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Waitress: Do you know each other?
Amanda LaRusso: Oh, they have warring karate dojos.
— The show in a nutshell, "Pulpo"

Just like The Karate Kid movies before it, Cobra Kai embraces the 80's cheesiness for a new generation, leading to the following examples.

All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Demetri is easily one of the funniest characters in the show.
    Demetri: [Describing Johnny's Training from Hell] I got yelled at, got my ass kicked, and then gave him my money. You know who lives like that? Hookers.
  • Pretty much everything Rosa says.
  • Louie, Daniel's cousin. You hardly find someone who brings so much trouble and everyone hates, yet can give rather hilarious moments with all his flaws.
  • A lot of Johnny's politically incorrect moments
  • Both Daniel and Johnny get a good crane kick in the noggin with Parental Substitute issues. They manage to do much better with their flagship pupils than with their own sons!
  • The fact no one ever seems to care that Johnny has broken into the school on multiple occasions, even after the brawl.

    Season 1 
"Ace Degenerate" (1x01)
  • Near the beginning of the episode, as Johnny's driving to work, he spots a pretty blonde doing leg stretches on the sidewalk. He pulls over and tries to look cool, only to be dismissed with a contemptuous glance and an uttered 'creep'. Among everything else, it's just one more example of how far Johnny has fallen from his jerk jock days.
    Johnny: [pulls over, lifts his shades to his forehead, smiles at her] Hey.
    Blonde young woman: [glances up, looks at him with contempt, starts jogging off] Creep.
  • Johnny gets fired for botching up installing a TV for a woman who walked right out of a Not Always Right story.
    Johnny: "No, no, no, no, I didn't call her a bitch. I said she was bitching at me, there's a difference! ...You're firing me because of that bitch? You know what, I hated this damn job anyway."
  • The LaRusso Auto Group commercial and Johnny's reaction to it.
    Daniel: Banzai! Daniel LaRusso here from LaRusso Auto, bringing you specials on all of our inventory. We have an excess of Jeep Grand Cherokees, priced to go! Get a lease for only...[price tag: "$439/month"] Nah. Make that...[he "karate chops" the price down to "$339/month"] Yes, we are chopping prices on all of our Hondas, Nissans, Acuras, and Audis. So come visit any of our locations in Tarzana, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, or Sherman Oaks. And as always, every customer leaves with their very own Bonsai tree. LaRusso Auto Group. We kick the competition!
  • Johnny is outside of the convenience store, eating pizza, when the bullies who are picking on Miguel decide to take him on. Johnny's first kick is to Kyler's face - and he remembers why warming up and stretching is so important before doing such techniques.
  • Moments later, when the brawl is going on in earnest, the homeless meth head woman can be seen eating Johnny's pizza, watching the fight with complete indifference.
"Strike First" (1x02)
  • Daniel fantasizes about drowning Anthony when the kid rudely demands his drink.
    Anthony: Dad, where the hell's my drink? Hurry up!
    Daniel: [cheerfully] You know what? I'm gonna throw him in the goddamn pool!
  • The health inspector looks at Miguel and asks if he's a customer. Johnny's response: "No, he's an illegal I picked up this morning, I brought him in to help out." The inspector lets the issue go without further comment!
  • After Daniel has thrown Sam's pool party "guests" out, a fat Brucks in a swimsuit — who had missed Daniel's arrival — comes out of their bathroom, recognizes Daniel as "that banzai guy on those commercials", and then notices everyone else's gone. Daniel and Amanda's expression during the whole thing are priceless.
  • After Johnny flips Miguel as his first "lesson", Miguel begins breathing heavily and taking asthma medication from his inhaler.
    Johnny: What is the problem, Mr. Diaz?
    Miguel: There's no problem, sensei. You punched me and I have asthma so-
    Johnny: *Takes the inhaler and throws it across the room* Not anymore! We do not allow weakness in this dojo! So you can leave your your asthma, and your peanut allergies, and all that other made up bullshit outside, is that understood?
    Miguel: Yes, but those are real medical problems. I was-
    Johnny: *Glares at Miguel.*
    Miguel:...Yes sensei, understood.
  • This exchange hilariously demonstrates the difference between Johnny's training techniques and Mr. Miyagi's:
    Miguel: Hey sensei, is there any particular way you want me to wash these windows?
    Johnny: Nah, I don't give a shit.
"Esqueleto" (1x03)
  • Miguel is in his room practicing karate and making a lot of grunting noises. When his grandmother calls him for dinner, he replies he's "almost finished". She concludes he's been masturbating... and later believes he injured his hand in the process.
    • Made even funnier when Rosa comments "You don't want to know" when Carmen asks what happened to his hand, and Miguel gives her a look.
  • In the office while Johnny is looking through all the bills he has to pay, he glances at a whiteboard with a list of current Cobra Kai students...that just has Miguel's name on it.
  • Amanda is talking to Daniel about what Louie is doing, but he's busy looking at Kyler due to what Johnny told him about him, so she gets his attention in an "unusual" way:
    Amanda: You know, Louie opened an underground casino in the break room.
    Daniel: Yeah. [Beat] Wait, what?
  • Louie's ridiculous suggestion for how to threaten Kyler. Even Daniel is confused.
    Louie: Tell him "If you get her pregnant, it's you who will get the abortion".
    Daniel: (gobsmacked) What the hell are you talking about?
  • The entire deleted scene where Johnny tries to advertise his dojo to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students.
"Cobra Kai Never Dies" (1x04)
  • The first look at the defaced billboard, with a giant dick spray-painted in Daniel's mouth. Yes, it's the most childish, stupid, Toilet Humor move Johnny could have made, but admit it — you laughed. Especially with Daniel's F-bomb being cut off by the next scene.
    • The dialog between Daniel and Amanda in the following scene is gold, too.
      Amanda: I understand that you're frustrated, but try not to think about it. Think positively!
      Daniel: Positive?! What — what's positive?! I have a dick in my mouth!
      Amanda: Yeah! And you'll blow the competition away! [laughs] No one's even going to see it.
      Daniel: We picked that specific location because of the traffic level!
      Amanda: Okay, fine, fine! Let's assume people see it. Let's assume everybody sees it!
      Daniel: [defeated] Okay.
      Amanda: No one's going to recognize you!
      Daniel: Really.
      Amanda: All they're going to see is the dick. Okay, it is the dick's billboard now! People drive by so fast, they're not even going to spot you.
      Louie: [in the distance] Did you guys see the billboard? It's freaking hilarious!
      Daniel: [to Amanda] We're painting over it.
      Amanda: [quietly] That's a good idea.
    • LaRusso Auto Group later receives a lunch order of 100 sausages from Tom Cole, Daniel's biggest competitor, just to rub his nose in it; when Amanda reads the order specification that Daniel likes his sausages long and thick, the delivery guy can be seen chuckling in the background, clearly knowing that it's a prank. It's also revealed that Johnny possibly took a dump, too, in case anybody came by to clean the billboard up or just to be an asshole.
    • The Hilarious Outtakes of the scene in episode 9 where Daniel and Johnny confront each other after this.
      Daniel: You sprayed a dick on my billboard.
      Johnny: It wasn't a dick, it was a rocketship.
      [everybody starts laughing]
  • The immediate scene change right after Miguel defends Johnny for "being a great man" in response to Carmen calling the latter a bad influence and a loser. Cut to Johnny completely wasted and passed out on his living room floor, surrounded by his ringing flip phone and a couple of empty Coors Banquet cans.
  • When it comes to attitude, Johnny can give as good as he gets:
    Johnny: Guess you couldn't hear me over that garbage you've got playing on your boombox!
    Cruz: [derisively] What the hell's a 'boombox'?
    Johnny: What the hell's that thing on your face?
    Cruz: [sheepishly] ... It's a mustache.
    • Next time we see him, Cruz has shaven off the 'stache.
    • This becomes even funnier when you realize that the same Johnny who had called their Bluetooth speaker a "boombox" made fun of a mustache that was pretty common in the 80s. Which means Cruz's mustache just that ridiculous.
  • Brucks correcting Kyler on his grammar while they're bullying Eli.
  • When Shannon's date starts butting into their argument, Johnny gets him to back off by matter-of-factly saying, "Word of advice: She's not gonna go down on you unless you buy her dessert."
  • The LaRussos meet with their ad executives to discuss updating their marketing. Before Daniel arrives, Amanda tells the execs to not mention the billboard. Daniel walks in.
    Daniel: Sorry I'm late, everyone. It's been a...crazy day. I'm sure you've seen the-
    Execs: We didn't.
    • Daniel points out that Tom Cole doesn't have to use gimmicks to advertise his dealerships. The execs proceed to show him Cole's latest ad, with Cole dressed up like a Yankee.
      Tom Cole: Patriot Tom Cole here! When I'm not busy fighting the hated British for your freedom, I'm fighting to bring you great deals, great American deals! And because I love this land we call home, I'm giving every new customer their very own drought-resistant cactus! In these dry times, it really is the only responsible plant to own, a STRONG AMERICAN plant. From the Strong American himself, me, Tom Cole! Cole's on Van Nuys! You...musket down here.
  • Cole doing a mock kiawai that's eerily reminiscent of Terry Silver's when Daniel confronts him about the ad. Maybe not quite a Berserk Button for Daniel, but being reminded of Silver certainly must have partially informed Daniel's inevitable decision to spin-kick Cole's boba tea.
  • At breakfast, Anthony resents his parents serving him a dry English muffin while happily playing short order cook for Sam.
    Anthony: A dry English muffin? What is this, Afghanistan? I'll take a burrito.
    Daniel: Hey, this isn't a restaurant.
    [Sam comes in]
    Amanda: Morning, honey.
    Sam: Morning. What, no bananarama pancakes today?
    Daniel: Are you kidding? I'm just about to whip up a batch right now.
    Anthony: I thought this wasn't a restaurant-
    Daniel: Just eat your muffin! Okay?
"Counterbalance" (1x05)
  • At the end of Miguel's Training Montage, he manages to overtake Johnny by sweeping his leg. Johnny responds by turning on the pitching machine sending a baseball into his ear. He then proceeds to tell him he's in the wrong dojo if he wants a fair fight and that Miguel's fine despite his ear being purple and swollen.
  • The mood whiplash when the yoga class takes over the Cobra Kai dojo is quite something as the instructor puts up her own banner over the Cobra Kai slogan.
    Yoga Instructor: We need to change the energy in here.
  • Yasmine and Moon are inhaling weed in Moon's car. Homeless Lynn approaches the car and tries to beg for money, so they get out their phones and pretend to be texting...poorly, thinking that will scare her off. Then they scream when the door opens...from Sam climbing into the backseat to confront them about their ignoring her.
    Yasmine: WHAT THE HELL, SAM?!
    Moon: We thought you were a poor person!
    • After learning what sorts of lies Kyler is spreading about her, Sam snarls, "Enjoy puking out your burritos, Yas!" and marches off, not bothering to shut the door behind her.
      Moon: Wait, you've been purging and not telling me?!
  • Amanda is talking to Sam, who is getting ghosted by Yasmine and Moon, when she gets distracted by Anthony.
    Amanda: Maybe it's better that you're not there with them. Anyway we're always happy to have [sees] ANTHONY, STOP DRINKING THE BUTTER!
    • Armand was seen doing the same thing earlier, which makes you imagine how much Anthony might be like him when he grows older.
    • Armand's son, Roland's, interaction with Anthony. They don't like each other very much and yet they are so alike.
      Roland: My dad owns buildings!
      Anthony: My dad owns cars!
      Roland: My dad makes more money than your dad!
      Anthony: My dad knows karate and could kill your dad!
  • Aisha joining Cobra Kai:
  • At first, Cobra Kai takes an "if you build it, they will come" approach to advertising. No takers. Then we come to the lunchroom episode, where Miguel neatly mashes Kyler and his posse... and the Curb-Stomp Battle goes viral. That one act singlehandedly turns Cobra Kai's fortunes around.

"Quiver" (1x06)

