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  • Bad Girls Club: A bunch of 20-something girls get drunk in a mansion and do awful things to each other. Social dominance is the central theme and drama the thesis. The name itself is BAD GIRLS CLUB.
  • The Brady Bunch: Several episodes, always portrayed negatively. Both Marcia and Jan — and once, even little Cindy — have had conceited, holier-than-thou moments, only to realize that they alienate others, most notably their siblings.
    • Marcia's main moment comes in "Juliet is the Sun" (where she becomes convinced she's the newest diva on the Shakespearian theater circuit)
    • Jan becomes an insufferable egotist in "Miss Popularity."
    • Cindy's time come in "You Can't Win 'Em All."
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    • The fourth-season episode "Today I Am a Freshman" has Marcia wanting to join a group of Alpha Bitches, only to see that they really are bitches and not the girls she wants to associate with. (She gets a little unexpected help from Peter and his model volcano to help her see this.)
  • Disney Channel features several examples:
    • Kate on Lizzie McGuire, though some episodes do hint that she's not really that bad, and she does seem to get a little better in the movie. One episode has her break her arm so she can't be head cheerleader anymore, and her replacement, Claire, is even worse, banning non-popular girls from the bathroom and the entire student body from using tables for lunch.
    • Series/{{Shake It Up: Candy Chow is the Alpha Bitch cheerleader. Subverted with Gunther and Tinka who only act as Alpha Bitches to Rocky and CeCe.
    • That's So Raven: Alana, Bianca, Tiffany, and the one-time character Nicki.
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    • Wizards of Waverly Place has Gigi, a snobby popular girl with a Girl Posse who picks on Alex and Harper.
    • Amber in Hannah Montana. She's not a ditz, though her sidekick, Ashley fills that purpose.
    • Lexi Reed on A.N.T. Farm, though she's gradually become more likeable.
    • I Didn't Do It has Sherri (played by Peyton List) in "Dance Fever".
    • Interestingly, Liv and Maddie became the first Disney show to defy the stereotype with Artie Smalls, who unlike most examples above, is male, unattractive, and a nerd. Artie fulfills this role by being The Rival to Joey who belittles and humiliates him like any Alpha Bitch would, has a large ego with Attention Whore tendencies, and also has a posse of "minions" who follow him everywhere he goes.
  • Game of Thrones: The Waif's treatment of Arya in "High Sparrow" has a strong "Picking On the New Kid" vibe. She's mean to her and constantly tries to belittle her. They're both apprentices of the Faceless Men (a guild of assassins who consider themselves servants of the Many-Faced God, i.e. a god of death) while serving in the House of Black and White in Braavos.
  • Pretty Little Liars:
    • Alison. She has her own Girl Posse - the Liars - and is at the top of the social pyramid. She's willing to do anything to stay there, including blackmail and bribery.
    • After Alison's death, the position is taken over by Mona who even continues many of Ali's mannerisms, such as bullying Lucas by calling him "hermie" (for hermaphrodite) or being generally bitchy to just about anyone, to the point that none of the Liars (except for Hanna) can stand her even prior to her being revealed as the Big Bad.
      Mona: Spencer! (storms off)
      Spencer: (to Hanna) How do you not strangle her?
    • Red Coat could be considered this to the A-Team.
    • Played with in Jenna and Melissa at times. In 3x24; it is shown that the two of them are working together, alongside Shana, but it's unclear as to who is calling the shots, though Melissa seems to fit the trope best in this situation.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch:
    • Libby, who epitomizes this trope so much she was the former Trope Namer. In one episode, she fell from popularity and wound up in the science club. She simply reinvented her look and turned the club into the same sort of clique the cheerleading squad had been. Occasionally hints would be given that Libby wasn't so bad, and that, someday, she might become a good person, but this never happens.
    • According to one of the tie-in novels, she actually had Presidential aspirations, with a plan and everything. High school was just the beginning.
    • In the movie version, which preceded the TV series, there's a proto-Alpha Bitch character (played by a different actress) who is blonde and is named Katie.
    • And Before That, There Was Rosalind
  • Heather Chandler in Chuck, played to great effect by Nicole Ritchie, is Sarah's version of this trope, tailored especially for Sarah in this case, as Heather is also a Femme Fatale in addition to still being an Alpha Bitch as a grownup.
