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A breakdown of the characters in Ride Alone Complex. Remember, tropes specific to one character's assets go here, not on the main page!

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     Justice Unlimited Nocturne-Kinetic Elimination Riders 

Haruka Emmerich / Kamen Rider Avalanche Kivaara and Kamen Rider Libera

Genius, badass, sex on legs, Sirknight Fangire (hence "sex on legs")...and suffering from deep-seated acceptance issues.

Haruka's Tropes:

Yukari Arukama / Kamen Rider Kiva

The oreo in FangOreo (well, she's at the center, anyway), and Development & Pioneer's president.

Yukari's Tropes:

  • Canon Immigrant: From KRV proper.
  • Mama Bear: Her apparent first reaction to Haru being endangered is to barrel through a shopping plaza on a perma-Buroon-mounted Machine Kivaa. As Kiva Emperor.
  • Power Limiter: Kiva Emperor's "Mezzo Forte" regulators, ostensibly meant to prevent its sheer power from going all over the place.
  • Power Trio: Fulfills multiple roles within the FangOreo:
    • As the Id: Always appreciates a good cuddle.
    • As the Ego: Keeps a cool head about in most situations. Counter to Haruka's Id.
  • The Tease: Quite subtle about it compared to, say, Haruka. (Of course, having Kaoru on hand to proxy things might help a bit.)

Royce Atrocitas / Kamen Rider Orga and OOOs

JUNKER's R&D Department Head and general disco fiend and ass woman.

Royce's Tropes:

Kaoru Midorikawa / Kamen Rider Blade

JUNKER's Trooper Commander and our resident Navy Joker. Delivers chocolates personally to her troopers.

Kaoru's Tropes:

  • Apocalypse Maiden: Being a Joker is kinda supposed to mean Kaoru is liable to scrub the planet clean of life with kaijin should she be the last Undead standing (Class 3a to Class 4 on the Apocalypse How scale). Luckily JUNKER is apparently working on a facsimile to alleviate that...
  • Canon Immigrant: From KRV proper.
  • Most Common Super Power: Described off the bat as having "breasts that should be illegal."
  • Power Trio: Fulfills multiple roles within the FangOreo:
    • As the Ego: Counter to Haruka's Id, and reasonable enough about matters of the heart to co-opt her Superego.
    • As the Superego: Knows her place as the Navy Joker and does her damnedest to stay above it.

Aelita Schaeffer / Kamen Rider ZX

Freshly de-aged and with a craving for gachapon-filled chocolate eggs, Aelita is JUNKER's Chief Instructor.

Aelita's Tropes:

Kenoko Ni'Chulainn / Kamen Rider 2 Kamen Rider Calibur

Smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish. Runs the Lion's Pride Junkyard, and wants nothing to do with JUNKER. Unfortunately...

Kenoko's Tropes:

Rebecca Hill / Kamen Rider BLACK (temporarily SHOCKER-verse Kamen Rider Decade)

Promoted Osutrooper with confidence issues.

Rebecca's Tropes:

  • Asskicking Equals Authority: In her intro, she managed to take out a giant Yummy with a Mauve Shirt tier belt (Osu Trooper).
  • Badass Normal: During the first two weeks in-game, she was the only vanilla human in the bunch. Everyone else was a Showaborg, an Orphenoch, a Fangire, a Worm, and in Kaoru's case an Undead.
    • By the time week 3 rolled around, Kuuga and KB Den-O both had human users.
  • Broken Pedestal: While at first glance Becca has proven she's quite skilled, Rebecca has outright admitted she only joined D&P because she needed a job and the only other place that would take her was a bakery.
  • Competence Zone: She's outright stated she's scared she's outside it.
  • Face–Heel Turn: When Rebecca is kidnapped by Tenpai, Tenpai managed to unintentionally convince Rebecca to join him.
  • Fatal Flaw: A one-two-three punch of a missing sense of self-confidence, not getting any attention to the point of non-projecting, and an inferiority complex, all of which were exacerbated to the nth degree thanks to Rio training.
  • Informed Flaw: Anger issues. Stated to be a problem for her before joining D&P, though it hasn't come up during the actual course of play.
    • At least until we started to see her as Violent Emotion Decade. The name sounds like it's made of and for anger issues.
  • Luminescent Blush
  • Mauve Shirt: Started play as one and got promoted quickly.
  • Not a Morning Person: Noted, but nowhere near Kenoko's tier of morning laziness. Case in point: Becca can get up under her own steam in the morning.
  • The Spartan Way: D&P Los Angeles compensated for not having any available Rider-tier belts by putting their Riotroopers into Training from Hell.

