder, she flies off the handle and swears revenge on them, to the extent that she doesn't even care about stopping the Kraang anymore.
    • Even after her Heel–Face Turn, she falls into it in "Vengeance is Mine". Karai completely blows off Splinter's words that vengeance only leads to more pain and attacks Shredder with the intent to get back at him for everything he's done. It backfires spectacularly since Shredder taught Karai everything she knows, leading to Karai being captured, used as bait for the Turtles, and ultimately mutated.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Against the Turtles as of "Enemy of My Enemy" up until "The Wrath of Tiger Claw".
    Karai: Our deal's off! You want a feud? You've got one!
  • Rousseau Was Right: Cruelly subverted. Her abandoning the Turtles to a monster she created causes Leo to give up on her.
    • Double subverted in "Enemy of My Enemy" where she actively seeks out an alliance with the Turtles, reigniting Leo's hope that there's goodness in her.
  • Sempai/Kohai: Shinigami refers to her as "senpai" in "Broken Foot", implying they have this relationship.
  • Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing: Subverted. When she mutated, her clothes became part of her body.
  • She's Got Legs: She wears a form-fitting outfit that highlights her very nice legs.
  • Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!
    Leo: I trusted you!
    Karai: I know! That's messed up, right?
    • This gets turned on its head later:
    Karai: I thought you were my friend! How could you betray me!?
  • Spikes of Villainy: Downplayed. There's a few small ones on her armor. Her street clothes feature a jacket that has a ton of these.
  • Sssssnake Talk: Post-mutation, any words in English from her are this until "City at War".
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: To Leonardo in "New Girl In Town".
  • The Un-Reveal: It is never exactly revealed where Karai was between the end of "The Fourfold Trap" and when Raph and April meet her in "City At War".
  • Tragic Monster: She was mutated into a snake creature all because of Shredder's carelessness in attacking Leo when he tried to free her from her restraints.
  • Token Good Teammate: She was this for the Foot Clan before Shinigami came along. Even before her Heel–Face Turn, she was probably the least evil member of the Foot Clan.
  • Too Many Mouths: In her snake creature form, aside from her snake arms she also has a mouth on the back of her head.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Her entire LIFE.
  • "Well Done, Daughter!" Gal: Karai has shades of this beneath her supposedly care-free exterior. Shredder means alot to her and works to make him proud of her, though toned with dark underones given how the Shredder is.
    • More tragically, this is the case with her real father, Hamato Yoshi/Splinter. She's hesitant to join the Hamato and insist tries to redeem the Foot. It's implied that beyond the emotional damage inflicted on her by Shredder, it's the result of her past guilt in warring with them before she learned the truth and possibly her own shame with how she used to be. To further add to the tragedy, Splinter makes it clear that he is already proud of her.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Leo tried to make her realize this early on, but so far, he hasn't gotten through. It takes her finding out the truth about her family for it to sink in.
  • You Killed My Father: She believes that Splinter killed her mother. Except it's all a lie, and Splinter is her biological father. She is extremely shocked and displeased when she learns the truth.
  • Younger and Hipper: Like April, she's been aged down to 16 years old.

Voiced by: Gwendoline Yeo

A Japanese young woman with dark powers.

