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Characters that are from The Old Hunters Expansion. Warning: unmarked spoilers ahead.

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The Hunter's Nightmare

    The Old Hunters 

The Old Hunters
Old Hunter
The titular hunters that are trapped in the Hunter's Nightmare. Driven mad by the bloodlust, they see everything they cross as beasts.
  • Ax-Crazy: If the item description and their general appearance didn't clue you in, them shouting "BLOOD! NOW!" and so on will probably drive the point home.
  • Beef Gate: There is a sole Old Hunter at the very beginning of the dlc. How hard he is to kill (and how easily he kills you) serves as a great indicator of whether you are actually ready for the things to come, since you can access The Old Hunters expansion ages before you would be sufficiently leveled for it.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: The Old Hunter trick weapons tend to care less about the blood that spreads everywhere. Unfortunately, this has led to their madness.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: There are a number of unique hunters who differ from the regulars in that they have inflated health pools and distinct weapon loadouts that make them more deadly.
  • Flash Step: The Beasthunter Saif variants are trained in the Art of Quickening.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: They are so drunk on blood, that their eyes are perpetually glowing red.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: Some of these Hunters were trapped because of unknown sins they have committed. Any chance for redemption has been wiped the moment they entered the Nightmare.
  • Lean and Mean: They all are tall and lanky, and DEFINITELY mean.
  • Lightning Bruiser: They're fast, have a sizeable amount of health, can hit very hard with weapons that often have lot of range. They are not to be taken lightly. Also, they are considerably harder to stagger compared to NPC hunters, making stun-locking them generally out of question.
  • Mirror Boss: Similarly to NPC hunters from the base game, their attacks and tactics are very similar to your own. It's a subversion however, considering they have unique models and animations, distinguishing them from regular hostile NPC hunters.
  • Nice Hat: The Old Hunter Cap, seen above, has a certain Vampire Hunter D esthetic to it while the Malformed Old Hunter Top Hat, worn by the Boom Hammer variants, is Big Hat Logan levels of Big. Interestingly, the Beasthunter Saif Hunters don what appears to be a hat of the very same model as the one worn by Gehrman.
  • Superstition Episode: In a sense. The Old Hunters were a lot more superstitious than modern ones. They thought beast blood crept up the right leg so they constricted their right legs with belts, and some of them wore brass trinkets because they thought brass could ward off the beast blood.
  • Torches and Pitchforks: Well, replace pitchfork with inelegant Trick Weapons and this sums them up in a nutshell. It's also mentioned in item descriptions that despite their ingenuity in inventing and mastering trick weapons, the first Hunters were essentially mobs of gangster-wannabes that went on rampages during hunts.

    Nightmare Executioners 

Nightmare Executioners
Former members of the Healing Church who were most likely malformed from the Hunter's Nightmare. Significantly larger than their regular counterparts and clad in Healing Church robes, these Executioners are significantly harder to fight.
  • An Axe to Grind: Like the Church Giants and regular Executioners, they wield giant axes. However, their axes appear to be made from pieces of a church bell, making a distinct clang noise whenever they slam it down.
  • Achilles' Heel: In spite of their difficulty, they turn fairly slow when rising back up to their feet, making it possible to chain charged backstabs into visceral attacks to dispose of them safely.
  • BFG: There's a single Nightmare Giant near the first boss that wields a malformed Church Cannon instead of the Bell Axe.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: Due to their Health and Damage, they're very difficult to neutralize.
  • Combat Tentacles: One of their attacks is to grab you with a set of tentacles coming from their face.
  • Cthulhumanoid: Again, they have a mass of tentacles sprouting from their face.
  • In the Hood: They wear white hooded shawls, much like the Church Giants.
  • Mighty Glacier: Not the fastest enemies for sure, but definitely one of the beefiest.
  • Turns Red: If they take enough damage, they'll power up their axes so that every swing results in a shockwave.

    Bestial Hunter 

Bestial Hunter

A mysterious Hunter found in the distorted area where the Central Yharnam lamp would've been. It's very likely that he's actually Irreverent Izzy.
  • Achilles' Heel: While he's very powerful and relentless, his Beast Claw has very short range and he doesn't use a firearm, making kiting him and keeping him at bay a safe strategy if one has the proper equipment.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Considering what most Hunters are capable of, this guy takes it Up to Eleven.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Uses the Beast Roar Hunter's Tool to knock you away from him.
  • No Name Given: There's no official name for him. Even the official guide refers to him as a Bestial Hunter.
  • Partial Transformation: One close completion at that. This hunter is equipped with the Beast's Embrace rune and the Beast Claw.

    Gatling Gun Hunter 

Gatling Gun Hunter

A Powder Keg Hunter and youngest and strongest of Djura's original three followers. Even in the throes of blood madness, he upholds his vows to defend the transformed beasts, gunning down only other hunters that enter his cave.

    Yahar'gul Hunter 

Yahar'gul Hunter

A Yahar'gul Hunter, abducted by the Healing Church and locked away in the Underground Cells. Implied to be Defector Antal.

    Simon, Seeker of Secrets 

Simon, Seeker of Secrets

Voiced by: Grant Gillespie
A former member of the Healing Church who implied to be one of the Harrowed, a division of Church Hunters who disguised themselves as beggars as a means of watching out for early signs of scourge outbreaks. He follows you around, imploring you to find the real secret behind the Hunter's Nightmare.
  • Badass Beard: Use the Monocular and it's revealed he has a neat goatee.
  • Bandaged Face: His headgear covers the entire upper half of his head, including his eyes.
  • Bow and Sword, in Accord: Definitely the most literal iteration of this trope yet. His weapon of choice is a sword that can turn into a bow.
  • Creepy Good: While he comes across as shady and deceptive, he is completely forthright with you, expresses pity and remorse for Ludwig, and is determined to unlock the secrets of the Healing Church within the Nightmare. More accurately, he's determined to put an end to the curse placed on hunters damning them to the Nightmare for eternity.
  • Defector from Decadence: He used to be a Harrowed Hunter for the Healing Church, but his dialogue in the Research Hall implies that after seeing its inner workings, he feels nothing but contempt for the organization.
    "Not a pretty sight, is it? The true face of the blood-worshipping, beast-purging Healing Church."
  • Doesn't Like Guns: The description of the Bowblade reveals that he looks down on the use of firearms, and that he had his weapon custom-made to give him an option for ranged combat. This preference is a source of mockery from other Church hunters, who think that only an idiot would fight beasts with a bow. It works alright for him.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Apparently those who wear the Harrowed Set tend to forego them.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: He's the Bowblade Build in the TGS Demo.
  • Mercy Kill: If the player does not finish Ludwig's still living severed head off, then Simon will do the deed off-screen via an arrow to the eye.
  • No Name Given: He never gives you his name in-game, but the fact that you can get Simon's Bowblade, along with the credits revealing his identity, reveals that he is Simon.
  • Sacrificial Lion: When Brador's phantom eventually wounds him, he gives you the key to his cell and his Bowblade before he finally passes on.
  • Seeker Archetype: Why is he here in the Hunter's Nightmare? Simply to uncover the Healing Church's darkest and most well-kept secrets.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: His bandage is to obfuscate his identity of being a Healing Church Hunter. The Afflicted Beggar wore the very same bandage to obfuscate his identity. It just goes to show, the corner beggar is not always who he seems.
  • Weapon of Choice: Simon once wielded his signature Bowblade as a Hunter of the Church. It's essentially a scimitar in its normal form, but it transforms into a powerful Greatbow.