    • She somewhat redeems herself in her second appearance, where she admits she genuinely did try to love her husband, whom she originally married for money, but failed. At the end she sincerely wishes Sarah better luck in her relationship with Chuck.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation:
    • Paige Michalchuk is the head cheerleader (who takes credit for other girls' work), and she's a horrendous snob toward anyone less popular than herself. But when school is out, she has to work a minimum-wage job. Paige became a subversion of this trope. While she had a lot of moments setting this trope up, they peppered in Pet the Dog moments to keep her from being irredeemable, mostly with Spinner, Alex, and J.T.
    • Her replacement after she's graduated is Holly J., who followed this to a T. Rich, pretty, snobbish beyond logic and reason, and mercilessly cruel. However, the trope is subverted as it turns out that the school actually hates her guts. Then, she becomes poor and a Fallen Princess. Before her fall, they gave her a lot of Ice Queen moments, showing that a lot of her issues were a poor role model at home (her sister, Heather Sinclair).
    • And her replacements are Katie and Marisol. Marisol is this trope played straight, Katie is friendlier but a bit of an Ice Queen and non-confrontational and will usually go with Marisol's plans. More work was put into keeping Katie friendly than Marisol, who has developed a reputation with the fandom.
    • Then in season 13, we meet Zoe who develops this reputation quick, including scaring the entire cheerleading team into taking nude photos for money.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Cordelia Chase started out as this kind of character and then evolved into a Lovable Alpha Bitch, before rapidly becoming the Fallen Princess.
    • Her sidekick Harmony proceeded to take this position up until being killed and turned into a vampire; then, she became the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.
    • Buffy herself started out as the Alpha Bitch of Hemery High in the original movie (or as a Deconstruction of the AB, anyway).
  • Stephanie Kaye from the 1980s Degrassi Junior High is a rare case where the Alpha Bitch is one of the protagonists. As a result, she has frequent Pet the Dog moments in between her bullying.
  • In Heroes, Jackie is a stereotypical example of this trope (although when her karmic retribution comes, it's a bit more severe than growing up to lead an unfulfilled life). The second season has Debbie, who is a copy of Jackie right down to being the blondr head cheerleader.
  • Missy Meany in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide — an Alpha Bitch with Theme Naming.
    • One of the teachers, Mr. Monroe, admits to having been a male example in his younger days, stating that he "ruled the hallways with his biting wit and vicious sarcasm". Being the Nice Guy he is now, he deeply regrets this.
  • Summer Heights High features a parody of this trope, in the form of Ja'mie (played by a man doing a convincing impression), and, to a much lesser extent, her "friends" (played by real girls).
  • From Veronica Mars, three words: Madison Frickin' Sinclair. Vapid, stupid, and rude to everyone she knows, extremely entitled because of her rich parents, and absolutely vindictive towards people she's taken a dislike to, particularely Veronica. In The Movie, even 10 years after they've all left high school she still thinks she's God's gift to the world and perceives V to be her personal nemesis.
  • The Secret World of Alex Mack
    • When the series started, the Alpha Bitch was a girl named Jessica (played by Jessica Alba), who would mock and pick on Alex. However, she disappeared after a few episodes because she got a more prominent role in the remake of Flipper, and was replaced by a similar character named Kelly.
    • A one-shot character who also fit this type was also named Libby, a year before Sabrina. The Freudian Excuse was somewhat subverted; Libby claimed that she has to worry about being popular, and that she really admires Alex, but she was manipulating Alex into feeling sympathy for her, and she wasn't really sensitive or sympathetic at all.
  • Milton Armatige (and later, Chatworth Osbourne Jr.) are male example of this trope to the main character in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. The female version of this is Thalia Menniger, who is also the Veronica to Zelda Gilroy's Betty.
  • Cold Case
    • The killer in the episode "Stand Up and Holler" was one of these. In the present day, she had two failed marriages (and was working on her third) and was desperately clinging to her glory days when she was the most popular girl in school.
    • Another episode has a former Alpha Bitch from the Fifties, who became caught up in second-wave feminism and eventually became a teacher. Her remorse over her treatment of the victim causes her to give the team a vital clue.
    • "Sleepover" revolved around a sleepover at the house of a young Alpha Bitch who poached the victim's best friend into her girl posse. She was also a Creepy Child who killed the family pet. Her parents' form of discipline was disturbing to put it nicely.
  • Maritza from Taina was one of these. She wanted to be an actress too, but she was far more ruthless than Taina and Renee. She even refers to herself as an "Evil Diva" — which you really would agree with. However, there actually are several moments in which Maritza joins forces with Taina and Renee because they each have a common rival, or they want to make money and she would like to be in on it.
