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Alternative R&B

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Primary Stylistic Influences:
Secondary Stylistic Influences:

Alternative R&B is an emerging stylistic alternative to Contemporary R&B that's risen in The New '10s. The genre essentially combines R&B with a wide variety of genres. Basically, it's R&B meets everything else.

Many Alternative R&B artists present themselves in a Darker and Edgier fashion when compared to their contemporary counterparts. While they sing about sex, it's not entire focus of their lyrics. Many sing about spirituality, dark things that trouble them, failed relationships, and for some, drug use.

Another term for the genre is "PBR&B", derived from the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand of beer and its belated popularity among the hipster subculture, though it's proven to be contentious for that very reason.

Artists generally agreed to be Alternative R&B include:


Alternative Title(s): PBR And B