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"I take it as a rule of nature that all American high schools are ruled by a pack of snobs, led by a supremely confident young woman who is blonde, superficial, catty, and ripe for public humiliation. This character is followed by two friends who worship her and are a little bit shorter."
Roger Ebert, review of Sleepover

Take your typical setting involving teenagers—say, a High School—wait an establishing scene or two or three, and there she is. See that attractive blonde cheerleader looking down her nose (often literally) and sneering at the frumpy girl in glasses? That's her.

The Alpha Bitch is living, breathing evidence that Popular Is Evil. From stealing your crush to humiliating you in front of the whole school, there is no low she won't stoop to in order to oppress her dorky classmates and assert herself as the queen. She will often win Homecoming Queen or Prom Queen in a landslide vote. Often times, she is the authority of the cheerleading squad and decides who's on and off the squad. After all, who needs a coach?

The villainess of a Teen Drama, the Alpha Bitch is the Distaff Counterpart to the Jerk Jock or Big Jerk on Campus, and usually his girlfriend;note  what he does with his fists, she does with a sharp tongue and sharper manipulation. She is often surrounded by a fawning Girl Posse who suck up to her and act as her faithful minions. She's very likely to be a Narcissist, a Drama Queen, a fashionista, a Valley Girl, a Bratty Teenage Daughter, a Daddy's Girl, an Attention Whore, and/or a Proud Beauty. May also be (or be close to) one of the cheerleaders.

She's also usually the scion of a wealthy and influential family, the star of the school or head sister of the influential college sorority house, thus providing her a network of local celebrity, influence, and wealth to exploit. She's also quite the seductress (even going so far as to bare her midriff as a method of intimidation), and consequently, all the boys fight amongst themselves—sometimes literally—to be her oppressed boyfriend. And to top it off, she's also very good-looking. All this leaves her with the belief that she can do whatever she likes without consequences. Unfortunately, she's often right; the Powers That Be are not immune to her family's wealth, connections, and influence, and they can and will be corrupted or coerced into overlooking her bad behavior.

Her natural enemy is the loser heroine. Whenever their eternal, jealousy-fueled struggle over possessions, boyfriends, and status is sparked anew, quarter will neither be asked for nor given.

Her foil, however, is the Class Princess, who’s as beautiful and popular as she is, if not more so, except that she’s nice and sweet to everyone instead of bullying them. The Alpha Bitch will see the Class Princess as a threat to her throne, as everyone easily prefers the Class Princess to her, and try to damage the Class Princess’s reputation before the Class Princess overthrows the Alpha Bitch.

Usually the Veronica in a Betty and Veronica situation, if she's even presented as a love interest at all. Frequently on the Snob end of Slobs Versus Snobs. It's a Costume Party, I Swear!, the Prank Date, and the Party Scheduling Gambit are just some of the many nasty tricks she plays. Often receives her comeuppance at the hands of a member of her own Girl Posse in a Backstabbing the Alpha Bitch moment, or when the "loser" and/or Class Princess fight back (sometimes with an Engineered Public Confession). The Alpha Bitch is normally joined by a Beta Bitch who assists her in her various cruel deeds.

If given some Character Development, she will become a Defrosting Ice Queen and grow into a Spoiled Sweet, or a Lovable Alpha Bitch. This might come from a reveal that she's actually hiding the fact that she's very easily-embarrassed. This trope is probably so common because everyone who wasn't homeschooled knew someone like this... or was one. It self-perpetuates because girls who want to be popular will copy what works on TV. They might even become the mask.

Once she's all grown up, she'll probably start off as one of the Sinister Sorority Sisters, before turning into an Obnoxious Entitled Housewife, treating service workers and her neighbors (especially her fellow mothers, some of whom probably went to school with her) the same way she treated her classmates in high school.

Most examples fall into one of three types:

If she's not the cheerleader type with the fake smile, but the (usually) unglamorous girl who will fight to be the best in her class, she's the Academic Alpha Bitch. Though almost always a she, rare male Alpha Bitches (called Alpha Bastards) do exist, but they're just that — rare. They're distinct from the Jerk Jock in that they're mainly catty and manipulative, rather than physically threatening, although if a Jerk Jock is preppy enough, he can overlap with the Alpha Bastard. However, if the Alpha Bastard is a popular Jerkass who rules the school, regardless of his abilities or his school activities, they will become the Big Jerk on Campus. However, regardless of type or gender, the Alpha Bitch is almost invariably choleric in the Four-Temperament Ensemble.