  • Cassie Lynn Nubbles from Family Matters. As Steve Urkel put it, she was "the poster child for useless people".
  • Freaks and Geeks
    • Vicki Appleby is initially depicted as one of these, but it's subverted in "Smooching and Mooching", when she opens up to Bill in a Ten Minutes in the Closet session and becomes a bit of a Defrosting Ice Queen.
    • Cindy Sanders is originally set up as the sweet Girl Next Door, but once she and Sam finally get together, she turns into a shallow, vapid, Republican bitch.
    • One of the episodes features a transfer student who befriends the Geeks, who try to keep her away from the popular crowd in the fear that she'll become one of these. It doesn't work, and she joins the popular crowd — but later episodes reveal that, despite what the Geeks fear, she's still friendly towards them.
  • Twist from Spaced, a post-high-school version. Twist is attractive and fashionable, but she works in a dry cleaners and seems to have only one "friend", Daisy, whom she showers with back-handed compliments. Daisy doesn't seem to notice that Twist is an awful friend until the end of the show.
  • Subverted in 30 Rock, where Liz Lemon dreads meeting the Alpha Bitch at her Class Reunion. As it turns out, that school's Alpha Bitch was, in fact, a nice popular girl, whereas all of her classmates regarded Liz as a bully because of her cruel putdowns.
  • Glee
    • Quinn starts out as this, and her only subversion is that she's also deeply religious and president of the celibacy club. She quickly turns into a Fallen Princess when she reveals that she's pregnant and is kicked off the cheerleading squad.
    • Her former minion Santana thus becomes the new Alpha Bitch. Santana is however a deconstruction of the trope. As she finds out, for all her bitchiness towards everyone, nobody save Britanny likes her. Also, her cruelty comes from her inner torment over being a lesbian who is in love with her best friend.
    • Meanwhile, Terri is heavily implied to be a former Alpha Bitch and now has an unhappy adulthood because of it.
    • Oddly enough, although Rachel is nominally the heroine of Glee and (at least in season 1) Quinn's antagonist, within the glee club itself, she actually functions as the Alpha Bitch due to her unrelenting tendency to belittle, disregard, and demean the other members of the club unless forced to behave otherwise (she calls Kurt and Mercedes 'lesser glee clubbers' to their faces, and tells Tina and Mike that if a potential new recruit can dance, their contribution to the club will be 'even more insignificant than it already is', in quick succession in 2x01, and then sends her new rival to a crackhouse instead of the audition). Her specialty is sweetly offering a brutal putdown and justifying it as 'honesty'. While she gets brought down to earth relatively frequently, it never seems to stick.
    • Season 4 introduces Kitty, basically Quinn 2.0 minus the redeeming qualities.
    • Season 5 introduces Bree. Even Kitty thinks she's a "vile human being."
  • On Everybody Loves Raymond, there are two competing characters with Alpha Bitch qualities. Marie, the family matriarch has basically been running the family for decades by guilt-tripping them into doing her bidding. Debra, Marie's daughter-in-law tries to assert herself against Marie, initially in a reasonable way but later on by adopting Alpha Bitch qualities herself. Marie's ability to maintain her position as the senior Alpha Bitch causes junior Alpha Bitch Debra to take out her frustrations by asserting herself as the dictator of her own household, often beating or insulting her husband Ray when he attempts to rebel.
  • Gilmore Girls
    • Subverted: Paris Geller bullies Rory (and almost everyone else) mostly out of insecurity, has two sidekicks who are taller than she is, but isn't popular and is respected only for her intelligence and dedication. She also gets brought down to earth in later seasons.
    • Played straight with Francine "Francie" Jarvis, leader of the Puffs, Chilton's "secret" sorority, and senior class president in season 3, who pits her two enemies, Rory and Paris, against each other and subtly manipulates the student council for personal gains.
  • Deconstructed in Wonderfalls, with Gretchen Speck-Horowitz, the Alpha Bitch from the high school the protagonists, Jaye and Mahondra, attended. She did genuinely mean things in school, but when they meet her again at their reunion, they learn that her bullying wasn't because of nastiness, but because of ignorance (for example, spreading a rumour that a girl with Bell's Palsy was a drunk because she thought she was). She's also trapped in a failed marriage and considers Jaye, who hates her and hadn't spoken to her for years, her only friend.