Arikado Haru / Kamen Rider Saga (and sometimes IXA)

Apparently FangOreo's (primarily Yukari and Kaoru's) adopted daughter, and Fangire Princess.

Haru's Tropes:

Mizuho Miyuki / Kamen Rider Agito

... a ninja or something?

Miyuki's Tropes:

Michelle Lukles / Kamen Rider V3

BEST MUM EVER, having undergone a Showaborg conversion to get back at the monsters who took her husband away.

Michelle's Tropes:

Baraen Akebara / Kamen Rider Proto-DCD

Half-Fangire daughter of now-deceased Baraen Yuriko, and surrogate daughter to Wyll Ascher... and professional gambler.

Akebara's Tropes:

  • Adrenaline Makeover: After she goes Cheetah Fangire for the first time, Ake reverts to her still-bloodstained (and other things not worth mentioning-stained) pit-fighting outfit and a JUNKER hoody.
  • Broken Bird: Massive Foreshadowing of it, but it's decisive when she admits to Haru that she's not used to being treated as a person.
  • Canon Immigrant: From Super Robot Wars G, with her original player at the helm.
  • Fun T-Shirt: "I taught your girlfriend that thing you like."
  • The Gambler: Complete with lucky coin she makes her decisions with.
  • Headphones Equal Isolation: Averted; Akebara is quite outgoing. Of course, it's entirely possible that she's only wearing her headphones clipped to her breast pocket to draw attention to her, well, breasts.
    • And then revealed to be a subversion when it turns out she's more isolated than anyone else in the cast.
  • Legacy Character: Sort of - she's Wyll's adopted daughter and is carrying on with his Proto-Decade Driver, but she wants to avoid his legacy. His methods, on the other hand, she's somewhat liberal with.
  • Little Miss Badass: Being Yuriko's daughter, it's probably genetic.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Sorta. Her mother died in childbirth, but her father was an abusive dick, and when he beats her bloody she wishes he was dead just as Wyll walks by...
  • Take That!: Appears to be one against KRV proper, via very dark twist on the rampant sex that dominated that game.
    • Confirmed for one with recent reveals.
  • Un-person: A sorta-kinda example. Akebara has so many layers of "mask" that she's completely unused to people referring to her as a person. Which is why Haru's treatment of her as "Ake" (instead of "breasts" like most of the rest of the cast) draws out such a strong emotional response.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Like Wyll before her, Ake is hypoglycemic.
  • What Have I Become?: Played with. It initially looks like Ake bypasses two out of four Stages of Monster Grief, moving right to "Acceptance", but it's more that she went through Denial and Defiance simultaneously during the first few weeks (and her backstory), and Haruka really knows how to give someone a talking to.
  • Half-Fangire Needs FN-TAU Badly: Akebara is hypermetabolic. Most Fangires can go for about two months without a shot of TAU (or life-force if you're still a bad not!vampire). Ake? Ten-ish minutes.

Me-Kuja-Ku "Jack" Sears / Kamen Rider ZO (and apparently now Kamen Rider Super-1)

A mecha otaku dancing the fine line between Super Robot and Real Man.

Jack's Tropes:


Kenoko's best friend, and the resident Meta Guy.

Punchy's Tropes:

Pacifica Garstein / Kamen Rider Diend

The cold, calculating Treasure Sniper.

Pacifica's Tropes:

Korin Takeba / Kamen Rider Faiz

A girl friend of Haru's, and a speedily repurposed medical intern.

Korin's Tropes:

Autovajin Unit 3

Korin's slightly snarky bike, with an artistic eye for his "father's" craft.

Auto-3's Tropes:

  • Put 'em here

Alexander Winger / Kamen Rider Birth

A boy friend of Haru's and Mauve Shirt extraordinaire.

Xander's Tropes:

Shizuo Takarai / Kamen Rider KB Den-O

A hair-triggered gent who CLEARLY doesn't know his own strength.