The Alpha Bitch is the female version of Big Jerk on Campus, who does not necessarily have to be a Jerk Jock, just like she does not have to be a Cruel Cheerleader. Like the Alpha Bitch, this guy can be aggressive, passive-aggressive, or a mix of both, and can qualify regardless of his athletic ability, as long as he is good-looking, popular, and a huge Jerkass.

The reason this character type is hated more than other Jerkass characters may have to do with her privilege and looks, see also Jerk Sue. Contrast Unpopular Popular Character.

See the article on Wikipedia for the Real Life information of this trope.

Don't confuse this trope with Spoiled Brat, an exaggerated version of the trope, mostly associated with the under 12-aged juvenile delinquents, rather than with the Jerkasses. Also, if a girl becomes a Spoiled Brat, she's mostly meant to be a Bratty Half-Pint, with a somewhat deadpan note  attitude.

And yes, alpha bitches do exist in real life and we've all had the pleasure of going to school with one or twelve. No further elaboration is necessary.

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    Comic Strips 
  • Peanuts
    • Violet is the elementary school epitome of this trope (though she has dark hair). She always leads the other catty girls in picking on Charlie Brown. She also tends to brag on well-off her dad is.
    • Patty (not Peppermint Patty, the other one) occasionally had some of these traits in the early years as well.
    • Not Lucy, however, who is aggressive and violent rather than catty and cliquish.
  • Dakota Reed from Phoebe and Her Unicorn is a snobby popular girl who teases Phoebe a lot and calls her weird. Despite this, Phoebe considers Dakota her "frenemy".
  • Gloria Darling from Little Lulu
  • Tiffany from Luann, though her popularity might be in her head considering she lost her own beauty contest.
  • The Doctor Who Magazine Christmas 2012 strip "Imaginary Enemies" introduces Veronica Stackmore, daughter of the Mayor of Leadworth, queen of Leadworth Primary School, and ringleader of the gang that teases Amelia for her belief in the Raggedy Doctor.