    Yamamura the Wanderer 

Yamamura the Wanderer
Shrouded by night, but with a steady stride.
Colored by blood, but always clear of mind.
Proud Hunter of the Church...
A foreign hunter from an Eastern land, who sought out honorable vengeance on a beast. He joined the League, but eventually went insane.
  • Call-Forward: Just as Marvelous Chester was an early hint towards Bloodborne, Yamamura seems to foreshadow Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, as his attire strongly resembles the protagonist of that game.
  • Defeat Equals Friendship: Not so much "defeat" since he is not hostile and dies in one hit, but killing him enables him to be summoned for the Living Failures.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: He saw something in the impurity that drove him mad. Or rather, if you know about the connotations of kegare, the sheer amount of impurity that he saw drove him mad.
  • Madness Mantra: Constantly repeats what seems to be part of a Badass Creed for Healing Church Hunters while banging his head against the wall.
  • Mercy Kill: He's obviously not having a very good time locked up in his cell, and killing him allows you to summon him as an ally, suggesting that he viewed it as a favor.
  • Nice Hat: It's mix between a tricorn and a tophat.
  • Recurring Element: Continues the trend of a foreigner in a Western-Inspired land, started by Master Satsuki back in Demon's Souls.
  • Revenge: He came to Yharnam seeking "honorable" revenge on a beast. He decided to stay and join the League. It didn't end up working out too well for him.
  • Samurai: His Apparel certainly invokes the samurai image.
  • Weapon of Choice: Prefers to Wields the Chikage in its untransformed state and the Long-Range Piercing Rifle.

    Brador, Church Assassin 

Brador, Church Assassin
Voiced by: Neal Barry
A former Healing Church assassin, clad in blood-soaked foreign clothing and a Cleric Beast pelt. After being forced to kill a former friend who turned into a Cleric Beast, he went mad and locked himself away in a cell, with the Church giving him a soundless bell to ensure that their secrets were kept.
  • Ax-Crazy: He invades you several times with the intent of killing you, despite the fact that you're both hunters (this works out for you though, as whenever he dies he drops a piece of his armor), and his weapon description notes that he felt the only way to get rid of tainted blood was to literally rip it out of his body.
  • Death Seeker: Implied. When you finally get to his real body, he asks if you're there to kill him or beg for his forgiveness. If you do decide to kill him, he doesn't fight back.
  • Developers' Foresight: If you go back to the jail cells to kill him after getting the keys to his dungeon, the rest of the armor parts will be on the spots where he would have otherwise invaded you, ensuring they aren't lost forever.
  • The Dreaded: Simon, one of the few level-headed people in the Nightmare, is left fear-ridden as he lays dying after encountering him.
  • Evil Counterpart: Of the Foreign Hunter, judging from his garb, Brador is a foreigner with the same origin as you.
  • Expy: A combination of Marvelous Chester and Royal Sorcerer Navlaan, function wise. Both are crazy assassins who get the drop on the Player Character several times throughout the game. Brador only invades you in his DLC area until you receive a key to his cell and slay him, unlike Navlaan. He also has a bit of Maldron the Assassin in him, being an obnoxious NPC invader.
  • Face Death with Dignity: When you finally confront him, he doesn't bother fighting back, but instead calmly waits for the Hunter to kill him.
  • For Doom the Bell Tolls: You initially can't hear the ringing of his bell, but anyone who does is marked for death and will forever be hunted by him until their dying breath.
  • Hate Sink: Gameplay-wise at least. He's very difficult to kill and will invade you several times while mocking you every time he kills you.
  • Hero Killer: Sort of. He kills Simon, the NPC who helped you several times throughout the DLC.
  • Immortal Assassin: Much like a Player Character, killing him as invader doesn't stop him from invading you again. And again. And again. To get the invasions to stop, you have to kill his real body.
  • Implacable Man: He acted as this to his targets, going by his treatment of Simon the Harrowed. He also will swig some Lead Elixir during his attacks, making it so that your weapon just bounces off of him for a small time.
  • Madwoman in the Attic: Or in this case, Madman in the Basement. After Brador had to kill one of his beast-turned comrades and going a little mad as a result, the Healing Church locked him under of the main cathedrals in a solitary cell. Both to keep him in their employ as an assassin and to prevent him from revealing that the clergy were turning into the biggest beasts.
  • Nemean Skinning: He wears the scalp and hide of his former comrade, who he was forced to kill after they turned into a Cleric Beast. Unsurprisingly, his outfit gives the highest bonus to Beasthood in the game (except for the chestpiece, which loses to Djura's chestpiece by 4 points).
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: The NPC he killed above? As he lays dying, he gives you the key to Brador's cell, letting you finally confront and kill Brador's real body.
  • No-Sell: Will use the Lead Elixer to make sure you can't stun-lock him.
  • Recurring Element: Of False King Allant, with the actual character being a joke to kill while the phantoms of himself that is sent after you is a much harder fight.
  • Sole Survivor: He had to kill his comrade who turned into a Cleric Beast, and wears his bloody scalp and hide. That hasn't done wonders for his sanity.
  • Squishy Wizard: An interesting example because, as a German Spy notes, his invasions seem to not be his actual body but a shade he conjures. His form in the cell is so fragile you could cough on him and he'd die.
  • Weapon of Choice: A mace called the Bloodletter. Its transformation requires sacrificing a portion of your HP to activate it, and turns it into a grotesque Living Weapon that pulsates, spurts blood, and causes Frenzy.

    Ludwig the Accursed/The Holy Blade 

Ludwig the Accursed/Ludwig, The Holy Blade
A most unsightly beast...

