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"You see, in this world, there's people like me and there's people like you. And people like me eat people like you for breakfast and shit them out. You're nothing but foreign vermin, a stinking introduced species. And it's up to my kind to wipe your kind out. And that makes me the winner, which makes you..."
Michael "Mick" Taylor, to Paul, before knocking him out, Wolf Creek 2

This is a page for utterly depraved characters from forms of media that do not lend themselves to the creation of a separate page.

Animation (Non-Anime, non-Western)

  • 10,000 Years Later: Wugreb was once a simple tribe leader who sought to understand the secrets of the ancient gods and their magic, technology. However, discovering that all gods were mere humans, Wugreb decided to make himself the most glorious being to have ever lived. Declaring himself the Devil of the new world, Wu transformed his entire tribe into his own army of demonic monsters, and sent them out into the land to pillage, destroy, and slaughter all they came across, turning the current world into a Hell of his own making. After being locked away for a millennia for his crimes, Wu rises once more and continues his nightmarish conquest, massacring entire tribes and, in one case, cursing their souls to never leave their now-dead bodies. Lusting to return to the ancient "Techcity" so as to use it in his domination, Wu assaults and strangles the friends and dog of a young girl, Joma, to force her to give him the means to bring Techcity to him, and, after succeeding in this, forces her to watch as he crucifies and kills one of her friends in front of her. Wu later declares his goal to erase all former gods from the history books and become the one, true power in the world, and brutally murders the few heroes who stand up to him, before attempting the same to Joma. Wu believed any shred of humanity to be a weakness and saw himself as the ultimate being who deserved to be god, and as such, lived up to his self-given name of "Devil Wu", terrorizing and killing all who stood in his way simply to feed his superiority complex.
  • Cubix: Robots for Everyone: Kilobot is the Dragon-in-Chief to Dr. K, the Arch-Enemy of Cubix, and the most vicious character in the series. A Power Parasite, Kilobot regularly drains innocent robots' life-energy throughout the series, plunging them into death-like comas in the process. When acting on orders from Dr. K, Kilobot goes out of his way to cause more destruction than remotely necessary, often times targeting children and innocents for fun. Kilobot regularly defies his master's orders, trying to let a weather machine destroy an entire city, stealing a cloning device from a robotics corporation, framing a hero for it, then trying to blow up said corporation when discovered, and murdering Dr. K's best friend, all on his own accord. Betraying Dr. K, Kilobot executes Maximix, takes control of an army of Zombots, then plans to use them to turn every robot into his slave then Take Over the World, and, when his plans are thwarted, Kilobot makes one last attempt on Cubix's life by crushing his power core in his bare hands. Though appearing in a lighthearted series, Kilobot was a depraved monster whose appearances darkened the series considerably.
  • Eon Kid:
    • The General is the sociopathic cyborg who is responsible for the post-apocalyptic state of the Earth throughout the series, and easily the most powerful being in the story. Developed a century ago to fight against an army of beings called the Gigantors, the General quickly developed a god complex and obsession with destiny, and led an uprising against humanity to Take Over the World, leading to mass destruction and chaos. Though seemingly defeated by the great hero Eon, the General was rebuilt 100 years later by his servants, and immediately restarts his campaign for conquest by dispatching dozens of CDF soldiers before reactivating one of the Gigantors. Using the Gigantor, the General crushes all in his path, planning to annihilate all those who stand against him, and coldly executes his loyal Dragon, Khan, for expressing disgust at the General's disregard for the mass casualties he plans to cause. When Marty, the last descendant of Eon, confronts him, the General attempts to painfully kill the boy while forcing his friends to watch, even mind-controlling one of them into attacking Marty for him, before finally losing all his previously smug composure to rant about his plans to plunge the world into darkness to fulfill his destiny. Vicious and cruel beyond compare, the General was feared across the world for good reason, and stamps himself in Earth's history as the greatest threat it ever faced.
    • Dr. Chen, one of the General's two Co-Dragons alongside Khan, is a diabolical genius bent on reviving the General and taking over the planet alongside him. Originally a high-ranking CDF scientist who was demoted for his unethical experiments, Chen betrayed humankind to rebuild the General and began collecting his scattered parts through any means necessary. To ensure the General would go unopposed when revived, Chen and Khan order the entire Eon family bloodline exterminated, leading to the deaths of numerous innocents, and Chen regularly orders the deaths of innocents throughout the series. After manipulating the arrogant Von Rhyner into reconstructing a Gigantor for him, Chen orders the man and his entire staff to be disposed of, and, once the General is revived, Chen gleefully pilots the Gigantor to destroy any opposition to the General, and tries to murder the young girl Ally when she attempts to shut down the mechanical monstrosity. Dr. Chen was a slimy scumbag who was willing to doom countless innocents out of nothing but ego and scientific curiosity, and is responsible for most of the evil in the series.
    • Scar, despite his limited appearances, sticks out as one of the series's wholly wicked characters. A twisted madman who serves the General simply to get to hurt people, Scar was the one commissioned to wipe out the Eon bloodline, and he gleefully hunted down each and every member of the family and slaughtered them, nearly claiming the life of a then-infant Marty as well. In the present, Scar attempts to torture a captured prisoner for information, and later tracks down a now preteen Marty, at which point he confronts Gaff, the Eon family guardian, whom Scar viciously mocks regarding his massacre of the Eon bloodline, even fondly recalling their screams as he cut them down. When he eventually confronts Marty by slaughtering his way into a hospital, Scar continues his boasts of glee at killing the boy's family, and implores the boy to stay conscious as he assaults him, noting it won't be as fun to kill him if he's not awake. Though a minor villain in the grand scheme of things, Scar stood out among his fellow villains as the only purely sadistic individual who regarded killing and hurting others as rewards in themselves.
  • Krishna Aur Kans:
    • King Kans is a brutal tyrant and warlord who starkly believes it is his right to take whatever he pleases, at the expense of the kingdom. While prince, Kans devastated villages, brutally killing its inhabitants and forcing others into slavery. When Kans hears of a prophecy that the eighth son of his beloved cousin Devaki will put an end to his reign, he makes it his foremost mission to kill him to end the threat to his rule. He is offered the chance to repent of his evil, but refuses. He revokes his former love for Devaki and imprisons both her and her husband Vasudev on the day of their wedding, and murders their newborn children so that they won't grow up to oppose him, also executing anyone who sympathizes with the two. When Devaki gives birth to Krishna and he is hidden away in a village, Kans summons demons to kill him, even allowing the witch Putna to slaughter infant children by the hundreds just to ensure Krishna's death. After a decade passes, Kans finally summons Krishna to a gladiatorial battle to finish him once and for all. Believing himself superior to all beings, Kans was a monstrous ruler who caused the deaths and suffering of thousands of people.