  • The song "Roses" by OutKast is a long "The Reason You Suck" Speech directed at an Alpha Bitch named Caroline. In the music video, she doesn't really seem to mind.
  • The music video to Avril Lavigne's song, "Girlfriend", has her acting aggressively bitchy against the nerdy girlfriend of a boy she fancies. The song is actually parodying the Alpha Bitch, though many real-life Libbies didn't understand and have taken it as a theme song for themselves. Though Avril Lavigne herself seemed to miss the point of her own song when she made the video, since the Alpha Bitch she plays ends up getting the guy at the end of the song and never getting punished for her bullying behaviour, while the poor girlfriend is left alone and miserable. If it was made to reflect the satirical nature of the song, then the video is a particularly cynical depiction of high school dynamics.
  • Chumbawamba's "She's Got All the Friends" is a perky, poppy song loaded with backhanded compliments towards an Alpha Bitch ("She's got all the friends that money can buy", "Both her faces are so pleasing to the eye", etc.)
  • "Just the Girl" by The Click Five. Gender inversion of All Girls Want Bad Boys. The protagonist is in love with one of these, but she bullies and belittles him.
  • "That Girl" by All Time Low. Gender inversion of All Girls Want Bad Boys.
  • Taylor Swift:
    • Taylor Swift did a double role as both the blonde Girl Next Door and the brunette Alpha Bitch (whom she antagonizes) in the "You Belong With Me" video
    • Her song "Mean" is also at least partially directed at mean girls. The song itself is simply about bullies, but the video shows two examples of mean girls, one trio of girls who ostracize another for wearing the wrong colored bow, and the other a group mocking a teenaged girl working in fast food to save up for college.
  • The character Jordan Pruitt's song, "Miss Popularity", is about.
  • Emily Osment expresses her contempt for such a girl in her song "I Hate the Homecoming Queen".
  • The girl in the blue dress in the music video for Paramore's "Misery Business."
  • In the Fleming & John song "Ugly Girl", the girl singing appears to be an Alpha Bitch who is trash-talking her ex's new girlfriend who she considers ugly.
  • The rival in Saving Jane's "Girl Next Door". However, it is potentially subverted in that the protagonist does have a boyfriend, seems more of a loner, naturally, and is more edgy, wanting to "hit her", when the only indication of the rival purposefully bothering her is when she pushes her books, which might be imagined in a Dream Sequence. It gives rise to the possible interpretation that the protagonist is actually just insecure and jealous of a girl more popular than she is, and that the popular girl isn't a bad person at all.
    • Song itself shows nothing to make the listener believe this. Said girl might be a Mary Sue, but nothing indicates that's she mean in any fashion.
  • Red Union, a Serbian punk band, has "I Hate Girls Like You", about the protagonist trying to teach and help the Alpha Bitch to be a better person, but being frustrated by her shallow attitude and unwillingness to learn.
  • Deconstructed in Lana Del Rey's "This is What Makes Us Girls," ostensibly about Del Rey's small-town high school experience as part of a Girl Posse. The song itself actually casts a critical eye on the willingness of teen girls to turn against each other in favor of boyfriends and troublemaking, but she even describes them as "the only friends [she] ever had."
  • "All She Could Be" by Sarah Solovay describes an Alpha Bitch, describing her as "so pretty, but so mean, envied by the whole world" and "lives her whole life getting stuff for free," but paints her as an almost tragic character with "fake friends," describing her as being "smart but she doesn't do a thing" and asking "what happens when you're eighty and your pretty face has gone away?"
  • "Popular" by The Veronicas. It's even the theme song for the biatch female tribute from District 1, Glimmer in The Hunger Games
  • "Popular Girl" by Survivor. However, it's very objective, as the lyrics don't explain the titular girl in offensive terms.
  • "Too Cool" by Meaghan Martin.
  • "She's So Mean" by Matchbox 20.
  • "Lonely Girl" by Tonight Alive is a "The Reason You Suck" Speech seemingly directed at one of these whose latest misdeed was the last straw for the protagonist:
    You've got a lot of nerve, it looks like the table's turning, and now you're wishing me well like you miss me.
    You've got a dirty tongue, it looks like the damage done is forever, and it's a long time to miss me.
  • "Back Around" by Demi Lovato is a warning directed at such a character, telling her that her cruel behavior will eventually be repaid in kind:
    It's gonna come back around
    You know that this town is just too small and I'm too tall to take this again
    You're just too adverse but I got news
    You know you're just gonna lose
    Everything and everyone that mean so much to you
  • Marina Diamandis:
  • "Prom Queen" by Molly Kate Kestner deconstructs this trope. The girl is actually a Broken Bird with a Disappeared Dad who masks her troubles. In the future, she'll likely end up as someone's Trophy Wife, desperately clinging onto her youth.
  • "Stupid Girl" by Garbage seems to be about a girl like this: someone who's a complete phony and thinks everyone should admire her just for existing.
  • The music video for "Drop The Girl" by Hit The Lights shows multiple examples of this trope.
  • The MC version of "Fit But You Know It" by the The Streets turns the girl in the song into this. In the original she was just a Proud Beauty. The remix has completely different lyrics and makes her really self-centered (in addition to being vain) and implies she likes leading men on.
  • Most of Lady Sovereign's (who plays the girl in the music video for the above example) protagonists are some form of this.
  • Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons: In "Walk like A Man", the protagonist seems to be tormented by one, who he seems to have some feelings for. His father recommends he just forget about her, as she's not worth his time.

  • Several examples from Cool Kids Table.
    • Katie Anderson in Creepy Town is designed to be a mean girl, and her compulsion is exploiting weaknesses in others.
    • Keri is one initially in Bloody Mooney, though the events of the story help her mellow out.
    • Hannah from Sequinox starts as one, but very slowly begins to warm up to the others.
    Josh: She's mad because she's so pretty and no one wants to talk to her!

