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Good luck finding that family...
Waitress: Do you know each other?
Amanda LaRusso: Oh, they have warring karate dojos.
— The show in a nutshell, "Pulpo"

Just like The Karate Kid movies before it, Cobra Kai embraces the 80's cheesiness for a new generation, leading to the following examples.

All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    Season 1
"I was buying...a carton of milk."
  • ANTHONY. Rarely has a character been so useless, so obnoxious...yet so damn laughable.
  • Pretty much everything Rosa says.
  • Both Daniel and Johnny get a good crane kick in the noggin with Parental Substitute issues. They manage to do much better with their flagship pupils than with their own sons!
"Ace Degenerate" (1x01)
  • Near the beginning of the episode, as Johnny's driving to work, he spots a pretty blonde doing leg stretches on the sidewalk. He pulls over and tries to look cool, only to be dismissed with a contemptuous glance and an uttered 'creep'. Among everything else, it's just one more example of how far Johnny has fallen from his jerk jock days.
    Johnny: [pulls over, lifts his shades to his forehead, smiles at her] Hey.
    Blonde young woman: [glances up, looks at him with contempt, starts jogging] Creep.
  • "No, no, no, no, I didn't call her a bitch. I said she was bitching at me, there's a difference! ...You're firing me because of that bitch? You know what, I hated this damn job anyway."
  • The LaRusso Auto Group commercial and Johnny's reaction to it.
  • Johnny is outside of the convenience store, eating pizza, when the bullies who are picking on Miguel decide to take him on. Johnny's first kick is to his opponent's face - and he remembers why warming up and stretching is so important before doing such techniques.
"Strike First" (1x02)
  • The health inspector looks at Miguel and asks if he's a customer. Johnny's response: "No, he's an illegal I picked up this morning, I brought him in to help out." The inspector lets the issue go without further comment!
  • After Daniel has thrown Sam's pool party "guests" out, the very fat Brucks in a swimsuit — who had missed Daniel's arrival — comes out of their bathroom, recognizes Daniel as "that banzai guy on those commercials", and then notices everyone else's gone. Daniel and Amanda's expression during the whole thing are priceless.
  • In addition, Daniel's greatest concern about the pool party is, of all things, his swimsuits being stolen (and worn!) by the male partygoers.
  • This exchange hilariously demonstrates the difference between Johnny's training techniques and Mr. Miyagi's:
    Miguel: Hey sensei, is there any particular way you want me to wash these windows?
    Johnny: Nah, I don't give a shit.
"Esqueleto" (1x03)
  • Miguel is in his room practicing karate and making a lot of grunting noises. When his grandmother calls him for dinner, he replies he's "almost finished". She concludes he's been masturbating... and later believes he injured his hand in the process.
    • Made even funnier when she comments "You don't want to know" when Carmen asks what happened to his hand, and Miguel gives her a look.
  • Amanda is talking to Daniel about what Louie is doing, but he's busy looking at Kyler due to what Johnny told him about him, so she gets his attention in an "unusual" way:
    Amanda: You know, Louie opened an underground casino in the break room.
    Daniel: Yeah. [beat] Wait, what?
  • Louie's ridiculous suggestion for how to threaten Kyler. Even Daniel was confused.
    Louie: Tell him "If you get her pregnant, it's you who will get the abortion".
    Daniel: (gobsmacked) What the hell are you talking about?
  • The entire deleted scene where Johnny tries to advertise his dojo to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students.
"Cobra Kai Never Dies" (1x04)
  • The first look at the defaced billboard, with a giant dick spray-painted in Daniel's mouth. Yes, it's the most childish, stupid, Toilet Humor move Johnny could have made, but admit it — you laughed. Especially with Daniel's F-bomb being cut off by the next scene.
    • The dialog between Daniel and Amanda in the following scene is gold, too.
      Amanda: I understand that you're frustrated, but try not to think about it. Think positively!
      Daniel: Positive?! What — what's positive?! I have a dick in my mouth!
      Amanda: Yeah! And you'll blow the competition away! [laughs] No one's even going to see it.
      Daniel: We picked that specific location because of the traffic level!
      Amanda: Okay, fine, fine! Let's assume people see it. Let's assume everybody sees it!
      Daniel: [defeated] Okay.
      Amanda: No one's going to recognize you!
      Daniel: Really.
      Amanda: All they're going to see is the dick. Okay, it is the dick's billboard now! People drive by so fast, they're not even going to spot you.
      Louie: [in the distance] Did you guys see the billboard? It's freaking hilarious!
      Daniel: [to Amanda] We're painting over it.
      Amanda: [quietly] That's a good idea.
    • LaRusso Auto Group later receives a lunch order of 100 sausages from Tom Cole, Daniel's biggest competitor, just to rub his nose in it; when Amanda reads the order specification that Daniel likes his sausages long and thick, the delivery guy can be seen chuckling in the background, clearly knowing that it's a prank. It's also revealed that Johnny possibly took a dump, too, in case anybody came by to clean the billboard up or just to be an asshole.
    • The Hilarious Outtakes of the scene where Daniel and Johnny confront each other after this.
      Daniel: You sprayed a dick on my billboard.
      Johnny: It wasn't a dick, it was a rocketship.
      [everybody starts laughing]
  • When it comes to attitude, Johnny can give as good as he gets:
    Johnny: Guess you couldn't hear me over that garbage you've got playing on your boombox!