Shizuo's Tropes:

  • put 'em here

Madoka Saki / Kamen Rider Amazon


Saki's Tropes:

Luca Leide / Kamen Rider Solaris

...Wait, when did Motoko Kusanagi get a Rider Gear?

Luca's Tropes:

Vincent Roa / Kamen Rider Orgone

Youngest member of the Lukles clan... And nowhere near as lucky as his father or grandmother before him.

Vincent's Tropes:

Kouta Tsukamoto / Kamen Rider Kuuga

Holy crap a Kuuga who didn't learn his trade from being shot by Faiz.

Kouta's Tropes:

  • The Apprentice: Kouta is one of the only cast members with no battle experience, though it's been implied he's not unused to hand-to-hand combat. Recently apprenticed himself to Kenoko for learning about how to use his weapons.
  • Black Eyes Take Warning: When the threat of Black-Eyes Ultimate is referenced, Kouta's eyes have a tendency to appear black, though it's supposedly just a trick of the light.
  • For Happiness: Variation - much of Kouta's sense of justice comes from not doing things you realize you'll regret looking back on it.
  • Heroic Bystander / Right Man Inthe Wrong Place: This is how Kouta ended up getting the Kuuga belt in the first place.
  • Noodle Incident: Count the Noodles! Implements leading to his pre-JUNKER unemployment apparently include a slushie machine, a pack of microwaveable fried chicken, a rubber-band ball, and all of Aisle 6.
  • Rookie Red Rider: Because the events of Hour of the Void took place nearly forty years before he was born, Kouta is one of the only cast members not jaded about it. He also doesn't know much about how JUNKER operates as a result.

Wyll Ascher / Kamen Rider T2 Xtreme

Lemony-fresh proprietor of the resident Good-Guy Bar, Irish Mist, and now R&D lackey (confined to such due to causing a mess as Mahjong Rider Tenpai). Seems significantly less of a Jerkass than his KRV incarnation.

Wyll's Tropes:

As Mahjong Rider Tenpai:

Lexi Verto

A ten-year-old seemingly-Emotionless Girl wearing Elegant Gothic Lolita picked up by Xander in an early mini-arc. Actually far younger and far more important to Wyll's seemingly eternal youth, being a recently-constructed Artificial (but not Trial) Undead.

Miyami Reimei / Kamen Rider BLASTER/BURST

An amnesiac (and half-scrambled, as originally found) Showaborg, and the newest addition to Lion Squadron.

Miya's Tropes:

  • Put 'em here


     Tachibana Heavy Industries / Strike Against Uncooperative Lifeform 

Change Machine / Kamen Rider G3-X and G4

THI's CEO. Doesn't do cake.

Change's Tropes:

  • Put 'Em Here

Tsukiyama Tomoe / Kamen Rider: The First and "N-Tsukiya-Zeba"

THI's Chairwoman of the Board.

Tomoe's Tropes:

Katze Kolonos / Kamen Rider Odin

Is apparently FABULOUS.

Katze's Tropes:

Henne Valkyria / Kamen Rider Femme

THI's Orphenoch security chief, looking to break free from her family legacy.

Henne's Tropes:

Kyon Feulion / "Lyrical Weapon"

SAUL R&D head, sewer of body pillows, and probably a couple other creepy things.

Kyon's Tropes:

Caris Nautilus / (G)X Rider

An apparent subordinate of Henne's, and a rush-job Showaborg.

Caris's Tropes:

  • Put 'em here

     Ikaruga Trust 

Gard Kreuger/Meteor Dopant

Unseen so far, but apparently NOT a Char Clone.

Gard's Tropes

  • put 'em here

Zeru Jupit and Juno Hera/Kamen Rider Blitz

Unseen so far, but apparently NOT Double.

Zeru and Juno's Tropes

  • put 'em here

Athle Arcadia/Kamen Rider Trinity

Apparently NOT Accel.

Athle's Tropes

  • put 'em here

Blood Keel/Kamen Rider Hydra

Apparently NOT Eternal. Definitely NOT Robo-Jesus.

Blood's Tropes

  • put 'em here

Leviathe Kanon/Bloodler Dopant

Apparently looking to make it big with her Prince, even if it means toying with his plans.