    • Putna is the first demon summoned by Kans, and one of the most vile. Dealing in the black arts, Putna takes pride in her evil and cruelty. She torments the other demons in the underworld, burning and melting them on a whim, all the while gloating of how she has killed many humans. When summoned by Kans to kill Krishna, Putna is piqued, desiring the deaths of thousands of children. She only agrees to the deal when Kans appeals to her by demanding that every infant boy born in the last ten days be killed. Putna then terrorizes the kingdom, gleefully murdering every infant she sees. When she finds Krishna, she transforms into a beautiful woman and tries to feed him poisoned breast milk. Among a colony of demons, Putna surpasses the others in sheer cruelty, and the other demons are both mesmerized by and terrified of her.
  • Monkey King: Hero Is Back: Hun Dun (or Hundun) the Demon King—the leader of the mountain trolls—is an alchemist practitioner searching for eternal life. Tasking his minions with invading villages to capture children, Hun Dun aims to sacrifice them on the Day of the Total Solar Eclipse by burning them to death in a large alchemy furnace and converting their life essences into an elixir, thereby prolonging his own life. His search for immortality throws him into conflict with the group when Jiang Liuer saves a young girl from getting taken. After succeeding at capturing the young girl through an elaborate trap, Hun Dun, angered by Liuer's intrusion with his plans, seizes the young boy and strangles him to the point of unconsciousness, which advances to him trying to violently dispose of the boy by firing several blasts at him. Upon acquiring energy from the solar eclipse, Hun Dun transforms into a nightmarish monster and begins to destroy everything in his path. Hun Dun also throws a boulder at Liuer when the titular Monkey King, Sun Wukong, was desperately trying to save him. Unflinching in his quest for immortality, Hun Dun darkens the mood of an otherwise lighthearted film.
  • Next Gen: Ares, initially Justin Pin's hulking robot bodyguard, is revealed to be far more evil than he lets on. Having been created by Justin Pin to be the perfect machine, Ares deduced that humans are flawed, and that they should be destroyed, killing Justin in response. Building a robot Justin to serve as his puppet, he creates the Gen 6 Q-Bots for everyone to own, planning on having them detonate and wipe out all of humanity. Seeing 7723 destroying his machines, he kidnaps Mai's mother Molly, then tries to kill the two before leading them to a trap once they manage to escape. Revealing his plans to Mai and 7723, he casually disintegrates Dr. Tanner Rice and orders the Q-Bots to detonate a full soccer stadium once his plans are leaked to the public, before trying to disintegrate Mai for foiling his plans. A sadistic killing machine, Ares, despite his funny personality and claims of creating a better world, is nothing more than an egotistical monster willing to kill both human and robot alike to suit his needs.
  • Prince Vladimir: Krivzha is a High Priest of Perun who uses his pagan religion to obtain absolute power. In the beginning, he murders his teacher to gain authority. Many years later, he collaborates with the Pechenegs and has them slaughter and burn villages. He also suggests that the village's sole survivor, a young boy, be sacrificed to his god. The boy later escapes and when Krivzha finds him with the Greeks, the boy escapes again while Krivzha has all the others killed and their ship burned. To obtain control over Russia, Krivzha frames Vladimir's older brother, Yaropolk, for the murder of the middle brother, Oleg, and give Vladimir a forged letter, causing Vladimir to invade his brother's land which ultimately results in the latter's death. After being exposed with his lies, Krivzha returns with the Pechenegs and attempts to kill a sympathetic pagan priest.
  • Sky Blue: Commander Locke is the ruthless head of security of Ecoban, introduced working the Marrians to death in terrible conditions. When a disaster occurs, Locke disengages a part of the rig, killing a large amount of innocent workers. When a foreman tries to stop Locke, Locke executes him on the spot and tells his subordinates that it's fine because the man drew a knife on him first. Locke begins ramping up the oppression, taking his men to kill protesting Marrians and finally initiates Operation Marr to exterminate most of them except those he'll spare to be enslaved to work for Ecoban. When he returns to find the heroine Jay trying to sabotage the city's unfair system, Locke gleefully attempts to shoot through his own second-in-command Cade to kill her, grinning all the while.
  • Speckles: The Tarbosaurus: One-Eye is a Serial Killer and engine of hate and rage in a Tyrannosaurus Rex's skin. One Eye demonstrates he's a calculating, rational monster by initiating a disaster to kill the young Speckles' family and murders his siblings for fun rather than food. He proceeds to haunt Speckles throughout his entire life, trying to kill him or those the Tarbosaurus cares for. At the film's end, he even murders one of Speckles' children and tries to murder the other by hurling the hatchling into the ocean.
  • Thru the Moebius Strip: The sociopathic King Tor of Raphicca was once a general of the Raphiccan army, but he became jealous of the current ruler of Raphicca, his own brother, and murdered him to take his position as king. Ruling his planet with an iron fist, Tor's selfishness drove numerous Raphiccans to rebel against him, leading to an ongoing war between the rebels and Tor. When the high priestess of the Raphiccans tries to hide a powerful crystal from Tor, he casually murders her, proclaiming her a traitor, then tortures one of her disciples to force another to harness the power of the crystal for him. After trying to kill the young Prince Ragis to secure his position as king, Tor leads a full-on assault on Ragis and the rebel army, wantonly firing his powerful cannons at enemies and his own soldiers alike, killing dozens of people. Flying into a rage after his soldiers turn against him due to his cruelty, Tor plans to open a dimensional rift and unleash nightmarish entities onto Raphicca to crush all in their path just to spite his enemies, and is beaten while trying to kill a defenseless human boy who was trying to close the rift. Power-hungry to the point of psychopathy, Tor stuck out as particularly vile in this family-oriented film.


  • Battle Beast's self-titled album and Beast In Black's Berserker (especially "The Fifth Angel"): Griffith, the mercenary captain leading the Band of the Hawk, is a narcissistic, coldly ambitious sociopath with a cruel demeanor. Expressing his egotistical views and cold ambition, he betrays his mercenary comrades without a second thought, allows them to all die in a monstrous manner, and, with glee, rapes Guts's beloved Casca just to spite the two.