  • The Naked Brothers Band has one episode where Nat is trying to work up the nerves to kiss Rosalina. A girl (who, as she often says, is the most popular girl in their school) shows up to watch them do a music video, and makes fun of Nat because he's unable to do it. Rosalina tells the girl off in front of both her and her posse. The girl's (rather flustered) response is "Y-You can't talk to me like that! I'm the most popular girl in school!" Rosalina responds with a loud "I DON'T CARE!"
  • Banning Miller in the Firefly episode "Shindig" definitely qualifies, complete with posse, and tries to cut Kaylee down over her store bought dress.
    Kaylee: Isn't this party great? Everything's so fancy! And they have some kind of hot cheese over there.
    Banning Miller: I liked it better last year?
    Kaylee: Really? What did they have last year?
    Banning Miller: Standards!
    • Turned around moment later, when a kindly gentleman steps in and verbally takes Banning down a notch or two, which shifts the dynamic, and Kaylee soon becomes the belle of the ball.
  • Rhonda from Sister, Sister (played by Bianca Lawson) was 'prom queen three years running' and consistently Alpha Bitchy until the 4th season episode 'You are so Beautiful', where the character is played by male actor Larry Wrentz to imply (to a ridiculous degree) that Rhonda had lost her looks over the summer (along with her bad attitude). The character is never heard from again a la Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.
  • The BBC TV series New Tricks has an episode where Detective Superintendent Sandra Pulman was afraid to go to her High School re-union, eventually revealing that it was because she was the school Alpha Bitch. A colleague persuaded her to go, assuring her that people forget these things over the years. However, when she arrived, someone had drawn a devil's horns & beard in red lipstick on her photo in the lobby and she left in a hurry!
  • CSI had a very dark use of the Alpha Bitch in the episode "Unleashed". The episode features a Homecoming Queen who is seeking retribution against Maria, the Victim of the Week. Maria's only crime appears to be that the Homecoming King dumped the Homecoming Queen to be with her, but this doesn't stop the Homecoming Queen from unleashing a truly nasty attack at Maria via the internet. She, and her cheerleading squad, post obscene messages about Maria online, they upload a viral video of Maria allegedly saying "slut" and "whore" and they even manage to create a website that features Maria's face on a mule, claiming that 'she's a bitch' The website alone garners over 1,00,000 hits. Sadly the pregnant Maria has a mental breakdown from the onslaught of abuse, along with other tragic circumstances in her life, and commits suicide. Fortunately the Las Vegas police are on hand to save and deliver her unborn child through a c-section surgery, and the Alpha Bitch and her friends end up going to jail as the CSI team correctly assess they were the ones to blame for Maria's death.
  • A truly monstrous Alpha Bitch is the Victim of the Week in the CSI: Miami episode "Stoned Cold". She ends up being stoned to death by the parents of the people she tormented.
  • CSI: New York: a girl named Libby was pretty nasty: she pretended to make friends with homely girls, dolled them up, had her boyfriend take their virginity, wrote all about it online, and gave the girls big necklaces so everyone would know. The sister of one of her victims strangled her, and then part of her house fell on her. Incidentally, that was the second time that week the killer on a CSI show said "I killed them and I'm not sorry" (the other time was on CSI where a kid shot his abusive dad).
  • Brooke McQueen in Popular, despite Sam's initial beliefs, is not an Alpha Bitch, but more of a Spoiled Sweet. The distinction of Alpha Bitch truly belongs to her nominal second-in-command, the wonderfully Machiavellian Nicole Julian.
    • In one episode, Emory Dick's younger sisters, the twins Emily and Emma, ask Nichole and Mary Cherry to train them to be the alpha bitches at their junior high. When the duo later meet the twins, who are wearing black mink jackets, Mary tells the twins to pet their furs while making their best smug, superior faces.
  • Doña Florinda from the Mexican sitcom, El Chavo del ocho, is thought by some to be an older version of this trope.
  • For the third time on this page, Ethel Hallow in The Worst Witch. She likes to tease, taunt, and abuse Mildred Hubble. Her two younger sisters are quite nice, though. The TV series adds a rich father to exemplify her Alpha Bitch qualities. But in Weirdsister College she mellows out a little. Truth in Television for quite a few high school Alpha Bitches.
    • In the spin-off series, The New Worst Witch, Belladonna Bindweed is an even nastier example; she's a more malicious Ethel Hallow, without any of Ethel's Freudian Excuses or redeeming qualities.