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Francine had a beauty pageant queen gimmick in ECW, but was originally a babyface who was good to Stevie Richards(if a little too interested in him for comfort) and antagonized by Raven and Beulah McGillicutty who were bullied by Tommy Dreamer as children, had not gotten over it as adults and associated pretty Francine with the 'popular kids' of their youth. They successfully turned Stevie against her and Francine in turn hooked up with The Pitbulls, who had been abused by Raven. But when Beulah turned face and forgave Tommy, Francine turned heel and left The Pitbulls, about the only friends she had left, for Franchise Shane Douglas, becoming "The Head Cheerleader" and revealing that she really did look down on women like Beulah, and Dawn Marie, and Kimona Wanalaya, and men like Brian Lee.
  • The Radiant Rain and The Lovey Lacey, acted as a pair of alpha bitches known as The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, though in a humorous twist on this trope they acted as baby faces Women's Extreme Wrestling and WSU just because their opposition was worse. They were the bad guys for most of their Ring of Honor, Full Impact Pro and SHIMMER runs. Payton Banks(the name Radiant Rain takes on when working for Bobby Roode) was also this in Victory Pro Wrestling, but was once again a baby face thanks to the object of her scorn being Jillian Hall, whose notoriously bad singing made the crowd agree with Banks. Rain also got a nostalgia pop when she came out of retirement after recovering from a car crash and then traveled to the UK to reform the International Home Wrecking Crew with Jetta, yet another alpha bitch who had come out of retirement.
  • Women Of Wrestling's Lana Star is one of pro wrestling's most surprisingly straight examples from one of its otherwise silliest promotions. She's easily the nastiest person in the locker room but people keep listening to her!
    • During the original run she was best known for antagonizing a loner from the Arctic, Ice Cold, and a chemist lab tech (re: nerd) Poison. She successfully turned Poison into her Beta Bitch for a time and successfully turned Poison against Ice Cold after Poison stood up to her and became one of the few people Ice Cold trusted.
    • She also sought to break up the relentlessly optimistic cheerleaders Team Spirit. She successfully corrupted Patti Pep into another beta bitch, renamed Patti Pizzazz, but ended up dropping her because she couldn't make Patti hate Randi Rah Rah.
    • Star claimed to be focused on regaining the WOW singles championship belt from Jungle Grrrl when she returned a year after the 2012 revival but had transparent jealously towards Tag Team wrestler Santana Garrett. She hired a lawyer, Sophia Lopez, to get Caged Heat out of prison so they could take out The All American Girls, Garrett's tag team. Caged Heat refused to be used so she convinced delinquent loner Riot and Thug to scout the independent circuit for more wrestlers to take out Garrett(they found Spike and Razor). Then she corrupted Garrett's partner Amber O'Neal into another Beta Bitch(The Beverly Hills Babe). Then Star stopped trying to be clever and had her Carnival of Killers jump Garrett and break her neck.
  • Of Team Blondage, created to capitalize on the popularity of Mean Girls, Lollipop and Krissy Vaine best served in this role, Amber O'Neal being more like a Jerk Jock party girl and GeeStar being The Brute. Vaine in particular would be accused of engaging in various immoral activities for positions of power and interrupt shows in her attempts to publicly humiliate other wrestlers. Lollipop rarely appeared with Vaine, usually acting as a Suspiciously Similar Substitute when Vaine wasn't available, but could be distinguished by being more playful and less malicious or ambitious in matters that didn't involve tag team title belts.
  • Torrie Wilson became this for a time after she came to the Raw roster late in 2005 and expressed her jealousy toward new Diva Ashley Massaro. She and fellow bad girls, Victoria and Candice Michelle, divided their time between picking on the more sympathetic Divas and serving as henchwomen (and, presumably, mistresses) for Vince McMahon. And just to make audiences detest her more, Torrie started carrying around a cloyingly cute Maltese puppy named Chloe. Torrie eventually turned face again after Candice became The Starscream and she and Victoria beat Torrie up.
  • TNA's stable The Beautiful People, first lead by Angelina Love, then Angelina Love got deported due to a faulty visa, leading to Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Lacey Von Erich acting as a joint trio of Alpha bitches and focusing their efforts on Love when she returned. Angelina and Velvet made up and their Alpha mission statement "Cleansing the world, one ugly person at a time," disappeared, though not before Madison Rayne turned on them for mistreating her (which somehow made her the bad guy because the group had become faces by default), only when Winter tried to breakup the group. While Love and Rayne initially avoided this in ROH, it came back in full force when Sky debuted and they put the band back together, again, with intent on corrupting ROH Dojo graduate and recap hostess Mandy Leon.
  • WWE Divas Michelle McCool and Layla El were vapid, brainless co-champions (the last co-champions were over-caffeinated male cheerleaders for reference). They seemed to exist only to insult every other Diva on the Smackdown roster. They started with trying to say that Mickie James and Beth Phoenix were fat and ugly. Eventually, they wised up and used only non-visual insults, saying that Kelly Kelly had bad body odor ("Smelly Kelly!") and just treating Rosa Mendes like dirt (although they occasionally still called The Bella Twins "The Belly Twins"). Michelle was tall and blonde, fitting the traditional visual aid for this trope; Layla, by contrast, was rather short and of mixed race (Moroccan father, English mother).
  • Bella Twins have also displayed those traits, in the ring and on Total Divas. Sabotaging and holding down every woman not them eventually becoming their gimmick.
  • A.J. Lee became this after her Face–Heel Turn. She could back it up in the ring & on the mic though. The general dislike of the existing, poorly trained reality stars turned Diva's, compared to AJ who had fought her way up through the industry and who could actually wrestle, the heel turn lead to her cutting promos about the other divas that were supposed to draw heel heat but instead were cheered by the audience.
  • ROH also had a male example in Matt Taven, who at the sight of Hanson reminisced about refusing to hang out with him during his childhood days out of a refusal to be associated with someone so much less pretty than himself, a practice he continued into adulthood with The Young Bucks and Bullet Club as a whole, adding that anyone who cheers them was a Melvin (as in they deserved to get one). He also demonstrated ditzy traits such as lecturing former sports correspondent Kevin Kelly on American Football on the assumption Kelly never played and then proceeding to demonstrate his own ignorance of the sport, including inquires about nonexistent teams of the UK and Mexico Young Lions go on excursion to. And of course he has a posse in The Kingdom, though not a girl posse, the true leader Maria Kanellis being a comparatively subtle puppeteer and figurehead Adam Cole caring too much about what people thought of him. But then the second incarnation of The Kingdom recreated in Taven's own image was more girl posse like, just with Vinny Marseglia and TK O'Ryan instead of girls.
  • Another male example is John Morrison, aka Johnny Mundo, aka Johnny Impact. The only thing he lacks is a posse, though given the amount of time he spends telling everyone else how much less attractive, healthy, wealthy, fashionable and enlightened they are than himself, the idea of him keeping a posse would probably stretch the Willing Suspension of Disbelief to its breaking point. He's such an alpha bitch that he once traveled through time to mock his past self, Celebrity Hanger On Johnny Nitro, for not being as awesome as he was. However, on the occasion Mundo is a baby face, he is less vocal about his presumed superiority.
  • Dos Caras Jr became yet another male example after being unmasked as Alberto Del Rio, a towel wearing Mexican aristocrat who looks down on other Mexicans who identify with their Amerindian roots on the basis that he can trace his blood back to the monarchs of Spain, on Gringos on the basis they have no soul, on anyone not as wealthy as himself or at least not appearing to be on the basis they are peasants who need to know their place, on anyone with darker skin than himself unless they can produce papers to prove they are not illegal immigrants and on Puerto Ricans on the basis they are inferior to Mexicans. The latter was ignored as El Patron Alberto in the World Wrestling League in favor of him having his own posse known as The Gentleman's Club, where among other things successfully turned the worldly Hiram Tua against more down to Earth Tag Team partner Sensacional Carlitos. He curiously tends to clash with Johnny Mundo.
  • The Dollhouse led by Taryn Terrell increasingly became this. Terrell supposedly started the group for the purpose of getting out of Gail Kim's shadow, but somewhere down the line their purpose became tormenting the other knockouts for the sake of it.
  • Progress Wrestling has Jinny, who is a fashionista that feuds with people she thinks are ugly.
  • Maria Kanellis herself would become this after The Kingdom split when she (and Mike Bennett) joined TNA Wrestling in early 2016. Kanellis began to more overtly manipulate and bully other new knockouts like Allie into serving her, with intent to gather enough power to remove more established wrestlers like Gail Kim from the show while keeping someone around to look down on while getting in the ring herself as scarcely as possible.
  • Candy Cartwright tends to behave in such a manner, and even got her own posse in "The Cutie Pie Club", a group actually named for Kiera Hogan but who Cartwright is the unquestioned leader of through whining and bossiness. That said, Hogan is one of the few people Cartwright is usually nice too.
  • Salina de la Renta's Tag Team with Aria Blake is known as The Spoiled Brats, but in truth de la Renta is more like a well connected alpha bitch who likes spoiling the brat that is Blake. De la Renta was apparently bullied as a child and decided to take revenge as an adult, particularly against gym members(she doesn't need one to get jacked you see), country bumpkins(she expanded her horizons and educated herself), foreigners and those with curly hair. Why she has such a soft spot for Blake depends on where they are booked.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Princess: The Hopeful the Court of Mirrors are told they are the chosen one and are expected to take centre stage and lead mortals. In practice though, their magic works best when they act like an Alpha Bitch, and even if they try to limit themselves their magic also causes them to develop temporary bouts of megalomania, narcissism, or similar issues.
  • Monsterhearts invokes this trope with the Queen skin, which gets a gang by default, has stats that can either emphasize turning people on or socially shutting them down, and generally is the best of the playbooks at social maneuvering.