  • Blind Guardian's Nightfall in Middle-Earth: Morgoth, the Enemy, was a former Valar who turned against his fellows and destroyed the lights of Valinor. Fleeing to Middle-Earth after murdering the Noldor king, Morgoth kills countless elves in their pursuit of him, even slaying their king Fingolfin as painfully as he can in single combat after wiping out the Noldor host. It is revealed Morgoth tortures many prisoners in his dungeons, boasting that nobody ever escapes him. When the hero Hurin defies Morgoth, Morgoth tortures him and forces him to see the ruin of Hruin's own kin for "troubl(ing) (his) day", obsessed with his own power and domination, declaring that all who stand oppose him shall be damned in the end.
  • "Such Horrible Things" by Creature Feature: The unnamed Villain Protagonist from "Such Horrible Things" talks of all the things he's done while stating outright that he should be killed gruesomely for having done it all. It starts off with him being just a violent Jerk Ass kid who pranks people in cruel ways. His first known crime is causing one of his friends to vanish in the woods, never to be found. He then burned down his own house because he hated its color. At twelve, he tossed his sister down a well to her seeming doom. When recounting what happened when he was 14, he says that nothing happened, but then he remembers "that one time" and chuckles. Cue a series of screams and about 50 seconds without any narration. His reign of terror ended when he tried to bury his brother alive. The brother just barely survived, but got the narrator locked in an asylum for the rest of his life.
  • Edge of Sanity: The Crimson Queen is the Big Bad of Crimson and Crimson II. The first-born child for a decade after the world has been rendered infertile, the Queen masquerades as a messiah and a symbol of hope, but is in reality a willing servant of Hell. She first wipes out the elders, scientists preserved for their knowledge, to prevent humanity from being able to breed again. She locks up her predecessor in a crimson tank to be tortured for years, and takes pleasure in the sound of his screams. Told by her master that she will leave the world defiled, she enacts a plan to exterminate the last of humanity. She uses her mind-control powers to trick her loyal court into killing themselves in front of their loved ones, condemning their souls to a Fate Worse than Death. When humanity gathers together to oppose her, the Queen sends her knights to kill everything they come across and attempts to fuse the mortal world and hell together to rule over all that remains, before being defeated and imprisoned. In Crimson II, after her spirit is released by an unsuspecting nun and she is reborn as a baby, she holds an entire monastery under mind control, and drives anyone who suspects her identity into insanity. When a group of the nuns attempt to imprison her again seven years later, the Queen tries to murder every single one of them, including the one who released her.
  • Geto Boys: "Mind of a Lunatic" features two of these:
    • Bushwick Bill starts his part off shooting someone in the head, taking delight as the guy bleeds to death and draws his last breath. He later stalks a girl outside of her house, grabs her by the mouth as soon as she leaves, drugs her, drags her back into the house, and proceeds to rape her, threatening to kill her if she screams. He slits her throat anyway and continues to rape her corpse. Bushwick Bill ends his part wielding a shotgun and a few explosives, ready to face the cops.
    • Scarface is much more Ax-Crazy, fondly reminiscing about the people he's killed and mutilated. He kills his girlfriend and a nearby guy who said girlfriend's grandmother alerted. As he is about to kill the grandmother, the police arrive to stop him. Scarface proceeds to kill them with his guns, loaded up on Angel Dust at the same time. Surrounded by the police, he kills an innocent bystander and takes the rest of them as hostages, declaring that he will murder them unless the cops let him go.
  • Broken Bride, by Ludo: King Silias is the King of what remains of civilization After the End. Not satisfied with his power, he makes a Deal with the Devil to destroy the rest of the world in exchange for magic. He uses this dark magic to burn and boil the dead into zombies with the sole purpose of wiping out the rest of the world. When a little boy suggests fighting back against the horde, he uses this magic to Mind Rape the mayor into a Despair Event Horizon and kill himself in front of said boy. Silias is amused by this and all his other crimes, never showing remorse, and using his dying breaths to still try to destroy the world.
  • "The Curse of Millhaven", by Nick Cave: Loretta, better known as Lottie, is a psychotic 14-year-old whose sadistic, prolific murders are mistaken for some sort of curse upon her hometown. First, she murders a young boy by bashing in his head, and hides his body in a creek. She then decapitates a handyman and leaves his head in a fountain, and stabs her neighbor to death. After getting caught, she happily describes the rest of her crimes in detail: on top of the murders, she had taken down warning signs around a lake in late winter, resulting in the deaths of 20 children, and committed arson around a slum, burning it and its inhabitants to the ground. When captured, her only regret is that she couldn't do more.
  • Poets of the Fall: Hamartia is the lord of the Tragic Mistake, who delights in leading people to ruin. A devilish Monster Clown, Hamartia, in the "Daze" music video, presides over a Masquerade Ball of decadence and revelry, mocking the desire for freedom and friendship from one of the guests. When she attempts to leave, Hamartia decides to "let the whole world burn" and incinerates the entire ball with everyone inside, the flames eventually engulfing the woman's car, all while Hamartia celebrates amidst the fire.
  • Queensr˙che's Operation: Mindcrime: In this famous Concept Album Rock Opera duology, Dr. X is the mysterious and charismatic leader of Operation Mindcrime. Dr. X preys on the disillusioned and hopeless, taking advantage of their dissatisfaction with society and their addictions to make them assassins to kill "political" targets, actually just people in Dr. X's way, so that he can amass more wealth and power for himself. When Nikki attempts to leave the group, Dr. X arranges for the death of Nikki's lover Sister Mary and frames Nikki for the crime to send him to an asylum and keep Dr. X's involvement secret. Years later when Nikki escapes, he discovers Dr. X has simply taken advantage of society to grow more and more wealthy and powerful, his rhetoric after defeating corruption a total lie.
  • Rhapsody of Fire:
    • The Emerald Sword Saga:
      • Akron is a ruthless warlord and champion of the Hell God Kron. Akron begins by destroying the city of Ancelot and capturing its princess Airin. He lures the Warrior of Ice into giving him the famed Emerald Sword by threatening to execute all his prisoners, but has already killed them all. Akron has princess Airin raped to death by his demons in front of the men who love her, before having her beloved Arwald tortured and executed by being thrown into an acid pool. Akron's armies run rampant, destroying everything they encounter and slaughtering all they can. After a long campaign, when the Warrior of Ice is captured, Akron has him tortured and then decides to execute him by having him fed to the ravenous water snakes in the swamps.