    Cruz: [derisively] What the hell's a 'boombox'?
    Johnny: What the hell's that thing on your face?
    Cruz: [sheepishly] ... It's a mustache.
    • Next time we see him, Cruz has shaven off the 'stache.
    • This becomes even funnier when you remember the same Johnny who had called their music an "boombox" made fun of a mustache that was pretty common in the 80s. Which means Cruz's mustache just that ridiculous, even to someone trapped in the 80s
  • Brucks correcting Kyler on his grammar while they're bullying Eli.
  • When Shannon's date starts butting into their argument, Johnny gets him to back off by matter-of-factly saying "Word of advice: She won't go down on you unless you buy her dessert."
"Counterbalance" (1x05)
  • At the end of Miguel's Training Montage, he manages to overtake Johnny by sweeping his leg. Johnny responds by turning on the pitching machine sending a baseball into his ear. He then proceeds to tell him he's in the wrong dojo if he wants a fair fight and that Miguel's fine despite his ear being purple and swollen.
  • The mood whiplash when the yoga class takes over the Cobra Kai dojo is quite something.
    Yoga Instructor: We need to change the energy in here.
  • Amanda berating Anthony to stop drinking the butter. Armand was seen doing the same thing which makes you imagine how much Anthony might like like him when he grows much older.
  • Anthony's and Zarkarian's son, Roland's, interaction is something that leaves a few chuckles. They are comparing to each other of what they fathers do and Roland declaring that his Dad makes more money than Anthony's. The former immediately says his Dad knows karate and kill his, which caused Roland to shut up. Apparently, they don't like each other very much and yet they are so much alike.
  • Aisha joining Cobra Kai is amusing:
  • At first, Cobra Kai takes an "if you build it, they will come" approach to advertising. No takers. Then we come to the lunchroom episode, where Miguel neatly mashes Kyler and his posse... and the Curb-Stomp Battle goes viral. That one act singlehandedly turns Cobra Kai's fortunes around.
"Quiver" (1x06)
  • Eli's saying he might be on the (autism) spectrum, and Johnny's response.
    Johnny: I don't know what that is, but get off it, pronto.
"All Valley" (1x07)
  • When Daniel finally finds a new student in Robby, he's quick to pull out Miyagi's hard work training. Not only does he tell him how to wax the cars, he also tells him how to wash the windows, sweep the floor, lift the car, and even how to staple the files.
    • The culmination is great as well. Just like in the original Karate Kid, Robby accuses Daniel of not teaching him anything, and that he's just using him as cheap labor before storming off. Daniel turns to Amanda with a giant grin...
      Daniel: God I love this part!
  • Johnny's reaction to finding out most of his students are "flinchers": have Aisha punch every single one of them in the face. There's even a This Is Gonna Suck look... from Aisha, that is.
    • After that order, Johnny goes to his office and Miguel comes to ask for dating advice... while we hear punching noises and pained grunts in the background. At the end, Hawk falls in the office after getting punched. But they don't have to worry, he lost only the one tooth...
    • When Miguel first comes in, Johnny doesn't bother to look up from what he's doing, just saying that if there's blood, there's the first aid kit. Miguel says that's not why he's here. . . though there is blood. Rather a lot.
  • Johnny dealing with the Cobra Kai being banned from the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament:
    • While Johnny is trying to enroll the dojo by phone, Miguel is in the main room, asking for advice for his not-date with Sam, and then the shout is heard:
    • Miguel encourages Johnny to fight the ban. He then has to convince Johnny to not physically assault the entire tournament board.
    • Before Johnny goes to the meeting, Miguel compliments his case and asks what he has in it. It's empty, as he found it in the dumpster, and he's carrying it just for looks.
    • When Johnny arrives at the meeting, the board first thinks he's there for the meeting of the group after them, and then they reassure him that they changed the corn dog vendor.
    • The board's puzzled reaction when they learn about the ban ("Did we ban someone? We can ban people?"), as with one exception they weren't around for the events that got Cobra Kai banned, and Johnny's This Is Gonna Suck face when the one exception is a late arriving Daniel.
    • After Johnny's heartfelt speech about what he's done with Cobra Kai and what it's done for him, between the positive comments on his character, one of the committee members brings up another point in his favor:
      "Badass name for a dojo, by the way." [Johnny does a fistpump in reply.]
"Molting" (1x08)
  • Johnny giving a Rousing Speech to his students before their junkyard training:
    Johnny: Are you losers?!
    Cobra Kai: NO SENSEI!
    Johnny: Are you nerds?!
    Cobra Kai: NO SENSEI!
    Johnny: Are you sure?!
    Cobra Kai: NO SENSEI!
    Johnny: [facepalms in frustration]
  • Johnny has a few funny quips during the Training from Hell in the Junk Yard.
    Johnny: There is nothing to fear except for fear itself, and not falling into a bunch of sharp metal and broken glass, so don't do that!
  • When Johnny is recounting the events of The Karate Kid to Miguel and gets to the bit where Mr. Miyagi beat up the original Cobra Kai gang.
    Johnny: I think my buddy Tommy got brain damage because of that fight.
  • Johnny having dinner with Miguel's family. "I really liked the, uh, bananas." "Actually they're plantains." "Ah. But in English... we call them bananas."