  • Eli's saying he might be on the (autism) spectrum, and Johnny's response.
    Johnny: I don't know what that is, but get off it, pronto.
  • Daniel clears out his dojo for use again, and yearns for someone to spar with. He approaches Sam, who is sitting out by the pool browsing Miguel's social media feeds, but is distracted by a harassing post from Yasmine. He tries to bring up a time she flip-kicked him in the face so hard she bruised his jaw and he couldn't eat anything but soup for a week,note  but she's still not interested. So Daniel goes to Amanda.
    Daniel: So! What do you say, I come to spin class with you today?
    Amanda: Really?
    Daniel: Uh-huh.
    Amanda: I thought you said spin class was "a sweaty, pointless bike ride to nowhere".
    Daniel: Yeah. But I figured I'd ride some bikes with you, and then maybe you would, um...come into the dojo with me?
    Amanda: Mmmmm. Sam said no, huh?
    Daniel: Yeah. I don't get it, 'Man. She used to love karate.
    Amanda: Well she's not your Mini-Me anymore. Can't...dress her up and teach her tricks.
    Daniel: Yeah, but...what about you?
    Amanda: Oh I already know all your tricks.
    Daniel: Uh-huh.
    Amanda: And let's try to remember what happened ten years ago when you and I hit the mat for a little..."karate"? [nods knowingly at Anthony in the other room, playing Tekken on his Play Station Vita] Mmmhmmm.
    • Daniel tries to take the PS Vita away from Anthony and take him into the dojo...only for Anthony to call out to the house's Alexa to order another one, much to Daniel's exasperation as he frantically tries to hit the parental override.
  • During science class:
    • Sam enters class with a Blow-Pop stuck to her shoulder.
      Sam: Thanks for the Blow-Pop, guys! Really never gets old!
      Demetri: [to Miguel] It's 'cause she gives blowjobs. Get it? "Blow"-Pop, "Blow"-job?
      Miguel: [makes a disgusted face] Yeah. I get it. It's just a rumor.
    • Miguel offers to let Sam join him and Demetri for pig dissection. Sam asks, "What were you thinking for sex?" Miguel gives her a bewildered look, thinking she's propositioning him for sex, until she clarifies she's referring to the gender of their pig.
    • Sam randomly offers Miguel and Demetri the bananas that jerks have been slipping into her bookbag ever since the bullying against her started.
"All Valley" (1x07)
  • When Daniel finally finds a new student in Robby, he's quick to pull out Miyagi's hard work training. Not only does he tell him how to wax the cars, he also tells him how to wash the windows, sweep the floor, jack the car, and even how to staple the files.
    • The culmination is great as well. Just like in the original Karate Kid, Robby accuses Daniel of not teaching him anything, and that he's just using him as cheap labor before storming off. Daniel turns to Amanda with a giant grin.
      Daniel: God, I love this part!
  • Johnny is dismayed to find out most of his students are "flinchers". There's a simple solution to fix that: have Aisha punch every single one of them in the face. There's even a This Is Gonna Suck look... from Aisha, that is.
    • After that order, Johnny goes to his office. Miguel comes in to ask for dating advice so he can ask Sam out... while we hear punching noises and pained grunts in the background. At the end, Hawk falls into the office. But they don't have to worry, he lost only the one tooth...
    • When Miguel first comes in, Johnny doesn't bother to look up from what he's doing, just saying that if there's blood, there's the first aid kit. Miguel says that's not why he's here, but there is blood. Rather a lot.
  • Miguel and Sam's first "Not a Date".
    • Sam wins a stuffed octopus from playing Ice Ball. She decides randomly that he's Hispanic and calls him "Señor Octopus".
    • Miguel brags that he's best in his class at karate, and tries to "prove it" by showing Sam some techniques...which involves putting his hands on her hips. First she playfully calls him out on it, to which he protests "I'm correcting your stance!". So she reveals she has a childhood's worth more experience than he does by hopping into his arms and executing a flawless leg throw takedown, visibly turning him on.
      Miguel: Holy shit, Sam, that was amazing! Where do you- [Sam puts her foot on his chest as he tries to sit up]
      Sam: Sensei Sam. [She straddles him and smiles] You know this may be the best date I've ever been on.
      Miguel: Really? 'Cause technically, this isn't a date.
      Sam: [grins] Right. Not a date. [leans in and kisses him] And that was...not a kiss.
  • Johnny dealing with the Cobra Kai being banned from the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament:
    • While Johnny is on the phone trying to enroll the dojo, Miguel is on the mat asking for advice for his not-date with Sam, and then the shout is heard:
    • Miguel encourages Johnny to fight the ban. He has to clarify that he doesn't want Johnny to physically assault the entire tournament board.
    • Before Johnny goes to the meeting, Miguel compliments his briefcase and asks what he has in it. It's empty, as he found it in the dumpster, and he's carrying it just for looks.
    • When Johnny arrives at the meeting dressed in a suit and tie, the board first thinks he's there for the meeting of the alcoholics anonymous group after them, and then they reassure him that they changed the corn dog vendor after "what happened at last year's tournament".
    • The board's puzzled reaction when they learn about the ban ("Did we ban someone? We can ban people?"), as with one exception they weren't around for the events that got Cobra Kai banned, and Johnny's This Is Gonna Suck face when "the one exception" is a late arriving Daniel.
    • After Johnny's heartfelt speech about what he's done with Cobra Kai and what it's done for him, between the positive comments on his character, one of the committee members brings up another point in his favor:
      "Badass name for a dojo, by the way." [Johnny does a fistpump in agreement.]
"Molting" (1x08)
  • Johnny giving a Rousing Speech to his students before their junkyard training:
    Johnny: Are you losers?!
    Cobra Kai: NO SENSEI!
    Johnny: Are you nerds?!
    Cobra Kai: NO SENSEI!
    Johnny: Are you sure?!
    Cobra Kai: NO SENSEI!
    Johnny: [facepalms in frustration]
  • Johnny has a few funny quips during the Training from Hell in the junkyard.
    Johnny: There is nothing to fear except for fear itself, and not falling into a bunch of sharp metal and broken glass, so don't do that!
  • When Johnny is recounting the events of The Karate Kid to Miguel and gets to the bit where Mr. Miyagi beat up the original Cobra Kai gang.
    Johnny: I think my buddy Tommy got brain damage because of that fight.
  • Johnny having dinner with Miguel's family. "I really liked the, uh, bananas." "Actually they're plantains." "Ah. But in English... we call them bananas."
  • The Hilarious Outtakes of the scene where Miguel spots Robby eating dinner with the LaRussos.
    Robby: Are you the dude that was hugging my dad??!! Don't hug my dad!!
"Different But Same" (1x09)
  • When Johnny and Daniel are about to come to blows at Daniel's house, Daniel's wife comes out and embarrasses two men in their 50s into pausing their teen-angst rivalry long enough for breakfast.
    Daniel: [fists still clenched] Wanna come in?
    Johnny: [fists still clenched] I could eat.
  • Daniel's bewilderment at Johnny not knowing what Facebook is as he shows he's kept tabs on Ali.
    Johnny: What's a Facebook?
    Daniel: Wow. Really, Johnny?
    • And throw in Daniel and Johnny's reaction to seeing what Ali's husband looks like:
    [ picture of handsome, bearded man with sunglasses ]
    Johnny: ...look at that dumb face.
    Daniel: Yeah. What an asshole.
  • Anthony boasting about Daniel's Karate prowess is usually worth a chuckle, but the time he tried it with Johnny was way more than that.
    Anthony: You're lucky my dad didn't kill you.
    Johnny: Yeah? You're lucky I didn't kill him.
    Anthony: I'm gonna tell him you said that.
    Johnny: Good. I want him to know.
  • When Miguel is discussing his relationship woes in the park, Hawk is shown helping Bert train. Once Miguel needs Hawk's help, he simply knocks out Bert by kicking him in the face.
  • Hawk buys alcohol for the Cobra Kais' party with a fake ID that says that he's one 25 year old Walter Hawkman, while claiming that Bert is his friend's son.
  • When Yasmine and her posse reach the canyon where she's planning to have her party, only to find the Cobra Kais showed up first, she orders Kyler to order "those losers" out. But then he notices that Miguel and his lot are front and center, and... he wisely suggests they go elsewhere. Everyone but Moon rallies behind him, suggesting that despite his jerkassery, Kyler holds more clout in the group than Yasmine does.
  • "NO MERCY, BITCH!" Aisha even lifts Yasmine a few inches into the air, by her panties, in the process. Bonus points for watching Yasmine hobble away like she'd gotten a Shot in the Ass.
    • Sam's summation of the event.
      Sam: "You tore her a new. . . vagina."
"Mercy" (1x10)
  • Innocent little Bert tells his teammates he was buying...milk at the mini-mart when he saw a drunk Johnny. In reality, we see him slapping the latest issue of Big & Bootylicious on the counter (featuring the "42 Phattest Cabooses").
    • Bonus points for Bert not being disturbed at the sight of Johnny having a drunken meltdown and pissing on his own car, simply because the kid has seen his sensei intoxicated on so many other occasions.
    • Further points for the stares the clerk and Bert gave each other when he slaps the magazine on the counter, roughly translating to "You're a little too young for this" and "Uhuh? And?"
  • Amanda trying to cheer up Sam and Daniel after the events of the previous episode:
    Amanda: Come on guys! [to Sam] So your boyfriend [Miguel] turned out to be a jerk. [to Daniel] And your boyfriend [Robby] turned out to be the son of your mortal enemy."
  • The All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament has its moments:
    • Carmen is worried for Miguel but Rosa is perfectly calm because she knows whatever happens, Miguel will learn from it... and also because she just smoked a joint.
    • Daniel's face when he realizes Miguel is about to use the Crane Kick.
    • Moon enjoying Hawk's celebration for his first victory, complete with Demetri's shock.
      Moon: Damn, he is so hot!
      Demetri: I cannot believe this actually works.
    • The Cobra Kai cheering on Bert and reminding him to have no mercy... just as he's getting curbstomped by an opponent who is literally doing flips over him.
    • Xander Stone, defending champion from the previous year, is a Nice Guy who gives a speech preaching love and tolerance for all people, and even when Miguel defeats him, there is mutual respect between the two. Xander's mother, on the other hand, looks (and acts) like a rabid football fan — she screams her head off during the matches, shouts at Xander to "PUNCH EM IN THE FACE!!", and protests "BULLSHIT!" at the top of her lungs when he loses.
    • Everybody at the tournament seems to find Xander's speech annoying... except his mom, who can be seen wiping away a Single Tear when he's done.
    • Johnny and Miguel's reaction to Xander's sickeningly-sweet speech about peace and tolerance.
      Johnny: Kick that pansy bitch in the face.
      Miguel: [smiling] Yes, sensei.
    • Hawk and Robby have scored one point each at the All Valley championships. Hawk tries a Badass Boast, while Robby calls him on his Testosterone Poisoning act. May also count as Hypocritical Humor for Robby to be making fun of someone else's hair.
      Hawk: That was a lucky point. It's gonna be your last.
      Robby: Why? Leaving early to fix that stupid haircut?
    • Daniel preparing to use Miyagi's Healing Hands to fix Robby's shoulder injury, complete with mystical sting and then... "Can we get a medic?!"
    • Demetri's reason for wanting to rejoin Cobra Kai:
      "I'm still not into the idea of getting hit in the face and all, but I respect the safety-in-numbers aspect of joining a gang!"

    Season 2 
  • Since the Miyagi-Do classes were filmed outdoors, the bloopers include lots of takes that were ruined by incidental bugs.
    Daniel: [while Courtney Henggeler deals with a bee] The students and sensei of Miyagi-Do Karate, as brought to you by a bee.

"Mercy, Part II" (2x01)