  • Actually Pretty Funny: She admits Mikey regularly makes her laugh.
  • All Witches Have Cats: She is able to take on the form of a black cat with a pair of glowing, yellow eyes.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Shinigami is a witch-ninja with skills at hypnosis, yet she is very much an ally of the turtles as a member of Karai's splinter-group Foot Clan and is generally very nice.
  • Beauty Mark: Over the left-side of her lip.
  • Boobs of Steel: Not only is Shinigami a good witch and fighter, she is noticeably well-endowed.
  • Canon Foreigner: She was created for the series.
  • Dance Battler: Her combat involves quite a lot of dancing around, though not nearly as often as Bebop.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Despite her Goth/Witch motif and an honorary Foot clan member, she is actually very nice and flirtatious, having allied with the Turtles on various occasions.
  • Dating Catwoman: Perhaps taking a cue from Leo, Mikey wants this with Shinigami.
  • The Dragon: Becomes one to the Heel–Face Turn Karai.
  • Excessive Evil Eyeshadow: Well, it looks evil at least...
  • Gamer Chick: Is seen playing on a PSP in her spare time.
  • Goth Girls Know Magic: Shini has a goth look to her that somewhat crosses with Japanese witch traits, and she has a good deal of magic tricks up her sleeve.
  • Girly Girl: Shows signs of this when Leo joins her and Karai on a raid on Shredder's resources. The first thing she does upon seeing ill gotten cash is squeal in delight and exclaim how much they can buy with the money.
  • Hot Witch: Shinigami is very beautiful and skilled with magic.
  • In-Series Nickname: Often referred to as "Shini" by her friends/allies.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: In addition to her magic tricks and traps, Shinigami is a powerful ninja and nails the Turtles and April the first time they meet.
  • Lady of Black Magic: An attractive, composed, and feminine kunoichi with magic, summoning bats from shadows and illusory powers to stun enemies.
  • Kunoichi: Karai's right hand in the Rogue Foot.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: It means "death god".
  • Nice Hat: Rarely seen without her witch hat.
  • Nice Girl: Ironically, considering her motif, but once you get on her good side, she's actually quite friendly. She's willing to goof off sometimes, and gets along with Mondo Gecko in "Requiem".
  • Non-Indicative Name: Shinigami means "God of Death" but while she herself is Japanese, she fashions herself after a western style witch rather than an eastern demon. She's not even an enemy, just an old friend of Karai, and generally friendly to the Turtles also.
  • Perky Goth: Despite her creepy attire and namesake, she has a positive personality, treating her battles like games and helping the Turtles fight the Shredder's forces.
  • Pull a Rabbit out of My Hat: Has been seen to pull objects out from her hat.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Shini has black hair and pale skin.
  • Robe and Wizard Hat: She wears a witch hat and a short cape that resembles bat-wings.
  • Sempai/Kohai: She refers to Karai as "senpai" in "Broken Foot", implying they have this relationship.
  • Shinigami: Her name is a reference to a Japanese deity.
  • Stock Ninja Weaponry: Her weapon is a Kusarigama (chain-scythe). She also uses the mace-end of it - a cat's eye pendulum - to hypnotize those that look into it.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Shini has gold eyes and possesses a few supernatural traits
  • Supernatural Is Purple: She is a witch with purple as her color motif.
  • Token Human: As of "The Super Shredder", Shinigami is now the only non-Mookperson in the Foot Clan to even be a human; Karai, despite taking a human form throughout, is still a mutant, and Shredder becomes a mutant later on.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Karai, and she is pissed at the Shredder for what he's done to her friend.

Purple Dragons

Voiced by: Eric Bauza

The Purple Dragons' new leader, who makes his debut in the third season.