  • The Hilarious Outtakes of the scene where Miguel spots Robby eating dinner with the LaRussos.
    Robby: Are you the dude that was hugging my dad??!! Don't hug my dad!!
"Different But Same" (1x09)
  • When Johnny and Daniel are about to come to blows at Daniel's house, Daniel's wife comes out and embarrasses two men in their 50s into pausing their teen-angst rivalry long enough for breakfast.
    Daniel: [fists still clenched] Wanna come in?
    Johnny: [fists still clenched] I could eat.
  • Anthony boasting about Daniel's Karate prowess is usually worth a chuckle, but the time he tried it with Johnny was way more than that.
    Anthony: You're lucky my dad didn't kill you.
    Johnny: You're lucky I didn't kill your dad.
  • When Miguel is discussing his relationship woes in the park, Hawk is shown helping Bert train. Once Miguel needs Hawk's help, he simply knocks out Bert by kicking him.
    • This comment by Demetri:
    Hawk: Maybe they're brother and sister.
    Miguel: Brothers don't look at their sisters that way!
  • Hawk manages to buy alcohol with a fake ID that says that he's 25. The best part? His chosen name is Walter Hawkman.
  • When Yasmine and her posse reach the canyon where she's planning to have her party, she orders Kyler to order "those losers" out. But then he notices that Miguel and his lot are front and center, and... he suggests they go elsewhere. Everyone but Moon rallies behind him, suggesting that despite his jerkassery, Kyler holds more clout in the group than Yasmine does.
  • "NO MERCY, BITCH!" Aisha even lifts Yasmine a few inches into the air, by her panties, in the process. Bonus points for watching Yasmine hobble away like she'd gotten a Shot in the Ass.
    • Sam's summation of the event. "You tore her a new. . . vagina."
"Mercy" (1x10)
  • Bert's Blatant Lies about what he was buying at the convenience store when he discovers a drunk Johnny.
    • Bonus points for Bert not being disturbed at the sight of Johnny having a drunken meltdown and pissing on his own car, simply because the kid has seen his sensei intoxicated on so many other occasions.
    • Further points for the stares the clerk and Bert gave each other when he slapped the magazine on the counter, roughly translating to "Really?" and "Uhuh? And?"
  • Amanda trying to cheer up Sam and Daniel after the events of the previous episode:
    "Come on guys! So your boyfriend turned out to be a jerk. [Beat] And your boyfriend turned out to be the son of your mortal enemy."
  • The All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament has its moments:
    • Carmen is worried for Miguel but Rosa is perfectly calm because she knows whatever happens, Miguel will learn from it... and because she just smoked a joint.
    • Daniel's face when he realizes Miguel is about to use the Crane Kick.
    • Moon enjoying Hawk's celebration for his first victory, complete with Demetri's shock.
      Moon: Damn, he is so hot!
      Demetri: I cannot believe this actually works.
    • The Cobra Kai cheering on Bert and reminding him to have no mercy... just as he's getting curbstomped by an opponent who is literally doing flips over him.
    • Xander Stone, the tournament champion from the previous year, is a Nice Guy who gives a speech preaching love and tolerance for all people, and even when Miguel defeats him, there is mutual respect between the two. Xander's mother, on the other hand, looks (and acts) like a rabid football fan — she screams her head off during the matches, shouts at Xander to "PUNCH EM IN THE FACE!!", and protests "BULLSHIT!" at the top of her lungs when he loses.
    • Everybody at the tournament seems to find Xander's speech annoying... except his mom, who can be seen wiping away a Single Tear when he's done.
    • Johnny and Miguel's reaction to Xander's sickeningly-sweet speech about peace and tolerance.
      Johnny: Kick that pansy bitch in the face.
      Miguel: [smiling] Yes, sensei.
    • Hawk and Robby have scored one point each at the All Valley championships. Hawk tries a Badass Boast, while Robby calls him on his Testosterone Poisoning act. May also count as Hypocritical Humor for Robby to be making fun of someone else's hair.
      Hawk: That was a lucky point. It's gonna be your last.
      Robby: Why? Leaving early to fix that stupid haircut?
    • Daniel preparing to use Miyagi's Healing Hands to fix Robby's shoulder injury, complete with mystical sting and then... "Can we get a medic?!"
    • Demetri's reason for wanting to rejoin Cobra Kai:
      "I'm still not into the idea of getting hit in the face and all, but I respect the safety-in-numbers aspect of joining a gang!"

    Season 2
"I knew it."
"Mercy, Part II" (2x01)
  • Hawk's advice to Miguel on how to win back Sam
    Miguel: She blocked me.
    Hawk: What happens when you get blocked? You counterpunch. Except maybe don't actually hit her this time.
    (Aisha and Miguel glare at him)
    Hawk: What, too soon?
  • A bunch of new students arrive at Cobra Kai wanting to sign up, but Johnny announces that the dojo will be shut to all new students that day:
    "Let's go, move it. Come back tomorrow… and bring your checkbooks!"
    • If you listen closely, you can hear one of the new students asking what a checkbook is as they're all exiting.
"Back in Black" (2x02)
  • A prospective customer asks Johnny on the phone (after Johnny says the classes are open to both males and females) whether the classes allow genderfluidnote  students. Johnny is completely dumbfounded and asks them whether or not they're prank calling.