Aah, you were at my side, all along. My true mentor... My guiding moonlight...
Voiced by: Des McAleer

The First Hunter of the Healing Church, founder of the Healing Church Workshop. He was the first to recruit and train Yharnamite citizens as hunters en-mass, and designed weapons to combat giant beasts. The Old Hunters reveals that he's now a beast like those he once hunted, and is trapped in the Hunter's Nightmare along with other legendary hunters of old. After you fell him in battle, only his head remains behind.

  • Almost Dead Guy: He's still alive after you defeat him, albeit only as a severed head, and you can speak to him before finally ending his life.
  • Animal Motifs: Ludwig's beast form resembles a mutilated horse, oddly enough. He even nickers during the phase transition cutscene in his boss fight.
  • Animalistic Abomination: Like all the Beasts, though he resembles a horse rather than a wolf.
  • Badass Baritone: His human voice is very deep and noble sounding.
  • Beef Gate: He pretty much prevents you from continuing on to the more difficult parts of the DLC.
  • Body Horror: His cursed form is grotesque, even by the game's standards. Rather than a wolf-like beast, he's been turned into a demonic two-headed horse. The right "head" is naught but an eye-lined "mouth" formed in a severed neck, while his real head is partially transformed into a horse head.
  • BFS: Wields his unique Holy Blade, which has a distinct design from the other Holy Blades. The golden, distinct hilt is how you indicate who the beast is. However, the blade he wields is actually the Sword of Moonlight, a recurring element in From Software's games since King's Field.
  • Calling Your Attacks: His first form has a slew of very aggressive attacks with little, if any, visual cues about which he's going to use. The most powerful of his attacks though, such as his lunge across the arena, are preceded by specific screams and cries. Being able to identify those cries can make avoiding his attacks that much easier.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Mezu, the horse-faced guardian of Hell in Japanese Buddhism.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel: His second phase is considered to be easier than his first one since he's not so insanely aggressive and his attacks are far less unpredictable.
  • Crazy Sane: Simon's comments regarding his "guiding light" seem to imply the Moonlight Greatsword played a role in causing his insanity. And yet seeing and wielding it during the boss fight helps Ludwig re-assert his humanity, no matter how slightly.
  • The Dreaded: Is rightly feared even by the other inhabitants of the Nightmare.
    "An unsightly beast... a great terror looms! Ahh... Ludwig the Accursed is coming! Have mercy! Have mercy upon us!"
  • Dying as Yourself: In the second stage of his boss fight he reclaims a measure of his sanity. After he is defeated, if the player is wearing Church attire his severed head asks if the Church Hunters are the honorable spartans he had hoped they would be. If he receives a positive answer, he expresses relief that he didn't suffer "such denigration" for nothing and thanks the Hunter, saying he can rest in peace.
  • Empathic Weapon: Implied with the Holy Moonlight Sword. Ludwig calls it his "true mentor", and its item description states that Ludwig derived some kind of mysterious insight from it.
  • Everything Fades: A notable aversion. He's the only boss in the game to leave behind a corpse (specifically, his head).
  • Expy: To Artorias. Both are the Master Swordsmen of their respective groups and have succumbed to their respective curses by the time you meet them. Also in that both were characters mentioned heavily in the base game, and then encountered in DLC content. They're also both magic users with big swords and crazed fighting styles.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: They especially don't belong in a second lamprey-like mouth, going where teeth are supposed to be.
  • Fallen Hero: He was a hunter who only sought to eliminate the most dangerous beasts lurking within Yharnam. Now he's been turned into a feral and especially hideous beast.
  • From Bad to Worse: Oh, you thought his first phase was bad? His title changes from The Accursed to The Holy Blade when his Holy Moonlight Sword is drawn out. He then proceeds to reverse parts of the Scourge's effects on his mind to allow him to wield the blade.
  • The Ghost: He's only mentioned in passing in the original game, but he's finally met in The Old Hunters, where it's revealed he's turned into a beast.
  • Good All Along: He truly believed that his methods helped in mitigating the spread of the Scourge, and will be glad if he's given a positive answer on the Healing Church and that his sacrifices weren't in vain.
  • Godzilla Threshold: One may question his methods, as the weapons he made are overkill against the smaller beasts and whipping the townsfolk into a frenzy made the streets even more dangerous in the long run. But when facing the larger beasts, beasts born of members of the Healing Church, his reasoning becomes crystal clear.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: He seems to have somehow been fused with his horse by his curse, resulting in the malformed, multi-limbed abomination you're forced to fight.
  • Heel Realization: If the Hunter tells him that his Church Hunters were not the honorable warriors he hoped they would be, he falls into despair, realizing that his actions were all in vain and that they only made things worse.
  • Iconic Item: The Holy Moonlight Sword, as mentioned in its description: The Holy Moonlight Sword is synonymous with Ludwig, the Holy Blade.
  • It Can Think: The first phase of his boss fight consists of him shrieking and snarling and screeching like the feral beast he's become... but when the Holy Moonlight Sword falls off his back and shines upon him, he talks to it in perfectly comprehensible sentences, and the rest of his boss fight consists of him grunting and yelling like a human. In addition, he adopts an entirely new moveset using the Moonlight Sword, where he fights more like a swordsman would, rather than the feral beast he acted as before.
  • Karmic Transformation: As noted above, Healing Church members tend to transform into the larger beasts that stalk Yharnam. Ludwig was no exception.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Everything we know about him pre-transformation points to him being this.
  • The Last Dance: When he takes out his sword again, it seems he's decided to die fighting as a true knight rather than a mindlessly feral beast.
  • Laughing Mad: If you talk to his severed head while not wearing Church Hunter gear or say "no" to his final question, he begins cackling madly, indicating that the last traces of his mind are gone.
  • Lunacy: Ludwig had a fascination with the moon, claiming that its whispers to him were what kept him sane amidst the carnage of the Hunt. This could possibly indicate that he was an Unwitting Pawn of the Moon Presence.
  • Man in White: You can see the tattered remnants of his white garb on the back and shoulders of his beast form.
  • Master Swordsman: He was the Church's greatest hunter, and wielded the Sword of Moonlight in battle as well as creating Ludwig's Holy Blade for use by his subordinates.
  • Meaningful Name: He was named after Ludwig van Beethoven, the composer of Moonlight Sonata.
  • Monster Knight: He's as monstrous as ever when he takes up his sword, but he fights like a master swordsman at that point.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: He did try to clear the beasts and was apparently open with the public, but he was still working for the Healing Church and the hunting mobs just made the Scourge of the Beast spread faster.
  • Nightmare Face: His face is grotesquely mutilated and elongated to resemble a horse.
  • Off with His Head!: Once you kill him, all that's left is his severed head, which is still alive.
  • Orphaned Etymology: He calls his church Hunters "noble spartans" if you speak with his... head.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: A very twisted and horrific example. It's not immediately obvious, but he has arms and a relatively humanoid torso on top of an equine body. Becomes a lot more obvious when he stands upright and fights with his sword.
  • Regenerating Health: He has the Guidance Rune with him, which boosts the Rally Potential of all weapons.
  • Sanity Strengthening: In contrast to other bosses in the game (such as Father Gascoigne) who get more monstrous and insane as the fight wears on, Ludwig recovers his sanity thanks to the light of the Holy Moonlight Sword.
  • The Southpaw: He's left-handed.
  • Sword Beam: He can fire waves of light from his sword during his second phase.
  • Take Up My Sword: If you talk to his head while wearing any Church Hunter garb and say "yes" to his question about his Holy Blades, then he leaves you his Holy Moonlight Sword.
  • Token Good Teammate: One of the few people in the Healing Church who actually was as noble as he wanted to be. Too bad for him, as the Healing Church was corrupt.
  • Torches and Pitchforks: One of his first actions was to make the hunt public, encouraging anyone who could lift a torch to join the hunt. These mobs were effective at first but quickly devolved.
  • Tragic Monster: His final fate is sadly ironic, going from one of the greatest Hunters of the Church to one of the most grotesque and deadly beasts seen in the whole game.
  • Turns Red: Inverted. He actually becomes less savage in his second phase, having a more controlled and fluid moveset. though his attacks are more dangerous due to him wielding magic.
  • Two-Faced: His face is grossly asymmetrical. The left side is more monstrous-looking, with more pronounced deformities, a longer and raggedy mouth, pallid skin, and a milky white eye. The right side is darker and matches the rest of his gnarled flesh, but appears more human overall, and his eye looks normal. Both parts of the fight emphasize a different half of Ludwig's visage and obscure the other through camera angles and the way he tilts his head, showing the struggle between his bestial and human sides.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Once he recovers himself, he speaks with a very silky and eloquent voice that in no way matches his bestial appearance.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: If you had only fought every boss up to Vicar Amelia, started the DLC, and reached Ludwig for combat, you're in for an extremely rude awakening.
  • Was Once a Man: By the time the player meets him, he's succumbed to the Scourge of the Beast.
  • Weapon of Choice: His signature weapon was Ludwig's Holy Blade, a silver longsword with a scabbard so big and heavy it can be used as a BFS. He also made Ludwig's Rifle, a very powerful shotgun with surprisingly good range and narrow spread. However, the Holy Blade was actually an imitation of the Holy Moonlight Sword, which he wields in the second half of the boss fight. Like the Holy Blade it has a larger form, but instead of being a physical sheath it's a huge magical Laser Blade that can launch Sword Beams.