  • Adaptational Comic Relief: Toned down, but the 2003 and comic book versions of Hun were both threatening, serious villains who were usually not played for comedy. This version of the character, while still a formidable foe, is considerably more over-the-top and comically hammy in his Bruce Lee-esque mannerism.
  • Adaptational Wimp: This version of Hun is much less of a threat than 2003 Hun was even after his Villain Decay set in. In the fourth season, he's largely there just to get beat up as soon as he appears.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: He avoids Casey's attacks merely by tilting his head, blocking with his fist, and catching one of Casey's pucks and then proceeds to beat up Casey with regular martial arts.
  • Bad Boss: When he introduces himself to Casey, he steps on one of the Purple Dragon's face.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: His kung-fu yells may sound over-the-top, but his moves are no laughing matter.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Effortlessly takes down Casey in his first scene.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Casey. He's an normal human brawler allied with a group mutants and feels he has to prove himself to keep up.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Averted. Even though the Purple Dragons were working independently from the Foot Clan in their last appearance, Hun has helped the Purple Dragons re-ally with the Foot Clan. His gang's current allegiance is unknown in the wake of the Shredder's injuries.
  • Flat Character: He never had much development besides being a hammy Bruce Lee Clone.
  • Funny Bruce Lee Noises: All the time.
  • Genius Bruiser: Much like the original Hun.
  • Groin Attack: He finishes off Casey by throwing his own puck at him and it looks like he aimed for that particular area.
  • In Name Only: The only similarities this version of the Hun really has with the 2003 and comic book versions of Hun are his name and role as leader of the Purple Dragons, being entirely different in aesthetic, combat, and personality.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Once again, much like the original Hun.
  • Out of Focus: After his introduction, he quickly disappears after "Meet Mondo Gecko". He returns in the fourth season as a minor antagonist.
  • Race Lift: Whereas 2003 Hun was originally Caucasian white, this version of Hun is Asian.
  • Shout-Out/Bruce Lee Clone: His appearance was based off of Bruce Lee.
  • Sunglasses at Night: He always wears a pair of sunglasses with purple lenses, even when meeting Shredder in the middle of the night.
  • Token Human: The only one of Shredder's chief lieutenants who is wholly human.
  • Underestimating Badassery: He doesn't look like much, especially compared to mutants like Rahzar or Tiger Claw, but Casey makes the mistake of underestimating Hun and gets his ass kicked for his troubles.

    Fong, Tsoi, and Sid

A trio of thugs who make up the Purple Dragons, a street gang roped into working for the Shredder by Bradford, Montes, Stockman and Steranko. Fong and Sid are both voiced by Andrew Kishino, while Tsoi is portrayed by James Sie.

  • Abandoned Warehouse: Their headquarters is an empty fortune cookie factory.
  • Adaptational Wimp: The Purple Dragons are usually a large, city-wide gang that menaces New York in most adaptations. Here, they're just a small group of guys that cause trouble in their neighborhood and commit minor crimes.
  • All There in the Script: Only Fong's name has been mentioned on-screen. Tsoi and Sid's names appear in the episode credits.
  • Badass Crew: Subverted. They're weaker than the Foot Ninjas and are treated as Cannon Fodder by the Turtles. They are in the running for the Turtles' least threatening adversaries. This is lampshaded FIERCELY when Hun takes over.
  • The Brute: Sid.
  • The Cameo: They make one in "Showdown".
  • Canon Foreigner: They were created for the series.
  • Dartboard of Hate: A picture of an actual turtle, with a red ninja mask scrawled on it.
  • Drop the Hammer: Tsoi.
  • Gangbangers: They are the gang "The Purple Dragons".
  • Goldfish Poop Gang: While they do show up rather often they aren't ever seen as much of a threat.
  • Jerkass: All of them.
  • Knife Nut: Fong.
  • Lean and Mean: Fong is extremely gaunt.
  • Mooks: They are weaker than Foot Ninjas, and thus make better cannon fodder.
  • Oddly Small Organization: We have never seen that many Purple Dragons despite being a prominent street gang.
  • Out of Focus: After Bradford and Montes got mutated, they started to appear less and less, until eventually making an unvoiced cameo in "Showdown". The only roles they take in season two were a brief fight with Casey in "The Good, the Bad, and the Casey Jones", and function as Steranko's artifact retrievers until he got mutated, and then as Ho Chan's henchmen in "A Chinatown Ghost Story", but then abruptly disappear from the plot after being asked about Ho Chan when he throws them away.
    • Even in "Casey Jones Vs. the Underworld", they only appear in the opening.
  • Pet the Dog: In "Never Say Xever", Fong hands Leonardo his out-of-reach Katana blades as a reward for showing mercy when he was fighting him, to help defeat Xever and save Murakami.
  • Rousseau Was Right: When it look like Xever, Bradford, and the Foot Ninjas have the Turtles beat, Fong tosses Leo (who had let him go earlier) his sword, though it was possible he did it to get back at Xever for knocking him around.
  • Shame If Something Happened: They're introduced trying to extort Murakami, and a later episode reveals they have to pay tribute to the Shredder, presumably for the "privilege" of operating under his name.
  • Tattooed Crooks: Like most stereotypical gang members.
  • Terrible Trio: Subverted. They're a trio of bad guys, but they lack the needed individuality that comes with this trope, all having more or less the same personality.
  • Took a Level in Badass: They're granted powers by Ho Chan in "A Chinatown Ghost Story", which makes them more effective. While tougher, the Turtles take them down with as much difficulty as an average mutant. Ho Chan then removes their powers out of annoyance for the shoddy performance.
  • The Triads and the Tongs: They all appear to be Chinese.

