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  • Barbie: Mariposa: Rayna and Rayla constantly demand Mariposa do their hair and dresses, send Willa off to get thistleburst which grows only in a stinky swamp, and obsess over looks and marrying the prince. They grow selfless through the course of their adventure, though.
  • Free Birds: The President's Daughter.
  • Ice Age 4: Continental Drift: Steffie.
  • Subverted in Inside Out. One of the students at Riley's school is a stereotypical "cool girl", however, she never does anything antagonistic towards Riley and mostly stays in the background. Interestingly, it's shown in the end that her main emotion is Fear.
  • Lilo & Stitch, and its spin-offs: Mertle, all because Lilo is 'too weird' for her. That, and she's spoiled rotten by her mother. It's implied that she gets her nasty side from her aunt, and has an inferiority complex. In an interesting variation, she looks more like a stereotypical nerd than Lilo.
  • Polly Pocket:
    • In the direct-to-DVD movie Pollyworld, a girl named Beth is one of these. She even goes so far as to help Polly's almost future stepmother try to get rid of her by sending her to boarding school.
    • Beth has been tormenting Polly in other stories as well. In the very first one, Beth tried to prevent Polly's all-girls band from playing at a school event. In the second one, she tried to prevent Polly from making a speech. Fortunately, Polly's look-alike cousin Pia, who while disguised as Polly, could deliver the speech for her.
  • Shark Tale: Lola, to some extent.
  • Shrek the Third: Guinevere. Fortunately, she's a minor character with only a few lines.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Taffyta Muttonfudge, like everyone else in Sugar Rush, treats Vanellope's glitching as a glaring defect and bullies her profusely for it, appearing with the other racers to destroy her ad-hoc kart then later sabotaging the track to stop her from winning the race. Once the Big Bad's Laser-Guided Amnesia is cancelled, however, this personality is gone.

  • Addams Family Values: Amanda (also appearing briefly in the first movie).
  • Animal House: Babs Jansen is a collegiate version.
  • Batman Returns: The Ice Princess originally exemplified this trope: blonde, gorgeous, a total Ditz, and really rude to anyone who got in her way (as the actress who played her openly admitted). However, after Tim Burton had the movie's script rewritten, the character lost the more objectionable traits and became, while still annoying, a generally sweeter person — which made her fatal plunge onto the Gotham Plaza stage a bit more tragic than it otherwise would have been.
  • Bratz: The Movie: Meredith Baxter Dimly.
  • The Breakfast Club: Deconstructed beautifully with Claire, complete with Freudian Excuse. Particularly interesting about the deconstruction was how they pointed out that the Alpha Bitch is really not the one in charge at all, and she feels miserably forced into the behaviour she is so notorious for.
  • Casper: Amber Whitmore, who also overlaps with Rich Bitch.
  • Camp Rock: Tess Tyler, though she goes through a Heel–Face Turn.
  • A Cinderella Story: Shelby is an interesting example of this. Although she does lose her boyfriend to Sam, the titular Cinderella, despite all of her best efforts, she is a borderline Karma Houdini. It's mostly justified in that it is, after all, a Cinderella story, meaning that wicked stepmother Fiona and her daughters were the main villains.
  • Clueless:
    • Subverted — Cher Horowitz is unquestionably one of the most popular girls in school, but she's also a genuinely nice person (if a bit spoiled, shallow, and airheaded).
    • Her rival, Amber Mariens, is a bit closer in spirit to the Alpha Bitch, but is less popular than Cher, and her sluttiness and airheadedness make her more like The Brainless Beauty (albeit a mean-spirited one).
  • Lola from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.
  • Cruel Intentions: Kathryn.
  • Detention: Taylor Fisher. Fortunately, the viewers only have to put up with her for five minutes.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Patty Ferrell was beginning to show the first signs of Alpha Bitch-itis. Granted, she was likely to evolve into an Alpha Bitch in the books and webcomics, but the movie definitely showed more of this.