    Simple Gratia 

Simple Gratia

A Healing Church huntress, Gratia was an abnormally large woman who was hopeless with handling firearms. Instead, she preferred to beat her bestial enemies with her "Fist" - a slab of iron with finger holes in it, used like a perverse set of knuckledusters.

  • Dumb Muscle: If the uselessness with her and firearms were anything to go by.
  • Fiery Redhead: Implied, since she does have this color.
  • Foil: To Simon, both of them forgoing guns for simpler weapons. But whereas Gratia wasn't good with them Simon just didn't like them. Gratia also preferred the brute force of her "Fist" while Simon used the Bowblade which demanded dexterity and skill.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Go through each cell and take a wild guess which one's her.
  • Posthumous Character: Passed on long before you arrived.
  • Weapon of Choice: Preferred to wield a chunk of iron with finger holes in order to stun enemies with her strength.

    Black and White Nuns 

Black and White Nuns

A pair of Healing Church nuns, one in Black Church Hunter garb and the other in White, who stand guard over the exit of the Underground Cells and the entrance to the Research Hall.

  • BFS: The Black nun wields Ludwig's Holy Blade.
  • Dual Boss: They both attack at once, with the Black nun moving in for melee and the White nun hanging back and firing missiles at you.
  • Madness Mantra: The White nun repeats the last third of Vicar Amelia's prayer in a low voice and sing-songy tempo over and over, even as she fires at you.
  • Magic Missile: The White nun uses the Blacksky Eye Hunter Tool in lieu of a conventional ranged weapon.
  • Nuns Are Spooky: Especially nuns that team up and try to kill you while chanting a single prayer over and over again.
  • Recurring Boss: The White nun is, in all likelihood, Vicar Amelia herself, given that she recites the same prayer in the same voice in front of the same person's skull (although in this case the skull is hidden underneath the altar she's praying at instead of sitting on top). She was probably sent to the Nightmare when you killed her in the waking world.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: The Black nun comes at you with Ludwig's Holy Blade, while the White Nun stays back and casts spells at you.
  • Whip It Good: The White nun uses a Threaded Cane as a melee weapon.

    Bonus Boss 

Laurence, the First Vicar
The bestial form of Laurence, who turned into a Cleric Beast wreathed in flame and lava. Trapped within the Nightmare, he searches for his metaphorical human skull, a representation of both his past and what he failed to protect, hoping to suppress his beastly idiocy and remember his past.
  • Bonus Boss: He's the only optional boss found in the Hunter's Nightmare.
  • Book-Ends: Can be invoked by the player should he fight Laurence last, as the first potential boss was most likely the Cleric Beast.
  • Breath Weapon: He can vomit torrents of lava.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel: His second form is just crawling after you after his legs are destroyed. Subverted though, since his second form doesn't hit any softer, and in fact provides Laurence a whole slew of new AOE attacks.
  • Dead All Along: That's his skull in the Grand Cathedral in the main game.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: He can be seen in the end of cinematic trailer shown at title screen.
  • Expy: Since he's the First Cleric Beast, he's more like Manus, Father of the Abyss than the vanilla counterpart. And like Manus, Laurence is desperately seeking something precious to him (in this case, his original human skull) without really understanding why.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Once you reach the second phase of the fight, his body from the waist down breaks off, leaving him to crawl around.
  • Kill It with Fire: His attacks are augmented with fire.
  • Magma Man: Magma Beast, anyway. He spews and bleeds lava.
  • Palette Swap: Sort of. He's essentially a Flaming Cleric Beast, although he has an augmented moveset.
  • Pietà Plagiarism: When you first interact with him before the battle, you'll see that he has rearranged the furniture of the alter of the Nightmare Cathedral into a throne-like nest which he lies across the top of dozing.
  • Recurring Element:
    • Laurence is the closest thematic equivalent to the various "true" dragons from Dark Souls, although hes a werewolf abomination instead; not only is he the one boss not required to beat the DLC (similar to Kalameet and Midir from I and III, he shares a elemental power (fire).
    • On a more obvious note, hes also an "upgraded" clone of an earlier boss, similar to the Stay Demon from I and Blue Smelter Demon from II.
  • Required Secondary Powers: Subverted. Despite being able to spew magma from his mouth, he literally ends up melting his lower half off of his body partway into the fight.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After his legs are destroyed, he becomes more desperate to kill you, crawling like a madder beast.