    "Gender-what? Hey, is this a prank call?"
  • When Johnny has Miguel lead the warm-up exercises, Miguel has the whole class dab.
    • Bonus point for doing it in front of Kreese, embarrassing Johnny in the process. The look the two exchanged was priceless — and that was before the entire class started goofing off.
    • Johnny's punishment — Training from Hell by mixing so much cement they start fearing it.
"Fire and Ice" (2x03)
  • Practically any scene with Johnny trying to get in touch with today's modern tech. His first purchase and use of a laptop, in particular, just shows how far behind he is in almost anything electronic.
    • The montage of him exploring the internet for the first time includes highlights such as him discovering online porn, reading trivia about his favorite movies (and being dismayed at Jean-Claude Van Damme being nominated for a Razzie for Bloodsport), and falling for a fake news article "proving" that dinosaurs built the pyramids.
      Johnny: I knew it.
    • Just the implication that at some point, Johnny Lawrence suspected the dinosaurs were responsible for building the pyramids.
    • Even funnier? He's using Windows XP. note 
    • And in Season 3, he tries to sell it back to the pawn shop owner, claiming the battery run out of juice - and it turns out he simply didn't know he had to charge the battery.
  • Daniel makes an ad for Miyagi-Do's dojo. The reception went as well as you could expect in a heavily Asian-themed video about karate in 2019:
    Anoush: Oh, and for the record, I do not think you're guilty of cultural appropriation.
    Daniel: Cultural what? What are you even talking about? (After reading the comments) "Asian whitewashing"? They're calling me "Daniel LaRacist" on here!
    • One has to wonder if Johnny's rebuttal commercial, where he calls what he teaches "Good, old-fashioned, American karate" would be considered more or less racist by the YouTube commenting gestalt.
"The Moment of Truth" (2x04)
  • When Robby's old partners in crime are set to duke it out with Daniel, one of them hits on the bright idea of calling him "grandpa." Once he lays them all out:
    Daniel: Your grandpa know how to move like that, huh?
  • When Demetri tries to rejoin Cobra Kai he finds only Kreese and he's happy, because "the other guy" is "unhinged". He then proceeds to lay down some ground rules, culminating in saying his cobra tattoo is anatomically incorrect - and actually touching it. For once, one actually sympathizes with Kreese when he does his thing and socks him in the face...
    • Kreese' face during all of this, trying to not punch the idiot and possibly suspecting he's being pranked. At least until Demetri touches the tattoo, that gets a Death Glare.
    • Demetri's face as he realizes Kreese is pissed.
"All In" (2x05)"Take a Right" (2x06)
  • When Johnny and the original Cobra Kai gang decide to play some pool at the bar, they immediately spot a jerkass sexually harassing a server. The viewer would be forgiven for hoping that the jerkass is stupid enough to pick a fight with the Cobra Kai gang so that they can teach him some manners... and he doesn't disappoint.
    Jerkass: (belligerently) Something I can help you with, boss?
    Johnny: Yeah, we got next.
    Jerkass: (referring to Tommy, scoffing) That is the ugliest Make-A-Wish kid I have ever seen. I'll tell you what. Here's MY wish: you can suck my di(cue Johnny ripping out his ear gauge)
    • In the same scene, Jimmy decks one of the asshole's friends, then stares at his hands with a look of complete shock, as if wondering where that came from. And then he takes a chair to the back of Bobby's opponent when Bobby can't clear him.
    • And finally, the server, seeing Johnny being pinned at the edge of the counter by her harasser, sends a glass mug sliding down his way to take the jerkass down once and for all.
    • Earlier in that scene, the boys recall a time when they were teenagers and Tommy got them terrible fake IDs so they could drink beer, and the bartender served them dishwater. The best part? Tommy drank the whole thing because he didn't know what beer was supposed to taste like!
  • In a Deleted Scene, the group learns Jimmy drives a Mitsubishi Mirage and mock him for his vehicle choice:
    Tommy: You said you had a pussy wagon, not a wagon for pussies (laughs).
    Jimmy: Bobby, back me up. Isn't it a sin to make fun of another man's ride?
    Bobby: Jimmy, even God doesn't like this car. (Tommy laughs even harder)
"Lull" (2x07)
  • Raymond shows up at Coyote Creek with a new haircut and sunglasses and announces that he's "flipping the script" like Hawk did back in Season 1 and that from now on he should be known as Stingray. Everyone just looks embarrassed for him, especially Hawk, and the soundtrack even cuts out abruptly when Johnny interrupts him.
    • This becomes even funnier later on when Stingray actually ends up winning the Coyote Creek challenge for his team.
"Glory of Love" (2x08)
  • Johnny's over the top, '80's romantic fantasy/erotic dream/hair metal video regarding Carmen, Miguel's mom. It's as endearing that he fell completely for her, as it is hilarious to see how his mind works at times. What's even funner is the cut back to reality, since it shows Johnny grinning in his sleep.
  • Johnny's attempts to use a dating app? Funny. The app setting Johnny up with the "bitch" who got him fired at the start of the whole series? Priceless.
    • The dating app also sets Johnny up with a woman who makes it clear up front that she's passionate about environmentalist and feminist issues. Johnny obviously doesn't understand a word she's saying.
      Woman: I try to stay active in a variety of organizations. We combat all institutions of oppression — runaway capitalism, climate change denial, patriarchy. You know, the problem is a lot of these issues are becoming systemic.