Foot Soldiers and Other Associates

    Koga Takuza 

The founder of the Foot Clan, he's well known in Japanese history for the group's creation. He was also responsible for the creation of the Kuro Kabuto.

  • Canon Foreigner: He was created for the series.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Downplayed; while he is the founder of the Foot Clan, it's unknown if he and his clan were truly villainous before eventually Oroku Saki took control in the present day.
  • Ninja: One of the first in the Foot Clan.
  • Posthumous Character: Having founded the Foot Clan before they were wiped out and the Kuro Kabuto being an heirloom, this is most likely his status.

    The Foot Ninjas

The openly acknowledged Cannon Fodder of the Foot Clan.

    Shredder mutants/Mega-Shredder 

  • Adaptation Species Change: They're hybridized mutants rather than just human clones with bizarre traits.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: They become a giant monster after falling into a tank of mutagen.
  • Body Horror: Another set of them is dumped into a vat of mutagen and they are fused together to form a giant horrifying monster that attacks New York.
  • Family-Unfriendly Death: They are all killed in graphic ways (one of whom was pushed into a fan) by Splinter.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: Each of the Shredder mutants appear to be based on a crustacean. Mini-Shredder a shrimp, Claw Shredder appears to be based on more of a lobster, and judging by the shell on its back Shiva-shredder may just be a crab.
  • Mythology Gag: The Shredder Mutants were originally from the Mirage Comic storyline "Return To New York" in 1989, and also appeared in the 2003 adaptation of the story.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Shiva-Shredder.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: The three's nature as hybrid mutant clones of the Shredder being created by Stockman make more sense here, due to the Foot Clan coming off as largely traditional before their team up with the Kraang.
  • Rent-a-Zilla: As the Mega-Shredder.
  • Shout-Out: Shiva-Shredder has a lot of resemblance to Goro, though the character predates Goro by several years if you go by his original comic version.
  • Underestimating Badassery: The Turtles underestimated Mini-Shredder due to his height and obviously being (quite possibly) a mutant shrimp. They quickly learn that was a mistake.

    Chrome Dome

An upgraded robotic foot ninja created using Chris Bradford's armor, first sent out to hunt down April.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Created for Karai to destroy April, but the Kraang put in an override program to capture her instead. It later malfunctions, and starts trying to destroy everyone in sight instead.
  • Elite Mooks: In the fourth season, the Chrome Dome design is improved upon and mass-produced.
  • Energy Weapon: Whips, chucks, and swords.
  • Eye Beams: Uses these to bisect the manhole covers shot at it by the Shellraiser.
  • Flight: Via Rocket Boots.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Defeated when Mikey impaled it with its own Laser Blade, and later again by Karai.
  • King Mook: Far more advanced than the Footbots, and based on Bradford's old armor instead of the standard Foot uniforms. It gives the team a hell of a fight.
  • Mythology Gag: Named after Chromedome from the 1987 series.
  • Palette Swap: It's pretty clearly the human Bradford in his ninja garb, but with some minor alterations in color and proportion.
  • Robot Me: Of Bradford, pre-mutation.