  • How Glinda initially appears in Wicked, down to the dizziness, fashion obsession, and sheeplike Girl Posse, until undergoing Character Development in the first act. Later, as her social influence becomes outright political power, she becomes a Stepford Smiler.
  • Alpha Bitch Michaels of Clifford Odets's Paradise Lost. In typical Odets fashion, she gets some interesting and dark depth: initially the frivilous fiancée of the Gordon family's athlete son Ben, she dumps him for his slimy social-climber "friend" who gets Ben fatally injured.
  • Lucy in 13 is the stereotypical Alpha Bitch, but she's only second in command after The Brainless Beauty Kendra.
  • Amber Von Tussle from Hairspray. She learned it from her mother Velma, who is an Alpha Bitch grown up. They both get better at the end though.
  • Heather Chandler from Heathers is the cruel, domineering, vain and manipulative "demon queen of high school." After she dies, Heather Duke takes over. At the end, Veronica kicks Duke out of her position, and is determined to make the school less horrible for people who are different, though she admits, "I can't promise no more Heathers."
  • The Mrs. Hawking series: Invoked by Clara Hawking when she deliberately puts on the persona in dealing with Mrs. Frost in part V.
  • The song "The Ballad of Sara Berry" from 35MM: A Musical Exhibition is centered around one (the titular Sara Berry) who tries to win the title of Prom Queen at any cost. Here, the trope gets deconstructed; it's shown that her parents refuse to deem her of any worth unless she wins, her single-minded obsession ends up driving away her friends and boyfriend (who proceeds to take her rival to the prom), and it all ends with her becoming an Ax-Crazy murderess who ends up arrested and sentenced to an insane asylum, all while convinced she's now "the queen of high school land".
  • Regina in Mean Girls. Her Meaningful Name is Latin for "queen", and, despite being feared by every person in the school, every single one of them wants to be like her or be liked by her. The show is a deliberate embodiment and analysis of this trope. The protagonist eventually becomes the new Alpha Bitch in true Macbethian fashion after Regina becomes a Fallen Princess, and quickly realizes that, despite thinking Regina was an unholy monster for the way she manipulated people, she herself cannot resist the temptation of raw power and admiration that the "Queen Bee" commands.