      Johnny: Oh, yeah, totally systemic. I hate the Patriots, too.
      (The woman has a "wait, WHAT?" expression.)
      Johnny: Listen, what do you say we quit the chitchat, hop in my Challenger, teach you how to drive a stick? If you know what I mean.
      (The woman gives Johnny a Kubrick Stare.)
"Pulpo" (2x09)
  • At Moon's party, Hawk decides to spite her by flirting with another pretty girl in front of her. But this backfires on him spectacularly when the girl turns out to be Moon's new girlfriend.
    • During all the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do shenanigans at the party, Stingray plays "Edward Fortyhands", where he has two open bottles of alcohol duct-taped to his hands. When the police arrive to break up the party, he screams "Oh, shit!" when he fails to open a sliding door and realises his predicament. Eventually, he gets out, but only after spilling alcohol when trying to grab the handle with his blocked hands, and then with his mouth.
  • Johnny's date with Carmen at a Mexican restaurant turning into a double date with Daniel and Amanda when they just happened to be on their date at the same restaurant and the only table available is next to Johnny and Carmen.
  • Johnny and Daniel's reaction to seeing each other again. Before that, Carmen mentions that she can't keep up with all the drama Miguel is going through and Johnny was about to say when you're a teenager it's hard to avoid a little drama, cue the LaRussos:
    Johnny: Oh, come on.
    Daniel: You got to be kidding me.
    • When the waitress asks if they both know each other, Amanda casually tells the waitress, "Oh, they have warring karate dojos". She then orders a Cadillac margarita in an extra-large glass.
    • Johnny and Daniel indirectly bragging to each other about their dojo by talking out loud to their respective dates. The way they brag about class size versus quality, in particular, might remind you of another kind of male boasting. Amanda outright asks if they're done comparing "class" sizes.
    • While Amanda and Carmen are chatting, Johnny and Daniel are shooting Death Glares at each other while holding up their menu.
    • Just the fact that even when they're both on dates with very attractive women, it takes all of three seconds for Johnny and Daniel to forget about romance and start a pissing contest with each other.
    • Apparently on the same brainwave, the ladies both decide to head to the restroom at the same time, all but forcing Daniel and Johnny to talk to each other. Surprisingly, they quickly mend some fences, and the ladies return, pleased their plan worked out.
"No Mercy" (2x10)
  • Johnny trying to bond with Robby by talking about Trapper Keepers.
    The one with the fighter jet was awesome!
  • The final brawl was an utter madhouse with terrible consequences for both sides, but the combatants still found time for some great one-liners:
    • After Miguel headbutts Robby:
      Miguel: Like that move? I learned it from your dad!
    • When Bert confronts Nathaniel, who is just as small, bespectacled, and dorky as he is:
      • Bert and Nathaniel are easily broken up by the security guard, and still try to attack each other even as the guard is effortlessly dragging them both away.
    • Chris is knocked down by his former friend Mitch:
      Mitch: Should have stayed with Cobra Kai. You could have been a badass.
    • And of course Moon's half-assed and utterly futile attempt at a Battle-Interrupting Shout. Seconds later she's nearly clobbered by a student slamming another student into the wall.
    • Twice during Sam & Tory's fight, Tory grabs Sam and wrestles her out of the camera's shot before transitioning to another part of the fight. You can tell that was Will Smith's idea.
    • One of the teachers tries to stop the fight, only to be elbowed in to face before being thrown foward.
    • Black Comedy to be sure, but one teacher deciding he's not paid enough to intervene when a dozen teenage karatekas start brawling the halls.

    Season 3
"I have waited a long time for this."
  • Netflix announced it was moving the season's release up a week to New Year's Day...thanks to Johnny hacking into the website. Bonus points for a repeat of his classic demand of "Send it to the internet!"
  • Despite the seriousness of Miguel's injury, the whole journey of his rehabilitation from "The Right Path" to "Obstáculos" is hilarious:
    • In the hospital after Miguel wakes up, Johnny delivers an inspirational spiel about never giving up no matter the hardships. Inspired, Miguel attempts to get himself out of bed only to fall off the side. Johnny offers some alleviation by saying he "fell like a champ."
    • After Miguel is cleared to go home, the first thing Johnny tries is to use a fishing rod to dangle an 80s swimsuit mag to a wheelchair-using Miguel below (with Yello's "Oh Yeah" playing in the background, no less). Johnny tries to incentivize Miguel to stand up and grab it with the promise of seeing hot chicks, but an unmoved Miguel snarks that he can just look at kind of thing on his phone. Undeterred, Johnny claims that chicks are always hotter "on the page", and that convinces Miguel to try to reach the magazine anyway!
    • After Johnny completely bungles the story of hibachi while bringing up the saying of "lighting a fire under someone," Miguel asks him what the point of that was. Johnny reveals it was just a distraction for him to be able to set Miguel's shoe on fire to try and get him to move! This also fails, forcing Johnny to scramble for a fire extinguisher.
    • Johnny's "How to FIX MIGUEL Legs!" list:
      electric shock
      Tony Robbins
    • After writing his list, Johnny throws it in the trash... Right over the laptop that he thought was broken. Then, being just that desperate, he plugs it in, discovers that yes, it wasn't broken but just out of juice as the pawn shop owner told him, and uses it to look up "How to make legs work again" on Google.