Research Hall

    Clocktower Patients 

Clocktower Patients

Unfortunate victims of the Healing Church's experiments, clad in straitjacket-like hospital gowns and forced to imbibe water as a means of achieving ascension.
  • Body Horror: All that water they were forced to imbibe somehow turned their heads into amorphous blobs. The final stages cause them to turn into nothing but a head!
  • Combat Tentacles: The Crawling and Head variants use this.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: The feral ones are stark naked.
  • Improbable Weapon User: There is a variant that wields a transfusion stand as a weapon.
  • Madness Mantra: "Plip. Plop. Plip. Plop. Splish. Splash. Splish. Splash."
  • My Brain Is Big: And How!
  • Lightning Bruiser: The feral variants are incredibly unpredictable, the speed they travel doesn't help either.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: Their destructive movesets and the various Blue Elixirs around the Research Hall indicate that a stealthy approach is advised.
  • Was Once a Man: Implied to be early test subjects of the Healing Church's search for insight.

    Saint Adeline, Research Hall Patient 

Saint Adeline

Voiced by: Lotte Rice

A former Blood Saint, chosen to be experimented on in an attempt to ascend. She requires your help to gather materials, as she has been restrained and tied to her chair.

  • And I Must Scream: Surprisingly subverted. She barely seems to mind her eventual bodily degeneration, and is still capable of communication and can finally get out of her shackles. She even continues her questline, not to revert the transformation, but to complete it.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Possibly. After achieving the epiphany she sought, the formless blob that her body became deflates and does not revive as it does for all the others. Her last words of "I used to be nothing" indicate that she at least feels she has become something more.
  • Body Horror: She ends up turning into one of the very lumps of meat you harvest Brain Fluid from for her experiments. In fact, to get the final dose of Brain Fluid you need to finish her quest, you need to harvest it from her, and give it to her once she revives. She handles it with exceptional poise though.
  • Dissonant Serenity: She's entirely too calm and well spoken for someone whose head has mutated into a gigantic, featureless sack of fluids.
  • Hearing Voices: Like the enlarged heads from which brain fluid is harvested, she starts hearing a sticky, dripping whispers, which convey to her the Milkweed Rune. Unlike them, she retains her sanity.
  • Horror Hunger: She has an unquenchable thirst for brain fluid. Which she somehow ingests to a sound likened to sucking the last of a drink through a straw.

    The Healing Church Hunter 

The Healing Church Hunter

A Healing Church Hunter who looks after one of the Clocktower Patients who has become an Enlarged Head.

  • Knight Templar Big Brother: The Flavor Text on the Brain Fluid collected from the Enlarged Head he stands beside tells the story of a young girl and her brother who would always play pretend at being doctor and patient that promised each other to one day take part in the studies and experiments of the Healing Church.
  • Cane Sword / Whip Sword: This Hunter wields a Threaded Cane.
  • Poisoned Weapon: Can and will throw Poison Knives at you from the stairs.

    Living Failures 

Living Failures
The failed results of turning people into Celestial Emissaries, reborn within the Hunter's Nightmare.
  • Body Horror: They have long twisted limbs attached to bodies that look like lumps of flesh melted together. They also lack any discernible features, like eyes, a nose or a mouth, which begs the question of how they are able to scream at you.
  • Expy: Of the Celestial Emissaries. Justified, since the Living Failures are heavily implied to be the failed attempts at turning people into them.
  • Flawed Prototype: Kinda of. They're the failed transformations of humans into Celestial Emissaries.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Why are they residing in a field of flowers near the top of the clocktower? What were they doing? They're not mentioned anytime before their fight, and there is no information given about them afterwards. Just kill them and move on.
  • Super Prototype: Despite being failures, they're somehow much tougher than their successfully transformed counterparts and can conjure meteors.
  • Wolfpack Boss: You fight several of whatever they are at the same time, and each one represents a portion of the total life bar.

Astral Clocktower

    Penultimate Boss 

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
A corpse... should be left well alone.

Voiced by: Evetta Muradasilova (English), Saori Hayami (Japanese)

A Huntress from Cainhurst and distant relative to Queen Annalise. Despite her relation to Cainhurst, she frowned on their use of the Chikage and instead wielded the Rakuyo, a trick weapon that demanded great dexterity to use. She used her beloved Rakuyo until she couldn't stomach it any longer and cast it into a well.

