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"At this point, I'm used to Tokyo-3 throwing a cake made of crazy at me every other week."
— Vincent Alcatai on just how insane his life can be.

Super Robot Wars Generations is a publicly-viewable (for certain hopefully rapidly-increasing values thereof) roleplay using the Adeptus Evangelion system. It is split into two routes, with different characters on each route.

  • Escalation, which follows the Operations Director and pilots of NERV
    • Katina Tarask, Operations Director
    • Vincent Alcatai, pilot of Unit 00
    • Rei Ikari, pilot of Unit 01
    • Akebara Kasshu, pilot of Unit 04
    • Shinji Ikari, pilot of Unit 05
    • Lora Browning, pilot of Unit ZX
    • Saber from Fate/Stay Night eventually joins this route.

  • Evolution, which centers around the men and women of Getter Base in Australia
    • Hazama Yuuki, pilot of Neo Getter 1
    • Kei Kuruma, pilot of Neo Getter 2
    • Kojiro Tomoe, pilot of Neo Getter 3
    • Asuka Nagare/Nono, pilot of the Black Getter
    • Kamui from Getter Robo Ah eventually joins this route.

  • Ebullition, which we're not quite sure what it's following yet.

In the year 2000, Fuyuki City was completely wiped off the face of the Earth through the combined machinations of Kotomine Kirei, Doctor Hell, and Masaki Kihara. The same day, Second Impact was triggered- and in the aftermath, all Getter technology was fingered as the culprit, resulting in its ban.


It's now the year 2015. The Angels are coming, on top of all the Mimetic Beasts, the Dinosaur Empire, and Hau Dragon, on top of new threats lurking in the shadows. With the old guard either dead or unable to take up arms,

Due to the nature of the RP itself, not every series it draws from ends up used to the maximum degree. They include the following:

    Series Used Close to Source 

    Series Confirmed, But Heavily Modified 
  • BlazBlue: Hazama is a player character, Tager isn't a cyborg, Kokonoe has more of a conscience... and Hakumen is now a bad guy- and usually does something *horrible* every time one of him is on screen.
  • G Gundam: The School of the Undefeated of the East exists, and Akebara Kasshu was Master Asia's student. Vincent Alcatai is actually Akebara's cloned son, and is being trained in the art.
  • Hellboy: Tager from BlazBlue is G!Hellboy. His love interest from the Hellboy movies is Ibis's mother, and was the Maiden of Fire before she died.

    Presence of Character(s)/Mecha Only 

    Unknown Amount of Importance 
  • Genesis of Aquarion: Confirmed as *Angels*. With three AT Fields. They killed the Neo Getter.
  • GaoGaiGar and Betterman: The Indomitable Defense 5 and Gai have both been confirmed, Mamoru was adopted by Katina.
  • GunBuster and DieBuster: Rei Ikari is G!verse's version of Noriko Takaya. After nearly being killed by True Assassin, Asuka becomes Nono.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: (Duo has been spotted several times; Heero, Duo, and Trowa are confirmed present in the future as Shinji's children.) Gundam Wing is confirmed as a 'subseries' for the Space Route.
  • Masoukishin: The Cybuster and Jaohm are at least confirmed.
  • Primal Rage: One of the characters (Diablo) was worshiped by the Dinosaur Empire.

In addition, there is a part 2 planned with the following series either with a differing amount of emphasis or confirmed to appear. The main two routes have been confirmed as 'Earth' and 'Space'- some of the players will go into space while the others hold down the fort.

    Series Confirmed for Earth Route 
Earth Route seems to have been all but stated to be dark and full of From Bad to Worse, Oh, Crap!, and just barely hanging on. Expect lots of ways for Earth to go boom. Vincent, Hazama, Kamui (if they survive part 1), and Shinji are confirmed to be on this route.

'Core' Series:

  • Betterman and GaoGaiGar: The presence of Zonders have been confirmed. Combined with Mamoru and Gai, it's not hard to see it coming. The presence of Mamoru may confirm that Katina (if she survives part 1) is on Earth Route. What with Vincent's upgrade to the J-Zero, it's confirmed that he's involved with this plotline too.
  • Trigun: The presence of Vash the Stampede has already been hinted at.
  • Getter Robo: Specifically, Shin Getter Armageddon- Saotome's already proven himself insane, and Shin Dragon is already made... and in Zonder custody. Shin Getter was built before part 1, and has already been used against the Vega Empire.

'Presence Confirmed':

  • Norse Mythology: Presence already confirmed in Part 1, possibly a larger part considering Ragnarök. This likely confirms Lora (if she survives part 1) on Earth Route)
  • Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu: With the titular mech already visible and Proist carrying Kamui's kids, this confirms Kamui will likely be on Earth Route.
  • Dancougar: Presence confirmed, little else known.
  • Mazinger Z: The entire franchise is confirmed.
  • GUN×SWORD: Presence confirmed, El Dora 5 currently in possession of the the Indomitable Defense 5.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Confirmed to be getting the 'BlazBlue' treatment of using only the cool parts.
  • s-CRY-ed: Kazuma the Shell Bullet is confirmed for being on this route.