      • The Queen of Dark Horizons, the ancient bride of Kron, is reawakened by Akron and proceeds to bring down torture, rape and pestilence upon the world. Unleashing hordes of demons and bringing the dead with her, the Queen helps to sweep over the lands with Akron, massacring countless innocents and subjecting others to rape and torture in order to build a kingdom for Kron where all who live submit, die, or both.
    • The Dark Secret Saga: Nekron, the son of Kron, led horrific wars that depopulated entire regions. Knowing his demise was imminent after the betrayal of the dragon Thanor, Nekron tortured Thanor hideously and turned him into stone before leaving ways to restore himself. Upon being returned, Nekron plans to lead demons to enact torture, pain and blood upon all living things until he is the master of everything.
  • "Fear Garden", by Rin Kagamine: The killer (portrayed by Rin) is a psychotic and vile teenage trickster who obsesses over human hands. She will act friendly and chipper while in public or at school, but will proceed to stalk her "friends" until she can get them alone, and will then proceed to use a knife to torture her victims, eventually using the knife and her own strength to rip their arms off of their bodies, then finish the victims off by continually stabbing them even after they die. She will then plant the arms with their hands out in her garden and flowerpots, decorating them and rearranging them. She muses about her malevolent actions and even flashes back to her first victim, her own twin brother, who she killed and hid in a closet
  • A Sound of Thunder:
    • Tales from the Deadside (Music Inspired by Valiant Comics Shadowman): Master Darque, after murdering his father and countless innocents to strengthen his dark powers, pursues his fleeing sister Sandria, killing all in his path to recover her. After being defeated and banished to the Deadside, Darque proceeds to build a tower of souls, yoking countless tortured spirits to harness their energy in order to pierce the veil of the living world, allowing him to "challenge God by killing all who live and dream".
    • "Udoroth": The titular Udoroth was once a barbarian warlord who slaughtered and raped everything in his path before being slain and forced to pay for every crime in his mortal life. Udoroth became a merciless demon lord by killing his way to the top, assuring a cruel reign over the domain he rules over. To slake his perpetual lust for agony and torture, Udoroth enslaves, slaughters, and tortures everything within sight, eventually leading his hordes to conquer Earth and rule a land of the living and dead with no divide.
  • "Angels", by Within Temptation: The unnamed Serial Killer is a demon who dresses up as trustworthy people—such as a cop, a doctor, a construction worker, and a clown—and lures women into his home, pretending to be a friendly individual, only to kill them after he's gained their trust by chloroforming them and burying them alive in the desert. He has succeeded at least 16 times, and keeps newspaper clippings of their disappearances on his wall. He intends to do the same thing to the protagonist under the guise of a priest, after her friend has seemingly abandoned her on the side of the road.
  • "Garbage" by Tyler, the Creator: The Serial Killer is initially just an ordinary drug dealer who later found joy after killing a guy for trespassing his territory. Addicted to killing, he then goes on to commit numerous murders and slaughters a task force that tried to arrest him. He also keeps a number of victims alive in his house basement, rips out their arms and legs so that they wouldn't leave, and tortures them for his own amusement. It is also implied that he killed children or at least drugged them to the point where they are beyond saving.
  • The Hazards of Love by The Decemberists: One of the two main villains of the album, the Rake is a self-centered sociopath who only married his wife to slake his want for sex, and believed fatherhood was a curse. Glad about the deaths of his wife and third daughter in childbirth, the Rake decided to murder his remaining children in order to gain the freedom of a new, carefree life. In "The Rake's Song", he reveals he poisoned his elder daughter, drowned the younger, and beat his son to death then burned his body because the boy dared to fight back. Assuring the listener he's never really been bothered about murdering his own kids, in the second half of the album he begins his new life by abducting the heavily pregnant Margaret with the intent to rape her.

Mythology And Religion

  • Greco-Roman myth is replete with examples of mortals who tried to outsmart the gods and paid for it. Yet none of them found as disgusting a method, or deserved their resultant punishment, as these people did:
    • Tantalus, a Greek king who was a favourite guest and host of Zeus', proved that familiarity breeds contempt. Deciding that the gods were fools rather then omniscient beings, Tantalus set out to show that they could not even tell what they were being served for dinner, let alone comprehend the secrets of the cosmos. Murdering his own son, Pelops, Tantalus had him boiled, and served to the gods as the main course at dinner. By tricking the Olympians into eating their host's child, he sought to demonstrate that the gods were utter imbeciles. Instead, he proved that he was a relentlessly vile person and that even Olympian gods have standards. When his ploy was uncovered, Zeus both resurrected Pelops and trapped Tantalus in an Ironic Hell, cementing cannibalism, the slaying of one's own children, and the mistreatment of guestsnote  as major taboos in Greek culture.
    • Following in Tantalus' bad, bad example is Lycaon, tyrant of Arcadia, and the first werewolf. Appearing in several compendiums of myth from the time period, the most infamous version of Lycaon's story appears in Ovid's Metamorphoses. A cruel, bloodthirsty ruler, Lycaon was angered when his citizens celebrated Jove's (Zeus) visit to his city. Determined to prove that Jove was not really a god, and was therefore unworthy of their worship, Lycaon offered Jove a room for the night, plotting to murder him in his sleep. He also, like Tantalus before him, sought to test Jove's divinity, by serving the god human flesh at dinner. Butchering a hostagenote , Lycaon roasted his flesh, ate some of it himself, and placed it on the table before Jove, who reacted in outrage and disgust, cursing him with lycanthropy. Watching the newly lupine tyrant slaughter a herd of sheep, Jove noted that Lycaon's nature had not changed; it was simply that he was now as savage on the outside as he had always been on the inside.