    • After Miguel regains the ability to at least move his foot, Johnny gets him into a climbing harness and rigs him to a rope from the ceiling, all while Miguel complains about the getup looking ridiculous and making him feel like a baby.
    • Johnny gets Miguel to do sit-ups with a large beer keg, and Johnny uses it to refill his cup and unintentionally douses Miguel while doing so.
    • When Miguel finally regains his ability to walk completely, the first thing he and Johnny do is to chuck his wheelchair and crutches into the trash.
"Aftermath" (3x01)
  • During the news report of the brawl aftermath, it's shown that several of West Valley's students are having a peace rally. Naturally, the leader is Moon and she plays a song on the guitar that's pure Tastes Like Diabetes.
    Moon: We don't have to punch/Let's go get some brunch and be friendssssss.
  • The community meeting to discuss the aftermath of the school brawl has several hilarious moments:
    • Counselor Blatt states that the school's new anti-violence programme, "Hugs, Not Hits" is "like DARE except it actually works." May also count as Hypocritical Humor considering how ineffective all of her past attempts to deal with bullying have been. She also has to clarify that the idea is for the kids to hug each other, not the teachers.
    • One parent referring to Stingray as "that neckbeard teacher who attacked all the kids." Meanwhile the Principal calls him "Mr. Stingray", having apparently never learned his real name.
    • When Daniel talks about how karate helped him when he was bullied during his own time in High School, a member of the crowd loudly yells "Bullshit! I heard you were the real bully!"
    • One woman blames Sam for starting the brawl because she was "tramping around" with Miguel. Apparently the parents at West Valley are just as invested in the teen romance drama as the kids are.
  • Hawk attempts to flirt with the new freshman girls at West Valley, only to be instantly shot down.
    Hawk: If anyone gives you any trouble, just come to me. I'm the guy...
    Girl: Who wets the bed and got kicked into that trophy case? Yeah, we know.
  • Louie commented that he would have stolen a Ferrari after revealing how he found out Robby stole something from the trade-in lot. Of course, this would exactly be something his Season 1 self would had been and Louie is still prone to going back to his old ways. Amanda pretty much sums up what the audience was thinking in just two words
    Amanda: Would you?
"Nature Vs. Nurture" (3x02)
  • The whole search for Robby arc.
    • Johnny and Daniel visiting Shannon in Rehab. When they first arrive, the workers believes that Daniel is checking Johnny in. Johnny is frustrated and embarrassed by this, while Daniel gently ribs him. When talking with Shannon, she mentions what an odd team the two make together and Johnny snarks that whatever it takes to find their son.
    • Johnny and Daniel end up visiting Trey and Cruz in prison to get more information on his location ("worse than rehab, nicer than gym"). Johnny tries really hard to play bad cop because he's convinced there's no way the two would take Daniel seriously. ("Not sellin' Beamers to soccer moms. This is my world, follow my lead.") The duo are completely unimpressed by Johnny, with it not helping matters that his face is severely bruised from a prior fight. They immediately cave to Daniel, though, since he previously curb-stomped them at the beach. Johnny, offended by this, slaps Cruz twice to prove he can be dangerous. (Bonus points for how the guards shamelessly pretend not to notice.) Satisfyingly, by the time they're finished, Johnny has caused enough damage that when Daniel threatens to send Johnny back alone if he finds they were lying, Trey and (especially) Cruz are actually intimidated by the threat!
  • Just the fact that Johnny kept the Dodge Grand Caravan, despite it being both hideous and stolen. Even funnier is that after the chop shop incident, Daniel never brings it up again, clearly not caring enough about the vehicle to even want it back. This validates Robby's reason why he stole it in the first place: it was such an old and obscure piece of junk that its loss from the dealership would go unnoticed.
    • Ali assumed Johnny was being sarcastic when he mentioned he was driving around in a Grand Caravan nowadays. When she actually sees he was serious, she was surprised that Johnny would actually be driving such a junker.
"Now You're Gonna Pay" (3x03)
  • In the middle of one of Bobby's public sermons, a wasted Johnny swaggers in and clamors on to the assembly about how he and Bobby use to be a couple of rambunctious teenagers that drank, partied, and chased skirts. Bobby civilly tries to get Johnny to leave, but when it becomes clear that he is too far out of it, Bobby gives a brief prayer of repentance before flooring Johnny with a leg sweep. Bobby then straightens out his suit in the exact same manner as when Daniel spin-kicked Tom Cole's boba tea in Season 1.
    • After the sermon, a somewhat-more-cognizant Johnny confides to Bobby about his situation with Robby and Miguel and offhandedly refers to Bobby as a priest. Bobby under his breath tries to remind Johnny that he's a pastor. This seems to be a regularly-experienced irritation for him.
  • Louie decrying the notion of car salesmen being sleazy as a "bullshit stereotype" (while also making a crude "jerk-off" hand gesture). Never mind his pranks and habit of using the LaRusso name to sell motorcycles in Season 1.
  • Johnny progressively Digging Himself Deeper as he tells his prospective employer about his many, many arrests, culminating in telling him about the time he was arrested for beating up a bunch of kids, oblivious to the interviewer's shock. And then he's actually surprised when he doesn't get the job.
