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Hardboiled Pink Lemonade

  • Aelita's Knight in Sour Armor one-liner against the Slash Dopants setting the tone for the action-y bits of the side series.


  • Axel, who adamantly will not DM, is running four characters, almost certainly more once the game picks up, and had previously pulled two all-nighters in a row with flu and fever to run the sessions involving Titan in KRV. He also helps people make their characters, is one third of the primary crew, and teaches freeform combat between sessions (or during them).
  • Raven's just as bad... "Ryu-196T", "Kuela_Alcatai" and "Alex_Lukles" (Porting this world's Alex to another setting) are all him uTOHpia
    • Irritatingly
  • Ditto Haken himself, though with the I Have Many Names replaced with Becoming the Mask - he's always on as "Haruka_Emmerich". Doesn't matter that none of the games he's in are on a "nickup" basis, doesn't matter who he's playing in KRV or RAC. More importantly, Hakenruka's character-creation prowess can be boiled down to simple words: Great. Kivarymer.

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