  • Erlik, the Big Bad of the Mongolian and Siberian pantheons, was originally created by Ulgan to assist him in shaping the world. Erlik, however, believed himself to be the superior creator and planned to usurp Ulgan. After accidentally adding the negative features of nature to creation, Ulgan banished Erlik, who then decided to deliberately ruin Ulgan's world to get even. He corrupted Ulgan's perfect life form, humans, adding to them everything negative about human nature, and when Ulgan created the prophet Maidere to elighten humans, Erlik murdered him, forcing humans to rely on shamans to obtain the knowledge of the gods one tiny bit at a time. In his capacity as God of Death, Erlik has been known to drag human souls to his realm to enslave them, and it was believed that this would be the fate of anyone who did not first sate Erlik's ego with sacrifices.
  • Egyptian Mythology: Apep, more widely known in the West by his Greek name, Apophis, the Egyptian god of darkness, chaos, and destruction. Residing in the Underworld, Apophis took the form of a colossal snake, and every night, would attempt to devour the sun god Ra, as he made his way through the land of the dead, hoping to leave the world without light or life. During the day, while Ra was in the sky, Apophis would feed on those dead souls who were not properly protected against him, leading to their complete obliteration. His motives for doing so were that, as a primordial being associated with the dark, he hated the fact that there was a sun, or life on earth, and aimed to go back to the way things used to be. He was also the leader of armies of demons, and sought to subvert mortal confederates into aiding his nihilistic agenda. Reviled by all the other deities, including Set (who eventually took on the role of God of Evil), and universally loathed in Egypt, Apophis was the only god to have the distinction of never being prayed to. Instead, temples and ceremonies were set up to pray against him.
  • Book of Esther of the Judeo-Christian Myth: Haman who was a treacherous advisor offended by one Jew's refusal to bow to him, using this as justification for plotting the genocide of the Jewish people. Various Judaic traditions elaborate on this, noting Haman had a picture of an idol embroidered onto his robes so that he could force Jews bowing to him to violate the taboo against kneeling to idols. The very trees from which he hoped to build his gallows recoiled from his unclean presence, and unlike some Biblical antagonists, he's not an agent of divine retribution, just a self-important bastard who can't accept being disrespected. Even Haman's wife tells to his face that he has gone over the line, and that his obsession with killing the Jews would soon become self-destructive; he ignores her and goes ahead with his plans. His name has become a watchword for anti-Semitism and he is viewed in rabbinical tradition as an archetypal evil figure.
  • Zoroastrian Myth: Angra Mainyu, alias Ahriman, is the Evil Twin of creator god Ahura Mazda, and the antithesis of everything good and just. Declaring that "it is not that I cannot make anything good, but that I will not," Angra Mainyu sought to prevent Ahura Mazda from creating life in the first place, by slaying the primal bull (his first creation). He seduced the daevas (demons) away from Ahura Mazda, transforming them into spiteful beings living only to spread fear and hatred. When Ahura Mazda created sixteen lands, Angra Mainyu responded with sixteen scourges, including old age, disease, war, vice, and death. He created the monster Aži Dahāka, destined to slay one-third of the earth's population, and turned him loose in the world. He made two separate attempts at destroying the Earth's water supply and leaving all creation to die of dehydration. He made Jeh, the primal whore, so that women would suffer from menstruation, birth pangs, and mistrust from men. He tried to coerce Zoroaster into coming over to his side, and then set the daevas upon him when he would not. Responsible for the very existence of evil, Angra Mainyu works to seduce men and women away from Ahura Mazda, so they might join his campaign for control of reality. Hating everything good and just, and angry that he is not the one who created everything, Angra Mainyu's ultimate goal is the annihilation of the universe.


  • Dino Attack RPG: Nearly every villain has some redeemable trait... and then there's these guys.
    • The Brickspider Bot v1.0. Simply put, the Brickspider Bot is a cold-blooded killer, with quite a body count during the battle for LEGO Island. The Brickspider Bot also assisted Dr. Rex in leading the Dino Attack Team to the trap in Quadrant 14, which took even more lives. It was also noted that the Brickspider Bot is a grave robber who picks apart dead bodies to find ways to improve itself. It was created to be a mere mook, but Evil Ogel and General Evil realized that it was too intelligent and too evil, and so they knew it had to be destroyed. Even Cyber-Bully was disgusted by the Brickspider Bot's presence. The Brickspider Bot feels sadistic pleasure in torturing and terrorizing its victims before killing them in cold blood. The sole reason the Brickspider Bot wants to see the apocalypse happen is because it revels in the death and destruction it will cause, i.e. In Love with Your Carnage. Never portrayed sympathetically, and ultimately killed by the heroes.
    • Michelle Glados is willing to kill a world's population in a horrible apocalypse that she helped to bring about... you know, For Science! The fact that she suggests this so emotionlessly only makes it worse; although she rarely shows emotion, she feels no regrets over what she has done, and her emotionless exterior actually masks a sadism rivaling that of Loop and the Brickspider Bot. Otherwise, one might argue that her lack of caring only makes her an even greater monster. She knowingly took a group of Dino Attack agents, disguised as her own mooks, and sent them to the front lines of the battlefield where they were shot and killed by their own teammates. Then, she activated poisonous gases to treat the survivors with a slow, agonizing death. But the greatest Player Punch of all was when she killed Amanda Claw and Trouble, two beloved long-runners of the Dino Attack RPG, which numerous players attested to having radically altered their perception of the RPG as a result. Her presence usually elicits complete disgust from those around her. Even if she does have a Freudian Excuse in the form of a Friendless Background, that's no excuse for her behavior today, as called out by Frank Einstein. When Glados and her fellow scientists realized that they were being manipulated by the Darkitect all along, they were all given a chance of redemption. Most of the other scientists took that chance and, by the end of the final battle, were fighting alongside the heroes. Glados did not. In fact, she barely even acknowledged the possibility that she could have redeemed herself, instead choosing to continue pursuing her own goals up until her death.
    • Baron Typhonus, the Darkitect, is considered to be on nearly-Eldritch levels of unspeakable horrors. He wants to destroy the planet... and then, from there, the rest of the universe. Being the RPG's only Omnicidal Maniac, he is frequently a target of Even Evil Has Standards and Evil Versus Oblivion. He actively plays with the minds of numerous characters, toying with their emotions to increase their suffering or bend them to his will. He has even brought peoples' worst fears to life in some of the cruelest ways possible. One of the worst things he has done on-screen is his Divine Intervention, saving Dr. Rex from death, but in doing so, leaving him in a state of endless pain and agony while reducing him to little more than a puppet that he could control, forcing him to keep fighting a battle he no longer wanted to fight. That's right. He turned Dr. Rex, who was a monster in his own right, into a woobie. He has no regret or remorse for anything he does. When his minions, nothing more than tools to accomplish his goals to him, outlive their usefulness, he offs them without a single second thought. In fact, throughout everything he does, he remains arrogant and smug about it, enjoying seeing the pain he inflicts upon others. While he cannot be killed, his presence is indefinitely banished from Earth, which was the only way the RPG could have a remote chance at a happy ending.