  • Johnny swallows his pride and approaches his stepfather for a handout to donate towards Miguel's surgery. Sid predictably tells him to piss off, but as Johnny is leaving the manor, he casually pilfers a decorative modern art sculpture near the door and later pawns it off for a handsome sum.
"The Right Path" (3x04)
  • When Daniel returns to Tomi Village and is baffled and dismayed to see it heavily changed and modernized, there is this exchange.
    Daniel: This is nothing like I remember.
    Woman: Yes, there are a lot of changes. We used to have a Subway, now we have a Jersey Mike's!
  • The soccer game. Both Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do hate each other, but know that the school has a zero-tolerance policy on personal space violations. So they take advantage of the game to foul each other nonstop (in increasingly blatant ways) until the frustrated referee sends both teams to the principal's office.
    • In particular, the way in which the fouls start out relatively subtle and grow steadily more outrageous, culminating with Sam straight up kicking a Cobra Kai student in the face with the ball nowhere in sight.
  • Demetri's reaction to Sam punching a locker in front of Counselor Blatt and storming off:
    • What's even funnier? Counselor Blatt's expression shows that she isn't convinced in the slightest. Out of everything, it was that pointless little lie that gave her this one lonely, mountain-dwelling moment of competence.
  • Mr. Miyagi slipped a warm-sounding bit of philosophy into one of his love letters, and promptly admits that it came from a car commercial.
"Miyagi-Do" (3x05)
  • Chozen finally returns and he is initially very cold towards Daniel, implying that like Johnny, he also hasn't forgiven Daniel for his defeat years ago. The two eventually end up fighting with Chozen finally holding Daniel exactly the way Daniel did in the climax of the second movie, saying that he had been waiting for this moment for years... and then honks his nose just the way Daniel did and laughs. It is revealed he has gone through a lot of Character Development since his defeat and he was just messing with Daniel-San for his own amusement.
    • The fact that he hands over one of the secret scrolls of Miyagi-Do to Daniel with his famous line "You keep for your collection" (albeit in a much more civil context this time) is funny (and heartwarming), too.
    • At one point, Daniel makes a Seinfeld joke and Chozen does not react at all, pretending to be grumpy. Daniel quips he must be a Friends guy.
  • We get a humorous Call-Back to the first film as the Cobra Kais are hanging out in the abandoned laser tag warehouse:
    Mitch: (pulling beers out of his backpack) Who's for a warm one?
    Hawk: (disgusted) Who wants warm beer? You didn't bring an ice pack?
"King Cobra" (3x06)
  • The various reactions to the ruthless No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that Hawk delivers to Brucks. But none more so than Kyler's: he will never mess with Hawk again. And sure enough, later onwards, Hawk angrily calls him a dumbass at one point; all Kyler can do is make excuses rather than get angry or initiate a fight.
    • Brucks swaggers onto the mat and struts around, proclaiming he'll wipe the mat with anyone that dares. Hawk's response? A vengeful "He's mine!"
  • After spending an entire episode trying to craft a message to send to Ali, Johnny finally succeeds in writing a perfect, concise but poignant summary of where he is in life right now... only to dismiss it as "too long", delete it and then send the very short and unsatisfying "Not much, u?" instead. His satisfied grin when he sends it is the icing on the cake.
  • During Johnny's Wall of Text message to Ali, he mentions he won 2,000 dollars betting on the OJ Simpson trial
"Obstáculos" (3x07)
  • While trying to come up with a new badass sounding name for his Dojo Johnny suggest they just keep Cobra Kai but spell it Kobra Kai Karate and they can be called the "Triple K's". Luckily, Miguel realizes the Unfortunate Implications.
    Miguel: Like KKK?
    Johnny: Yeah, that's probably a bad idea.
  • Johnny tries to find a place for his dojo to train, only to find every available place is too expensive. He finally settles on just having them train at the public park. And since he can't yet afford proper equipment, he has the students wearing t-shirts instead of gis and they're seen practicing kicking a frisbee that Johnny stole from a park goer instead of a blocking pad.
    Johnny: All right, everybody. Take five, go get some water. But not from the fountain, I saw some meth head wipe his ass in it.
  • When Johnny is leaving the high school, he knocks some random kid's books out of his hands.
  • When Johnny holds his first class, he makes a big speech about how their new dojo needs a name that commands respect:
    Johnny: Cobras are strong. They may be king of the jungle but the world is more than a jungle. There's only one animal that can kill a snake.
    Bert: A mongoose?
    Johnny: A real animal, Bert.
  • When Johnny reveals the name of his new dojo (Eagle Fang), a confused Mitch immediately makes a point of warning Johnny that eagles have no fangs. Johnny being Johnny simply ignores the warning, shutting him up by tossing his uniform at him.
"The Good, The Bad and The Badass" (3x08)
  • When Mitch joins Johnny's new Eagle Fang dojo, he objects to being addressed by his old Cobra Kai nickname of "Assface". Without hesitation, Johnny assigns Mitch the new nickname of "Penis Breath" — and it sticks!
    • In a later episode, the Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do students are attempting to negotiate an alliance when Chris (of Miyagi-Do) addresses Mitch as Penis Breath, only for the latter to take exception.
      Mitch: Okay, you can't call me Penis Breath. Only they can call me Penis Breath!
      Chris: Why are you okay with anyone calling you Penis Breath?
