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YMMV / Ride Alone Complex

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Because epic TV Tropes nitpick means we gotta make more compartments for certain tropes of Ride Alone Complex, listed below:

In General

The Main Work
  • Character Rerailment: Kenoko and Akebara had previously been repossessed in their debut games following Axel's Role Ending Misdemeanors, and are reprised here in their Original Flavor (as original as it gets when accounting for sixty years of bitterness and/or a wholesale translation out of an SRW setting).
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  • One True Pairing: Considering there aren't too many "pairings" out there, the clear breakaway is Becca and Kenoko. Or as Haruka so succinctly puts it in OOC:
  • Squick: Kaoru pulling a practical joke on Rebecca that makes it appear that she's attempting to elicit sex from her subordinate in her place of business.
    • Holy crap Haruka what's wrong with you.
      • Answer: Is sick and tired of these motherfucking Fangires threatening her motherfucking family - possibly even just as much with having her hands tied when it comes to dealing with them. (Also maybe using venting about it as the contract vector for a long-discarded Dark Diend or Proto-Diend or whatever.)
    • Holy crap Yukari what's wrong with you.
      • Answer: Has been alternating between living fear of and being sick/tired of Fangires threatening her family. The fact that she managed to break free of Inoue's control, got him killed, reformed her original personality, and created a method for Fangires and humans to live in peace makes her Heretic Number One in hardliner eyes. And her hands have been tied even tighter than Haruka's on this.

Hardboiled Pink Lemonade
  • Tear Jerker: Aelita's surprisingly poignant phone-tag message to Haruka. Invoked semi-intentionally: Haken started misting up halfway through typing it, and Axel just plain broke down when he got the chance to read it.

  • Game-Breaker: The majority of the splat's houserules, which have, in multiple test cases, resulted in Devices spitting out PL15 to PL20-tier (or even more overspecced) powers for characters created within the PL10-to-PL15 range. Examples to be linked as the Fog of War lifts, considering many are KRV and/or RAC spoilers.


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