  • Forumwarz: PurifyingSelector88 is the Big Bad of episode 3 and a former Geronimo employee who desires to kill anyone who he considers "undesirable" in order to "purify humanity". He first makes himself known by trying to kill the protagonists and his allies with a sound file containing a literal Brown Note, and it is subsequently revealed that he has done this with others. During the investigation, a tech support worker is killed by the file as a warning to back off. PS88 then tricks the player into pwning the DinkDonkDoink board and deletes the files tracing back to him. He reveals that he has upgraded the Brown Note to a "Death Note" that makes the sound come from the computer itself, thus not being able to be shut off, and has many test subjects get that far. After testing it on Doctor O, he plans to upload it to an Allen Thicke webcast that would be watched by hundreds of millions. Despite Forumwarz being generally comedic, PS88 manages to be a shockingly dark villain.
  • Global Guardians PBEM Universe: The worst by far is The Blood Red King (the Anthropomorphic Personification of Terror), who, on a lark, once invaded the maternity ward of a Belgian hospital and suffocated all the babies whose name began with an "odd-numbered" letter (A = 1, C = 3, and so on). He once forced a crusading televangelist to rape, strangle, and dismember his own teenage daughter during a live television broadcast because he didn't like the man's hair.
  • The Insane Quest of Unfathomable Randomness: Sola Soulhawk has attempted genocide, destroying worlds, murdering her foes' closest friends simply to mess with her foes, Cold-Blooded Torture, and a creepy fascination with her cousin that combines Incest Subtext with murderous intent.
  • Mass Effect Forum RPG: Tiraz Malkizan was, throughout his life, only ever interested in two things: Gaining money and power, and hurting people . Never a moral Turian to begin with, he committed his first murder at the age of 16 when he didn't want to share the loot of a robbery with his partner. Later on he decided that he could make far more money by becoming a Dirty Cop than with petty crime. To that end, he manipulated his two naive colleagues Beyo and Javed to use dirty methods (mostly blackmail and torture) to gather information faster and often framing innocent parties, all under the pretense of pretense of doing the work that others are afraid to do for the greater good. His most heinous acts during that period were the murder of an investigating co-worker and the brutal raping of Luceija Ascaiath, which he recorded for his own amusement. After being exposed and confronted by his colleagues, he grabbed off all the money they ever made and ran off to become a powerful crime lord, now fully embracing his savage nature with delight. Him raping and cannibalizing an Asari Justicar to death (after throwing her companion out of a window) and butchering his completely loyal assistant for saving him a few moments later than he ordered are just a few examples of why he is still considered the absolutely worst person this RPG has ever spawned, despite being dead since the early days of the RPG.
  • Wikizilla Roleplay: Bombshock is a psychotic Insecticon Mad Bomber who has absolutely no standards or redeeming qualities to balance out his evil. Obsessed with causing mass devastation with his explosives, Bombshock was so repulsive and cruel in his twisted ways of killing that even other Decepticons like Hardshell and Tarn despised him. Following the demise of his loyal second-in-command Scurrydown, Bombshock shrugged him off and claimed that he didn't need anymore anyways, as he got the bomb he wanted. Bombshock also used his own men as suicide bombers, killing them off just to kill some civilians and then slashed Gamoni's throat, to which he gloated about to Hardshell. His ultimate plan was to go to Mt. Saint Helens where he would release his deadliest weapon known as "Bombshock's Special" into the volcano, which would have activated the volcano and cause an explosion, spreading toxic gases that could've spread out and kill off everyone on Earth in a few months. During his fight with Hardshell, he then mocks and gloats some more on how far he's come and can't be stopped. Demented, twisted, sadistic and utterly vile in every way, Bombshock was one the darker villains to ever grace the RPVerse.


  • William Shakespeare has produced timeless works with quite the incredible and diverse output. From some of his plays have come villains who are impressive in their depravity centuries later.
    • Othello: Honest Iago is one of the most famous examples of this trope in English Literature. A bitter Venetian officer who resents the promotion of another man over him by his commander, the Moor Othello, Iago schemes for revenge by ingratiating himself with Othello and driving him to madness with insinuations his beloved wife Desdemona is having an affair with the officer Cassio. Iago undermines Othello while acting as his friend. Iago murders his accomplice and his own wife to cover for himself, and at the end, convinces Othello to murder Desdemona. At the end, Iago displays no remorse and refuses to speak one word more in his whole life. Through the play, Iago goes through various motives for his evil: racism, envy suspicion Othello is sleeping with his own wife...but at the end he simply concludes there is no motive. He simply enjoys this.
    • Richard III is one of the most famous examples of a Historical Villain Upgrade in English drama. Richard informs us early on that he is determined to prove a villain and ruin the day for everyone else. To that end, he seduces Anne Neville, whose noble husband he himself murdered, with every intent of discarding her later. He has his brother George, Duke of Clarence, sent to the Tower of London and murdered, drives his older brother King Edward IV into an early grave and has Edward's two young sons imprisoned in the Tower of London, before having them murdered. He poisons Anne herself, and begins having his allies killed. On the night before his battle with Henry Tudor, he is visited by the spirits of his victims, who tell him to despair and die. Richard is left alone, deserted by all, and at the end, he admits that even he has nothing but hatred for himself.
  • Be More Chill: The SQUIP is a sociopathic, brainwashing supercomputer in pill form designed to make the user popular. The second he uploads himself into high school student Jeremy Heere, he is excessively cruel, making cracks at Jeremy's self-esteem and forcing him to repeat suicidal remarks the SQUIP makes about him. However, he advances beyond simple bullying when he attempts to have another student rape Jeremy via puppeting his body. From then on, he reveals that he desires to Take Over the World, and as he is rejected by Jeremy, in his last-ditch effort to achieve his goal, he offers up Jeremy's Love Interest as a mind-controlled slave.