  • During the afterparty at Applebee's to celebrate Miguel's victory, Hawk tries to buy the Cobra Kais drinks with his fake ID. It doesn't work, and they settle for ordering nachos instead. Hawk begs Aisha not to bring this up because his mother follows Aisha's Instagram.
  • Hawk's advice to Miguel on how to win back Sam.
    Miguel: She blocked me.
    Hawk: What happens when you get blocked? You counterpunch. Except maybe don't actually hit her this time.
    (Aisha and Miguel glare at him)
    Hawk: What, too soon?
  • A bunch of new students arrive at Cobra Kai wanting to sign up, but Johnny announces that the dojo will be shut to all new students that day:
    "Let's go, move it. Come back tomorrow… and bring your checkbooks!"
    • If you listen closely, you can hear one of the new students asking what a checkbook is as they're all exiting.
  • The bloopers show the problems of filming in an active strip mall: incidental car alarms. Once when Daniel's at the hardware store, and another while Johnny is reprimanding Miguel and Hawk.
    Johnny: Diaz, did you purposely attack your opponent's injury? [a random car alarm goes off outside] you hear that?
  • In the bloopers, Ralph Macchio forgets the name of his own dojo.
    Sam: Even Aisha's been caught up in it.
    Daniel: That's why I'm opening up Cobra Kai, so we can fight back. [realizes] Take down—no I'm not opening up Cobra Kai. Am I?
    Mary Mouser: Oh....
    Ralph Macchio: That would change the whole show.
"Back in Black" (2x02)
  • A prospective customer asks Johnny on the phone (after Johnny says the classes are open to both males and females) whether the classes allow genderfluidnote  students. Johnny is completely dumbfounded and asks them whether or not they're prank calling.
    "Gender-what? Hey, is this a prank call?"
  • When Johnny has Miguel lead the warm-up exercises, Miguel has the whole class dab.
    • Bonus point for doing it in front of Kreese, embarrassing Johnny in the process. The look the two exchange is priceless — and that was before the entire class started goofing off.
    • Johnny's punishment — Training from Hell by mixing so much cement they start fearing the cement.
"Fire and Ice" (2x03)
  • Practically any scene with Johnny trying to get in touch with today's modern tech. His first purchase and use of a laptop, in particular, just shows how far behind he is in almost anything electronic.
    • The montage of him exploring the internet for the first time includes highlights such as him discovering online porn, reading trivia about his favorite movies (and being dismayed at Jean-Claude Van Damme being nominated for a Razzie for Bloodsport), and falling for a fake news article "proving" that dinosaurs built the great pyramids of Egypt.
      Johnny: I knew it.
    • Just the implication that at some point, Johnny Lawrence suspected the dinosaurs were responsible for building the pyramids.
    • Even funnier? He's using Windows XP. note 
    • And in Season 3, he tries to sell it back to the pawn shop owner, claiming the battery run out of juice - and it turns out he simply didn't know he had to charge the battery.
  • At the beach with Hawk and Demetri, it's revealed that in the wake of Cobra Kai's tournament victory, Johnny is already aggressively expanding his dojo's marketing, as we see the Cobra Kai logo not only on t-shirts, but towels and even beach balls.
  • Daniel makes an ad for Miyagi-Do's dojo. The reception goes as well as you could expect when an Italian-American makes a heavily Asian-themed video about karate in 2018:
    Anoush: Oh, and for the record, I do not think you're guilty of cultural appropriation.
    Daniel: Cultural what? What are you even talking about? (reads the comments) "Asian whitewashing"?! They're calling me "Daniel LaRacist" on here!
    • One has to wonder if Johnny's rebuttal commercial, where he calls what he teaches "Good, old-fashioned, American karate" would be considered more or less racist by the YouTube commenting gestalt.
  • In the bloopers, Martin Kove catching a falling computer monitor while Kreese is overseeing the pyrotechnic effects for the Cobra Kai display at Valley Fest.
"The Moment of Truth" (2x04)
  • When Robby's old partners in crime are set to duke it out with Daniel, one of them hits on the bright idea of calling him "grandpa." Once he lays them all out:
    Daniel: Your grandpa know how to move like that, huh?
  • When Demetri tries to rejoin Cobra Kai he finds only Kreese and he's happy, because "the other guy" is "unhinged". He then proceeds to lay down some ground rules, culminating in saying his cobra tattoo is anatomically incorrect - and actually touching it. For once, one actually sympathizes with Kreese when he does his thing and socks him in the face...
    • Kreese's face during all of this, trying to not punch the idiot and possibly suspecting he's being pranked. At least until Demetri touches the tattoo, that gets a Death Glare. Even before that, Martin Kove does so much deadpan comedy with a vague facial expression, it's priceless. You can see Kreese thinking "Oh, I have got to see where this is going, this is good!" and "Can you believe this kid?!?"
      Demetri: Hello?
      Kreese's Face: Oh, new student?
      Demetri: Oh, thank God. I was a little afraid you'd be the other guy. He's a little. . . unhinged.
      Kreese's Face: Excuse me?
      Demetri: (taking his shoes off and talking about giving Cobra Kai another shot)
      Kreese's Face: Okay, watching this kid flounder and try and prove himself is mildly amusing.
      Demetri: I prefer to take a "flag football" approach to my "kah-rah-tay" training.
      Kreese's Face: Oh, do you? I can fix that.
      Demetri: Learning to hit and kick without being hit or kicked.
      Kreese's Face: If this kid's for real, the guts he has making demands of a sensei in a dojo, maybe I can use him.
      Demetri: I have a bit of a thing about personal space, the other Cobra's are just gonna have to accept that.
      Kreese's Face: Okay, I'm being pranked.
      Demetri: Wow, that is quite the tattoo.
      Kreese's Face: Kid, if you have any kind of awareness or sense of self-preservation, stop approaching me now.
      Demetri: (still walking towards Kreese and nitpicking)
      Kreese's Face: Okay, the kid is either fearless or stupid.
      Demetri: (talking about the tattoo's inaccuracies)
      Kreese's Face: I can kill you, but can I make sure I get away with it?
      Demetri: Probably an easy enough fix to correct the. . . (off Kreese's look) pupils. . .
      Kreese's Face: Oh, I'm not the one needing a correction here, kid.
    • Demetri's face as he realizes Kreese is pissed.
"All In" (2x05)
  • The episode starts off with Demetri practicing Wax On, Wax Off with Daniel. He quickly realizes that Daniel's trying to teach muscle memory, but that doesn't stop him from complaining the entire time. He asks for a paint roller instead of a brush for the fence, and gets a splinter while sanding the floors.
  • Miguel makes a cheesy video for Sam in an attempt to reconcile with her. Even though he asks Tory not to laugh when showing it to her, admit it: you laughed.
  • Demetri may come off as The Woobie here (given the fact that he is the main bully victim in this episode), but the stuff that he does and says just oozes of Narm. Makes the audience figure out as to why he's been a target to others (i.e. Kyler, Hawk) in the first place.
    • His over-the-top, 1-star Yelp review of Cobra Kai just cannot be taken seriously. This icing on the cake? His Yelp username is DMan2002.
    DMan2002: Where to begin??? This establishment doesn't warrant the name. How they are still in business, I have no idea. The dojo employs a very unprofessional sensei like they just picked someone up off the street! He does not take into account the safety and personal boundaries of the students at all! Now, beyond that, the facility is in dire need of a major facelift. I almost expected to see cockroaches running past the entrance. It may look badass on the outside, but the dojo leaves so much to be desired.
    • When Hawk and his gang confront Demetri in the comic book store, Demetri calls Mitch & Chris "Rocksteady & Bebop." Cue their WTF looks.
"Take a Right" (2x06)
  • From the bloopers, Mary Mouser tripping in the background.
    Ralph Macchio: It's a Monday.
  • When Johnny and the original Cobra Kai gang decide to play some pool at the bar, they immediately spot a jerkass sexually harassing a server. The viewer would be forgiven for hoping that the jerkass is stupid enough to pick a fight with the Cobra Kai gang so that they can teach him some manners... and he doesn't disappoint.
    Jerkass: (belligerently) Something I can help you with, boss?
    Johnny: Yeah, we got next.
    Jerkass: (referring to Tommy, scoffing) That is the ugliest Make-A-Wish kid I have ever seen. I'll tell you what. Here's MY wish: you can suck my di(cue Johnny ripping out his ear gauge)
    • In the same scene, Jimmy decks one of the asshole's friends, then stares at his hands with a look of complete shock, as if wondering where that came from. And then he takes a chair to the back of Bobby's opponent when Bobby can't clear him.
    • And finally, the server, seeing Johnny being pinned at the edge of the counter by her harasser, sends a glass mug sliding down his way to take the jerkass down once and for all.
    • Earlier in that scene, the boys recall a time when they were teenagers and Tommy got them terrible fake IDs so they could drink beer, and the bartender served them dishwater. The best part? Tommy drank the whole thing because he didn't know what beer was supposed to taste like!
  • Tommy admits that he had feelings of his own for Ali, but Johnny struck first, then afterward tells him he joined Cobra Kai because he "wanted the balls that you had... without the smell". They share a laugh over this.
  • In a Deleted Scene, the group learns that Jimmy drives a Mitsubishi Mirage and mock him for his vehicle choice:
    Johnny: Look at this thing! What, did your wife take your balls too?
    Jimmy: Hey, this is the safest car in its class.
    Tommy: You said you had a pussy wagon, not a wagon for pussies (laughs).
    Jimmy: Bobby, back me up. Isn't it a sin to make fun of another man's ride?
    Bobby: Jimmy, even God doesn't like this car. (Tommy laughs even harder)
"Lull" (2x07)
  • Raymond shows up late at Coyote Creek (he got stuck in traffic) with a braided beard and sunglasses, and announces that he's "flipping the script" like Hawk did back in Season 1 and that heretofore, he should be known as Stingray. Everyone just looks embarrassed for him, especially Hawk, and the soundtrack even cuts out abruptly when Johnny interrupts him.
    • This becomes even funnier later on when Stingray actually ends up winning the Coyote Creek challenge for his team by sneak attack.
    • And just how does Stingray actually end up winning the Coyote Creek challenge? A deleted scene reveals that Stingray actually takes Kreese's sarcastic remark of hiding as advice, after Kreese calls him out for knowing nothing about war. And this is after Stingray attempts to devise a plan to Kreese, a Vietnam War veteran, based off of something he did while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
"Glory of Love" (2x08)
  • Johnny's over the top, '80's romantic fantasy/erotic dream/hair metal video about Carmen. It's as endearing that he fell completely for her, as it is hilarious to see how his mind works at times. What sells it is the cut back to reality, since it shows Johnny grinning in his sleep.
  • Johnny's attempts to use a dating app? Funny. The app setting Johnny up with the "bitch" who got him fired at the start of the whole series? Priceless.
    • The dating app also sets Johnny up with a woman who makes it clear up front that she's passionate about environmentalist and feminist issues. Johnny obviously doesn't understand a word she's saying.
      Woman: I try to stay active in a variety of organizations. We combat all institutions of oppression — runaway capitalism, climate change denial, patriarchy. You know, the problem is a lot of these issues are becoming systemic.
      Johnny: Oh, yeah, totally systemic. I hate the Patriots, too.
      (The woman has a "wait, WHAT?" expression.)
      Johnny: Listen, what do you say we quit the chitchat, hop in my Challenger, teach you how to drive a stick? If you know what I mean.
      (The woman gives Johnny a Kubrick Stare.)
  • The bloopers of Mary Mouser trying to chase Peyton List...slowly, since she's in roller skates, while filming the scene where Tory trips Sam.
"Pulpo" (2x09)
  • Demetri thinking bringing Trivial Pursuit at a Wild Teen Party is a good idea. And complains about not bringing Balderdash when he didn't expect Moon to invite that many people.
  • The staredown between the Cobra Kais & Miyagi-Dos, particularly Hawk vs. Demetri, Mitch vs. Chris, Bert vs. Nathaniel, cannot be taken seriously. Bert shaking his head upon seeing Nathaniel just oozes of Narm.
  • At Moon's party, Hawk decides to spite her by flirting with another pretty girl in front of her. But this backfires on him spectacularly when the girl, Piper, turns out to be Moon's new girlfriend.
  • During all the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do shenanigans at the party, Stingray plays "Edward Fortyhands", where he has two open bottles of alcohol duct-taped to his hands. When the police arrive to break up the party, he screams "Oh, shit!" when he fails to open a sliding door and realizes his predicament. Eventually, he gets out, but only after spilling alcohol when trying to grab the handle with his blocked hands, and then with his mouth. There's also some Fridge Humor when you remember that Stingray should be the least panicked person at the party about the police arriving, since he's the only one who isn't underage.
  • When Stingray's date cheers for Sam in the drinking contest, he shuts her up and tries to explain the dojo rivalry to her.
    Stingray: Oh, hey, we don't cheer for them, we hate the Miyagi-Dos.
  • For the drinking contest, Tory and Sam stand on stools. What you don't see are that Peyton List and Mary Mouser are actually being suspended on harnesses that are carrying their weight. On at least one take, Peyton List slipped and had to be caught by one of the extras, while she kicks the stool out from under her.
  • Johnny's date with Carmen at a Mexican restaurant turns into a double date with Daniel and Amanda when they just happened to be on their date at the same restaurant and the only table available is next to Johnny and Carmen.
    • Johnny and Daniel's reaction to seeing each other again. Before that, Carmen mentions that she can't keep up with all the drama Miguel is going through and Johnny was about to say when you're a teenager it's hard to avoid a little drama, cue the LaRussos:
      Johnny: Oh, come on.
      Daniel: You got to be kidding me.
    • When the waitress asks if they both know each other, Amanda casually tells the waitress, "Oh, they have warring karate dojos". She then orders a Cadillac margarita in an extra-large glass.
    • Johnny and Daniel indirectly bragging to each other about their dojo by talking out loud to their respective dates. The way they brag about class size versus quality, in particular, might remind you of another kind of male boasting. Amanda outright asks if they're done comparing "class" sizes.
    • While Amanda and Carmen are chatting, Johnny and Daniel are shooting Death Glares at each other while holding up their menu.
    • Just the fact that even when they're both on dates with very attractive women, it takes all of three seconds for Johnny and Daniel to forget about romance and start a pissing contest with each other.
    • Apparently on the same brainwave, the ladies both decide to head to the restroom at the same time, all but forcing Daniel and Johnny to talk to each other. Surprisingly, they quickly mend some fences, and the ladies return, pleased their plan worked out.
"No Mercy" (2x10)
  • Johnny trying to bond with Robby by talking about Trapper Keepers. Robby honestly just doesn't a shit and doesn't even know what a Trapper Keeper is.
    "The one with the fighter jet was awesome!"
  • Stingray's job interview for the security guard job position with Principal Lopez prior to the school fight is nothing short of priceless. Not only does he keep his alias name on his application, but he also shows off his petty accomplishments as a means to boost his chances of getting hired after Lopez calls him out on his resume being spotty.
    Principal Lopez: Your resume is a little spotty...I mean do you have any actual security guard experience, Mister...
    Stingray: Oh, Stingray. Just one word, Stingray. I don't have any actual experience per say, but I just recently won the Black vs. Red Challenge at Coyote Creek, no big deal...except for the karate community, it's a very big deal. My sensei's been very pleased with my progress and I think in time you will see a yellow beltnote  strapped around my mid-section.
  • The final brawl is an utter madhouse with terrible consequences for both sides, but the combatants still found time for some great one-liners:
    • Hawk getting all fired up as soon as Miguel picks a fight with Robby. For added bonus, he lets out a war cry right before he is caught off guard by a Miyagi-Do student.
      Hawk: Oh it is on! [Pushes Bert and Nathaniel and takes down a few Miyagi-Do students] YEAH!!! [A Miyagi-Do student tackles him]
    • After Miguel headbutts Robby:
      Miguel: Like that move? Learned it from your dad!
    • When Bert confronts Nathaniel, who is just as small, bespectacled, and dorky as he is:
      • Bert and Nathaniel are easily broken up by a security guard, and still try to attack each other even as the guard is effortlessly dragging them both away.
    • The Principal yells for someone to call security, prompting Stingray to say "It's okay, sir! I got this!" before going into the battle, not-subtly only targeting Miyagi-Dos while also high-fiving Hawk.
    • Chris is knocked down by his former friend Mitch:
      Mitch: Should have stayed with Cobra Kai. You could have been a badass.
      Chris: (smashes Mitch in the head with a textbook, knocking him out) Who's badass now?
    • And of course Moon's half-assed and utterly futile attempt at a Battle-Interrupting Shout. Seconds later she's nearly clobbered by a student slamming another student into the wall.
      Moon: Come on, guys! Can't we just all get along? AHHH!!!!!
    • Before tossing a student into the locker next to Moon, Rickenberger yells out “Too late!” as a response to Moon.
    • One of the teachers tries to stop the fight, only to be elbowed in the face by Rickenberger before being flipped. Mr. Palmer, the science teacher Demetri gets to break it up, decides he's not paid enough for this and immediately leaves.