  • The Duff:
    • Madison. Her life seems to revolve around keeping the supposed "losers" down and getting herself a trophy boyfriend who would ensure her social status.
    • Averted with Bianca's friends Jess and Casey, who, despite being devastatingly attractive and largely popular, don't exhibit any bitchy traits.
  • Easy A: Marianne Bryant. She actually holds a meeting in Libby Park.
  • Stacy from the 2003 version of Freaky Friday.
  • Friday the 13th:
  • A Game for Girls: Elena is a particularly dark example. She spends most of the movie as a typical Alpha Bitch, but when her idealistic new teacher tries to get her to change her ways, she conspires to frame him for rape, with herself as his victim, getting her own father killed in the process. And she gets away with it.
  • GBF: There are three in this film: Fawcett, who rules the popular kids, Caprice, who rules the minorities and performers, and 'Shley, who rules the conservative religious students. All three wield considerable influence among the student population. Subverted, though, as they are all Lovable Alpha Bitches to different degrees.
    • For a more standard example, 'Shley's Beta Bitch McKenzie, a homophobic religious fanatic, is nowhere near as lovable.
  • Geek Charming: Dylan, although she becomes a bit nicer over the course of the film. There's also her competitor, Nicole.
  • Girl vs. Monster: Myra, but she does a Heel–Face Turn at the end.
  • God Bless America: Chloe is heavily implied to be this. Pretty, blonde, popular, rich, mean. Lines Such as "Everyone loves me because I'm so pretty". And Roxy, who's a Social Outcast, is thrilled when she has her Karmic Death.
  • Grease:
    • Played with Betty Rizzo, who's the Alpha Bitch of the school, but is also the "bad girl" and so is her Girl Posse, nicknamed "the Pink Ladies" (except for Frenchie, who's more of a Naïve Everygirl). She does soften up a bit in the end, though, after she believes she's pregnant and almost falls out of grace..
    • Goody-goody head cheerleader Patty Simcox also has a bit of an Alpha Bitch streak in her; she gets an Alpha Bitch-style comeuppance at the school dance, when Kenickie throws her skirt up in front of everybody. Patty's really just there to illustrate the societal fault lines of 1950s high-school life. To the faculty and the "good kids," she is a pretty cheerleader and model student; to the "rebel" kids like the T-Birds and Pink Ladies, she is a Nerd, and thus eligible for all kinds of torment. (Recall that Kenickie puts a dead frog in her sack lunch to prank her, when Patty hadn't even done anything to him!) The character isn't really intended to be sympathetic, but any Alpha Bitch qualities Patty has might just be a defense mechanism against being picked on herself. (Interestingly, her Spear Counterpart, Eugene Feldsnick, has no morally objectionable qualities at all, and is even a Hidden Badass.)
    • Worst of all is Cha-Cha DeGregorio, who doesn't even attend Rydell High and is brought to the dance by Kenickie purely out of spite after he temporarily falls out of favor with Rizzo. While Cha-Cha isn't a snob in the traditional sense (obviously lower-class and the moll for the Scorpions street gang, who are so nasty they make the T-Birds look wholesome), she is very full of herself and determined to win the dance contest no matter what the cost to anyone else. In fact, Danny Zuko comes dangerously close to the Moral Event Horizon (in Sandy's eyes, at least) by abandoning her during the dance-off so he can win the trophy with Cha-Cha.
  • Hairspray:
    • Amber Von Tussle, played by Colleen Fitzpatrick in the 1988 version, Brittany Snow in the 2007 version, and Dove Cameron in the 2016 TV Musical.
    • Though in the musical, her behavior is pretty much forced on her by her racist mother Velma, the true Alpha Bitch of the film.
  • The Hairy Bird: Abby, although she does a Heel–Face Turn towards the end of the movie.
  • Heathers: Heather Chandler (and later Heather Duke). Played a bit non-standardly, because the protagonist isn't her unpopular rival but a member of her Girl Posse, albeit an increasingly uncomfortable one.