     Space Route 
Space Route has been confirmed to be the more lighthearted of the two routes, though that does not mean there will not be serious business afoot. Kei, Kojiro, Rei, and Arturia have been confirmed for this route.

'Core' Series:

  • Gunbuster and Diebuster: Confirmed that Buster Machine 1 will combine with Unit 01. This may confirm Nono (assuming she survives part 1) on this route. The presence of STMC has been confirmed.
  • Vandread: After being repeatedly denied, its presence is confirmed.
  • Macross Zero: Presence confirmed, little else known.

'Presence Confirmed':

(The list is a work in progress, mostly because there are series that have been confirmed but not revealed.)

And if you think that's insane, this is just part one. Out of at least two, and quite possibly THREE.

Due to the sheer number of characters, use caution when adding tropes to this page. Anything specific to less than three characters (as few as two if it's REALLY notable) needs to go on the Character Sheet instead:

  • Arc Number: Eight
    • Eight seals. Eight Hakkeshu.
    • Also Three, when it comes to having kids.
  • Ax-Crazy: Everyone thought Hazama was joking when he said he had an ax.
  • BFS: 00's modus operandi... When not engaging in Good Old Fisticuffs.
  • Boxing Kangaroo: THE BOUNCE, obviously.
  • Crazy Awesome: It has Getter in it. This trope is inevitable.
  • Cryptic Conversation: Hey Kouma. ANSWER A GODDAMN QUESTION.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Zeorymer versus Sachiel. One-Hit KO.
    • Shi-Tau and Shi-Aen almost got this as well via Zeorymer, if not for timely intervention.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Katina, post merging with Zeruel. And her kids. Well, except the adopted one)
  • Deader Than Dead: What was done to Griffith. Twice over. Not that the asshole didn't COMPLETELY deserve it.
  • Death by Adaptation: Subverted and also played straight. While Musashi has died in virtually every iteration of the Getter Robo franchise and Michiru bit the dust in Armageddon, the real Kouji Kabuto has been considered dead for years.
  • Death by Origin Story: Don't count on seeing Kojiro's birth parents. Or really, 99% of anyone who lived in Fuyuki for that matter.
    • Wordof God stated that Archer would have suffered this fate in Kojiro's prologue if not for the use of a Fate Point.
  • Death Is Cheap: Invoked early and often whenever fighting a member of the I-Jin considering they're clones and the I-Jin have cloning labs hidden across the Earth. Good luck killing any of them off for good.
  • Determinator: Several, but Kei does it most frequently.
  • Kangaroos Represent Australia: Oh god, THE BOUNCE! Just... THE BOUNCE!
  • Expendable Clone: Vincent has a few reserves knocking around. So does Viletta, apparently.
  • Fix Fic: For Zeorymer. Though it's more running off in an entirely different direction. Well, at least, Shi-Aen and Shi-Tau did. Zeorymer gets taken into NERV custody during a prelude, Masaki gets cock-blocked early on (and is prevented from appearing for a long time). True, Lanster of the Wind still goes out like a light, but the twins actually manage character development and deal with their issues. Compared to the other evil organizations, Hau Dragon gets treated like a Red-Headed Stepchild.
  • From Bad to Worse: The third story arc of G1 has ALREADY invoked this. To recap: The Big Bad Kirei Kotomine has finally shown himself after impersonating several individuals (including Ryougi and Shuu), and has taken over Nerv-00 alongside Grimms and Aguila Setme. Most of the NPC kids (along with one of the PCs AND HER BABY) are being forced to work with them by the third, and they've revealed they plan on Zonderizing Zeruel- the same one that nearly killed off the entire cast of an SRW-verse. Sakura and Hayato Jin have been captured, and most of the friendly NPCs are MIA. And that's just Escalation Route!
    • Evolution Route doesn't get off scot-free either. One of the sympathetic NPCs gets Zonderized Ouka, and holds Getter Base hostage. Ryoma Nagare is fighting for his life, Archer and Rin are trying to save Kei, Kojiro, and Ibis's kids, and even Gendo is on the ropes. The silver lining is that they finally have a new Getter.
      • As if to escalate matters, two things should be kept in mind for maximum effect: all of the PCs are now stuck in China (which the I-Jin are KNOWN to be in), and Kotomine Kirei is now confirmed as Rei Ikari's Foe.
  • Gender Flip: Akebara Kasshu, though there may be others. Duo (At least, ONE of the Duo's that's appeared) and apparently Trowa as well)
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Kamui, Vincent, Kallen, and the others from Emperor Gore's brood, to varying degrees of dinosaur.
  • Hot-Blooded: And how.
  • Humongous Mecha: It's a given. Not the only way most of the cast can deal with things, mind...