  • Action Girl: When she still lived, she was a skilled and powerful Huntress.
  • Batman Grabs a Gun: Maria is said to detest blood blades, yet she doesn't hesitate to use Blood Magic to power her blades up, as well as herself. However, she truly does detest blood blades, and considering what she's guarding, and the description on the Rakuyo when you get it, she may consider it a necessary evil.
  • Beef Gate: She guards the entrance to the Fishing Hamlet, which was drawn into the Nightmare.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: It's implied that she has a very gentle side to her, as evidenced by the patients in the Research Hall who turn to her for comfort. As well as the fact that Maria was the basis for the Doll's creation. But she's a deadly warrior who will go to extreme lengths to keep the Hunter from going any farther.
  • Blood Magic: She begins using this in the second phase of the fight, extending the range of her attacks and giving her some intimidating AOE attacks.
  • Bloody Murder: From the second phase of her fight onward, Maria has spilled her own blood and uses it against you as a Sword Beam. In the third phase of the fight, that blood even combusts after each of her swings.
  • Classy Cravat: The one she wears might have been classy at some point, but it's now stained with blood.
  • Curtains Match the Window: The same as the Doll, who was modeled after her.
  • Dead All Along: For someone who has such a strong connection with Gehrman, she's nowhere to be found in the main game. Then there's the Old Hunter Bone found at the same grave that the DLC is accessed in at the Abandoned Old Workshop, which may or may not belong to her (it is important to note that, while the English version of the game refers to the owner of the bone as a "he", the original Japanese description leaves their gender ambiguous). Then there's also how she is descended from Cainhurst, and seems to have a bloodstained cravat around her neck, while all the women currently at Cainhurst, with the exception of Annalise, have had their throats slit or their heads cut off.
  • Defector from Decadence: To Cainhurst. Although a relative of the Queen, she is stated to have despised the blood blades that they use. The implication with her use of said blood blades in The Old Hunters is that she's willing to go to any lengths just to make sure no one can uncover Byrgenwerth's darkest secret, such is its threat level.
  • Distaff Counterpart: She's fights like and presents a similar challenge to Artorias and Sir Alonne, not to mention has similar musical motifs
  • Double Meaning: "A corpse should be left well alone." Referring to herself, since she looked dead, as well as the corpse of a rather significant Great One she and the whole nightmare are concealing.
  • Don't Wake the Sleeper: When you enter her boss arena, she appears to be sleeping on a chair. Examining her "corpse" begins the boss fight. You will likely die to her. A lot.
  • The Dreaded: Subverted. She causes The Hunter recoil and pause in the cutscene preceding the fight. In reality, it was likely due to her resemblance to the Doll instilling surprise than actual fear.
  • Driven to Suicide: A possibility. You find her sleeping (or dead) in a chair, slumped over with a bloody throat and a spilled chalice of some unknown liquid next to her. Given the guilt she felt for helping Byrgenwerth's scholars defile the Fishing Village, she may have killed herself, apparently via slit throat or a poisoned drink.
  • Dual Wielding: She splits her double-bladed trick weapon into two swords at the beginning of the fight.
  • Expy:
    • To Gehrman, her mentor. Like him she is a Lightning Bruiser and uses the Art of Quickening to skip around the battlefield. She's even more like him, when you realize she too was guarding the path to an Eldritch Abomination.
    • To the Souls series, she's this to Gwyn and False King Allant, moreso than even Gehrman is.
    • From a lore perspective she's also similar to Artorias, as a former disciple of the Final Boss, is encountered only in the DLC, and acts as a final guardian before the Final Boss of the DLC.
      • She also appears to have taken some notes from Sir Alonne, given their similar weapons and emphasis on quick but graceful slashes.
  • Fights Like a Normal: All the other Hunter boss fights are with Hunters that have some power up to begin with (Logarius has his magic, Gascoigne is transforming as you fight, Micolash has eldritch puppets and tools, etc), but Maria starts the fight with nothing but her own skill and swords despite having the option of using her Cainhurst blood magic. She uses it later in the fight out of desperation.
  • Flash Step: As one of the first Old Hunters, she uses the Art of Quickening.
  • Fragile Speedster: Compared to most bosses, she can't take a punch. Maria is one of the fastest foes you will ever face in Bloodborne, as her close-up attacks are blindingly quick and her long-range attacks can see her cross the room in less than a second.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Implied. Her use of blood blades during her fight, despite hating them so much, seems to suggest that she's willing to go to any length to keep Byrgenwerth's darkest secrets from being revealed.
  • Hero Antagonist: She's not malicious at all, and in fact her background indicates that she is quite a noble and compassionate character. She just understandably wants to make sure that nobody ever finds the Fishing Hamlet and risks letting the things inside out. This naturally means that she has to kill you.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: When you enter the second phase of the fight, she impales herself with her blades to coat them in her blood.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: The main blade of the Rakuyo that she weilds is a Katana/Saber hybrid. Fittingly, the game labels it as a Cainhurst weapon, just like the Chikage.
  • Kiss of Death: Kinda. Her frontal visceral attack animation appears to have her hug and kiss you on the cheek near the end of it.
  • Lady of War: Graceful? Check. Noble Blood? Check. Deadly? All the checks.
  • Mad Scientist: Maybe. The mutated people (those that won't attack you on sight that is) seem to be grateful to her, and item descriptions indicate she cares for them and is trying to help them. On the other hand, some of the treatments seem a bit... wrong, not to mention the final state of many of the patients, although that may not be her fault.
  • Mascot Villain: She serves as this for The Old Hunters.
  • Meaningful Name: "Maria" is the name given by early astronomers to the darker, flat plains on the moon, which were once thought to be oceans. Both the moon and the ocean are two of Bloodborne's major symbols.
  • Mirror Boss: Like Father Gascoigne and Gehrman, she's a Hunter (or at least used to be one) and, as such, fights a lot like the player does.
  • My Blood Runs Hot: Her third phase has the blood trails made when she slashes spontaneously combust.
  • Nice Hat: She wears a very stylish tricorn hat with a feather in it.
  • Overdrawn at the Blood Bank: She shoots what must be several swimming pools' worth of her own blood at you during the fight. Considering that you fight her in a nightmare world and her real self is almost certainly dead, this makes more sense than it seems to.
  • Protectorate: When she was trapped within the Hunter's Nightmare, she took it upon herself to guard Byrgenwerth's darkest secret: the Fishing Hamlet, drawn into the Nightmare, which Byrgenwerth violated for the sake of research. At some point, she resigned herself to watching over the test subjects of the Healing Church's Research Hall, trying her best to help them despite the horrors that were being performed on them, although whether this before or after arriving in the Nightmare is unknown.
  • Samus Is a Girl: She is in fact the Old Hunter seen in promotional materials for the DLC, as seen here, though at first glance it's almost impossible to tell the gender of the Hunter, since she's bowed down in the image and you can't see her face.
  • Statuesque Stunner: She's taller than you are by about a head or so. The same as the Doll, meaning that the Doll's height was not a case of artistic liberty.
  • Surpassed the Teacher: She's much younger, faster and stronger than the old and crippled Gehrman.
  • Sword Beam: From her second phase onwards, she gets a very fast one made of her own blood.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: Possibly, with Gehrman. She was one of his first students and her clothes state that she had a "great admiration" for him. Subverted. the description of a certain item states that while she looked up to and respected him greatly, she was entirely unaware of his obsession with her. That he even modeled The Doll after her says a lot on his end.
  • The Lost Lenore: She's the person Gehrman modeled the Doll after.
  • Turns Red: Most bosses have 2 or 3 phases. Maria is one of the ones with three phases. Her second phase has her plunge the twin blades into her chest, coating them with blood like the Chikage's transformed mode. Her third phase has her drawing in the blood spilled around the arena to empower herself even further, gaining a blood aura and causing the blood slung from her blades to spontaneously combust.
  • Unexplained Accent: Despite being from Cainhurst, whose only living resident speaks with the same English accent as the rest of Yharnam, Maria has a distinctly Slavic accent.
  • Weapon of Choice: Her original trick weapon, the Rakuyo, was a double-bladed sword that could be split into two. She eventually threw it away. Now she wields a souped up version of it that can use Blood Magic. You find the original within the well in the Fishing Hamlet, implying she either had a hand in the horrors that Byrgenwerth brought upon them or grew sickened at what the scholars had done there.
  • Weak, but Skilled: She's fast and she hits hard, but she has less health than the other bosses in the DLC and can be stunlocked by the majority of weapons in the game.
  • Wham Line: "A corpse... should be left well alone..." In the same voice as the Doll. Resulting in one of the few times the PC Hunter backs away from something out of fear.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: The version of the Rakuyo wielded during her boss fight combines the original's demand for dexterity with the Chikage's Blood Magic.