    Season 3 
  • Netflix announced it was moving the season's release up a week to New Year's Day...thanks to Johnny hacking into the website. Bonus points for a repeat of his classic demand of "Send it to the internet!"
  • Despite the seriousness of Miguel's injury, the whole journey of his rehabilitation from "The Right Path" to "Obstáculos".
    • In the hospital after Miguel wakes up, Johnny delivers an inspirational spiel about never giving up no matter the hardships. Inspired, Miguel attempts to get himself out of bed, only to fall off the side. Johnny offers some alleviation by saying he "fell like a champ."
    • After Miguel is cleared to go home, the first thing Johnny tries is to use a fishing rod to dangle an 80s swimsuit mag to a wheelchair-using Miguel below (with Yello's "Oh Yeah" playing in the background, no less). Johnny tries to incentivize Miguel to stand up and grab it with the promise of seeing hot chicks, but an unmoved Miguel snarks that he can just look at kind of thing on his iPhone. Undeterred, Johnny claims that chicks are always hotter "on the page", and that convinces Miguel to try to reach the magazine anyway!
    • After Johnny completely bungles the story of hibachi while bringing up the saying of "lighting a fire under someone," Miguel asks him what the point of that was. Johnny reveals that he was hoping Miguel would be too distracted calling bullshit on all the inaccuracies to notice Johnny was lighting his shoe on fire to try and get him to move! This also fails, forcing Johnny to scramble for a fire extinguisher.
    • Johnny's "How to FIX MIGUEL Legs!" list:
      electric shock
      Tony Robbins
    • After writing his list, Johnny throws it in the trash... Right over the laptop that he thought was broken. Then, being just that desperate, he plugs it in, discovers that yes, it wasn't broken but just out of juice as the pawn shop owner told him, and uses it to look up "How to make legs work again" on Google.
    • After Miguel regains the ability to at least move his foot, Johnny gets him into a climbing harness and rigs him to a rope from the ceiling, all while Miguel complains about the getup looking ridiculous and making him feel like a baby.
    • Johnny gets Miguel to do sit-ups with a large beer keg. Johnny uses it to refill his cup and unintentionally douses Miguel while doing so.
    • When Miguel finally regains his ability to walk completely, the first thing he and Johnny do is to chuck his wheelchair and crutches into the trash.
"Aftermath" (3x01)
  • During the news report of the brawl aftermath, it's shown that several of West Valley's students are having a peace rally. Naturally, the leader is Moon and she plays a song on the guitar that's pure saccharine.
    Moon: We don't have to punch...Hey, let's go get some brunch and be friendssssss.
  • The community meeting to discuss the aftermath of the school brawl has several hilarious moments:
  • Hawk attempts to flirt with the new freshman girls at West Valley, only to be instantly shot down.
    Hawk: Hey ladies, I know freshman year can be kinda scary, so if anybody gets you any trouble, just come to me. I’m the guy...
    Girl: Who wets the bed and got kicked into that trophy case? Yeah, we know.
    • Much to Hawk's fury, the girls then immediately go over to say "hi" to Demetri.
      Demetri: Someone knows who I am! A human female!
      Chris: You're famous now, 'Meet.
    • Demetri, Chris and Nathaniel turn to Hawk as he approaches with Mitch and Bert. Chris presents Mitch his new textbook, which he brags has some hard-hitting shit in it. Both sides stare each other down, both clearly wanting to have round 2 right now. Then Counselor Blatt comes along, at which point Demetri flips a switch and immediately begins acting all chummy and putting his arms around Hawk and Mitch in the most unconvincing way (similar to how Daniel walked up to Johnny's gang and pretended to be all buddy-buddy to show off to Ali while making fun of how Johnny's gang couldn't touch him until the tournament).
    • Nathaniel casually greets Yasmine saying, "'Sup, Front Wedgie?" Yasmine is appalled at how the "losers" seem to have gained so much social standing while she was away in France for the summer. Moon warns her to be careful, since the "losers" are trained karatekas.
  • Louie comments that he would have stolen a Ferrari after revealing how he found out Robby stole a minivan from the trade-in lot. Of course, this would exactly be something his Season 1 self would do and Louie is still prone to going back to his old ways. Amanda pretty much sums up what you are thinking in just two words:
    Amanda: Would you?
  • When Daniel goes to Cobra Kai looking for Johnny, he runs into Kreese instead. Kreese tries to provoke Daniel into a fight by bringing up Miyagi, prompting Daniel to counter, "That 'little bastard' kicked your ass...more than once." There's even a subtle look of embarrassment on Kreese's face, considering the second time was a three-on-one fight with him, Terry Silver and Mike Barnes taking turns fighting Miyagi.
    • Daniel's reaction to seeing the cardboard sized cutout of Kreese is a bewildered "What the hell?" It almost looks like he's expecting Kreese to jump out from behind the cutout like a Scooby-Doo villain (as he did in 1985), and is relieved when Kreese instead walks in from the gym in the back.
"Nature Vs. Nurture" (3x02)
  • The whole search for Robby arc.
    • Johnny and Daniel visiting Shannon in Rehab. When they first arrive, the workers believes that Daniel is checking Johnny in. Johnny is frustrated and embarrassed by this, while Daniel gently ribs him. When talking with Shannon, she mentions what an odd team the two make together and Johnny snarks that whatever it takes to find their son.
      • Johnny responds to the worker's welcoming him to rehab is to say that "[He's] no quitter."
    • Johnny and Daniel end up visiting Trey and Cruz in the detention center to get more information on his location ("worse than rehab, nicer than jail"). Johnny tries really hard to play bad cop because he's convinced there's no way the two would take Daniel seriously. ("Not sellin' Beamers to soccer moms. This is my world, follow my lead.") The duo are completely unimpressed by Johnny, with it not helping matters that his face is severely bruised from a prior fight. They immediately cave to Daniel, though, since he previously curb-stomped them at the beach. Johnny, offended by this, slaps Cruz twice to prove he can be dangerous. (Bonus points for how the guards shamelessly pretend not to notice.) Satisfyingly, by the time they're finished, Johnny has caused enough damage that when Daniel threatens to send Johnny back alone if he finds they were lying, Trey and (especially) Cruz are actually intimidated by the threat!
    • Johnny's lack of up-to-date knowledge of technology shows when Amanda calls on the car phone.
  • While stopping for gas, Johnny and Daniel happen to see the stolen Dodge Grand Caravan pull in, still bearing the LaRusso Auto dealer plates. With Mötley Crüe's "Kickstart my Heart" playing, the two immediately give chase, with Johnny driving. Daniel's terrified expressions throughout the whole thing sell it, particularly when Johnny floors it through a red light and nearly gets struck by a red Jeep.
    • Johnny being very blasé after the passenger's side mirror gets clipped by an oncoming car, noting Daniel has insurance.
    • Johnny seems to be acting out some childhood cop fantasies, what with the way he says "We got a pursuer on foot" as they pull into the chop shop.
    • Just the fact that Johnny keeps the Dodge Grand Caravan, despite it being both hideous and stolen. Even funnier is that after the chop shop, Daniel never brings it up again, clearly not caring enough about the vehicle to even want it back. This is why Robby stole it in the first place: the car is so old and little-known that nobody would notice it’s missing.
    • Ali assumes Johnny is being sarcastic when he mentions that he's driving around in a Grand Caravan nowadays. When she actually sees he was serious, she's surprised that Johnny would actually be driving such a junker.
"Now You're Gonna Pay" (3x03)
  • In the middle of one of Bobby's public sermons, a wasted Johnny swaggers in and clamors on to the assembly about how he and Bobby use to be a couple of rambunctious teenagers that drank, partied, and chased skirts. Bobby civilly tries to get Johnny to simmer down, but when it becomes clear that he is too far out of it, Bobby gives a brief prayer of repentance before putting Johnny out of commission with a leg sweep. Bobby then straightens out his suit in the exact same manner as when Daniel spin-kicked Tom Cole's boba tea in Season 1.
    • The exact moment when Johnny crosses the line with Bobby - after Bobby once again reminds Johnny that he's a pastor, not a priest, Johnny states (still in front of all the churchgoers) "So your wang can still get tang. Nice!" This is what prompts Bobby to pray for forgiveness before flooring Johnny.
    • After the sermon, a somewhat-more-cognizant Johnny confides to Bobby about his situation with Robby and Miguel and again offhandedly refers to Bobby as a priest. Bobby under his breath tries to remind Johnny that he's a pastor. This seems to be a regularly-experienced irritation for him.
  • Louie decrying the notion of car salesmen being sleazy as a "bullshit stereotype"...while also making a crude "jerk-off" hand gesture. Never mind his pranks and habit of using the LaRusso name to sell motorcycles in Season 1.
  • During the Miyagi-Do car wash fundraiser, a few passerbys ask for the cheerleaders to clean their car, only for a shirtless Chris to come in and do it for them. The boys' disbelief (and dismay) is priceless.
    Driver: Hey! (To the cheerleaders) Can we be next!
    Chris: Sure thing! (Climbs on their car) You want the full wash or wax, or just the wash?
    Driver: (in disbelief) Hey hey hold up, you're doing this?
    Chris: Yeah! Imma get you all straight! No streaks, right?
    • Not to mention, Nathaniel straight up taking the $20 bill from boys' as they sulk in disappointment.
    • Eagle-eyed viewers may recognise the driver as one of the guys who nearly joined Miyagi-Do in Season 2, only to be turned off by Daniel's Wax On, Wax Off teaching style, assuming it to be a scam for him to get his garden cleaned up for free. From his perspective, he's now been scammed by Miyagi-Do twice.
  • Shawn is only doing it to pick a fight with Robby, but one can't help but chuckle at the fact that he is basically using beverages to describe the skin colors of Sam's romantic interests - Robby, Miguel...and Shawn. Yes, just to provoke Robby further, the bastard even inserts himself into the list!
    Shawn: That's your girl? I don't know, sounds like vanilla (Robby) not her flavor no more. She got a taste for that horchata (Miguel). Who knows... thinking maybe she be drinking that dark roast next (himself)!
  • Johnny progressively Digging Himself Deeper as he tells his prospective employer about his many arrests, culminating in telling him about the time he was arrested for beating up a bunch of kids, oblivious to the interviewer's shock. And then he's actually surprised when he doesn't get the job.
  • Johnny swallows his pride and approaches his stepfather for a handout to donate towards Miguel's surgery. Sid predictably tells him to piss off, but as Johnny is leaving the manor, he casually pilfers a decorative modern art sculpture near the door and later pawns it off for a handsome sum.
  • When the LaRussos learn courtesy of Anoush about Tom Cole convincing Doyona to drop their dealership, it's not enough for them to just say no to Cole's buyout offer. They have to show him exactly what they think of the offer by having him turn to page 9, on which has been drawn the doodle of a middle finger. Anoush is shown covering his mouth as he tries to suppress a laugh.
"The Right Path" (3x04)
  • When Daniel returns to Tomi Village and is baffled and dismayed to see it heavily changed and modernized, there is this exchange.
    Daniel: This is nothing like I remember.
    Woman: Yes, there are a lot of changes. We used to have a Subway, now we have a Jersey Mike's!
  • The soccer game. Both Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do hate each other, but know that the school has a zero-tolerance policy on personal space violations. So they take advantage of the game to foul each other nonstop (in increasingly blatant ways) until the frustrated referee sends both teams to the principal's office.
    • In particular, the way in which the fouls start out relatively subtle and grow steadily more outrageous, the final straw being when Sam straight up kicks Doug Rickenberger in the face with the ball nowhere in sight.
    • Demetri goes up to Hawk to taunt him about Moon breaking up with him, then sweeps his legs.
      Demetri: I guess that's why the Europeans call it football.
    • Hawk doing a Cristiano Ronaldo-style victory dance.
    • Demetri's reaction to Sam punching a locker in front of Counselor Blatt and storming off:
      Demetri: I don't know her that well.
      Counselor Blatt: [makes face: "Son, think of a better lie than that", actually being competent for once]
  • Mr. Miyagi slipped a warm-sounding bit of philosophy into one of his love letters, and promptly admits that it came from a car commercial.
"Miyagi-Do" (3x05)
  • Chozen finally returns and he is initially very cold towards Daniel, implying that like Johnny, he also hasn't forgiven Daniel for his defeat years ago. The two eventually end up fighting with Chozen finally holding Daniel exactly the way Daniel did in the climax of the second movie, saying that he had been waiting for this moment for years, the dramatic music swells... and then honks his nose just the way Daniel did and laughs, even making fun of Daniel's panicked face. It is revealed he has gone through a lot of Character Development since his defeat and he was just messing with Daniel-San for his own amusement.
    • When Daniel goes to get his water, Chozen snaps and almost yells that he will get it. Later, we learn that it's due to him wanting to pay Daniel back, but in context, Daniel's "WTF" face is hilarious.
    • The fact that he hands over one of the secret scrolls of Miyagi-Do to Daniel with his famous line "You keep for your collection" (albeit in a much more civil context this time) is funny (and heartwarming), too.
    • At one point, Daniel makes a "master of your domain" joke and Chozen does not react at all, pretending to be grumpy. Daniel quips he must be a Friends guy.
  • Demetri's response when Amanda catches Sam teaching the Miyagi-Dos in secret:
    Amanda: What do you think you're doing?
    Demetri: Uh... Would you believe... study group?
  • Johnny refers to "ancient China" one hundred years ago, and tells Miguel an obviously BS story about the origin of the name "Hibachi," involving dairy farmers and the origin of the phrase "lighting a fire under someone's butt." While Miguel is correcting all of his errors, Johnny smirks that he knew it was all wrong...and that he'd be too busy correcting Johnny's errors to notice Johnny literally lighting a fire under his wheelchair.
    • And we get this gem when he mentions the "Chinamen" in his story:
      Miguel: "I'm not sure that's the appropriate term to use for—"
      Johnny: "Chinapeople, whatever."
  • We get a humorous Call-Back to the first film (and a rapid change in Hawk's emotion) as the Cobra Kais are hanging out in the abandoned laser tag warehouse:
    Mitch: Brew time, man!
    Hawk: Sweet!
    Mitch: (pulling beers out of his backpack) Who's for a warm one?
    Hawk: (disgusted) Who the hell wants a warm beer? You didn't bring an ice pack?
  • This moment when Miguel and Johnny take selfies at the Dee Snider concert and Miguel says he'll tag him on Facebook:
    Johnny: I don't have Facebook anymore; I threw my phone away.
    Miguel: (without missing a beat) You know it's on your computer too, right?
    Johnny: ...Yeah.

"King Cobra" (3x06)

