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  • The Apache Scouts, period.
  • Operation PRAIRIE FIRE, for pushing the ComBloc forces out of most of the Lower 48 and leaving only the southern 2/3rds of Texas and Louisiana still in enemy hands.
  • The utter destruction of the Soviet invasion fleet attempting an amphibious landing at New Orleans.
  • In Operation ROYAL FLUSH, CIA spies singlehandedly decapitate the Soviet government in less than 24 hours, precipitating an Enemy Civil War.
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  • The Royal Navy, destroying the Baltic Fleet in the Battle of the Baltic Exits
  • The evacuation of NASA's Johnson Space Center. In less than a week, they evacuated not just the astronauts and facility personnel, but the various museum pieces, documents, equipment, and research. By the time the Soviets overran the city, they arrived to find the place stripped to the bare walls. With a note reading "Catch us if you can!"
  • A U.S. Navy A-4 Skyhawk pilot shoots down a Bear bomber - using his unguided Zuni air-to-ground rocket pods.
  • A Nicaraguan Infantry battalion in Colorado is suddenly attacked by local guerillas. The guerillas have a fully-armed, fully-loaded WWII-era M4 Sherman tank. The advancing US Army reaches the town later that day to find the victorious Sherman surrounded by dead communists.

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