Leviathe's Tropes

  • put 'em here

     International Characters (America) 

Lydia Salinas / Cure Bunny

One of the two arrivals from America for All Riders. Not actually a Kamen Rider, but has powers like one all the same.

Lydia's Tropes:

  • American Accents: Averted, both she and Tricia speak perfect Japanese.
  • Boobs of Steel: Lydia's both the bustiest of the bunnies and the one who fights unarmed.
  • Canon Immigrant: Lydia is basically directly transplanted from Couch's /m/quest, albeit with further enhancements and a new backstory.
  • Ethical Slut: Lydia has traces of this, though she doesn't like to admit it. It's noteworthy that she's the one who proposed the Intimate Psychotherapy with Pacifica.

Tricia Norfleet / Cure Carrot

Lydia's partner and fellow Cure. She's energetic, bouncy, and barring Aelita the best hacker in game.

Tricia's Tropes:

  • American Accents: Averted, both she and Lydia speak perfect Japanese.
  • Canon Immigrant: From /m/quest, just like Lydia.
  • Ethical Slut: Tricia's basically a younger Haruka in this regard. She was in game for about three hours by the time she'd snared both Lydia and Pacifica.
  • Master of Illusion: Tricia's fighting style is almost entirely support-driven and based around this.
  • Most Common Superpower: Not quite as much as Lydia, but she's still one of the most attractive cast members, totally by design.
  • Odd Couple: As referenced above, it's unclear exactly how two girls of such exceedingly different personalities and tastes became such fast friends.
  • Omniscient Database: Both averted and played straight - while Tricia can't simply look up where someone like the villain is hiding out without extensive time and effort, her enormous Gather Information is such that she can effectively read people's wiki pages upon meeting them.
  • Playboy Bunny: According to Leo, in fact, it was her idea.
  • Swiss Army Appendage: The explanation for her Improvised Tools feat.
  • Sword and Sorceress: The sorcerer half, with Lydia as the sword.
  • Techno Wizard / Technopath: Thanks to Leo's many alterations and upgrades to her mind, she's capable of tracking down nearly any information and breaking into nearly any database. She seems to prefer an Unusual User Interface not unlike the Gaia Library.

Layered Electronic Organism "Leo"

The nanite colony responsible for giving Lydia and Tricia their powers.

Leo's Tropes:

Joseph Black

Yes, that Joseph Black.

Joe's Tropes:

  • Canon Immigrant: from Viewtiful Joe. Hardly the first to come straight out of a work, but definitely the first wholesale lifting of a non-RP character.
  • Genius Bruiser: He knew the toku genre well enough to know that scrawny wimpy kids would be at a disadvantage, even with super-powered bug suits. Time will tell whether this equates with him Taking A Level In Badass.
  • Hot-Blooded: Not the biggest example of one you'll ever meet, especially with Silvia being who-knows-where, but one nonetheless.
  • Mr. Fixit: At least in the sense that he applied his knowledge to his love of the toku genre (see Otaku trope below), and ended up doing a whole lot of good with it.
  • Otaku: of the toku genre. In fact, so much so, that when he found some schematics at Silvia's house, he Jumped At The Non-Existent Call and built a functional henshin device with them.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: One of the few things that didn't entirely carry over from canon Joe, at the writer's request.
    • The only place where the two of them might be on the same intellectual footing is business sense, as seen in his introduction.

     International Characters (East Asia) 

Sport Rangers

Thailand's Super Sentai pastiche, and would-be victims of corporate sabotage at All-Riders.

The Sport Rangers' Tropes:

  • put 'em here

Armor Heroes

China's half-Rider, half-Sentai corps, seemingly with a bone to pick with the Sport Rangers.

The Armor Heroes' Tropes:

Adriel Deleron / RayDragon

Butt-Monkey of Korea's "Special Effect Trooper Rayforce". Befriended by JUNKER and promptly promoted to Hibiki.

Adriel's Tropes:

  • put 'em here

     Independents, Grunts & Bystanders 

Akemi Arata

One of Rebecca's ZECTroopers (and later BirthTrooper 7). Made queasy by Lucky Clover busts.

Akemi's Tropes:

  • Power Trio: Part of Jackpot Squadron, along with Gary and Xander.

Zu-Gara-Da "Gary" Oku

Another of Rebecca's subordinates (and later GetterTrooper 7). Set the "Grongi = Bad Cockney" precedent the campaign is following.