    Web Original 
  • Sooni from Tales of MU both uses and subverts this trope. While she starts out appearing to be a textbook Alpha Bitch, it quickly becomes clear that she's trying to live out a fantasy, with a Girl Posse made up of virtual slaves and little actual popularity.
  • Survival of the Fittest is a roleplay that focuses on high school students. So, it's not surprising that at least one pops up every version:
  • Thalia's Musings
    • Aphrodite, though somewhat subverted in that she has no Girl Posse and is excluded from the other Olympian cliques.
    • Hera is a straight example, being the queen of the gods and having her Girl Posse of Demeter and Hestia. Also she often puts down other gods and goddesses. She also often suffers humiliations due to her husband's chronic infidelities and having to put up with his bastard children on a daily basis.
  • Solange (Tansy Walcutt) of the Whateley Universe, complete with a perfect body, blonde hair, a girl posse, and sycophants. Worked her way up to queen of the Alphas at Whateley Academy before her downfall.
  • Ami in Sailor Nothing is one. She eventually pays dearly for it, becoming an instant Woobie in a single scene that's so horrific it makes the protagonists feel guilty for hating her. Aki is a subversion: she's pretty, popular and head of the Fashion Club, but she is (secretly) friends with the class weirdo and feels trapped by the superficiality of her life. After she's publicly humiliated and dethroned, she realizes it's the best thing that ever happened to her and turns out to be a pretty nice person.
  • Kelly from The Crazy Kids of Grade 5 is rich, spoiled, and thinks she is the leader of the 5th grade popular group.
  • Isabella fits this trope in Funny Business. Her first appearance involves telling half truths about the main character behind her back. In a flashback, the readers get to find out how she got that way.
  • Worm has the 3 bullies, Emma, Sophia, and Madison, who relentlessly bully the MC, Taylor. It gets so bad that they're the ones who trigger her powers, by stuffing her into a locker full of used pads and tampons. Emma gets her comeuppance late in the story when she finally lashes out and actually hits Taylor. Sophia's fate is far worse. Regent takes control of her body, uses her to infiltrate the Wards, damages her friendship with Emma, reveals her secret identity to her brother, threatens her mother with a crossbow, and almost hangs herself. Director Piggot, trying to avoid the panic a real "mind controller" would bring, orders Sophia not to tell anyone about this, and leaves her to rot in jail. And she never truly learns why Regent did it, until she learns Taylor's identity much later.
  • Sonya in Prolecto starts out as this. Then she becomes a succubus, and realizes that she finally looks like the monster she always was...and BREAKS.
  • On the first season of Cobra Kai, Yasmine fit this trope to a T. You have The Bully (albeit a psychological type who never physically engages) who demonstrates not a shred of humility or regard for anyone or anything but herself the whole season. Even her Beta Bitch, who unlike her does develop over the season, isn't a Morality Pet to her.
  • In The Gods Are Bastards they have twice turned up out of the blue (each time trailing two henchgirls, as per formula) to harass one of the female main characters. This generally turns out to be ill-advised.
  • YouTube personality Not Even Emily deconstructs and satirizes this trope in this video.