    The Foot Cultists

Creatures from the sewers who have complete loyalty to the Shredder and assist Tiger Claw and Kavaxas in their quest to revive Shredder in the fifth season. What started as a fight between Splinter and Super Shredder caused some of the latter's mutagen to leak into the sewers where a hobo touched the mutagen and mutated into the first Foot Cultist and soon spread the effect to other people, all with Shredder's memories.

  • And Then John Was a Zombie/Asteroids Monster: Ordinary people touching Super Shredder's mutagen is what makes them multiply.
  • Canon Foreigner: They were created for the series.
  • Cult: They're more or less the Cult of Shredder and literally worship him.
  • Invincible Minor Minion: These monsters are the toughest terrestrian mooks the Turtles have fought up to the fifth season, able to catch the Turtles' weapons and survive long falls.
  • Religion of Evil: The Foot Cultists are devoted solely to Shredder and Tiger Claw, worshipping the former.
  • Weakened by the Light: For all of their combat abilities, bright light is enough to keep them away.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: The Foot Cultists are never seen again after Fishface chases them off with the light of his lantern. There is no mention of what happened to them after Kavaxas and Shredder are send back to the Netherworld and Tiger Claw forms a truce with the Turtles, nor are there any plans discussed to change them back into regular people.

    Hattori Tatsu
Click here for him unmasked 
Voiced by: Michael Hagiwara

A swordsman who comes to New York after Shredder's death to recover the Kuro Kabuto and take over the Foot Clan.

  • Adaptational Badass: Compared to his live action movie counterpart, this version of Tatsu proved to be far more dangerous.
  • Antagonist Title: Tatsu is the titular character in "The Forgotten Swordsman".
  • Back for the Dead: His spirit returns along with sorcerer Ho Chan to attack one half of the Hamato Clan's forces in "End Times". Unlike Ho Chan, who had to be confronted by Splinter's spirit, Tatsu's spirit is quickly disposed of by April, Casey, Donnie, and Raph.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: He tries to form a Foot Clan separate from Tiger Claw's by claiming the Kuro Kabuto. Too bad he was killed off in his first episode.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: He had all the making of being a powerful Big Bad, and was one of the Turtles' deadliest foes. Unfortunately, Kavaxas proves to be more dangerous, and Tatsu was quickly killed by the demodragon within seconds.
  • Canon Immigrant: He is a character who was introduced in the 1990 live-action film, and makes his animated debut here.
  • Composite Character: He is derived from the 1990's film character, as the Shredder's right hand man who tries to take control of the Foot Clan following Shredder's defeat. This also brings forth traits from previous versions of Karai, as he comes from Japan to try to take over the New York Foot Clan.
  • Darth Vader Clone: He used to be Shredder's main second-in-command, wields a sword, and predominantly wears black.
  • Disabled in the Adaptation: Tatsu was of clear sight in the 1990 film, but is blind in this adaptation.
  • The Dragon: He mentions that he was once the Shredder's right-hand man back in Japan.
    • Not to mention, his name also means "dragon" in Japanese.
  • Dragon Ascendant: He's gunning for this, trying to start a new Foot Clan in the wake of Shredder's death. Tiger Claw, however, has a trump card in Kavaxas.
  • Evil Laugh: Gives off a pretty good one when he returns as a spirit in "End Times".
  • Eviler Than Thou: For all of Tatsu's skills, he is hopeless against Kavaxas when the demodragon plays this trope on him, though Snake Karai having pummelled him through bites did not help his chances of not being killed by Kavaxas.
  • Handicapped Badass: Tatsu is blind, but one of the best swordsman in the world.
  • Mythology Gag: He uses a sword in this adaptation. His original actor, Tobishiro Obata, was a professional swordsman.
  • Named by the Adaptation: This Tatsu is given a first name, Hattori.
  • So Last Season: The guy is basically a Suspiciously Similar Substitute to the pre-mutated Shedder. While he still manages to beat down the Turtles and their allies in the same manner as Shredder, they were able to defeat to him in the end, showing how much stronger our heroes have gotten. After his defeat he is shortly killed off by the true main threat of the fifth season.
  • Too Powerful to Live: Tatsu is easily as powerful as Shredder himself, mopping the floor with the Turtles, Karai, Shinigami, and Bradford and Xever. He's quickly killed at the end of his first episode.
  • We Can Rule Together: He offers Bradford a place in his new Foot Clan as his second in command, and is notably the only member of the Foot Clan that he encounters who is granted such kindness. Bradford refuses, deciding to remain loyal to the Shredder.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Kavaxas takes his soul at the end of his first episode.
  • The Worf Effect: He shown to be as strong as the pre-mutated Shedder, and was to able fight off the Turtles, Karai, Shinigami, April and Casey. However, he was quickly killed off by Kavaxas, just to show how much more dangerous the demodragon is in comparison. Granted, thanks to Karai, he was already injured when he was confronted by Kavaxas.
  • Your Soul Is Mine: He's the victim of this trope courtesy of Kavaxas.