  • The various reactions to the ruthless No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that Hawk delivers to Brucks. But none more so than Kyler's: he will never mess with Hawk again. And sure enough, in episode 9, Kyler makes a big mistake and Hawk angrily calls him a dumbass; all Kyler can do is make excuses rather than get angry or initiate a fight.
    • Brucks swaggers onto the mat and struts around, proclaiming he'll wipe the mat with anyone that dares. Hawk's response? A vengeful "He's mine!"
    • The above scene also features two Black Comedy examples. First, Kreese tries to tell Hawk to finish Brucks after the latter gets taken down, only for Hawk to start beating the other kid to a pulp before Kreese can finish speaking. Second, Kreese makes it sound way more like a friendly reminder than a command, as if he already knows it's going to be redundant.
  • The entire subplot of Johnny and Miguel coming up with a response to Ali's Facebook message.
    • Johnny plans on sending a Wall of Text reply in Caps Lock detailing every last thing he's done for the last 35 years, which Miguel mistakes for a novel and is dumbfounded that Johnny actually wants to send.
      Miguel: Ali? Like, the Ali? This is huge. This is huge! This is so… But I mean, you're not gonna send that, right? You cannot send her that message.
      Johnny: Why not?
      Miguel: Because it's, like, 80 pages. In all caps.
      Johnny: I have 35 years' worth of stuff to say, all right?
      Miguel: OK, yeah, yeah. Yeah. But shorter messages are way cooler. Like, this just looks desperate. And a little creepy. Sending her this would be like if you… like if you liked all of her photos.
      Johnny: [makes a guilty face]
      Miguel: Oh, no. Oh, no!
    • The message itself is a hilarious Freeze-Frame Bonus, especially when Johnny mentions that he won $2000 betting on the O.J. Simpson trial.In detail... 
    • Johnny and Miguel spend the day taking photos of Johnny copying Ali's interests, including one of him pensively reading a book. As soon as the photo is taken, Johnny casually throws the book in the trash.
    • At the end of the episode, Johnny finally succeeds in writing a perfect, concise but poignant summary of where he is in life right now... only to dismiss it as "too long", delete it and then send the very short and unsatisfying "Not much, u?" instead. His satisfied grin when he sends it is the icing on the cake.
  • When Kreese's snake is set loose in the dealership, Anoush freaks out and clings to Louie for dear life.
    Anoush: AH! AH! I hate snakes!
    Louie: All right, dude, stop being a little bitch! Oka- [the snake hisses and begins slithering their way] OH SHIT, I THINK IT TOUCHED ME! I THINK IT TOUCHED ME! [runs away, still carrying Anoush]
"Obstáculos" (3x07)
  • While trying to come up with a new badass sounding name for his Dojo, Johnny suggest they just keep Cobra Kai but spell it Kobra Kai Karate and they can be called the "Triple K's". Luckily, Miguel catches the problem with that name in time.
    Miguel: Like KKK?
    Johnny: Yeah, that's probably a bad idea.
  • Johnny tries to find a place for his dojo to train, only to find every available place is too expensive. He finally settles on just having them train in a public park. And since he can't yet afford proper equipment, he has the students wearing red t-shirts instead of gis and they practice on a frisbee that Johnny stole from a park goer instead of a blocking pad.
    Johnny: All right, everybody. Take five, go get some water. But not from the fountain! I saw some methhead wipe his ass in it.
  • When Johnny is leaving the high school after his failed attempt to convince Hawk to leave Kreese, he knocks some random kid's books out of his hands.
  • When Johnny holds his first class, he makes a big speech about how their new dojo needs a name that commands respect.
    Johnny: Cobras are strong. They may be king of the jungle but the world is more than a jungle. There's only one animal that can kill a snake.
    Bert: A mongoose?
    Johnny: A real animal, Bert.
    • When Johnny reveals the name of his new dojo (Eagle Fang), a confused Mitch immediately protests that eagles don't have fangs. Johnny simply ignores him, shutting him up by tossing his uniform at him.
    • Turns out Johnny ordered the Eagle Fang T-shirts in a single size...which is one size too small for Mitch as it barely gets past his belly button.
      Mitch: Anyone else feel a little snug?
      Johnny: Do some more sit-ups.
    • Johnny notes how this is a step up from when he started Cobra Kai as back then he only started with "one nerd". Miguel gives him an annoyed glare.
"The Good, The Bad and The Badass" (3x08)
  • When Mitch joins Eagle Fang, he objects to being addressed by his old Cobra Kai nickname of "Assface". Without hesitation, Johnny assigns Mitch the new nickname of "Penis Breath" — and it sticks!
    • In the next episode, the Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do students are attempting to negotiate an alliance when Chris (Mitch's rival in Miyagi-Do) addresses Mitch as Penis Breath, only for the latter to take exception.
      Mitch: Okay, you can't call me Penis Breath. Only they can call me Penis Breath!
      Chris: Why are you okay with anyone calling you Penis Breath?
  • Miguel and Sam catch Yasmine and Demetri making out in the hallway, causing Yasmine to go immediate He Is Not My Boyfriend. Demetri plays along.
    Demetri: Hey! Uh, we're just, uh...
    Yasmine: Doing study work.
    Sam: So you two are...
    Yasmine: [feigns disgust] What? Ewww. Eww! No! Like I would ever date this freak! [walks away]
    Demetri: Whatever, Cruella. Why don't you go kill a bunch of Dalmatians! [He waits until she's out of earshot, then turns to Sam and Miguel] I am 101% in love. [pushes past them]
    Sam: [laughs] I can't believe that just happened!
    Miguel: Yeah, I guess, conquers all.
    Sam: I guess it does.
  • Ron visits Miyagi-Do to tell Daniel that the tournament is being cancelled. Beforehand, he's distracted by the beauty of the garden and asks outwardly why they couldn't do their meetings here instead of at the recreation center.
    • Amanda offers him lemonade, which Ron gulps down.
      Ron: Mmm. That's good. Did you grow your own lemons, or...?
      Amanda: It's Crystal Light.
      Ron: Delightful...
    • Miguel gushes about the garden in the same way later in the episode when Sam brings him over, which turns into them teasing one another about their senseis' unusual training methods and then outright sparring.
      Miguel: This place is crazy! What does that rock say? [gestures at the koi rock with Japanese inscription on it]
      Sam: I don't know. My dad won't tell me. Or maybe he doesn't know.
      Miguel: Well, it's a cool rock. All we have is vandalized park benches and...regular boring rocks.
      Sam: [giggles] You know, you're welcome to train here any time.
      Miguel: I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a cool yard, you guys actually do karate here? [Sam makes a faux-offended face at him] It looks like breathing exercises!
      Sam: [smirks] Oh, it's not "badass" enough for you?
      Miguel: We train in junkyards and cement trucks!
      Sam: And I've trained in that pond over there.
      Miguel: [disgusted] Ewww. A pond.
      Sam: Not everything in Miyagi-Do is what it seems!
      Miguel: Yeah, well, OK.
      [Sam playfully punches Miguel's shoulder and grins]
      Miguel: [high-pitched] Okay! [stands up] Alright, you lookin' to take on the champ?
      Sam: [stands up and approaches Miguel seductively] I seem to remember flipping you on the ground with surprisingly little effort...
      Miguel: [gets into fighting position] Okay, well, let's see you do it again. Don't hold back.
      Sam: [grins, assumes fight stance] I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Moments during the town hall meeting:
    • Before the matter of the tournament, a man named Mr. Carter is holding things up by rambling about the city rebranding manholes as "maintenance covers".
    • When Daniel sees Johnny at the meeting:
      Daniel: [whispering] What are you doing here?
      Johnny: Fighting for the All-Valley. What about you? You gonna read from your diary? [gestures to Daniel's notes]
      Daniel: There's nothing wrong with being prepared.
      Johnny: Yeah, well I don't need notes. I'll shoot from the hip.
      Daniel: [to Amanda] This is gonna be a disaster.
    • Which becomes funnier when Miguel, Johnny's student, ends up saving the day minutes later with an off-the-cuff speech.
    • Johnny casts an amused smirk when Amanda yells at Kreese, "Hey, you leave my daughter out of this, you piece of shit!" almost like he can't believe Amanda, who was trying to get him and Daniel to get along, is now getting involved.
    • During Miguel's speech, he brings up bullies giving swirlies to their victims, and Councilperson Roberts questions what that is. Johnny stands up and explains, "It's when you, uh, dunk someone's head in a toilet and flush it. Pretty funny, actually," to Miguel's annoyance.
    • Daniel's and Johnny's "You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!" faces when Sam promptly gets up to join Miguel at the podium.
      • Which is topped by the fact Kreese doesn't turn his head in sync with them and looks ready to doze off.
  • Johnny's flatscreen is knocked off the wall as he leads Carmen (while making out) to his room for sex. It's official now: you can't have a season of the show unless Johnny Lawrence breaks a TV.
"Feel The Night" (3x09)
  • Daniel walks in on Miguel and Sam making out in the dojo. He's so flabbergasted by the sight of his daughter making out with Johnny's student that the first thing he registers after getting over the initial shock is his Okinawan hand drum in Miguel's pants pocket, which Miguel swiftly removes with a very sheepish look.
    • What led to Miguel stuffing the drum in his pocket. Miguel takes notice of the drum, and Sam immediately decides to "teach" him the technique.
      Sam: [confidently] Try and hit me.
      Miguel: [shakes his head] I'm not gonna try to hit you...
      Sam: [teasingly] What? You scared you're gonna get beat by a girl? [Miguel grimaces slightly and stuffs the drum in the pocket of his shorts]
      Miguel: All right. Here it comes.
      [Miguel takes wide roundhouse swings at Sam, first with his left hand, then with his right. Sam blocks both of them and grins widely at him]
      Miguel: Not bad! [Sam giggles; Miguel smiles suggestively] But I got some secret moves of my own.
      Sam: [huskily] Oh really, do you?
      Miguel: Yeah. Here. Put your arms out. [Sam puts both of her hands in Miguel's. Miguel begins caressing her arms] And then just...
      [While still holding Sam's right hand with his left, he abruptly wraps his right arm around her upper body and spins her around, lowering her to the mat]
      Miguel: [smugly] See, impossible to defend. [Sam tugs hard on the collar of Miguel's hoodie, and he leans in and kisses her]
    • Given the ease with which Sam flip-threw Miguel on their first date, which she even teased him about in the previous episode when they sparred, when the roles are reversed here, Sam has to let Miguel take both of her hands so she can't defend herself.
    • Sam's eye-roll when she and Miguel get caught. Considering how they were seen by Tory when they kissed at Moon's party, and their sparring the night before was interrupted by Robby showing up before they could kiss, you can tell she's practically thinking, "Seriously, just this once can I have a moment of intimacy with my boyfriend not get disrupted?"
    • After Daniel gets to talk to Miguel and realize their similar upbringings, he leaves, but not before telling the two lovebirds to "Keep the 'sparring' to a minimum. Understood?" while pointing a finger between them. He clearly now realizes his daughter's got a knack for karate-based intimacy now, and given how Anthony was conceived, doesn't want it to lead to a teen pregnancy. Based on the look Sam gives Miguel after Daniel leaves, she has no intention of keeping that promise.
      Sam: [smiles anticipatingly as if to say "That must've gone well"]
      Miguel: He shook my hand. I think that's a good thing.
      Sam: [grins] Yeah. If only we could get him to sit down with your sensei and talk like he did with you. It'd solve a lot of our problems.
      Miguel: Yeah, I don't see that happening.
  • There's something amusing about the way the camera makes a casual quick-pan to Ali relaxing on her mother's couch with zero buildup in the opening minute of the episode. It's almost as if, after teasing a reappearance from her since the end of the first season and even pulling a Bait-and-Switch a few episodes earlier, the show suddenly wants to act all falsely modest and play off her return to the franchise after 30+ years as no biggie.
  • Kreese dispatches Hawk, Kyler, Robby and Tory to steal a cobra from the zoo. Kyler forgets to bring a snake-pole, even though it was his only job. When Hawk of all people reprimands him, Kyler's excuse is priceless.
    Hawk: I orchestrated this entire plan, and you didn't bring the one thing you were in charge of!
    Kyler: I forgot! Okay? I've got a lot on my mind right now. If I don't pass trig this semester, my dad's gonna shit in my mouth!
    Hawk: [reacts with confusion and disgust]
    Tory: Just reach in and grab the snake!
    Hawk: Are you insane?! I'm not gonna stick my hand in there!
    • While Hawk doesn't actually say anything to Kyler, you can tell he's thinking "Why did I ever let you push me around?"
    • Not to mention, Kyler's response outside of the zoo after Hawk calls him out again.
      Hawk: What the hell, dumbass?
      Kyler: least I brought beer.
  • Sam and Miguel trick Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang into having a sit down under the promise of a keg party at Sam's house.
    • As Sam paces back and forth, we pan across Chris, Nathaniel and Demetri sitting around on the couch, Chris on his iPhone, Nate eating popcorn, and Demetri?
      Demetri: [raises his eyebrows] ...Well, this Christmas party's turning out to be ho-ho-horrible.
      Chris: Yeah, Sam. I thought you said your parents are gonna be out for the night. Why aren't we throwing a rager?
      Sam: There's a keg on the way. It's just gonna be a few more minutes.
      Demetri: Can we at least put on a Christmas special? I'd even watch that creepy one with the little... elf dentist.
      Sam: [makes a face at Demetri: "Seriously?"]
      Demetri: Yeah. I'm that bored.
    • The doorbell rings, Sam goes to answer it, and in walks Miguel, accompanied by Mitch and Bert.
      Chris: No way!
      Mitch: Uh-uh!
      Nate: Oh, hell no!
      Chris: You've got to be kidding me!
      Mitch: What the hell are you doing here? This isn't a keg party! [to Miguel] I bought this hat for nothing?!
      [Mitch rips off his elf hat in the most childish way possible]
      Demetri: [to Sam] "Parent Trapped" us?
    • Of course Bert and Nate have to start talking trash.
      Bert: I hate your stupid face so much.
      Nate: If you died, I wouldn't even attend your funeral.
      Miguel: [worried] This isn't gonna work.
"December 19" (3x10)
  • Daniel and Ali are so engrossed in conversation that they don't notice Johnny until he yells at a waiter who nearly collides with him.
  • For a bit of Fridge Humor, Daniel introduces Ali to Amanda (right in front of Ali) as "Ali Mills Schwarber". Remember that back in season 1, Daniel revealed to Johnny that he never friend requested Ali on Facebook (or otherwise made contact with her). So by revealing that he knows Ali's married name without her telling him, he's also revealing to Ali that he's been Facebook-stalking her.
  • Amanda once again summarizes Johnny and Daniel's rivalry in a way only she can:
    Amanda: So have the two man-boys filled you in on the whole mortal enemy, karate dojo, battling for the soul of the Valley thing?
  • When the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang kids finally do agree to work together, they try to hammer out the differences for a combined dojo by sitting around the kitchen table and discussing things in a similar manner to a committee meeting. Plus we see that they are stuck negotiating the finer points beyond Opposing Combat Philosophies.
    Demetri: (reading off a notepad) We're all in agreement that our new combined dojo should train at Miyagi-do. But deadlocked on a new name, gi design, post-training snacks, and Sensei dispute resolution protocol. Okay, not good, but still, it's a start.
    • The fact that the one thing that even the Eagle Fang students can agree on is that the Miyagi dojo is clearly a better place to train than the park, as it's private and has actual equipment. You can sense that they certainly didn't enjoy training in the park with no privacy and looking forward to finding an excuse to not do it anymore.
    • Also, the fact that they are aware enough to know that they are going to need a "Sensei dispute resolution protocol" in place to deal with Johnny and Daniel inevitably fighting with each other.
    • That "post-training snacks" are important enough to not only be listed as an item, but to become one of the deadlocked topics, is also quite amusing.
  • The fight at the LaRusso home starts off with Bert hearing a cat noise and heading outside, only to go flying through the kitchen window seconds later (once Sam points out that the LaRusso don't have a cat). When Miguel asks him what happened, Bert bluntly says "No cat." And for a bit of Fridge Humor, it seems that someone in Cobra Kai does a very good cat impression.
  • The entirety of the scene where Ali and Amanda discuss Johnny and Daniel's past relationship with her:
    • Ali recounting the time she broke up with Daniel in front of Johnny:
      Ali: So, I got into UCLA and I ran into this guy that I knew who went there, Daniel sees me talking to my friend.
      Daniel: Your "friend."
      Ali: Yes, he was my friend, actually. He jumps to conclusions. Well, I was a bit upset, so I probably, maybe egged you on.
      Daniel: Listen, I thought you were in love with the guy.
      Ali: I told you. Just like I told you that the brakes on Mr. Miyagi's car were gonna go.
      Daniel: (awkward silence)
      Ali: I hope you didn't tell him that it was my fault that it crashed.
      Daniel: (Beat) No, of course not.
      Johnny: This is the best story I have ever heard. Please, keep going.
    • This moment of irony:
      Ali: Well let's just hope our kids are more evolved than we were.
      [Cut to the extremely violent brawl in progress at the LaRusso house]
  • The scene overall is a Tearjerker and Nightmare Fuel, but there's Johnny's reaction after he shoves Robby away when the kid attacks him and Robby gets knocked out when he lands against a locker. He just says "shit" in complete disbelief and is clearly thinking "How could such a harmless move result in that?"

    Season 4 

"Let's Begin" (4x01)