    Web Video 
  • Wednesday encounters two in Adult Wednesday Addams. The first is a jogger who does not bother to pick up after her dog. The second is a reality TV star named Mackenzie Mace (played by Anna Akana, one of the executive producers).
  • In Escape the Night, Nikita Dragun is this at the start of the season 3. She later turns into a Lovable Alpha Bitch but when she returns in season 4, she´s back to just being a regular Alpha Bitch.
  • Teela Tether from No Boys Dorm is this. Supposedly the richest and most powerful student at the Academy, she is determined to expose Lara No as not actually a student there. She enlists the Shadow Order, who carry out the wishes of the Academy's Elite students, to do so. She also asks a guy to the Academy Ball simply to stop him going with someone else, has the Shadow Order trash a girl's dorm room because her assignment was better written than Teela's, generally ruins really sweet moments, and- in the final episode of the season- actually tries to kill Lara with a garden rake.
  • Single Girl One Hundred Baby Challenge: Some of the Impichishmay children are being mean or straight-up evil. The most major example has to be Natalie, as shown in her spin-off.
  • Why Not Janice?: Janice's frenemy with bad makeup is a materialistic, insulting, condescending, and patronizing entity who comes into Janice's life to incarnate the percfect strawwoman. She seems, however, perfectly aware of it. In a Q&A, Janice stated that she had a cringe-worthy experience in school, so this may have inspired this character.

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