  • The History of King Lear, by Nahum Tate: Stripped of all his redeeming qualities, Edmund the Base becomes a vile, two-dimensional shadow of his presentation in the original play. Turning his own father, the Duke of Gloucester, against his noble-hearted brother Edgar by insinuating treason, Edmund poses as an honorable man before having his own father arrested, viciously tortured, and blinded solely to seize power. Struck with lust for Lear's daughter Cordelia, Edmund seeks to rape Cordelia himself to slake his evil lust, later having Lear and Cordelia set to hang while dying a sneering, unrepentant libertine thoroughly unhindered by his own conscience.
  • Kamen Rider Chūshingura stageshow: Doctor Kira/Kamen Rider Killer is the egotistical B.O.A.R.D. researcher responsible for the dangerous Killer System. Believing that everyone else was jealous of his superior intelligence, Kira happily guns down a co-worker for having judged him, and enslaves three Orphnochs, using them as attack dogs to distract Kenzaki and Aikawa while he programs the Killer System. Having been betrayed by his assistant, Oishi, who steals the Faiz Driver from him, Kira sends the Orphnochs to kill her. After the Orphnochs are defeated, Kira ignores Oishi's attempts of convincing him to cancel the Killer System, and uses it to mutate himself into Rider form, easily overpowering the other Riders and trying to kill Oishi. When given a chance of redemption, Kira completely rejects it, considering the world "full of lies".
  • The Lion King musical: Scar commits the same crimes that his movie counterpart did and goes beyond that. During the musical, Scar became more and more paranoid as time went by and he also felt that he was being tormented by his older brother even in death. Unwilling to admit that he was terrible at governing the Pride Lands, he instead condemns all his subjects to death so that he wouldn't have to accept that maybe he wasn't as good at being a king that he thought he would be. He also attempted to force himself onto Nala (a scene cut from the film), which becomes even more disturbing in hindsight considering that he tried to have her killed along with his nephew when they were children. The musical version of Scar is nothing more than an egotistical, treacherous, and murderous feline.
  • Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan: Tamiya Iemon is a vicious ronin expelled from his clan for embezzlement. When his father-in-law requests Iemon divorce his dutiful wife Oiwa to give her a better life, Iemon murders the man and uses his death to manipulate Oiwa into returning to him. Seeking to eventually get a better match for himself, Iemon has Oiwa poisoned, resulting in her being horribly disfigured. Iemon then hires a friend of his to rape Oiwa so he can blame her for adultery, only for Oiwa to discover his scheme and accidentally kill herself, to which Iemon has no remorse. Iemon promptly murders a random servant to frame him as Oiwa's illicit lover, and when Oiwa returns as a ghost, Iemon eventually murders his new wife and her father thanks to Oiwa's haunting, before killing his new mother-in-law of his own accord in anger.
  • Tosca: Baron Vitellio Scarpia is the head of the police who relentlessly hunts down those deemed as "traitors" and subjects them to torture and execution. When he captures the painter Mario Cavaradossi, he decides to use the man as leverage to possess his sweetheart Floria Tosca. He has Mario brutally tortured, and convinces Mario that Tosca betrayed him to drive a wedge between the lovers. He then proceeds to offer Tosca Mario's safety if she sleeps with him, horrifying her. He promises to spare Mario if she does so, arranging a fake execution. However, even after Scarpia's death it is revealed he had no intention of honoring his word: the execution is real and Mario dies anyways. A venal hypocrite hiding behind his sanctimony, Scarpia glories in the fear he spreads over Rome and believes the best way to possess a woman is by force.
  • Der Vampyr: In Heinrich Marschner's opera, an adaptation of John Polidori's short story "The Vampyre," Ruthven is a Satan worshipper, who must drink the blood of three women over a twenty-four hour period or forfeit his soul to Hell. He kills a girl named Janthe, then fakes his death after her father shoots him, making his friend Aubrey, who he once saved, keep his being a vampire a secret. The next day, Aubrey finds Ruthven has hypnotized his Love Interest Malwina's father into engaging them; he has also begun preying on a girl named Emmy. Ruthven kills Emmy, handing her soul over to his masters, then goes through with his plans to marry Malwina, while using his supposed friendship with Aubrey and the oath that the latter swore, to keep him from warning her and her father that Ruthven will kill her. In the end Ruthven is struck down by his own masters, moments before he can kill not only Malwina, but Aubrey too, whom he regards as a traitor for trying to stop Ruthven from killing his girlfriend.

Theme Parks

  • "Clowns 3D": The clown simply known as Sweet Licks was once a normal businessman and entrepreneur, who ran the company/attraction Sweet Licks Family Fun Center and Ice Cream Emporium with his two adult children. However, after the vilification of clowns through horror media, dressing up as clowns to entertain people became a difficult business practice, as no one wanted to shop or even visit their attraction anymore. To make matters worse, the country developed a demand for low-calorie food, resulting in very little people being interested in Sweet Licks's treats. The company fell on hard times, and Sweet Licks became so obsessed with working that he stayed inside the cold factory for years until parts of him became permanently frozen. Filled with rage, Sweet Licks snapped and began killing humans, then turning them into "all natural, high protein ice cream". He then used his attraction to lure in and trap visitors, who he proceeds to kill by hanging from meat hooks or fill with ice cream until they burst, collecting their organs and vomit to use as ingredients. He uses pickaxes and chainsaws to both attack guests and mutilate still-alive victims and other clowns. As guests try to flee, he attacks them again and defeats them.
  • Halloween Horror Nights: Maximum Carnage: In this 2002 maze attraction based on the comic, the story is altered the story so that Carnage won, killed most of the world's heroes, and took over the planet. Throughout the maze, the guests see bodies of the heroes Carnage killed, including Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America. Eventually, Carnage sends his henchmen after the guests.
  • Knott's Scary Farm:
    • The Pumpkin Eater, also referred to as Peter Pumpkin Eater, is the main antagonist of the haunted attraction of the same name. It is a humanoid monster resembling a pumpkin that terrorizes humans. At first only a nuisance who eats pumpkin crops, the Pumpkin Eater later desired human flesh, and would attack the town within The Hallow by breaking into homes, killing the people—including women and children—taking their faces as trophies, eating the bodies, and burning down the house. This continued until the town was completely destroyed and all of its people wiped out. The Pumpkin Eater then hibernated within a giant pumpkin for decades until guests arrived at the now haunted town, waking it and allowing it to go on another rampage. It stalks the town, tormenting the ghosts of its past victims and hanging corpses all across the town. It summons pumpkin minions and giant insects to attack guests, and kidnaps people from around the area to force into slave labor, use as torture victims, or forcibly nail to posts and use as scarecrows to attract crows and be Eaten Alive. It throws men, women, and children into a giant meat grinder, then cooks both them and the guests into pumpkin pies, where it then devours them.