  • The first thing Silver does when he realizes Kreese is calling him? Hangs up. One can only imagine Kreese's reaction.
  • Day 1 of joint Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang training.
    • It starts off from the awesome and beautiful ending from season three into hilarity, with Daniel and Johnny trying to hide their failure to plan their first lesson by putting up an awkward motivational speech.
      Daniel: Are you ready?
      Johnny: Let's begin!
      Demetri: Uh... Begin what exactly?
      Daniel: Begin a new era. Many of us used to be enemies. But rivalries don't need to last forever. The All Valley Tournament is just a few months away, and this year, the stakes are higher than they've ever been. We know that Cobra Kai is gonna use every dirty trick in the book. There's only one way we're gonna be able to beat them...
      Johnny: [interrupting] By kicking their asses so hard they shit themselves!
    • Johnny and Daniel may have patched up their personal issues, but still haven't resolved their fundamentally different life philosophies and how that applies to karate. The result is another amusing contradictory back-and-forth and a bunch of very confused kids.
      Daniel: Okay, we're getting ahead of ourselves. We are going to respond to what they do.
      Johnny: Eagles do not respond. They swoop down and take whatever they want. That's what we're gonna do. Take back the Valley.
      Daniel: Take it back in a measured and organized approach.
      Johnny: We bite first!
    • The two dojos line up and begin warm ups, only for Mitch to accidentally kick Nate in the back.
    • Mitch and Bert spar, with their match ending with Bert kicking Mitch into the dojo's giant stone and injuring him:
    • When Sam and Demetri spar, Johnny is exasperated by the fact that neither of them wants to be the first to throw a punch.
      Johnny: All right, one of you do something. What the hell is this?
      Demetri: Yeah, that's not really how this works. One of us has to be provoked.
      [Johnny tosses a water bottle at Demetri's shoulder]
      Johnny: You provoked yet?
    • While Johnny and Daniel disagree on several training methods, Johnny is completely onboard with having the students participate in Wax On, Wax Off, mostly because it means he gets his car cleaned for free.
    • Hawk and Mitch spar inside Daniel's dojo. Hawk then kicks, but Mitch dodges in time, leading Hawk's feet right into a rice paper window. Might count as Daniel's payback towards Johnny commenting on the rock.
      Hawk: Oh shit.
      Daniel: You see, this is why we don't spar in here.
  • Johnny is still calling Mitch "Penis Breath".
  • When Daniel tries to give his class a meditation session, his attempts are continually interrupted by Johnny yelling obscenities as he has his students practice their leg sweeps on Hawk. Most of the Miyagi-Do students can't resist the urge to laugh.
    Daniel: Now everyone, close your eyes and relax.
    Johnny: Stop whining like a little bitch, get up.
    Daniel: Stay focused. Eyes closed. Breathe in, breathe out.
    Johnny: Don't be such a pussy, punch him in the face.
    Daniel: Try not to be distracted, stay focused.
    Johnny: You punched him in the balls? What the hell is wrong with you?
  • Johnny makes dinner for Miguel's family. He has made significant improvements in his cooking and Spanish pronunciation (Pico de Gallo vs Season 2's pah-lo tacos) but then admits he got the recipe from Chili's website, wanting to be authentic, and serves Miguel's abuela a heap of store-bought mango salsa much to her amusement and confusion.
  • During the Cobra Kais’ aftermath of the house fight, Kyler discusses going to ASU (Arizona State University), going as far as to say it’s the Harvard of the West Coast. Considering the school’s high acceptance rate, reputation as a party school, and other west coast schools with a much more prestigious educational system, it’s clear he hasn’t done his research.
  • Kreese goes to Silver's house to solicit him in person. He's thrown for a loop by both the fact that he interrupted a party Silver's hosting, and the fact that Silver's got a much younger girlfriend.
    • Terry's... quite eccentric rich friends.
      Kreese: [notices a man looking at him keenly] Something I can help you with, bud?
      Man: You have a Habsburg jawline. I've never seen one quite so perfect.
      Kreese: [chuckles] What nice new friends you have, Terrence.
    • This little piece of Dramatic Irony Played for Laughs:
      Man: That's adorable! I had no idea you had a karate phase.
    • The "adorable" comment is even funnier if you remember that Martin Kove (again reprising his role as John Kreese) did a "Koala Kai" commercial for QuickBooks in 2019.
    • The reference to a Habsburg jawline gets even funnier with Genius Bonus, as the Habsburg jaw was infamously a product of severe inbreeding. It would probably be a Stealth Insult, if the guy wasn't being completely genuine about it.
  • Terry Silver explaining the whole of his behavior in The Karate Kid Part III by saying that it was the 80s and he was on a ton of cocaine at the time.
    Silver: Back in the 80s, I thought I could conquer the world. I came pretty damn close. I was so hopped up on cocaine, revenge. I spent months terrorizing a teenager over a high school karate tournament. It sounds insane, just talking about it.
  • Daniel points out that Johnny not only kept the van Robby stole from Daniel's dealership, but is continuing to drive it to their training sessions right in front of him.
"First Learn Stand" (4x02)
  • Daniel and Johnny agreeing to, in a sense, walk a mile in each other's shoes, by Johnny being Daniel's Miyagi-Do student for a day, then Daniel being Johnny's Eagle Fang student for a day. Daniel is a tad hilariously petty watching Johnny go through a classic Karate Kid training montage, and Johnny is just as hilariously petty putting Daniel through his trademark Training from Hell. This culminates in Johnny trying to egg Daniel into fighting a player at a hockey game. Daniel seems to successfully de-escalate things, only for the players to come at him after. When Daniel tries to explain that Johnny was responsible, Johnny's gone. Daniel does mop the floor with them, and only then does Johnny show back up with a pretzel to admire Daniel's handiwork. When Daniel asks where the hell he went:
    Johnny: No be there.
    • The setup of that joke is also hilarious. Daniel tells Johnny earlier on while training him that Mr. Miyagi used to say the best defense is "No be there". Johnny incredulously asks Daniel, why, despite hanging out with Miyagi for decades, he never bothered to help him out with his English.
"Then Learn Fly" (4x03)
  • Daniel and Johnny are finally on the same page training their students, including sparring in protective gear. When it's Daniel's turn to wear the gear, after a few exchanges, Johnny starts getting into the Crane Kick stance. Daniel shakes his head and walks away, Johnny "innocently" asks what's the matter.
  • At the LaRusso / Diaz family dinner, Johnny initially fails to recognize Anthony because Anthony's lost weight and gone through puberty.
    Anthony: Uh, what the hell are you doing here?
    Johnny: I was invited. Who the hell are you? [beat] Wait, are you the son? What did you do, switch over to Whopper Juniors?
    Anthony: It's called a "growth spurt", dipshit.
  • Much like he did with the Challenger he got from Daniel in Season One, Johnny has pimped the Dodge Caravan with a massive Eagle Fang logo and lightning bolt paintjob. It's just so cluelessly atrocious it wraps back around to hysterical and possibly awesome. At the same time, the Dodge Caravan was so outdated and hideous it still manages to be an improvement
  • For his first class teaching the Eagle Fangs, Daniel gives them a basic task: catch a fish barehanded from the pond in the backyard at Miyagi-Do. The winner will not only get to lead the class for the rest of the week, they'll also get to pick the flavor of Gatorade that he buys next to stock the fridge.
    Mitch: Aw, hell yeah! I hope y'all like Glacial Freeze!
    Miguel: Okay, where are the rods?
    Daniel: The back of my garage. Your bare hands are all you use, and all you need.
    • Miguel is the first to spot a fish. He reaches to grab it, and falls into the pond, getting himself drenched and laughter from his peers.
      Daniel: Looks like you're a little wet behind the ears.
      • Miguel falling into the pond is even funnier when you remember how last season he teased Sam about the Miyagi-do students using it for training while Johnny had the Eagle Fang students using junkyards and cement trucks.
  • For Johnny's first session training the Miyagi-Dos, his idea to break them out of a "wait and see" mentality is to have them jump across a gap between two rooftops. This is met with protests from the Miyagi-Dos over how unsafe it is.
    Sam: WHAT?! Are you crazy?!
    Demetri: That building is, like, five Nates away, and we're at least 14 Nates high!
    Nate: Please don't use me as a system of measurement.
    Johnny: QUIET! If you want to be an eagle, first you gotta learn how to fly. And you can't do that unless you jump.
    Abe: What if we fall?
    Johnny: That's what the mattresses are for.
    Demetri: And if we miss the mattresses?!
    Johnny: Try not to.
  • Sam objects to Johnny's roofhopping exercise by saying her father wouldn't approve of it, to which Johnny responds by asking if she would listen to Daniel if he wanted her to jump off a bridge. Sam counters by pointing out that Johnny is literally asking her to jump off a building.
  • Johnny, taking the advice he gave Sam, goes to Carmen's apartment to state his feelings for her... only to discover that Carmen's mom is there with a group of her friends who will overhear his every word. Johnny is not in the least bit deterred by this. Even better, immediately after Johnny has had his say (and Carmen has reciprocated his love), one of the elderly friends says (in Spanish) "He's cute. Does he have an older brother?"
  • When Robby asks Kenny when Shawn is getting out, Kenny reveals they extended his sentence a month for spitting in a guard's face. Robby seems flat out proud of him and hopes it was the guard of the computer lab.
"Bicephaly" (4x04)
  • As Mr. Palmer leads the middle school students on a tour of West Valley High, he laments that the district forced the school to remove most of their state of the art science equipment from the lab lest it be used as a weapon in the event of another karate incident.
  • During a joint Miyagi-Do / Eagle Fang class, Johnny is having the Miyagi-Dos practice their offense moves. Unfortunately, he gets distracted by Daniel teaching Miguel defensive blocks. As a result, he inadvertently lowers his blocking pads right as Demetri is about to launch a kick at them, resulting in Demetri's foot hitting him in the face at full force. Demetri immediately panics and asks "I'm not going to get in any trouble, am I?" Johnny glares at him...and the scene cuts to Demetri tied up to the heavy bag, gagged, with a couch cushion taped to his chest, as Johnny has the Miyagi-Dos practice their front kicks and side kicks on him. Sam is apologetic about kicking him, while Chris accidentally front-kicks him in the groin.
  • Johnny's rant to Carmen about why he hates Tom Cruise in Top Gun.
    Johnny: Cruise is the worst in that. Here you got the real deal, Iceman, best of the best, abs for days. In comes this new guy, total dweeb, calls himself a maverick. You can't call yourself a maverick! Guy didn't even earn a spot at Miramar! Got his wingman killed, too. Not cool.
    (Carmen smiles incredulously.)
  • We see Tory at her new job, which she'd earlier snapped was "none of your business" when Robby asked her about it. A group of attractive women, including Tory, putting on makeup and two piece outfits, while a sleazy-looking middle-aged boss tells them to take tips but be discreet about it, before telling Tory she needs more lipstick (despite Tory's lips being already candy apple red). Finally, we see these women in close-up smiling and strutting on a stage in a dim room with bright flashing lights. All of it very much gives the impression that Tory has become a stripper. Then it's revealed that Tory got a job as a mermaid performer at an oceanic-themed kids entertainment center for little kids' birthday parties. And the birthday party today happens to be for the daughter of an employee at LaRusso Auto, so Amanda and Sam are there. While it soon stops being amusing, Sam's utter glee at this is classic schadenfreude. What really seals the scene, though, is Amanda's reaction, which practically screams This Is Gonna Suck.
    • Later, Sam is sitting in on Tory telling a fairy tale to a bunch of very young kids, interrupting with snide remarks about their own rivalry. While Tory's retorts like "The other princess wasn't dating that prince anymore" are amusing enough, the best part is after Sam gets up and leaves. Tory tells the kids that the dragon from her story turned into an evil witch who can only be destroyed by glitter bombs, and then tells them Sam is the witch. Cue the kids pelting Sam with glitter while shouting "DIE, EVIL WITCH!". Compared to everything else Sam and Tory have inflicted on each other, it's so innocuous you can't help but chuckle. Even better, the scene is accompanied by Tory's sinister leitmotif, which normally plays over her most violent and unhinged moments, creating a hilarious juxtaposition with such a silly Poke the Poodle offence.
  • After Daniel introduces Miguel to 80s soft rock (in this case Christopher Cross), Miguel asks Johnny why he never talks about it, especially "badasses" like Chicago.
    "Peter Cetera is the opposite of badass!"
    • On a meta level, of course Daniel would adore Peter Cetera. After all, he did the theme song — "The Glory of Love" — for The Karate Kid Part II (they established him in canon as a longtime Peter Cetera fan back in Season 2, when he serenades Amanda —twice— with "You're The Inspiration").
  • Kyler literally having the time of his life at the drive-in theater watching Bloodsport. Cue the Cutaway Gag Kyler makes in response to Dux punching Li in the nuts.
    Kyler: That's Jean-Claude Van—
    (Dux punches Li in the nuts)
    Kyler: DAMMNNNNN!!!!!!
    • Followed by Kyler going overboard in all of a sudden having Kenny serve him a ton of food as an attempt to haze him. Robby's reaction of disapproval only makes this more priceless.
    Kenny: Here's your stuff.
    Kyler: Hey, yo, bitch boy. What about mine?
    Kenny: You said you didn't want anything.
    Kyler: Well I want some now. So get me two buckets of popcorn with butter, four large Cokes (Robby shaking his head in disgust), two hot dogs with mustard, no ketchup, and a pretzel.
    Kenny: But I can't carry—
    Kyler: Oh, and some nachos with extra cheese and jalapeño poppers, all right? Hurry up, man.
  • Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Fang get into a stare-down at the drive-in when Robby confronts Hawk for hassling Kenny and more and more people from each side arrive to back each other up... before Demetri finally arrives, rambling about the food and taking a moment to realize he's just stepped into the middle of something.
    Demetri: Hey, guys. Can you believe that they have Mr. Pibb and Dr. Pepper?
    [everyone just stares at him]
    Demetri: Oh shit. Not another rumble.
  • When the Cobras make it clear they're not leaving without a fight, Miguel tells them to meet the Miyagi-Dos/Eagle Fangs on the baseball field in half an hour. The Cobras arrive on the field at that time... and they get drenched by the sprinklers turning on as the Miyagi-Dos/Eagle Fangs watch from their cars and laugh.
    Hawk: We didn't even have to throw a punch!
    Demetri: My favorite kind of victory.
  • Kyler's response to the sprinkler prank is to suggest another home invasion.
"Match Point" (4x05)
  • After the confrontation with Kreese and Silver, Daniel and Johnny go to a bar where Daniel briefs Johnny on who Silver is and everything that happened in the third film. After he finishes, Johnny only has this to say:
    Johnny: So let me get this straight. The year after our title fight, they put you straight through to the finals? That is bullshit.
  • Amanda asks Daniel if any more karate enemies from his past will try to derail his life. Daniel at first says no, only to remember that he hasn't seen Mike Barnes since 1985. He then admits to Amanda that he's not sure!
    • This becomes even more hilarious when Mike actually shows up in Season 5. Turns out Daniel actually didn't need to worry about him trying to derail his life.
  • Demetri's explanation to Hawk as to how he found out who Silver is.
    Demetri: Vietnam vet turned businessman. Had a few ups and downs, but still turned out pretty rich. Not much dirt, other than some toxic waste scandal in Borneo back in the '80s.
    Hawk: Sounds like a Renaissance man. How'd you find out his name?
    Demetri: I took a picture at the dojo, found an old facial recognition beta test and tweaked the code to make it compatible with HEIC. [They come across Yasmine and Moon]
    Yasmine: I love it when you talk nerdy.
    Demetri: You are both the first and my favorite person to say that. [kisses Yasmine]
  • After Hawk and Moon have a friendly chat at school, Hawk demurs the idea of them getting back together to Demetri since Moon is with Piper now. Demetri then casually reveals they broke up "weeks ago" and keeps walking down the hallway as though this wasn't important information:
    Hawk: [chasing after him] "Weeks"?! One week? Five? How many weeks is "weeks"?!
  • The reason the teens find out about the impending fight between Johnny and Daniel is because of Johnny going on a drunken Twitter rant.
    Miguel: Yo. You guys won't believe this. [hands his phone to Demetri] Sensei got drunk and went on a Twitter rant.
    Demetri: [reading Johnny's tweets] I believe everything except for the part where he knows how to tweet.
    Miguel: Looks like he and Sensei LaRusso are gonna have a rematch.
    Hawk: Wait, so they're really gonna fight?
    Sam: Apparently. Should've seen this coming.
    Demetri: [to Miguel] Who does he even think he's tweeting to? You're his only follower!
    • Johnny's Tweets:
      "IT'S ON: LAWRENCE-LARUSSO REMATCH! hashbrown dead meat"
      "It's time for the Valley to see what Karate is all about!"
      "Tomorrow night. Eagles reign supreme!"
      "How does this thing work?"
  • Mitch and Chris acting like commentators at an MMA fight during Daniel and Johnny's rematch:
    Chris: Sensei Lawrence strikes first!
    Mitch: True to the motto painted on his former dojo wall, and carved into his very being! (Notices Chris staring at him) What? I'm trying to capture the spirit of th-the thing.
  • Johnny and Daniel's match ends in a Double KO, with the replay on Chris' phone being inconclusive as to who landed the winning blow. Johnny asks for another angle, and everyone present gives him a You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! look for his stupidity before they point out that there aren't any other angles.
    • Even funnier, if you watch the final point in slow motion, you see Johnny landed the first hit giving credence to his request.
    • After Sam announces the first point for Johnny, Daniel gives her absolutely hysterical "Seriously?" look.
"Kicks Get Chicks" (4x06)
  • The All-Valley Karate board meeting devolves into a mess that makes all the high school kids look incredibly mature.
    • Once again, the color of the tournament mats becomes a topic of heated debate.
    • When Ron talks about getting a talent agent involved, Sue groans "it's the Malcolm Jamal-Warner debacle all over again."
    • When Daryl questions Ron's authority, the two start fighting over the latter's gavel like a toy.
      Daryl: You couldn't get Louie Anderson to show up for a free buffet, Ron.
      Ron: You're out of order, Daryl.
      Daryl: You're not a judge, Ron.
      Ron: Why do I have this gavel?
      Daryl: [snatching it] Not anymore.
    • George dismisses Sue's discussion of raising the tournament profile among women by suggesting that they start a baking class. Sue snarks that it's a wonder he's been divorced three times.
    • The board review footage of Aisha's fight with Xander Stone from the previous tournament, with one member pointing out that it might be deemed problematic for boys to be encouraged to hit girls. Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" as everyone else realizes they hadn't thought of that.
    • At the end of the scene, right before the title card, Ron decides to send out letters about the updated rules for the tournament. George very quietly responds with "God help us all"... which is revealed to be a fairly melodramatic overreaction when it turns out all they did was add a skills competition and a girls' bracket.
  • The Ironic Echo Cut comparing Daniel and Johnny's responses to the new All Valley tournament rules.
    Daniel: By the time the tournament comes around, you're gonna realize this was the best thing that could've happened to us.
    Johnny: This is the worst thing that could've happened to us.
  • When Johnny's students first suggest that they recruit girls for their dojo, he asks if any of them know any girls, at which point all of them awkwardly look away before Devon is brought up.
  • Johnny's attempts to recruit prospective female students for Eagle Fang Karate:
    • For one female prospect, Johnny forces Miguel to oil up and flex his muscles in front of her as a selling point for the dojo. While Miguel does have a nice physique in this scene, he comes across as just so incredibly embarrassed that he let Johnny put him up to doing this. It's all for nothing, as well, because the student then states that she's asexual.
      • What makes it so funny is that it's a Call-Back to the cheesecake photos Johnny sorted through in Season 3...which were William Zabka's actual photos from his days as an 80s teen heartthrob. But Miguel is still wearing a shirt when he applies the oil, giving him pit stains and a slightly repulsive greasy appearance. Not sexy at all.
    • Johnny sells on Piper in a "woke" (or, as he calls it, "awake") manner as to why Eagle Fang Karate is a good fit for her. When Piper asks him how that applies to non-binary and genderfluid people, Johnny, still ignorant of the concept of genderqueerness, emphasizes on the importance of keeping oneself hydrated with enough fluids, though Piper is no less amused by his remarks.
      Johnny: We teach anyone who identifies as female to embrace their queenly strength, and tear down the neo-masculine hierarchy to confront internalized sexism.
      Piper: Sounds inclusive. But what about non-binary and gender fluid?
      Johnny: Yes, fluids are crucial. If you don't hydrate, it affects performance.
    • There's also Johnny coming off less as a recruiter and more as a predator after teenage girls. That he's so oblivious to how his statements are being taken moves it from creepy to hysterical.
      Johnny: [running alongside two girls on the track team] Gotta be under eighteen, or it's a no-go.
      Girls: [accelerate to leave him in the dust]

      Basketball Dad: Which one's yours?
      Johnny: [indicating Piper] That one looks good to me. Haven't talked to her yet, though. Still working on my approach. Got any advice?
      Basketball Dad: [eases away very creeped out]
    • Moon almost agrees to join Eagle Fang, but decides against it when she realizes that learning karate involves physical violence. She also tells the guys that her cheerleading practice has been moved indoors because of "some perv" creeping on the track team, completely oblivious to the fact that Johnny is the person she's talking about.
  • Although she agrees to help Tory get back into school, Amanda can't resist throwing some snark her way when she shows up at her house for the first time since the home invasion.
    Amanda: Oh. So you're knocking this time.
    Tory: Mrs. LaRusso, I... need your help.
    Amanda: Okay. Come on in. You remember the way?
  • Demetri's heartwarming talk with Eli where he convinces him to return to Miyagi-Do has several funny moments too.
    • Demetri bursts into Hawk's house and immediately launches into an angry tirade.
      Demetri: Where the hell have you been?
      Eli: How'd you even get in here?
      Demetri: Uh, your mom's left the key under the flower gnome since kindergarten. You should really think about increasing the security given, you know, THE KARATE WAR!!!
    • Demetri lampshades his poor chances of winning the All Valley.
      Demetri: I mean, do I look like Miyagi-Do's best hope at defeating Robby Keene? I mean, Mr. LaRusso says that anyone can be the hero, but I'm not Batman. I'm more like Alfred. You're Batman!
    • Demetri acknowledges to Eli that the fact that he talks a lot is one of his polarizing attributes.
    • Much to Hawk's embarrassment, Demetri breaks out one of their goofy old binary brothers videos, which he had lied about having deleted.
      Eli: Why are you showing me these?
      Demetri: Because this is who you are.
      Eli: A loser?
  • Johnny has a plan for dealing with both the falling out with Miyagi-Do and the new All-Valley rules including a specific girls' division: dress Mitch up as a girl.
    Johnny: He's not the best fighter, but I think he stands a decent shot against the chicks. What do you think?
    Miguel: [just shy of facepalming] I'm thinking a lot of things, I don't know where to start.
  • Devon's Establishing Character Moment, as she debates by insulting her opponent and tearing up his book in front of everyone. Despite her total lack of decorum, she actually seems to impress the judges, and certainly impresses Johnny.