  • Miguel and Sam catch Yasmine and Demetri making out in the hallway, causing Yasmine to go immediate He Is Not My Boyfriend. Demetri plays along, straight up calling Yasmine "Cruella" and asking her why she's not off killing puppies, but once Yasmine is out of earshot he confesses to the two that he is totally head-over-heels in love with her.
  • Moments during the city counsel meeting:
    • When Daniel sees Johnny at the meeting:
      Daniel: What are you doing here?
      Johnny: Fighting for the All-Valley. What about you? Gonna read from your diary?
      Daniel: Nothing wrong with being prepared.
      Johnny: Yeah, I don't need notes. I'll shoot from the hips.
      Daniel: (to Amanda) This is gonna be a disaster.
    • During Miguel's speech, he brings up bullies giving swirlies to their victims and the Counselwoman Roberts questions what that is. Johnny stands up and explains what a swirly is to them and admits it's pretty funny, much to Miguel's annoyance.
  • Johnny's flatscreen is knocked off the wall as he leads Carmen (while making out) to his room for a passionate evening. Johnny's television sets getting damaged is apparently now a Once a Season occurrence.
"Feel The Night" (3x09)
  • There's something amusing about the way the camera makes a casual quick-pan to Ali relaxing on her mother's couch with zero buildup in the opening minute of the episode. It's almost as if, after teasing a reappearance from her since the end of the first season and even pulling a Bait-and-Switch a few episodes earlier, the show suddenly wants to act all falsely modest and play off her return to the franchise after 30+ years as no biggie
  • When Cobra Kai are trying to steal a cobra from the zoo, Kyler forgets to bring a snake-pole even though it was his only job. When Hawk of all people reprimands him, Kyler's excuse is priceless.
    Kyler: I've got a lot on my mind, okay. If I don't pass trig this semester, my Dad's gonna shit in my mouth!
    Hawk: (reacts with confusion and disgust)
    • While Hawk doesn't actually say anything, you can tell he's thinking "Why did I ever let you push me around?"
  • The reactions of the Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang students when they realize Sam and Miguel tricked them into having a sit down under the guise of a Christmas keg party. Mitch complains that he bought his elf hat for nothing and tosses it away like a little kid, Demetri asks Sam why she "Parent Trapped" them, and Bert and Nathaniel start talking trash.
    Bert: I hate your stupid face so much.
    Nathaniel: If you died, I wouldn't even attend your funeral.
    Miguel: (worried) This isn't gonna work.
"December 19" (3x10)
  • Upon meeting Ali, Amanda once again summarises Johnny and Daniel's rivalry in a way only she can:
    Amanda: So have the two man-boys filled you in on the whole mortal enemy, karate dojo, battling for the soul of the Valley thing?
  • When the Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang kids finally do agree to work together, they try to hammer out the differences for a combined dojo by sitting around a kitchen table and discussing things in a similar manner to a committee meeting. Plus we see that they are stuck negotiating the finer points beyond Opposing Combat Philosophies.
    Demetri: (reading off a notepad) We're all in agreement that our new combined dojo should train at Miyagi-do. But deadlocked on a new name, gi design, post-training snacks, and Sensei dispute resolution protocol. Okay, not good, but still, it's a start.
    • The fact that the one thing that even the Eagle Fang students can agree on is that the Miyagi dojo is clearly a better place to train than the park, as it's private and has actual equipment. You can sense that they certainly didn't enjoy training in the park with no privacy and looking forward to finding an excuse to not do it anymore.
    • Also, the fact that they are aware enough to know that they are going to need a "Sensei dispute resolution protocol" in place to deal with Johnny and Daniel inevitably fighting with each other.
    • That "post-training snacks" are important enough to not only be listed as an item, but to become one of the deadlocked topics, is also quite amusing.
  • The fight at the LaRusso home starts off with Bert hearing a cat noise and heading outside, only to go flying through the kitchen window seconds later (once Sam points out that the Larussos don't have a cat). When Miguel asks him what happened, Bert bluntly says "No cat." And for a bit of Fridge Humor, it seems that someone in Cobra Kai does a very good cat impression.
  • The entirety of the scene where Ali and Amanda discuss Johnny and Daniel's past relationship with her:
    • Ali recounting the time she broke up with Daniel in front of Johnny:
      Ali: So, I got into UCLA and I ran into this guy that I knew who went there, Daniel sees me talking to my friend.
      Daniel: Your "friend."
      Ali: Yes, he was my friend, actually. He jumps to conclusions. Well, I was a bit upset, so I probably, maybe egged you on.
      Daniel: Listen, I thought you were in love with the guy.
      Ali: I told you. Just like I told you that the brakes on Mr. Miyagi's car were gonna go.
      Daniel: (awkward silence)
      Ali: I hope you didn't tell him that it was my fault that it crashed.
      Daniel: (beat) No, of course not.
      Johnny: This is the best story I have ever heard. Please, keep going.
    • This moment of irony:
      Ali: Well let's just hope our kids are more evolved than we were.
      (Cut to the extremely violent brawl in progress at the LaRusso house)
  • The scene overall is a Tearjerker and Nightmare Fuel, but there's Johnny's reaction after he shoves Robby away when the kid attacks him and Robby gets knocked out when he lands against a locker. He just says "shit" in complete disbelief and is clearly thinking "How could such a harmless move result in that?"

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