The Vizioso Mafia

     Don Vizioso
Voiced by: Brian Bloom

The Don of New York's Italian mafia, who agrees to fold to the Foot Clan. After Shredder is put on life support halfway through the fourth season, Vizioso, now no longer affiliated with the Foot Clan, attempts to take control of the city's crime business.

  • Adipose Rex: He's a grossly obese gang lord who controls enough turf that Shredder meets with him personally to bring him to heel.
  • Affably Evil: Pretty cordial with Shredder, and once he joins the Foot Clan, affably asks how he can be of service to the Shredder.
  • Arch-Enemy: Donnie regards him as this due to his bigotry against mutants and attempting to vivisect him.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: This trope was even in effect before he became an independent villain. Shredder was quickly able to scare him into submission in season three. His later attempts to take control of New York's underbelly in Seasons 4 and 5, while still dangerous, are no match for the Hamato Clan when it comes down to it.
  • Big Eater: You don't get to be as big as Vizioso without a big appetite.
  • Canon Foreigner: He was created for the series.
  • Crazy-Prepared: His chair in his restaurant turns out to be a jetpack chair, which he uses to attack and escape the Turtles and Mutanimals when they confront him.
  • The Don: Obviously.
  • Expy: He's more or less the show's answer to Jabba the Hutt: an obese, disgusting gang lord antagonist who even revolts the Big Bad.
  • Fantastic Racism: He despises mutants enough that he arms his men with anti-mutant weaponry.
  • Fat Bastard: Casually remarks that the devastating Kraang invasion has brought new opportunities for gang lords like him and the Shredder, and is also hugely fat.
  • Fat Slob: Definitely, he has horrible table manners.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Tried to eat Shredder's heart, believing it would give him his powers.
  • Jabba Table Manners: He's got atrocious manners, and even spits up a meatball he hadn't chewed before speaking to Shredder.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: One quick gesture from Shredder regarding a sliced meatball is all it takes for Vizioso to cede control of his empire to Shredder.
  • Nice Hat: Dons a nice fedora when attending Xever's race.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: After Kavaxas kills the Hammer and deals his mob a nasty defeat, Vizioso decides to move his operation to Italy and leave New York for good.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: While the rest of the city is still recovering from the Kraang invasion and mass mutation, Vizioso has brushed himself off and gone right back to ruling the mob. He's also pretty unfazed by having to deal with a mass-murdering ninja master and his army of robots and mutants.
  • Villainous Glutton: He's always seen eating, be it a large table of Italian food, or an endless stream of concession snacks and takeout.
  • Villainous Widow's Peak: He's got one.

     The Fulci Twins
Voiced by: Eric Bauza

Don Vizioso's bodyguards and henchmen who work as tentative allies and hired guns for the Foot Clan.

     The Hammer
Voiced by: Eric Bauza


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