  • Insistent Terminology: Meta example. when talking about G it is always babby, not baby, and babbies, not babies.
    • Also, THE BOUNCE is always spelt in allcaps. Always.
  • I Want Grandkids: Several characters express some variation of this, but most noticeably Sakura Emiya.
    • This is a massive understatement. To date, she's drugged Shinji and Satsuki, causing her to get pregnant with triplets, and is well on her way to getting Kei, Kojiro, and Ibis to have kids together.
  • Lethal Joke Character: THE BOUNCE, Ryouma's vicious, near omnicidal Kangaroo. Was originally just a joke about the choice of Neo Getter Bases choice of Local. Famously has a character sheet that simply reads "You Lose".
  • Magical Girl / Henshin Hero: Various flavours of them too:
    • Rei is 'Lyrical Buster Rei'. As in, definitely not Nanoha with Gunbuster flavouring.
    • Katina is a Murakumo, 'Magical Woman Saber Kraken', or something along those lines. Well, was. Then Zeruel ate her.
    • Vincent is 'Shining Zero', which might as well Might as well just be Shining Gundam on a Power Armor scale.
    • Shinji is Berserker. In the form of Guts
    • Akebara is 'AkeBlaze'. Who resembles a certain rollerskating cyborg, apparently...
    • Kei is Lancer. In the form of Hilde
    • And now joining them is 'IXAsaber', complete with veteran Henshin Heroine (kinda) Haruka Emmerich and her "FUCK INOUE" Array.
  • Massively Multiplayer Crossover: Well, this IS a RP based off of Super Robot Wars...
  • Mama Bear: Sakura and Katina watch over the Eva Pilots, and woah betide anyone who threatens their charges. Motoko also shows elements of this, and Tsugumi has a similar role for the Getter Base staff.
  • Nightmare Fuel / Paranoia Fuel: The second session featuring Shi-Aen and Shi-Tau. Their Hakkeshu were infected with evil worms. In a setting where Zouken Matou is confirmed present.
  • No One Could Survive That!: The world seems to have assumed this about Kotomine Kirei and Masaki Kihara. Well, they're probably right about one of them. The other? Well... This *is* motherfucking Kotomine...
    • A heroic example: Kamui. He survived his Empirex EXPLODING.
    • Subverted with Vincent. He actually did die when his entry plug exploded. Good thing someone made a bunch of him...
  • OT3: Kei/Kojiro/Ibis.
    • A visit from someone from the future It's one of Kei's kids. trolls Rei into unconsciousness when she reveals Rei is at *least* going to have a long-term threesome in the future.
  • Pregnant Badass: Sacchin. Also presumably Kei and Ibis in the near future, unless things are absurdly calm for the next eight months. Since they aren't even going to be able to have a WEDDING without interruption... The chances of a calm eight months are approximately zero.
  • Properly Paranoid: Most of the characters, but most noticeably Rei, Shi-Aen, and Shi-Tau.
  • Reincarnation: Rei Ikari initially ended up dreaming about Noriko Takaya for a reason. And then she ended up with red hair. And then someone from the future confirmed she's going to be wearing a headband and that Unit-01 is going to have 'custom' armor...
    • This is also the case with Asuka Nagare. Her run-in with True Assassin ended up with Kokonoe pulling a We Can Rebuild Her and giving her pink hair and new eyes. She now goes by the name Nono, and has memories of a 'Nonoriri'...
    • Word of God accidently outed Vincent of one of these too. Granted, Shining Zero is more or less a dead giveaway as to WHO...
  • Serial Escalation: stopped trying to catch up or be an obstacle and is running for its life. For an example, Ibis Douglas (Yes, THAT Ibis) piloting a Getter. Followed within the space of a few side sessions by Kei BLOCKING SABER ALTER'S EXCALIBUR AND THEN IMPALING HER TO A TREE. And that's not even going into the stuff the GM has mentioned having planned for PART TWO.
  • Tangled Family Tree: Dear sweet christ...
  • Team Pet: THE BOUNCE, though don't call him a pet within his earshot...
  • Trapped in Another World: The second story arc is based around this trope. Rei, Shinji, and Lora are thrown into another world thanks to Leliel. Katina, Kojiro, Kei, and a handful of NPCs pursue them on the 'Away' Route, while everyone else tries to survive on the 'Home' Route.
  • Wild Mass Guessing: It's an Super Robot Wars based RP with a heavy focus on NERV and Neon Genesis Evangelion, combined with a lot of the intrigue from Type-Moon. How could it NOT have this?
  • World of Badass: Word of God states that Tokyo-3's population consists of about 10% 'heroic' citizens, 60% 'veteran' citizens, and 30% 'regular' citizens. No instances of Heroic Bystander just yet, however. And that's just one city.
  • World of Ham
  • You Cloned Hitler!: Who had the bright idea to clone Doctor Hell and Zouken Matou? It was hard enough killing them the first time!
    • Possibly averted in that Yui Ikari was also cloned.


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