  • Community has Megan, played by guest star Hilary Duff in one episode. Subverted when Britta, Annie and Shirley turn Abed into one to counter them. Re-verted when Britta, Annie and Shirley become Alpha Bitches themselves, which leads to Abed insulting them, then getting out of control and insulting everyone at Greendale.
  • Miu Kazashiro from Kamen Rider Fourze starts out as this trope. But after one of her sidekicks voluntarily turned into a monster and tried to kill her, its revealed that she is a Lovable Alpha Bitch when she forgives said sidekick. She also befriends the main character and joins his club, while she first thought of him as 'trash'  .
  • Abigail Armstrong or "Abby" of the Australian produced TV series Dance Academy is a highly competitive ballerina that will verbally assail any other student that she sees a threat to her goals sometimes outright sabotaging theirs. Despite all of this the other lead characters still put up with her in a somewhat friendly manner which softens Abigail's harsh personality very slightly. One of the leading male characters has an unconditional crush on Abby. No matter how she treats him he still seems to be in love with the alpha bitch. Abigail considers the other lead females to be her "Frienemies".
  • The Finder: Willa went to a beach party with a bunch of rich kids. The girls there in one exchange fit this trope and Girl Posse to a T, being catty and snobbish to Willa's more down to earth style of dress. ...Willa then borrowed the Alpha's car on her way out of there.
  • Dawn Stiles of Smallville is an Alpha Bitch candidate for Prom Queen. She goes from a normal human to a Body Surf mutant and continues to be more interested in popularity (mainly in how people saw her original self while she was still a normal human) and the prom than in anything else.
  • In GCB, the main character (Amanda) is a former Alpha Bitch who moves back to her hometown to rebuild her life and has to deal with the long term effects of her teen behavior.
  • In Charmed, both Phoebe and Piper had to deal with their high school Alpha Bitches at their respective reunions. Piper's initially didn't remember her, gave her back-handed compliments and ordered her around in her own club. Phoebe's was now married to an old flame and taunted her with an old Embarrassing Nickname. It's also hinted that Prue may have been one in school as well - it's mentioned that she was popular, head cheerleader and strung one of Piper's friends along knowing he had a crush on her.
  • Two of a Kind introduces Jennifer Dilber whom Mary-Kate describes "has her own website at". She displays a few qualities in her first episode but by her next appearance her and Ashley appear to be good friends.
  • In The Amanda Show skit "The Girls' Room", Amber is the Alpha Bitch of the group. Her slogan is simply "I'm Popular".
  • House of Anubis: Each of the characters are given also sympathetic sides and never stay bitchy for too long:
    • Patricia at the beginning of season one; she bullies and plays nasty tricks on Nina, assuming she had something to do with the disappearance of her best friend. However, it was a different variation, as the only two people who supported her were Jerome and Alfie, and they only joined her because of the humor value, and not out of actual malice, and they were horrified with everyone else when Patricia locked Nina in the attic. She got better quickly, and soon she and Nina became incredibly close friends and she joined Sibuna.
    • Amber while running against Mara in the school election, this time over the affection of Mick. They made up quickly enough when Amber managed to get over Mick and supported Mara in getting with him.
    • Joy in season two when she rivals Nina for Fabian's attentions. However, nobody supports her in her worst actions, not even Patricia. She also manages to be sympathetic, having deep insecurities and honestly feeling replaced by Nina since she was gone the year before. In the end, she joins Sibuna to help Nina, and gets over her meaner traits.
  • In Emily Owens, M.D., Cassandra was a gorgeous, popular high school bitch who tormented Emily. They both happen to be interns at the same hospital and Emily soon realizes that high school and adult life are not that different.
  • Lauren in Faking It. However, in her high school, where the most popular guy in school is gay, that's actually a detriment to her social status.
  • Chanel in the upcoming Scream Queens. From the teasers alone, it can be gathered that she's named after a line of expensive handbags, and in early promos the name of her sorority was literally KNT (it was later changed to KKT), which leaves little guess as to what sort of character she's supposed to be.
  • Nina Patterson in the TV adaptation of Scream. In the eight minutes we get to know her, she outs a female classmate as a lesbian by uploading a video of her making out with another girl, and refers to it as "a time-honored enforcement of the food chain". By the time Ghostface arrives, you can't help but root for him to kill her.
  • In Night and Day, Kate Ellis and Jane Harper both embody this at times, but the show is also careful to depict their vulnerable, human sides. Parallels between the two girls are drawn in an episode focusing on Kate’s birthday, which mirrors the show’s first episode (centred on Jane’s birthday) in several respects – and even features Kate, who has never met Jane, being berated by her in a daydream sequence.
  • Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl as a queen bee high school junior/senior at ages 17-19 in seasons 1-2.
  • The fourth episode of Sweet/Vicious has Kappa Kappa Phi, an out-of-control sorority, as its scumbags of the week, and their leader Chloe Freeman is a textbook example of this. The Initiation Ceremony that she and her Beta Bitches (both named Lindsay) preside over for pledges consists of cruel and degrading sexual humiliation, which they secretly film for the purposes of making money through a fetish site. Ophelia's mother Bobbi, back when she went to Darlington, was also apparently one of these, as it turns out that she came up with one of the Kappas' hazing rituals herself.
  • Ghost Whisperer has an episode called "Mean Ghost" and it focused on a ghost of a cheerleader who died in a boiler room whom Rana accidentally locked her in. Tais likes to cause accidents of cheerleaders and make them suffer in despair.
    • In a flashback, a teenage Melinda has horrible days at school when girls called her a freak for seeing ghosts she may not see because it's a gift.
  • Christine in Dead Gorgeous is one of the coolest girls in school. Her parents are wealthy and that could be one reason why everyone wants to be her friend. When Rebecca meets Christine and her 'gang' of friends she desperately wants to be accepted. Rebecca will go to extraordinary lengths to be one of Christine's friends which gives Christine a lot of opportunities to take advantage of her.
  • Tammy in I Am Frankie is bossy, manipulative, vindictive, and obsessed with destroying Frankie's reputation to reassert her dominance at Sepulveda High. Over the last few episodes of season one, she began mutating into a Lovable Alpha Bitch.
  • Yasmine from Cobra Kai. Mean girl, has a Girl Posse with Moon and Samantha (Daniel's teenage daughter). The main target of her meanness is Aisha, who is overweight and a bit nerdy. Yasmine would get a major comeuppance when Aisha (who got fed up with the abuse and joined Cobra Kai) gave her a front wedgie in front of everyone.
  • Teen Wolf has Lydia Martin in Season 1. She makes out with the guy her friend's been dating and blackmails Scott into rejoining the lacrosse team by threatening to set Allison up with other lacrosse players, and she does the latter purely so she won't be dating the captain of the losing lacrosse team, because she doesn't date losers. It's gradually deconstructed over the first season when it's revealed that her parents went through a nasty divorce and her father forced her to choose which parent she wanted to live with. Over Season 2, thanks to being psychologically manipulated into crazier and crazier things, she loses her popularity to the point that no one shows up to her birthday party, which had previously been the "biggest party of the year." By Season 3, she's much sweeter and willing to help.
  • Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale. Head cheerleader, twin sister of the captain of the football team and part of the richest family in town. Things get more complicated for her at the start of the series, when her brother is murdered, Lovable Alpha Bitch Veronica Lodge comes to town and is able to stand toe-to-toe with her (Veronica being a former Alpha Bitch herself, and later her family loses a lot of their wealth and status due to her father being outed as a murdering drug dealer. She tends to swing between this trope and Lovable Alpha Bitch, depending on her mood - and what's best for her.
  • Prudence in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the Alpha Bitch of the Academy of Unseen Arts, combining this trope with Wicked Witch. She hates Sabrina for being half-witch, but isn't above working with her from time to time.
  • Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules has no qualms claiming this title, especially in the first season. She gains some humility in later seasons.
  • Weird Science: Although they only appear in "Teen Lisa", Brenda Tomlinson and Heather are seemingly the resident alpha bitches of Farber High School. Brenda laughs in Gary's face when he asks her out and then proceeds to mock "Larry Wallace" with her friends in Gary's presence. When Lisa and the boys trade places and Lisa becomes a socially awkward teenager, Brenda and Heather take great delight in trying to make her life miserable while pretending to be her friend.
  • Proven Innocent: Heather Husband, one of Maddie's old classmates, still refuses to believe that she and her brother Levi are innocent, and in the first episode, she and her husband Brian decide to frame Levi for assault so that he'll lose his job and get sent back to jail.
  • Ready or Not: Older classmate Chrissy is the stereotypical popular, pretty and mean girl who always picks on Busy and Amanda. Amanda has fallen into In with the In Crowd trope a couple of times; one episode has her hanging out with Chrissy and believing they were getting close, only for Chrissy to use her to get a big assignment completed and manipulate her into shoplifting and blackmailing her to keep quiet.


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