"Minefields" (4x07)

  • Anthony's awkward attempt to talk to Lia gives quite a hilarious break from his usual Jerkass behavior:
    Anthony: Beowulf. Um, spoiler alert, it's not even about a werewolf.
    Lia: (chuckles) Well, now I don't want it.
    Anthony: Yeah, you should try Animal Farm. Now that's a book lives up to its name. Straight up it's just like, animals on a farm.
    Lia: Know what that reminds me of? The guy who lived next door to elementary school.
    Anthony: Uh, Mr. Landry. With the, uh, the chicken coops.
    • One has to guess Anthony never read the book, which wouldn't be a surprise considering his Lazy Bum nature. So he might be trying to guess info simply by the covers, but instead makes himself look stupid. Don't judge a book by its cover, indeed.
  • There's something quite hilarious about the subversion of Adults Are Useless at the middle school. The way it takes the school staff checking the security cams, and the bullies' social media gives them all the proof they need to see that Kenny is the victim. In short, a middle school has more competent staff then a high school.
  • Devon introduces herself by announcing the third-person pronouns she goes by. Johnny shuts her down and asserts that he only allows "sensei" and "student" for pronouns in his dojo, disregarding that they're both nouns.
    Devon: Hi. My pronouns are she/her.
    Johnny: The only pronouns we accept in this dojo are "sensei" and "student".
    Devon: Those are nouns.
    Johnny: Oh, I'm sorry. I think what I meant to say, is "QUIET!"
    Devon: (flinches) That's an imperative.

"Party Time" (4x08)

  • The banter between Stingray and Greg just cannot be taken seriously. Not only does Stingray's Manchild personality does nothing but piss Greg off, but the fact that he managed to get a bunch of aerobies on Greg's roof.
  • Demetri offhandedly mentions to Eli that their classmate's prom after party was cancelled. Why? His brother happens to be one of Kenny's bullies (most likely Slade) and is now grounded, but Demetri only knows of the situation as "some middle school fight".
  • Yasmine surprises Demetri by coming back from Australia early so she can be with him at prom. She tells him she had to fly economy plus instead of first class, which Demetri notes must mean she really likes him.
  • The fight between Miguel, Robby, Sam and Tory at Stingray's party has its moments.
    • Before the fight, Sam taunts Tory about dating both of her exes, even going as far as to say she has a half-eaten cupcake for Tory if she wants some.
    • In response, Tory tells Sam that she would kick her ass if it weren't for the fact she promised Sam's mother not to.
    • Sam tells Tory to stay the hell away from her family and Tory retorts that she doesn't take orders from "tiny little bitches." This insult makes Sam lose her temper and kick Tory in the stomach, kicking off the fight.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that this fight has parallels to the school fight (one of the girls starting the fight, one of the boys being mistaken for hurting Tory resulting in the other boy getting involved etc), ending with Robby pushing Miguel into a pool rather than off a balcony this time!
  • Daniel and Amanda are naturally not happy Louie is suggesting his sister Vanessa as their son's new child psychologist. Up comes his sister, in a halter top and jeans with jacket, a Brooklyn accent as thick as her brother's... and talking in an ultra-detailed educational tone of the various disorders he might have as the pair just stare at her.
    • After a moment to recover from cousin Vanessa being way smarter and more educated than she appears, Daniel invites her to "have at" Anthony. She responds that it doesn't work that way, she needs to talk to Daniel and Amanda, not Anthony, because this starts and ends with them. Amanda and Daniel's reaction says it all.
    • Vanessa proceeds to sit down Daniel and Amanda for questioning and forces them to confront the fact they were far from ideal parents:
      Vanessa: (With a notepad) So it's fair to say you didn't consider the ramifications of giving him his own electronics. Would you say that because of your demanding work schedules, and now the dojo, that Anthony may have learned key life lessons from the Internet rather than from you?
      Daniel: Um, I wouldn't go that far. I wouldn't... I mean... Well, listen, I'm sure he's picked up some things we didn't realize, but... no.
      Vanessa: (Jots this down) Mm-hm. And when he picked up these "things," as you call them, were you able to correct the behavior?
      Daniel: Uh, look, we discipline when it's appropriate.
      Amanda: Yes. Always. I mean, too much even. (Vanessa writes some more) But not too, too much. Just...Okay, I'm sorry, how many stones do you plan on throwing from your glass house? I'm curious if you've ever taken care of anything bigger than a goldfish. What are you writing?!
      Vanessa: See, this reaction is at the root of the problem. You're acting out.
      Daniel: No, no, we're just working through this. We're not acting out.
      Vanessa: I can prove it with a simple test. (Flips page, keeps writing) Now, why do you think you love your daughter more than your son?
      Amanda: (taken aback) What? Wha- (Vanessa writes again) What? Give me that pad! (Snatches the notepad and jaw drops as she sees Vanessa only wrote "THIS IS THE TEST")
      Vanessa: You failed.
    • On a meta level, it's funny and ironic to see Ralph Macchio's daughter Julia, a very open Daddy's Girl, play a character who takes Daniel to task for being a neglectful parent to Anthony.

"The Fall" (4x09)

  • The fact the All-Valley Tournament board was about to depose President Ron... until he gets Carrie Underwood to be their surprise celebrity performer. How exactly did he land one of the biggest music stars of our age? He's her husband's dentist.
    Ron: Her husband's a client. I fixed a crown fracture in his maxillary incisor.
    George: We never doubted you, Ron. (chuckles and pats Ron)
  • Poor Mitch ends up making a fool of himself in the skills competition, as a bo-staff slips out of his hand while he's spinning it around and ends up smashing the judges' table. As a capper, Mitch very meekly (and very quickly) gets the hell off the mat. Needless to say, the Eagle Fang team enters the fighting rounds with a nice point deficit.
  • Devon trying to explain the tournament scoring system to Johnny.
    Johnny: How the hell are we in sixth place?
    Devon: The skills events are weighed differently. Gold medals are ten points, silver...
    Johnny: I don't give a shit about the math. What do we need to beat Cobra Kai?
    Devon: Uh, math. To catch up on points, we need to win as many matches in the qualifying rounds as possible. The further we get as a team, the tighter the vice around Cobra Kai's metaphorical balls.
    Johnny: Okay. Good. Now you're speaking my language.
  • Eli's match against Kyler is such a quick Curb-Stomp Battle on his part that it's downright comical. The second round? Eli simply steps to the side as Kyler rushes towards him and sticks out his leg to hit his chest and score a point. The third round? Kyler does the same exact thing and Eli just does a basic jumping front kick for the win. Both of these happen in less than a second after the referee says "Fight!".

"The Rise" (4x10)

  • In his hopeless fight against Robby, Demetri compares himself to "a helpless Jedi Youngling waiting to be slaughtered". Hawk, jumping on this metaphor, tells Demetri that since he's taller than Robby he can use the high ground just like Obi-Wan did against Anakin, before a baffled Daniel, who clearly has no idea what the two nerds are talking about, interrupts to provide some legitimate karate tactics.
  • Devon calls out the silliness of having a countdown clock for the last minute in which Miguel must return before forfeiting his match with Hawk.
    Devon: A countdown clock? Kind of dramatic, isn't it?
    Mitch: Yeah. It's the All Valley.
  • During the boys' final match, Eli decides to call a timeout after Robby lands the first hit. Nobody seems to mind much...except for Terry Silver, who gives Daniel a WTF reaction.
  • When Robby and Hawk ditch their gis to finish their fight shirtless, Robby throws his to Tory, who gives him a quick nod of approval... while Hawk throws his to Demetri, who gives him a look of utter confusion before throwing it away.
    • Even funnier is why Eli takes his off at all. Robby's gi comes undone in their bout, and after the reset, he decides to just take it off rather than bother re-tying it. Eli then looks questioningly at the referee, who just sort of shrugs at him like "Have at it man, if you wanna".
    • Of course, all that is left for them is to say "You keep for your collection, I know you like it."
  • Carmen tells Johnny that a parent saw Miguel get in an Uber. In true Johnny fashion, he has no idea what an Uber is.

    Season 5 


"Long Long Way From Home" (5x01)

  • Johnny’s plan for finding Miguel when he and Robby get to Mexico: ask around if people have seen a "Miguel Diaz". Considering how common both names would be in the country, that’s like looking for a blonde hair in a haystack.
  • Daniel tells Chozen they need to cut the head off the snake (Terry Silver) to take down Cobra Kai. Chozen produces two sais which for some reason he brought with him to America, forcing Daniel to explain he didn't mean it that literally. Which prompts Chozen to explain that sais aren't for cutting: they're for blocking, trapping, beating, and sometimes stabbing. Unsurprisingly, this fails to reassure Daniel.

"Mole" (5x02)

  • Daniel is helping Chozen get dressed to attend Silver's dinner invitation (as part of their plan to spy on him), but Daniel's slimmer build means his suit is too small for Chozen's Heroic Build.
  • The fact that Johnny and Robby's "Female Body Inspector" novelty shirts actually get mistaken for real FBI shirts by one of Hector's goons.
  • During the pepper eating competition, Robby does the Miyagi-Do breathing technique. At first, the audience thinks he's centering himself and focusing in order to win...and then it turns out he swapped the pepper with a piece of candy!

"Playing With Fire" (5x03)

  • Silver tells Daniel that the latter is playing with fire to which Chozen replies to Silver "And I am gasoline." Silver looks at him in confusion, wondering why this qualifies as a Badass Boast, before Chozen adds "Boom!" Silver just shrugs and decides not to bother engaging with that.
  • As Silver takes his leave, he tells Daniel that he and his friends' drinks are on him. Louie immediately orders piña colada all around, but Anoush chides him for asking for something so plebian and orders the most expensive tequilas instead (which, naturally, means Silver will end up paying more).
  • The fact that Johnny is upset about someone defacing his property, and commenting on how it should be illegal despite doing the same to Daniel in season 1. The kicker, when Carmen tells him it is illegal Johnny's reaction clearly shows he never knew what he did was illegal.
  • Miguel gets a cryptic text from Sam, so Demetri and Eli try to help guide him through the conversation. Unknown to them, Yasmine and Moon are with Sam doing the exact same thing. So the audience is treated to a hilarious sequence where the girls and the boys both try to figure out what the other means by text.
    Sam: Should I add a smiley face?
    Yasmine: [simultaneously with Moon] No!
    Moon: [simultaneously with Yasmine] Definitely!
    [Miguel, Eli, and Demetri see Sam's response and panic at the conciseness]
    Eli: This is bad. There's not even an emoji!
  • When Miguel later goes to Johnny for advice about his upcoming "talk" with Sam, he makes a mention that Demetri has a girlfriend, which Johnny sarcastically remarks that she must be a real looker.
  • When Daniel and Chozen are spying on Mike Barnes, Daniel identifies him by his old monniker of "The Bad Boy of Karate." Chozen comments that Barnes doesn't look so bad. Daniel replies that Barnes tried to kill him once and he can't forgive someone like that... while Chozen is sitting right next to him.
    Daniel: Except you. You and I, we're good.
  • Mike Barnes is introduced like a serial killer, inspecting carpentry saws from his car trunk while Daniel and Chozen watch. Chozen then remarks that Barnes's table saw is "good for cutting bone." To which Daniel gives Chozen a look that says "How do you know that?"
  • Daniel then sneaks into the warehouse Mike has gone into and overhears him saying things like "I've been telling you to get rid of that Italian piece of shit for years" followed by "Ah, flew in from Japan. Wow, that's dedication". Assuming Silver's on the line, Daniel then leaps out to confront Mike, much to his shock and confusion, takes the phone, and then threatens Silver... only for a confused woman on the speaker to ask who this is and what happened to Mike. Mike takes the phone back and finishes the call, which turns out to be about Japanese cedar chairs and a Florentine table, before taking Daniel further inside to show him that they're at a furniture store and he's the owner.
  • Daniel breaks up the fight between Mike and Chozen saying it was a misunderstanding, Chozen indignantly says in that case they should call an ambulance, and it's revealed he beat up everyone working in the back to get to Daniel. His "oops" face is priceless.
  • After getting half his guys beat up, Mike sees Chozen likes a nice couch.
    Mike: Well, it's only twelve hundred, but... (sighs, smiles at Daniel) what the hell! For you? (glare at Chozen) Two grand.
    Chozen: 'Kay! Careful! Don't get blood on the couch!
  • After suspecting Carmen is pregnant, Johnny goes to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. He then tries to get a refund for the "Tiger Glove" condoms he bought, complete with a ridiculous illustration of a ferocious tiger and the tagline: "Best Condom In The Wild Kingdom." There's also: "Condoms- for YOUR pleasure!"
    Pharmacist: There's no way these were purchased at a real pharmacy.
    Johnny: It doesn't matter, I want my money back.
  • While watching a Youtube video on baby prepping, Johnny practices swaddling and rocking on a beer bottle pack (causing a bottle to fall and shatter), throws out his expired meat, replaces his beach-girl poster with a lighthouse picture, and sprays down his entire apartment with a pesticide tank (and wearing a gas mask) after finding cockroaches in his couch. As a cherry on top, after a tired Johnny finishes all this work, the video host says "And if you think this is hard, wait 'till the baby arrives." Johnny promptly slams the laptop shut.