Fishing Hamlet (Major Spoilers Unmarked)

    Fishing Hamlet Priest 

Fishing Hamlet Priest

A survivor of Byrgenwerth's assault on the Fishing Hamlet. He spends his time wandering the Hamlet entrance, muttering curses about the events that took place there.
  • Madness Mantra: The curses towards Byrgenwerth he mutters.
  • Mr. Exposition: Though he's talking to himself more than you, his dialogue reveals a lot about how the Hunter's Nightmare came to be, and foreshadows the final boss as well.
  • Non-Malicious Monster: Despite his monstrous appearance and ominous dialogue, he's not hostile to you. The game doesn't even mark him as an enemy, seeing as how you can't target him and he doesn't react when you attack him.



Strange, Deep One-like creatures of the Fishing Hamlet who worshiped Kos and were transformed by the parasites found within her corpse.
  • An Axe to Grind: An uncommon variant wields a large meat cleaver.
  • Blade on a Stick: The most common variant uses fishing harpoons as their weapon of choice. Some of them carry multiple and throw them at you from a distance.
  • Body Horror: Their already deformed bodies are absolutely encrusted with barnacles.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Various places of Yharnam are adorned with odd alien-like statues that resemble the Fishmen.
  • Expy: Of the Deep Ones, of course.
  • Fish People: They resemble anthropomorphic fish.
  • Freudian Excuse: It's implied that they were used as guinea pigs for grotesque experiments by Byrgenwerth, which would give them a pretty valid reason for wanting to slaughter all Hunters on sight.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Some of them carry hand-rakes which they use like knives.
  • In the Hood: Many of them wear cowls that obscure their faces.
  • Shock and Awe: A robed variant carrying a large staff can conjure lightning.
  • Was Once a Man: Humans changed by the influence of the parasites in Kos's corpse.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: Implied to have brought Kos's curse upon Byrgenwerth and the Hunters for the experiments they suffered by their hands.

    Giant Fishmen 

Giant Fishmen
Hulking brutes transformed into shark-like creatures.
  • Anchors Away: The tougher version uses a rusty anchor as a weapon.
  • Beef Gate: The ones in the well have the original Rakuyo with them.
  • Boss in Mook's Clothing: Far and away some of the most dangerous enemies in the game - in a standard new game, they outright have higher stat-lines than early bosses like the Cleric Beast. An encounter with two of them inside the well is tougher than about 90% of the game's actual boss fights.
  • Eaten Alive: Their grab attack involves them picking you up and then chewing on your head, which will almost certainly kill you in one hit.
  • Expy: They share a lot of similarities in their design with the ogre from Berserk.
  • Fish People: They are hulking shark-like monsters.
  • Lightning Bruiser: They're tough, hit like a freight train and their attacks are surprisingly fast.
  • Shark Man: Their heads are very shark-like, which tells you precisely why you should fear them.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Despite how dangerous they are, certain regular attacks of theirs leave them very prone, making them the only giant enemy in game that can be reliably backstabbed during combat.

    Deep Sea Hound 

Deep Sea Hound

A bizarre half-viperfish variant of hunting dogs native to the Fishing Hamlet.
  • Fragile Speedster: Like their counterparts in the waking world, they run fast and bite hard, but gunshots automatically knock them down, and they can only take a few hits before going down for good.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: They can emit a ear-piercing shriek than stuns you.
  • Mix-and-Match Critter: These have the body of hunting dogs and the head of viperfish.
  • Right-Hand Attack Dog: They often accompany fishmen in their patrol around the hamlet.

    Snail Women 

Snail Women

Strange creatures found deep within the parasite farm breeding pits found beyond the Hamlet's lighthouse. Implied to be the women of the Hamlet, who willingly offered themselves to help cultivate and breed the parasites found within Kos. Although some argue that they are the evolved forms of the parasites removed from Kos' corpse.
  • Foreshadowing: A snail woman falls from the sky early in the Nightmare. Not only will that be the first time you ever see one, but it indicates that the secret you're seeking to uncover is above you and that the Nightmare is more of an Eldritch Location than you think.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: One of the shelled Snail Women simply falls out of the sky near where you pick up the Whirligig Saw.
  • No-Sell: Bolt-type attacks have no effect on them.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: These sea snail-like women are probably the closest thing to mermaids in the Bloodborne world.
  • Pose of Supplication: Dozens of them can be found praying right outside of the Orphan's boss door. They don't react to your presence and killing them yields no souls.
  • Shed Armor, Gain Speed: The ones that drop the shell that they were living in become much faster.
  • Was Once a Man: If they were the women of the Hamlet.