Gary's Tropes:

  • Fake Brit: Bad Cockney when Haken is playing him, and better Cockney (complete with Rhyming Slang) when Axel is playing him (though Axel is Australian, so he's closer to Real Brit than anyone except Raven, who is actually British).
  • Power Trio: Part of Jackpot Squadron, along with Xander and Akemi.

Ivan Pupurin

Squad leader and wheelman of 10th ZECT. His childishness is matched only by his competence.

Ivan's Tropes:

Alex Lukles

Backup barman (now owner) at the Irish Mist. Takes the payments Wyll won't.

Alex's Tropes:


A vigilante Wolf Orphenoch with a brutal streak. Is actually Alex on the off-chance that he gets sufficiently pissed off.

Marufuji Ryou

Just some limey fellow. Who's sometimes possessed by ex-Ryuga Arisato Miki.

Ryou's Tropes:

  • put 'em here

Arisato Miki / Kamen Rider Ryuga

Just some hyperactive spirit with a Rider Gear. Considering the Gear, this is probably bad news.

Miki's Tropes:

  • put 'em here

Stuart Seacreep / Rider-1

Kenoko's beleaguered next-in-command from the Crystal Fire days.

Stuart's Tropes:

Ace Nero and Sieg / Kamen Rider Wing

Fugitives from a dark future, who apparently think Becca is royalty.

Ace and Sieg's Tropes:

  • put 'em here

Masaki Shinohana / Masked Rider

Currently operating just outside of JUNKER jurisdiction as one of Riderdom's most reviled belts.

Masaki's Tropes:

  • Jumped at the Call: Given some of the other personality traits that he has, no one should be surprised by his reaction to being offered the Masked Rider belt for no reason that's apparent to him.
  • Hot-Blooded: Given that he's based off of Anime Tenchou, a.k.a. the hat-wearing fellow seen here, does this really come as a surprise?
  • Large Ham: Once again, he has enough energy in his thoughts, words, and actions for at least two other people, thanks to his personality template. See the above link.
    • For example, he has transformed or almost transformed when JUNKER higher-ups haven't wanted him to do so on two separate occasions. One of those times was almost immediately after being granted his belt.
    • Ake will never be amused by him. Ever.
  • Lethal Joke Character: There's a slight possibility of things panning out this way. Haruka seems to think it will.
  • Otaku: Specifically, towards Rider-tech. It's hard to tell whether he's more or less of one than Joe.
  • Shout-Out: To Anime Tenchou, the man who works behind the counter of a Japanese equivalent to a bookstore, and always tries to make Konata buy stuff.



SHOCKER Nexus Assault Trooper Chronological Hegemony Ensure Regiment

A macabre mix of Gedoushuu, Imagin, Void Hour-facsimile Hoppers with Gaia Memory AI cores, and goodness knows what else.

The SNATCHERs' Tropes:

  • Make Wrong What Once Went Right: This new breed of SHOCKER goons hails from the KRV timeline as it was "supposed" to progress (so far as Ace and Sieg know), but couldn't invade Void Hour to ensure their own existence due to a TSPD lockdown.

Checkmate Four

Traditionalist Neo-Fangires with a bone to pick against The Unmasqued World that the Void Hour vets have brought about between their prior service and DevPio's circulation of FN-TAU. Especially pissed off at Yukari for anything from weaning Fangires off other sentients to not rolling over and being some noodle rapist's doll-bride.

Checkmate's Tropes:

  • put 'em here

Terra Geist

Pro-humanity terrorists wielding the Z-series Gaia Memories pioneered by the Ikaruga Trust. Pegged as all but one and the same, given recent events.

Terra Geist's Tropes:

  • put 'em here

     Hardboiled Pink Lemonade 

Wyll Ascher / Kamen Rider Proto-DCD

The Lemon half of the Counterfeit Riders.

HPL!Wyll's Tropes:

  • put 'em here

Aelita Schaeffer / Kamen Rider ZX

The Pink half of the Counterfeit Riders.

HPL!Aelita's tropes:

  • put 'em here

Kenoko Ni'Chulainn / Rider-2

SHOCKER's ace enforcer, and one of the few things that can stymie the Counterfeit Riders in singular combat.

HPL!Kenoko's tropes:

  • put 'em here


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