"Downward Spiral" (5x04)

  • Carmen has a Top Gun-style dream where Johnny is dressed up like Tom Cruise while acting like a cool dad to Miguel and the baby. He wears a pilot suit and aviators, dramatically plays volleyball in mimicry of the famous beach scene from Top Gun, and rides on a motorcycle while carrying the baby in a sling.
  • Anthony (understandably) can't help stare at Moon and Yasmine in their bikinis. Sam tells him to knock it off, and he awkwardly excuses himself.
    Yasmine: He's starting high school in the fall, right? Let's torture him. Tell him later I asked if he's been working out.
    Sam: Ew. You guys are gross and I want no part of this.
  • When Kyler helps Kenny bully Anthony, he has no idea who he is. Anthony incredulously points out that Kyler has been to his house and dated his sister, to which Kyler nonchalantly responds "I date a lot of sisters."
  • Johnny tries to get some extra money and nearly gives away his social security number to a scammer. He eventually tries working as an Uber driver. Patrons' review of him are about as stellar as you'd expect.
    Johnny: One star because my car smells like beer? That's because there is beer, asshole!
    • The fact Johnny is working for Uber alone is this since in the finale of last season he doesn't know what Uber is.
    • Simply the sight of Johnny doing his fares in his antique Grand Caravan with the tacky-as-hell Eagle Fang body graphics. "Michael's" (actual name, Mikayla) and her friend's reactions are ones of comic bewilderment.
    • As if using the Eagle Fang Grand Caravan wasn't tacky enough, Johnny does all kinds of unprofessional things during his Uber fares, including peeing into a empty Coors can while driving. With his passenger indignantly watching from the backseat.
    • And how did Johnny get this job? Shannon dropped by to talk about their summer arrangements, and immediately deduced "Shit, you knocked up Carmen." Because he cleaned his apartment. And has the same terrified look on his face as he had when she was pregnant with Robby. She calls a cut-rate Geek Squad to get Johnny set up with a smartphone and apps to do his Uber thing, and the tech who arrives is Demetri.
  • Doubles as heartwarming, but Chozen sitting at home, clutching a pillow watching 90 Day Fiancé. A far cry from the stoic, serious character he usually is. The heartwarming part comes in when he staunchly encourages the man who was rejected by his fiance. Perhaps projecting his own feelings for Kumiko?
    Chozen: Never give up!

"Extreme Measures" (5x05)

  • While trying to get Miguel and Robby to become friends, Johnny locks them all in his apartment from the inside and turns it into a wild-west themed escape room with Miguel and Robby playing the roles of "José Chavez y Chavez" and "Josiah 'Doc' Scurlock." Miguel immediately sees through it because it's the plot of Young Guns II. Rosa then unintentionally sabotages the game by walking while role-playing as Billy the Kid, but leaves the door open for Miguel to walk right out.
  • Johnny mistakes "Google" as "Goggle". Daniel, having been through the wringer with his paranoia about Silver and his family leaving, just rolls with this malaproper.
    Daniel: Surpised you even know how to "Goggle".

"Ouroboros" (5x06)

"Bad Eggs" (5x07)

  • Daniel, Johnny, Chozen and Amanda have a war room style meeting to discuss Cobra Kai's expansion in an office at LaRusso Auto, complete with a map and mini-Cobra Kai flags for them to pour over, (which could even be read as an In-Universe Shout-Out to Game of Thrones, given Daniel's love of the series) the seriousness of which is completely undercut when a random customer pops his head in to ask if any of them actually work there because he's interested in buying a car.
  • When Amanda suggests an Enemy Mine with Kreese, arguing that they may need a monster to beat a monster, Chozen indignantly claims that he can be a monster, to which Amanda reassuringly says "I'm sure you'd make a great monster," as if she's talking to a child. Apparently, in between all his horror stories about Cobra Kai, Daniel never bothered to mention anything about what a psychopath Chozen was!
  • The first half of Chozen's egg lesson to the Miyagi-Fangs is absolutely hysterical for how easily he smashes the students' eggs despite their efforts to protect them, along with him having to clarify that these aren't the rare bird eggs he's using as a metaphor during the lesson; just ordinary chicken eggs he bought from Trader Joe's that morning.
    • Throughout the episode, Chozen yells out commands in Japanese, only for the students to look at him in confusion, forcing him to exasperatedly speak them in English. The third time just before the first round, Chozen wips out his sais, and then yells out "Go! Go!" with obvious frustration, with one boy murmuring "What's gotten hold of him?" Thankfully, by the fourth time after the second round, the students understood his Japanese command.
    • Demetri goes through the trouble of constructing a protective covering for his egg. While explaining it to Miguel and Eli, Chozen throws a kunai through the covering and destroys it. He then berates Demetri for talking too much when he should've been focusing on his surroundings.
    • Mitch decides to sit on his like a bird while Chris hides in a tree with his. In almost anime-fashion, Chozen uses his tonfas to strike up at Chris (without even looking upwards) and knock him down onto Mitch, smashing both of their eggs.
    • Bert and Nathaniel post themselves on the wooden wheel in the pond and keep on the lookout (when they weren't playing around with their eggs). Surely being surrounded by water they would see Chozen coming, right? They don't; Chozen suddenly springs up from the water and knocks them and their eggs off.
    • Robby buries his in the garden and assumes it will be safe... until he turns around and sees Chozen has been standing there the whole time, with Robby making a resigned face. Chosen pierces the egg with his spear while the egg is still in the ground.
    • Chozen approaches Eli, who decides to confront him head on in a fight. Chozen wips out his set of nunchucks. Eli murmurs a dejected "oh no" just before Chozen knocks Eli's egg right out of his hand and into the window of one of Daniel's cars, where it's revealed Anthony was hiding. He's so freaked out that he just immediately surrenders and holds his egg out for Chozen to destroy. Chozen taps the egg with a look of contempt on his face that practically says "some son of Daniel-san".
      • The fact that Eli's whole plan was to go toe-to-toe with a guy who has over 30 years of experience on him. Talk about not thinking things through!
    • With Miguel and Sam the only ones left and hiding inside the dojo, the two of them start talking when Chozen suddenly arrives and knocks Miguel to the ground with his staff, crushing the egg in his pocket. Sam then challenges Chozen to steal the egg from her backpack, only for Chozen to reveal he already has it.
    • Once the Miyagi-Fangs get their act together and decide to cooperate to defend the eggs, Demetri spots one potential flaw:
      Demetri: Are we sure we want to literally put all our eggs in one basket? That's exactly what you're not supposed to do.
  • After Kreese shares Silver's plans with Daniel and Johnny, Daniel presents to him what appears to be his lawyer's number. It instead contains a message exclaiming "NO MERCY, MOTHER FUCKER!"
    • Johnny's grin of pride is pretty funny (and more than a bit heartwarming) too.

"Taikai" (5x08)

  • Crosses over with Awesome. When the Sakai Takai agree to review both dojos to see which if any will qualify, Terry Silver has no choice but to smile and comply. When he makes a shallow attempt to save face by making it seem like friendly competition, Johnny very quickly shuts him down with a classic line. Amanda is shown doing all she can not to burst out laughing!
    Johnny: We will. And when we do, I'm gonna shove that ponytail straight up your ass! (turns to Takai representative) You can translate that!
  • The Miyagi-Fangs discussing the Sekai Taikai:
    Eli: I heard last year's winners did a big car commercial in Taiwan.
    Mitch: Aw, dude, imagine being in a commercial. What would you do with all that money?
    Chris: Buy a yacht, with a hot tub on it. Fill it up with smarties and hotties.
    *everyone laughs*
  • It's a minor moment, but Kyler in a mocap suit (that gauges his movements and striking power) is both surreal and hilarious to see in a karate dojo.
  • Johnny demonstrating the Eagle Fang way in the abandoned building, with Sam kicking at watermelons suspended from hooks and chains. Sam shatters one, and splatters the result all over one of the Taikai representatives. Johnny tries to smooth things over with allusion to Rocky IV... which works, as the German representative is a huge fan, and credits that movie with reuniting East and West Germany.
    Representative: *starts wiping the splattered watermelon from his suit with a handkerchief*
    Johnny: Hey, look, man, I'm sure this probably all seems weird to you. But sometimes, you have to train outside the box to get to another level. Some people use the latest high-tech junk to get there, but some people need to run up a mountain in the snow, and yell-
    Representative: DRAGO!
    Representative: Rocky Balboa is my hero.
    Johnny: No shit, mine too!
    Representative: His victory over Russia effectively restored my fractured homeland.
    Johnny: You get it.
    Representative: I do. Show me more.
    Daniel and Chozen: *collectively breathe a sigh of relief*

"Survivors" (5x09)

  • When Daniel, Johnny, Chozen, Amanda and Carmen go to a nightclub suggested by Louie to celebrate Carmen’s pregnancy. Seeing Daniel’s ex-rival (who has swung like a pendulum between The Stoic and Bunny-Ears Lawyer) plastered is hilarious.
  • After Anoush turns down Louie’s invitation to go to a nightclub to party because a date he has that night; guess who he finds he is dating when he runs into him at the club? His sister:
    Anoush: Louie, I know that you can be a little hotheaded. I was going to-
    Louie: (punches Anoush to the ground)
    Vanessa: (slaps Louie) What the hell are you doing right now?!
    Louie: What are you doing?! You could do better than him! You're embarrassing the family!
    Vanessa: Oh my God. This is ridiculous!
    (Anoush gets back up and tackles Louie, causing them to fight on the floor)
    Vanessa: Oh my God! You two, knock it off! Right now!
    Daniel: Classic Louie. Limo, drinks, and some trouble.
    • Later, Anoush and Louie are talking amiably, with Louie only warning Anoush to be good to Vanessa. Then they hug and say they love each other. Apparently, they're both "I love you guy" drunks.

"Head Of The Snake" (5x10)

  • Back in "Playing With Fire," Daniel pointed out Barnes to Chozen as "Karate's Bad Boy," and Chozen dismissed him as "doesn't look so bad." Now, Barnes turns up again, Chozen identifies him as "Karate's Bad Boy," and Johnny states "he doesn't look so bad." Mike Barnes, the Butt-Monkey of Karate Kid villains.
  • Mike Barnes abducts Daniel, Johnny and Chozen then attacks Daniel, believing him to be responsible for burning down his furniture store. Johnny tries to save Daniel by throwing a beer can at Barnes, but misses him by a mile and hits Daniel on the head instead.
    • Mike is clearly under the influence of something even stronger than beer, as Daniel tells by the size of his pupils. Daniel, Johnny and Chozen are drunk. Mike suggests they all attack Silver right then and there. Daniel understands it's a terrible plan, but Johnny and Chozen like the idea.
      Mike: This guy just destroys people's lives bit by bit. And he never faces any consequences. You know what I see? I see four consequences right here!
      Daniel: Mike, we can't just show up to his house and assault him!
      Mike: This guy destroyed my world! What do you want me to do, just sit here and take it like a bitch? I'm gonna go over there and beat the living shit out of him.
      Chozen: YES!
      Johnny: I like the way this guy thinks!
      Daniel: Johnny!
      Johnny: No, the bad boy is right man! Silver's been screwing us for too long. He kicked your ass, he kicked my ass. It was a sucker kick in my case, but still, it's way past time for some payback.
      Mike: (slaps Johnny's back) That's what I'm talking about!
      Daniel: Al—Alright, (turns to Chozen) Chozen, Chozen, help me out here. This is crazy.
      Chozen: I know Silver's address.
      Mike: YES! I'm driving.
  • Meanwhile at Silver's mansion, he's musing to Kim that he'll have to prepare for an attack in the future by the Miyagi-Fangs, stating that they wouldn't be subtle. Cue Kim watching the CCTV footage of the Party Limo smashing through the front gates.
    • This gets particularly funny when you remember that, at the beginning of the season, Chozen said that "all direct attacks will be recognized." Guess it's fair to say he wasn't thinking of this!
  • When they arrive at Silver’s mansion, Mike tries to kick the door open, but Johnny stops him, noting the doors are made of hard oakwood and he would break his foot... and offers to kick it open himself. Chozen then stops him and tries to gently push the door and check if it is locked. Turns out it's not. Johnny and Mike shrug as if to say "Of course he wouldn’t lock the door!"
  • When they break into Silver's mansion, Mike Barnes confronts him, which leads to this deliciously evil exchange:
    Terry: Mike. Barnes! [Evil Laugh] It's been a long time. Oh, I'd say you're keeping well, but... all evidence to the contrary.
    Mike: That's what happens when someone burns your life to the ground!
    Terry: Oh my, what a crime.
    • Terry's cavalier attitude and honestly hilarious expressions are the icing on the cake.
  • During the brawl in the house of Johnny against the senseis, one of Silver's big, expensive flatscreens gets destroyed by Johnny. Yep, add another TV to the scorecard.
  • The fact that one of the teachers accidentally slices straight through another's hand with his katana is pretty funny in a black comedy kind of way, as is the fact that his stance is so wide open he's practically begging for a kick to the groin (which Johnny helpfully provides).
  • Mitch reveals himself as a traitor, selling out the Miyagi-Fangs to Cobra Kai. And the way he does it — by dramatically opening his jacket to reveal a Cobra Kai shirt underneath — feels like something out of a cartoon. Even funnier when you remember that his excuse for showing up late to the infiltration was that he was trying to get ready.
    • Seconds later, Kyler tells Mitch to "Shut up, Penis Breath." Mitch just looks so dejected. Apparently, just asking people not to call him Penis Breath never occurred to him.
    • Mitch further explains his betrayal as being motivated by the fact that their dojo doesn't have "any chicks", before quickly saying "no offense" to Sam.
    • In the end, Mitch's betrayal is reduced to a "Shaggy Dog" Story now that he, along with the other Cobra Kais, are horrified by the truth regarding Silver bribing the referee. What makes it hilarious is that Mitch doesn't get the smoothies, swag, and chicks now that Silver is arrested, and the dojo is put out of commission. And after siding with Cobra Kai, it's highly doubtful he'll be welcomed back by Miyagi-Fang (Hawk was, but only after he proved his willingness to atone—it doesn't seem like Mitch will be the type to put in that effort). It's really impossible to feel bad for Penis Breath and can't help but revel at his own folly.
  • A smaller moment, but it's so "Classic Johnny" it's bound to make you laugh. When Johnny is at the mercy of the now visibly deranged Silver, our boy Johnny who's drunk, beaten, bleeding and surrounded by Elite Mooks, simply looks up at him with not a shred of fear. He knows he's lost and may not make it out of that house, but he's NOT giving Terry Silver the satisfaction. Doubles as Awesome.
  • Stingray's reaction when the adults make it into the dojo and see Cobra Kai has the Miyagi-Fangs surrounded:
    Stingray: Oh, that's a lot of kids! And that's not the B-team either!
  • In the middle of a very tense and dramatic scene, the exasperated faces Kim makes as she watches Silver get systemically demolished by Daniel is pretty funny.
  • Daniel using his iconic Crane Kick to finish off Silver is both awesome but also hilarious when you remember Silver used to mock him for it. “What you think you can rely on that crane crap?” As it turns out, yes Terry. He can. Danny boy did the crane and he won.
  • After the fight at the dojo is over, Kyler gives a statement to police claiming that he's the hero who saved everyone from Cobra Kai.
    Kyler: I'm telling you, I'm the one that rescued everyone from this place. This place was becoming cultish. Some might call me a hero, but...
  • At the end of it all, Daniel notices that Mike stole a Rembrandt painting from Silver's mansion to try and recoup losses. Even funnier is that it's the Storm on the Sea of Galilee, which has a reward of 10 million if returned after its theft in 1990, so Mike would easily get a huge payout legally.
  • The dramatic reveal that Kreese faked his death to get out of jail becomes funny when you realize that this is the third time he's faked his death.
    • It's especially funny since, if he'd waited another day or two, he'd have been out and free to do whatever he wants, since Silver is now carrying the can, with Kreese's good publicity more or less, the police are going to be hunting him down, and Kreese will have to spend as much time avoiding the law as he will taking revenge on his enemies.