  • High School Musical: Sharpay Evans, the main antagonist of all three films, fits the part pretty well, but the movies' upbeat tone means that she's always redeemed by the end (albeit to varying degrees in each film to prevent it from being a total case of Aesop Amnesia). Though she's a somewhat unusual Alpha Bitch in that a) she's ruthlessly determined about being the star of the school play rather than prom queen, and b) she's actually unpopular for her behavior, apparently having no friends besides her brother Ryan, though this doesn't seem to bother her.
  • The Hole: Frankie, or so she's presented in the first version of Liz's story anyway, and Liz is far from being a reliable narrator.
  • Brianna from Holiday in the Sun.
  • The Hot Chick: Jessica Spencer.
  • Gen from the film Ice Princess certainly seems to be this when she first appears in the movie but by the end she's shown to be quite a bit more than that.
  • In The Initiation, Megan is the president of the sorority and in charge of hazing the pledges. She takes an especial dislike to Kelly (implicitly because of her wealth and social cachet) and endeavours to make her life an especial hell.
  • Corrine in The Initiation Of Sarah is the President of the Popular Sorority. Alpha Nu Gamma and also a Witch, who performs ritual blood sacrifices.
  • Sandra Tremaine from Jennifer is an absolutely horrific example. She's the leader of a clique of rich kids who dedicates herself to ruining the titular character's life (for exposing her as a liar when she tried to frame her for cheating.) She soon proves to be a budding psychopath who brutally kills Jennifer's pet cat to spite her, and tries to flat-out murder Jennifer herself. More than once.
  • Kick-Ass 2: Brooke, who initially tries to help Mindy and remake her into a minion only to start bullying and humiliating her as soon as she accidentally proved herself a threat to her dominance over the school. Given that she bullied Mindy alias Hit-Girl, she got off easy when she was forced to puke and crap herself in public instead of being brutally murdered.
  • The Last Picture Show: Jacey Farrow. Overlaps with Really Gets Around.
  • Legally Blonde:
  • Max Keeble's Big Move: Jenna, the main character's crush for most of the film... until the end.
  • Mean Girls:
    • Regina in the first movie. Her Meaningful Name is Latin for "queen", and, despite being feared by every person in the school, every single one of them wants to be like her or be liked by her. The movie is a deliberate embodiment and analysis of this trope. The protagonist eventually becomes the new Alpha Bitch in true Macbethian fashion after Regina becomes a Fallen Princess, and quickly realizes that, despite thinking Regina was an unholy monster for the way she manipulated people, she herself cannot resist the temptation of raw power and admiration that the "Queen Bee" commands.
    • Her successor in the sequel is Mandi, without any redeeming qualities. She even goes as far as stealing from a charity in order to frame the protagonist. Jo Mitchell also becomes an Alpha Bitch after her Face–Heel Turn.
  • My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Madison Penrose is bad enough that, at the end of the film, Final Girl Skye locks her in a basement with the killer because she feels that there isn't any discernible moral difference between the two.
  • Napoleon Dynamite: Summer.
  • The New Guy: Danielle is an inversion in that, while being popular, head of the cheerleading squad and equipped with a Girl Posse, she's also brunette, not rich at all, and a genuinely nice person.
  • Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist: Tris.
  • Not Another Teen Movie: Parodied with the character Priscilla.
  • The Princess Diaries: Lana Thomas (also played by Mandy Moore). Notable mainly for the fact that director Garry Marshall explicitly pointed out that Lana was this on the DVD's supplemental material. She does, however, get a Break the Haughty moment when Mia deliberately squishes an ice cream cone on her chest and gives her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Not only do the principal and several teachers who were sitting near the scene not do anything (a true sign of how much she's really hated) but the other students cheer Mia on. In a cut scene, a reporter also exposes her bullying on television, particularly after claiming she was friends with Mia; however, it was nowhere near as satisfying as the ice cream.
