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Nightmare Fuel / Cobra Kai

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    Season 1 
  • A drunk — and raging — Johnny slamming on Yasmine's car is quite frightening, even before considering how scary it is to crash your car in the first place. Given how Johnny looked, his tone, and what he was saying, the girls had every reason to think he could have been a sexual predator or a serial killer. Yasmine even alludes to this during her Skype conversation with Sam and Moon, referring to Johnny as a "meth-head zombie" and saying that if she hadn't "gunned it," they would all be "chained up in his basement right now." Though Sam later gets busted for how the girls fled the scene of the accident, can you really blame them?
    • Even though we only see it rarely and not without good reason, Johnny himself is terrifying when he gets violent. After all, he is a master of Cobra Kai karate, a method of fighting designed to do maximum damage, and he never holds back when he fights. Just ask Kyler and his friends, or Louie and his biker goons what happens when you make Johnny truly angry. Hint: Unless you are an exceptionally skilled martial artist, you're going to get a No Holds Barred Beat Down even if you outnumber him several to one.
    • A very chilling moment is when he first instructs Miguel on how to punch. He instructs him to hit his opponent as if he actually wanted to hit someone behind him, demonstrates by hitting a mannequin between the eyes, and then calmly explains "Strike here, you bloody his nose. Strike here, you break his teeth. Strike here, you could severely damage his trachea". While he quickly adds "Obviously, that's only for extreme situations", he just taught a kid how to potentially kill someone with one hit.
  • Miguel being on the receiving end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Kyler and his gang is not just hard to watch but quite scary as well. This scene is a reminder of just how vicious bullies can be.
    • Carmen discovering her son beaten unconscious being carried by a stranger (Johnny Lawrence) to her home. Her rage directed at Johnny in many ways epitomizes what a parent fears most happening to their child.
  • Several of Johnny's Training from Hell methods count. Imagine being someone out of shape and tossed into a pool with your hands bound and only able to use your legs to not drown, being chased by angry dogs that could tear you apart (even Hawk was terrified of the dogs) , and having to balance across a beam right above lethal sharp metal. Though it was Played for Laughs, these methods could have killed, let alone seriously injured, the students.
  • No matter how funny or awesome a moment it was, imagine someone like Aisha casually yanking on your underwear and lifting you a good foot into the air. Yasmine's earsplitting scream cemented just how brutal that wedgie was.
  • The Cobra Kai dojo proves to be this during the All Valley Tournament.
    • Though a Moment of Awesome, the Cobra Kai entrance was chilling. They gave the impression of a dojo just waiting to tear apart their opponents during the tournament, and most frightening of all, Miguel does tear apart his opponents, winning the tournament for Cobra Kai. No Mercy indeed.
    • Special mention goes to Hawk. Put yourself in the gi of an opponent not only going up against someone who not only looks like a vicious and bloodthirsty maniac, but fights like one too.
    • Miguel's performance during the All Valley Tournament, though impressive, was arguably the most terrifying. Imagine going up against a No-Nonsense Nemesis who will do anything to win and is exceptionally skilled at their craft. That is Miguel as a martial artist. Crosses over into Tear Jerker as well, when you consider how this kind boy who won Sam's heart is now driving her away with what a monster he has become.
      • Miguel's comment to Sam — "Watch what I do to Robby in the finals" — cements just how terrifying Miguel has become when he perceives you as his "enemy".
    • Johnny's students aren't as bad as Johnny and his own friends were — they're worse. When Bobby injured Daniel's leg, he didn't want to fight dirty — Kreese had to intimidate him into making the illegal attack, and he apologized profusely to Daniel before they were even off the mat. Kreese is also the one who ordered Johnny to sweep Daniel's leg — Johnny, too, clearly didn't like the idea, and accepted his defeat gracefully when Daniel managed to win anyway. Flash forward to Cobra Kai — aside from the Crane Kick and kicking Xander Stone in the face, every unsportsmanlike action of the Cobras in the tournament is their own idea, in spite of Johnny's objections, and neither Hawk (the one who illegally injures Robby) nor Miguel (who updates the "sweep the leg" part to "pound the shoulder repeatedly") is the least bit sorry about it.
  • In the final scene of the season, Kreese's advancing silhouette against the flame-orange LA sunset, like a devil emerging from the gates of hell (indeed, no less than Martin Kove himself has described this scene as "...and then I drop in as Lucifer"). It doesn't help in the least that the man (1) epitomizes everything that Johnny loathes about what his students have become and (2) was thrilled at those same results.
    • In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, Johnny is shown swallowing as his eyes are wide open with fear. You can almost see him think back to the moment when Kreese almost choked him to death after he lost to Daniel; even after all this time, and with Kreese being much older now, Johnny still fears him.

    Season 2 
  • From the Season 2 teaser, during an apparent outdoor training session with Cobra Kai, Kreese callously orders one of the students to Finish Him!.
    • Rather ominously, instead of fiercely barking or shouting that order like he did in the original film, Kreese delivers it in a more subdued tone.
  • John Kreese himself is nothing less than a demon. He is a master of Cobra Kai karate and has none of Johnny's scruples. Not only is his training more brutal, but he uses techniques that an actual drill sergeant would use besides being Drill Sergeant Nasty. He encourages the students to think of themselves as siblings and a unit. Not a bad idea in and of itself, but this tribalism in part leads to the brawl as described below.
  • The last few minutes after the fight, first when Miguel goes over the railing, then his hits against the lower railing and stairs, and the shots of his broken body, first on the stairs and then on the table. Every parent's nightmare.
    • Even worse, since Carmen is an X-ray technician and regularly deals with shots of bones, as the doctor on Miguel's case points out.
  • Just the entire final fight in general. A No-Holds-Barred Beatdown between two dojos in the middle of a crowded school is a "pussy" way of describing the fight. Any catharsis and excitement that may come from it is quickly washed away by the true realization of what happens when you get a bunch of pissed off teenagers who hate each other in enclosed quarters when they all have legitimate karate training. It's brutal and simply unrelenting, with no one able to stop it (and the one teacher who tries gets beaten down within seconds for his trouble). Forget about a simple rivalry between two senseis and their fighting philosophies, the conflict has become a gang war. Even from the Miyagi-Do side, the violence and lack of restraint were so bad that Mr. Miyagi must have turned in his grave. And when the dust has settled, almost everyone is worse off — Johnny and Daniel abandon their respective schools, one fighter from each side is in the hospital, and the rest are traumatized, on the run from the law, or have vengefully succumbed to Thug Dojo thinking of the only true victor here... Kreese.


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