    Final Boss 

Orphan of Kos
A grotesque entity that came out of the dead Kos. The Orphan is a Great One and the final boss of The Old Hunters DLC.
  • All Your Powers Combined: It is functionally a Great One molded in the form of a Hunter, and thus it can use the spells granted by the Old Ones in addition to the blinding speed and ferocious fighting power of a Hunter complete with using its own placenta as a Trick Weapon.
  • Anti-Villain: It's just a frightened infant trying desperately to defend itself from a world it doesn't understand. It's pretty obviously terrified during the battle, and prior to that all it wants is to stay in the protection of its dead mother's womb.
  • Battle in the Rain: Rain gloomily falls as you fight it. When you kill the Sweet Child of Kos, it finally stops.
  • The Berserker: One of the most aggressive bosses in the game, and it hits hard. It basically fights like a wild, cornered animal, attacking you relentlessly with both physical and magical attacks and giving you extremely little room to catch your breath. He takes it Up to Eleven in the second phase, where, on top of everything else, he starts literally flying up in the air and then dive bombing you.
  • Clean, Pretty Childbirth: An aversion worth noting due to its grotesqueness, when the Orphan drags itself, malformed placenta and all, out of Kos' body.
    • Also overlaps with Chest Burster, as he rips out most of Kos' insides as he emerges from under her.
  • Confusion Fu: He constantly leaps and slams repeatedly in unpredictable patterns to confuse his enemies. He also can extend the range of his weapon with some attacks making it difficult to accurately gauge how far away you need to be.
  • The Dreaded: It's treated with both fear and reverence by the inhabitants of the Fishing Hamlet, and the fact that Lady Maria deliberately chose to stay in the Nightmare to keep anyone else from finding it implies that even she feared what it was capable of.
  • Enfant Terrible: It's a newborn Great One. Its boss intro cutscene even has it crying like a baby for a few seconds before its voice deepens into that of a sobbing adult. Which is suspiciously the exact same cry as Gehrman.
  • Evil Counterpart: It's essentially a Great One in the form of a Hunter, with the same sort of fighting style a Hunter would use, and its arm-blade-slash-ninja-fruit-bomb-inventory is basically an organic trick weapon.
  • Evil Knockoff: Of the Hunters. Unlike the other Great Ones, it has a humanoid shape and uses a nearly identical fighting style to what you use, which ends up being far deadlier for you than what the other Great Ones are capable of. It's implied that Kos made it like this specifically to take vengeance on the Hunters and the Church for the crimes they committed in the Fishing Hamlet.
  • Expy: A very twisted one to Guts, the main character of Berserk, a Japanese Manga whom Hideteka Miyazaki, the game's director, is a long-time fan of. Both Guts and the Orphan are born out of their dead mother's corpses. Both are capable of using gigantic weapons, and are subjected to lives of violence and misery.
  • Foil: To Mergo, the other Great One the player is tasked to kill in the main plot of the game. Both the Orphan and Mergo are the children of Great Ones and are both extremely powerful in their own right. Where the Orphan differs greatly from Mergo however is that the Orphan is perfectly capable of fighting on his own, where Mergo requires her Wet Nurse to defend her. Also, judging from the relative timeline of Bloodborne, given that the Pthumerians lived long before the college of Byrgenwerth was even founded, Mergo is AT LEAST many centuries old, although she is perpetually trapped in an infant form due to being stillborn. Contrast to the Orphan of Kos, who likely is at least several decades old, and looks physically aged.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Naturally, due to being Kos' offspring.
  • Improbable Weapon User: It uses its own placenta as a weapon.
  • Lean and Mean: It's tall, long-limbed, bony, emaciated, and absolutely savage.
  • Lightning Bruiser: It's fast, has one of the highest health pools of any boss in the game, and hits like a ton of bricks.
  • Mirror Boss: The reason why The Orphan so difficult to fight is because The Orphan is essentially a Kin Hunter. Fast movements, aggressive tactics and unpredictability are also the traits of a Hunter. It even has a weapon with multiple forms!
    • On the plus side, this renders most of the Orphan's attacks parryable (even if some are borderline impossible), as well as make it susceptible to backstabs from charged heavy attacks and the Augur of Ebrietas.
  • Natural Weapon: It uses the placenta it was born with as a weapon.
  • Non-Malicious Monster: Subverted in an interesting way. When you first enter the boss fight, the orphan is just mournfully staring at the big, bright "moon" in the night sky. Even during subsequent returns to the battle, this is what it initially does... until you get close, that is. Before you know it, you're now being pounced by a screaming, angry, emaciated baby-man devoting its very short beginning into murdering you with his Eldritch mother's own placenta.
  • Outside-Context Problem: Even in comparison to the other great ones, the Orphan is this. It's humanoid in form and unlike its brethren is not sympathetic to or even interested in communicating with humans at all. It also fights using attacks similar to other Great Ones while at the same time rushing around and acrobatically attacking you with a cleaver made of placenta. And despite its size it's easily more dangerous than any of the other great ones you fight.
  • Power Gives You Wings: When it enters its second phase, the membranes on it's back finally come apart, resembling a pair of tattered wings.
  • Psychotic Manchild: Its form resembles a human adult, but it cries and screams like a baby. Also, his original Japanese name is The Infant, Grown Old.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Inverted; it looks like a decrepit and withered old eldritch man-thing, but it is only minutes old at best when you find it crawling out of Kos's corpse. As noted above, the Japanese translation of its name is "The Infant, Grown Old".
  • Recurring Element: He's this game's Guts expy, the trend started by Artorias and continued by the Fume Knight, although different in that it's not visual similarities, and instead has a similar origin story as the character he was based off of.
  • Sad Battle Music: As is traditional for final bosses in this series, the Orphan's first theme has a somber, almost dirge-like feel, emphasizing its status as an Anti-Villain. During its second phase, it changes to a more tense theme, highlighting the more eldritch aspects.
  • Screaming Warrior: Only the screams sound more like shrieks of terror and sadness. Given the world it's born into and the circumstances of it's birth, can you blame the poor thing?
  • Script Breaking: It's possible to kill the Orphan while it's in its first stage, but no death animation was created in it's first one, leaving him standing straight for hilarious effect.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: It's the horrible secret that the Nightmare hides. Or rather, from piecing together the lore, what was done to it in reality is the secret.
  • Shock and Awe: It can call down lightning strikes with its screams.
  • Super Mode: In the second phase of its boss fight, the membranes come apart and resemble wings, and it becomes much faster and more aggressive in its attacks.
  • Turns Red: After getting it down to about half health, it grows wings and boasts an array of new, extremely destructive attacks.
  • Tyke Bomb: Implied to basically be Kos's vengeance on mankind, a being made in humanity's shape that will use their own methods to destroy them.
  • Uncanny Valley: Invoked. The Orphan is unnerving not because of how alien it looks, but how closely it resembles a human.
  • Walking Spoiler: The fact that it exists, as well as what had became of its mother, and why it was birthed, are massive plot twists in both the main game and the DLC.
  • Wing Pull: Does this when you reduce down to half its health, at which point it becomes signficantly more powerful and aggressive.
  • Winged Humanoid: It grows a pair of wings in the second phase, after which it gets even faster.

    "True Final Boss

Sweet Child of Kos

A black phantom of the Orphan found clinging to Kos' remains after the Orphan dies. This is what needs to be killed to truly put an end to the Hunter's Nightmare.
  • Expy: In terms of role in the plot of the DLC, it's basically Mergo, but now you can personally pulverize it to death. Also bears a close resemblance to the Humanity enemies from the first Dark Souls DLC.
  • Not Quite Dead: It can be see drifting back to the ocean upon being attacked. The Befuddled Villager describes it as such.
    Ah...sweet child of Kos, returned to the ocean. A bottomless curse. A bottomless sea. Accepting of all that there is, and can be.
  • True Final Boss: For the Expansion Pack, but only technically.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: Actually getting its appearance to trigger is infinitely more frustrating than finally putting it down.


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