  • Princess Protection Program: Chelsea is this to a T. Most DCOMs give the Alpha Bitch a Heel-Face Turn or at least some kind of redemption at the end. Not her, not even after her Beta Bitch ditches her; she's obsessed beyond any trace of goodness with becoming prom queen, down to the very end.
  • Prom Night:
    • Wendy is this right from childhood as she manipulates a group of other kids to keep an accidental death of one of their classmates a secret. She grows up to be a very straight example of this as she's openly jealous of Kim being voted Prom Queen and taking her boyfriend. She then attempts to win her man back and sabotage the prom.
    • Kelly from Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II is a deconstructed example of this, very popular with everyone at school except main protagonist Vicki and friends. When they're both up for Prom Queen, Kelly proceeds to be as much of a total bitch to Vicki as she possibly could, even making fun of her dead friend. However, while venomous to her rivals, she's nice to everyone else, including the school computer geek, whom she attempts to bribe to rig the voting tally. Reading his typed price of fellatio, she seems genuinely hurt. On later finding out she went through with it for nothing, her look of humiliated rejection implies an insecure girl who just wanted some adulation.
      • Mary Lou herself is another extreme example, starting out by cheating on her prom date at the prom in 1957, and after she's killed, she manipulates Vicki 30 years later by stealing her body and her boyfriend, killing many people in the process, all as a way to become Prom Queen again.
  • Prom Night (2008): Crissy, who has been Donna and Lisa's nemesis forever. According to rumour she spent $10,000 over budget on organising the prom and her father had to write a cheque to cover it. A deleted scene has her delivering a rant to her Girl Posse about how the school owes her the honour of Prom Queen.
  • Radio Rebel: Stacy. Near the end, she starts to be seen in a sympathetic light, and finally pulls a Heel-Face Turn at the climax.
  • Revenge of the Nerds: Betty Childs. She gets better, though.
  • Romy and Michele's High School Reunion: Christie Masters (played by Julia Campbell).
  • Saved! Hilary Faye (played by Mandy Moore) is a Holier Than Thou fundamentalist Christian version of this.
  • She's All That: Taylor Vaughan.
  • Sky High (2005): Penny Lent, captain and sole member of the cheerleading squad. She treats the sidekicks like servants, but Will is instant awesome after his fight in the cafeteria.
  • Sleepover: Roger Ebert summed it up best.
  • Juju and her Girl Posse from the 2011 movie, Spork.
  • Teen Spirit:
    • Amber Pollocks starts off as this, only to be killed by electrocution immediately after becoming prom queen. Justifiably, she's damned…unless she can get the least popular girl in school to be elected prom queen at the makeup prom a week later. This leads to her molding Lisa into another Alpha Bitch…only to have a Heel Realization and My God, What Have I Done? reaction when she sees what it did.
    • Also, Amber's Beta Bitch Carlita steps into her shoes after her death.
  • Teen Witch: Randa. "Every school has one."
  • Trick 'r Treat: Macy fits this trope amazingly well.
  • Wild Child: Harriet Bentley is a rare example. She's the "head girl" of the boarding school, and often fights with the rich Californian protagonist Poppy. She goes so far that she caused a fire and made Poppy friendless. At the end, she is expelled and humiliated by her former sidekicks.
  • The World of Kanako: Kanako is type 2. She is the most popular girl in her school until she disappears. She uses this to sell her friends to molesters and torment Ogata and the narrator.
  • The Worst Witch: Ethel Hallow, possibly more so in the TV series than the movie.
  • Young Adult: Mavis Gary was one of these in high school, and hasn't grown out of it. She writes teen-lit novels in order to recreate her Glory Days, and she's still trying to reclaim her high school sweetheart (who's now married).
  • Zapped!: Jane Mitchell, who gets a Carrie comeuppance in the end.
  • Even in freaking North Korea, you can't get away from Alpha Bitches. Su-ryeon's life at school is made more unpleasant by an Alpha Bitch who delights in insulting her family and mocking her father for not getting a doctorate and earning an apartment.


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