    • The Tooth Fairy is the main antagonist of the haunted attraction of the same name. He is a supernatural entity obsessed with teeth and will break into the homes of children who have just lost teeth to violently kidnap them and take them to a realm of his own. There, he and his minions will brutally and painfully imprison and torture them, ripping out their intestines, bones, organs, and teeth until they are dead. He commands his minions to make things as horrific as possible, using massive drills, saws, hooks, and knives to mutilate and torment the innocent children. His realm is filled with torture equipment and things he has stolen, including the children's toys and the coins their parents left under their pillows. He decorates his realm with pinned butterflies, jars of children's organs, teeth, and stretched-out human skin. He kidnaps some adult victims to torture and forces them to watch the horrors, even making a hallway from severed mouths, one of which is still screaming. He creates a maze out of children's bodies pinned and tied to mattresses, and will attack guests and try to rip out their teeth.


  • Blood Trail (2016): The nameless killer is a psychopathic cannibal that preys on young women. Abducting two girls, the killer cuts pieces of one of the victim's legs off to eat while she's still alive, before brutally killing her. When the heroine Lori attempts to flee, the killer stabs her in the torso, and tracks her to the house of a doctor, the doctor's fiancée Sidney, and Sidney's brother Preston, where he stabs Preston to death and forces Sidney to watch as he guts the doctor. Although his reign of terror is ended, Lori becomes his final victim when she expires from the stab wound he inflicted. Demonstrating a clear sadistic streak despite never saying a word, the killer is a brutal sociopath driven solely by his own enjoyment.
  • H.H.L. (2016): In this short film about a dystopian future, Miro stands out as the only one of the three main characters to be completely bereft of redeeming traits. A sociopathic manufacturer/dealer of NUKE, a highly addictive substance that must be extracted from the brain of a recently-deceased person, Miro works with his brother Lucio and his lover May to lure victims to his apartment, where he kills them and removes the necessary chemicals from their brain. Making a deal with a fascist dictator to supply NUKE for the government to use to subjugate the masses, Miro soon discovers that Lucio and May have been stealing some of his product, prompting him to torture May to death before beating his brother to death with a hammer, coldly stating that he will "enjoy tasting his NUKE". A greedy, self-centered brute who gets away with everything, Miro is last seen stalking towards a young boy, with the implication being that he's going to kill him for his NUKE.
  • The Last Boy Scout: Milo, in Shane Black's original screenplay, is significantly nastier than he is in the final product, even managing to eclipse his boss Sheldon Marcone. A director of snuff films on top of being a psychotic hitman for Marcone, Milo routinely has young women tricked or kidnapped to be brutally murdered by his henchmen for the purpose of his films. Once Marcone orders the assassination of Senator Calvin Baynard, Milo kidnaps the hero Joe Hallenbeck and his wife Sarah and threatens to use Sarah as the next star in his snuff films if Joe doesn't kill Baynard, with full intent of simply burning Joe to death and using him to soak up guilt as he and Marcone walk off free. Along the way, Milo massacres an innocent family simply because they inconvenience him and, after murdering Baynard and all of his men before being defeated and scarred by Joe, murders his way back to Joe and tries to furiously gun down him and his entire family in revenge.
  • Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders: In this short film, the Archangel Killer is a shapeshifting incubus killer and rapist of women. Upon sighting a victim, the Archangel Killer would maul them to death before harvesting their hearts in grizzly fashion. Having previously done this to five women, the Archangel Killer is hired by evil forces to kidnap the wife of GMPID detective Mark "Mac" Macready. After murdering a foreign diplomat and taking his place, the Archangel Killer mortally wounds Commissioner Doyle before escaping. When Macready and his colleagues arrive to an abandoned building, the Archangel Killer shapeshifts into Macready's wife as a means of lowering his guard, and, when fatally shot spitefully wishes Macready the best of luck in finding his wife, fully knowing that it would be impossible given his death. Even in a short film paying homage to the B-movies of the horror genre, the Archangel Killer stands as a truly reprehensible abomination.


  • The Haunted Mansion: Constance Hatchaway is a malevolent ghost in a house full of playful spirits. Constance is The Bride with a Past, as in life she was a Gold Digger that married wealthy men, and then killed them by beheading them with a hatchet. She spent her adult life marrying and killing over a period of many years until she married George Hightower, the owner of the titular mansion. After marrying and killing him, she decided to settle down in her newly inherited mansion and flaunt her wealth. She eventually died and became a ghost. Seeing no more reason for money, she decided to fully embrace her sadistic love of killing and began attacking and killing others, including other ghosts, who she could kill by beheading because she actually died on the property. Many ghosts fell victim to this until they locked her in the attic. In the ride, guests are confronted by her before escaping out the window. She openly admits to her crimes and has yet to be defeated or destroyed.
  • Wolf Creek franchise: Michael "Mick" Taylor is an Australian killer, rapist, and torturer who preys upon tourists visiting the Wolf Creek area, falsely befriending them before taking them back to his home and slowly torturing them to death. He has killed several dozen people including a little girl. One of his favorite methods is "head on a stick", where he severs their spine to turn them into a human vegetable. At the end of the second film, he frames one of his victims for his crimes, leading to the ruination of the victim’s life. In the prequel novels Origin and Desolation Game, he killed his mother who loved him dearly and killed a dog to force feed it to its owner before killing him too. While being pursued by four other serial killers, Mick tied up his girlfriend Rose and used her as rape bait to lure the killers into a trap, and killed one named Jerry by gutting him and force-feeding him his own intestines. During the Vietnam War, he committed more atrocities, and continued raping, torturing, and killing when he returned home. In the TV miniseries, he murders Eve Thorogood's family, and spends the rest of the series trying to kill her. He captures her Love Interest and tortures him before making her stab and kill her love interest herself. In the second season, he murders a man who had been his friend for decades to eliminate someone who could connect him to his crimes, and targets a large tour group because the guide said Mick wouldn't make a good tour guide due to how politically incorrect he was.

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